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Leaked German Gov’t Report Shows “Refugees” Committed 208,344 Crimes Between 2014 and 2015


“Of the total number of crimes, only 1 percent, or 1,688, had anything to do with sexual offenses. There were 458 cases of serious sexual assault, which includes either rape or coercion.” Clearly that is being underreported, given what we know about the Cologne New Year’s Eve attacks, and this report shows that the German media even admits that. But whatever the crime committed, this is unconscionable. And even worse is the fact that Merkel intends to bring to Germany hundreds of thousands more “refugees,” despite knowing about these crime statistics. She is knowingly presiding over the suicide of her nation.

merkel refugee

“Leaked German Gov’t Report Shows Refugees Committed 200,000 Crimes Between 2014 And 2015,” by Jonah Bennett, Daily Caller, February 18, 2016:

A leaked report from Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Agency reveals refugees committed over 200,000 crimes between 2014 and 2015.

The report is only supposed to be seen by police and other government employees, but it ended up in the hands of Bild, a German newspaper, Deutsche Welle reports.

What the document shows primarily is that refugees are responsible for 208,344 crimes.

A total of 32 percent of those crimes were related to asset or fraud offenses, and another 33 percent were due to theft. Of the total number of crimes, only 1 percent, or 1,688, had anything to do with sexual offenses. There were 458 cases of serious sexual assault, which includes either rape or coercion.

Not all ethnic groups were equal in the amount of crimes committed. Viewed proportionally, there were more offenders from Eritrea, Nigeria and countries from the Balkans like Serbia and Albania. In absolute numbers, Syrians committed 24 percent of refugee crimes, but Serbs only comprised 2 percent of the refugee population and managed to account for an incredible 13 percent of crimes.

Bild noted, however, the report did not include the reported cases of sexual assault in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, skewing the data slightly.

The 446 alleged sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve threw Germany into an uproar, mostly because of accusations that the German government collaborated with the media to downplay the incident. Of particular note, following the assaults, Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker put the onus on females who were assault and suggestedwomen [sic] should abide by a code of conduct to avoid future assaults.

Due to crime rates and generally undesirable behavior, tensions over importing over a million refugees were high, and the assaults in Cologne, committed mostly by Arabs and North Africans, pushed ordinary Germans over the edge. A recent poll indicated that 40 percent of Germans want Chancellor Angela Merkel to resign due to her poor handling of the refugee crisis. She has admitted Europe has totally lost control of the situation.

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  • Juan
    • IzlamIsTyranny

      This was a disgusting story, yet I don’t notice the “moderate”, “decent” muslums of the world doing anything to stop it.

  • joker

    That is how you take out the traitor of Europe and Germany. Pretend to be a Rapefugee and make a selfy with Merkel. Can be done.×533.jpeg

    • Dara Enriquez

      I agree, so do it. No more talk, I want to see action.

  • Infidel Knight

    As staggering as these numbers are, it was 100% predictable. Now, @Europe and Britain: civil war is the only way to save your nations, what are you waiting for; to be sized for a burqa..??

  • This is USA shortly if Trump is not elected .

    • Luigi Valentino
      • Dave J Lawson

        Look at the ever growing attacks on women in Europe

        ..its sickening. And Germans got it bcoz they were stupid to vote Islamo pandering Leaders.

        Only Trump is serious about protecting America , others will sell America to Arabs for cash.

        • roger

          Unfortunately, 60% of the population still don’t seem to understand, or they don’t know how serious the situation is.
          The poll quoted above showed only 40% of Germans wish Merkel gone, unbelievable.

    • dieterdohmen

      I suspect that Trump will not save you. The last time you Americans went so crazy about a new president was seven, eight years ago. Today you all view Trump as the saviour back then it was 0dumbo. Germans behave that way, too. No offence intended. Greetings from Berlin. It’s getting worse every single day! I going to leave Germany next year or the year after.
      I have new neighbours now from Bulgaria. You simply can’t teach them to be quiet and civilized. They shout and scream at each other the whole day. I called the police over six or seven times. I once slapped the guy and his two sons (I’m a black belt and he knows it) – but they just don’t understand!! They just don’t understand what I want from them!
      I’m so sick of it all! I work here as a watchmaker, so I’m “with them” all the time. They live from German welfare, from my taxes here. They are criminals.
      Germany’s lost in my opinion. This is a first hand experience from Germany. All these rapefugees are here to stay. No one will never ever dare to expell them, because that would be “N@zi”.
      So I got to leave. My parents came here to Berlin in 1976; they escaped from communist Poland. No I will have to move on.
      I sincerely hope that The Donald won’t disappoint us all. But I somehow have a bad feeling.

      • Jane Kohut-Bartels

        I agree. Trump looks good to the lumpen proletariat. He hasn’t said one significant word about policy except to yell, shout, insult and wave his arms around. Trump also is just a business man…no statesman, no politician. Can you imagine him at a table of European leaders? He reminds me of Hitler. Watch movies of Hitler and you get some idea what America is in for. Trump is a path. narcissist, and there is no telling or controlling these sort of folk. They believe they rule because of Divine right.
        Obama was a bomb, but he also was supported and pushed forward by people who opportunistically thought that he would ‘bring the gravy home’ for Blacks. How have things changed for these people? Forget the rest of this nation. These ‘disenfranchised folk (mostly white…) are the Brownshirts of what is to come.
        As for these ‘refugees’….well, we have our own kind here, who think the world was made for them, and they don’t have to live or teach their children by any decent, civilized standards. So everyone else is pushed aside for these illegals. Plus, many legal citizens rent their citizenship in my opinion. They contribute nothing and eat up welfare, but let’s not forget that they are ‘entitled’.
        A Trump only arises when conditions are so severe that people have lost their common sense.

        • dieterdohmen

          Dear Jane, thank you for taking your time to write me here. I totally agree with you. Well let’s see what will happen. But I think and hope that it will only become better now.
          Above I already replied to another answer. It also applies to you. Thank you. God bless you. :-)
          By the way, I’m not the European who places great hope in you, in the USA.
          PS: Jane, you have a very famous name. Heinz Kohut was a very famous psychoanalyst. I learned about him at the university.
          All the best,
          Sven from Berlin

          • Jane Kohut-Bartels

            Dear Sven from Berlin. I do hope you settle amongst us in the USA. We need and welcome sane and intelligent people here. We just haven’t had many of them recently. Our nation is built upon the work and dedication of immigrants from the beginning. Something definitely went wrong, but today, a dubious fellow like Trump holds the public attention with his antics where in another time, he would be roundly dismissed. It is frustrating, confusing, but those who don’t understand world history, and especially what happened during WWII and after with the migrations of Europeans….haven’t a clue as to what is happening to Europe and soon the US. We can hope for the best, but I am without confidence.
            Yes, lol….Heinz Kohut. A relative I am told. However, I did study psychology for years, and did agree with him on many psychological issues, in fact, studied him for years, but like “Uncle” Heinz, had other irons in the fire. I gave up psychology and became a writer, a musician. Having to deal with my own disappointments and demons is a lot easier than covering those of other people. LOL! I have a writer’s website at
            It is good to interface with sane and intelligent people. My very best to you.

          • dieterdohmen

            Wow! I’m so impressed, Jane. I have to leave now, it’s half past five in the evening. But I will definitely visit your site and drop you a message. Thank you so much!! :-)

          • Jane Kohut-Bartels

            Thank you! And I hope that the situation in Europe resolves so you don’t have to leave. However, I wonder about the tourism trade in Europe right now….Paris and Germany especially. I’m reading a book on Cologne during WWII and before and the rise of the Brown Shirts there….interesting how history repeats itself. And thank you for checking out my blog. It’s a literary blog, nothing really about popular culture, etc. But I do write about the international situation at times.
            I write novels and I write lots of poetry….that is most of my published books.

        • Hedy

          I am not lumpen, I am not proletar(ian), and I am definitely not a lumpen proletar. However Trump looks darn good to me. He shouts, and it would be better if you would listen to what he is shouting about.

          • Jane Kohut-Bartels

            Have. He says nothing to me. But to each her own.

          • leisa

            It doesn’t matter what they think about Trump….he’s right about these damn refugees. And I certainly don’t want them here. “Death to America?”….seriously? DEPORT THEIR ASSES! And i don’t mind shouting that either….I’m not that easily offended by Trump….when did we become such a nation of pansies?

        • mike kelly

          Trump neither needs nor wants the approval of people like you.
          True, he is a business man, a very very successful business man who is smart enough to know how to appoint thr right people to deal with the things that he has no ecperience in.
          I hope he wins the election and returns the USA to a political policy of isolation.
          We dont need europe.
          We dont need africa.
          We dont need south america.
          Nor do we need any of their problems.
          And the truth of the matter is that we will only need asia til we get all of our jobs back and start producing our own goods again.
          Thrn asia wont be needed either.
          Isolation got us out of our worst depression and saved America.
          If we hadnt had to help europe from being steamrolled over by the nazis we eould have never entered into the second worl war and we would still have a political policy of isolation.
          America doesnt need the rest of the world even though they need us for support and to do their dirty work for them

        • DCW16

          “He hasn’t said one significant word about policy except to yell, shout, insult and wave his arms around.” ? ? ?
          That is a blatant LIE my dear . . . perhaps you don’t pay attention.
          Hitler? Obama and Hitler led amazingly similar lives . . . including their childhood.
          You are makin stuff up about Trump . . . Trump understands how things should work, he is neither a lawyer or a politician . . . which is a PLUS. Trumph is also a “Patroit” he loves America and the Constitution, unlike the Left who hate America and prove it every day.

          • leisa

            most of all….he’s not a CAREER politician making loads of money off the taxpayers back!

      • No offense taken I wish all you in Germany the best in your fight against these savages . I am not looking for Trump to save me but to bring the danger all these Muslims bring to everyone out in the open f or once

        • dieterdohmen

          Top answer, thank you! This is what I like about you Americans.
          And that’s why I strongly feel that I’m gonna join you the next year or the year after. I always loved America, the USA, already as a young boy. In 1986, when I was 9, I wrote a letter to president Ronald Reagan because I liked him so much. The embassy in Bonn answered me and sent me a nice letter I still keep here. A lady wrote me, that the president is very busy so that she answers me for him, and so on. And I got a photo with an autograph. It hangs here above my desk, I look at Mr. Reagan every day. And his trustful, confident smile gives me, well, confidence.
          Thank you for taking the time to answer me.
          God bless America!

          • mike kelly

            Unfortunately you wont be permitted to immigrate to the states because you are a caucasian and probably a christian.
            It has been almost impossible to immigrate to the states if you are a white man since the civil rights movement of the mid 60’s.
            Thats when those in charge, (behind the curtains), decided that America needed to be brown downed.
            Even with you being a skilled tradesman, watch making and repair, your chances are slim.
            If you really want to be a citizen of the USA, i would suggest that you get the paperwork started now and get all of your ducks in a row.
            I wish you the best of luck in your desire to be an American.

          • dieterdohmen

            Thank you so much!!!
            Yeah, I’m a Catholic. And yes, I or better we restore vintage wrist watches and it is a good business. I pay quite a lot of taxes to help our rapefugees.
            Thank you, Mike. I really appreciate your answer.
            All the best,

      • Jeanne Ballard

        50% of Americans were not impressed nor did they vote for obama

        • dieterdohmen

          That’s reassuring. Thank you, Jeanne!

      • Veritas Aequitas

        You speak from life experiences and I am dumbfounded on how someone outside of this country understands that many ignorant Americans voted for a muslim/marxist dictator. Now Americans wants to repeat the same disastrous mistake by electing a Social Nationalist. It’s a true shame that most Americans are placing their faith in one man to fix all of our problems. They have forgotten to tell our leaders to get the hell out of our way because we are going to fix our own problems,

        Sorry. Your testimony has confirmed for me that Germany is now considered Dar al-Islam. It looks like Shar’ia law is next for Germany. Shar’ia law will happen in Brussels first.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Shar’ia law is already being enforced in fact, if not name, in Dearbornistan, Michigan.

      • Dara Enriquez

        The difference between that monkey of a president that we have now and Trump is that Trump speaks the TRUTH, not some left wing BS. So I think Trump will do good for America. Germany on the other hand is DEAD as is all of Europe.

      • Blogengeezer

        Europe had it’s own protective force for years. Christianity. As Christianity was demonized in favor of secular humanism, because Christianity was too ‘Restrictive’, a Spiritual vacuum set in. As the Spiritual Vacuum nears ‘absolute’, Islam is rushing in.

        If the secular humanist thought that Christianity was too ‘restrictive’. just watch. Within one generation… for Islam to take full effect Over Europe. Islam is Not only a religion. It is cradle to grave totalitarian way of life.

        Attracted by the super magnet of national socialism, subsidized into taking root, the process is referred to as “Taking the Jizya’. the naive infidels are the victims, as the tax Payer supported parasitic ‘system’ flourishes.

        With four wives and eight children for each wife, added to the encouraged ‘conquests’ of the females of the Host country bearing spawn, the Demographics alone will overwhelm the indigenous residents. One Generation…

        The legislative process will become taken over by the ‘new’ demographics and Change, ‘Fundamental Change’ [as promised for the USA] will be forced on the indigenous… as history reveals… repeatedly.

      • You’re more than welcome to reside in Northern Ireland; seeing as it’s 99% white and Christian here – without a single mosque in sight. Every single town is 99.9999% white and Christian too. The Bulgarians, the Romanians, the few Muslims who reside here, they’re so small in number you barely notice them. They were even chased out a few years back after they started a crime wave here. The government had to pay for their flights home – over 200 of them.

        The rest of Europe and the UK are lost, forever, to Islam and the third world hordes. They will just keep pouring in over the next few years, to the point you’ll be hard pressed to even spot a white face in the crowd.

        In NI, however, our paramilitaries are so organised and well armed they refuse to allow this to happen. In the UK, 140,000 reported crimes carried out by rapefugees and gimmegrants affected them badly; while here in NI, we inflicted over 2,000 “hate crimes” on them to chase the scum out.

        I say it again, to all who feel threatened in Europe, you’re more than welcome to reside here, and help keep NI a bastion of Christianity in a world fast falling to Islam.

    • joe1429

      Congrats on S Carolina win!!!!!!!!!!! Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scocope

    Given that crime is notoriously underreported especially if the potential victim gets away; what is the most important statistics are the percentages of who are committing the crimes in comparison to population. Those are the most predictive, preventable and frightening.

  • Aaron

    That’s more than 4 sexual attacks PER DAY by the invasion force.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Seems low, suspect there are many more unreported, as the mutaween now patrolling germany do not consider infidel women to be anything but consumables.

      • joe1429

        The official number is DOUBLE , as most women are too ashamed to report

        • Mahou Shoujo


  • Jeff Ludwig

    What is happening in Germany, the UK, Sweden, etc. Is of such profound importance for the entire world that words can barely express the horror I am feeling when reading of these developments. It’s a nightmarish sequence of events, including this report. May Almighty God have mercy on me and on all of us.

  • LaurenGlenn

    Lots of crimes don’t get reported. The real numbers are probably much higher,

  • Beach_Road_Mauler

    You stupid Krauts let them in. I hope they rip your country apart. And when you flee Germany for the US I hope like hell we machine gun you as you get off the planes and boats.

  • fulham2014

    what a beautiful contribution, from the religion of peace. Cultural enrichment. Thanks Merkel, Thanks Obama.

  • J. Neville Groff

    Hard to believe these are the same Germans we fought in WWII, but then again I suppose all those are long gone and those tolerant of inbred jackals with no impulse control remain.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Germany has become a nation of fools and sheep. When they are fleeced and raped they will be eaten, all in the name of islam.

    • Ron Cole

      If there is hope it is this.
      Normal youth, given the chance by a whole Christian family and Church, evolve over time.
      I met David Horowitz when he was a rabid Communist and watched his progress towards being one of our finest conservative minds*.
      Dr. Thomas Sowell often alludes to the growth in mind and spirit that individual `may` go through.
      I say `may` because some go through life as that infamous philosopher in animal House Bluto did “fat and stupid”.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        There is evidence that evolution is a parallel sequence of unsynchronized pendulums.

  • Tina

    These are low estimates. I have read several leaked reports that the German police ROUTINELY release migrant criminals without charging them because the government doesn’t want the public to know about the extent of the crime wave.

    • roger

      For sure.

  • Tina

    The quote below discusses widespread collusion in the German media to hide migrant crime etc.

    “In an interview. . .retired public media personality Wolfgang Herles admitted that public broadcasters receive “instructions from above” when it comes to reporting the news:

    “We have the problem that we are too close to the government. The topics we cover are determined by the government. But many of the topics the government wants to prevent us from reporting about are more important than the topics they want us to cover…

    “We must report in such a way that serves Europe [the European Union] and the common good, as it pleases Mrs. Merkel. There are written instructions … today we are not allowed to say anything negative about the refugees. This is government journalism, and this leads to a situation in which the public loses their trust in us. This is scandalous.”

    Previously, Claudia Zimmermann, a reporter with the public television broadcaster WDR, said that public media outlets in Germany “have been warned to report the news from a pro-government perspective.”

    The above statements admit what so many millions of people have been insisting for months. There has been a massive cover up by the main stream media (MSM) of the migrant crisis.

    If you are feeling strong, the link will take you to the article. It details one month in Germany. It took me 2 attempts to read it. My heart was breaking for all the German people raped & attacked by migrants. Why would a sane, responsible leader inflict such misery on her citizens?

    Quote from: http://www.gatestoneinstitute…. It is also available in German, Swedish & French.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      What do you call a government that censors the press? Totalitarian and fascist come to mind.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Germany today… sweden, britain and france.

        • Ron Cole

          Give me some good news.
          When will Waa`shit`dung, P&c follow?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            … recalculating…

  • Stay strong Lugi Valentino

  • joe kulak

    Merkel deserves the ‘full Mussolini’.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      “Full Mussolini”, LOL.

    • I think life in prison is better. I presume that she won’t know what happens to her after death, if you know what I mean.

    • Ron Cole

      Please not before Brunch.

  • DemocracyRules

    Is Russia ‘Weaponizing Refugees’ To Advance Its Geopolitical Goals?
    Finally someone tells it like it is. Source: Radio Free Europe

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “A recent poll indicated that 40 percent of Germans want Chancellor Angela Merkel to resign due to her poor handling of the refugee crisis. She has admitted Europe has totally lost control of the situation”. Not exactly true, merkel’s open door policy where she invited thousands of colonists into germany with no stipulations, had everything to do with the situation. Then her trying to coerce other european countries into taking the trash she invited to europe off germany’s hands, with their subsequent refusal to do so is more of the disgusting mess merkel made. Now is the time for the german media to start telling the truth, the lies and censorship of the past year or two have caught up with them, It will get much worse, with little chance of it getting better, previous media and government lies have caused this.

  • Janet

    Every time I see this picture of Merkel I want to give her a bitch slap! Look at how she is acting while her country is falling apart! I wonder what will happen to Germany’s tourism because of all these rapes and assaults! She’s a disgrace and I hope they vote her and her cronies out of office! I wonder how long she has left. I hope it’s not much longer for Germany’s sake!!!!

  • Well, 208,344 has no meaning unless I know the total population of refugees AND compare that ratio to crimes per population of non-refugees.

  • Kaitlyn Thomas

    I don’t understand a president or a leader of a country that would put their own citizens in danger it doesn’t make any sense to me ! BO is going to do the same thing very soon if not stopped by congress!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Personally, I think such politicians are corrupt. Muslum states like Soddy Barbaria, the UAE and Kuwait make literally billions of dollars a day selling oil to the world, they use that money to bribe/influence politicians all over the world.

  • Daniel Craig

    Put them back on the same boat and send them back to Saudi Arabia….let them take care of their own.

    • Jane Kohut-Bartels

      Saudi Arabia doesn’t want them. These are the trash of the ME. The vast majority are uneducated (except for all those engineers, doctors, lawyers they claimed during the camera rolling as they trudged through Europe….) unemployable and with cultural practices that can never be understood by Europeans. SA doesn’t want them because they are not the ‘right’ brand of Islam, and the leaders of SA know that they will be a burden on SA. So….push them on Europe. Europeans will take anything.

  • got243kids

    Ask this question; Who benefits from this chaos? Answer that and you’ll know the purpose of the suddenness of this issue. Hint; Syria, Iran, Iraq and nuclear weapons.

  • Veritas Aequitas

    The problem with Refugees committing over 200,000 crimes. According to Shar’ia, Hadith and the Qu’ran, they are not crimes. It’s accepted behavior against ALL and ANY Kafir.

  • joe1429

    Is the nypd giving the cologne police dept instructions on how to fudge their crime reporting stats??

  • I’ve zero sympathy for people and nations who open their borders to these Islamic hordes of rapists, abusers, criminals and terrorists.

    If you shoot yourself by accident, no one is to blame but those who pulled the trigger.

  • volksnut

    As you ‘ve suggested – ” Madman or co – conspirator ” its the latter if you ask me

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