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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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Paris art gallery closes after dramatic attendance drop following jihad murders


This is the purpose of jihad terrorism: to terrorize us, and force us to curtail our activities, and live cowering in fear until we submit to Islam altogether just to get the terror to stop. If the French government and European authorities were doing something to stop the Muslim migrant influx, which will only lead to more jihad, this closing would not have been necessary. Instead, watch for many, many more art galleries and other institutions to close.


“Terror attacks force Paris gallery closure,” by Geert De Clercq, AAP, February 14, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

The Paris Pinacotheque, one of France’s rare privately owned art galleries, is to close as visitor numbers have plunged following the November shootings in Paris.

The Pinacotheque, which has been under court receivership for three months, said that like all Paris galleries it had suffered a dramatic drop in attendance.

Opened in 2007, the Pinacotheque’s two exhibition spaces on the Place de la Madeleine in central Paris mainly ran temporary exhibits with works loaned from other galleries or private collections and had a testy relationship with the public French art gallery world.

The disastrous economic climate due to a large extent to the Nov. 13 attacks forces us to close the Madeleine sites in Paris,” the museum said in a statement on Saturday.

Last year’s show on Gustav Klimt and the Vienna Secession attracted nearly 400,000 visitors, according to the museum.

Following the November attacks in which Islamist militants killed 130 people and the January 2015 attacks on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine and a Jewish deli in which 17 people were killed, the Paris tourist industry has suffered.

Preliminary official data released late January showed gallery attendance in the Paris region had dropped 5 per cent last year. The Louvre, the world’s most visited art gallery, saw visitor numbers drop to 8.7 million from 9.3 million in 2014.

The Pinacotheque will close on Monday evening, prematurely ending an exhibition of photographs by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld which was set to run until the end of March.

The gallery said it hopes to reopen in a less expensive site in a few years, adding that part of its permanent collection – made up mainly from private collector’s loans – would be partly relocated to the Singapore Pinacotheque de Paris.

Founder Marc Restellini told Le Monde that as a private gallery the Pinacotheque struggled to compete with state-owned galleries, which do not pay rent or value-added tax on their ticket sales.

Major private art galleries such as Fondation Maeght in southeast France, Jacquemart-Andre in Paris and the recently opened Paris Louis Vuitton Foundation, are rare in France, where the state runs most top collections.

  • topposter

    It’s unfortunate. I’m sure the attacks have some effect on people deciding to stay home, including tourists, but the gallery had been in receivership for 3 months so I don’t think they can just blame the attacks.

    • Pray Hard

      My sister was grossing over a $million a year in art in the US prior to 9/11. Now, she’s struggling simply to live. Islam/Terrorism is a death knell to art. It’s irrelevant that they can’t just blame the attacks. Maybe some leftist website would suit you better.

      • joker

        Sorry I do not buy that. Her lost of business has nothing to do with pislam and most certainly not in the US. Perhaps she had a more fierce competition or was not that good in the business. It happens, it is called free market.

    • Sandi 216

      I was wondering about the same thing. Also, this isn’t the time of year for tourists.

  • Beach_Road_Mauler

    One of the main goals, if not the main goal, of the Jihadists is to change Europe’s culture to an Islamic one. Watch the gutless Euros do just that. Reminiscence of the 2004 Madrid train bombings. The Spanish surrendered the next day.

  • overboosted

    Founder Marc Restellini told Le Monde that as a private gallery the Pinacotheque struggled to compete with state-owned galleries, which do not pay rent or value-added tax on their ticket sales.

    There’s the real reason. Government cronyism. You can’t “compete” with the government.

    • ColonelNeville

      Hey O, wait until the dominant and only government crony is ISLAM, which it almost is already.

    • r2b

      That actually may be true, I”m sure trying to survive as a gallery is hard anyway, especially in Paris, especially without help of funding. See as a frequent visitor to Paris, that’s a nice part of social programs, tons of art galleries, it is really nice to have all that. Anything for public pleasure I’m ok with tax money going to. And they’ve got some of the best exhibitions in Europe. The arts, sure, welfare to tons and tons of Muslims who will never assimilate or respect the parent culture, NO.

    • G.E. Maynor

      A more plausible excuse….


    Might as well also close down France.

    The US State Department should issue a Travel Advisory warning Americans considering traveling to France – it did WRT Israel.

  • EJO

    And now there is this:

    TRUMP Warns French Mag of ‘End of Europe’ – Adds, “If I Would Have Been at Bataclan, I Would Have Fired”

    Jim Hoft Feb 14th, 2016 10:26 am

    The interview is created headlines across Europe but has been ignored by the liberal American media.

    VDare reported:

    In a recent interview with the conservative French magazine Valeurs Actuelles, the Republican frontrunner predicted mass immigration from Islamic nations would lead to the “end of Europe” [Trump gets backing on ‘end of Europe’ warning, WND,February 11, 2016].

    Trump also predicted nothing less than “real revolutions” if there was not a change in policy—presumably as native Europeans rise up against their own treasonous leaders. [EXCLUSIF. Trump :

    “La France n’est plus ce qu’elle était”, by André Bercoff, February 10, 2016]

  • EJO

    Here is something heartwarming for a change.
    Humans of Jerusalem on Thursday

    Some stories don’t need words.

    All rights reserved to Simcha Jessel and Humans of Jerusalem

    Photo of Israeli Soldier Balancing His Gun as He Soothes His Baby Is Getting A Lot of Attention

    Feb. 14, 2016 12:54pm

    By: Sharona Schwartz

    The editor of the Humans of Jerusalem Facebook page says he’s been flooded with attention and positive feedback after posting a photo he took of a religious Israeli soldier soothing his baby in a sling even as was balancing his military-issue rifle on his leg.Photo of Israeli Soldier Balancing His Gun as He Soothes His Baby Is Getting A Lot of Attention

  • joker

    The real reason is probably more a capitalist one then a political climate one, I reckon. The owner of the gallery found a so-called excuse for not to continue his business in this premises. And then in the end I hope France will economically suffer dearly for their betrayal of Europe.

    • Pray Hard

      So, it’s the gallery owner’s fault, huh?If you knew WTF you were talking about, you’d be scary. What is it with you g-damned Islamoapologists?

      • joker

        This has nothing to do with pislam but economics. Look at the building, nobody probably can afford having a space in that palace. And certainly not in Paris. And for your info I am a full stop hater of pislam.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is the beginning of economic destruction of european tourism. Not unlike Egypt, which lost a significant income source after terrorists effectively shut down the tourist industry, europe will get the same treatment. No one is going to spent money on a european vacation to visit countries with first world prices, run by third world mentalities.

    • Dravaa

      Exactly. Who would want to spend big bucks on a “vacation” in Europe now? It’s bad enough in Ohio just going to the deli for a sandwich. People want to get AWAY from rabid Muslims and their supremely entitled, perennially offended, barbarically violent ways, not go to a place where there’s more of them to breathe in. They’re like pollution – the higher the density, the more chance it’ll kill you.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        There is room for a growth industry in tourism, “muslim free” vacations. They will soon be very popular. All places like Australia and New Zealand have to do is get their islamic population under control prove it and they will make a fortune. Japan, Korea’s there are places that can and will profit on europe’s contamination by violence.

      • rhcrest

        Yes! I took my children to Niagara Falls last May and the place was crawling with muslims. I was not happy and did not expect it. I will not go back

    • rhcrest

      I was going to fly to Europe this summer and take a cruise along the Mediterranean which was supposed to stop at places like Rome etc. I decided against it. All I think of now when I think of Europe is a filthy place crawling with terrorists. No thanks. Europe is gone

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Precisely, why spend a lot of money to see the remnants of what used to be european culture, now degraded to third world status, with third world values?

  • Pray Hard

    This is the beginning of the leftist-induced dystopia. Leftists believe that the multicultural Islamic orgasm they’re forcing on us is a good thing and that, magically, nothing will change, “Mobama’s in his Heaven and all’s right with the world”. Liberals will be sitting in their ivory towers, not dirtying their hands, pretending to be conducting business on their Macbook Pro’s while sipping lattes and right wingers and Islamofauxbs will be weeping and gnashing their teeth at Burger King. What they don’t know and won’t believe is that within a couple of days of an Islamic takeover, EVERYTHING will disappear. No more music, movies, art, theater, libraries, DVD’s, CD’s, fashion. All beauty, all innovation, all freedom, all intellectual pursuit, all discovery, all churches, all synagogues, all temples, all thought, all speech, everything, gone, everything but blood.
    Death to Islam.

    • rhcrest

      It’s the destruction of Western Civilization and Culture by literally 7th century cavemen

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You know how Starbucks in the US usually have music playing. They don’t in Soddy Barbaria. A woman was arrested and dragged out of a Starbucks in Soddy Barbaria for being in public w/a man not her immediate family member or husband — the man, a co-worker, wasn’t arrested for anything.

  • I Love Museums!

    How sad. Art galleries are beautiful places. They are peaceful and full of colour and wonderful places to visit. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is beautiful and so is the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. We can’t let the Muslim terrorists win. Lets visit museums all over the world.

  • Jack

    I can understand people are driven by Fear and overcoming a strong emotion is hard. It is the French Government that must act to calm this Fear and restore life to some type of normalcy. They should also consider conceal and carry for qualified citizens ex servicemen, ex police etc. they need more people since they are stretched thin
    Lastly but most importantly they need to look at Israeli Society. We do not cease our normal activities. If we did appease terror like that with the number of incidents that take place; we’d be barricaded in our homes. There would be no with school or economy and worse of all the terrorists would believe they are winning and commit more terror

  • ladywarrior

    I’m 68 years old and I have never seen a country – or countries like the collective EU – cut their own throats before….the closest thing in history would be the German people allowing Hitler to take over…..

    And pretty soon we’re going to be seeing the same thing in America as Obama floods the country with Muslims while denying Christians coming in….these pictures and stories on this site may look foreign now….but coming to a town near us soon…

  • ToxicThistle

    Time for the real citizens to arm themselves and take out the Moslem garbage. Dust off those old guillotines and have at it.

  • Victor Redlick

    Paris’ Pinacotheque private art gallery is just another in a series of tens of thousands of European landmarks and picturesque locations that used to be nice places to have your picture taken in front of.. but pathetically aren’t anymore

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