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[ September 21, 2017 ]

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SPLC: “Domestic terrorism like the attack in San Bernardino last year….. are the propaganda work of anti-Muslim ideologues like Pamela Geller” @Mattarmuses


“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” So said George Orwell. And we are a society largely adrift.

Facts, evidence, reality are tossed off like some out of date, old fashioned idea. Truth is “hate.” Truth is islamofauxbic. Anyone who criticizes oppression, subjugation, supremacism is smeared, defamed, blacklisted. Posturing as humanitarians, vicious hate groups like the SPLC are deemed legitimate authorities by cultural and political power players. The SPLC is not a group dedicated to the defense of human rights. It is a hard-left attack machine. Vets, patriots, and freedom’s defenders are in its crosshairs. Even Presidential hopeful Ben Carson was on their hate list for some time.

Look at this article. It’s far worse than mere yellow journalism. It’s a blood libel. In a rational world, writer George Mattar would challenge Potok’s nazi-like rhetoric. But the world is not rational, and this is war in the information battle-space.

“Domestic terrorism like the attack in San Bernardino last year during which 14 people were killed by two Muslim extremists are the propaganda work of anti-Muslim ideologues like Pamela Geller, the most visible and flamboyant person in the anti-Muslim movement, and the injection of hatred against Muslims, Potok said.”

Intellgencer “reporter” George Mattar reports this outrageous libel without so much as query or comment.

The San Bernardino jihadis were devout Muslims who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. They went on a killing spree in the cause of Allah. The Southern Poverty Law Center says the cold-blooded murder of 14 innocent revelers at a Christmas party is my doing because I oppose the very ideology behind the unspeakable slaughter. The focus of my work for the past decade is to educate and increase awareness of the jihad threat and Islamic supremacism. And I was right. Look around — devout Muslims are waging holy war across the world. Why isn’t that the focus of this libelous article? Instead, media lapdogs continue to murder the good names of those that dare to speak candidly about jihad and sharia.


san bernardino prayer

syed-prayer-books san bernardino

Islamic prayer books strewn all throughout the San Benardino jihadis’ apartment

<> on December 4, 2015 in San Bernardino, California.



sn bernardino prayer books

Why didn’t “reporter” George Mattar ask Mark Potok about members of the SPLC who have committed a number of acts of terrorism? Several years ago, SPLC member Floyd Corkins stormed the Family Research Council’s Washington, D.C. headquarters and began shooting. Why? Because the FRC had been listed as a hate group by the SPLC.

“Study: Hate groups on the rise across the U.S.” By George Mattar, staff writer, The Intelligencer, February 28, 2016;

The number of hate groups in the United States is on the rise, according to a study by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Extremist groups in 2015 numbered 892 — up 14 percent from the 784 in 2014, the study claims.

Pennsylvania ranks fifth on the list of states with the most hate groups — 40 in 2015, up from 38 in 2014, according to the center.

The top four states on the list are Texas, California, Florida and New York.

The SPLC includes as hate groups neo-Nazi, racist skinhead, neo-Confederate and anti-Muslim groups and the Ku Klux Klan.


Anti-Muslim organizations have been growing more than any other type of extremist group — from 24 in 2014 to 34 in 2015, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center report.

Potok said the growth has been spurred by terrorist attacks and threats from the Islamic State.

Domestic terrorism like the attack in San Bernardino last year during which 14 people were killed by two Muslim extremists are the propaganda work of anti-Muslim ideologues like Pamela Geller, the most visible and flamboyant person in the anti-Muslim movement, and the injection of hatred against Muslims, Potok said.

Potok said many people believed Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump when he said 25 percent of American Muslims support violent jihad, but serious polls — including one by the Pew Research Center — have shown the claim is false. “Support for violent jihad is very tiny,” Potok said.

Jacob Bender, who leads the Philadelphia chapter of the Council of America Islamic Revolution, said the hatred toward Muslims is totally unwarranted.

He said 1.6 billion Muslims practice their faith worldwide, but only about 20 percent are from the Middle East, where many people think they originate.

He said the main reason for the increase in hate groups is the economy and prejudice.

“The downturn in the economy is a prerequisite for hate groups to blame others for their economic hardship. They blame immigrants. Oh, ‘let’s go build a wall, let’s keep them out of the country,'” he said.

“Muslims have been in America since before the American Revolution. In fact, most of the Muslims here are second-, third- and fourth-generation blacks,” he said.

Bender, who is Jewish and the first non-Muslim leader of any of the 30 chapters of CAIR, said his group offers legal representation to Muslims and those put on “watch lists.”

  • They’re real sickos, Pamela!

  • Guitarzan

    The only people responsible for islamic terrorism are the terrorists and the so called moderate muslims and their appeasers for ignoring the fact that islam is terrorism. That is how it is spread and protected by threats and acts of violence.

    • ______________

      Really? I thought that the Crusades, the Confederate Flag, and the Washington Redskins were all responsible for Islamic Terrorism.

      • Guitarzan

        Hmmm. Thanks for pointing this out to me my eyes are now opened. Let us sing from the roof tops glory, glory, hallelujah…

  • Rick Smith

    SPLC is the enemy. No doubt about it.

  • MsNancy

    I would’ve ignored him as he only has 1 comment. Sounds as if he has screw loose anyway!

  • Rocinante44

    who cares wha the splc says. it’s one of the earliest anti-american, storm-trooper fronts created by the fools from 1960’s and a breeding ground for the black-muslim-feminazi-homosexual wing of the democrat party like killery. it will be on the ash heap of history in 20 years

  • Guest

    Hate to state the obvious but that Islamic Manners children’s book is priceless.


      Behead those with “bad manners”!

      It’s the religion of Peace and Taqiyya.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Where else would muslims learn to crook their little finger when beheading someone? And the proper throwing order for stoning? Good manners are what make islam so civilized.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Just when it looks like it can’t get any stupider, splc come out and prove Einstein’s theory about the universe being finite, stupidity infinite. Muslims in the levant were living in caves, inventing their version of fire, when America was discovered.
    “Muslims have been in America since before the American Revolution. In fact, most of the Muslims here are second-, third- and fourth-generation blacks,” bender said. Apparently this dullard skipped school the days history was taught. Muslim tribes in Africa, historically and currently, captured other negroes from non islamic tribes and sold them as slaves. Muslims are not allowed to sell other muslims into slavery. There is much to be learned fro even a cursory glance at history books.

    • joker

      Muzzrats were the first on the moon. They even went to Mars. They have contact with Aliens. They invented everything we infidels enjoy. The computer, the cell-phone and probably also Microsoft’s Windows and Apple.
      Thank you muzzrats. Thank you for BMW, Mercedes and Ferrari. They came up with nuclear science and the atomic bomb, solar power. But in the end the muzzrat has to go to infidel land to seek help.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        All muslims ever did was discover goat intestines as an early “condom” as a method for birth control, it took the english to remove the from the goat first.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I wish all the muzzrats would go to Mars — along w/their collaborators/apologists/sympathizes.


    People should BOYCOTT the SPLC – which sides with terrorists.

    SPLC – Sharia Pandering Lying Commies

  • roccolore

    Geller should debate the SPLC, but they would be cowards.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    Blood libel is the perfect label for this kind of propaganda.

    America is raising a nation of wimps in a world at war

    There is no place in the civilized world for Islam

  • fulham2014

    It is just easier to condemn the accuser than a whole religion and population, it is more comfortable, it is not true though, and the problem will keep coming up.

  • joker

    But in the end who cares what this Potok and Bender say. That no-one paid them a visit for let’s say mutual understanding is already a bit strange.

    • wildjew

      Blaming a mass-slaughter of innocent people on Pamela who is warning about the jihad threat is despicable.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        They make the facts fit their agenda. It’s clear what their agenda is as well: to shut-down any and all criticism of islam, muslums or their holey prophet for profit.

  • wildjew

    Pamela, notice what Potok follows his denunciation of you with: “….Muslim extremists are the propaganda work of anti-Muslim ideologues like Pamela Geller, the most visible and flamboyant person in the anti-Muslim movement, and the injection of hatred against Muslims, Potok said.

    Potok said many people believed Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump when he said 25 percent of American Muslims support violent jihad……”

    Mark Potok is a dangerous and evil man. He is a liar. Just a bit of unsolicited advice Pamela from a friend and a supporter. I would stay clear of Mr. Trump, notwithstanding that he is the likely Republican nominee. I am no longer committing myself to voting for Trump next November even if it is Clinton vs. Trump. A man who cannot clearly denounce David Duke and the KKK is not worthy of my support. I read and posted on Breitbart for many months. Trump has decent (albeit naive) supporters and many racist supporters; many dedicated anti-Semitic, white supremacist supporters, etc.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I’ve recently read Trump has even had friendly dealings w/George Soros.

    • firefox

      So, are you suggesting that another 4 years of Democrats with Hillary and her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and particpation in Libya’s destabilizing is preferable to a Republican in office that is on no one’s payroll and will at least ensure a proper vetting program is in place??
      Sounds a bit insane to me wildjew.

  • Fred

    SPLC is a terrorist organization.

    That being said, I’d like to think Ms. Geller can sue them and really expose them for the savages they are. Any lawyers here feel she has a case?

    • wildjew

      I am not an attorney. My late father was a successful lawyer. What Potok has done looks like defamation to me.

      • Fred

        I hope there’s a patriotic attorney out there with the grapefruits out there to take her case if she chooses to sue.

        SPLC must be exposed for what they are- FRAUD and a threat to national security.

  • Gary Smith

    “Anti-Muslim” only means “hate” because the likes of CAIR says it does.

  • El Cid

    In one sentence, the SPLC conflated a real act of terror where people were murdered with propaganda, where no one is murdered. Never mind that Pamela’s reporting the truth is NOT propaganda. It actual says that the writing resulted in murder.

    What level of denial requires this kind of semantic subterfuge? What kind of idiots do they think the average American is?

  • Alicia Summers

    SPLC is a hate group!!!

  • Pray Hard

    There are a couple of good videos by Stephen Coughlin over at about exactly this. Here is the first one:

  • pennant8


    At least it’s a fair fight.

  • Dr. Doomsday

    Southern Pinko Loser Communists, or is that Stupid People Loving Clinton?

  • Pray Hard

    Listening to the SPLC is just like listening to a schizophrenic, simply assume everything they say is a complete fantasy.

  • spacearcadian

    the west started losing the battle for freedom whem sodomites can jail and fine whoever disagree with them. if gays/sodomites can legally rule on you, muslims will do it too.

  • Blame the messenger!

  • Dennis

    Although I am one who does believe that many among the world of Islam, especially here in the states, are people who are peaceful and would reject the promotion of Jihad, world domination and general inappropriate commentary directed against those of us who are non-Muslim, I have become one of those people who fear the overwhelmingly negative teachings, comments and conduct that emanates from the Muslim world. While their books promote mean spirited commentary about non-Muslims, I strongly believe that most of these Islamic believers do not harbor nor would they condone acts of violence. Yet, what disturbs me the most is that the most vocal are not the ones who REJECT the violent language in their books and actively attempt to castigate those within their belief system who spout the inane garbage that is being used by the terrorists to inflame; these people raise their ire at those who speak out about the heinous conduct and teachings that seem to be so common place. “Islamophobia” seems to be their only answer. Any other cultural group would be so outraged by conduct that is so anti-religious, that I would expect them to come down hard on those within their belief system whose conduct is acceptance of the vile statements that exist within their so-called belief system. Saying that they are a peaceful belief system is not enough, when their is a 1400 year history, which continues today, of attacks on non-Muslims. When they allow comments such as Jews are descendants of pigs and of mutated monkeys, and they fail to overwhelmingly castigate and reject the conduct of the terrorists, and, instead, raise “Islamophobia” I am left cold and my fear worsens. Until these people see that their chosen course is foolhardy and not substantive, I will continue to be concerned and I WILL support vetting, if that is possible, closing any Mosques that preach and promote fundamentalist conduct, and deporting all those within their belief system who will not assimilate into what being an American is all about, that is: an American first, foremost and always, before anything else, religious or cultural.

    • Keith

      I understand what you are saying but how can those muslims who do want to live their lives in peace and not force their way of life on to everyone else in the world speak out against verses of the koran, because that is where all those verses of hatred come from, when they ALL believe that the koran is the uncreated, unchanged, unchangeable word of their god Allah as given to Mohammad and passed on to the poeple by him.

      • vercingetorix

        If you really want to know what muslims feel and think do not listen to public speeches of their leaders or go to open-mosque-days. If you want to know what they really think watch and listen carefully to what they do and say when they think they are among themselves, for example in muslim-only-rooms like mosques during the Friday-prayers.
        Time and again muslim preachers haven been caught by hidden devices, preaching the very opposite (hatred, violence, bigotery etc) of what they are telling government-bodies, the medias or the general public.
        In fact, you cannot trust any of them!

        • joe1429

          Yes.. that is where they plan their jihad.. but the dumb libtards, dont want to surveil them there, bc they worried about THEIR rights.., libtards

      • Dennis

        Many belief systems contain inane directions within their so-called books, and you must remember that these books were a creation of men, in their interpretations and directions; yet those other belief systems have actually toned down or down right rejected those directions that are un-acceptable to living in a peaceful society. Islam MUST actively do the same. Something I do not see happening now, and as I indicated they do not admit that they have poison in their belief system and they do not try to terminate it and REJECT it, instead they yell “Islamophobia.” That accomplishes nothing, and until they recognize that, I, for one, will fear their belief system and all it stands for.

    • Really?

      They say and do nothing because they are sleeper cells who will be awakened to violence at the appropriate time in the future. Their religion is one one of hate and murder.

  • Ichabod Crain

    “Domestic terrorism like the attack in San Bernardino last year during which 14 people were killed by two Muslim extremists are the propaganda work of anti-Muslim ideologues like Pamela Geller…”

    What does that even mean? It really looks at first reading that Pamela Geller was responsible for the terror attacks in San Bernardino last year during which 14 people were killed. It was her “propaganda work” that caused all those people to die. OMG – I can’t believe it was all Pamela’s fault.

    But wait – I must have read that wrong somehow. Let’s try to simplify that…

    Domestic terrorism … [is] the propaganda work … of Pamela Geller.

    Ah – now I get it. So we see, they are actually accusing Pamela Geller of using domestic terrorism in her work as a propagandist. That was incredibly creative, and clearly the work of a lawyer, because lawyers are well trained in word games. They are very good at that sort of thing. It is actually a skillfully crafted slur on Pamela’s good name, trying to associate her with terror and make it look like it was all Pamela’s fault. These guys are so slick, they are sick.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Thumbs up! Nice job digging to the heart of their argument.
      A guy once spoke to my ACT for America chapter, he used to work for the SPLC and commented that any mention of islamic hate groups of islamic terrorism at the SPLC was suppressed.Eventually he left the slime pit called the SPLC and began working for CAMERA.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    All they need now is to organise the two minutes hate against the enemies of islam — at least until they can eliminate them.
    I’d bet that a large percentage of the SPLC’s operating revenue comes from islamic petr0states — either directly or suitably laundered thru NGO’s.

  • mdy616

    Of course it is always someone making them do it. Even Obama had to go back to the Crusades as proof it is Christianity’s fault (of course he like all leftists ignore why there were crusades in the first place).

    The terrorists can pick their “terrorist” groups and go after them and it is understandable. We draw a cartoon of muhammad and the left says we are the ones to blame.

    I am amazed how easily the left will give up freedoms in order to appease a bully. Yet the leftists are the ones who go into our schools and try to turn little boys into girls because they say they are bullies when they act like boys always have!!

    The left is the perfect group for the muslim terrorists; they refuse to stand up to them. Since muslims have shown they are also chickens, because they never pick on anyone their own size unless in groups of 20 or more. If they do pick on someone one-on-one it is always little girls or boys and a woman walking alone. But even a woman alone usually takes several of them to get up their brand of “courage” to rape her.

    A match made in heaven; muslims and leftists. Leftists act like the woman are supposed to according to the quran. Let the “man” rule you, beat you, walk over you, farm you out to his friends for sex. leftist, they quiver at the sight of muslims and appease them every chance they get. So the leftists act like the muslim wife…submissive and ruled.

  • vercingetorix

    “.legal representation for ..those put on watchlists”.
    Those on watchlists are there for a reason! And it is not for private advocacy groups like Cair to tell government authorities who to put or not to put on watchlists. Those watchlists are there for the common good of society.

  • Drew the Infidel

    SPLC is disturbed about its perceived perception of the rise in the number of so-called hate groups because it cannot stand the competition.

  • Boris Badinov

    The SPLC is the epitome of far leftist hate and anti-Semitism.

  • Fraley

    What disturbs me the most, I think, is that the SPLC was founded by and is run by Jews who are the antithesis of egalitarian and tolerant. For Jews to commit blood libel against another Jew is unspeakably evil. Hang in there, Pamela. There are hundreds of thousands of us (maybe millions) who greatly appreciate all that you do.

  • Veritas Aequitas

    SPLC is a very sick organization that is managed by very sick individuals..

  • Sifter

    “Bender, who is Jewish…….” Woe, woe to us for the kapos among us!

  • Sifter

    Applying his logic, I suppose Churchill is responsible for the Nazi atrocities.

  • Janet

    Bender is Jewish? What’s wrong with this picture? Muslims despise the Jews and everyone knows it! Screw the Southern Poverty Law Center, Bender and CAIR! Bunch of traitors!!!

  • Toby1

    The fucking Devil is attacking America and Europe. It is the simplest and most accurate way to describe what is happening.

  • joe1429

    SPLC Stupid People, Lying Commies….lol

  • Marina Babe

    Since San Bernardino was another false flag, we can blame the good old obama administration….there is no such person as Ryed RIZWAN Farook.

  • autdrew

    Can someone point me to the evidence that muslims were here in the USA before the Revolution? I don’t believe it

  • So now that it’s no longer “Obama’s America” what’s your bullshit excuse now?

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