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Pamela Geller Interview: “Israel should never have recognized ‘Palestinian’ as a Nationality”


Check out my interview with the Israeli website, Israel Rising.

“Pamela Geller: Israel should never have recognized ‘Palestinian’ as a Nationality,” By Shai Atanelov  in The Conflict, Israel Rising, February 8, 2016:

We had the privilege of interviewing Pamela Geller and learning her views of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, the growing terror wave in Israel and worldwide, and how faulty policies are responsible for many of the current conflicts.

Pamela Geller’s activism on behalf of human rights has won international notice. She is President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA). She is the author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. She is the editor and chief of Atlas Shrugs. Pamela is also a regular columnist for World Net Daily, the American Thinker, and other publications.

1. What got you focused on Radical Islam? What drives you? Do you ever fear for your life?

9/11. I wanted to know who had attacked my country, and began to study and investigate. What drives me is a determination to defend freedom and individual rights, on which this country is based. I have a fatwa on my head from ISIS, but I will not stop telling the truth.

2. Why do you focus so much on exposing the threat of extremist Islam and is anyone even listening? Do organizations such as CAIR look at you as a threat?

I focus on it because it is the #1 threat to freedom today, and this threat is being obfuscated by our political and media elites. Yes, many are listening, and many are just as concerned as I am, but we are not given a voice in the mainstream media. CAIR is very threatened by what I do because I expose truths they are working to cover up.

3. What is your take on why we are seeing an increase of terrorism around the globe and in Israel?

Because of the weakness of the U.S. and the West. Obama showed the jihadis that he would not act energetically against them. They can act with impunity and he will do nothing. Ayn Rand said, “The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. Whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.”

4. Are the reasons for the terror wave in Israel the same as what happened in California and Paris? Or is the “occupation” and “protecting Al Aqsa” the real reason behind Palestinian terror?

Yes, exactly the same reason: the jihad to subjugate unbelievers under the hegemony of Islamic rule. Palestinian terror is motivated only by the Islamic idea that Islam must dominate everywhere.

5. In your opinion, why is the world so focused on Israel?

Israel has been the subject of a skillful and relentless propaganda barrage designed to demonize it in the eyes of the world.

6. Are Israeli leaders hurting Israel’s image? Should they be stronger in both voice and deed?

No matter how strong Israeli leaders are, they will still be demonized by the international media, which has become a tool of the jihad force. They should indeed be stronger, but whenever they are strong, they are vilified to such a degree that it hinders their ability to act.

7. How did the Palestinians gain control of the narrative in the Middle East? Why are they seen as the underdog?

They co-opted the left’s narrative of “resistance” to “oppression” and won over the left to their side. The whole idea of the “Palestinian” people was created in order to give the impression of a tiny Muslim population facing a massive Israeli force, and to co-opt the idea that Israel was the underdog against massive neighboring Arab Muslim states.

8. What can Israel do to regain the narrative?

Israel should never have recognized “Palestinian” as a nationality, and should continue to point out that this is a people with no history, manufactured for propaganda purposes. “Palestinian” is a marketing term for Jew hatred.

9. I believe left wing students on college campuses, if explained the facts behind what is going on, would swing to supporting Israel. Do we have to do a better job? Or are there other factors driving their decision to back what amounts to be a glorified terrorist entity?

Yes, but the main problem is that the campuses are dominated by left-wing propaganda. The playing field is not even. Some groups are doing a good job but it is hard for them to get a fair hearing, equal access, etc. And Muslim students are increasingly physically menacing on campuses.

10. What do you suggest Israel do to prevent future terror attacks? Some have proposed deporting terrorist family members. Your thoughts?

Stand strong. Make no concessions. “Land-for-peace” initiatives will never bring peace. Deporting the family members may have some limited value, but Israel really should confront the jihad terror ideology. Islamic Jew-hatred is the root cause of the war against the Jews.

11. Do you believe a 2-state solution is feasible? What are the world powers trying to achieve by pushing for a 2-state solution considering the fact that it is not in the best interest of Israel nor the Palestinians?

No, a Palestinian State would only be used as a jihad base to launch more jihad attacks against Israelis. World powers push for it because they ignore Palestinian media’s frequent genocidal statements, and pretend that this will solve the problem. In fact it will only weaken Israel and strengthen the jihad.

12. Feel free to add any other comments or topics that you feel our audience would benefit from, including how they can help you and the work you are doing.

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    Palestinians should never have been recognized as anything but the dregs of islamic gutters that they are. They are professional international violent bigoted beggars with a death wish, for themselves and everyone else.

    • Fred

      Darn right!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Anytime they want to join the human race, they can. It will involve behaving like humans.

        • wilypagan

          I met a Canadian who was born in “Palestine”, a Christian Arab. He was a successful professional in Canada and very nice. I think it is a matter of corrupt Arab leadership and too many Muslims in the Holy Land (and everywhere for that matter). It is sad because the good modern Arabs are held back because of the PLO and Hamas reprobates.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            If he is a Christian, than he is possibly a decent individual, it is the muslims that support hamas the destruction of Israel and murder of all Jews, as per instructions in the qur’an that are the issue. But, I think, palestinians, until proven human, must be viewed with considerable skepticism.

          • Jim Fox

            Enjoy your perceptive posts, Mahou.
            One small thing- the use of “Qur’an” implies a degree of respect for the Arab misuse of English and the vile book itself, IMO.
            My preference is koran, islam, muhammad [not ‘prophet’], etc.
            thereby refuting any suspicion of respect for this sickening ideology.
            Best wishes and keep on beating islam down!


            I say “F” the prophet of Satan who Muslims call Moooohammed.

          • Benton Marder

            Well, there is the very old-fashioned rendering, ‘Mahound’.

          • Ichabod Crain

            I prefer the more formal title that shows the respect he deserves…

            The Prophet Muhammad (May he be eternally sodomized by goats).

          • NoMoreIslam

            His never been a profit. We should refer to it as Deficit

          • Jim Fox

            ‘Pigs be upon him’ is corny but so appropriate!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There are several people on this forum who do the same as we do, use lower case letters to indicate lack of respect. The only time I use upper case letters in reference to islam (piss be upon it) is if it is the first word in a sentence. Like muhammad, the profit, (police beat upon him) etc. Thanks for contributing to this forum, it gets better all the time.

          • NoMoreIslam

            Very Good Point

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Respect is earned, not demanded.

          • Duchess of Pork

            Yes. To be added to every Welcome banner held up at train stations by young German frauleins.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            “Islam go home” would be another.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Claw hammers and dull knifes would make a better display, with paper mache testecles dangling from them, as a warning.

        • NoMoreIslam

          Never going to happen. Human crap will always remain as such

          • Mahou Shoujo

            True, there has to be an internal desire for change, palestinians only desire the death of Jews, they can do nothing for as long as they are focused that way.

  • ruthy k

    Very nice Pamela. TY! The truth is the truth is the truth! (rep intended)

  • cliffleaper

    Ms. Geller,
    Thank you for stating exactly my thoughts, especially regarding a “palestine”, which I cannot even capitalise. It’s caused much debate and faltering throughout the UN and the west.
    Leftists are not known for depth of ideas or ideals, so are easy prey to the murderous Islamists.
    Again, thank you for your tireless work toward enlightenment in this age of smothering darkness. Be safe!

    • NoMoreIslam

      I love this girl. My wife is jelous.

      • cliffleaper

        Cute :-)
        I’m also female and although I respect and admire Ms. Geller, hugely, it’s uhhh not like that! LOL
        She’s tireless, uncompromising, a beacon in the dark. I’m very glad I found her blog here.


    . Argentine president exposes Obama treason. “He tried to persuade us to to give Iran nuclear fuel.”

  • Fred

    It’s real simple everyone. Ms Geller speaks the truth. Those who hate her are leftist criminal savages and are a poison to the human race.

  • Ron Cole

    In Truth palistine is a garbage dump for the unwanted and undesirable.
    None of the arabs want them, and seek to dump them on other nations.

  • itchy

    The world today panders to the drum of indigenous peoples rights to be recognized as traditional owners. Israel was forced of its lands so it has a right to the land not the nomadic garbage not even the arabs want. It is the UN that stirs up all the trouble with there muslim dominated agenda’s. That’s really our enemy and there lap dancing world leaders who follow them. People must start denouncing these kiss ass poli ticks and get people in now to oppose anything that dilutes our countries sovereignty. If a protest against muslim carnage and crimes had the same vigor or intensity as protests against the Berlin wall and the war in Vietnam that would be great. Well it may happen one day when people pull there head out of there ass. But then it will be too late… For the world leaders to drop to there knees the UN must have some very dirty evidence and crime against them because it does not make sense.

    • joker

      Your name makes me itchy, I do not know why?

      • itchy

        come from scratching and pulling out my hair trying to enlighten these B grade people with no spine.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Q: What is the capital of Palestine?
    A: About $35.


      Alex, I’ll take World Capitals for $1000

      A: HELL
      Q: What is the capital of Pal-e-SWINE?

      • NoMoreIslam

        In negative. Too many zeros. Not worth much

  • Aaron

    Tremendous article/interview Pamela. Thanks for sharing it.

  • wildjew

    #9. “I believe left wing students on college campuses, if explained the facts behind what is going on, would swing to supporting Israel. Do we have to do a better job?”

    I believe the root cause of leftist (and some rightist) hatred of Israel, along with the world powers pushing for a 2-state solution is rooted in old-fashioned, historic anti-Semitism. Barack Obama does not know a ‘Palestinian’ State would be used as a jihad base to launch more jihad attacks against Israelis? Yes he knows. Re-gaining the narrative will not alleviate it. Jew-hatred (the kind Obama harbors) is impervious to fact or truth.

  • Marc Goldstone

    So called Palestinians and Jihadists share one thing in common, they are motivated by the teachings of Islam which incite hatred and violence with the goal of enslaving everyone with their medieval 7’th century social structure. Islam is the root cause of all the killing and hatred and the only possible solutions are:
    1) For all free peoples and western society to ignore the problem and ultimately die.
    2) Correct the Quran and other “holy books” and eradicate those who refuse to submit to living like a civilized person.

  • “Israel should never have recognized ‘Palestinian’ as a Nationality”

    When did this happen? Has Israel ever formally recognized ‘Palestinian’ as a legitimate nationality or ethnicity? I think Geller misspoke saying that Israel ever recognized ‘Palestinian’ as a nationality, because that would be recognition of something like Palestinian state, either now or in the future.

    But I’m pretty sure that Israel has never recognized anything like a Palestinian ethnicity either. Recall that in the early days of Zionism before Israel existed as a state, Jews were the only ‘Palestinians’ and the call of Zionism was a call to return to Palestine.

    • mjazzguitar

      I’d say when they recognized the Palestinian Liberation Organization as the leaders of the “palestinians”.
      “Palestinians” used to refer to whoever lived in the Mandate for Palestine- Jews, muslims, Druze, whoever. In fact the Jerusalem Post was at first called the Palestine Post.

  • I’myourhuckleberry


  • NoMoreIslam

    There never were Pale-shit-stinking-inians cancel the name

  • Benton Marder

    Pamela, I am more of the mind that Israel will have to deport all the Muslims if she is to survive. Otherwise, she will be ‘nickel and dimed’ to death in the long ru n. The problem is that none of the neighbouring Muslim countries want any part of them because of the inherent turmoil they would bring with them. Hence my tongue-in-cheek suggestion that they be transported to Siberia, to the homeland Stalin created for the Jews. Back after the 1967 war, Rabbi Meir Kahane repeatedly warned Israel that she could not keep Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Muslim population. She would have to deport the Muslims if she were to keep Eretz Israel, Israel failed or refused to grasp this. She now lives with the consequences.

  • Robert Bayer

    All are excellent points by Ms. Geller. I would only add that the Islamic militants such as ISIS are not progressing because of weakness by Obama but rather by the outright support of Obama, albeit hidden support. Hundreds of millions of weapons … 500 million dollars to over a billion dollars worth .. did NOT JUST GO to like 60 Jihadists as was reported earlier. Full WH control of all air strikes is another clue that the support of ISIS, the Taliban, and the Muslim Brotherhood is not just weakness and stupidity but rather intentional treason.
    Look at the terrorists who have been released from Guantanamo.
    Look at the terrorists that were traded for Bergdahl.
    Look at the “deal” Iran go to go nuclear in weaponry.
    Look at the 1.7 billion dollars allocated for bringing Islamicists into America, whose ideas are at total odds with democracy and human rights and the US Constitution.
    There are far more acts of treason than these.
    Saying directly that Obama has been committing treason with criminal intent deliberately in numerous horrendous ways puts one on dangerous ground with the MSM, who live in Obama’s rear end 24 / 7 .. but it is the truth.
    I will be donating.

  • joe1429

    Go PAM!!! GO TRUMP!!! LANDSLIDE IN NH!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!

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