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[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

Media ignores that Florida cop killer is a Muslim, emphasizes that he’s a former Marine

[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

Officials from largest US Islamic charity promote anti-Semitism on social media

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Barbie BOMB: ISIS Plot To Blow Up Aussie Plane With Barbie Doll Foiled

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Barcelona jihadi Younes Abouyaaqoub ‘shot dead’ by Spanish cops while wearing suicide vest after killing...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Report: Bannon Urged Trump to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem — Was Blocked by Jewicidal...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

MGM Resorts International will match employees’ donations to “civil rights groups,” including Hamas-CAIR, SPLC, and...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Robert Spencer: UK Gets Tough On Terror

[ August 21, 2017 ]

KIndergarten children “radicalized” in Belgium



The NYPD is a favorite target for devout Muslims engaging in jihad. As big as this story is, don’t expect the enemedia to report it. One resident said, “We felt like we were in Baghdad.” Uh, you are.

“When officers show up, they’re in the middle of a combat situation.”

This sounds like the Muslim who shot a Philly cop thirteen times a couple of weeks ago.

“2 cops hurt after shootout with alleged Brooklyn radical,” By Shawn Cohen, Larry Celona and Jamie Schram, NY Post, February 20, 2016 |

The career criminal whose drawn gun sparked a wild shootout in which two Brooklyn police officers were wounded in Bedford-Stuyvesant early Saturday is a cop-hating, self-radicalized Muslim who is associated with other suspected extremists, police sources told The Post.

Jamal Funes, whose rap sheet stretches 17 years across three states, is “associated with people the Joint Terrorism Task Force are looking at,” one source said.

Meanwhile, officials said the two cops may have been victims of friendly fire.

“It’s quite possible both officers were struck by bullets from other officers, and possibly deflected bullets,” said Deputy Commissioner Stephen Davis.

Police hope ballistics tests will show whose shots hit the cops. Seven officers fired a total of 54 bullets, one source said.


Officer William Reddin was hit in the hip, possibly by bullet fragments.

His partner, Andrew Yurkiw, was struck by a bullet that deflected off of a car, hit him in the chest and was stopped by his bulletproof vest, sources said.

Reddin needed surgery, and remained in stable condition at Kings County Hospital on Saturday night.

Funes, 34, was shot “numerous” times and was in Brookdale Hospital in critical condition, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said.

The incident began when Funes stopped his car at a traffic light on Malcolm X Boulevard and Quincy Street, police sources said.

An MTA worker in his transit uniform was in his own car waiting at the same light, when, looking over, he saw Funes allegedly pointing a silver gun at him, the sources said. The rattled MTA staffer sped off.

Police believe Funes mistook the MTA worker for a police officer, according to the sources.

At the same time, two housing police officers heard a gunshot and ran to investigate, the sources said.

Funes next allegedly leveled his weapon but didn’t fire, the sources said. Instead, he drove off, and the housing cops jumped in their car to chase him. They also called for backup.

Reddin and Yurkiw, part of an 81st Precinct plainclothes anti-crime unit, joined in the chase.

They followed Funes as he zoomed the wrong way down Lexington Avenue and slammed into a patrol car.

Investigators at the scene in Bedford-Stuyvesant.Photo: Seth Gottfried

Surrounded in his car, Funes faced off against eight cops at Lexington and Malcolm X Boulevard.

Bullets flew both ways, with two hitting Reddin and Yurkiw, who had both gotten out of their car.

“When officers show up, they’re in the middle of a combat situation and have to make split-second decisions whether to shoot,” said a source, who called the incident “a moving, running gun battle.”

Funes stayed inside his car throughout the shootout.

One resident said, “We felt like we were in Baghdad.”

Cops recovered a .357-caliber handgun and five shell casings from the front seat of Funes’ car, Bratton said.

Reddin and Yurkiw were “alert and talkative” in the hospital, said Mayor de Blasio.

“It was so good to see them in such good shape despite everything they’d been through,” the mayor added.

  • Fred

    May the officers make a complete and full recovery. Thank you for your service.

    These guys are our heroes.

    • Rob Porter

      What a pity Funes didn’t just die at the scene of the shooting!

      • Fred

        Could not have said better myself Rob!

        • Rob Porter

          It’s horrible to think that taxpayers might end up paying for his incarceration.

          • Fred

            If ANY law enforcement officer touches this guy they risk their freedom / pension. The best thing that can happen here is this savage becomes the next Larry Davis in prison.

          • J Ian

            strip him of US citizenship. Drop him out of plane over his Islamic Paradise. with a BLT sandwich, of course

          • Rob Porter

            Note how completely useless, unproductive, moronic oxygen thieves gravitate to this useless ideology.

          • J Ian

            Oxygen thieves……… LOL……….

          • The origional roger

            I think they might have some kind of issue over one or more of those, maybe the lettuce.

          • ThisAmerican

            AND his medical bills!!!!! I say let the bastard DIE!!!!!!

          • joe1429

            Anyone who shoots at a cop should automatically get the federal death penalty!! Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            What if that cop is a muslum cop? What if that cop is a muslum cop in Dearbornistan, Michigan?

          • Rob Porter

            Agree. I’m so sick of their murders, cruelty and hatred. They’re diseased.

          • Blogengeezer

            If facts were reported, the tax payers have subsidized his entire existence cradle to grave. The Great Society, War on Poverty knows no limits, as it Progressively advances the cause.

          • Rob Porter

            Interesting observation and no doubt true, yet what a waste of time and money. It just shows that being given things with no personal input is a waste of effort.

          • Blogengeezer

            We just had a local incident, where a drunk female swerved and scraped a guard rail on city interstate. The 18 month old infant in the back seat was launched from the SUV, and left on the highway still strapped into the car seat.

            The vehicle stopped briefly, a man ran from the scene, as a retired police officer gave chase on the then fleeing SUV, as several other drivers ran to recover the infant.

            Located at residence by plate number ….she tested substantially over legal limit. The woman had a lifetime of felonies and warrants as did her feral relationship male companion, also tracked down.

            Section Eight, EBT, WIC and all other available welfare, including Medicaid coverage is common [per friend in PD] Infant was taken to ER and superficial injuries were treated.

            The severely damaged SUV was a late model Escalade Cadillac… ……..Registered to Her… a native American.

          • Rob Porter

            Thanks for this. What a commentary on a total lack of a sense of responsibility – and the stupidity of liberal bleeding heart for not recognizing the wisdom of instilling in these bright spark loafers the importance of looking after themselves and working to achieve.

      • farflung

        No , let him live and be paralyzed and sit in his own feces and live like the worm he is. The Ft Hood shooter is also paralyzed and from the waist down sitting in own waste.

        • Rob Porter

          I thought he was sentenced to death.

          • farflung

            He was, don’t know why I thought he got life, but as long as we have Hussein, the Muslim in the oval office he will not be executed.

          • Rob Porter

            If Obama had his way this scumbag would be released.

          • Pray Hard

            He was.

          • Rob Porter

            Pray hard that very soon he will be sent off to hell to his 72 toothless old hags.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Major Hassan, the Ft. Hood shooter was released?

      • lato_sensu

        the ambulance was call to soon? – the ambulance driver drove to fast?

        • Rob Porter


          • lato_sensu

            you sir are smarter than ‘fred’. fred being boxed

    • lato_sensu

      These guys are our heroes — bull – they just earned their pay that day–

      • Fred

        Says the criminal.

        Or perhaps you were turned down by law enforcement because you failed to meet standards?????????????

        • lato_sensu

          on a US flagged merchant vessel “I” am the law– I ordered a NYC copper off the vessel for his attempt to commit an unlawful act. hit the gangway “Fred” –
          “I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person”

          • Fred

            Assuming you’re even telling the truth, looks like standards were lowered for you to even be in that position. I’d love to know what the “unlawful” act was. What charge did you fabricate.

            Let’s see you cut it in the south Bronx or Bed Stuy.

            YOU give me an order. I don’t think so. That will happen when the Cubs win the world series. GO to hell.

          • Fred

            Take your meds today?

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          How many muslums are in US law enforcement who have met your “standards”?

  • Jim Mcreynolds

    Good chance this criminal was converted to Islam while spending time in our Muslim invaded prisons….

    • Owen_Morgan

      The same thing is happening in Britain, Australia, Canada, France, South Africa, the Netherlands…

      I wonder why one “religion” enthusiastically recruits criminals in prison and turns them out as even worse criminals, when every genuine religion tries to turn prisoners away from crime (google “Robert Reid”, who had no discernible religious sentiments, before his prison time, but then decided that his new “faith” entitled him to kill hundreds).

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Was Robert Reid one of the Beltway Snipers?

        • 40,000 Converts to Islam Per Year in Federal Prisons
          w w wDOTyoutubeDOTcom/watch?v=KHblGP6iKXs

          • Pancake3

            Hmmmmm. How many 747 loads is that?

          • The origional roger

            About a hundred, but I think under the circumstances we could cram them in at around 600 per plane = 67 aircraft.

          • Pancake3

            All rented and fuel paid for by the American taxpayers. Then, when the muslim creeps get here they are given green cards in the name they wish to use, airfare anywhere in the country they want to go, welfare, AFDC, rent subsidies, cash disbursements and other freebies. We should have it so good, eh?

          • Pray Hard

            C31 loads … big back door … tilt the plane up at 25,000 feet … open big back door …

          • Pancake3

            Suppose there is a fleet of such aircraft available in the civilian market? Still have to fly them over there and pick up the flying carpet types, regardless whether we bring them back or not.

          • sodacrackers2

            This is precisely why Islam needs to be recognized for what it is: a brutal political system.

          • Steve

            It’s mostly all black lies mutter and they use islam as the going
            way to trash the United States and kill its people. They are suckers for the cult. They’ve just taken their instincts to kill and combine them with islam’s instincts to kill.

        • Pancake3

          He was the guy who tried to light his shoe and blow up a Detroit-bound airliner from England. Think he is known generally as ‘the underwear bomber.’

          • Owen_Morgan

            The “underwear bomber” is Nigerian. He attended a British university, not a prison. When it comes to indoctrination, or to learning, for that matter, I’m not sure that there is very much difference, these days.

          • Pancake3

            Guess maybe I mis-wrote, as politicians are wont to say. I meant the ‘shoe bomber.’

          • Steve

            He was probably trying to commit suicide because he was going to detroit .

        • Owen_Morgan

          No, he was the “Shoe-bomber”. He is from Yorkshire, has the brain of an aphid and spent time in prison for something a lot less than mass-murder. On his release, he was a devout muslim and tried to blow up an America-bound airliner. He’s built like an elephant, apparently, but, thankfully, his neighbours on the plane were able to disarm him, nevertheless.

          He’s a classic case of someone recruited by islam, while in prison, to commit worse offences after release, always with the assurance that the worse those subsequent crimes are, the greater his reward will be in heaven.

        • Michael Copeland

          Richard Reid, shoe bomber, sentenced to whole life term without parole.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Thanks. I think Mohammad Malvo was one of the Beltway Snipers, but I thought Reid was the other one.

          • Steve

            We ought to be putting these m************ on some island where they can exist with themselves and see how they like it.

          • Pancake3

            Seems like Australia was originally a British penal colony. Good idea; if it was good enough for the British 200 years ago, it ought to be good enough for us, since we imprison a bigger proportion of our citizens than any other country in the world.

          • Owen_Morgan

            When freed from imprisonment, if they survived the journey to Botany Bay and captivity, those transported to Australia had the opportunity to grow wealthy, in a way unimaginable to their law-abiding siblings and neighbours, back home.

            The English judicial system, despite being probably the best in the world at the time, was a lottery, all the same. Some people were hanged. Others, despite being sentenced to be hanged, found their sentences commuted to transportation. That wasn’t necessarily a life-saver, since the voyage to Australia could be lethal in itself. Still, it was a better bet than doing the high-jump at Tyburn. Some, likewise sentenced to be hanged, were simply let go, presumably in tacit acknowledgement that the default sentences (death, or transportation) were ridiculously cruel, for minor crimes

          • Pray Hard

            John Allen Muhammed & Lee Boyd Malvo.
            Ever heard of this new thing called “Google”?

        • Pray Hard

          John Allen Muhammed & Lee Boyd Malvo.

          There’s this new fangled thing called “Google”?

      • knight

        Why! rape of females all ages, free welfare, more than one female partner, and as they recruit in Asia, Indonesia offer white females.

        I am tired for the elections to be over. Time for people to dust of the dirt on the armed American people and drive Muslims out of countries.

        Must make all males first of ramp.

      • Pray Hard

        You already know why.

    • Steve

      Plenty of time to kill makes black lives matter boys islamist terrorist savages. We ought to be putting them on chain gangs.

    • J Ian

      they are all converts. And all of them misinterpret islam. wow! so confused

    • jo

      Hi Jim Mcreynolds,

      94% Terrorists in USA are non Muslims

      Once again, a gunman has killed people for political reasons. Once again, he is described in the mainstream media using words and phrases such as: deranged, mentally disturbed, homicidal, gunman, shooter, criminal, murderer, and lone wolf. He may have been all of that, but one key descriptive word is conspicuously missing from most of the commentary: terrorist. Killing people who don’t believe what you believe in order to further your political aims is, indeed, one of the definitions of terrorism.

      BUSTED! San Bernadino shooters were three white men dressed in military attire

      Huge wave of false flags to follow Paris, San Bernadino

      White Man’s Alleged Bomb Plot

      Right-wing terrorists twice as likely to kill Americans than Muslim jihadists are ‒ report

      Nearly twice as many Americans have been killed by right-wing extremists since 9/11 as have died at the hands of radical Muslims on US soil, a new report found. There have also been nearly three times as many deadly right-wing attacks as jihadist ones.

      In almost a decade-and-a-half, 48 Americans have died in the US in 19 attacks by white supremacists, so-called “sovereign citizens” and other non-Muslim extremists, while 26 have died in seven jihadist attacks on US soil during that same time period, research center New America found as it compiled a new database on deadly attacks in the US since 9/11.

      White Americans Are The Biggest Terror Threat In The United States

      Almost twice as many people have died in attacks by right-wing groups in America than have died in attacks by Muslim extremists.

      White Americans are the biggest terror threat in the United States, according to a study by the New America Foundation. The Washington-based research organization did a review of “terror” attacks on US soil since Sept. 11, 2001 and found that most of them were carried out by radical anti-government groups or white supremacists.

      total of 254 fatalities, according to a study by Arie Perliger, a professor at the United States Military Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center.

      Homegrown Extremists Tied to Deadlier Toll Than Jihadists in U.S. Since 9/11

      Homegrown Terrorism

      In the United States since Sept. 11, terrorist attacks by antigovernment, racist and other nonjihadist extremists have killed nearly twice as many people as those by Islamic jihadists.

      Since Sept. 11, 2001, nearly twice as many people have been killed by white supremacists, antigovernment fanatics and other non-Muslim extremists than by radical Muslims: 48 have been killed by extremists who are not Muslim, including the recent mass killing in Charleston, S.C., compared with 26 by self-proclaimed jihadists, according to a count by New America, a Washington research center.

      “Law enforcement agencies around the country have told us the threat from Muslim extremists is not as great as the threat from right-wing extremists,” said Dr. Kurzman, whose study is to be published by the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security and the Police Executive Research Forum.

      NY Times: Right-Wing Terrorists kill more people in US than Muslim extremists.

      Non-Muslims Carried Out More than 90% of All Terrorist Attacks in America

      Here are 8 Christian Terrorist Organizations That Equal ISIS

      6 modern-day Christian terrorist groups our media conveniently ignores

      Covering April 2009 to February 2015, the report (titled “The Age of the Wolf”) found that during that period, “more people have been killed in America by non-Islamic domestic terrorists than jihadists.”

      Christian terrorism is a bigger threat to U.S. freedom than Islamic extremism

      Friday afternoon, at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a gunman walked into the medical facility and opened fire. At least 11 people are injured, including reports of a police officer responding to the call being killed.

      Americans are twice as willing to distance Christian extremists from their religion as Muslims

  • Spinner

    another low intelligent animal criminal following false prophet because he was promised 72 virgins.

    Great video why Islam under cover of false religion rapist warlord = Nazism = Totalitarianism
    Nazism has returned to Germany and it is call Islam under disguise of religion. Islam had no miracles just hateful rapist warlord like HITLER who said God talked to him and ONLY him usually to tell him it was good to rape woman child. It is NEVER RACIST to HATE BAD OR EVIL behavior. If people say they have Muslims friends so it must be peaceful remind them Nazis were only small percentage of Germany but they caused 50 millions deaths. To silence criticism or hide it in media and by politicians is to do what Nazis did. Women, children will suffer the most. Just saying no more mosque or no more sharia does not mean much – you have to explain to most people WHY

    Islam = Nazism = Totalitarianism is a political system where the state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible.[1] Totalitarian regimes stay in political power through an all-encompassing propaganda campaign, which is disseminated through the state-controlled mass media, a single party that is often marked by political repression, personality cultism, control over the economy, regulation and restriction of speech, mass surveillance, and widespread use of terror.

    Who is the MOST RACIST INTOLERANT VIOLENT people in world????? When their population gets big enough their koran demands intolerance death rapes of nonbelievers. It only takes powerhungry imam to FLIP SWITCH on followers.
    intolerant Muslims murdered 2.4 million Hindus and raped 200,000

    Over 500 million deaths from islam. Only peace to other Muslim men

    Real Story of Mohammed the crazy rapist pedophile warlord.

    Women talk TRUTH oppression violence islam on nonbelievers

    Proof Islam is VIOLENT ideology on women, children, unbelievers

    Woman raised as Muslim tells TRUTH about violent Islam. MErkel, liberalss betrayed own people!

    Violent Video of Afghan Mob Ripping Apart Woman Falsely Accused of Burning Koran

    Muslim imam that islam is to rule world – convert, pay jizya tax or die – all in koran taught in mosques. ISIS = Islam

    How muslim man beat his wife – hitting that does not make her ugly.

    Lebanon invaded raped by Muslims

    Muslims have 14 million blacks slaves now

    Growing migrant crime in Berlin

    How 10 year old girl was beaten raped by her husband under sharia. Please share.

    Even Hamas leader son says islam is hateful and you can interpret it any way to fit your agenda. Search youtube exmuslim

    How great leader Jefferson found out Islam is NOT religion of peace and sent in marines. Notice how Obama told half truths by his Muslim cabinet advisors – that Jefferson had Koran so Koran must be good. But real truth is Jefferson had Koran to learn how evil it was because they were being attacked

    How women treated under Sharia law in Dubai with Aussie Alicia Gali story – rape victim jailed for sex outside marriage

    italy has been attacked by muslims so much they have learned and does not recognize islam as religion and here is why

    Egypt Muslims riots against any Christian churches

    Pakistani rapes Christian Woman and force marriage

    Nigeria Muslims hack burn pastor family

    Filipino Christians defend against Muslim savages

    Anni Cyrus was raised as muslim and explains how it is NOT religion of peace and ISIS is Islam
    REAL LIFE oppression of women, beaten by husband for ANY REASON, molested if not covered. Its long so can fast forward
    Great Muslim poet criticizes Islam – totalitarian system the religion dictates everything. Islam “produces no thinking, no art, no science, no vision that could change the world. The Arabs will continue to exist, but they will not make the world better.”

  • pdxnag

    Does this all mean he found God?

  • Trevor Fortune

    54 shots and the slime ball is still breathing? Time to give the cops SX hollow point ammo, preferably lubricated with pig fat.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      More time at the gun range, for the officers, too much ammunition wasted on on gutter vermin.

      • drummie

        54 rounds could have been expended in mere seconds considering 7 officers firing. That works out to 7.8 shots per officer, and that can be in a very few seconds.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Accuracy counts in shooting. When dealing wit homicidal maniacs, it takes whatever is required, with practice the cops can get it down to a couple of shots.

          • Pray Hard

            Most people don’t understand practice these days, they think that skill somehow magically shows up by watching TV or getting a tattoo. Cops should shoot thousands of rounds per month on moving targets under stressful conditions. They should be required to study Book of Five Rings and take some sort of martial arts to get their minds right and reduce their fear.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Yes, the “Book of five rings” should be mandatory reading for everyone in school, with an exam as well. It is a bit harsh, it it works

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        You both might regret your support of law enforcement as it becomes increasingly infiltrated and subverted by muslums — as it has in Dearbornistan, Michigan.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          What would you suggest as an alternative? Personally I am a decent shot with pistols, rifles and shot guns, for a girl, also have some quaint antique Japanese family heirloom throwing knives, which I keep on my night table… to do my nails with.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            All I can say, is that the Italian, German and French police collaborated w/the Nazis in rounding up Jews for the death camps and the Dearbornistan police department is collaborating w/muslums (if they aren’t muslums themselves) in much the same way.
            I seem to remember Eric Brazau being imprisoned by Canadian authorities for publicly protesting the vile nature of islam as well:

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Muslims are good at hiding behind human rights and discrimination laws. Why their victims don’t use the same laws in defence is rather strange.

          • Pray Hard

            Only the “oppressed” get to use those laws. The “oppressors” get laughed out of court.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Time to get rid of the “legal industry” replace it with a decent non prejudicial system of laws treating everyone equally, no shari’a apartheid, to clarify and doubt as to what it should look like.

    • John Gould

      AMEN ! Thank you.

    • drummie

      Unless you have been involved in such a shootout, don’t put the officers down for bad marksmanship. Adrenalin pushes you hard and there isn’t much carefully aim, breath and squeeze when you are fighting up close for life itself. It certainly isn’t like the cowboy movies where the hero shoots the pistol out of the bad guys hand at 50 yards as calmly as he would talk to grandma. Handguns are not the easiest thing to be accurate with while under fire yourself. Most officers will go through an entire 30 ye career and never fire a shot except on the range or get shot at. It is getting worse and LE is under attack so give them a break, it isn’t that easy.

      • Trevor Fortune

        I’m ex military as it happens, a qualified marksman as well and have used just about every type of weapon from hand guns to machine guns but marksmanship was not the point I was making. The scum was obviously hit by multiple rounds to put him in a “critical condition.” What I’m saying is the ammunition they are using is just not doing its job. Super explosive rounds and let the slimebag bleed out and while he taking his last breaths dreaming of his virgins to come let him know he is now full of pig grease and going straight to hell where he belongs.

      • Pray Hard

        Regardless, they should practice hard, thousands of rounds per month at moving targets, until it DOES become “that easy”. Why? In today’s world, the moment they put on that uniform, they are a target of every murderous vermin on the planet. It’s also the reason they should be required to take martial arts so they can learn to control their fear, their breathing, their nerves, etc., so they can be more accurate under fire.
        BTW, yes, I am an expert. I taught cops karate for years.

    • SK

      I’ve shot with cops at the range. They typical are not very good shots. A lot of them only shoot once a year to qualify.

      • Pray Hard

        A cop shooting only once a year is uber stupidity. They should practice every day.

    • Steve

      It could be they wanted him to suffer?

    • Pray Hard

      12 gauge shotguns, 3 inch magnums, 00 buckshot, no misses, only destruction.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    This is on you DeBlasio, Bloomberg, Beyonce, Obama, Hillary !

    • drummie

      Don’t forget Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan. They have stoked “black Muslim”, which were the most radical and hating on earth. ISIS has taken that slot over but Farrakhan has proven many times over that the brand of Islam that he preaches is nothing but racist, police and white hating organization that is NOT religious just like the rest of Islam but is about hatred and retribution. Some day these control systems disguised as “religion” will have to be destroyed for the good of mankind.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        BS, muslum Jew hatred is spewed across the muslum world and is in no way unique to the Nation of Pi$$lam. Pi$$lam is nothing but hate, hate for polytheists (Buddhists and Hindus), hate for Christians, hate for Jews.

      • Steve

        You’re right. This islamization has been going on for quite a long time now.

        • Pray Hard

          1,400+- years.

  • I wonder when it will become “OPEN SEASON” on these POS’S??? It sure would not make me lose any sleep.

  • Owen_Morgan

    Incidentally, I think he is affecting a sort of “Genghiz Khan” look. The Mongols were not originally muslim, but those who headed west did mainly embrace islam. I can’t imagine what there was in the “Religion of Peace” that so appealed to the Mongols.

    It’s interesting to know that, in Turkey and in Iran, variants on “Genghiz” are popular boys’ names.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Dr. Oz on TV? His 1st name is Mehmet, a Turkish variation on the name Muhammad.

  • itchy

    Yes, Hope they recover fully, As for the rat….Who cares. Police are doing there job but the people above let them down by a cover up of what this incidence really is. Terrorism against Americans. No ifs buts

    • drummie

      This one was also racial terrorism and class warfare at its most obvious. Black Muslims hat whites and authority. This was warfare against authority, instigated by Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jessee Jackson and Islam itself. Farrakhan is not a man of God, he is a race baiting terrorist instigator and financier.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Well said.

  • David

    I have an suggestion! For all Muslims (free trip to an island) And first class all the way to see your Allah! Drop a nuke!!! A world without Muslims!!! You Muslims could send a post card?

  • David

    Social media monitor that!!! There are social media that can say anything they what. But how dare people disagree with social media!

  • billwhit

    Muslim and Leftist Pigs have made it a hobby of targeting Police and Military, so the tables need to be turned on them! Muslims and Leftists need to start being the targets of Patriotic groups, just pulling up and gunning them down like they want to do to our Law Enforcement! Only problem is, Patriots are Law Abiding Citizens, not lowlife criminal sewer scum like these fecal maggots all seem to be!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Eagerly await the resounding silence from the white mosque.

    • Steve

      Odumber probably will want to visit some prisons to assure the other islamists that they’re not going to have their kookrans taken away just because of one lone wolf random event.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Those who convert to islam in jail, are usually illiterate, violent and stupid. They can’t read it, only understand what some slightly less illiterate imam, screams at them, then behave violently, that is islam. Can’t do anything with them as muslims or people.

    • J Ian

      He never attended Mosque. They, (the mosque), has no idea where he got these Islamic Terrorist Beliefs! MOSQUES ARE MILITARY BASES WHERE MUSLIMS RECIEVE THEIR ORDERS TO ATTACK

      • Mahou Shoujo

        True, but the white mosque is where the legal counter attack and smoke screens emanate from.

  • Drew the Infidel

    The current “war on cops” was brought about by Obhammud making irresponsible remarks simply by shooting off his mouth about situations of which he knew little. The new rule of engagement for cops should be to shoot first and ask questions later.

  • Klang101

    Malcom x boulevard ?

    • lilyred

      Yeah, LOL

  • Judi

    This has nothing to do with islam. Move along folks!!

    • John Gould

      All Muslims real the same book. Kill the infidels. When we see the truth, it will be too late.

  • vercingetorix

    Why do these jihadist scumbags look always so damn ugly!?

    • old003

      Its called inbred genetics.

    • Pray Hard

      Because they are.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      After pounding their heads on the floor five times a day for years, they look like they fell out on an ugly tree, hitting every branch on the way down.

  • Philly is a toilet

    Russia knows how to handle the ‘Muslim Problem’

  • SK

    Malcolm X Blvd? Really?

    • Philly is a toilet

      Do you think they’d ever name a Blvd after David Duke? The names are both synonymous with racial hatred, yet Malcolm X gets a street named after him?

      • Richard

        And any time, in any city, that you find yourself on Martin Luther King Blvd you have gotten yourself into the bad part of town. Don’t even get out of your car.

  • ermom

    I pray the hero officers, doing a dangerous job, recover fully. The hypocrisy of de Blasio makes me ill. It’s a shame Funes is alive.
    Ahhhhhhhhh, the ‘religion of peace’.

  • roccolore

    Muslims and other liberals hate cops, then demand police protect their terror mosques.

    • YouPoorVictim

      “Muslims and other liberals hate cops, then demand police protect their terror mosques.”

      I’m not familiar with that research. Can you show me what study you are talking about, or is this just another product of your victim mentality?

      • roccolore

        Can you name one time BlackLivesMatter or CAIR ever defended a police officer?

        • YouPoorVictim

          BLM is a protest group about police brutality. Why would you expect them to start “defending” police officers, and for what reason?

          Can you name one time the GOP or right wing media defended a citizen who was murdered by a government official? No? That’s weird, because they market themselves as defenders of citizens from government overreach, yet when the government is murdering citizens with guns, they are silent.

          • roccolore

            BlackLivesMatter supports copkillers. One of their heroes is Joanne Chesimard, who goes by the fake African name Assata Shakur.

            I find it funny that you hate cops, then demand police protect your terror mosque.

          • YouPoorVictim

            “BlackLivesMatter supports copkillers”

            Really? So that’s on their website or something? Why didn’t you include your source? Naughty-naughty, white winger, lies will get you nowhere.

            “I find it funny that you hate cops, then demand police protect your terror mosque.”

            I hate cops? Those government employees who belong to a union? Sure about that?

          • roccolore

            Funny how you black racists also demand police protection for your anti-cop rallies as well.

          • YouPoorVictim

            Funny how you black racists also demand police protection for your anti-cop rallies as well.”

            Funny that you assume I’m black and racist. Your victim mentality is amazing.

          • roccolore

            Funny how you cop-haters keep playing the victim.

          • YouPoorVictim

            Let me know when you can provide any evidence for your claims, which are all lies. I’m guessing you’ve had problems with honesty throughout your life.

          • roccolore

            Show me one anti-cop rally that DOESN’T have police protection.

          • YouPoorVictim

            “Show me one anti-cop rally that DOESN’T have police protection.”

            Show me one “anti-cop” rally. You don’t even know what they are protesting, which is bad police, not all police. As a conservative, do you protest against all government, or just bad government?

          • roccolore

            I guess you forgot about “free Mumia”.

          • YouPoorVictim

            I guess so, since I have no idea who “Mumia” is.

          • roccolore

            Mumia Abu-Jamal, the fake African name for Wesley Cook, is a convicted copkiller who liberal made into a victim.

          • YouPoorVictim

            ” One of their heroes is Joanne Chesimard, who goes by the fake African name Assata Shakur.”

            I must have missed that, when I was living in an evidence-based reality.

          • roccolore

            Funny how you say that when liberals like you were demanding the Duke lacrosse players be jailed over a rape that never happened.

          • YouPoorVictim

            “Funny how you say that when liberals like you were demanding the Duke lacrosse players be jailed over a rape that never happened.”

            Actually, liberals wanted a trail, instead of a cover-up. The trail happened, and now we have the facts.

          • roccolore

            No, liberals wanted castration and jail without a trial. Ironically, liberals turn a blind eye to Muslim rape gangs in Europe.

          • YouPoorVictim

            “No, liberals wanted castration and jail without a trial.”

            Hmm…I don’t remember that, and it goes against common sense. Why didn’t you share your evidence for your claim?

            “Ironically, liberals turn a blind eye to Muslim rape gangs in Europe.”

            Is that why they made all those arrests and swept through entire neighborhoods?

            Shouldn’t you be arguing that those rape claims were false, like you guys do for every rape in America? Why do you care about rape in other countries, but not your own?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Liberals are blind, deaf, and stupid, if only they were mute too.

          • Ron Cole

            That can be arranged Mam.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Yes, that is going to have to be prioritized, upgraded from ” idea ” to “work in progress”.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The muslums of Dearbornistan, Michigan love their local police force — because they enforce Shar’ia law on their behalf.

  • Juan
    • Mahou Shoujo

      Good, but should have squeezed harder, the perp could still breath.

  • Wayne Ville

    New York City is a gun-free zone. The people there support this, so why is it an issue outside of New York City? They brought this upon themselves.

  • SK

    I just found this story in my local paper. Page 3 sidebar. No mention of his name or motive. Only that’s under investigation.

  • knight

    Off topic first as very important for all.

    Spread it around.

    First half talks about RFID radio frquency indentification. Last half about how it is been put into schools at a huge cost, and yearly bill. and one families fight to stop having daughter wear the RFID tag.

    Best for all to say no
    As in clip you lose privacy, even predators can track one

  • Susan Linck

    I hope to see follow up on this to see what ballistics showed. This is shocking and horryifying !

  • Rocinante44

    sadly, it is actually a good thing when this happens in democrat strongholds. i mean, it is really hard to deny blood, pain, fear, and reality forever, even for dems. maybe they’ll actually acknowledge that having muslims for neighbors cannot be tolerated

  • Buck Owens

    Malcolm X Boulevard ? WTF . Name a Blvd. after a convict that’s unreal.

  • Jeanne Ballard

    And the muslim judge in Brooklyn will dismiss the perps

  • guest123

    LOL, there is only one politician saying… DUH, its the muslims stupid!

  • GlocKittyXe

    more of ubamatollah’s encouraged jihad on american police officers

  • ruthy k

    I’m really ticked off! No other news site really mentions it or that this was a jihad attack. I’m truly pissed at the media.

  • Steve

    The pattern is becoming quite obvious black lives matter plus islamist terrorist equals modus operandi – lowlife muslim n&gg&r killers.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Blue Lives Matter

  • farflung

    One of the things that bother me in this shooting, the nut job was firing a 357 mag. A powerful handgun that will penetrate a lot of walls. He had a lot of firepower.

  • joe1429

    What a nut!

  • The origional roger

    Well, Jamal Funes, with a 17year history of crime is another faithful Muslim dutifully following the Quran, I submit that he’s been praying at the local Mosque.

  • Beagle

    This story is the first I have read on or seen about this event. Government and national media have adopted the three monkeys theory of counterterrorism. Media habitually ignores the attack, conceals the perp’s Muslim identity, defaults to the usual phony “backlash” spin, or all of the above.

    I wonder how many jihad murderers have been completely concealed from the public?

  • The only hope.for everyone.
    The Kurdistan Brothers – Muslim Converts –
    brother is born for adversity according to an old proverb and the two brothers
    in the following story illustrate the truth of that saying. When the younger one
    broke with tradition the older one wanted to break his neck. This is the true
    story of Syeed and Kocka, two brothers from Kurdistan who were adversaries until
    their minds, and hearts and lives were unshackled.

  • Blogengeezer

    Bundy’s clan face 93 years in prison….. hard time… and deserves it! That is all today’s US media cares to proclaim. The rest, such as this non-news, is smoke and mirrors.

    No wonder that a degree in journalism is one of the lowest paying professions for graduates.

    They also owe about $30,000+ in subsidized, often deferred school loans, to get the piece of TP signed by their leftist liberal ‘Progressive’ college professors..

    Of course, as ‘Progressives’ that selectively report the news they are required to cover, they demand a raised minimum wage, to support a Traditional family, buy a home in the country and two cars to fill the garage., just as the burger flipper HS dropout… and for the same skill set.

    All while dutifully ignoring the Facts of the incidents that they do report. No wonder that the agenda driven Govt demands to control the internet. It renders irrelevant, their lapdog media.

  • RandallFlagg

    Thank God for Red Necks. there are still towns in America where jihadists are put straight into the dirt

  • trill

    Did he die is he alive? Why isn’t this in the article

  • John Burns

    Attn Patriots : Conceal carry and grow eyes out the back of your head…. …. Obama Built This !!!’

  • Greg Rickard

    This is why we need Trump.

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