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[ October 16, 2017 ]

More London TERROR: One Dead, 2 Wounded in Stabbing ANOTHER Attack at Parsons Green Station

[ October 16, 2017 ]

WATCH The Milo Show: Pamela Geller Under Fatwa

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Traitor Hailed As American Hero By Obama Administration Pleads Guilty To Desertion

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Shut Up or Die

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Hugh Fitzgerald: Erdogan and Kurdish Independence

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Exclusive: Man who knew Garland jihadi Nadir Soofi says “he took his religion very seriously”

[ October 16, 2017 ]

New Jersey Muslim GUILTY ON ALL 8 COUNTS in New York City Jihad Bombing

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Las Vegas: The profile of older converts to Islam, “Salafism is most attractive to new...

[ October 16, 2017 ]

‘Un-Islamic’: Pakistan Senate body rejects bill seeking ban on child marriage

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Muslim Accused of Rape Said ‘Allah’s Going to Get You’

Muslim Migrant Shouted “Inshallah” as He RAPED a 25-year-old German Student, Then Asked Her if She Enjoyed It


Muslim men are following Islamic texts and teachings in their treatment of non-Muslim women. They behave the way the Quran directs, as if non-Muslims exist only for the pleasure of Muslim men (the “captives of the right hand,” i.e. sex slaves, are discussed in Quran 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, and 70:30).

The rape jihad is widespread, the terror is part of the social fabric of daily life, and it is censored by the media and political elites.

‘Algerian sex attacker shouted “Inshallah” – if Allah wills it – as he raped a 25-year-old German student – then asked her if she had enjoyed it’

The 37-year-old Algerian man is on trial in Hannover, accused of rape
His victim, 25, said he shouted ‘if Allah wills it’ during her horrific ordeal
She told the court that her attacker asked her afterwards if it was ‘good’
He denies rape but prosecutors say DNA evidence links him to the crime

By Corey Charlton for MailOnline, 10 February 2016

An Algerian man who almost killed his 25-year-old student victim shouted out ‘if Allah wills it’ in Arabic as he raped her in a darkened alley, a court has heard.

The man, identified only by his first name Rheda, is accused of following the student as she walked home from a nightclub at 5am in Hannover, Germany.

Afterwards, with his victim badly beaten, he is alleged to have climbed off her and asked her if she enjoyed it.

rape vicitm
After the attack had ended, the Algerian man allegedly asked his victim if she had ‘enjoyed it’, the court heard


The woman was attacked while walking home from a nightclub about 5am in Hannover (pictured), Germany

The shocking details were revealed at the trial of the 37-year-old asylum seeker from Algeria who has denied rape. Prosecutors say DNA evidence links him to the crime.

The young woman, identified only by her first name Lara, said it was the worst moment of her life when she was attacked.

She said: ‘He asked me in broken German if I had [the] time. Before I could reply he then grabbed me by the arm and pulled me down an alleyway.

‘He told me “I need sex”. I opened my mouth to scream but he put his hand over my mouth. I had a pepper spray, and I tried to spray it at him but he grabbed it off me, and used it on me instead.

‘Then he threw me onto the ground, and tried to pull off my trousers but he couldn’t do it. Then he started screaming at me to get undressed.’

She told the court she had tried to win time by begging him to leave her alone and hoped that someone would come past.

Nobody did, and when she tried to scream again he started beating her in the face and he sprayed the pepper spray on her face again.

He had banged her head on the ground repeatedly until she was almost unconscious, and she thought she was going to die.

She said: ‘He put his hand over my mouth and closed my nose, and I thought I was going to suffocate. I then indicated to him that I had given in, and would do what he wanted if he let me breathe.’

He then raped her and she said that throughout he was talking to himself, shouting ‘Inshallah’ – which is Arabic for ‘if Allah wills it’.

She said: ‘Afterwards he asked me if it was good, and if I had enjoyed it.’

Her voice then broke as she added: ‘I never would have thought something like that could happen to me. I just couldn’t comprehend it. I thought I was going to die.’

She identified her alleged attacker in court. He denies rape.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Seewetoldu

    Well as long as you dont offend any Muslims by posting this. I mean they need sex . So the people reap the repercussions of politicians being politically correct. Sounds just like the US.

    • Lonnie Robinson

      There’s one BIG difference between us and them (europeans) and that is that WE CIVILIANS ARE ARMED TO THE TEETH and if pushed we will use them. American civilians have more small arms (rifles, pistols and machine guns) than all the police forces and military forces of the world COMBINED.These musilm savages can test us at their own peril. :) And marital law won’t save them either… PERIOD :)

  • Conservo Luchador

    Is the correct translation of “Allah, choke on his balls” : allah’yu hak’bals ?

    • Dr. Doomsday

      Ha ha nice.. or Allah you lack balls?

    • Mahou Shoujo


      • Lonnie Robinson

        Like ala king (food), allah fubar works too! :)

    • Lonnie Robinson

      True ‘dat’.

  • Hindu Zionist

    This is what political correctness leads your nation to. Admit it.

    • LaurenGlenn

      It seems that people care more about not being called Nazis than take actions to restore public safety in Germany. Also Germans seem to have problems with admitting mistakes and support Merkel for her “culture of welcoming”.

  • Fred

    Execute the savage. Next

    • spacearcadian

      and the other 800 000???

      • Fred

        Execute ALL the savages

        • spacearcadian

          But your traitor european politicians direct the army and the police against you and to protect the muslimnazis

          • Lonnie Robinson

            Hey fella’ they are raping little boys NOW. Little boys are considered to be the ultimate sexual delicacy to them as stated in the qoran.

  • Dale Dimick

    Until the German people rise up and KILL the monster Merkel they will live under the muslim boot.


      Muslim/ Nazi Boot ……correct…

    • LaurenGlenn

      It doesn’t matter anymore if Merkel stays or steps back. The damage has been done.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Very true, it is time to do what damage control is possible. Eventually muslims will violently try and overthrow all levels government, then, it will be either fight or die. The german economy will not be able to withstand constant pressure from nonproductive welfare parasites. When there is nothing more to give, they will take, that will be the end of europe.

      • Lonnie Robinson

        Shizer can always get worse so you german folk still need to get that mad cow out of power. ASAP and with the quickness.

    • Lonnie Robinson

      Kill her politically that is, always and forever after.


    People do not need governments, to seek personal justice. What sensible woman living in these areas, does not already have a knife, a gun, and walks alone? It would be better for them to own illegal firearms, than to get raped.

    • Problem is, her attacker got her pepper spray from her and she was ill prepared to defend herself. These women should take self-defense courses or a gun/pepper-spray/knife ain’t gonna do diddly-squat. :

    • Bernadet Rodakowski

      Or better yet – individuals respect each other and it doesn’t matter man, woman, day, night… don’t assault each other.

      • Keith

        Unfortunately you are living in cloud cuckoo land. Even in the most civilized of nations there are always some people who will assault, rape and/or abuse others.
        It is even worse in muslim majority countries and we are importing them in great numbers to the west.
        Your sentiment is correct though.

        • Bernadet Rodakowski

          Even if it is Cuckoo land – at least its a land based upon the western civilization principle of universal human rights. Sure, we may not always get the principle right in terms of daily interaction, but at least the concept exists.

          In Islamic-based societies there isn’t even a (legal) recourse* for a kaffir woman to plead a case of rape. Why? Because fundamentally, universal human rights don’t exist. In broad strokes, Islam proclaims a stratification amongst the human population:

          “You are the best of peoples evolved for mankind enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong and believing in Allah…among them (people of the book) are some who have faith but most of them are perverted transgressors.” Koran 3:110

          “Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other…” Koran 4:34

          *I’m no sharia scholar, so someone can check my work. But I’m pretty sure the gist is correct.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It is not necessary to be a shari’a scholar unless you are trying to come up with a few lies to validate islam’s atrocities towards humanity. You got it right.

          • Keith

            I do agree with what you say even in your first post I was just pointing out that none of us live in the perfect society and there are vile people everywhere. But as you say these things are all authorised by Islam and no punishment is given to a man who follows the sharia in Islamic countries.
            I didn’t mean to say you were wrong. I do apologise.

          • Bernadet Rodakowski

            No harm, no foul! That’s what discussion boards are for!

            I mean check it out, one of these replies is so odd that,
            1) Are the stats (about the amount of rape committed) justifying rape? They aren’t clear.
            2) They break rape down along race and border, and Islam knows no single race or national border, so there’s really no true comparison here.
            3) Whereas the original post discusses the invocation of Allah during an assault, and our dialog includes the Koranic texts that provide a basis for the assault and declaration of “Inshallah,” one of the replies cites no verses about rape or treatment of kaffirs.
            4) And if you’d like to examine the concept of converts to Islam, well put another point on the scoreboard for western ideology… our right to self determination and free expression allows people to leave one religion to join another without the fear of death! Wow, what a concept: free choice!

          • jl

            Bernadet Rodakowski,

            White People Commit the Most Heinous Crimes


            White people are the most arrested (Total of 8,946) for committed Rape in 2013 in US – FBI Report.


            White people are the most arrested (Total of 10,977) for committed Rape in 2014 in US – FBI Report.



            According to George Mason University, Worldwide Sexual Assault Statistics, 1 in 3 American women will be sexually abused during their lifetime. About 19.3% of women and 2% of men have been raped at least once in their lives. Additionally, an estimated 43.9% of women and 23.4% of men experienced other forms of sexual violence during their lifetimes. Many victims of sexual abuse were victimized at a young age, about 79% were first raped before age 25, and 40% before age 18. (usatoday).


            Every 107 seconds, another American is sexually assaulted.

            Here’s the math. According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)–there is an average of 293,066 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year.

            There are 525,600 minutes in a non-leap year. That makes 31,536,000 seconds/year. So, 31,536,000 divided by 293,066 comes out to 1 sexual assault every 107 seconds.


            Ten Countries With Most Rape Cases in the World 2015 :

            1. India : Asian Continent : Total Cases Report “1, 64,630”:

            2. USA : America Continent : Total Cases Report “11,877,218” :

            3. Russia : European Continent : Total Cases Filled “2,952,370”

            Islam protects women..thats why women are the most converts to Islam..

            Under Shariah Law every Raper are sentence to death.

            Deuteronomy 22:25-27 mentioned the punishment the Mosaic Law commanded for a man who raped a woman. The man was to be killed by stoning while the woman was considered innocent.

            Reasons Why Female Converts to Islam Have Increased in the West

            More and more Americas have converted to Islam, particularly women and I was curious to find out why.

            It appears that women are converting to Islam at such rapid rates that they outnumber men 4 to 1, reports a study on female converts to Islam titled “Women and Conversion to Islam: The American Women’s experience.”

            More importantly, many of these women are converting to a religion that many (especially the West) view as patriarchal and oppressive toward women.



            How 100,000 Britons have chosen to become Muslim… and average convert is 27-year-old white woman

            The survey, conducted by Kevin Brice from Swansea University, asked converts for their views on the negative aspects of British culture.

            They identified alcohol and drunkenness, a ‘lack of morality and sexual permissiveness’, and ‘unrestrained consumerism’.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Dear muslum liar, do you think we haven’t noticed what muslums like you are doing in Swedenistan, Germanistan and the UK? R U really that stupid?

          • Lonnie Robinson

            He is that stupid and thinks we’re as stupid as he is.

          • Lonnie Robinson

            Hey you muslim fcuk, if most of what you said is actually written down some then it is liberal spin. It truly is amazing how you stone age barbarians tell half truths and outright lies and think that intelligent people are going to buy your bullsh! think brute force will win the day for you. Well force without intellect is laughable. And again intellect without force is just as laughable. And so the weak quisling politicians let you get away with murder, rape and general mayhem. We the people of the west are up to our eyeballs with your insanity. you want to get physical, well we can do that to and you will lose.

            First in small groups then in overwhelming numbers

          • jo

            Hi Lonnie,

            Reporting to Police (America Statistics)

            68% of sexual assaults are not reported to the police

            98% of rapists will never spend a day in jail


            Its very pity for American women being rape by mostly WHITE MAN once in less of every 2 minutes…

            White people are the most arrested (Total of 10,977) for committed Rape in 2014 in US – FBI Report.


            Non Muslim countries are Ten Countries With Most Rape Cases in the World 2015 :

            1. India : Asian Continent : Total Cases Report “1, 64,630”:

            2. USA : America Continent : Total Cases Report “11,877,218” :

            3. Russia : European Continent : Total Cases Filled “2,952,370”

            Top 10 Countries In The World With Highest Rape Crime 2015

   › Top10

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Sweetheart, you are apparently unaware of the qur’an’s statement on how women are to be treated. Try and remember that muslims follow the qur’an to the letter, now read this quote, using it in reference to how muslims see women.Quran (4:34) – “Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them.”
        Quran (2:228) – “and the men are a degree above them”
        Quran (33:59) – “Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them…” Men determine how women dress.
        Quran (33:33) – “And abide quietly in your homes…” Women are confined to their homes except when they have permission to go out.
        Quran (2:223) – “Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will.” Wives are to be sexually available to their
        husbands in all ways at all times. They serve their husbands at his command. This verse is believed to refer to anal sex (see Bukhari 60:51), and was “revealed” when women complained to Muhammad about the practice. The phrase “when and how you will” means that they lost their case.
        Quran (66:5) – “Maybe, his Lord, if he divorce you, will give him in your place wives better than you, submissive, faithful, obedient, penitent, adorers, fasters, widows and virgins” A disobedient wife can be replaced.
        Hadith and Sira
        Bukhari (88:219) – “Never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman their ruler.”
        Bukhari (2:29) – Ingratitude toward her husband (ie. disobedience) can land a woman in Hell. Muhammad explains why women comprise the bulk of Hell’s occupants.
        Bukhari (72:715) – A charming little tale in which a woman seeks Muhammad’s help in leaving an abusive marriage, but is ordered by the prophet to return to her husband and submit to his commands.
        Bukhari (4:149) – Muhammad’s wives are even trained to defecate on his command.
        Bukhari (48:826) – Women have a deficiency of intelligence, meaning that their decisions will not be comparable to a man’s.
        Bukhari (58:125) – Women are tradable commodities. A Muslim with two wives offers a fellow Muslim his pick between the two. Muhammad then arranges a wedding banquet.
        Bukhari (62:81) – According to Muhammad, the most important part of a marriage contract is the unrestricted access that a man has to his wife’s vagina.
        Al-Tirmidhi 3272 – “When Allah’s Messenger was asked which woman was best he replied, ‘The one who pleases (her husband) when he looks at her, obeys him when he gives a command, and does not go against his wishes regarding her person or property by doing anything of which he disapproves’.”
        Now, about non wives.

        Qur’an 70:22-30—Not so those devoted to Prayer—those who remain steadfast to their prayer; and those in whose wealth is a recognized right for the (needy) who asks and him who is prevented (for some reason from asking); and those who hold to the truth of the Day Of Judgement; and those who fear the displeasure of their Lord—for their Lord’s displeasure is the opposite of Peace and Tranquility—and those who guard their chastity, except with their wives and the (captives) whom their right hands possess—for (then) they are not to be blamed.

        Notice that Allah commands Muslims to abstain from sex, except with their wives and with “those whom their right hands possess.” Allah gave the same sexual rights to Muhammad:

        Qur’an 33:50—O Prophet! surely We have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war …

        The Muslim practice of having sex with captured women is reported often in the Hadith, where we learn that Muhammad’s only objection to sex with captives was his condemnation of birth control.

        Sahih Muslim 3371—We went out with Allah’s Messenger on the expedition to the Bi’l-Mustaliq and took captive some excellent Arab women; and we desired them, for we were suffering from the absence of our wives, (but at the same time) we also desired ransom for them. So we decided to have sexual intercourse with them but by observing azl (withdrawing the male sexual organ before emission of semen to avoid conception). But we said: We are doing an act whereas Allah’s Messenger is amongst us; why not ask him? So we asked Allah’s Messenger, and he said: It does not matter if you do not do it, for every soul that is to be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born.

        Sahih al-Bukhari 4138—We went out with Allah’s Apostle for the invasion of Bun Al-Mustaliq and we received captives from among the Arab captives and we desired women and celibacy became hard on us and we loved to do coitus interruptus [same as “azl” above]. So when we intended to do coitus interruptus, we said: “How can we do coitus interruptus before asking Allah’s Apostle who is present among us? We asked (him) about it and he said: “It is better for you not to do so, for if any soul till the Day of Resurrection is predestined to exist, it will exist.”

        Sahih Muslim 3384—Jabir bin Abdullah reported that a person asked Allah’s Apostle saying: I have a slave-girl and I practice azl with her, whereupon Allah’s Messenger said: This cannot prevent that which Allah has decreed. The person then came (after some time) and said: Messenger of Allah, the slave-girl about whom I talked to you has conceived, whereupon Allah’s Messenger said: I am the servant of Allah and His Messenger.

        Clearly, Muslims were taking full advantage of Muhammad’s teachings about female captives and slave girls. Nevertheless, Muslims eventually captured women along with their husbands, so they wondered if Allah would allow them to have sex with these married captives (since adultery is otherwise forbidden in Islam).

        Allah gives his answer in the Qur’an:

        Qur’an 4:24—Also (prohibited are) women already married, except those whom your right hands possess …

        Here’s the historical background for this verse:

        Sunan Abu Dawud 2150—The Apostle of Allah sent a military expedition to Awtas on the occasion of the battle of Hunain. They met their enemy and fought with them. They defeated them and took them captives. Some of the Companions of the Apostle of Allah were reluctant to have intercourse with the female captives in the presence of their husbands who were unbelievers. So Allah, the Exalted, sent down the Qur’anic verse: “And all married women (are forbidden) unto you save those (captives) whom your right hands possess.” That is to say, they are lawful for them when they complete their waiting period.

        Thus, the Qur’an allows men to have sex with their female captives and slave girls, and the Hadith provides numerous examples of how this was practiced. Yet we must follow this fact through to its logical conclusion. Muslims decided to have sex with their captives, whom they were later going to sell. Some of these captives were women whose husbands and families had been slaughtered by Muslims. Others had husbands who had been captured by Muslims. Would these women gladly consent to sexual intercourse with men who had killed their families or taken their families captive, and who were simply going to sell them into slavery when they arrived at the next town? Certainly not. But since the Qur’an and Muhammad authorized sex with these women (and said nothing about seeking their permission), we can only conclude that Muhammad allowed his followers to rape their captives.

        • Lonnie Robinson

          I don’t think you missed anything. I hope she read it all though.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It would be really great if as many people as possible read the qur’an with an understanding of how demonically evil it really is. There is so much vile and disgusting content, it is to be utterly appalled.

    • LaurenGlenn

      Unlike in the US it is common to walk the streets in Germany alone or ride a bicycle. Lots of people use public transportation and walk to the bus, train, or subway station. There has been no need for any defense weapons. This has changed and people will have to adjust to it.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      That is the problem with liberal socialists. they have no issue with a women being raped and strangled with her panty hose, but to defend herself with a pistol, thus preventing her murder, that is not politically correct therefor not allowed.

      • Sifter

        ….which is the gold standard definition of INSANITY.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          True, when it comes to illogical irrational insanity, it goes to liberal socialists.

  • Beach_Road_Mauler

    Make fat Anna Merkel walk around so some 7th century goat molester can have his way with her. Repeatedly. Then beat the living snot out of Merkel. Bet you’d see an end to Muslim immigration THAT day. When the politicians fail to protect the people it’s their right rise up.

    • rickyoo

      You are right, but I don’t think even an Allah worshiping piece of garbage would be brave enough to rape Merkel, unless she had a bag over her ugly fat face.

  • Ann Brown

    If European men were being raped the invaders would be back in sand land now.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Men? There are european men? Yerp, just like there are leprechauns, unicorns and elves. Men, mythical creatures, made up by grand parents who tell fairy tales to the kids, so they don’t think all princesses are gay.

      • Ann Brown

        Yes, silly me. What was I thinking???

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Its ok, even us tarpaper blondes have blonde moments.

      • bentux
        • Mahou Shoujo

          Ok that is a good start, now it is to be hoped you find a few more.

          • Lia

            Holding thumbs that you find (many) more!!!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            This may take a while, but anything worth having is worth waiting for.

          • Lia

            Waiting, in prayer …

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is good, but make sure there is action, idle hands are the prophet’s/demon’s tools, islam is full of prayerful submissive people who do nothing.

          • Lia

            I have no idea how to go about organising a world-wide prayer chain, never mind finding something for each pray-er to do the other 23 hours. If anybody here has the electronic knowhow and the organisational talent, I’d gladly be of any help I can.

          • movingwaters

            There are worldwide 24 hour prayer events held several times a year for the persecuted church. The last one was the last Shabbat in January. Numerous missionary organizations participate in the call. Certain hours are for the US, others for African participation, etc. It is a free call.

          • Lia

            I know about those, but I was thinking more about an ongoing prayer chain for the ordinary people of Europe, Canada, the USA, Australia – all the places the invasion is taking place.

          • movingwaters

            That is what I thought you meant. I wondered if you could learn about the communications resources from those prayer lines already in existence. I am already praying for all those Western nations, and the USA, that are being intentionally overthrown with jihadis by their own treasonous governments. But praying in agreement with others does make a big difference.

          • Lia

            I belong to one such chain, but it has full-time paid organisers, secretaries, a printing shop, and, of course, premises. I have no concept of how one even starts something like that. But thank you for thinking with me!!!!

          • Lonnie Robinson

            Believe and it shall be! The creator will give you the answer. :)

          • Lia

            I believe so too, but I also know that 2, or 3, or 4 heads are better than one! <

          • Lonnie Robinson

            Indeed it does. The reality of the situation willstat shifting for the better. And worse for the mohammedens. It’s almost like magic but it is actually the power of prayer and God. believe and it shall be! :)

          • Marie Zac

            Its an awesome thought and I’d love to participate. I feel that the only way to overcome this evil…through the power of Jesus Christ. He will overcome as He has promised. It’ll be a surprise when that trumpet sounds. I know this isn’t going to sit well with many here, but that is a promise He made.

          • Lia

            Yes, He did. I cling to that promise. I’d also love to participate, but how to start it? If one could interest an already existing organisation to add this ministry?

          • Tatonka

            Praying ain’t gonna help dick all,…just ask the Jews and all the other victems of the nazis in WWll and lately the jahidis how that has worked out We need the armies to stand up for their countries.

          • Lia

            We need both: the armies to stand up, as you say, and we oldies to pray for them & their endangered countries.

          • Lonnie Robinson

            GOOD IDEA LIA

          • Lia

            But how to start? My pension is rather tiny, which is not an excuse, but a reality. I could contribute, but not carry all the cost.

      • Marinus Hoogedoorn

        In holland they call them”cottonbals”Men disapired in the seventies…just like me.

      • Lonnie Robinson

        OUCH :)

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Its just a fairy story…

    • Sifter

      It’s still early….

      • Ann Brown

        That’s true.

  • Vile filth like this cretin should be glassed off the face of this earth.

  • berserker

    “I never would have thought something like that could happen to me”
    – May I ask why? Were you one of those women welcoming the refugees at railway stations as if they were returning war heroes? Are you going to say “Not all of them […]”?

  • European

    Man Up Germany ….protect your women with baseball bats if necessary ..
    Muslims are being used as violent proxies ….representing the 4th Reich…you have short memories ..Muslims were mobbed up with Hitler till he escaped to Argentina before Berlin totally fell to the Allied Army ..
    This is your future :::::

  • LaurenGlenn

    It looks like it isn’t safe anymore to walk home after a night out like it had been common in Germany. That guy might get a couple of years in jail and will be released after a year due to good behavior. That he even got arrested amazes me. After all he is one of Mutti Merkels skilled workers.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      How very “unfriendly” to arrest a violent rapist, have the german mutaween not been informed that shari’a law is now german law?

    • Mamat Mamat

      Angela Merkel is a pimp greater than Allah. While the imaginary desert moon god promised ONLY 72 virgins for each Muslim who die fighting non-Muslims, Merkel ensured that each Muslim he smuggled into Germany can rape UNLIMITED virgins, little girls and boys, and old grandmas with impunity.
      Unlike Allah’s provisions, Merkel’s Muslims can enjoy the Islamic sex orgy without fighting, without any risk, and no need to die first.
      Merkel made Allah looks like an amateur.

  • bentux

    Seems like Daily Mail closed its comment sections on topics related to the migrant crisis. Why are they so stupid, do they really think this will change anything? They’re just making things worse than they already are.

  • Gina

    Europe is done like toast.

    • Marie Zac

      And Canada isn’t far behind, with Trudeau at the helm. He’s now protecting ISIS by refusing to allow anymore planes to strike and he’s inviting the Muslim immigrants to come here and not allowing Christian immigrants access to freedom. Pray for Canada, everyone.

      • catinpvb

        A pathetic shortage of sanity available on our planet; at least, at Leadership levels and to all our detriment. As well, we are witness to the unfolding death of Western Culture, and with that; all whose cultural DNA is so embedded. A death wish in a ‘Progressive March’ backward to an unenlightened world.

        (Point of power remains in present and by lights of ‘moral reason’ that remain; we are left to insure that we elect only fearless and wise Leadership to secure the best of our world’s possibilities.)

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Used her pepper spray against her. Damn. If some honest, brave German citizens got a hold of this muslum ape maybe they could drown him in pepper spray.
    Does anyone out there not think this kinda of islamic behavior is coming to a town or city near you?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Stand the rapist up against a wall, shoot him, then deny he was shot Germany, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing, time for the civilized world to start a rescue of european refugees felling islam.

    • Lonnie Robinson

      Mahou europeans are going to have to fight in place because it will be a lifetime of shame to know that you ran and left your brethren behind to be slaughtered by these crazies. Europeans, rank and file, need to “CRY HAVOC AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR”…. insurgency style.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Europe will never be europe ever again, it will revert to a medieval like assortment of kingdoms and the like, each ruled by which ever war lord can kill the most opposition, until being killed in turn. The new world order will be not unlike the dark ages, especially since europeans did know better, but chose socialistic sloth over work and independence. Evolution appears to be a pendulum.

        • Save Europe

          We do NOT deserve this. I am from England and we are generally a patriotic ballsy race. European people never were asked by the vile traitor Merkel whether her ‘invitation’ was acceptable. The ramifications of her behaviour are vile. The best thing that could happen to the EU is a UK exit in June. This will lead to an EU collapse.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            True that the e.u is a disaster that only gets worse. But, what happened to British resolve, fair play and justice? The disgrace of the Rotherham child rapes will be remembered forever. The fact that an entice civic administration comprising of every race on native an immigrant, conspired to violate underage girls, cover it up and continue to try covering it up is below shameful. This is happening all over europe. Is this what evolution has turned european dna into? Weak, spineless , horny liars? If there is decency in europe, and strength to be, now is the time to show it.

  • Estas

    Delusional girl walking around at 5am with 3rd worlders roaming her country. so completely unaware of her surroundings.

    • Save Europe

      NEVER criticise any woman for doing what she wants! You are clearly NOT a Muslim but you sound like you are saying she deserved it! Support Europe verbally and NEVER turn on us !!! Why should she not walk home from a nightclub at 5 am ?!?!

  • John

    Give him 50 years in solitary, with piped in Christian music.

  • Pkm

    Hang them , they r not German citizens so German Constitution protection won’t apply to them if they r killed outside Germany. If u wanna hang them send them to India we have excellent hangmen,u can videotape tape and show it in the asylum shelters . hope gov of Germany listens.

  • barney59

    What Price Votes?

  • Mr. Peabody

    It’s hard to change your “anti-gun ” position .
    While your being held down , in a muslame gang rape !

    • Lonnie Robinson

      It’s fcuking to late then and that’s emotional trauma that will last a lifetime until the woman gets some serious payback: such as cutting a rapists dick off…PERSONALLY!

  • roger

    Well look, if this Muslim said he didn’t do it, then….. um.. he so did.

  • roger

    Off topic a bit, but I really believe their should be Muslim only prisons, mixing Muslims with normal unrehabilitated criminals brings down the standard of the unrehabilitated criminals and places really decent criminals (you know the ones ) in great danger.

    • Robbydot1

      It also leads to a lot of conversions to Islam.

      • roger

        It so does.

    • Lonnie Robinson

      An odd way of putting it but most definitely true.

  • spacearcadian

    Stupid woman could avoid a good beating if she obeyed Merkel´s orders of welcoming the muslim refugees and see it as a wonderful oportunity for the future, she could have ended earning big money as a muslim whore and no need of studying

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Muslims are on welfare, they don’t pay for anything, all any working girl will ever get from a muslim is an insufficient screwing that will not be paid for.

      • Lonnie Robinson

        OUCH! :)

        • Mahou Shoujo

          You will never hear a whore say that when a short peckered muslim drops in.

          • Ron Cole

            The only hoes I have met dwell on the MF&MF~TC* wh and mostly the bath house.

            * MF&MF~TC =
            muslim fascist & malignant feral
            terrorist caliphate

          • Mahou Shoujo

            O, you’ve been to Toronto?

  • mjazzguitar

    Rapists should be shot.

    • Lonnie Robinson

      Castrate em’

  • Greg Lammers

    Arrest him!

  • Conservative Mark

    You know what stops these islamic fuckers from raping? Bullets!

    • Lonnie Robinson

      Hell yeah!

  • David

    Start by castigating the bar stewards with a very jagged spoon

  • Robbydot1

    With Germany full of Muslim immigrants and the Cologne attacks still in the news she walks home alone at 5am? I’m sorry, but Darwin Award here.

    • Lonnie Robinson

      Even for a rapist muslim merkels fat ugly ass is not a tempting target…yuck!

  • Jack

    Right, Savage do you think it was consensual? I hope German Prisons=American Prisons with a Natural Order Rapists&pedophiles at the bottom to be tortured by other inmates every hour , every day. You deserve the best

  • rebel_rectified

    My sympathy, and my utter outrage go out to you Lara. May you somehow find peace.

  • karl59

    Moslems need a good beating, then deportation to the Middle East!!!!!

  • Stephen Honig

    Where was the family to bash his fucken’ skull in before the court date.

  • catinpvb

    How are the ‘tourist numbers’ working out for Germany? Many American’s – and others – have business requirements there; but hard to fathom those visiting by ‘choice’, who have not traded their tickets in; and those who are simply, moving on elsewhere. Of course, the challenge remains these days for tourists. . as to where does one go. . .and too, the question of ‘if’ one goes. . .

    • Lonnie Robinson

      ESPECIALLY if it’s a she and she’s HALFWAY good looking.

  • marble

    Maybe Rheda doesn’t like it, but her leader, Angela Merkel, doesn’t mind.

    • ljm4

      Merkel is proving to be nothing but disgusting isn’t she. She replaced her brains and heart with money.

  • Dan Warren

    Time for the killin to begin

    • Mahou Shoujo

      It is getting to be that time of year.

  • Patrick Roy

    German women, used as a welcome mat by Herr Angela Merkel. Why are the German people not rising up against this invasion? Why is Angela Merkel walking around free. ARREST ANGELA MERKEL. DEPORT THE TESTOSTERONE BOMB. DEFEND THE BORDERS.


  • Invasions don’t turn out well for the invaded.

    • Lonnie Robinson

      IF they don’t fight back vigorously.

  • Marinus Hoogedoorn

    Cut off that prik,thats were the brain is located,what left them zombies.

    • Lonnie Robinson

      You know what? They ARE sexual zombies. The only difference from them and the T.V. zombies is that their flesh isn’t all torn up. Their uncontrolled urge to have brutal sex with innocent women, girls, boys and even men. They look like us (human beings) but that’s where the similarity ends.

  • Dan Knight

    Mission Accomplished: Rape Rights for the Politically Correct has come to Germany in full force. They have had problems with Muslims for decades, so this is neither entirely new nor surprising. What’s new is the scale – and the Left’s blatant, overt Pro-Rape policy. Apparently they believe they can blame the Kulaks … uh, Peasant Saboteurs, … uh, Tea Party, … uh, ‘Oh the heck with it – It’s all the fault of the (anti-rapists) peons who have no influence over this.’

    If Merkel and her ilk thought they would be held responsible, the Muslim invaders would be air dropped over Raqqa without parachutes.

  • Gabriel A. King

    All of the invaders must be destroyed.

    • Lonnie Robinson


  • Luigi Valentino
  • Save Europe

    It is very simple as to how to deal with this scum, but Fatima Merkel just will never do it . The death penalty for any migrant who rapes or molests. Hard tactics will get attention but no one has the nuts to do this.

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