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[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

Britain First leaders charged with harassing Muslim rapists

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

Muslims who plotted to behead Pamela Geller “laughed wildly about beheadings”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Viktor Orban Calls George Soros a ‘Public Enemy’

[ September 22, 2017 ]

ACLU, Speakers Distance Themselves From UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Week

Political Wisdom from ….. a Nobody


More from our favorite “nobody” — Dr. G.

I love a smart “nobody.” Hey, Donald Trump called me a “nobody” and an “obnoxious blowhard” who was “taunting Muslims” in the wake of the Garland jihad shooting. Me? I love me the nobodies.

Dr. Nancy’s Two Cents

Oops, He Did It Again

Hi, Dr. Nancy here and I’m back. I’m Pamela’s political theorist, or as some commenter called me, a “nobody” giving their opinion. I’m proud to be a nobody and hope never to be a somebody. That said, I’m an American voter with eyes on the political scene. I would hope we don’t reduce the average citizen like me to a being of insignificance. This is America where, unlike other places, we have a government by the people funded by their taxpayer money. We nobodies are the supposed bosses and we should eschew the elitist airs of that commenter.

Seriously, though, I wanted to address the character aspect. Some asked how I could care about character supporting Cruz after what happened in Iowa. I understand that concern, but I was referring to the overall character of the candidates as we learn about them during the primaries. My focus was on how we are discovering who they are, what they will likely do and how consistent they’ve been in the past so we can predict what they’ll do in the future. We can then be comfortable with someone who’s demonstrated a consistent conservatism. I live in Florida, the capital of wonderfully conservative politicians who turn into flaming moderates in record time. Counting on bedrock conservatives is important to me. Often true blue conservatives don’t get very far and supporting them seems futile. I thought the world of Col. Allen West, but the political landscape we live in seemed not to allow him to rise. This is why the candidate with the best character coming out of Iowa, Carson, was ultimately not my front- runner. Whatever happened to character counts? I came to believe that like West, he wasn’t going to be allowed to rise. This was probably based on poll after poll, but he addressed it in the last debate. He said that if that was what we were thinking, vote for him anyway and we could win.

I will support Trump if he gets the nomination because as Rush says, he will be “our guy”. Still, while we are deciding who our guy will be in the primaries, I say aim higher character-wise. I would like to think our guy would appoint unshakable conservatives to the Supreme Court. I don’t think Trump will, but his picks will probably be popular ones like we’d expect from the populist he is. Cruz’s picks would be more in line with my ideology, but there’s no guarantee they wouldn’t “evolve”. Knowing what we’re going to get is mostly in line with what we want is comforting. Know what’s uncomfortable? Hearing our likely candidate Trump say Bush knew there weren’t WMDs and lied to garner support for a war that would lead to the deaths of our young people. How far is that notion from the Left’s “Bush Lied and People Died”? It is beyond unsettling, but oops he did it again.
The pattern here of assigning evil motives to people previously thought to be of good character, trashing their reputations, is ongoing with Trump. He wasn’t perfect, but I thought George W. Bush was a good guy. Trump is saying he knows the guy was a liar tricking us to get into a war… like he knows Cruz is a liar tricking the Iowa voters into choosing him based on a CNN on air breaking news report. What did Cruz know and when did he know it?Despite insisting it wasn’t dirty tricks, Trump knows it was. He really can’t possibly be certain, but screw that. He sees the liar in Cruz like he sees the liar in George W. Bush like he sees the pathological liar in Carson. I saw that on air report with Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, and there was no other way to interpret what we were seeing. A reasonable person would register the information despite the weird timing because this was CNN and we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes that causes surprise moves by politicians. I wouldn’t for a second think it wasn’t true. I wouldn’t dissect it in my head. I’d figure Carson was out like I thought Huckabee and Paul were when similar reports came out soon after. This was before the kerfuffle. I just assumed news was being reported. There was no rapid on air correction. I’ve heard there was on Twitter, but much of the rest of us aren’t part of Twitterworld. Unless what happened on Twitter is reported on more traditional media, we won’t know about it.
Trump doubled down on his charge Cruz is a liar and “unstable” yesterday which reminded me of his charge that Carson was a pathological liar. This is starting to sound like the Clintons’ bimbo eruption defense that the women were nuts and sluts. If we were told tomorrow that leading candidate Trump said Cruz was all right and considered him for his VP, we probably wouldn’t be surprised because we’re becoming comfortable with his unpredictability. His not ruling out a third party run because of the RNC’s actions make some sense, but I couldn’t help wondering if this move would free him up to attract more independents and Democrats after he’d gathered all the Republican support he could, you know, after having used our primaries as the perfect platform to launch his effort. Maybe that’s why his statements sound less conservative and more outrageous now as we are being prepared for where he will wind up on the political spectrum in the end. Planned Parenthood does wonderful things for women and should be federally funded? That money will be used however they see fit whether it’s contraception, abortion, or harvesting/selling parts. I am always trying to discern his motives because we really don’t know where he’ll stand on issues ultimately. Obama was once against gay marriage, but no one was surprised at his evolution because of his past liberal record. These politicians’ records are all we really have to go on. We’ve seen over and over how politicians make promises to get elected and then do the opposite. Trump supporters say Cruz lies and will say anything to get elected yet isn’t Trump more likely to do that? I’d rather trust Ted Cruz based on his record even if it isn’t perfect. Despite religious arguments, I don’t mind him holding up a bible as though he cares what a Higher Authority thinks because I don’t fear some eeevil form of Christiandom like we see with Islam. There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to greatness even if we fall short. Critics like to say this or that group owns Cruz, but no one owns you when your greatest concern is the Highest Authority. We are a nation based on Judeo-Christian tenets and that’s a force for good. I’m not even a Christian, but I know I don’t have to fear living in a Christian nation. If your argument involves the Crusades, you’ve already lost it. In fact, I think I’m becoming a Crusader for Cruz!

God Bless America!!

  • RCCA

    You may not be active on Twitter but Ted Cruz and his campaign captains were. And that’s what matters.

    “The Carson campaign prepared a timeline for its internal use showing that the episode began at 6:43 p.m. in Iowa when a CNN reporter, Chris Moody, said on Twitter, “Carson won’t go to NH/SC, but instead will head home to Florida for some R&R.”

    Moments later Mr. Moody tweeted, “Ben Carson’s campaign tells me he plans to stay in the race beyond Iowa no matter what the results are tonight.”

    CNN anchors on a live broadcast almost simultaneously repeated Mr. Moody’s tweet that Mr. Carson was taking a break from the campaign trail, but not the campaign’s assertion he was not dropping out.

    Ten minutes later, Mr. Osborne, who was traveling with Mr. Carson, clarified in a tweet that the candidate “will be going to Florida to get fresh clothes b4 heading out on the campaign trail.”

    At 7:07 p.m., as caucuses across the state were being called to order, the first of two recorded calls went out to Cruz volunteers telling them to spread the word to Carson supporters that they should ‘not waste a vote for Ben Carson and vote for Ted Cruz.’ ”

    And now there is proof that a Cruz PAC is behind the nasty anti-Trump and anti-Rubio robocalls.

    • RCCA, you should be aware that your post is not helpful as there are a few problems.

      First, the content above the link to nytimes is recklessly ambiguous and the content at the nytimes link is not attributed properly. (If you ask me to elaborate, then I will in detail. You should be confident that I’m not bluffing.)

      Secondly, the picture of the superpac content is ambiguous–(same about elaboration)–and the content trail to gatewaypundit shows Steve King making the statement, “Carson looks like he is out.”

      Now, I have not spent any time evaluating the rabid anti-Cruz content at gatewaypundit, but I think that I might do that. FYI, I believe that I DO HAVE sufficient proof that the rabid anti-Cruz site conservativetreehouse falsified a document title in their smear campaign on Hiedi Cruz.

      • RCCA

        You should definitely be more specific, if you want to be taken seriously. You should dispute facts and avoid making absurd statements like “recklessly ambiguous.” There is no question that Carson was not dropping out and he wasn’t even slightly considering doing so. Reading his press release about going to FL. might suggest only some vague possibility if someone was looking to interpret it that way. Any responsible person with integrity who “might” have had serious doubts would have contacted Carson’s campaign to clarify. The only recklessness was Cruz’s campaign proceeding to capitalize on willful misinformation. I assume they were hoping to take advantage of people like Dr. Nancy who is not a twitter user.

        I have no interest in extending this discussion to the biases of various websites or the character of Heidi Cruz. That’s all irrelevant. This is about the character of Ted Cruz who I find to be extraordinarily smug and immature. His actions are governed by what he can get away with, just like any trained lawyer.

        I spend entirely too much time documenting information here but here’s another source for you : “Ted Cruz falsely says campaign simply ‘forwarded’ CNN’s report on Ben Carson”

        • There were many words in your response but you did not address the content of my post. I’m ready to identify several serious problems with your previous post, but you do not want to go there.

          Do you know the implications of posting words? Someone might read them. Do you follow?

          • RCCA

            “You should definitely be more specific…”

          • I’m going to do this slowly, and going to enjoy it.

            me: the content above the link to nytimes is recklessly ambiguous and

            1. Who is “You” in your first sentence?

            2. You placed quotations around the next paragraph, but…

            3. NO quotations around the paragraph after that! and the one after that… …

            4. before link, BOLD text that you made (which is not at the LINK: major error) This, alone, would get you fired, but if you pissed somebody off with the mistake you might end up in court! This is a comments section but that doesn’t lower the bar.

            Do you realize, I addressed only one thing before the “and” in my first sentence? THERE IS AN ENTIRE SECOND SET OF ISSUES!

            Do you really want to see the rest?

          • RCCA

            I hope that my corrections are helpful to you and anyone who has had trouble understanding my comments.
            Thanks for your suggestions. I hope the link to is helpful as well. It evaluates the coverage from various news sources.

          • You are welcome.

            The bold text at the end of your blockquote is not in the original. That is a falsification of the reference!


          • RCCA

            Let me fix that for you. BTW, there’s a real job here as a punctuation police. All this nonsense with you indicates to me that you are a person who doesn’t have the character to admit you were wrong about the issue — Ted Cruz’s dirty dealing in Iowa. Instead of addressing the substance of the comment you have obsessed about the format. That’s a first for and a very low bar.

            FYI, this is a blog and no one expects perfection. However, since that seems to be your concern, you should fix your incorrect spelling of “Heidi Cruz” in your comment. Thanks for all the attention.

          • I have NOT gotten to the issues yet. Do you understand that the truth-value of anything any of us write here is the central, primary issue?!?

            Let me do this again: When you put that in BOLD you FALSIFIED the reference!! THAT’S NOT PUNCTUATION!

            Are you that dense that you don’t understand that this one thing–AMONG ALL THE OTHERS–puts EVERYTHING you type here into question. There’s no reason to believe anything you post if you do such things! HOLY BLEEP!!

            Wait until I get the to rest of it, you’ll need therapy and medication.

          • RCCA


  • DemocracyRules

    Trump is “our guy” because the GOP is so divided between honest conservatives and RINO power brokers of the political class, that they can’t decide on what to do. (Image: Israeli News Network).

    • Dave J Lawson

      LOL ! Only Trump could do it.

      It does not matter , if anyone of the other GOP candidates win primaries , they will lose against shittlary and Bernie

  • Aaron

    I wish Cruz fans would find out the details about his co-sponsorship of the Corker bill– which gave it all to Obama regarding Iran. And why he decided to go to the border to welcome “refugees” with teddy bears and Beck. Also why his support of increased immigration and open borders. Only crickets on this as his fans give “Reverend Cruz” a pass on it all, and the Carson gimmick, as well as his absolute support for SCJ Roberts, which Cruz then denied at the last debate. I don’t get it. I really dont.

    As for “Islam is a Rligion of Peace” Bush–I was a big fan until I dug deeper with tough questions. I’m not at all a fan of his now. So much theater and smoke and mirrors in politics.

    People should vote for whoever can wrest control from the uber-Left at this point. I’m wondering though, still, about Obama’s trick of farming out the count to his and Soros’ buddy and major campaign contributor in Spain–will that be corrected before the election? Not a chance unless people get on it now.

    • Radegunda

      Trump helped Reid get re-elected against a Tea Party candidate. He has warmly praised the political wisdom and virtues of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, et al. He thought Obama had a “deep understanding” of economics. He says he can get along well with Pelosi and Schumer.

      Trump is not the guy who’s going to “wrest control from the uber-Left.” He really doesn’t have that much of an ideological quarrel with them. He just wants to be in charge and be even more of a big shot.

      • Aaron

        Could you provide a link(s) to that info on Reid? We need it. Thanks.

      • Dave J Lawson

        you are plain dumb in your understanding of Trump.

        He was a businessman and he supported and funded important politicians to be on their good books so he could get his work done if he ever needed them. He owed it to his business and his employees.
        That’s the way it works. And he is coming out and saying so openly as he knows America will never reverse its downward spiral with politicians who are sock puppets for the corporates and lobbyists for saudis , chinese masters.

        And by doing so he has angered powerful interests who don’t want him to win and he could even be assasinated

        And fools think Ted the fraud who is in the pocket of his donors who already worked against American interests on the Iran deal and Illegal immigration issue …he will work for American interest ? give me break.

        first let him run a state as governor.

        • joe1429

          Agree 100% brother! These fools cant differentiate between the businessman, and now the politican. You are right, as he had to get ss protection, bc of the death threats, as he wants to shake up and refrom the process! Trump is a larger than life candidate. Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rob Porter

        The sad reality is that through all the divisions and Republican throat cutting, Americans are going to land up with Hillary the hag. Trump is no perfect candidate, yet still has some good attributes – like sticking to his guns over the southern wall, Muslim immigration, keeping jobs in America and getting some back, etc, while the other GOP candidates are not in this race and not going to overtake him.

        So you can work on ruining Trump’s chances and land up with Hillary or take him faults and all. Are Hillary or that pathetic ass Bernie really good alternatives?

        As I see it, you’ve got a choice, accept an imperfect Trump – who you can work on for improvement – or get Hillary, which would be another Obama-like disaster.

      • joe1429

        He made very clear those were his views in yrs past when he was playing the game as a successful ny businessman. His views since he declared and got into politics, 7 mos ago, have been very clear, and conservative! Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Are you telling me that if I, “find out the details about [Cruz’s] co-sponsorship of the Corker bill”, that I will discover that the bill, “gave it all to Obama regarding Iran”?

      What is the reason Cruz participated in that event with Glen Beck? Will you tell us?

      We can discuss the rest, but I’ll start with that.

      • Aaron

        I’m asking Cruz fans to explain it. They are ignoring it. On the Corker bill: the bill removed the Constitutional power of the Senate to ratify treaties, and set up a straw-man structure wherein Senators could support or not support the Iran Deal, without actually affecting the outcome. Without gettin too technical, it gave Obama a pass. For some reason no one is talking about it–like it never happened though Cruz was a co-sponsor. If Cruz knows the Constitution as well as he claims, he absolutely knew what he was doing.

        I actually don’t have s dog in this fight. Each candidate makes me nervous for different reasons.

        When we see glaring issues on any candidate, it’s a good idea to investigate.

        For example, during the last debate, Cruz insisted and confidently claimed he did not support Roberts. But he wrote an entire article for Nationsl Review supporting Roberts. What–did he “forget” he had done that? I nearly fell out of my seat because his “heartfelt” claim about Roberts was so smooth. If one didn’t know better, on might think that Ted was telling the truth and nothing but…

        There’s other issues with border security, TPP, CFR (wife), Goldman Sachs… troubling and I examined by the Cruz party faithful.

        That’s what worries me. Hillary (or whoever) will be very showbiz snarky and will know ALL the details on Cruz (or whoever).

        Cruz People accept that Cruz is a “great Constitutional” scholar, so let’s get to the bottom of the Corker bill, TOP, borders, immigration, amnesty, Roberts, etc. Why not?

        The remark about his dad and the underwear was also bad judgement. The details weren’t important and don’t make for reasoned public discourse.

        • I watched the entire debate (9th in Carolina) and do not recall what you claim about Justice Roberts–now I’m going to read the transcript. I did a search on the transcript and found no reference to “Roberts”. Did you mistake which debate?

          The part about the Corker bill: “…removed the Constitutional power of the Senate to ratify treaties.” That’s a shocker, so now I’m going to have to look that up too. (If your assertion is true–beginning with “removed”–then I’m left to wonder the reason that I never heard Mark Levin speak about that, though I haven’t listened to every show every day.

        • I’ve looked at a few things but I’m not done. Do you want to rethink, “removed the Constitutional power of the Senate to ratify treaties”?

        • I trust Andrew McCarthy:

          …it is simply a fact that the Corker bill reverses the Constitution’s presumption against international agreements: instead of requiring the president to convince a two-thirds supermajority of the Senate to approve the Iran deal, it requires opponents to convince a two-thirds supermajority of the full Congress to defeat the deal.


          I see that the vote was 98-1 on Corker. I assume that Cruz was in the 98. There were 68 co-sponsors. Cruz was NOT one of the “originals”.

          I certainly would like to hear Cruz’s opinion on the bill–specifically, what McCarthy wrote that I included above.

    • Lori
  • chris wolf

    obama holding court, like the nights with the radical students in the hooka lounge, in his bloviating press conference today says Trump won’t be president because obama trusts “the judgement of the American people.” Of being the president, he says: “It’s hard.” (He said his golf score was “classified.”) He says a lot of people depend on the president to be right. He says, “They expect you to know where they are on the map and to know a little bit about them. Not just to play to the crowd back home.”
    So he’s not trusting the American people — but rather the other places “on the map.”
    obama gets lost in his guises and fronts and who he’s mocking when and to whom.
    But he counts on the media to cover for him.
    obama: “My muslim faith.”
    Stephanapolous: “Your Christian faith.
    obama: “My Christian faith.

  • Silverback

    Good article, good read. Better Cruz than Trump. Cruz has a record you can hold his feet to the fire on, Trump has been everything to everybody. A dangerous chameleon indeed.

    • Radegunda

      To me, Trump is a boor, a pig, and a vindictive egomaniac with no settled principles.

      It’s astonishing to see how many people trust that he will do whatever is on top of their wish list, regardless of what he may have said about it, if anything. Trump fans will say, e.g., that he’s the only one who will “restore the Constitution” — a subject he barely mentions.

      They ascribe to him a deep wisdom he has not shown, and virtues he clearly does not possess. They’ll claim that he’s a great family man; that he loves America with the purest devotion; that he identifies with ‘”the common man”; that he’s a virtually messianic figure who is embarked upon a great act of self-sacrifice in order to save the country.

      They simply tune out all the evidence that contradicts their superhero fantasies.

      For some years, I’ve said we’ve never before had a president who was so overestimated by himself and others. And now we have a candidate who is wildly misjudged — even by a lot of people who ought to know better.

      • Dave J Lawson

        so who is better ? All the other sock puppets who will win election by fooling folks and then work for their donors interest ?

        Haven’t we seen enough of that crap ? when will you ever wake up ? Its only Donald who can dare to take on these big lobbyists ………and he is paying a heavy price by losing 100’s of millions ……and still you question him and his real love to make America better than any of the sock puppets could ever do ?

  • Ichabod Crain

    I’m sorry but I gave up halfway through – exhausted from the lack of paragraph breaks.

    • Copy and paste, then put in the breaks yourself wherever you want.

      • Ichabod Crain

        I’m not going to do her editing for her.

        • I was trying to help you. Do you understand?

    • joker

      If that is you in the picture then I would have given up long time ago.

      • Ichabod Crain

        I look better than you, Joker. You don’t even dare show your face it’s so ugly, and I bet your mother dresses you funny too.

    • ted

      Me too, plus I am sick of Cruz/Trump fight.

  • Radegunda

    “Whatever happened to character counts?” I’ve been wondering that a lot lately.

    It’s mystifying how many people give a pass to Trump on sins they would find unacceptable in any other politician — such as raging braggadocio, or vindictive bullying, or repeating lies about opponents after they’ve been exposed as lies.

    There are websites I used to read pretty much daily but no longer do at all, because people who used to care about character and being “adult” have either gone all in for Trump or made excuses for him.

    Trump manifestly does not have the character to be fit for the presidency. Of course, Obama doesn’t either. But aren’t people who call themselves conservative supposed to do better?

    • Florian75

      How about the shameless promiscuity he was so proud of ? In a Howard Stern Show interview, Trump claims that sleeping with all his many partners in the 1980’s was risky/dangerous like fighting in Vietnam. He responded to Stern that he “felt like a very brave soldier”. What a putz.

      • Dave J Lawson

        Were you born daft ? Trump was joking .

        • Florian75

          Not daft you Dolt, but you are correct about Trump, Stern, and anyone who appeared on the show, and all the pathetic morons who thought it was entertainment – they are indeed all third rate Jokers.

          • Dave J Lawson

            That’s ok . we don’t need no good Lying senators like Cruz , Rubio who have in the past supported Amnesty to illegal immigration , never spoke about building a wall and securing our borders , never created jobs nor ran any state/organisation profitably .

            They are Republican version of obama. If they win Republican Nomination , like Mc Cain or Romney , they will get chewed up and spit out by Dems.

        • Don’t buy barbaric halal food

          It’s not compulsory to start every comment you make with an insult you know.

          • Dave J Lawson

            its not an insult , its reply to the previous comment .

  • conan_drum

    Cruz is a creationist evangelical. You do not want a person who asks for guidance from ‘god’ as POTUS. You may as well elct somebody who uses crystal balls. Remember Reagan’ s wife who believed in astrology? Being creationist and many politicians are especially on the right, means you are out of touch with reality and do not believe in scientific fact

  • Drew the Infidel

    If you can’t be a somebody then be a nobody because it is hell just being anybody.

  • movingwaters

    He’s not been 100% perfect, but my dream would be that everybody write in Rand Paul as POTUS. I realize that the vote is counted by leftists in Spain. And no one has to answer me that that would split the vote and give it to Hildebeest. If a lot of the Trump conservatives had been willing to give $20.00 to Rand Paul’s campaign, we may have been looking at a better situation for America. I could live with Carson even though I don’t agree on all counts.

    The suspicious demise of Justice Scalia and the deplorable process after he was discovered should be a BIG wake up call. A newish Obama appointee and totally incompetent judge names Cinderella calls the death natural causes without any ME even looking at the body. And the nation hasn’t erupted with objection?

  • Morgan Michaels

    Cruz = Sincere Constitutionalist and Consistent Conservative

    Trump = Unstable Narcissistic Crony Capitalist Phony

  • BillyD

    Thank you for your courage. I stood with you in Garland (I was there) and I stand with you now. I support Ted Cruz because of his willingness to fight for our Constitution, and his love for this country. No other candidate can make such a claim (with a record to support it).

    • Dave J Lawson

      he has fought a non existant case on second amendment

      on presumption its under attack . The second amendment was never under attack as obama never had the support he needed to repeal it.

      Ted uses this false flag operation to claim he is some great constitutionalist. Is that why he gave up his canadian citizenship 15 months ago , while all the while he was senator ?
      That is against the law ., what crap constitutionalist does that ? He is just an opportunist , fraud only after power and pelf. Let him run a state and create jobs , balance budgets then he can be considered.

      Trump has done all that and cannot be bought

      • Kebert Xela

        Ted Cruz fought the landmark case DC v. Heller. Cruz’s and his co-litigants’ success established for the first time that the Second Amendment to the U.S, Constitution confers an individual right to keep and bear arms. Justice Scalia was the deciding vote.

        Ted Cruz is a recognized Constitutional expert. He clerked for Supreme Court Chief Justice Rehnquist and as Solicitor General of Texas he fought multiple landmark cases before the Supreme Court including Medellin v. Texas.

        Ted Cruz was born a natural born U.S. citizen. Just like Donald Trump whose mother was born in Scotland, Barack Obama (whose supporters at Code Pink Donald sounds like more each day) whose father was a Kenyan national and John McCain who was born in the Panama Canal zone.

        Renouncing your Canadian citizenship is not against the law, even for a Senator. Anyone who was familiar with the law would know that. Donald’s narcissistic Trumpertantrums are as vapid as his pretense to Conservatism.

        What State has Donald Trump run? Donald has defaulted on $4.7 Billion dollars in debt, saddling contractors, investors and creditors with the cost of his personal failures as a businessman. He owned the house in Atlantic City and still went bankrupt…four times. His employees lost their jobs, Trump went home to his narcissistically eponymous tower.

        • Dave J Lawson

          If he fought court cases , then he qualifies are Attorney journal NOT as president. Even Obama claimed to be constitutionalist , we know how he turned out as a president. No more Lawyers/senator jokers ……..Let him prove himself by working as governor.

          Only fools support Senators / lawyers who will win with lies and after wining they will go work for the donors and its screw America….like all previous Presidents since Reagon.

          As for Trump he used the law to protect his Business just as Cruz claims he fought for second amendment. And why did all business in Atlantic city go bust ? It was Political hacks who make policy changes that adversely affect businesses. So why blame the businessmen ? Trump was smarter and he got out before it got worse .

          That’s the kind of smarts you need. Not a silly lawyer who never ran an organisation / state never created jobs , nor balanced budget. what that Lying canadian know other than lying and fooling ignorant folks.

  • SurakOfVulcan

    Trump has said he will stop Muslim immigration. What is more important to readers of this website?

  • Stephen Honig

    Pamela, take a deep breath and relax. Trump at times is too out spoken and should curb his enthusiasm. However, if Trump does become a “nobody” and nominee, are you going to cut your nose to spite your face and vote for Hilliary or Sanders?

  • ted

    The Cruz vs Trump fight should wait until the rest of the RINO garbage (Bush, Caysick, Rubio) are gone.

  • Rob Porter

    Yes, after Garland that was a very stupid comment from Donald Trump, but after Obama’s disparagement of Trump yesterday, Trumps response (this morning I saw it) was a riot. He looked into the camera, told Obama he has been the worst president ever and that if he, Trump, had run in the last election “you would have been a one-term president.” I loved it.

    • Kebert Xela

      How are Trumps postitions on the issues substantially different than Mitt Romney’s?

      Both were career liberals who assumed a ‘conservative’ persona to get nominated.

      Mitt was an Etch a Sketch, Donald brags about being a ‘chameleon’. That’s a lizard who changes his appearance to blend into any background.

      Both were for Obamacare before they were against it,

      Both were for gun control before they were against it,

      Both were for abortion before they were against it, sort of.

      Both expressed a high opinion of Barack Obama and made deals with the ‘Progressives’. to advance their careers.

      Both lost in Iowa, won in New Hampshire, and were doomed to be defeated in November.

      Insanity, Einstein said, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Republicans need to stop nominating RINOs like McCain, Romney and Trump, repeating the same pattern of failure.

      • Rob Porter

        Believe me, I am not deeply sold on Trump, his claim to being able to ‘be whatever the chooses to be’ very troubling and demonstrating little of no evidence of deep convictions. If one has deep convictions you cannot be a chameleon. How he goes from holding scumbag Obama in high regard to not liking him beats me. When Obama showed up I researched the man and quickly concluded that he is a shallow fraud who hung around with people who I regarded as scum, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Marxist profs, homosexuals on Hawaii, Muslims, and then into drugs – and then talking utter crap about history. That was all I needed to know that Obama is just a rotten man and a pathological liar. How could Trump miss that? But then I look at Ted Cruze who initially I favoured, and Marco Rubio, and they just also put me off. I don’t think that either will beat Hillary and if that happens I think I will leave North America to rot in its astounding stupidity and lack of real values.

  • donemyhomework


  • donemyhomework

    As a nobody, Pamela, you’ve been working pretty damned hard on this project for the past 15 years or so. Your input has and always is more than welcomed.

  • Merchantseamen

    Trump reminds of a 1920s 1930s figure. Arrogant and a blowhard but a successful organizer for the most part. The guy I am thinking about ended up hanging by his feet in a gas station April 1945.

  • Jihad in Manhattan

    I think Dr. Nancy, Limbaugh, and Levin all need to watch the videos put out by the hundreds of architects and engineers who have come forward to present how ludicrous the mainstream narrative is regarding 911. Trump is right on Bush. Thermite explosives brought down the WTC, not a jet fuel fire which only burns around 1800 °F! I happen to love Limbaugh and Levin, I don’t know about Dr. Nancy, but they are completely mistaken about 911. Thank God someone is finally addressing this on the national stage.

  • joe1429

    Cruz cant win… Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DanTriplett

    DJT is the strongest about understanding the Islamic threat. More than any other candidate, including Cruz. No, Trump doesn’t understand the problem totally yet, as Spencer, Geller, Wood, Greenfield, and others do. But he’s a very smart man, and with just a few briefings, could understand the problem as well as any of the experts do.

    Trump is the ONLY man with the balls to call out “ISLAM” as “there is a problem there, and we need to find out what it is.”

    He doesn’t bullshit around with the “Radical” euphemisms. Nor does he say “If we can just destroy ISIS and disarm Iran, then all of our problems will be solved.”

    Pamela, that is exactly what Cruz says. If you really want Cruz to win, then tell him the truth about Islam. Tell him to just come right out and say it, “We are at war with Islam, by their choice, not ours. Muslims have already defined the opponents for us, Muslims v All. There are no ‘Good’ Muslims. Our objective need not be to exterminate Muslims, but to criminalize the Islamic ideology Worldwide. We must ally with Israel, UK, France, China, India, and Russia.”

    If you can get Ted to believe that, and SAY it, he will instantly gain the respect of the American People. That is his ONLY chance of becoming President.

    So if Ted is your man, and you’re sticking to your guns, then get busy Pamela. Time is short, and you’re his only chance of surpassing DJT.

    Another thing I like about DJT is that he’s informal and casual, speaking and thinking like the rest of us do. Sure, he uses foul language, but so do the rest of us. That just makes him a human being.

    Every time Ted talks, he sounds too formal and rehearsed, like everything coming out his mouth ought to be chiseled in a granite memorial for Eternity.

    We want a man of the people; a man who is like us. Trump is that man, notwithstanding his $10 Billion. Perhaps the $10 Billion is part of what makes him speak what he thinks, having to kiss no one’s ass for money.

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