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Pamela Geller, WND: Reagan Would Be Disgusted


I support Cruz, but every Republican should be deeply troubled by the GOP establishment’s vicious war on Trump.

Reagan would be disgusted by war on Trump
Exclusive: Pamela Geller declares, ‘The GOP is imploding’

The Republican establishment has declared war on Donald Trump. Ronald Reagan would be disgusted.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.43.47 AM

This is not about who should win the nomination. In fact, I support Ted Cruz. He best represents conservative ideals. And I was highly critical of Donald Trump’s attack on the First Amendment in the wake of the thwarted jihad mass shooting at our American Freedom Defense Initiative, or AFDI, free-speech event in Garland, Texas, last May. This was because if someone doesn’t have a fundamental understanding of the importance of the First Amendment, he is disqualified to be president.

But the RINO war on Trump is not based on that, or any principle. The war that has been declared within our own ranks against Donald Trump is repulsive in the extreme, and getting worse by the day.

The has-been rag National Review, always eager to read people out of the conservative movement, dedicated an entire issue to attacking Trump, with the cover featuring a list of the heavy hitters on the right who were lining up to bash Trump. They have no right to be heavy hitters on the right. Whether you like Trump or not, it is wonderful that our tent is so genuinely diverse intellectually that he could be the front-runner. It is to our credit.

After that, the Weekly Standard, like the good little goose steppers they are, followed with an even more vicious attack on the Republican front-runner. The Weekly Standard’s hit piece was illustrated with a photo of Trump as King Kong, as Weekly Standard Editor William Kristol tweeted smug and vapid apologies to King Kong: “Of course unfair to King Kong, who’s a noble and tragic figure.”

The Standard depicted Trump as King Kong, but it’s acting like Godzilla. Who died and made William Kristol king of the right? He is following the dictum of Walter Ulbricht, general secretary of the East German Communist Party: If the people don’t vote the way you want, “Change the people.”

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books – featured at the WND Superstore

The irony is that what the GOP establishment is accusing Trump of doing is exactly what it is doing. How imperial and autocratic of the establishment right to dictate to the people who they can and cannot support. Its contempt for the people is anathema to who we are: Ronald Reagan always stood fast and insisted that we don’t eat our own. Remember his 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican. Remember also that the Republican establishment hated Reagan, too, and tried to beat him with former President Ford, and even to accept Ford as his “co-president” once Reagan won the nomination.

Today, the establishment Republicans are once again setting off suicide bombs. How often have conservatives swallowed that jagged little pill and supported the clown that the establishment put up? I have permanent dent marks in my nostrils from holding my nose to support John McCain for president. That was painful. And so was Romney, a 20th-century candidate in a 21st-century fight. But we did it, because he was the party’s pick. But now the people are picking.

The left, not surprisingly, is loving it: The New York Times crowed, “Trump’s war on Fox News isn’t just a media spat. It’s part of a war for control against the power structure of the G.O.P. – whose appeals to cultural anxieties he has hijacked and dialed up to 11 – and thus against Fox as an extension of it. (The bizarro-world possibility of a Fox News at odds with the Republican nominee, should Mr. Trump win, would be one more weird twist in a campaign full of them.)” Trump’s war on Fox? What about Fox’s war on Trump? It’s supposed to be a news organization holding a debate. Yet its press release attacking Trump was snarky, baiting, adolescent – unworthy of what it claims to be.

Fox News and Trump’s bête noire, Megyn Kelly, have jumped the shark. The love fest Tuesday night between Kelly and Michael Moore pulled back the curtain on the RINO news network. It was jarring. My tweet referring to the “love affair” between Kelly and Moore and adding that Fox News “hates Trump more than it loves its own integrity” was retweeted hundreds of times. Megyn has Michael Moore on her show? By way of comparison, Megyn Kelly has never once had me on – even in the wake of the assassination attempt in Garland, Texas, and the Boston jihad plot to behead me for my “blasphemy.”

Moore gushed over Kelly: “You have to play ball with this network. Donald Trump today said, ‘I’m not playing ball with this network.’ That’s a historic moment! […] You’ve made this happen. You’ve caused a crisis upstairs.” He added: “God bless you, Megyn Kelly!”

Megyn Kelly is angling to be the next evening news anchor on one of the big three networks. She aspires to be the next Diane Sawyer (the new haircut is a dead giveaway).

All that was bad enough, but it came out soon afterward that Fox News plans to give an anti-Trump Muslim supremacist a platform for her hatred. Nabeela Noor has smeared Trump as a bigot and likened him to Adolf Hitler. Fox needs to feature an Islamic supremacist in a debate? Really? Why not Ibn Warraq or Robert Spencer? Why not, finally, have a true scholar on jihadic doctrine instead of a soldier for Islamic supremacism?

Bottom line: Trump was right to pull out of the debate. The GOP is imploding. If the GOP establishment and the RINOs had gone after the Democrats the way they’re going after Donald Trump, we would have been on a winning streak this past decade. They have done this for years to my colleagues and me. But when they try it with Trump, this is a target too big to ignore. The curtain has been pulled back: Average Republicans now see what the GOP establishment has been doing to them for decades.

The good news is that this controversy has exposed Fox News definitively and could bring down the clueless, corrupt and compromised Republican establishment. Conservatives and the principled right have no media outlet – none. Is there not a conservative billionaire who can buy HLN or some failing liberal news outlet and relieve our abject misery? And while I endorse Cruz, you can rest assured that if Donald Trump gets the nomination, I will support him. Because that’s what we do. That’s who we are.

The establishment Republicans piling on Trump – Roger Ailes, William Kristol, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson, Andrew McCarthy, John Podhoretz and the rest – are yesterday’s men. They will be left behind as history steamrolls over the failed, weak and corrupt Republican Party they are trying desperately to shore up.


  • pdxnag

    The Crony Capitalist Party (a.k.a. Bipartisanship Party) has no other loyalty than that they win no matter who gets elected. Foreigner-owned corporations have zero loyalty to Americans, and yet they have outsized control of Grover Norquist and the Chamber of Commerce etc etc.

    Only Trump is willing and able to say FU to them all, in favor of Americans.

    • Rob Porter

      I agree. I truly hope that for the world’s sake Americans throw the bastards out – and make clear to Fox and others that they are washed up for supporting the treacherous establishment. Megyn Kelly is simply the conceited ‘bimbo’ Trump said she is. Watching her recently snap at someone on her show after they criticized Obama – yes, Obama – spoke volumes. So what is she and where does she really stand on conservative issues. Hey, Roger, out there in Ohio, you’re right, she is shallow!

  • Rob Porter

    Pamela. fantastic! I. a foreigner, a couple of days ago wrote to a friend in Ohio. In it I said that the now idiotic leadership of the Republican Party – that Robert Spencer refers to as “the stupid party” – gives every impression of wanting Hillary Clinton as president. This is what it, with its gross stupidity, is going to do – and I see that even Michael Reagan has joined the foolish chorus of Glenn Beck and all the rest named by Pamela – unless Americans exert their spirit of independence and vote as they personally feel is the best choice.
    Unless Americans, Republicans, Democrats and others reject this now disgusting GOP’s anti-Trump campaign, Americans will get the disgusting liar and incompetent Hillary as president. Funnily enough, I think they are doing this regardless of Pamela Geller’s and my urgings. Many have had a guts full of the undemocratic Washington establishment’.
    Americans have a choice of the lesser of two evils and still Trump is by far a better choice than Clinton will ever be, so I desperately hope that for America’s and the world’s sake more and more wake up to the vindictive and visionless thinking of the now brain-dead Republican Party. Trump’s treatment of Pamela after Garland was poor and he needs some education on Islam, but he has shown signs of good character traits when not backing down one iota over his recommended ban on Muslims entering the U.S., a wall across the Mexican border and showing that he will be his own man.

  • Wayne Ville

    Once we get Trump elected we need to get term limits for Congress.

  • Wayne Ville

    In addition to term limits we need to repeal the 17th amendment.

  • SnakePlisskenNY

    Bravo, Ms. Geller!!

  • cattastrophe

    Never posted here before so would like to commend Pamela for all she does. She’s a voice of truth.

    I do however disagree totally with her support of Cruz. I have no interest in vitriol or name calling where it concerns Cruz personally because his wishy washy stances on illegals and Muslim invaders being welcomed to the US speak volumes. He’s financed by those who want more legal immigration which is just as harmful as illegals and he’s become a follower instead of a leader on these issues that will forever change America if not stopped. We can argue about whether he’s a globalist, which I believe he is. Does anyone really believe that if not for Trump any of the Republican candidates would have ever addressed the issue of illegals except to say immigration reform (political speak for amnesty). I will not support any candidate who doesn’t put America first on these issues because if not handled there will be no America to worry about the other issues. Who but Trump will send Muslims home and surveil Mosques? No one.

  • Pamela is a patriotic woman. She is also a person who prefers Ted Cruz.
    Last time I heard, that was OK here in America, still. Even after the Communist onslaught of the psycho, “Progressive” pigs.

  • Underzog

    Diversity is garbage. Trump is a blowhard and it is to the intellectual paucity of our side that he is the front runner. The fate of the nation is at stake. America may fall completely! We need someone who can save America and that is not self aggrandizer Donald Trump. His remarks vis a vis Pamela Geller smack of belligerent cowardice. A most loathsome trait in my book.

  • Underzog

    This is breaking that Ted Cruz defeated Donald Trump; et. al. in Iowa. Fox News is playing this down like the newly minted rinos they are; however, Fox News can’t igore the reality of this. I don’t want Donald Trump as our nominee!

  • ChuckTX

    So when are you apologizing to palin?

    • Wanda Phillips

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  • HappyHuntress

    I support Donald Trump for President. We the People must realize that this is not a Democrat vs. Republican election, as much as it is a Globalist vs. Nationalist election. If a wall to secure our southern border does not get built, if the 30 million illegals from both illegal border crossers and visa overstays do not get deported, if Obama’s greatly increased Muslim refugees program (300,000 this year), is not stopped, and if the TPP agreement (which is more about Corporate Global Governance) which will destroy American sovereignty, does not get revoked; America will cease to exist as we know it.
    I believe that Trump is the only candidate who is not beholden to globalist masters, who can and will rescue our country from national suicide.

    • Gordon Miller

      But doesn’t it matter to you that he has an obvious personality disorder?

      • Thats not very nice is it?

      • Patricia

        While watching a series on HC about Searching for Hitler, I’ve seen the archived footage we’ve all seen many times, where Adolph was behind the podium, delivering his speech in spectacular maniacal frenzy.

        Waving his arms, pumping his fist, shaking like a jack passing peach seeds, as Germans were mesmerized by this lunatic.

        I see some similar hand ticking/movements – sometimes it looks as if Donald is conducting an orchestra, except the music is off-key and repititious. Sounds exhilirating first few times, then it gets monotonous and you realize he has NOTHING else to add to it.

        I want to hear him REALLY debate the issues like they did in the last debate (where he was absent). They tackled the issues and each other’s answers for those issues. Not the name-calling and petty poop. IMHO it was THE best debate of the Republicans.

    • Patricia

      Sorry to say, but should DT refuse a ‘globalist **cough cough** suggestion’ he would face the same threats to his family, fortune and fame as ALL the others! Although he’s a ten+ billionaire, that would be a mere smear on the globalists serving tray.

      His “Art of the Deal” will literally be keeping his loved ones safe and secure and pledging his allegiance to the NWO, like ALL the rest of ’em.

  • Michelle

    I will be more impressed with Cruz when he publicly acknowledges islam as the main threat to the USA and the world. Until he does that Trump (whom I do not trust) is the man. No point in having an emperor’s clothes boy as candidate. He must get and SAY it..

  • Drew the Infidel

    The RNC needs to abandon its self appointed role of picking winners and losers. Their record shows they are only capable of picking losers like Dole, McCain, and Romney. What ever happened to the will of the people?

    • Patricia

      The Will of the People still has a pulse ….^. . .. . ^.. .. .

      however sporadic :)

  • Gordon Miller

    I don’t think Reagan would be disgusted by the “war” on Trump by his party. Trump certainly has shown he can dish it out. Let’s see if he can take it.
    Yes, Trump has taken some very good positions on critical issues, but I’m nervous about what he may do given the power of the presidency. He seems to have a messiah complex (read narcissistic personality disorder). That’s not good.

  • ladywarrior

    I’ve been a long time member of Pamela’s site. Wouldn’t know half the things I know because of her site about the growing threat of Muslims and the Caliphate. She is a heroic woman.

    But she is dead wrong about Raphael Edward Cruz…..

    He is a Trojan Horse aligned with many RINOs in the background. See Just a few names: Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and Reince Prebus..and that isn’t all. of them. He is no more a conservative than Rubio or Jebbie.

    He wants path to citizenship for all those millions who criminally entered our country and stayed for the handouts. He wants a 500% increase in H1-B Visas for foreign workers to take American jobs…people who are already working the jobs, are fired, and foreigners given the jobs.

    Obama is giving corporations a $12,000 tax break per foreign hire. Disney, California power plants, and Silicone Valley have wholesale fired long time workers to replace them with the Visa creeps in violation of the H1-B Visa law that says you can only use the law IF THERE ARE NO AMERICANS WHO CAN DO THE JOB….Raphael Cruz wants to step that up and bring in the hordes.

    How in the Sam Hill is that a “conservative”?! At the very least it is against America workers and the American people who are already inundated with foreigners who refuse to assimilate as it is now.

    Not to mention that Cruz could not beat Hillary with both hands tied behind her back.

    He is an academic, elitist snob. He is the Hispanic version of Obama and like Obama (First Black President) the RINOs would no more impeach a rogue Cruz as the First Hispanic President. Think about that….

    He has never owned a company and has been in the world of academia most of his life except for his time as the Solicitor General of Texas. His life parallels Obama’s in so many ways it is frightening.

    And that sleezy, creepy mailer he sent out in IOWA should be seen by everyone as the real personality and future tactics of Raphael Cruz against the American people just like Obama.

    Obama is handled by Leftists who surround him…he’s really not that smart and even had ghost writers for his books. But Raphael is a very smart and cunning man…he will make Obama look like a first grader… a very scary way…

    If Cruz somehow got to be President – and I don’t think he will because he has no crossover appeal with other voters like Trump – I would immediately take any money I had out of the banks and bury it in the back yard….

    And can anyone explain to me how someone can have two citizenships – one in America and one in Canada – and get elected to the Senate in America? We let people who pledge loyalty to two countries be Senators like Cruz?

    And, he only renounced the Canada citizenship just before deciding to run for President! What in God’s name are the Cruz voters thinking!?



    • HappyHuntress

      Agree 100%, Cruz is the insider who pretends to be the outsider. He also did not disclose his 1 million dollars in signature loans at extremely low interest which upset Cruz’s 14 million dollar backer… Wall Street hedge fund manager Robert Mercer who has ownership in Breitbart News. Cruz lied had told him that he had liquidated all of his assets.
      At 7:00 P.M. last night at the beginning of the Iowa caucus, Cruz tweeted that Carson was dropping out of the race and Carson followers were told they should vote for Cruz since Carson was leaving… Carson was pretty upset when he found out!

    • AWBenkert

      What on earth does that video have to do with the subject at hand?

      • ladywarrior

        What video? You must have gone to the wrong site. Just Google Laura Stephens and Mark Levin. The link was to an open letter from Stephens to Levin about his deception about Cruz…then she had other links from there to GOPe establishment people who Cruz is aligned with…showing he’s not the “outsider” Cruz and Levin claim he is…

  • scocope

    Even though Trump didn’t win here in Iowa (just shows you that rural Iowans are less likely to speak to pollsters than those in the cities) he was right to avoid that debate. Afterwards Kelly and Wallace were bemoaning the lack of fireworks amongst the candidates despite being asked questions designed to get them fighting each other. Those types of question were the reason why Trump did not trust Fox News and he knew that they were lying when they claimed they weren’t going to ask them.


    It’s a shame that they’re attacking each other. The top repubs need to pair up, in order to be successful. I learned a very educational point the other day, while listening to constitutional lectures on the Randy Y show, on 1360 am, Johnstown, CO – (linked below, it’s a good listen, check it out.) / The educational point was this; In previous periods of American history, they winning party candidates were forced to accept their opposition, as their vice presidents. What a concept! We should return to that, if for nothing more than to stop rampant one sided corruption. Do you think Hillary would have even ran, if she knew she might serve under someone like Cruz and Trump? Food for thought. /

  • Jason

    Love you Pamela, but to call some of those folks the “establishment” is like calling Mc Connel a trail blazer…..And just so you know…..Trump is nothing but Ford with Bombast…..He’s exactly the same kind of Chameleon they have been serving up to us for years just full of Egotism and a dash of populism. He does not give a hoot about the conservative movement or philosophy and Reagan would have fought him tooth and nail.

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