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New ISIS ‘HELP DESK’ to Aid Muslims Hiding from Western Authorities


With Obama as President, the Islamic State has taken our technology and ran circles around us.

The San Bernardino jihadis employed the tactics recommended by the Islamic State, and the FBI cannot crack their phones. Obama’s priority is dismantling counter-terror programs and scrubbing jihad ties and jihad activity from the records of Muslim terrorists.

“New ISIS ‘help desk’ to aid hiding from authorities,” By Cory Bennett, The Hill, February 10, 2016:

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has opened up a new technical “help desk” that aims to help terrorists hide from Western authorities, according to researchers.

The Electronic Horizon Foundation (EHF) was launched on Jan. 30 as a joint effort of several of the top ISIS cybersecurity experts, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) said in a new report.

While researchers have previously uncovered an ISIS “help desk” and 34-page manual that help extremists encrypt their communications, MEMRI said the EHF takes these services to an “alarming” new level.

“Jihadis have long sought technical information, which has been confined in the past to various password-protected jihadi forums,” said the MEMRI report, shared exclusively with The Hill. “However, the freedom and ease by which they can now obtain that information is alarming, especially when such information is shared over private and secure channels.”

The EHF operates on the encrypted messaging platform Telegram but also maintains a Twitter account that disseminates information and directs followers to its secure Telegram channel.

The group’s self-stated goal is clear: “Spreading security and technical awareness among the monotheists.”

According to an announcement celebrating the EHF launch, ISIS has spent a year establishing the group with the goal of “unifying the technical and security efforts, and uniting the ranks of the mujahideen’s supporters.”

It brings together several technical support entities, such as the Information Security channel on Telegram and the “Islamic State Technician,” an ISIS security specialist thought to be behind a leading password-protected technical forum.

The announcement, which the MEMRI translated, was also direct that the EHF had been formed “due to the electronic war and tight surveillance imposed by the Western intelligence apparatuses over Internet users, and their tracking and following of the mujahideen and their supporters, and targeting them based on their data and information, which they share over the Internet.”

EHF pledged to provide resources to help combat this surveillance.

“It is time to face the electronic surveillance, educate the mujahideen about the dangers of the Internet, and support them with the tools, directives and security explanations to protect their electronic security, so that they don’t commit security mistakes that can lead to their bombardment and killing,” the announcement said.

As of early this week, the EHF Telegram account had over 2,200 members.

MEMRI said EHF has not posted much yet, “but it is expected to take the lead nonetheless in content posted as time goes by.”

If the group follows in the footsteps of its creators, its content will be “defensively-oriented,” such as tutorials on mobile phone security, instead of “offensively-oriented,” such as instructions on launching cyberattacks, MEMRI said.

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    Infiltrate when possible, destroy assets, including resources like people with extreme malice when opportunity presents itself. Take the fight to them, don’t wait for isis to pre-position assets to hamstring the west. The codes, from a technical standpoint, are virtually unbreakable, sort of like banking ones, but an infidel mole can destroy it.

    • Voytek Gagalka

      Why in hell somebody would want to pursue “infiltration” or “surveillance” of those chop-headers instead of just wiping them out once and for all, is beyond my understanding. That is, I know that O and his administration will NEVER do it because they are virtually on their side.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Before you can kill a rat, you have to catch it. Before you can catch it, you have to know where it is. Hussain is a muslim, he will follow the tenets of islam.

  • Dr. Doomsday

    “Allah Akbar!” “Thank you for calling the ISIS help line, your call is important to us.” “For help in America, press 1; Western Europe, press 2, for any other infidel territory, press 3, or stay on the line, and an ISIS specialist will be right with you.”

    “Your maximum call wait should be less that [3] minutes..”

    “ISIS helpdesk is here to help you, weather you need food, a spare Quran, or just some help escaping and evading for the weekend.” “Out of small arms and detonators?” “Call the ISIS helpdesk!”

    “Did you know, you can often sneak into the USA by going over the Mexican border?” “Ask your ISIS helpdesk agent to assist you by enrolling in our over the phone Mexican phrases course.” “You can learn to say just the right thing, with the right accent, and Barack Obama himself might invite you to the White House!” “Your chances may improve if you also take our homemade clock making course, and don’t forget to ask the helpdesk about your application for welfare and other free benefits in the USA and Europe..”

    “Thank you for waiting.” “If you’re on the run, or too busy, then press 1, and we can call you back the minute an agent is free.” “Or, just stay on the line, and we’ll be with you as soon as we can…”

    • joe1429

      Isis helpline “where can i get a very sharp machate , for slicing infidel heads???

  • DemocracyRules

    Don’t worry, US college students will save us! But first they must learn Trump speak!

    • Glock27a

      Is that possible or even probable.

      • DemocracyRules

        Well, you’ll have to watch the video to see how it’s done!

  • roger

    I wonder when Obama will set up help desks for those who are in danger from Islam.

    • Angel Warrior

      Probably when pigs can fly!

      • roger

        The same odds as selling pork spare ribs in Mecca.

    • RandallFlagg

      Obama already has- it’s called BLM

  • Richard

    “In two new executive orders, the president makes no explicit mention of fighting terror and limits his administration’s privacy goals.”


    Obama knows what he is doing. He is dismantling and destroying America, its wealth, its values, its history, its capacity to defend itself, while at the same abandoning its democratic allies and strengthening ties to its extremist Islamic enemies.

  • RandallFlagg

    don’t know about you but there are many americans who are going to enjoy the days when muslims run amok in the u.s.
    cocked locked and ready to rock- the big pottery kilns are ready to turn the garbage into dust.

  • joe1429

    The isis helpline!! Do they take calls in spanish??

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