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12 Muslims Jailed 140 Years for Gang-Raping 13-Year-Old Girl, Muslim Community Claims SHE was Partly to Blame


These Muslim child rape gangs were proliferating before the Muslim invasion. Hundreds of thousands of non-Muslim girls were raped, trafficked, bought and sold. For years the authorities did nothing for fear of appearing “islamophobic.” When a nation sacrificing its young girls, it’s doomed.

I have interviewed victims of these rape jihad gangs. No one would help them.

‘It takes two to tango’: As 12 Asian men are jailed for 140 years for gang-raping a 13-year-old white girl, Muslim councillor admits some in community still think SHE was partly to blame
12 men abused girl when she was 13 and 14, Bradford Crown Court heard
In one of the brutal attacks she was raped by five of the men in succession
Councillor Zafar Ali said some in the community feel ‘she played her part
Keighley MP Kris Hopkins said it shows ‘truth of the evil’ of Asian sex gangs
Ringleader Arif Chowdhury, 20, fled to Bangladesh during the probe in 2012

By James Dunn For Mailonline, 8 February 2016

A Muslim councillor has admitted that some feel as though ‘it takes two to tango’ as 12 men were jailed for gang-raping a 13-year-old white girl in West Yorkshire.

The gang of men from Pakistani origin were jailed for a total of 140 years at Bradford Crown Court today, for 13 months of horrendous abuse of the British white girl in 2011 and 2012.

However, the Councillor for Keighley Central, where the abuse took place, has admitted that some members of the community felt ‘it takes two to tango’ and that the girl may have ‘played her part’.

Khalid Mahood, 34, was given an extended sentence of 17 years
Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.05.42 PM

Khalid Mahood (left), 34, was given an extended sentence of 17 years and Saqib Younis (right), 29, from Keighley jailed for 13 years at Bradford Crown Court
Faisal Khan, 27, from Keighley was jailed for 13 years at Bradford Crown Court
Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.05.48 PM
Sufyan Ziarab, 22, from Keighley, Yorkshire, for 15 years

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.05.59 PM

Tanqueer Hussain (left), 23, from Keighley was jailed for 13 years and received a five year consecutive sentence for the rape of a second underage victim. Bilal Ziarab (right), 21, from Bradford, was jailed for 12 years

Zafar Ali, who has been a member of the Keighley Mosque for decades believes that some of the men may have attended in the past, but said the Muslim community totally condemn their actions.

He added: ‘Everyone now believes that justice has been done, we need to move forward and it is a lesson for the whole Muslim community.

‘There are a few bad apples but this does not represent the Muslim community as a whole and any sensible Muslim totally condemns these actions.’

Eleven of the men were today jailed for rape and a twelfth man was jailed for sexual activity with a child under 16 today at Bradford Crown Court, but the ringleader has fled to Bangladesh.

Some of the abuse took place in an underground car park where there was graffiti with the victim’s name and the word ‘corner’ in Keighley, West Yorkshire, where most of the men were from.
West Yorkshire Police confirmed that the men jailed were of Pakistani origin.

The sentences come as it emerged that:

Ringleader Ahmed Al-Choudhury who facilitated most of the offences is believed to now be living in Bangladesh after fleeing at the beginning of the investigation in 2012
Keighley MP Kris Hopkins spoke out about the ‘sick model’ of Asian sex gangs grooming vulnerable young girls for sex in West Yorkshire
Hopkins MP caused controversy in 2012 for claiming that Muslim men are ‘fundamentally racist’ and groups were ‘out raping white girls’ at that very moment
Councillor Zafar Ali, Keighley Central, says the issue is ‘not confined’ to the Muslim community and the response should be ‘rational’

After the sentencing, Kris Hopkins, Conservative MP for Keighley spoke out against the ‘sick model of organised groups of Asian men grooming young white girls’.

He said the sentenced were vindication for controversial comments he made during a parliamentary debate in 2012, claiming that organised groups of Asian men were ‘going around raping white girls’.

Mr Hopkins MP said today: ‘I was castigated from many quarters, received many abusive pieces of correspondence and on one occasion was forced to clear my constituency office after receiving a threat.

‘This case, the many guilty verdicts reached and the heavy sentences rightly handed down underline the nature and the truth of the evil I spoke about back then and will continue to raise until it has been eradicated.’

In a Commons speech three years ago, Mr Hopkins caused controversy three years ago when he suggested Muslim men were ‘fundamentally’ sexist towards women.

Arif Chowdhury, 20, allegedly left for Bangladesh during the investigation after he was arrested in 2012
Arif Chowdhury, 20, allegedly left for Bangladesh during the investigation after he was arrested in 2012 in connection to the raping of the schoolgirl, Bradford crown court heard last year.

He is also accused of pimping her out to his contacts in Keighley when he was just 15.

Louise Blackwell QC described Chowdhury, a convicted drug dealer, as being ‘evil’ and violent.

A jury heard how Chowdhury first raped the girl, who cannot be named, behind a church when he was 15.

He had previously got to know her when she was 13 after persuading her to do drug runs in Keighley.

She had attempted to stop helping the drugdealer, revealing to police how he had racially abused her and then raped her.

Chowdhury subjected her to regular beatings and made her have sex with other men in a year-long ordeal.

He allegedly brought her to an underground car park to meet four teenage friends of Chowdhury before they raped her.

He warned that gangs of Asian men were at large in Keighley, raping white girls, in the debate which followed the Rotherham sexual abuse scandal.

Questions were asked after it emerged that between 1997 and 2013, there were various reports of sexual exploitation at the hands of Asian men, but some were never made public or finalised.

However, Zafar Ali, who spent 21 years working for the government’s Racial Equality Council, said that it is unfair to ‘label the entire Muslim community’.

‘There are a few bad apples but that doesn’t mean to say everyone is bad. What they did is not Muslim and any sensible Muslim would condemn it.’

During the case, the Recorder of Bradford, Judge Roger Thomas QC, said their behaviour throughout the trial was the worst he had seen in 40 years of legal practice.

Judge Roger Thomas QC condemned the ‘insolent and disrespectful behaviour’ the accused showed in court which he said reflected their treatment of their victim.
They showed her no shred of decency or humanity when as a vulnerable child she so needed care and understanding
Judge Roger Thomas QC

He told them: ‘The attitudes of the majority of you have so clearly demonstrated to these proceedings has been contemptuous, disrespectful and arrogant on a scale that I have hardly seen before in many years of practice in criminal law.

‘Exactly the same attitude to the 13/14 year old girl who you all sexually abused and exploited for your own selfish gratification.’

He added: ‘None of these defendants had any concern for the victim.

‘They were totally uninterested in her welfare and what damage they were causing her.

‘The victim clearly demanded pity and understanding but their view of her was heartless and demeaning.

‘They saw her as a pathetic figure who had no worth and who served no purpose than to be an object that they could sexually misuse and cast aside.

‘They showed her no shred of decency or humanity when as a vulnerable child she so needed care and understanding.’

The court heard their victim now has post-traumatic stress disorder and clinical depression.

  • What a crock… The sentences average about 8 tears apiece. They should get 140 years apiece in a “pound you in the ass” prison. Instead they will get 8 years and be out in 2 because they are such role models…

    • Janet

      Too bad this didn’t happen in Russia. They know how to handle them there.

      • knight

        I think of impaling them on a burning wooden rod

    • Gabriel A. King

      They will most likely be quietly deferred after a few months…. citing good behavior and “cultural sensitivity” and be deported….. to Germany.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Germans are so stupid, they will accept them.

      • knight

        This is the problem, you cannot report them so they can do it again. Anyone releases them is guilty knowing the Quran tells them to do it to us.

        You got to hang them, feed them to the sharks, what ever but no release or deportation.

        • Gabriel A. King

          I couldn’t agree more. However, the problem is also ALL of the politicians…. and the treasonous grass roots brainwashed Leftists. Also the bribed cowardly Christian pastors.

          It’s simply time for real men to stand up.

    • knight

      So true and do all again.

      I want to be as cruel to them as they have been to us, even pouring acid on them, as I always think of the many females they have done it to. Anything less is a cop-out.

  • Brandt Mackay

    What a bunch of Jihadtards.

  • JM

    I will have no sympathy for the UK, European, and USA socialist politicians WHEN they finally face the justice that is due them. There is no punishment horrible enough for the treason they have committed against the people of civilized nations by bringing these muslim sub-human savages into civilized societies.

    • knight

      As said before strip them of all wealth, throw their families on the streets, impression them for 30 years, no welfare.

  • Hindu Zionist

    Should have been sentenced 140 years per head!!

    • Gabriel A. King

      They should have been publicly flogged in the street until dead… leaving nothing but raw hamburger and bones.

      • knight

        Do not kill them just yet, stake them out in the sun, and a dripping container just out of reach.

  • LoloJim

    Not just prison term. It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck.

    • rambler

      By dropping them from a plane.

      • Gabriel A. King

        From 30,000 feet with cement shoes.

        • knight

          Any thing that they do not suffer pain and fear is so wrong. In death they have to know fear and pain.

    • Pray Hard

      Why waste a good millstone? Just shoot them in the head and feed them to hogs.

    • Khorne

      I would prefer molten Lava.

      • knight

        To easy.

    • knight

      No, too easy, let them swim with sharks

  • TC

    What about the social workers, police, councillors, media and MPs and the Labour Party that allowed this to happen for over a decade. They repeatedly ignored, denounced and even prosecuted the victims. They should be made to answer for their actions or more likely inactions.

    • Gabriel A. King

      There is a time for street justice. And you know it’s time… when the entire system condemns the victims, and protects the guilty.

      • knight

        Street justice is coup d’état, through the politicians out and then let street justice work

        • Gabriel A. King

          They can call us whatever they like… vigilante etc…. but they are traitors. The public is fed up with all of this BS.

      • moose

        Give me a bat and point me in the right direction…..I’d beat the beejesus out of them all….I’ve known 2 women before they were raped….the change of their “being” was such that it was beyond sorrowful……I’d KILL the SOB’s that rape women !!

        • Gabriel A. King

          Raping grown women is one thing….. but these bastards also rape 10 year old boys which is simply unfathomable.

          The acolytes of the “religion of peace” should be treated in such a fashion that they can’t even be identified via dental records.

          • Steve

            Burial works good.

        • knight

          Whatever a slow painful death

      • Steve

        It’s already started. It will get worse for the animals.

    • knight

      They should all lose their wealth, positions and they should all be imprissioned in jail for 30 years.
      Tough to their families if tossed on the streets.

      • Gabriel A. King

        NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Only public execution will suffice.

      • Nocturn

        Deport them back to Pakistan where they came from.Strip them of their citizenship .

      • Steve

        Get their families and deport them.

    • George E. Smith

      Maybe they should share jail cells with the criminals they were protecting?

      • moose

        I like that idea George !!

      • Patricia

        Now THAT would make for some excellent REALITY TV!

    • Dan Knight

      Absolutely true … but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Management probably forced those people to take sensitivity training and multicultural balderdash. Anyone who showed any signs of not yielding their will to the mind games was probably fired, if they managed to be hired in the first place.

    • Steve

      A lot of them go along with the herd.

  • Fred

    Hopefully these savages get raped, shanked, and left for dead while in prison.

    • Frank G

      In Pakistan it would be a bullet in the head and a shallow grave. Clean quick game over.

      • knight

        No that is to good for them. They need to suffer in death.

      • Jim Fox

        The girls would be guilty of “adultery” under sharia in Pakistan and possibly stoned to death. The “men” would be acquitted.

    • Gabriel A. King

      They’ll probably be segregated with plush couches, computers, and Qur’ans to protect them. Shortly thereafter they’ll be quietly deported into another European country to continue the invasion.

      • knight

        No Muslim should have the right to the Quran

        • Fred

          It should be used as toilet paper

          • knight

            I would not use that evil, burn it with Muslims on top.

          • Fred

            Works for me

          • moose

            And then given to the prisoner to use as hankies…OR napkins….

          • Steve

            Serve it to them with laxative.

          • Fred

            Great idea

      • Fred

        We can only hope they will kill each other.

        • knight

          No such luck, we are the ones they will kill

      • Nocturn

        Don’t forget the Briyani/mutton chops served on banana leaves and kebabs they will get to enjoy – halal certified of course.

        • Gabriel A. King

          They’ll probably also quietly bring in 9 year old white girls for them to rape.

    • jss

      Hi Fred,

      Every 107 seconds, another American is sexually assaulted.

      Here’s the math. According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)–there is an average of 293,066 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year.

      There are 525,600 minutes in a non-leap year. That makes 31,536,000 seconds/year.

      So, 31,536,000 divided by 293,066 comes out to 1 sexual assault every 107 seconds.

      Ten Countries With Most Rape Cases in the World 2015

      The worst cases that has been filed in the world is a forced to women’s and insult them and harassed them . Last year its report cases raised . We should respect women in each field in business , in school , collage every where .

      Its afraid to say that India is one country who is leading in the rape cases there are thousands of cases that has been file.

    • Steve

      Yes no kuran comic books.

  • Pray Hard

    Does this mean that their applications to Oxford will be rejected?

    • J Ian

      No! All applications will be accepted, and they will become the next Terrorist leaders of the MSA!

    • Gabriel A. King


    • Mahou Shoujo

      Some muslim owned company bought out oxford university press, a while ago, probably all it prints now is qur’ans.


      Send the jihadis to scotland. They deserve each other.

  • Ryan Hughes

    F***ing Ragheads!! cant wait to chase them all into the channel!! “F***ing smelly Mussies!”

  • Pray Hard

    It’s a certainty that there were many non-Mollusk, Caucasian, higher up type, pedophile Brits involved in this also. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have gone on so long.

    You can also bet that it’s happening here in the US and being covered up under this Islamosucking administration. Just watch, we’ll find out about it sooner or later.

    • Gabriel A. King

      That’s a safe bet.

  • Thomson Figueroa Nancy

    Round these men up and castrate them and if you show Muslims that their actions have a penalty likened to when they steal (they cut off their hands) it will send a message not to come to the lands where they will lose the only thing they live for and think from. Putting them in prison only creates more Muslims because they start bringing in imam’s to recruit from the prisons and they recruit from the prisons because they know that the men in prison will get special privileges if they convert to Islam and their past actions of crime make them perfect converts because Islam has a thug mentality because it was started by a band of thugs who went out to rape and steal and murder to get control over lands….So CUT THE PART OFF THAT IS MAKING THEM SIN and that will discourage rape and when they murder, get rid of them and execute them. ZERO tolerance for this sick cult..

    • knight

      Solitary for every Muslim in a cage if in prission.
      Yes all Muslim males including young need castration, you had a chance to convert, then deportation.

  • Infedel48

    Look at them ,they are all ugly nasty looking bastards, I hope abortion is legal in Britain because I pity a girl who would have a baby that looked like one of these fucking things.

  • WasIsAlwaysPali

    Really? The source being the most Islam phobic of all. You expect with all the news of rabbis child molestation in NY and the herpes spread due to Rabbis performing “snip & suck” you want us to believe this when gang rapes in NY is common among non Muslims. Pamela must be bored or just got a shekel to come out of her hole.

    • Gabriel A. King

      Yes who in their right mind could possibly be “phobic” regarding the most violent totalitarian theocratic evil mass rape cult the world has ever seen.

      If you would like to make this personal….. I would like that VERY much. Are you up for it puss face ?

      • WasIsAlwaysPali

        The garbage of society has spoken. Gabriel A. king. The seed of Satan has cheered on the death of many and plays victim. Take a moment a remove your head out of Zionist ass and see if you can breath. Judenratting applies to all ethnicities. Athesist Jews did it in Europe to each other and today’s its Muslim …tomorrow it will be you …inshallah

        • Gabriel A. King

          I love white Jews. You love brown skin scum.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Are you stupid, or just bleating for attention?

      • WasIsAlwaysPali

        Mahou hurry and find your roots before more michlings start judenratting again. Pos.

        • Mahou Shoujo

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          • WasIsAlwaysPali

            Kus em il leekhalfatek ya ibn kalb

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Yoo srill dumass.

          • WasIsAlwaysPali

            Don’t bring your mother into this debate. Respect boy

          • Mahou Shoujo

            go away, you are an idiot.

          • WasIsAlwaysPali

            The wannabe michling comments and than whines like a dog. Do you need a tissue ?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Do you need a tampon? palestinian, that translates to “pig’s rectum”

          • WasIsAlwaysPali

            How do you know about a tampon? Is that what you use when your mother tells you not to use the Talmud book?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            We save them up and send them to palestine, they are considered an islamic delicacy. It’s the closest thing muslims get to an actual female, that isn’t a goat.

          • WasIsAlwaysPali

            I don’t think you save them I think you eat them after each use. Like vampires …if you can’t kill everyone then next best think….eat what’s already dipped in blood. Satan’s work as you are Satan’s children

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Awww you palestinians are so grubby when you grovel like the stercoraceous spawned creatures you are.

          • WasIsAlwaysPali

            Keep supporting Nazis like Pamela Geller.
            Geller’s Wealth from Corruption, Fraud; Dealership She Co-Owned Supplied Cop-Killer Getaway Car – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Keep babbling like an idiot, you make palestinians look like fools, it’s a good thing.

          • WasIsAlwaysPali

            A Japanese name and this bitch is still whining lmfaooooo

          • Mahou Shoujo

            A palistinian, from a nation that never was, isn’t, nor ever will be. You moan like a goat with a palistinian lover.

          • WasIsAlwaysPali

            Your name comes from a Japanese tale of lala land. Japanese who were placed in camps in the USA because Zionists ignited another war for America to enter and convinced Japan they were under threat by Zionism ….and Mahou barks like a dog to make a point …oyvet

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You bleat like a goat having a pointless orgasm. The more stupid things you make up, the more palestinians look like knobs.

    • IronMaidenaregods

      Ah, you approve of this abuse of a vulnerable child.

      Got you.

      The simple fact is that it is great fun to draw cartoons of the prophet Muhammad frolicking in the showers of the YMCA.

      Muhammad was a connoisseur of fine wines and bacon, to boot


      I SHlT on your Pal-e-SWINE and your prophet of Satan who you call Mooooohammed.

  • itchy

    The eyes!!!!!!!……..cesspools of hate

    • Khorne

      The eyes are the Windows of the Soul. And in their eyes you can see only savagery. Stick there a white hot nail.

  • ColonelNeville

    The headline SHOULD read ‘Muslim child rapist vermin get ONLY 8 years jail each for gang raping a thirteen year old white girl!’ Authentic justice would involve hanging them all high or killing them all on their first day in prison. Incredibly, in 8 years or less these Muslim rapist vermin will all be out and gang raping white Christian children again. Ergo, Britain and the West are doomed.

    • Mike_W20

      I agree that Britain and the West appear doomed.
      However, things may turn around after the people have gone through Hell on Earth and understand just how evil islam is; and how they have been betrayed by their “leaders”.

      Despicable, allowing their women and children to be prey to muslim rape gangs.
      Just how decadent are Western societies today, especially the men, to allow this?
      How they could allow the widespread mohammedan sexual predation on their children?

      Things will obviously need to get very bad indeed before they come to their senses.
      I expect widespread chaos shortly, after all the recently imported jihadis get organized.
      Beslan children massacre, Mumbai, Paris Bataclan theatre attack, times a thousand.

      Here’s hoping all the Western “leaders” complicit in this betrayal of their own people meet a swift and extremely prejudiced justice, wtshtf.

  • hiskid1964

    put the mutts down

  • putupjob

    so now gang rape of a young girl is equated with the tango.
    there’s always some reason, according to the imams, why these incidents are justified or to be expected.

    • Gabriel A. King

      Rape of young girls is only “politically correct” if you are a Muslim. If a white man however has consentual sex with a 22 year old female who later decides to cry rape….
      It’ll be plastered all over the MSM as yet another example of how evil all white men are. And how western society is a “rape culture”….

      • craig_oz_land

        Gabriel, it’s been decades of social manipulation by the left wing media. Just ask yourself, who are the left wing, who are the media and who are the enablers. Go watch the movie the Matrix. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

        • Gabriel A. King

          You’re preaching to the choir. Iv’e been studying the NWO for 30 years now. lol

          • craig_oz_land

            Cool, hard to know from a single comment. Hope others benefit from the exchange in dialogue and it make this world a better place.

            It is truly evil that these people feed off the misery and genocide of other people to promote their position in society.

  • Khorne

    Uuh these orks are really disgusting.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Orcs are nauseated by muslims.

  • Gabriel A. King

    Justice will not be fully satisfied until their heads are cut off and mounted on pikes. As for the “Muslim Councillor” blaming the 13 year old girl…..

    Just more proof that Islam is evil and must be exterminated from the earth along with all of it’s adherents.

    • IronMaidenaregods

      Really? I think you’ll find that the councillor said some in the community blamed the victim, not necessarily the councillor.

      Please learn to read properly.

      • Gabriel A. King

        First of all… YES: Iron Maiden are Gods.

        Secondly, you need to read it better. The so called “councillor” is a MUSLIM who blamed the victim.

        “Councillor Zafar Ali said some in the community feel ‘she played her part ”

        He’s attempting damage control by citing Muslim public opinion. The “some in the community” are Muslims and hardcore Leftists.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Some in the community should be dragged into the street and shot.

          • Gabriel A. King

            2 in the chest, 1 in the head.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Seems excessive, but ok.

  • Scott Winterstein

    I think its clear no one belived that a 13 year old was held responsible even if she were running around with no clothes on asking you to have sex with her is clear as it would be obvious simply asking her father if this is smarter. Now throw in all these men… I would say its very possible one guy maybe makes a bad call. But 12 men saying she is responsible. My daughter is raped by 12 guys its safe to say I assure you I think everyone a certain rights to be free. I too have certain rights. I think its nice the jury took into consideration their mental disisabilie in sentecing?

    • Gabriel A. King

      A 13 year old girl is only “not responsible”- if she is allegedly raped by a white male.

      SJW FIELD MANUAL pg. 92

  • Fields of Ambrosia

    This such a culture phenomena. I don’t care what your sexual or religous persuasion

    is. But to base you liberal bias on a political philosophy that enables emboldeds these midievel crazies is future suicide. If not checked you will say the day conservative christian and LBGT person will find when back to back with a weapon in their hand they have a lot in common.

    • Gabriel A. King

      It’s not “future” suicide, as they are slitting Europe’s throat right now. It’s an active murder / genocide.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Muslims are always the victims. There whole reason for their existence it to blame the rest of the world for their stupidity. Give them suspended sentences, three foot rope 15 feet above the floor. Publicly, to be deterrent to others who might be thinking the same.

  • Robert Bayer

    Islam and Leftist MUST together be swept from the face of the earth because they INTEND to kill and rape everyone in not in their little group of horrors.

  • disqus_Jwz6tzxH5A

    That is right.. make it the victims fault. Disgusting! They believe it is always the woman’s fault. They never take the blame for their own behavior.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “‘There are a few bad apples but that doesn’t mean to say everyone is bad. What they did is not Muslim and any sensible Muslim would condemn it”. Alrighty then, lets hear from a few of these “sensible” muslims. Well… I’m waiting… yoo hoo, sensible muslims condemning rape of infidel girls, where are you?

    • craig_oz_land

      Are you daft? The Quran and other Immams preach this. Have you never heard them use the term “kafir whores”. People are innately good, it is that evil piece of writing by a very evil man called Mohammed that enables good people to do bad things in the name of a so called God.

      • craig_oz_land
      • Mahou Shoujo

        Muslims are for the most part garbage, the occasional ok one is hard to find. Who pays any attention to their insane ramblings? Muhammad was a psychopathic violent criminal pervert, his inbred followers to this generation are the same.

      • onguard4thee

        I would gladly donate the bullets to fix with the lack of lead these bastards have in their heads !! Fucking ignorant scum !! Go back to where you came from !! Why the the hell did you go to the EU if you don’t like the way it is there ??/ You are the scum and are the one that is deranged !! You will never be able to live in the real world of today !!

  • Mike_W20

    And the average mohammedan, as he rapes children and slaughters in the name of Allah, thinks he is just fabulous: a fine person, emulating the example of Mohammed.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      According to islam, muhammad was the perfect man. In the qur’an he describes and validates beastiality, necrophilia, violence of any description, cannibalism, rape, murder and theft, as tenets of islam. His followers emulate him like the inbred monkeys they are.

  • John Doe

    Why are they called Asian? Just curious, In America there isn’t any Asian Muslims that I’m aware of.

  • knight

    They should all be hanged, by the he slowest method available, then fed to the sharks.

    We will not win putting them into luxury prisons, better treated that the homeless.

    Prisons need to be stripped of all luxuries as it has just become a racket.
    Those that knew of these attacks should have 17 years behind bars for failing to carry out justice.

  • Kingofthehill

    Kill them all! Hang them upside down by their nuts till they die off of exposure. Also feel free to throw everything you want at them.

  • Fed Up UK

    Or “twelve men” according to the BBC. The BBC decided to wait until the twenty-first minute of its ‘News at Six’ evening broadcast before giving “details” of this horrendous crime.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      News only has to be delayed, to make it ineffectual.

  • Bruce_in_San_Jose

    Too bad Britains allowed themselves to be disarmed.

  • eva

    They need to be castrated before prison. It would be cheaper to castrate, maybe blind them, put a parachute on them them push out of plane over there home country.

  • Michael Copeland

    The Daily Mail and mainstream media have a learning curve to climb. Uncritically they obligingly publicise these pro forma denials, so predictable and so heard-them-all-before:
    “this does not represent the Muslim community as a whole and any sensible Muslim totally condemns these actions”, said Zafar Ali, member of the Keighley Mosque.

    This is “taqiyya”, Islam’s “Permissible Lying” (Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller”, r8).

    To the contrary, such actions do, indeed, represent “the muslim community as a whole”. The community is expressly authorised by Islam to take non-muslim sex slaves of any age. “Lawful unto you are what your right hands possess [slaves]” (Koran 4:24, part of Islamic law).

    Jihad is a “communal obligation” (“Reliance..” o9.1). It is a jihadi’s right to take sex slaves from amongst the kuffar:

    “Their women are yours to take, legitimately. Allah made them yours. Why don’t you enslave their women?”
    Sheikh Saad al-Buraik

    “Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad…”
    Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, professor, imam and eminent Saudi scholar.

    “If you are a practicing muslim you are above the law of the land.”
    Mustafa Carroll, Dallas CAIR

    Any muslim who “totally condemns these actions” is denying a verse in the Koran, for which the penalty is death (“Reliance..” o8.7(7)). Anyone can, penalty-free and vigilante-style, perform the killing “since it is killing someone who deserves to die” (“Reliance…” o8.4).

    The press ought to know these matters, and challenge the purveyors of Permissible Lying.

    “Reliance of the Traveller” is available as a free download.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The lame stream media suffer from ignorant delusions that anything not Christian, but socialist is progressive and politically correct. That is why newspapers are rapidly going broke, the lie is collapsing on itself.

  • Michael Copeland

    Take in all those faces above.
    See more, from Colorado, Tennessee, Minnesota, Montreal, Birmingham UK, London, and Sweden at Liberty GB “Child Sex Gangs”.

    These are “the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind”,
    Koran 3:110.

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    This is because silly gutless white ignoramuses refuse to call islam and the koran what they are. And pretend to RESPECT them. Well this is what they’re respecting…raping paedo pakis

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    Paedostan … where vile Pakiphiles come from.

  • vercingetorix

    This is the kind of things (mass-rapes) that occur when you allow millions of half-savages to immigrate into your country! The Brits should say thanx to Labour and the Tories for that……..

  • Ruger 1

    The Only Cure for these Raping mooslims.. Is a Hot Piece of Lead to the Forehead!!!!!!!!

    • Jack

      Agreed but what about the police who turned away victims knowing a crime took place, Prosecutor, and Politicians whom ew for 20 years. What should happen to them?

  • Jack

    These Animals(this noun may be too kind) were depraved in action. accepted that this was a normal mores of society(their community) and they did it rape women (Muslim) or treat them as slaves. So this was the dominating factor of behavior.
    The Police, Prosecuter social welfare system, Politicians and Mediaare not only criminally.culpable but guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of Justice and devoid of any morality. They deserve to sit in prison too. Their crime far exceeds the rapist. The trust has been boken be size of these Civi Servants worried how it will appear arresting only Asian Men.

  • kyleyoder

    Keep in mind, feminists are coming out in full force now saying gang rape by non-white men is acceptable (jt also comprises the vast majority of rapes in the US and throughout the world). It’s part of the collective SJW sacrifice or something. Even Gloria Steinem and Germaine Greer both wrote pieces giving leeway to the “cultural differences” and the need to “understand” and how white women are indeed partly to blame for dressing provocatively. Mark my words, in 10 years time the Left Wing–and its indoctrinated minions–will insist a woman wearing a bikini is “right wing” and should be banned.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Gloria Steinem and Germaine Greer are both hideous ugly perverted orcs who have had their day, and blown it. Instead of trying to enhance human dignity, they are apologists for criminally insane degenerates

  • Mannie

    Throw away the keys.

  • scocope

    “It takes two to tango” is a very telling statement. Only followers of a “religion” with a pedophile as its “prophet” wouldn’t understand that girls of that age can’t give consent and any form of sex with them is rape.

  • KaD

    Jail is too good for these animals. They should get a peniscrotalectomy and be deported or put to death.

  • Stephen Honig

    I hate Muslims. I wish all those rapist have a slow painful death, starting now unless you favor evil.

  • Civilus Defendus

    Citizens must lead, as elected representatives have capitulated. Educate, challenge, force the leadership class to face the reality of islam and their own suicidal social programs. To end the cultural jihad it must first be recognized. Honor and respect to Pamela for her endless work in support of freedom and humanity.

  • imwithstoopid
  • pduffy4

    All such filthy scum should be executed.

  • rickyoo

    Each day in prison they should all be introduced to a broom handle and see how they like to be raped.

  • Steve Brown

    Insurrection may be the only way the citizens of Europe can save their nations.

  • Dan Knight

    “Blame the Victim” … A valid excuse for any actual crime committed by any criminal in the Lietard demographic.
    If the victim also fits a Lietard demographic, the victim can – if he or she so chooses – blame conservatives. This works because the drones and the sheeple are thoroughly brainwashed.

  • Luigi Valentino
    • Steve

      Sharia and jihad are incompatible with Western culture.

  • Nocturn

    They should each be given 20 strokes with a large cane done by brawny policemen .This might just deter filthy scums like these from ever thinking of doing it.It’s done in some better Asian countries .

  • Mindy Robinson

    These are just a few bad apples, they represent a large population of muslims, we are seeing it in every nation. islam will be outlawed before all is done and said, question is, will it be before the muslims outnumber the citizens of the host nations they have invaded.

  • Phleb

    The worm in the second picture – someone stole his neck.

  • wisegal1958

    Thank God Britain is FINALLY doing something about this! This has been going on a LOT and they kept trying to sweep it under the rug and pretend it wasn’t happening, while these poor kids just kept on being used by these animals!

  • joe kulak

    Best argument for the death penalty I’ve seen in a long while.

  • Steve

    Do cromosome studies on the animals. You can see the retardation in there appearance.

  • TC

    You think that one is bad, think again. There are 25 perverts in this gang. It’s just getting worse.

  • Jay Dillon

    Each muzzie gets like 5 years in prison? or what?

  • Jay Dillon

    See, this proves that the scary term of “a total of 140 years” is actually, in fact, divided amongst the 12 men so that none of them has to suffer too much. Plus they all get free food and special halal served to them by fawning subordinates while the young girl has to grow up trying to piece together some sort of existence out of her devastated psyche.

    Khalid Mahood, 34, was given an extended sentence of 17 years – See more at:

  • Jay Dillon

    Execute them all as enemy combatants and be done with em.

  • CM

    Such girls and their broken families should be tried as well and given punishment. These monsters and frauds should be hanged.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Give them pig’s blood intravenously immediately prior to being executed, and then run them through a wood chipper to be used for mulch.

  • jkarna

    The scum will be released early. In the mean time, third-world UK will have to pay
    to keep this scum incarcerated and their families will receive a full benefits package.
    I sent a letter to the UK government asking why Pam was banned from the UK but Muslim hate preachers were allowed in. No response.

  • gina

    This is so dam insane to take a beautiful child and destroy her in every way posible,
    Even jail is to good for these monsters. Sharia law should be imposed after all they are muslims a fitting punishment would be to have them buried to the neck and stoned to death an let the victim take her part.
    I am tired of hearing no all muslims are bad, yet they have as a whole , they have managed to increase the crime rate everywhere they go! How about deporting them to whatever middle east hellhole they crawled out of.
    I hope she can recover from this and not be victimized again. I hope she doesnt turn to drug use to dull the pain as so often happens to victims of sexual assault. Or god forbid take her own life, which happens alot.

  • Marilyn Stanley

    Why are they calling these animals Asian? What nationality/culture was the victim? In another country with Muslim refugees a group of them were in a public pool, groping and assaulting wome,. They defectated in the pool. I think that people had better start listening. If they don’t like something someone says, look it up!

  • Marilyn Stanley

    In another country they are groping women in swiming pools, defecating etc. why are these animals called Asians?

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