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Post-Caucus Post-Mortem: Character Counts


Here’s someone we haven’t heard from — a blast from the past. Long time Atlas readers remember our own political theorist, Dr. Nancy G. She’s back with her “Two Cents.”  Dr. G. dissects and makes sense of the post-caucus cacophony.

Dr. Nancy’s Two Cents

Hi, it’s been a while but there’s something on my mind and I just have to say it. Like a lot of conservatives, I’ve been vacillating between our illustrious GOP hopefuls and I had, up to this point, found Cruz, Trump and Carson most desirable. Trump is larger than life with crossover appeal and has brought the importance of our sovereignty in the immigration debate to the forefront. This is something no one else was really able to do. Cruz is brilliant, and a serious Christian who can articulate conservative positions with aplomb. Dr. Carson is a multi-talented and well rounded pediatric neurosurgeon who would do us proud, I believe.
> In the last few days, we’ve heard how the latter may have been damaged by the Cruz camp who took advantage of a break in Carson’s activity, reported by CNN as a likely campaign-ending move, to lure his supporters and thereby win the Iowa caucus. Setting aside the fact that the mainstream media first reported this and that the Rubio campaign may have acted in a similar manner, it was admirable that Cruz took responsibility with a personal apology instead of blaming staffers and letting others’ heads roll.
> While it is doubtful that Carson would have done appreciably better, critics continue to take shots at the now front-runner Cruz. Donald Trump has called for a re-do as the fellow he now describes as “fantastic” was defrauded by Cruz who “stole” it. The voter violation cards sent out were insult to injury and Trump continued to tweet complaints calling for disqualification. This was a far cry from the earlier respect he had shown Cruz during debates when he was far ahead.

What was not aired with all this post-caucus coverage, not even by Rush Limbaugh, was side by side soundbites and clips that contrasted Trump’s protests of fraud against the “fantastic” doctor with his previous awful descriptions of Carson weeks earlier. He seemed to affirm the man had been lying about his personal history regarding the claims as “crap” and how Iowans were “stupid” to believe him. The media were trying to smear Carson as dishonest at the time, and Trump piled on saying he had “pathological disease”, and he doesn’t “want a person that has pathological disease. I don’t want it”. He even likened such disease as being similar to a child molester. Carson was soon asked about this derision and the doctor refused to respond in kind because he is a class act.
> For my part, I have long admired Dr. Carson and that unpleasantness saddened me. I’d contributed more to his campaign than anyone else’s in my lifetime, and he did not deserve to have his character assailed. That said, the fuss over the Iowa caucus has changed the way I view this primary season. I was never disturbed by Trump’s brashness and lack of a filter. Name-calling and profanity would not deter me. These were his unpolished assessments of situations and people. I thought he was honestly trying to make the country great again and if the truth hurt, so be it. He brought attention to tough issues and faced them head on unapologetically and without political correctness. However, if you can go from deriding Dr. Carson to calling him a fantastic guy so you can now deride Cruz who you used to approve of, then we really can’t invest in what you say. This is beyond caprice or flip-flopping. He doesn’t express concern or disappointment when he turns on these people. They are now awful. Cruz becomes a nasty guy no one can get along with and a defrauding trickster because he’s from “Canada”. Ironically, Trump’s 2011 birther claims in regard to President Obama never seemed to matter because his mother was clearly American. That dog wouldn’t hunt so the president set the precedent for Cruz, paving his way despite Trump’s saying he was going to get his “ass” sued off.
> The point is, this latest tussle has highlighted the candidates’ characters. While no one comes out perfectly, we’ve begun to see how the conservative base can finally get a candidate they believe in and not another RINO. It’s being said the Republican establishment’s new pick is Rubio. He’s actually pretty impressive, but when I met him months ago I felt he was too enthusiastic about a form of amnesty. It wasn’t just a position he held, but a passion. Next. Trump’s reckless statements and tweets are not sitting well with me, nor are the bloody bites the candidates are taking out of each other. Perhaps not putting their disagreements to rest has resulted in Cruz not getting the expected bump going into New Hampshire that would be expected from the victor in the Iowa caucus. I thought we needed an outsider to save us from the corruption and malaise of the huge government machine, but I’m beginning to welcome someone with the right kind of experience. That would be one with an admirable voting record who’s been in the trenches, and didn’t go along to get along. Outsiders are refreshing, but Trump has illustrated you don’t know what you have if you really don’t know what they’ll do. I think it’s clear we know what Ted Cruz will do. Because of this, he has become my front-runner. Since we’ve had McCain and Romney, it’s hard to imagine a real conservative as the Republican candidate, but I have a dream. Rest assured, however, upon waking I’ll get behind whoever is nominated.

God bless America!

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  • Barto

    I have heard nor seen any evidence that the “Rubio camp” acted in the same way regarding Dr. Carson….where’s your proof?

  • Patti York

    Yeah oh goodie,,Cruz a supposed defender of the constitution,,he LOVES all of it except for the separation of church and state.

    • Jerry Baustian

      “Separation of church and state” is not in the Constitution. Only the freedom to worship (or not) as one sees fit.

      • Patti York

        The establishment clause is actually part of the of the first amendment. According the his dominionist background, Christian “kings” should be annointed to take control of the entire government and transfer wealth from the “wicked” to the “righteous”. Cruz is a product of a very twisted cabal. You think Obama was a nightmare? (and he certainly was). Go ahead and make this guy the nominee, and watch him get destroyed in the general election.

        • liz

          As far as I can tell, this “dominionist” stuff is probably just a lot of religious rhetoric. They believe it in a “spiritual” sense, but just like believing in the “Holy Spirit” doesn’t mean you’d actually jump off a building and expect the Holy Spirit to catch you, he’s not going to actually declare himself “King” if he’s elected president.

        • chichilouise

          Thanks, Patti, you said it better than I could.

      • Beverly

        You are partly right. Separation of Church and State is not in the Constitution or in any amendment, but you are wrong with the statement “freedom to worship”. “The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, …”. The first person I remember using the “freedom to worship” was Obama. Worship and free exercise have different meanings.

      • chichilouise

        Cruz is seriously mixing the kingdom of God with the United States if he thinks he has been anointed by God to be an end times ‘king’ — a reign which began when he ran for the Senate and won.

    • LaineeTheCat Wallace

      And, except for that part about being natural born. Anyone who has to give up citizenship from a foreign country is not natural born.

  • RCCA

    There’s no question that Cruz is far more skilled rhetorically than Trump. Cruz is a lawyer who has argued before the Supreme Court and spoken before the Senate, here he is lecturing Dianne Feinstein: IMO being an a-hole, but maybe you will be impressed by his verbal skills ( Trump is a NY real estate developer who is blunt and not sophisticated rhetorically or experienced as a politician. Remember this is the first time Trump has ever run for political office.

    I don’t give Cruz character points for “apologizing” for dirty tricks and not firing anyone, giving his team a pass. Regarding character see: Ted Cruz flip flop compilation

    • Richard

      Feinstein makes my blood boil. She has no idea what an “assault weapon”, yet she has a concealed carry permit. Give me a shovel, I’ll dig her grave for a few beers.

      • RCCA

        What did you think of the other video of Cruz’s obvious lies?

  • I think it’s much more difficult to be the equivalent of a pariah in the Senate (Cruz) than an outsider (Trump).

    • joe1429

      Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • itchy

    God bless America………. If the Democrats win the next election it will be God help America

    • Warren

      If the Democrats win I don’t see any other option but all out civil war.

  • Aaron

    This is getting annoying. Hillary and Bernie are on the same team, but no one notices because they’re too busy watching the Republucan Brady Bunch sit-com. Instead of actual analysis, we get slobbering and fawning over the favorite paper-doll politician of the day, without appropriate journalistic scrutiny. Its the season of “zingers” and sound bites and smoke and mirrors. And it’s no different here, unfortunately.

    To consider: I felt the anti-Cruz, post-Iowa issue was a farcical cheap shot at smearing Cruz. Then I find out that an HOUR after the specific tweets by CNN which clearly did NOT communicate that Carson was dropping out, the Cruz team used a message blitz scheme to call voters to inform them that Carson was suspending his campaign. So Cruz knew it wasn’t true. (If he didn’t, then he hasn’t organized a tight campaign structure, giving advantage to rogue loose cannons within his organization.) Either way, that’s not presidential in my book. The other thing is Cruz realizes that he can blame the media for the staff “mistake” and no one will blink an eye. Except this time, he can’t because the cat went hissing and yowling out of the bag. Also not smart.

    Next, and much worse, is what can be in some states (not sure about Iowa), a FELONY for the fraudulent representation of “official government” notifications–which was how Cruz billed his shaming material. He would have approved the mailer, so what’s with that? Not so brilliant.

    The third thing is Cruz’ very own cosponsorship of the Corker bill, which handed Obama the Iran Deal without real opposition. If he is SO intelligent, and such a scholar, he would have known exactly what he was doing and what it meant. It boggles that he just skates past it.

    I think in politics, the usual maxims are: talk is cheap, the masses are asses, and you can fool all of the people some of the time–just make sure you get it done BEFORE the election.

    • Jayne N. Montana

      I would agree, I don’t feel that Cruz is the right person at this time in our country. I think they should have a re-vote in Iowa, especially on the demo side lol

    • tryingtopickaname

      Cruz is a lawyer…he surely confabbed with his staff over this and greenlighted it, seeing an opportunity to claim plausible deniabilty going back to CNN’s unambiguous tweet. He’s experienced with elections and election law and it defies belief that he pretends ignorance of the fact that a genuine Carson exit would be only be official through a press conference or an explicit statement to the press. No one drops out mid-caucus. It takes a very willful gullibility to believe that Carson would just skedaddle like that. Cruz had simply to call the RNC or election officials to verify a *rumor* before calling 1500 precinct captains to tell them that Carson had dropped out and that votes for Carson should go to Cruz. The new justifications from those defending his felonious tactic, that *other guys did it too*, appear to be unfounded and an attempt to toss in a few red herrings to justify the unjustifiable. And to openly blame CNN for his aggressive exploitation of Carson and then to slyly blame Carson himself for causing the *rumor*…utterly ruthless mendacity. Cruz is no Christian nor Reagan nor whatever else he has self-anointed himself with.

  • Radegunda

    Trump showed his penchant for opportunistically changing his assessments of people long before the Iowa flap. He used to call Hillary Clinton (and Bill) a brilliant person who would make a “terrific” president and would be the strongest in dealing with Iran. Now he calls her a terrible incompetent, etc.

    Hillary had not changed. It was only Trump’s agenda that changed, and she’s now an enemy to take down.

    Trump has done the same thing with media outlets and journalists: They’re great, until their reporting doesn’t serve him, and then they’re horrible losers. The way Trump casually puts people in the “stupid loser” category — and even warns them to watch out — is not refreshing, unfiltered, anti-PC candor. It’s the kind of boorish vindictiveness that does not belong in the Oval Office.

    And when someone tells people it’s their “privilege” to vote for him because he will “easily go down as the greatest president in the history of this country,” a sensible person knows that is NOT someone to be entrusted with so much power over us.

    • AlOmega

      True. He’s a bully, he’s ill-mannered, he’s immature with childish temper tantrums. Maybe that’s one of the reason’s he’s also fearless. One thing is interesting with him: it doesn’t take him half as long to learn something new than the others. After a few rounds he finally gets it. And that’s important. Hillary never gets anything no matter how many years, how many books, how many lectures. Thick as a brick. Trump will kick the (new) Muslims out, block asylum, block the rest and protect Israel. Hopefully, he’ll also support the protection of Assad which is essential to keep the region together or it will be a totalitarian Wahhabi rule.

      • Dorrie

        He’s the same as Hillary. Don’t EVER think he isn’t. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing and will never change.

    • Stephen Honig

      You never changed your mind about people and things? Remember, Reagan was a staunch Democrat at one time. If people didn’t change, then we have no need for therapy. Remember, there is no such thing as eternal enemies, just eternal interest on all political sides.

      • Dorrie

        The difference, Stephen, is that Trump never had a PIVOT POINT. If you understand what that is, you’ll understand that everything he says is NOT who/what he really is! He is a PROGRESSIVE, nothing more, nothing less. A true TROJAN HORSE, just like Ross Perot…

    • joe1429

      Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • liz

    Dr. Nancy seems to have read my mind. My own assessment of Trump has followed this same route, and arrived at the same conclusion.

  • LaineeTheCat Wallace

    This is getting tiring. Cruz is not natural born because he had to give up citizenship to a foreign country. He is not eligible to run. Why are we even talking about this guy?

    • Drew the Infidel

      Check out the legal concept of “jus sanguinis” or law of the blood. He is too eligible.

      • Dorrie

        Yep, he most assuredly IS.

  • BrunoPBuhr

    I respect Ms. Geller however there is no chance in helL that I’d vote for Cruz. He showed his true character in Iowa. He will do ANYTHING TO WIN! This is purely about personal power, NOT doing what is best for the country. If he’s nominated I will not vote.

    • VLParker

      And Trump has character?

      • BrunoPBuhr

        Cruz doesn’t! I wasn’t speaking about anyone else. His actions show HIS character.

  • Michael Gilley

    All candidates except Trump have been bought, including Cruz. They will do as they are told no matter what they say now. Trump isn’t perfect but he means to do what he says and make America great again. No one else comes anywhere near even saying things that will stop America’s steep decline. Even though you may find him rude and distasteful, he is the only one that can get the job done. We need Trump! GO TRUMP !!

    • Florian75

      Trump has been bought by the Clinton crime syndicate.

      • chichilouise

        That makes absolutely no sense and is ludicrous.

  • Lady Gwnyfar

    if Trump reflects the character of the majority he will win. If Cruz reflects the character of the majority he will win.

  • stealth4

    Dr. G. raises some great points. Incidentaly, Ex President Jimmy Carter recently said Trump was the best Republican candidate because he is “malleable” (a.k.a flip-flopper and potential liberal). Rubio is liked by the Rinos, therefore not a good candidate (a.k.a. McConnell clone).Dr. Carson is a great man but lacks needed experience in anything governmental.
    Cruz is intelligent, articulate, has integrity, and seems to consistently demonstrate allegiance to “strict constructionist” constitutional conservative principles. Cruz appears to be the best nominee.
    Too bad the brain-dead American electorate majority (who elected our recent stealth jihadist dictator twice) will probably see Cruz as too conservative to give them any handouts, cell-phones, welfare etc. and will not vote for him.

    • chichilouise

      Cruz is into dominion theocracy. For reasons that I have just begun to understand, he gives me the absolute creeps. I feel about him like I felt about Nixon when I was in my early twenties. Cruz appears to be deceptive, his hand beneath his coat during the pledge is generally a signal from one Freemason to others that he is one of them. His wife Heidi is CFR. I don’t trust him. We have seen this ‘I am a Christian’ from some before who are seriously something else entirely. I am not sure why he repels me so much, he just does.

      Cruz dad and his elder friends prayed over Ted to anoint him as an end times king who would begin the redistribution of the wealth of the wicked to the righteous. You can view this on you tube if you are interested. He may well be a believer, but it is possible to be a Christian and be seriously a mess pyschologically and immature spiritually. I urge you to look closer.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Trump needs to STFU about what happened in Iowa and realize there is more glass in the windshield than in the rear view mirror. Pay particular attention to who is now discussing issues and who is attacking other candidates (Trump, Kasich, Bush, and Christie) as the good Dr. suggests.

    • Warren

      Seems like it only amounts to a couple of delegates.

  • Nat’s daughter

    In a sane America, no doubt Cruz would have my vote. Since we live in insane times, I think I must go with Trump. Yes, I’m disgusted about his stance on Pamela’s Garland event along with his incessant childish tweets. Unfortunately, very unfortunately, I think he’s the only R electable because of his crossover appeal. America is so far down the crapper and at this point, I’m willing to throw the dice and take a chance.

  • AlOmega

    “…post-caucus cacophony”.


  • AlOmega

    Cruz, Rubio all talk well and have good points but Trump is fearless, albeit a total asshole. The fact that he’s an asshole will put leaders in countries where macho-principles are important in line, which is about 80% of the world. I also think Trump has a far better grasp of the economy and what to do to turn the economy around than any other candidates which is important. Without a strong economy there’s not much America can do to protect itself or anything else.

  • ladywarrior

    Go, ahead, Pamela…..keep piling on with your obsession with Raphael Edward Cruz…you can publish obscure opinions from anyone you want…it’s your website…you can do anything you want and any of us have the right not to read it or agree….

    But I have to point out that while Cruz does these sleazy mailers to the voters in Iowa – underhanded stuff – you don’t seem to find that objectionable as you find Trump? Deception is the worst thing in politicians…..why are you supporting Cruz’s?

    Because Trump criticized you for what he saw as “taunting” Islamics with your Garland, TX, event? Many people criticized you for that…..why was Trump’s comments any more egregious than anyone else’s…..and it was his opinion and free speech right as much as yours to hold the event…

    Cruz is a snake in the grass and a Trojan Horse of the very RINOs progressive wanks we’ve been yelling about. He is aligned with some of these very people in the back ground…..see: Mitt Romney, Reince Pribus, Paul Ryan, and others…

    Cruz’s history is almost a mirror image of Obama’s … your homework, Pamela…Cruz is an academic elitist snob…just like Obama -…has never owned or operated a business, has always been in one government job or the other..just like Obama He taught law at university…just like Obama. One time Senator, just like Obama….he lectures us when he speaks….just like Obama….

    How is he more qualified to run a country than a national and international successful businessman – unlike Cruz…..a bare knuckles fighter, born and reared here – unlike Cruz….not a “politician” that we swore we didn’t want again – unlike Cruz…

    Trump is everything we’ve been saying we wanted…not a career politician, someone who has owned and operated businesses and understands the economy -unlike Cruz.

    Trump is against the open borders and illegals flooding our country – unlike Cruz.whose donors are working for open borders!

    Trump is against all these illegally used H1-B Visas that take away American jobs – unlike Cruz who has called for a 500% increase in Obama’s under-the table- immigration where thousands of American workers have been fired from their jobs in Disney, California power plants, Silicone Valley, and many others and replaced by foreign workers. By law the only time this law can be used to bring in foreigners to work is IF THERE ARE NO AMERICANS WHO CAN DO THE JOB. Cruz wants to escalate it! Just like Obama….

    Trump disclosed all of his financials…..unlike Cruz who said he “forgot” the money he got from Goldman-Sachs where his wife is a big wig…..

    Trump has unabashed love of our country, military, and Vets …unlike Cruz who still had a dual citizenship with Canada and America right up to the time he decided to run for President and then quickly renounced the Canadian one….

    Trump’s Dad was an American business man employing Americans…..unlike Cruz whose Dad ran away from his country -Cuba- to Canada when Castro started his rampage….Cruz’s example of a man was his Dad who ran and hid instead of staying and fighting for his country….just like Rubio….

    And my final thoughts on a Raphael Edward Cruz – and I will add Marco Antonio Rubio as well – the first HISPANIC President would not be impeached for lawlessness – just like Obama – the “historic” first Black President that the RINOs recoiled in horror when we called for them to impeach him for his many, many violations of our laws and Constitution.

    At the very least if Trump went rogue…..I guarantee you …like other White Presidents…he would be impeached and with glee by those who hate him….you would NEVER get anyone to impeach the “historic” first Hispanic President…or First Woman President….

    Trump is my guy and if he turns out to be as lawless as Obama….then my insurance policy is he can be impeached. Cruz, Rubio, Hillary, or Fiorina would not.


    • Dorrie

      Cruz is the BEST chance America has of turning this mess around. No matter WHAT you think of as “sleaze.” And even if Trump is nominated, I won’t vote for him, he is TRULY a Trojan Horse, talked into running by Bill Clinton, to split the party like Ross Perot did in 1992 for Slick Willy. It’s is pre-planned and working beautifully for Trump because so my Trump supporters are just as much a CULT as the Obama supporters were.

      Cruz will have my vote and if he’s not nominated, I, like millions of others, will not vote, unless it’s ANYONE other than Trump/

      • ladywarrior

        Low information voter.

        • Dorrie

          On the contrary. I’m a VERY well informed voter! I have an I.Q. of 144 and will vote for a man with CHARACTER, not a celebrity with no filter to his speech and who never talks about the Constitution.

          So you must be speaking of yourself. ;-)

          In which case, it’s understandable. You’re most likely one of Trump’s little Trumper cult.

          • ladywarrior

            OH, then you’re worse than a low information voter….you’re an academic, elitist snob….just like Cruz…just like Obama.

            Calling me names doesn’t change who I vote for. And by the way. my IQ is two points higher than yours….but you didn’t see me pointing that out until you pulled the higher brains card. And a higher IQ does not equate to maturity and deductive reasoning anymore than a lower IQ…

            I could care less who you vote for …..I was just giving those people sharing this conversation with us my point of view…you’re the one the one that took the snobby tone.

            And there are more of us voting for Trump than Raphael….

          • Dorrie

            Nope. You missed again. No WONDER you belong to the Trump cult! LOL!!

          • ladywarrior

            Funny…I see it more as you aren’t smart enough to be supporting Trump…..go figure.

          • Dorrie

            Funny … I see it more as you have New York values…

            Go figure . . .

          • ladywarrior

            You aren’t as smart as you like to think you are….I’m from the deep South….

            And you’re getting repetitive and boring….time to go to dinner….ya’l…

          • Dorrie

            I’m sorry you feel it’s so important to insult a fellow American. Am praying for you.

          • chichilouise

            Mitch McConnell and Cruz are working hand in glove.

            High IQ does not automatically provide anyone with discernment and wisdom. Cruz face is very controlled, usually the mark of deception.

      • joe1429

        Lets see on tuesday!! Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve

    Feel good palliative for the same old same old shown by outright deception tactics used by Cruz will not be the better choice over Trump.

  • Cappy1437

    I support Cruz but will support whoever is nominated. A Republican belongs in the White House so America can become once again what it used to be–great!

    • joe1429

      Yes, i agree…. but some establishment rather have hillary than an anti estab repub… very sad! Traitors to their own party!

  • Tabykatt

    While I understand what the writer is saying, most of it is true I agree with her/him. It does not take away from the fact that Ted Cruz fast track the TPPA with Obama. His wife Heidi is on the board for the North American Union and is still listed as so on the website . She co-wrote guidelines for the financial part. Cruise and his wife both are for and support the North American Union which is still currently in play, which is also part of the NWO. Once finding out this information I could no longer support him.

    The things that he sent out faxes, emails, etc before the caucus, what he ran on his own political site regarding Ben Carson,the lame attempt at an apology accepting no responsibility and blaming it all on CNN, then claiming he posted what they posted…which is not the full truth but a direct lie! CNN who never posted or vocalized what Ted posted on his site, came out in opposition of what he said and called it BS point blank.

    Just because someone says they’re Christian, doesn’t mean they are, as we seen this many times before from the Republican side. Donald Trump does not try to pretend like he’s a squeaky-clean holy saint. He shows that he has respect for christians, and says that he will protect our rights, and has stated that he goes to church occasionally….not that he is perfect! He also stated the fact that the TPPA is going to be one of the worst deals ever for the United States of America, and that he is fully against it.

    We can no longer sit back and just take the word of someone the says they’re a Christian and vote for them. God expect people to have common sense and to do research. There has been bills regarding government transparency, if Ted was so transparent, he himself would have been behind these bills and voted on them, not once did he vote or support them in any way.

    Go check his voting records. This last financial item that was voted on I think before Christmas that he said he was against regarding the refugees, he switched sides and voted for it. He is a flip flopper, and probably was told if he didn’t vote for it he wasn’t going to get support from the Republicans.

    Sometimes, its voting for the lesser of the two evils. Anyone that would support a candidate that is about dismantling this country and everything it stands for and combining it with two other countries and helping to usher in the NWO, you’re not for this country!

    If we don’t fix this financial situation that we are in today, there is not going to be in the United States they will directly take it in to globalisation with the rest of the world after or money fails. Do the research and take your time, its a long ways away from November. We only have one shot at this folks, and we need someone who doesn’t need the money that will be thrown at him, and has the financial expertise to get this country out of the mess we are in. Do you really think a successful businessman wants to see our economy crash and first to be combined as a North American Union ? He is not part of the system and that should make a huge difference to people ! Do people realize how many countries own buildings, and land and how much of it? Basically they own in our country? We cannot pay these loans back, and countries like China are going to come calling one day soon.

    • Tabykatt

      and another thing, people rant and rave on here all the time about Trump’s big mouth. From what I can see on all of these discussion sites plenty of Americans have big mouths is well and have no right to be pointing a finger at anyone, when they can’t hold a discussion with one another without being rude. Especially from opposite sides such as Democrats and Republicans. for that matter many conservatives can’t even talk respectfully to one another. This is the government’s greatest trick to keep us fighting amongst ourselves, we can never come together and do anything!

      • chichilouise

        Briliant points, Tabykatt, I appreciate very much all that you wrote and the time you took to do so.

        • Tabykatt

          Thank you Chichilouise!?

  • marlene

    It’s a bad day for America when people support the candidate in these articles:
    “C-SPAN Video of Voter Fraud In Iowa Proves Your Votes Mean Absolutely Nothing” The Free Thought Project; and
    “Cruz accused of fraud in Iowa win” The Horn News; and
    “Iowa’s secretary of state rips Ted Cruz over campaign mailer”; and
    “Ted Cruz’s Iowa Mailers Are More Fraudulent Than Everyone Thinks” The New Yorker; and
    “Iowa Secretary of State Identifies Cruz Campaign ‘Voter Shaming Letter’ as Fraud-‘Misrepresents Iowa election law'” The Last Refuge; and
    “Did Ted Cruz Succeed Fooling Iowa Voters With His Shaming Letters?” Kelleigh Nelson; and
    “Rafael and Ted Cruz – Biggest Cuban Con Artists since Rosie Ruiz” Cuba 54; and
    “Saul Anuzzis: Meet Ted Cruz’s Hezbollah-Lovin’ Michigan Campaign Chief” UPDATED; and
    “How ‘Trumpism’ trumps pseudo-conservatism, and is not Obamunism” and
    “Something stinks – Ted Cruz’s Super PAC donated $1/2 million to Carly Fiorina’s campaign” Fellowship of the Minds; and
    “Ted Cruz will have to answer to his own Rev. Wright and dodging the question won’t cut it” Coach is Right; and
    “Cruz donors accused of money laundering, helping tax cheats, pro-amnesty revisionist history” Coach is Right; and
    “Faux Conservatives Defend the North American Union” and
    “Ted Cruz, Henry Kissinger and the Globalists” Kelleigh Nelson; and
    “Sen. Cruz Amendment to Immigration Legislation to Increase H-1B Visas” YouTube; and
    “Barbarians At The Gate” Paul McGuire; and
    “Ted Cruz’s Closest Counselors Are Neocons: and
    “Cruz’s clout wanes in the House” The Hill; and
    “The GOP Candidates Who Support Amnesty” Kelleigh Nelson; and
    “Senator Cruz’s CFR Connections” Cliff Kincaid; and
    “Call out Ted Cruz for his disaster and hypocrisy” left action; and
    “Can You Handle the Truth? Ted & Heidi Cruz and the North American Union”; and
    Check out his sponsored S.306 bill – it’s the final nail in his so-called “conservatism”. Also watch cruz in his own words: “Neither Obama nor I are eligible for the Oval Office.” There’s so much more that should remove cruz from the ballot box that I can’t list them all here. I just hope people will research the candidates BEFORE voting for them.

  • Tammy Noel Smith

    I have been for Cruz from the beginning,calling him the ‘Mr.Smith Goes To Washington’,of our day.The fact that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats seem to like him,speaks volumes.This is a man that cannot be bought.He’s also a Constitutional Conservative.Instead of saying,as Trump has said,that he would abolish obamacare when he gets in,he said,”We need to take this to The People and put it to a vote”.That’s Constitutional thinking! Also,Cruz is a man of great character in that he reads his Bible and follows Christ Jesus.He is a man of integrity.No,he’s not the Messiah,that would be Jesus Christ alone.And Cruz is not perfect and I won’t agree with him on everything,but he shares many of the same convictions that many Christians do.Christians have taken quite a beating here in America over the past 7 years and we need a President who will support our great ally,Israel.

  • marlene

    “Trump Vows to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem if Elected” United With Israel; and
    “Donald Trump, Islam, Terrorism and Insanity” Cathy Sherman; and
    “Donald Trump: Political Outsider, Business Visionary…Economic Savior?” American Liberty Report; and
    “Fox News Equals Democrats in Republican Drag” Kelleigh Nelson; and
    “Dr. Michael Scheuer: It we get anyone other than Trump, it’ll be back to business as usual” The FInancial Armageddon; and
    “America’s Wish List For 2016” FrostynWooldridge; and
    “Jonah, The Whale, and A Second Chance With Trump” Kelleigh Nelson; and
    “One Thing Donald Trump Can’t Do For The Economy, Part 1″ Devvy Kidd; and
    ‘Why Would Black Pastors Support Donald Trump?” Roger Anghis; and
    “Trump is Right: Stop Islamic Immigration” Marilyn M. Barnewall; and
    “Trump Muslimm Moratorium Legal Under Immigration Law” The Daily Caller; and
    “Trump defies political gravity, thanks to the fed-up supporters” Yahoo News; and
    “The ‘Establishment’ vs. Trump – and the People” Frontpage Mag; and
    “So, why do people think Donald Trump has only been a Republican since he decided to run for president?” Bare Naked Islam; and
    “The Least of America’s Worries is Donald Trump” Sons of Liberty; and
    “Phyllis Schlafly Makes the Case for President Trump” and
    “Netanyahu Echoes Trump on Arab Population Following Tel Aviv Attacks”; and
    “DONALD TRUMP blames Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama for creating ISIS” Bare Naked Islam; and
    “The Importance of the Next Presidential Election” Roger Anghis; and
    “Republicans Write Obama A Blank Check” Chuck Baldwin; and
    “Why Trump is RIGHT about America’s failing infrastructure” NaturalNews; and
    “Conservative Icon says that Donald Trump is the ‘Last Hope for America'” Freedom Force; and
    “The Fear Is Visible: The Ugly Truth Donald Trump Has Exposed”; and
    “UK already feeling the ‘Trump effect?’ Muslims are being stopped from boarding flights to t he U.S.” Bare Naked Islam; and
    “Watch Donald Trump: He Is Patriotic And He Can Fix America” Walid Shoebat; and
    “We Want The Truth” Pat Candell, YouTube.
    There’s so much more on Trump that voters need to learn instead of listening to the false narrative of the globalist-owned mainstream media.

    • Dorrie

      Trump NEVER talks about the Constitution, which he of course knows nothing about. That’s what makes him unelectable.

      • marlene

        Wrong and wrong. TRUMP is the ONLY candidate that IS electable. You can’t see the truth from the dust of liars in your eyes. It’s pathetic why people like you refuse to research the candidates. Enjoy your sound bite – they’re the food of lies.

  • Robert Bayer

    Dear Ms. Pamela,

    Ted Cruz is against a Muslim ban. Donald Trump is for it and has said he will deport any Muslims brought over.

    Ted Cruz may have said he stands with you in person against Islam.

    Maybe they are both liars but …

    Trump is a bully as you can attest. You deserve an apology from him.

    But Trump deserves your support far more than Cruz; that is in my opinion, which, you are free to totally ignore.

    • Dorrie

      Cruz is FOR a “pause” in immigration! Learn facts before telling lies, it will bode better for you :-)

      • Robert Bayer

        Who is lying? Two years ago, Cruz went to the border bringing thousands of soccer balls and teddy bears to welcome the illegal immigrants. Google it. For myself, I am for legal immigration but illegal? Pure poison for our nation and which has brought drug traffic, murder and rape to both the illegals and to our citizens.

  • joe1429

    Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dorrie

      LOL!! Not after last night, little joe! His parting shot at Cruz showed him to be the sleazy coward he truly is! Cruz was the clear winner of last night’s debate!

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