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[ October 16, 2017 ]

More London TERROR: One Dead, 2 Wounded in Stabbing ANOTHER Attack at Parsons Green Station

[ October 16, 2017 ]

WATCH The Milo Show: Pamela Geller Under Fatwa

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Traitor Hailed As American Hero By Obama Administration Pleads Guilty To Desertion

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Shut Up or Die

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Hugh Fitzgerald: Erdogan and Kurdish Independence

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Exclusive: Man who knew Garland jihadi Nadir Soofi says “he took his religion very seriously”

[ October 16, 2017 ]

New Jersey Muslim GUILTY ON ALL 8 COUNTS in New York City Jihad Bombing

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Las Vegas: The profile of older converts to Islam, “Salafism is most attractive to new...

[ October 16, 2017 ]

‘Un-Islamic’: Pakistan Senate body rejects bill seeking ban on child marriage

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Muslim Accused of Rape Said ‘Allah’s Going to Get You’

Islamic State Sex Slave Describes How Her Family was Massacred


For those deluded into thinking this is just in Syria or Iraq and won’t affect us here, have a look at what is happening in Europe. Rape is rampant, as is violent crime. The EU has brought this devout and violent culture into its cities, towns, villages.

“They were committing all kinds; murder, rape and displacing people by force in the name of Islam.

“Imagine until now, for more than a year and a half, girls as young as nine are being rented and sold out [for sex].”

More of this bloodshed is coming to Europe and America, thanks to President Obama.

“Islamic State sex slave describes how her family was massacred,” By Telegraph Reporter, February 15, 2016

Nadia Murad, 21, is in the UK as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the plight of Iraq’s Yazidi population

A woman from the Iraqi minority Yazidi community who was kept as a sex slave for three months by violent jihadists has described seeing her family slaughtered.

Nadia Murad, 21, is in the UK as part of a campaign to build solidarity with victims of violence in Iraq and unite the world against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

She described how she was orphaned when Isil fighters killed six of her brothers and her mother in northern Iraq.

“When I speak I didn’t speak just on my behalf, but on behalf of all the women and children affected in the war zone,” she said, according to The Mirror.


The Yazidis of Iraq

“Two months have passed since I have been campaigning and people have been happy, not just Yazidis, about this message.

“About 5,800 Yazidi women and children were captured by the so-called Islamic State. They have killed many people in Iraq and Syria and displaced millions.

“For us, the Yazidis, they killed the men and took the women and children.

“They were committing all kinds; murder, rape and displacing people by force in the name of Islam.

“Many people may think my story is difficult, but many more had more difficult than mine.

“They killed six of my brothers, but there are families that have lost 10 brothers.”

She was speaking at Trade Union Congress House in central London and is in the UK to address parliamentarians.

She wants more help for Yazidis living in refugee camps, and an investigation into whether the militant group has committed genocide against the Yazidi people.

Isil considers them heretics.

A number of mass graves, containing hundreds of women’s bodies, have been found around Miss Murad’s hometown of Sinjar.


File photo: Sinjar, Nineveh Province, Iraq near where two mass graves believed to contain the remains of members of the Yazidi community have been discovered

She said 3400 women were still being held by Isil.

“A year and a half has passed and the genocide against the Yazidis is continuous. We die every day because we see the world silent in the face of our plight,” she said.

“My mother saw them killing my brothers and then they took my mother and killed her.

“I was already orphaned as I didn’t have a father, all I had in the war was my mother.

“But when they took me to Mosul and raped me, I forgot my mother and brothers. Because what they were doing to the women was more difficult than death.

“Imagine until now, for more than a year and a half, girls as young as nine are being rented and sold out [for sex].”

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  • Dear President Obama, these murders and rapes are not committed by radical Muslims. Those Muslims are merely following in the footsteps of their esteemed prophet, Mohammed, who was a thief, a murderer, and a raper of children. Please get your head out of where the sun doesn’t shine and see the light.

    • Karee Bearance

      He is silent because he is one of them

  • Cloward Piven

    Call your reps and tell them to shut the border and halt refugee/cheap labor resettlement efforts until a referendum can be held on what is good for Americans, not the Democratic Party, meat-packing plants, and Chobani yogurt.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Islam, the religion of “piece” of tail, through rape. Or “Rest in Peace/pieces”. Islam is demonic criminal violence, nothing else.

  • Michael Copeland

    It is the Islam-tainted UN who decide who qualify as refugees.
    Christians? Yazidis? Well, no. Muslims, of course.

  • Looking Inside

    so it begins……And Obama has much to much time to complete his
    mission to begger the USA. And we will never be able to arrest Obama or
    Congress for treason as the USA whole government is corrupt. Obama is
    sneaking in muslims out of Iraq AGAINST the
    judges orders!! They continue to incite patriotic Americans so they can
    force us to revolt and then they can declare martial law. Why did the
    DOJ go to the U.N. and ask for their help if the USA citizens get out of
    hand, so to speak??? Why did Kerry sign a U.N. agreement to disarm the
    USA?? Why do you think they have FEMA building (concentration) camps
    across the USA??? Why is there a huge amount of body bags and coffins
    being stored in Georgia?? Why has DHS bought tons of illegal ammo??? Why
    all the military “exercise” taking place in states and cities and not
    on military land??? Why is there a shortage of survival foods on the
    internet as many state “out of stock”? Better start prepping people
    because it will all boil over before Obama leaves office IF he leaves
    office. IF this is not his objective but to run for Head of the U.N.
    then he will have weaken our country that we will not be able to defend
    ourselves against his agenda of creating a One World Government. Both of
    these are evil options for the American Patriots to face.

  • knight

    We have not done enough to tackle the issue in politics and on the streets with those that support Muslim refugees and Islam.

    The biggest gift we have is the verses written in the Quran.
    One does not need to know them all.

    Four words to ask those that push refugees, or politicians at question time in politics. Worst is the 109 verses of hate approximately of Sharia law, and how women and people are treated.

    Ask them what they mean, and if they do not know just say that is you. To push refugees without knowing, is dangerous for us all.should say to them you fools, and that is exactly what they are.

    Four Arabic words every Infidel must know

    So many verses, but use a few at a time to show and explain what it means of Sharia law and hate.

    • roger

      The problem nowadays knight, is the way these things are perceived by those in power, this is manifest in the judgement handed down to anti Islam campaigner Elizabeth Wolf, who was convicted for pointing out writings in the Quran that would prove mohammad as a paedophile, the judge declared that she was guilty of ‘Hate Speech’ even though what she said was true.

      • Platopus

        This PC on so called “hate speech” is absurd. Non-muslims have done nothing to them

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        This is the kinda judge the French Resistance would’ve called a collaborator.

    • Platopus

      This PC on so called “hate speech” is absurd. Non-muslims have done nothing to them! Hate is not the word to use to describe this genocide and murder. Simple Hate is preferable to genocide and murder!

  • itchy

    When the Balkans erupted in the 90s the out cry about ethnic cleansing and systematic killings was a deafening roar from UN and the world. Now a spineless whimper with more emphasis on the rejection of muslims sounding out as racism. This cancer is deep within the fabric of the UN which has been hijacked from its original path for justice for all, only to be influenced more and more by muslim agenda’s. Russia has realized this and Putin has flipped off the UN and stated he will not let his country descend into the cesspit now besieging Europe. Eastern European countries are pushing back against the invasion also. Good for them and Putin who has overwhelming support from his people and supports his own people, “HELLO” not like the gutless weasels in power in the western counties, Europe, US, Australia, England. Dont laugh!!!! Could see Europeans at the Russian border asking for permission to immigrate to the motherland… It is such a joke that with all the chaos of this muslim invasion through-out the world that not one -not one leader will stand up and admit this is a failure and stop muslim (economic) immigration. Not until we can have measures in place to deport and arrest every illegal who has not been welcomed. and only immigrate the real refugees who face slaughter because they live in the wrong place or are not devout believers of the koran and its this sick teachings. That poor girl and the horrors she has had to induer from these sick rabies infected pigs. Wrap every last one of them in pig skin. A very important election cycle coming up.

  • knight

    Every time I hear such horrific stories and how our governments turn a blind eye to this and 1400 years of this is beyond me. Our politicians know nothing of history, slavery and Muslim atrocities.

    I feel like ripping every heart out of Muslims as they have no feelings to suffering of others.

    I would personally castrate every Muslim male so they could not touch a female and drive them from the ends of earth.

    I have no friends that supports Muslim refugees or Islam.

    • SJS

      “Our politicians know nothing of history.”

      What if they do, and, in the next, what if they know exactly what they’re doing? The assumption that they don’t know allows for ignorance, etc.. is no longer operable or accurate. It isn’t in doubt any longer that the mortal enemy is within. The islamic enemy is not as formidable.

      • Ram it Turd Boy

        Exactly right. Turd Boy in the Oval Office knows exactly what he is doing. He is intentionally destroying America, whites, Christians, and as much of Europe as he can influence their leaders to destroy. He is subhuman scum that does not deserve the air that goes up his nose.
        The R’s who are in Congress are not much better. They could have charged and convicted him of treason by now and gotten rid of him. They too have committed treason by their dereliction of duty to those who elected them and to the Constitution.

        • Rob Porter

          Absolutely right. The Republicans in Congress, by their lack of action, are complicit in this genocide. They are utterly derelict.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      WRT your last sentence, you are blessed. I’ve lost some most of my lieberal friends because of my hatred of muslums and islum.

      • knight

        At least in doing so, you know you will make better friends that share your feelings.

    • Lonnie Robinson

      I could do it ,castrate them, but the first 5 or 6 would not be easy for I would have to replace my humanity with a steel heart.

      • knight

        Just think they did it to many young male slaves.

        Yes it would be hrad to do it, but castrating them may save allot of females, and take the murdereous drive out of them without killing thaem. Or alternatively knacker them all and live with their deaths.

  • Kathy M

    Obama could have brought most of these women here, but he didn’t. Not the refugees he had in mind.

    • roger

      You are right.
      This is what I believe, absolutely non of those men that have left their wives and children in a war zone should set foot in any western democracy.
      Women and children from minority groups ( Yazidies , Christians ) should be given refuge without family reunion status.
      Other women and children should be given temporary refuge on an absolute time basis.

      • Mindy Robinson

        roger, that is how it should be handled. Actually, the logical move is to help non muslims escape into developed nations, refuse all who follow islam. The me has always been a blood bath , it’s a blood bath because of the followers of islam, time to contain islam. Let them butcher one another until a victor emerges, no outside interference. At least then the world only has one muslim leader to deal with. There are no good guys in the world of islam , not one.

    • ColonelNeville

      Hey KM, Obastard loves Muslim jihadist child rapists the best. It’s literally nostalgic for him.

    • joe1429

      Yes,, or he could have put a no fly zone, to protect them. Very sad. I heard reports of some yazhidis, pretending to be muslum, to gain entry into us, as they know they wont get in if christian

  • Beach_Road_Mauler

    You see all these Muslim military aged males pouring into Europe. The first thing that comes to my mind: who the hell is protecting their families from ISIS? What kind of man leaves his family to the mercy of these lunatics? He’s either part of ISIS or just a GD coward abandoning his family for welfare benefits. Either way he’s no damn good. Throw them the h*ll out. And that’s after you beat the living sh__ out of them.

    • roger

      Yeah, that’s what I think.

    • Most ate coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, etc. This is not a syrian refugee invasion, it is an economic and jihad invasion.

      • joe1429

        Wait until this year… when they get settled in and REALLY start the terrorizing!!

    • mike kelly

      Exterminate them entirely while you have the opportunity to do so.
      Or later regret your mercy.

    • joe1429

      Its a massive Trojan Horse for the stupid EU!!!!

  • Karee Bearance

    The world is silent. Lord Jesus come soon!

  • Jimmy Crackorn

    God Bless the Russian Federation

    • joe1429

      Yes… putin does the OPPOSITE, of whatever obama says, which is correct!!! Go Russia!!!!!

  • karl59

    I suspect it will take the better part of 20 years for Republicans
    to clean up the mess obama has inflicted on America.

    • Judi

      In 20 years time (if mankind survives that long), it will be too late to do anything. By then the whole civilised world will be infected by the disease of Islam.

      • Reagan40

        I reckon Islam will die in less than 5 years. Islam is already dying; western leaders are supplying the oxygen that is helping islam to survive at the moment. The plug will soon be taking off.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          But you’re wrong. At no time in islam’s bloody, Jew hating, totalitarian, fascist past has it expanded to encompass the entire world until recently. There are mosques on every continent on this earth today and muslums have infiltrated, subverted, co-opted many branches of the US federal, state and local governments. I’d argue that Dearbornistan, Michigan is now a muslum Shari’a state on US soil — and there are other places not far behind.

          • Duchess of Pork

            Not quite every continent. Antarctica is currently still pure although it would appear it won’t stay in that pristine state for long. This site I have come across indicates there are Islamists working to overcome the anomaly.

          • Reagan40

            We’ll see.

      • Chippy

        Agreed. Islam is a cancer as yet there is no cure.

    • joe1429

      Trump will do it in 8!!! Go Trump!!! Double digit leads in sc pollls!!!!

  • Ryan Williams

    6 BROTHERS?? Geez all those people have FAAAR too many kids.

    • firefox

      I have watched in utter disbelief, the horrors Islam inflicts on those who are considered un-believers of (the Satan Islam calls) Allah, or enemies of (the psychopath warrior and false prophet) Mohammed. These jahidists have had to become so emotionally and spiritually disconnected from all sense of humanity and reality to develop the level of hatred required to horrendously mutilate and humiliate and murder and rape women and children all while screaming “aluha ackbar (my god is greater)”. That evil and deviant thinking is produced by brainwashing from infancy with the words of hatred and violence from the koran, Islam’s holy book of peace?! Evil Islam begets evil Islamists! That deplorable reality exists and remains unchanged as the world has fought the expansionist and supremacist scourge of Islam for 1400 years. What is equally frightening to me is delicacy of our freedom; and the subtle evil that unbridled greed produces as it acts within a democracy and how that greed and power lusting can direct the purposeful dumbing down of the masses to produce sheeple so self-absorbed and with such little depth that when there is a report of a woman made to watch the murder of her entire large familiy and then be kept alive and captive to be continually raped for months and suffer yet more humiliation and indignity, the first response is to say “Geez all those people have FAAAR too many kids”.
      Our education, government, and media and the puppet masters behind them are to blame for the poor state of affairs in our free nations, yet we cannot lose site of the fact that it is our individual responsibility to be thankful for that freedom and to stay consciously aware enough and prepared to fight any evil that may want to rob ourselves or others of it. Ryan, what you said scares me, but I believe you can become a warrior for the freedoms we all have to stand up for, both abroad, and especially here. You’ve certainly started on the right website.

      • Dravaa

        I think that response speaks to the fact that Muslims have been front and center in the news with all their monstrous deeds since 9/11. And they’ve enjoyed having their barbarity take center stage, revelled in it, luxuriated in it. So yes, perhaps we are immune to yet more reports of their inhuman degrading humiliating behaviors. I admit I too had the same fleeting thought about having 6 brothers, or 10! The rest of the story is what those of us who read have come to expect from Muslims being Muslims. It doesn’t mean we condone it. It means we recognize what we’re up against.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      This used to be commonplace even in the USA — especially among farm families.

  • barrydonnelly

    Remember the interview that Dr. James Dobson did with twisted Serial Rapist Ted Bundy before his execution . He traced his problem’s infuence back to his teenage obsession with the violent sexual crimes described in magazines like True Detective. Bundy indicated in his interview with Dobson , that violent rape becomes extremely Addictive ! Bundy believed that their is no cure for this Addiction ! and many Forensic Psychiatrist believe this also; and Disgraced ,Dishonored Sicko Former Canadian Colonel Russel Williams is evidence of this ! These creatures if given the opportunity will Always Re offend , if opportunity arises. With all the information today , Why the Hell would western nations Protect a So Called Religion which sanctions This outrages behavior , and why would anyone Expect that creatures involved in these horrendous acts in other countries , are gonna give them up when they become an American or Canadian citizen ?

    • Platopus

      Hillary and Obama bend over backwards to proclaim that these ISIS cockroaches are perverting the faith of Islam…! And we are supposed to just accept that! But they are actually misinterpreting Islam which probably qualifies under Islam = death penalty… my question to them is why do they (Hillary Obama) think they have to protect Muslims reputation?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    This is straight out of muhamMAD’s playbook. MuhamMAD, islam’s holeiest pedophile, mass murderer and psychopath, did the same, exact same thing to the Jews of Yathrib, but only after signing a worthless peace treaty w/them to catch them unawares.

    • Dravaa

      … worthless peace treaty between the Jews and the “holy” perverted murdering Muslims to catch the Jews unawares …. now why does that sound so familiar?
      Oh RIGHT … the “Oslo Accord” a worthless treaty to catch the Jews unawares preceded their bombing, stoning, shooting, knifing, delegitimizing, BDSing, rampaging “intifadas” against Israelis and Jews the world over ever since – Ilan Halimi’s story is particularly gruesome, and it takes place in the heart of Paris. I suppose next they’ll claim that as “Muslim lands” too.
      Such a holy devout people, wherever they are, whatever the century, Muslims lie in wait for other people, even other Muslims, like deranged frothing stalkers.
      It baffles me why anyone would still be proud to affiliate themselves with that gang of thugs. Anyone can see it’s not a real religion. Instead of trying to delegitimize Israel they should be watching their own backs. It’s Islam that’s the FAKE, not the House of Israel. Islam is a FAKE religion; Islam is really nothing but a WAR MACHINE hiding under a FAKE Trojan Horse FAKE religion Islam. They only pretend they’re a religion to gain access. Then WATCH OUT.

  • itchy

    Why wasn’t this woman on world news. Piss weak media who would rather report on Kanye Wests wet dream about Swift that what these poor women had to endure from rabies infected slim of humanity. They are hiding genocide. Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story….. The koran is the Devils note book

    • Mindy Robinson

      Mainstream media is busy embracing bloody islam. EG, they report on the new york story where the schools have been busy getting students to celebrate hijab day. The mainstream media and libs in general victimize the victims of unholy islam.

  • Reagan40

    Trump was right on Muslim immigration.

    • ljm4

      so was/is Dr. Carson.

      • Reagan40

        I agree with you.

  • Reagan40

    1.In over 100 verses of the Koran, Allah’s words command violence against those unwilling to accept Islam in pursuit of its ultimate quest: Establishment of a global caliphate under Shariah—which Muslims are permitted to lie about to achieve.

    2. As Muslims can suffer Allah’s wrath both in life and after for failing to pursue the global caliphate, some resort to “martyrdom”—becoming suicide bombers-so as to avoid “torments of the grave.”

    3. Under Shariah, Muslims are allowed to behave badly—i.e., contrary to acceptable Western norms of behavior-by embracing honor killings, marrying minors, taking sex slaves and otherwiseabusing women and children.

    4. Islam sanctions brutal punishments, such as beheadings, severance of limbs,stoning, etc.

    5. While both Koran and Bible detail violence towards non-believers, the latter’s is historical, the former’s perpetual until the global caliphate is established.

    6. The word “love” appears in the Koran 45 times but only within the context of love of wealth, of other believers, or of Allah, but never in the context of loving strangers or those not believing in Allah and his prophet. In the Bible, the word “love” appears 155 times, mostly in the context of loving all mankind.

    7. In 1948, United Nations member states, with the Holocaust fresh in their minds, memorialized the equality of all human life in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But, in 1990, the 57 Muslim member states of the “Organization of the Islamic Conference” took the position the declaration’s definition of human life represented the “secular understanding of the Judeo-Christian tradition” and not Islam’s. Therefore, the conference declared only the sanctity of human life as defined by Islamic law would be recognized. As Shariah only values believers’ lives, Islam rejects the sanctity of non-believers’ lives.

    8. The Koran’s Paradise caters to Muslim men, promising wine and women, as few female believers gain entry. No mention is made of an afterlife’s spiritual rewards. Men are to receive an infinite number of “eternal virgins” with Paradise only awaiting believers who force Islam upon non-believers or die trying.

    A non-believer, with logic and an open mind, closely scrutinizing the teachings of Islam is hard-pressed to accept it as a viable religion. The sad reality is it is an ideology successfully sold to uneducated Bedouins 1,400 years ago by a cultist who sought global control.

    Studying this religion’s nuances brings one to realize Islam’s Prophet Muhammad was no more a prophet than Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Col. Sanders was a colonel. Sadly, millions have died-and will continue to die-until this reality is understood.

    Thus, Islam’s true hijackers are moderates who package it as a peaceful religion. We buy into that packaging at our own peril.

  • Denver Girl

    Check out the “Gumball Immigration video” presented by Roy Beck it is called Immigration World Poverty – Numbers USA, his presentation is right on. We cannot take all poor people here. As far as refugees, true refugees as these yazitis are yes we should take them here, and when they come here, they need to be taught how we live in the US.

    • ljm4

      Christians and the Yazidis are the refugees. Any single young men need to be held in camps in an Arab country. They are not refugees they are hijrah members in mass migration acting according to their prophet when he said: “…migration cannot be ended as long as there is an enemy who resists…”
      Our current administration is assisting by forcing Americans to accept questionable people into communities unannounced and ENSURING there are plenty of single young militant moslem men. The hijrah is why Muslim countries don’t invite or want any of the ‘refugees’; these young males have a job to do where ever they land. That job is to disrupt and instill fear in locals. It’s all written in their programs of action.

  • Abbey Lane

    In the meantime, Europe is suffering an INVASION of muslims. An actual, real-life invasion and, since the invaders did not have to fire a shot – they take ‘the spoils of war freely, laughing all the while as they rape, pillage and destroy. Make no mistake about it Europe and I would say USA, Australia and Canada are also being INVADED right now.

  • Denise DeLeo

    These people are animals and should not be validated in any way shape or form

  • ColonelNeville

    Kill…them…all. And enough of the rest until they stop fighting.

  • trill

    Women are the first n the last slaves on earth

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    If I were a woman I’d take the Lorena Bobbit approach to dealing w/my muslum rapists/slave-owners. On second thought, I’d rather just kill them.

  • Chippy

    Need I say more.

  • Dan Knight

    Glad she can testify. No doubt – rather than a shot heard round the world – her testimony will go unheard, or dismissed.

    She and her family are in our prayers.

  • joe1429

    What even makes this more horrible, is that the yazhidis were our allies, when we occupied iraq. The islamic state knows this, and single them out for special torture. Obama, just like the dems did to the south vietnamese, hung our friends, out to rot

  • Rob Porter

    It’s not just Obama, Pamela, Canada has elected a real fool as it’s leader. Just watch what happens in Canada when the Muslims it has brought in begin misbehaving. Watch Canada’s idiotic liberal judges making rulings that are pure mush – which will be pretty much standard fare. After that soldier was murdered while on duty at a monument in Ottawa, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police tried to whitewash out of the equation that man’s Islamic links. When a mentally deranged man on a Greyhound bus in Manitoba was murdering a young man on a bus by hacking off his head, other passengers ran away screaming. No one thought of finding something hard like a fire extinguisher, to batter in the murderers head. When the RCMP arrived, they stood around in a standoff while this loon held up the young man’s head. Why didn’t these gutless wonder police just shoot the murderer dead? They eventually caught him when he tried to escape through a back window of the bus. This not exactly a courageous and audacious scenario is it?

    So we can stand in harsh criticism of things going on in Germany, and in disgust I do, but let’s see that happens when bright sparks in Canada and the U.S. are put to the test. Frankly I’d rather have Russians around. When 50 ‘immigrants’ went to night clubs in Murmansk and began groping females, Russian men took them outside and beat the stuffing out of them. As I recall 13 of these Muslims landed up in hospital. Now that is more like it.

  • Mindy Robinson

    I support her, but, I am surprised the uk and eu haven’t tarred and feathered her for speaking the truth about their beloved islam. Today, the world victimizes the victims of unholy islam. May G-d protect her and all that are in the hands of unholy isis.

  • Ednar

    Islam has repeatedly shown it’s “FRUITS” are despicably execrably evil.
    Raping, pillaging, murdering, torturing, lying, perversions, man-made laws, intolerance, bigotry, hatred are the “FRUITS” of Islam everyday all see from around the world.

    How is their belief … peaceful?

    This is perfect for Satan’s S.M.O.

    Deception, deceit, fraud, lies, con & bandage it with peace.

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