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[ September 24, 2017 ]

LIVESTREAM VIDEO: Berkeley Free Speech Rally

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Breitbart News Coverage on Berkeley Free Speech March

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Photos/Video: Free Speech Rally at Berkeley #WeOvercame

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Breitbart News: Milo Announces Troll Academy Tour, Publishing Pamela Geller’s ‘Fatwa’ Under Dangerous Books

[ September 24, 2017 ]

WE WILL MARCH ON BERKELEY today despite cancellation #weshallovercome

[ September 24, 2017 ]

South Africa: Muslim twins plotted jihad attacks on Jewish institutions

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Austria: 4,364 asylum applicants vanish

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Australia: Muslim boys gang-rape 12-year-old girl in Sydney park

[ September 23, 2017 ]

FATWA! Hunted in America: Pamela Geller’s New Book from Milo’s Dangerous Publishing House

[ September 23, 2017 ]

YOUTUBE Suspends, Deletes Pamela Geller’s Account

Muslim on Twitter: “Pamela Geller, carry on, you will get what you deserve”


Despite all the manufactured hoopla about Twitter removing jihadis and their threats, their terrorism continues unabated, like this chap.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 1.13.13 PM

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon.
It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story.
It's what happens when you stand for freedom today.
The story of being hunted in America. Get it, read it, share it. It's mindblowing. Buy it. Now. Here.
  • Fred

    Hey KHAN, why don’t you GF YOURSELF or a goat like you’re used to. That takes guts to threaten a woman. That’s right I forgot, your kind is too busy raping and stoning women to death. Try coming after one of my family members, boy! HOPE one of your own kind assassinates you! You BOY, deserve a one way trip to HELL!

    • joe1429

      With his goat, lol

  • Andrew

    I have few heros. Pamella Geller is one

    • sddull

      Pamela is my hero too.

    • Pamela Geller an Inspiration!

      I agree. A lot of people admire Pamela Geller’s courage and we rely on her site to keep us informed and up-to-date. She is an inspiration and will not be silenced or intimidated.

      Atlasshrugs remembers Israeli victims of Muslim terror in Israel and Muslim women who have been honored killed in the name of Islam.

      Pamela Geller is one of a few people who remember Ilan Halimi the young French Jewish man who was tortured for 24 days in France and murdered by Muslims in France. The media ignored this story.

      Atlasshrugs remembers when the media won’t and she puts faces of innocent victims of terror on her site when the newspapers stick them at the back of newspapers or ignore them altogether.

      Khan truly is a coward picking on an intelligent attractive brave Jewish woman. Thousands of us stand around the world stand with Pamela Geller and appreciate her.

      Shabbat Shalom
      G-d Bless

  • barrydonnelly

    “Awake,Awake, Deborah ! awake,awake,sing a song ! Arise Barak,and lead your captives away, O son of Abinoam ! ” Judges 5:12 Old Testament (N.K.J.V.) P.S. The Judaeo Christian God Is AHKBAR !!!

  • Borum

    You’ll get what you deserve ?
    What we ALL deserve is a
    Mahzlem – free world !

  • Mahou Shoujo

    If Pamela gets what she deserves, she will be grand ayatollah in charge of mecca. There will be a Star of David and Cross on the kaaba. Kh4n, you are not man enough to approach a real woman, stay with your goat, it is your mental superior.

  • farflung

    Ms Pamela there are some of us out here that will do what ever it takes to protect you. Most of us are veterans and desire this nation remains free, however these savages are here to declare war so killing them would be justifiable if they come for you or any of us. Be safe for we pray hard for your safety and keep the good fight!

  • joker

    I have bad news for Khan, we will come after you until you are properly …. You bloody muzzrat.

  • Infidel Knight

    @KH4N: How about you get 20 of your rabid animals and I’ll get 5 Marines. We’ll set a time and place to meet privately. Please RSVP, can’t wait to meet ya.

    • You’ll just get fit, chasing them all over the place. I speak from experience.

      • Infidel Knight

        I know, they’re total “chickens.”

        • Pray Hard


          • Infidel Knight

            I really wanted to use a word that begins with p and ends with y. 5 letter word to be exact with a u that follows the p.

          • wilypagan

            Don’t insult American women by comparing us to those cowardly followers of the pedophile.

          • Infidel Knight

            That’s why I didn’t use it in the original post, go look.

          • joe1429


      • joker

        Also speaking from experience, many years back…muzzrats are cowards. Just hunt them down, and they will plead for mercy.

    • joe1429

      The only way they know how to fight is to plant IEDs and run away

      • Infidel Knight

        Then the Marines and myself will get there early and wait for them

        • joe1429

          Just gut wrenching, that so many good marines, lost limbs to these sand ni.. ers, who plant IED and run away

          • Infidel Knight

            Agree, I know several of our service people who were maimed by these rabid animals. Everyone of these animals must be killed.

  • Truth1234

    Why are these disgusting ads by über havoc displayed on this website? Why does these have to constantly be in our faces? So we can get immune to it?
    Pamela, thank you so much for your courage! You are an amazing woman and you are so much braver than these heartless thugs who are the worst kind of cowards. Keep up the good work!

  • Ichabod Crain

    I hope Pamela gets what she deserves, if that is a Pulitzer Prize for exposing the sham of Islam. If not that, there must be some other form of recognition for her dedication, some kind of citizen’s award at the highest level.


    KH4Ncer, You deserve Nakba. It’s coming when you least expect it.

    • Don Grantham

      KH4Ncer… well done.

  • Don Grantham

    If Pam really got what she deserved… she would need a larger space for all of her accolades. You really appreciate what she is doing when you realize how much freedom of speech is being repressed on a daily basis. If this site ever went dark, it would be a sad day for liberty.

    • sodacrackers2

      I couldn’t get onto it for a few days and almost went nuts!

  • Wait a minute, just a few days ago “Islam was the religion of peace, fraternity, tolerance, mutual respect and patriotism”???

    • Pray Hard

      That’s a liberal children’s book. It never was, not in 1,400 years.

  • Aleister Crowley

    Besides Catholic Charities and some Protestant groups the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is also part of this immigrant relocation scam.

    • Pray Hard


  • jebor

    Ann Barnhardt also

  • Pray Hard

    Actually, Muslim vermin, you’ll get what you deserve.

  • joe1429

    Go Pam!!!!! Go Trump!!!!!!!!!

  • Arkansas MIke

    islam will get what it deserves one day. You can count on that. Even mother nature is sick of those murdering pedophile bassturds.

    You are my hero too, Pamela! Thank You for what you do!

  • Ayna

    You press charges for being threatened for this?

    Well you know what to do best for sure.

  • SmithWinston6478

    If primitive 14th century inbred extremists get crazy in the U.S., they might be very surprised by angry Americans “behind every blade of grass”. We are starting to lose our patience.

  • wilypagan

    Donald Trump, when he is elected, should appoint Pamela Secretary of Defense. She has done more for the defense of our country than all of Obama’s lapdog generals and Cabinet members.

  • Wolfgang Stahl

    I do not think that the Muslims are upset about the fact that the non-Muslims do truth speaking about their behavior and the life and the atrocities of Muhammad and the violence of the Koran, but the deeds of Muhammad and the Quran described by the “unbelievers” as criminal and cruel.

    Because for Muslims it is not wrong to take action against non Muslims with terrorism and that just as it has done their prophet and their book teaches them. For Muslims it is an insult that you look at their attitude as unethical, because for them it’s the most ethical thing to do following their prophet.

    They are a little bit like a criminal who gets angry when someone calls him a bad person, because for him it is just a normal way of daily living. Therefore he makes the non criminal members of the society responsible for his own action and blame them to be not “normal” but sees himself as right on spot!

    Thats why the muslims will kill you if they can and if its necessary to reach their goals, namely to come to power or get the treasure…..Same as a criminal will do…

    What is morally wrong for most people ( killing, rape, stealing, enslaving etc.) is not considered any sort of crime by Muslims if they do it to the “unbelievers”, because their prophet did it the same way.

  • pompis1

    I recommend every American get a pig for a pet and take the pig with them everywhere they go.

  • Save Europe

    People like Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders get it right !!!

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