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[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

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WATCH: Kerry on Gitmo Detainee Who Returned to Terrorism: “He’s Not Supposed to Be Doing That”


“Well, Senator, he’s not supposed to be doing that. And there are consequences for that, and there will be.” Really? What consequences? The weakness and fecklessness of the Obama administration is open to the world. “But apart from that, the fact is that we’ve got people who’ve been held without charges for 13 years, 14 years in some cases. That’s not American, that’s not how we operate.” They are enemy combatants, as Ibrahim al-Qosi proves. We didn’t charge all the Nazi soldiers we captured, either. This is a war. That is what Kerry and Obama refuse to admit.

“Kerry on Gitmo Detainee Who Returned to Terrorism: ‘He’s Not Supposed to Be Doing That,’” by Aaron Kliegman, Washington Free Beacon, February 24, 2016:

Secretary of State John Kerry lamented Wednesday that a terrorist who the Obama administration released from the military prison at Guantanamo Bay subsequently returned to fight for al Qaeda, telling lawmakers “he’s not supposed to be doing that.”

Appearing before the State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Kerry made the statement while testifying about the State Department’s budget request for the fiscal year 2017.

During the hearing, Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) asked Kerry for his thoughts on Ibrahim al Qosi, the former Guantanamo detainee who is now a prominent al Qaeda leader, and had staffers hold up a picture of the terrorist for Kerry to see.

“Let me just ask one question,” Kirk said to Kerry. “I want to show you a picture of Ibrahim al Qosi, who was recently released by the administration to the Sudanese, and he appeared on some al Qaeda videos recruiting people for AQAP [al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula].”

Kirk went on to say, “Now that he’s out, I would hope we would end the policy of issuing terrorists to terrorist nations, and where they can get out.”

Sudan, where al Qosi was released, has a long history of terrorist activity with Sunni jihadist groups and individuals like al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden as well as with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Sudanese government has also been internationally accused of committing genocide in Darfur.

Kerry paused for a moment before saying to Kirk, “Well, Senator, he’s not supposed to be doing that. And there are consequences for that, and there will be. But apart from that, the fact is that we’ve got people who’ve been held without charges for 13 years, 14 years in some cases. That’s not American, that’s not how we operate.”

Al Qosi was an aide to Osama bin Laden when he was taken to Guantanamo in 2002. He was released 10 years later after pleading guilty to war crimes in 2010 and was sent to his native Sudan. Upon the terrorist’s release, his lawyer, Paul Reichler, said al Qosi was looking forward to a quiet life of freedom, but the two never had contact after al Qosi left Guantanamo.

Al Qosi remerged this month as a prominent figure in AQAP propaganda videos calling for the takeover of Saudi Arabia and an end to the U.S.-Saudi alliance.

This recent development came shortly before President Obama announced his plan on Tuesday to close Guantanamo by releasing many of the remaining 91 detainees to foreign countries and transferring the rest to a prison on U.S. soil.

While it is currently illegal to move any of the detainees to the United States, Obama is hoping Congress will change the law so he can implement the policy, although majorities in both houses of Congress oppose the move….

Opponents of the president also point to the fact that the recidivism rate for released detainees who return to the battlefield is 30 percent, citing al Qosi as just one example of many.

  • Rick Smith

    Liberals think like children.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      … underdeveloped, slow children.

      • Children with their finger on the button for the last 7 years…looks like we got away with it this time.

        Vote Trump to make sure liberal children never get anywhere near that button again, won’t you, America?

  • farflung

    It’s a given that Kerry is one brick shy of a full load, however, he is one dangerous brick. Folks we need to pray hard this year, cannot believe the damage Hussein has done but his henchmen like Kerry also. Just get to 2017 and half of Washington needs to go.

    • joe1429

      That is why the establishment scared crap of trump…. He will be cleaning out the corrupt garbadge out of dc, and is not being paid for …. by the lobbyists!!!

  • Voytek Gagalka

    Ah, bad Kerry, really BAD! You suppose to not say such nonsense all of the time. But you do! How bad and mean of you! What shall we do about that your misbehavior?

  • I wouldn’t expect anything different from this idiot Kerry. After all, he’s of the opinion that Muslims terrorists are bad, and Irish terrorists are good. He even refused to extradite one of them back to the UK in the 80’s to face justice.

    Hypocrisy reigns supreme in his circles of idiocy.

  • scorpiannes

    Is this guy a complete fricekn retard …”uh uhh well uh senator he’s not supposed to be doing that and there are consequences” what a fricken retard

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • And it’s ‘he’s a complete fucking retard’.

      • Michelle Wayne

        That’s why Obama has chosen him to this job so he can be blamed not Obama 2 imbeciles running USA and the world to the ground.

  • Ron Cole

    “Mommy* they are not playing fair” lil ole` John
    “I’ll put a pickle factory in Syria” Teresa Heinz Kerry

    Just a bit of lil` john’s domestic life to balance it’s treason of serving Uncle Ho underneath Comrade Hanoi Jane.

  • olddog

    (D)= (D)umb-@zz and (D)ysfunctional..

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Whale oil beef hooked, a terrorist who is unrepentant, lapsing into recidivism upon release, hoodathunkit? Democrats never cease to amaze themselves and others with their extreme stupidity.

  • Charles Martel

    My nephew has the pleasure of graduating from Northeastern University this spring. Unfortunately, Kerry is the featured commencement speaker.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Good practice for controlling his gag reflex.

    • honeybee

      Carry a sign to the commencement with a hammer on it.

    • MatLabGeek

      Can he turn his back for his sure to be idiotic speech?

  • Prime Mover

    Bunch of traitors! When you get a terrorist you don’t let them go. You put their head in a vice.

    • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

      So that explains Barry S. ears. Thank you.

  • George Macdonald

    Of course they disagree ,they are both muslim .check out how many are in top jobs .you may be surprised .then worried .

  • Jantavious

    Not an accident


    “Kerry on Gitmo Detainee Who Returned to Terrorism: ‘He’s Not Supposed to Be Doing That,’”

    No $hit you idiot!

  • Alan

    John Kerry is a Muslim sympathizer

    • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

      Of course he is,look at his boss.

  • Infidel Knight

    No words can ever describe the stupidity of this response or the high level of treason built into it.

  • dovari

    What a terrorist is supposed to be doing, Kerry? Clueless simpleton Kerry leading a nation.

  • hogsnort

    Kerry “but but but, but he pwomised to be good.” PATHETIC.

  • Jack

    Kerry should put it up $10 mm of his own money for each detainee that is release. If they return to terrorism he forfeits the bond. He and his wife have have the money but just one $10mm loss for him will be enough to convert this overage hippie wannabie.

  • Philbert McNutt

    Proglodytes believe their own rhetoric, no matter how idiotic it is.
    Evidently, believing nonsense is easier for them than facing reality.

  • joker

    This one cannot make up. The terrorist went out of Gitmo and should not have returned to terrorism. The muzzrat should never left Gitmo alive or walking with one leg. When I see Mr. Kerry I see somebody who has a lot of things to hide and is in shame, basically.

  • Chet

    “Well, we’re not blind and I don’t think we’re stupid”… And Global Warming/Climate Change/Aberrant Weather (sic) is America’s greatest threat. Moreover, our greed and usage of fossil fuels contributes greatly to the greenhouse effect in their region, thus we are to some degree responsible (sic) for the rise of ISIS.. Such lunacy typifies the mindset of Democrat politicos, their adoring media and Hollywood pseudo intellect gas-bags…

    • Mahou Shoujo

      …The envelope please… a lifetime achievement award for stupidity, goes to… the democrats.

  • rooare

    Same mindset on criminal behavior, believing if another law is passed, well you know. Just plain stupid.

  • Kufar Kufar

    proof that Kerry does not know who or what moslem are

  • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

    The terrorist had his fingers crossed behind his back when he promised him that but because of it his promise doesn’t count.. Kerry & Barry both were forced to believe him because they have both done the same thing when ever they swear to tell the true story about????
    It is truly amazing that neither one of these fools haven’t started a Nuclear war with Pango Pango or some other small island country YET.,

  • Pray Hard

    Just another squirt from the ketchup bottle.

  • joe1429

    If Lurch , Obama, and Ash carter, who has to sign off , that these people will not return to terror, before releasing them out of gitmo, and than they return to trying to kill us, Is not this the definition of TREASON???

  • billwhit

    Exactly what consequences is this terrorist going to suffer, Kerry? What a dumbass idiot Kerry is and has always been! The current Obama Administration is the most incompetent, un-American, Tyrannical, lowlife, failed Administration in the History of our Nation! It is like the Keystone Cops are in charge, running around like idiots with their heads buried in one each others rectums!

  • Shiite from Shinola

    Judge Kerry: ” There are consequences for that. Bailiff, whack his pee pee. “

  • blackfeather

    he’s a worthless P.O.S.

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