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[ October 16, 2017 ]

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[ October 16, 2017 ]

Muslim Accused of Rape Said ‘Allah’s Going to Get You’

ISIS publicly beheads Iraqi teenager for ‘listening to western music’


This is unimaginable savagery, but it isn’t “extremism”; it’s just Islam, which forbids music except nasheeds, songs for jihad. Islam opposes music, representational art, and so much more that nourishes the soul.


“ISIS extremists publicly behead Iraqi teenager for ‘listening to western music,’” ARA News, February 17, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

QAMISHLI – The radical group of Islamic State (ISIS) on Tuesday executed a teenage boy in Mosul city of Iraq’s northwestern Nineveh province.

The 15-year-old boy was arrested by ISIS militants in central Mosul for listening to “western music”, according to local sources.

“Ayham Hussein was captured by the jihadis while listening to Pop music at the grocery store of his father in the Nabi Younis marketplace in western Mosul. He was referred to the Sharia Court, which issued a decision to execute him,” a spokesman for the Nineveh media center told ARA News.

“ISIS jihadis publicly beheaded the boy,” the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The victim’s body was reportedly handed over to his family on Tuesday evening. The incident has raised public outrage among Mosul’s residents.

“There was no formal decision by the Sharia Court that ban listening to western music,” the source said, adding this was the first case of its kind to be documented in Mosul.

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  • Karen Flinders

    the muhammadens must be stopped.

    • ssgncng

      What, are you dense? As long as Islamofascists are murdering other Islamofascists we should be selling them more ammo, knives, Toyota Tundras, whatever they need to kill more Islamofascists.

  • pdxnag

    Now if these beheaders were to show their faces openly they could be printed on fashionable Leftist shirts like the celebrated mass executioner Che Guevara.

    • Sifter

      Or Leila Khaled

  • Richard

    Wouldn’t if be ironic if the teenager was listening to Cat Stevens?

    • ssgncng

      That would have been hilarious.

    • pinkfreud62 .

      What a shame about Stevens. I enjoyed his music in the 70’s and who would have thought his peaceful tunes would have lead him down that path.

      • I really liked Cat Stevens music in the 70’s also.
        That changed when he went into the s..t hole that is islam

        • NoMoreIslam

          In Iran he tried to commit suicde by drinking vodka and sniffing Coke. That did not work. He then tried inject heroin through the eyelid That did not work. So Iranian authorities warned him if he tries to kill himself one more time they will hang him. This is when he changed. But he still likes sniffing Coke from Afghanistan

          • Richard

            He has been interviewed as saying it was after a near drowning incident swimming in the ocean that he decided to convert.

          • David Greenwell

            “So Iranian authorities warned him if he tries to kill himself one more time they will hang him.” Huh???? How can he lose!

      • NoMoreIslam

        Self hatred

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      LOL, you mean Yusuf Islam right? He doesn’t go by the name Cat Stevens anymore.

      • Richard

        Yes, that’s who I mean. They haven’t reached back and changed the name on his music, so he could call himself anything he wishes but the music he made is attributed to Cat Stevens.
        I realize that he was under some pressure from family members to convert given his Cypriot roots, but his conversion is just one more example of what complete morons talented entertainers can be when it comes to critical thinking.
        Add to the list, Bruce Springsteen, John Travolta (who I believe is qualified to pilot a 747), Liam Neeson, Tom Cruise (actually anyone who joined the church of Scientology), George Clooney. I’m sure the readers here can add to the list and come up with hundreds of names. It’s just sad how being a lefty makes people so damn stupid.

        • yael58

          I have to add Roger Waters, Danny Glover, Brian Eno, Emma Thompson…

          • Richard

            Good call on Waters. I’ve heard him interviewed and he is out of touch with reality. Eno, well not many people even know who he is…but – Baby’s on Fire. I don’t know his politics, like his music, but that is one very strange man.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Roger Waters is a POS, so is the lead singer of the Talking Heads and for exactly the same reason.

          • yael58

            Can you show me where David Byrne has the same politics as Waters?
            And I agree with you about Waters, he is a POS. I love Pink Floyd’s music, but Waters? All in all, he’s just another pr*ck in the wall…

          • Carlos Santana. who i have adored for music all my life, but recently wrote a glowing letter to Obama after his recent State of the Union speech. i cancelled my pre-order for his new CD. That was painful but i had to draw the line on that.

          • yael58

            A good many celebrities love Obama. Why I don’t know. Isn’t he the worst POTUS since Carter?

          • James P. Savage

            Obumer is the worst president since forever!

      • Corey

        that’s the joke, genius.

    • Ben Hur

      Maybe it was Peace Train?

    • Paul Fishman

      Cat Stevens died when he became a moslem. When he said Shahada He made a commitment to eternal Death separate from the true and living God. Isaiah 28:15-16.

    • NoMoreIslam

      My saurces said it was Cat Stevens music.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    It is called “inflation of death penalty.” Think about it. If the penalty for both most grave crimes is the same as the one of much lesser degree (as in this example), meaning and purpose of it is completely lost. And ineffective. What stops those Mosul’s residents from rising up and overthrowing their oppressors, I have no idea. What they have to loose now if death penalty is indiscriminately applied for almost everything? Incidentally, “public outrage” is definitely not enough!

    • robert white

      the people “beleive” in it. thats why they do nothing. their society, is like an abused woman. they jump to the defence, of their tormentors. thats why the so called “refugees”, are just a small notch below the isis, in the savagry department.

    • Sifter


    • TruthWFree

      This is “PURE” Islam. You do know that there is the death penalty for leaving Islam?…Even here in the US.

    • TruthWFree

      My bet is that these followers of the false pedophile murdering robbing prophet of Islam consider the playing of Western music a sign that the kid no longer believes in the death cult religion of Islam…thereby the sentence of death…a non believer. Also very effective in stopping all things Western…like the Boko Haram in Nigeria….The name means Western Forbidden supposedly and they kill unbelievers indiscriminately also…Oh, and take young Christian girls as sex slaves…Muhammad did the same.

  • Carl Mayo

    obama’s ‘religion of ‘peace’ strikes again.
    if obama has his way, this will be the norm in America in a few years.

    • SayHi2YourMom4Me

      Are you on crack

      • Zaphod Smith

        You need to read the news more.. Oh wait, yer a troll, never mind. Things like facts and the truth, don’t effect your thinking. Just the continues pushing of an agenda, that you may or may not be aware you are doing.

        • SayHi2YourMom4Me

          Yes. It’s my ignorance of facts and the truth which lead me to believe that Obama doesn’t want to forcibly behead people for listening to music.

          • Zaphod Smith

            See, that wasn’t so hard to admit, now was it?

          • SayHi2YourMom4Me

            Well, to be honest, It was bothering me for weeks and weeks. I was finally faced with a choice of admitting the certain truth Obama secretly wants a country where people that listen to are publicly beheaded, or facing a full mental breakdown. Finally I could take it no more.

      • TruthWFree

        Everything Obama does supports Islam.

    • Pamela

      He’s a con man! He has a lot of people fooled!

      • Dorrie

        So is Trump . . .

    • Dorrie

      Let’s pray hard for a revival and renewal of America, for her to turn back to strong values!

    • Corey

      George Bush called Islam a religion of peace in September 2001, so in no way is this Obama’s coinage.

  • The five pillars of islam….

    • afvet262

      And aloha snackbar to you!

    • TruthWFree

      Actually, the allah god of Islam is Satan.

      • Mary

        Their Koran says that Allah is the greatest of all deceivers. I maintain that this entity is mentioned in the Bible too. Just google “the father of all lies, kjv”. There, identity verified.

        • Dorrie

          Same thing in other versions as well, Mary. KJV is an awkward translation, there are much better ones available.

  • yzwisey

    These people are sick and diseased minded individuals.

    • karl59

      As are any one who follows the beliefs of a child pedophile.

    • notislam

      iSLAM IS DECEIT –WHEN you live a lie for all your life -the TRUTH is shocking —-and it serves to enrage the insane moslems—
      Then there are the captives forced into Islam who have to make sure they “believe ” the DECEIT of Islam or lose their heads as well. They definitely know MO. WAS A DECEITFUL person –if he ever existed at all—this is part of the lie—THERE is no evidence what so ever to back up his life. Their information has been proven a lie in the first place. Islam’s A DECEITFUL CON GAME.

  • Ant. I. Liberal

    I would love to see that Happen here for listening to that God AWFUL ” RAP” Crap !

    • gallowaygrumblefield

      I can’t stand rap. Yes, it’s crap. But beheading people who listen to it? Maybe we can just get them to turn down the volume.

      • mdy616

        If they have to behead people for the crap they call music today, how about going to the source of the problem!!

        Mr. Kardashian??!! I just read that ISIS would LOVE for you and Beyonce’ to have a concert in Iraq!! With one SWOOP, Keyan Pepper West you could forget about your $53 million debt! Never have to worry about it again!

        Need help buying an airline ticket to get there? No problem!! I am sure I could raise the money for a ticket in just a few hours. We will even make it first class!! Kanye and Beyonce, your fans await you in Iraq!!

    • Dara Enriquez

      Exactly, I am not condoning this act, but Western music IS disgusting. It’s evil. It’s trash. It’s garbage.

      • boogimn3

        It’s fun…Maybe that’s why you don’t like it.

        • Dara Enriquez

          No, you moron, you worthless piece of internet trash. Western music NOW is nothing but NOISE. Talentless idiots screaming about nonsense, beatless trash… for idiots without souls, like you. So keep your nasty comments to yourself, you worthless piece of internet s c u m. Hey, I have heels on today, idiot, I would love to screw my heel into your worthless eyeball. Take you hip hop and your bubble gum music and your rap crap and go to the Grammy Awards with the rest of the ghetto trash. You are worthless.. Hahaha. Bring your eyeball over here, you stupid piece of Western garbage.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Well you didn’t write that before, but I can see your point now.

          • boogimn3

            You’re either an angry tranny or you’re on your period, so get back when you are normal.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        All of “Western music is disgusting”? Islum needs people like you…

    • notislam

      i WOULD LOVE TO SEE the mosques coming down and imams taken out –and the recovery of our arms and ammo from inside them The recovery of their plans and i- phones and computers etc to decimate them is any which way possible. Ship out shit-Nazi islam.

  • joker

    There is nobody who can identify this fat slob who is killing people and put him in his place, meaning proper dead?

  • gallowaygrumblefield

    You call them ISIS. I call them Muslim.

    • Pamela

      Exactly don’t even refer to them as ISIS, It’s Islam!

  • Ken Andrews

    While not all Muslims are Isis…all Isis are Muslims.

    • Pamela

      Just call them followers of the Koran!

  • mdy616

    I guess ISIS does ot think much of Beyonce’ or Mr. Kardashian either!

    • Pamela

      Arabs are the most racist of them all! It would do good for Beyonce to go there and be a slave again!

      • mdy616

        I agree!!! I am so sick of leftists berating the USA as if it is the worst place on earth to live. They talk about how racist conservatives are; how hateful conservatives are; how evil our police officers are.

        The leftists have no clue how good they have it! Beyonce’ should go to the Middle East for a month or so OR go walk around Germany without a hoard of body guards and see just how awful she has it in the USA!

        ALL Leftists should be ordered to live in Germany for 6 months without ANY FORM OF PROTECTION other than their own fists. OR why don’t they go and try out Venezuela for 6-12 months and see how wonderful Bernie Sanders ideas are in practice!

  • Mrs Beardsley

    Now THAT’S a knife.

  • Tapash Ghosh

    In this present world knowledge is easily available to the seeker. The follower of Islam never want to know what is truth of life. The muslim never try to understand, why a small ant is glorified than one kg stone. The follower of Islam are intellectually sick people and did not have the courage to think and understand ‘who am I’.

  • Peter Toth

    This is not radical Islam, this is just Islam.

  • Andrew

    Maybe if you rape for Allah while listening to western music that might cancel out the evil music and still gain the belssing of Allah????
    Does that make sense?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I read about a high speed police pursuit in Soddy Barbaria that was triggered by someone driving by police officers while having music playing and his window down — that was the “crime” he was being pursued for.

  • Natan Alon

    The Koran teaches that – dark is called day

    And light is called Night …

  • Lysy2

    just be more tolerant for their ‘culture’…

    • Pamela

      LOL, Religion of death

      • Lysy2

        no, religion of piss..

  • SayHi2YourMom4Me

    How these guys think they’re better than anyone or anything requires such disassociation from reality or their own actions it seems impossible. So disgusting with their guns and masks and getting off on just cruelty. Truly the scum of the planet. Hard to think of as men. Just sickening creatures.

  • yael58

    The Religion of Pieces–oops, sorry–the Religion of Peace…

  • Sifter

    Coming a lot sooner than you think to an American city near you.

    • Pamela

      That is why we need Trump and not that born again nut case from Canada!

      • Dorrie

        How can ANYONE put their trust in a man who has changed parties 5 times in the past 10 years? He has made 180 degree turn from full on liberal to what he says is “conservative,” yet when he speaks, it’s the epitome of CODE PINK. Come on, Pamela, start paying attention!

        Anyone who has taken Psych 101 can see that he has all the classic earmarks of a SOCIOPATH!!

        • Dara Enriquez

          I agree with Pam, we need a STRONG leader, and only Trump can give us what we need. Close the borders and keep the Muslim out, and get rid of the gay aristorcracy.

        • John Gould

          Anyone wanting another lying/ lawyer/ politician and born in another country for Prez is nuts. Take a look. What has conservatism got us ? They vote with the Dems. I am 80 and have watched these batards and voted for them. I will never vote for another politician fed. or local. I am done.

        • Platopus

          Times have changed in America so drastically, that is why a person can change parties and their mind, I was Democrat till the environ-mentals banned Freon and DDT, so became an Independent for a few cycles, then Perot blew it, and Clinton came to be President and all that with N. Korea, China NAFTA like agreements and technology transfers, terrorism against us put me squarely into the Publican party, now they too have been blowing it with not standing up against Obama’s transformation of American into a *third-wirld* member state! Trump is our last hope and he is the one that could really make us rich again and if we have enough money we can solve all kinds of other problems more easily and get out of this FUNK!

          • Dorrie

            Just do yourself a favor and look at his history. There was no “pivot point” with Trump, he simply decided to suddenly be a Republican, but he is NOT a conservative on ANY level. And because of that, he can’t be trusted to keep his word

            Ever wonder why he never talks about the Constitution? I’ll tell you why – he knows NOTHING about it!

      • TruthWFree

        I’m voting for Ted Cruz. He is not a nut case and assuming you are a Christian, even Jesus said you must be “born again of the Spirit”. I like a lot of what Trump says, but can you trust him? He has been on the other side of issues and has said Planned Parenthood has done good things. Cruz has been unwavering in his positions and truth. Cruz matches my principles….not real sure about Trump, but Trump will be my second choice as after him there are no more choices except possibly Ben Carson but not sure he is tough enough.

        • Dorrie

          I feel exactly as you do, TWF! And my vote will go for Ted Cruz as well. He is GENUINELY a GOOD man who loves God & country and knows how to lead! America needs a LEADER, not a WHEELER DEALER!

      • Dorrie

        That shows that you are making your choice out of emotion rather than intellect. Ted Cruz is a brilliant man, not a “nut case” and he is also 100% American. He has 100% audio recall. Know what that means?

        If you vote for Trump, you obviously aren’t a Christian, but you’re most likely either a Democrat or a VERY liberal Republican because Trump is not a Conservative on ANY level. He supports Affirmative Action and government funding Planned Parenthood. He also supports same-sex marriage

        Chief economists say he would have 4 times as much money as he has if he wasn’t so corrupt. Even his own private attorney claims he often “crosses the line.” He hid $Billions in Swiss banks then filed bankruptcy 4 times, putting thousands out of work and harming his lenders. Then he said, “they deserved to be hurt, they aren’t nice people.”

        Trump is NOT fit to lead a military that he dodged the draft from! You truly don’t seem to know much about him because anyone who has taken Psych 101 KNOWS he has all the classic earmarks of a SOCIOPATH!

  • Flo

    What a bunch of retards.

  • Pamela

    Thank you Pam and God bless you if thee is one that would allow such horror! The Po;e is in Mexico talking about everything else but not this! The media won’t show it either!

    • TruthWFree

      I’m Catholic and the outreach to Islam by this Pope under the “We all worship the same God” mantra is sickening. Islam…the Quran (supposedly the allah god’s word to Muhammad), says that Jesus never said He is the Son of God and that Jesus did not die on the cross…both lies against the Gospels written 600 years earlier by eye witnesses to Jesus words and miracles. This pope is at best ignorant on Islam and his continued silence on the persecution of Christians in the Mid east is deafening. He criticized Pope Benedict in 2005 or 2007 for making the speech at Regensberg about Muhammad bringing things cruel and inhuman, and that the speech damaged the outreach to Islam. I do not want the Pope reaching out to what I consider Satan’s religion. Regarding the lies against the Gospels, Jesus said that Satan is the father of all lies in John Chapter 8:44. Add to this the okay to lie to further Islam (taqiyya) and one of the names for the allah god is the “Greatest of all Deceivers” plus the hate filled verses against unbelievers…there can be no doubt who this being was who revealed the Quran to Muhammad….Unless Muhammad lied about the whole thing which would make him the greatest LIAR in history….I go with the Satan conclusion.

  • I look at this and am as disturbed by many of the comments as I am about the act. A 15 year old boy for listening to music. I mean come on – 15 – what a tragedy. With that I am aware of many more What a disaster to be in 2016 and to have members of society thinking this is fine. There is nothing right about this. Nothing. I say to the executioner and the people who supported this take off you masks, Stand out in public and be clear on what you stand for.

    • Halo

      You’re mistakenly applying your Western values on savages which deliberately choose to remain that way. You’re not alone, the same goes for almost all Western media and open minded societies and mainly the ‘enlightened’ overly-liberal Europeans, which is directly exploited against them by these brutes.

      • Platopus

        Maybe there really is a difference in mentality and sentiments based on race.

    • TruthWFree

      This is the “FRUIT” of the false prophet of Islam. Halo is correct. You are applying Western Judaeo Christian standards to the people of the Middle East who have lived under the death cult of Islam and a majority really believe in the false prophet and his sayings. Most likely, the Sharia court considered this apostasy, leaving Islam, and that carries a death penalty. Muhammad said, “He who leaves his religion, kill him”. That’s my take on the reason for the death penalty under Sharia. You do know that we have had Muslim fathers here in the US killing their daughters for becoming too Westernized? A situation in Dallas a few years back for sure…two girls…and there have been other cases.

  • Jay Dillon

    You can go aheadd and nuke that whole town for all i care.

  • Isabelle Baptiste

    Listen up Muzlims: you come here and mess with my music I will go Old Testament on your asses and I’m a girl.

    • boogimn3

      You should join the Lady Kurdettes. They’re a tough bunch. But don’t let ISIS take you alive–That’s what the last bullet in your handgun is for.

      • Isabelle Baptiste

        Will check them out fo sho. Am looking for anyone selling cyanide capsules for my back molar. Not getting caught up in a crowd of these ppl without a gun and alone.

  • suqsid4

    Pigslam is a disease.

  • Florian75

    First Obamatollah couldn’t be bothered to deal firmly with Nouri al-Malaki, and then he cut and ran. Cowardice and leading from behind makes for poor foreign policy. This innocent blood is entirely on his hands.

  • Dean

    Dirty savages.

  • durabo

    Now coming to Dearmbornistan, Michigan….

  • Марат

    Казнят подростка за прослушивание западной музыки?Вот вам результат поддержки вашими западными правительствами этого ИГИЛ/ИДИШ .Ребята,это всё фигня по сравнению с тем,что муслимы,как вы их называете, в Европе будут

    насиловать ваших жён и дочерей среди бела дня,а вы будете бегать в юбках в качестве протеста,тьфу на запад!

  • vercingetorix

    Disgusting, pure evil………

  • OrchidGirl

    The natural progression of Zero Tolerance.

  • Paul Fishman

    That disgusting Islamist killed the boy because the Islamists did it for his lust for halal meat.

  • joe1429

    It was probably rap music!!

  • DeksamTorrac

    Very extreme and harsh! The Poor kid,
    But he was a supporter of the Syrian Law, so he can’t compliant too much if it is what he wanted.
    Unfortunately he got what he wished for, as brutal as it is..

  • Steve

    Beheading the boy for listening to western pop music was hypocritical. How would the authorities recognize western music if they didn’t listen to it themselves? They should behead themselves now.

  • Areyoukiddingme

    Well thankfully they are part of the religion of peace…just ask Obama. Sick rabid vermin.

  • SuperBeeee

    If it was that Beyoncé Formation crap, I totally agree.

  • janemarple

    Horrific. Heartbreaking. Satan is alive and well, and at the moment, winning.

  • guest

    Was he listening to muslim american ghetto rap????

  • gataheart

    “Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which ALL those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life ..” (John 5:28,29)
    “The righteous will possess the earth, and they will LIVE FOREVER on it.”
    (Psalm 37:29)
    “..I saw a new heaven and a new earth {not in ‘literal’ sense (Ecclesiastes 1:4 says “..the earth remains forever.”)} ..The tent of God is with mankind ..And God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and DEATH WILL BE NO MORE, neither will MOURNING nor OUTCRY nor PAIN be anymore. The former things have passed away.” {not “former” in heaven ..but here on earth ..yes.} (Revelation 21:1-5) ..word images of the ‘effects’ of God’s Kingdom Rule by His Son, Jesus Christ. The blessings promised when we pray “Let your will be done on earth.” (Matthew 6:9,10)
    May Jehovah ‘remember’ {resurrect} such ‘innocents’. May He comfort the broken hearts of those grieving this young man’s tragic death.

  • Mike

    More sub-human BS – raise the temperature to 16,000F and let God sort it out.

  • graybuffalo

    And recently, there was a prime example of the Islamic indoctrination of our youth in colleges..that of liberal Augsburg College in liberal Minnesota. Funny how the Muslims never show support for Christianity, yet we are supposed to show support for their barbaric religion. It is permissible in Sharia Law for a Muslim father to kill his offspring for changing religion. Maybe the Muslim women at Augsburg would like to reciprocate by showing their support for Christianity – maybe a Bible study? Think about it.

  • Dravaa

    Sickening. Just sickening. Look how skinny and childlike this kid is. He was just helping his father out in his store, his whole life ahead of him. Child-killers!

    The lowest of the low – brutish, nasty, evil degenerates – find succor in Islam.

    Islam provides ample cover and justification for the worst in human nature, not the best. Not even close. The WORST!

    Islam welcomes any degenerate brute and for his evil deeds and decrees gives him a place of exaltation, of martyrdom.

    No wonder Islam is the religion of choice among inmates in jails.

    They should outlaw all proselytizing for Islam in jails. It only makes outlaws feel that by following a few frivolous rules and rituals that they are “good” even though their sociopathic tendencies, far from being tamed, are actively being courted and fanned amplified by Islam to increase its warpower.

    Islam is nothing but a war machine dressed up as a religion.
    No wonder its followers have to hide their faces – the better to deceive.

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  • James P. Savage

    The ONLY way one could even listen to this “religion” would be total indoctrination from their earliest childhood. This is so very sick and repulsive.

  • kafir4life

    It’s just islam being practiced in the manner prescribed by their pedophile “prophet”, inventor of allah the moon god, and shatter of the terror guide, the koran (aka used toilet paper).

  • Esraa A. Abdelmotteleb

    I’m muslim,arabic, and kinda well informed about Islam, and this is very ignorant. Some muslims believe that listening to music is prohibited except Tambourine, others do not. Those who believe its prohibited listen only to songs that have no music or have only Tambourine as long as these songs don’t talk about sex. It doesn’t have to be about Jihad. Even the most extremist muslims I have read about so far don’t believe that anyone should be killed for listening to music.

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