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[ September 26, 2017 ]

Jihad Terror Attack in Israel: Three Jews Murdered, One Wounded in Har Adar Shooting

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[ September 25, 2017 ]

Islamic State Threatens Prince Henry, Promises to Send Him to “Hellfire”

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Pope welcomes leader of Muslim group tied to financing of jihad terror to Vatican

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Muslim IT worker at center of House scandal accused of abusing three Muslim women

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Has Germany Never Learned?

ISIS in Buffalo, NY: KILL LIST of Air Force, FBI, Govt Officials, Military – “Slay Them Wherever You Find Them”


More news the media won’t cover, even though this jihadist called for the beheading of one media personality.

Buffalo Muslim Yassin posted a list of towns of residence and phone numbers of approximately 150 U.S. Air Force personnel, with the following quote: “Rejoice, O supporters of the Caliphate State, with the dissemination of the information to be delivered to lone wolves … Allah said: ‘And slay them wherever you may come upon them.’”

Remember that when mullah Obama says, “the Islamic State is not Islamic.”

“ISIL comes to Buffalo,” Buffalo Reflex, February 24, 2016:

When 15 to 20 FBI agents gathered early Thursday morning at the Hunte Pet Company parking lot, people wondered what was going on.

buafflo isis yasin

A couple of hours later, the agents arrested Safya Roe Yassin, 38, Buffalo, and she was later charged with communicating threats of violence over the Internet. Federal investigators said Yassin made a post on Twitter in August with the names, cities and phone numbers of two FBI agents, with the words “Wanted to Kill.”

She also allegedly made threats against government officials and members of the military, recommending that many needed to be beheaded.

Stacie Lane, special agent for the FBI, wrote a 17-page affidavit outlining a criminal complaint against Yassin, who had moved to Buffalo from Bolivar a few months earlier.

In the affidavit, Lane stated that on Aug. 24, 2015, Yassin tweeted a link containing photographs, addresses, other contact information and even credit-card information of United States service men and women and State Department employees. She also allegedly said that a media personality “would be better off without her head.”

Lane reported that Yassin tweeted a list of town of residence and phone numbers of approximately 150 U.S. Air Force personnel with the following quote: “Rejoice, O supporters of the Caliphate State, with the dissemination of the information to be delivered to lone wolves … God said: ‘And slay them wherever you may come upon them.’”

The FBI agent pointed out that it is against the law to transmit in interstate or foreign commerce “any communication containing any threat to kidnap any person or any threat to injure the person of another.” Also, the law prohibits aiding, abetting, counseling, commanding, inducing or procuring the commission of an offense against the United States.

The FBI first identified Yassin through a complaint call on Jan. 30, 2015, from a person who had befriended Yassin on Facebook several years ago. According to the complainant, Yassin was nonthreatening at first, but later Yassin was convinced that ISIL is going to save the world and was trying to rally support for the radical Islamist organization.

According to the affidavit, Yassin told the complainant that he/she would go to hell if he/she did not divorce his/her non-Muslim spouse and get rid of his/her non-Muslim friends. Yassin also allegedly told the complainant that he/she would go to hell for his/her beliefs in God.

The complainant said that although Yassin’s beliefs are disturbing, she has not directly advocated violence to the complainant.

On May 29, 2015, Yassin allegedly made a Twitter post referencing a “Freedom of Speech Rally Round II,” which was scheduled to take place in Phoenix that night. The posts stated the following: “They are only getting bolder because no one was killed at their last event, but if it goes the other way …” and “They have courage now, but if a backpack was left at the scene with nothing in it, you would have a stampede. lol.”

In an interview with two FBI agents in June 2015, Yassin stated that she is not pro-ISIL, does not intend to travel to Iraq or Syria, would never encourage anyone else to do so, and has never sent financial support to ISIL. She said she simply reports the news, and she advised she would be willing to answer any further questions, the report said.

Later, the original complainant reported that Yassin believes she is seeing the end of times and wonders if ISIL is the end-times army described in Islamic prophecy.

The complainant also said Yassin said she knew he/she was the one who “snitched” on her, and that Yassin was going to expose the complainant to Muslims everywhere.

At one time Yassin reportedly had more than 90 Twitter accounts, and Twitter later suspended the accounts for violating the company’s terms of service. On Feb. 5 of this year, Twitter suspended more than 125,000 accounts that it deemed to be extremist.

On June 23 Yassin allegedly posted a message that said, “Twitter suspends thousands of Muslim accounts in 48 hours. Billions being spent to silence Muslims on Twitter, trolls trolling day and night. Then … everyone comes right back within 2 minutes.

“They’re very proud of themselves, they really felt like they won some battle on the frontlines. Meanwhile, everyone is back within a few minutes. Honestly, this increases Twitter’s “worth” temporarily because it shows an increased number of new users.”

On July 18, 2015, according to the FBI, Yassin stated, “Americans aren’t even smart enough to know where to cut on a neck.” This was followed by a picture of a torso and neck with a superimposed dotted line around the base of the neck with the superimposed words “cut here.” Below the dotted line, written on the torso, is a superimposed word in Arabic. Those directly involved in this investigation recognized the Arabic word to be the spelling of the word “kuffar,” which means non-Muslim.

On July 29 Yassin allegedly posted a photo along with the text #Soon. The photo is an altered version of a popular photo. The original photo comes from the film, “North by Northwest” and depicts Cary Grant running in a field from an airplane. The version in the tweet had replaced Grant’s face with President Obama’s face and had replaced the airplane with a military drone.

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  • Raymond Kish

    This actually happened in Buffalo Missouri, not NY.

    • xrzx

      Jesus fucking christ. I was scared for a second, lol.

      • Greycap

        Xrzk, there is no call for your filthy language. There are ladies present.

        Go and wash your mouth out with soap and water.
        Would you use such filth in front of your own mother?

        You merely show a lack of vocabulary, basic education, intelligence and respect for us.
        Please watch it!

        • xrzx

          You reported me eh? Guess you’re a real fan of freedom of speech. You make me sick. You’re just like the jihadists — they don’t like freedom of speech either.
          I’m a freethinker and an atheist — I’m not a member of your Christian faith — Your “commandments” don’t apply to me. I don’t believe your “Jesus” even existed, let alone was the son of some kind of omnipotent being.
          This is America, I am free to say whatever I want to say. My ancestors fought and DIED for the RIGHT for me to be able to have this freedom.
          If you don’t like freedom of speech perhaps you would feel more at home in Saudi Arabia, even the so called “Islamic State” itself.
          Go join ISIS, they hate freedom of speech as well.
          You’re a cantankerous myopic prig, and Jesus was a homosexual, he took it up the butt from the Romans and LIKED IT!
          There, is that better?

          • Greycap

            You reported me eh?

            Wrong! No I did not! I merely replied directly to you on this

            Guess you’re a real fan of freedom of speech. You make me sick. You’re just like the jihadists — they don’t like
            freedom of speech either.

            Jihadists/Islamists/IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh, support freedom of speech 100%. Only Muslim freedom of speech, however. Not yours or mine.

            Always remember: Your freedom ends where another’s begins. E.g. You would not have the freedom to scream
            your head off, or yell “fire,” at a symphony concert, or in a library, or at a policeman’s funeral – try it someday.

            I’m a freethinker and an atheist — I’m not a member of your Christian faith — Your “commandments” don’t apply to me. I don’t believe your “Jesus” even existed, let alone was the
            son of some kind of omnipotent being.

            Without any evidence whatsoever, you accuse me
            of being a member of the Christian faith. Maybe I am. Maybe I’m not, but you have not garnered the facts to make such a judgment. In a way I envy your incredible wisdom and bottomless knowledge, to be able to know whether, or not, Jesus existed 2,000 years ago.

            You’re not a freethinker. More a poor thinker. You can’t even create a cogent argument. You said, “I don’t believe
            your Jesus ever existed.” [assumption without facts, “my” Jesus?]

            Yet, your brilliant, “freethinking mind.” Stated below that, “Jesus was a homosexual.” How can that be? You just said he never existed? For you to use that as an example, might indicate that you have a latent homosexual bent. Check with your psychiatrist when next you visit.

            This is America, I am free to say whatever I want to say. My ancestors fought and DIED for the RIGHT for me to be able to have this freedom.

            Thank you for telling me which country I’m in. Always nice to know.

            Laddie. Your ancestors might be a wee bit ashamed of your intolerance, swift judgment without facts and a filthy tongue. Not that it matters to freethinking, atheist you, for there might be no afterlife , just a brief unimportant sojourn on this crude, rude, and worthless little speck of dust in space.

            If you don’t like freedom of speech perhaps you would feel more at home in Saudi Arabia, even the so called “Islamic State” itself. Go join ISIS, they hate freedom of speech as well.

            Already addressed the “freedom of speech” aspect, or have you already forgotten? After all, it was several lines ago, so we can’t expect too much from you.

            You’re a cantankerous myopic prig, and Jesus was a homosexual, he took it up the butt from the Romans and LIKED IT!

            Where in my reply was I being cantankerous? Four syllables might be a little too much for you to contend with at the moment. “Myopic?” “Prig?” Evidence?

            Sarcastic? Yes, because I do not suffer fools gladly.

            There, is that better?

            Much better. Bit like trying to have a discussion on quantum physics with a lobotomized patient though, but I needed a pastime which took little intelligence, or thinking ability and answering your rant, was most relaxing. Thank you.

          • suqsid4

            Atheists are idiots.

          • xrzx

            IKR? Ppl who believe in talking snakes and virgin births are the smart ones.

          • drummie

            Your ignorance is outstanding. Vulgarity is unnecessary and just shows the lack of vocabulary and education, in other words IGNORANCE on your part. If you can not express yourself without the crude language it only proves YOUR ignorance. Yes you have a right to speak as you wish, but you also have the same right to display your rude and crude ignorance as well. Go for it.

          • xrzx

            That is absolutely ridiculous. Lack of education? I have a MASTER’S degree in computer science! What world do you live in where you think “educated” people don’t speak the same way I do? You must live in a bubble! Lack of vocabulary? I don’t even know what to say to that…All I can say is, offense is never given, it’s TAKEN, and you’re just as bad as the SJWs and Islamists if you get offended by “vulgarity” — What you call vulgarity is also completely arbitrary. The words and sounds that were considered “vulgar” 50 years ago are hardly even close to the same as today. They would have considered saying “breast” on television to be vulgar, even when talking about chicken.
            But — in general, the idea that a certain sequence of sounds, when uttered, or written, can cause everyone to be offended is total superstitious nonsense.
            To use a great example — we call the small animals we keep as pets “d-uh-og–uh” dogs…That sequence of sounds or characters is fine, but if a sequence of sounds or characters is “fuu–uhh–kkkhh” then that’s somehow “bad” ?
            I would suggest watching Penn & Teller’s “BS” show about Profanity — but you won’t. You’re too caught up living in your bubble world.
            George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, and even Louis CK — those are my heroes. They all were pretty ‘vulgar’ — and I am GLAD they were.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            A masters degree in CompSci? So what?

          • xrzx

            He claimed I was “uneducated” — My student loan debt and degrees say otherwise.

          • SFTOBEY

            Yeah? Well, EAT THEM.

          • Thomas D. Shuster

            Man have you got your panties in a knot.

          • xrzx

            It’s funny that this “article” is months old yet still has a title that is factually inaccurate.

          • joker

            You will be damned for ever, because you took the name of Christ Jesus in vain and in a very vile way. That was not necessary, by any standard.

          • GermanGuyFromBerlinNeukoelln

            Do you really believe that?
            Damned forever for offensive language?
            Funny, but even Inquisition in medieval Europe was not so strictly.
            Please relax, God is no villain.
            No hell for foul language.

          • joker

            Well I do believe in freedom of speech, by all means. But taking the name of Christ Jesus in such a manner no. However, I will not chop off his or her head, you got my drift.

          • xrzx

            Me along with all the starving kids in North Korea, pretty much every single person in China, and all of the Jews in Israel, none of which believe in your lord either :)

          • joker

            You do not have to believe but show respect only for the name Christ Jesus. The one who does not bow for His name bows for satan.

          • Lou Cipher

            Nice trolling sir!!!

          • Thomas D. Shuster

            It would shock you if you knew how many are secret believers in Jesus.

          • xrzx

            Most of the population of planet earth does not believe in Jesus
            And the number of people who do believe have been in decline for about 100 years now

          • joe1429


          • Thomas D. Shuster

            Jesus said that those who abuse his name will be forgiven but those that deny the Holy Spirit will not be. I bet a pay check most of those high I Q guys on this site don’t know that.

          • xrzx

            Jesus never existed, you faggot.

          • Retiredextremelydangerous

            It’s not what you said that is offensive. It’s the words you used to say It, that offends! I defend your right to say it. But I have to condemn the words you use to express it! Your words show a lack of respect for others and yourself, motherfucker!

          • xrzx

            Offense is never given — it’s TAKEN.
            Moron. You’re worse than the social justice nincompoops.

          • Rob Porter

            This has got little to do with free speech, it’s offensive to decent people, who, as a matter of interest, have a right to their beliefs in Jesus Christ – which you in your gross ignorance would deny them – while preaching free speech! – for yourself, naturally. On a decent website we don’t expect to put up with your foul Muslim-type of crap, or take it from a dead rat with piles individual like you. If you are so bold and brave go tell Muslims how you think about their mentally deranged Mohammad.

          • xrzx

            I’m not denying any one their beliefs — but they have to allow me to have mine, right? It’s words, characters on a screen, and it’s not threatening or promotion violence. It’s my right to expression, as provided to all, by the founding fathers of the USA — if you don’t want to see it, look away and don’t read my comments.

          • Rob Porter

            I haven’t the slightest desire to deny you the right to express an opinion or to hold any view you wish to hold, but what I did not like was you cursing in the manner you did and in the process used the name of Jesus Christ. In doing that you offended and belittled the right of those who believe what they do. I couldn’t care less if you don’t believe in Christ, that’s your choice, but it was not right to disparage as you did the beliefs of other people. You could just be wrong and they right, so, not a good idea to show intolerance of others’ right to believe what they do.

          • Rob Porter

            I haven’t the slightest desire to deny you the right to express an opinion or to hold any view you wish to hold, but what I did not like was you cursing in the manner you did and in the process used the name of Jesus Christ. In doing that you offended and belittled their right to believe what they do. I couldn’t care less if you don’t believe in Christ, that’s your choice, but it was not right to disparage as you did the beliefs of other people. You could just be wrong and they right, so, not a good idea to show intolerance of others’ right to believe what they do.

      • Rob Porter

        Hey, do us a favour. What has Jesus Christ done to you that you use that language? At least have the decency to replace his name with Mohammad the vomit as your swear word.

        • xrzx

          He didn’t do anything — as far as I am concerned, I am not even convinced he ever existed in the first place — but the mindless drones who continue to use his name for their ridiculousness are a big problem. Can you clarify something for me though? What if I said carajo or mierda instead of “F*****G” ? Would that be considered foul language as well?

          • Rob Porter

            Supposedly you share about Islam the same ideas s others on here, so why offend them when they belief that Jesus is who he said he is and Roman records show he existed, but you think he didn’t exist? “Mindless drones”? You don’t even know that he existed, even crappy Mohammad believed his existed, and then you call believers ‘Mindless drones’. How smart is that? If you said “carajo or “mierda”, I wouldn’t now what you were talking about, but if I said voetsek or ‘onnosel’ you wouldn’t know what I was talking about.

          • joe1429

            Jesus is Lord And Savior

          • Rob Porter

            He is and this fellow will eventually find out.

          • Michael B

            Good one Rob

          • Rob Porter

            Thanks, Michael.

  • Pat Nash

    And some of this unnecessary assault on America and its citizens should not be necessarily so. Why is she here? Is there a need for more Muslims in the country just because…and you never know whether they want to terrorize us or not. Just simply the truth.

    • RedMeatState

      is there a need for ANY musloids in America?

      • You Bet!!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        None whatsoever, they are a misery and a curse to themselves and society.


        Crash Test Dummies.

    • Muslims that are in and come to America are really trying their best to contribute and give back to their communities. There are Muslim Engineers, Teachers, Doctors, the list really goes on and on. They all are really helpful and peaceful, and I believe that we do need them here in America.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Taqiyya, muslims are a liability to themselves and everyone else. You really do not read much do you?

        • I read but apparently we read different things so we are on different pages.
          Wikipedia says “Sunni jurisprudence does not use the term taqiyya”. As a matter of fact I haven’t heard about it. I know the word taqwa which means “fear of God”.
          I don’t do Shia…

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You are practicing taqiyya right now by denying that you are. Learn how to use internet search features, if you must tell stories, try and make them believable. To repeat myself, there are many non muslims who have a very clear understanding about islam, which is validated by the atrocities muslims perform daily. Sunni jurisprudence does not use the term taqiyya,[33]. Protecting one’s belief during extreme or exigent circumstances is called idtirar (إضطرار). same lie, different liar.

      • Pat Nash

        Then I am not talking about them. ‘The rumor has it that Japan has no problem with terrorism because they allow very,very few Muslims into the country. Worth looking into in the future. I am not a hater of any group of people but how are you suppose to deal with this issue? You have to admit that it is very scary. I also believe that if our leaders adhered to the constitution, we wouldn’t have such a huge problem.

        • RiverFred

          That is not a rumor, it is a fact.

      • wilypagan

        We did fine without you for hundreds of years and we won’t miss you when you are gone. Leave while you can and take your covered brood mares with you.

  • Rick Smith

    One down, and legions and legions to go. The Islamic 5th column in America is huge.

    • Thomas D. Shuster

      We’ll dig them graves. We have lots of land to do it after it’s all over. You can’t fight the good fight. without a little blood spilt. Just make sure it’s theirs.

      • SFTOBEY

        F___ her – and the rest of them. “Buzzards got to eat.” (From the movie, “The Outlaw Josey Wales”.)

  • ishamine

    Just for posting the CC information alone, she should rack up some serious time. What a disgusting creature. Her face seriously gives me the willies.

    • wilypagan

      Her eyes look a lot like Janet Yellen’s.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    A few years in jail, with no special treatment for being a muslim is about right. With any who aided and abetted her, in the adjoining cells.

  • Drew the Infidel

    She wonders if ISIL is the end times army? Join them and find out when a Predator drone appears.

  • HolylandIsraelTours

    BHO is flooding the US with Islamic terrorists so that the FBI and the police will have their hands full for the nest millennium.

  • KC135TopBoom

    Obama will pardon her……

  • edbo


    • Wayne Ville

      Trump is the only one wanting to protect us from muslims, he is the only one wanting to bolster our economy, he is the only one for local control of schools. A vote for anyone else is insane.

      • Rob Porter

        Yes, but if you consider the actions of establishment Republicans, it is evident through their words that they are out to cut Trump’s throat. And now Mitt Romney has joined this disgraceful bandwagon of fools when questioning Trump’s back-taxes and wealth. It’s evident that they don’t care whether they are right about this – and now Ted Cruz (who started out my favourite but now I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot barge pole!) has joined this mob. In their very special Republican Party stupidity apparently they would prefer to hand the White House to Hillary Clinton. There are some incredibly stupid people in the U.S. and now I see that Romney is one of them. These disgraceful imbeciles, through their dislike of Trump will hand the U.S. presidency to a total bag of dirt and criminal, Hillary Clinton. Something really disgusting is going on. Why would these Republicans prefer a total fraud and incompetent like Clinton?

      • joe1429

        Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • joe1429

      Go Trump!!!!! Blowout on Super tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vercingetorix

    Cut off HER head…and be done with it……..


      Drop her head over Mecca.


    • Rob Porter

      Just a neat bullet through the brain would do. I just don’t get it, these Muslims threaten death and then Western half-wit ‘authorities’ play by Queensbury Rules. How stupid.

    • Up Huff

      Actually, stuff it with a pig’s head and drop it on top of the Ka’aba. Or whatever they call that big piece of rock.

  • thefounderswereright

    mullah Obama no doubt will pardon her calling it anti Islam and Islamaphobic an against her freedom religion, this is how they think.

  • joker

    This woman called Safya looks deranged. Perhaps hot in bed but who can tell afterwards.

  • taskmaster

    Short and simple: keep the Muslims out and this wouldn’t be happening.

  • brian crawford

    SICK PUP !!!!

  • minny-me

    Behold the face of evil America! Is she your new neighbor?



  • Ektor

    Obama’s liberal tolerance is going to get millions murdered in America. All courtesy of the religion of peaceful intentions, of course.

  • Freedom of speech does not include making threats to hurt people. It is illegal to do so. I’m glad to see the feds finally apparently enforcing the law on some of those who seem to have been getting away with all sorts of threats lately. It’s about time.

    People come into this country and openly threaten to hurt & kill us, and they’ve been getting away scott free with it. We have laws against this b.s.. They are subject to OUR LAWS when on our soil, not some 3rd world b.s. they bring with them under the guise of ‘religious freedom.’ Enforce the law. Good job Agent Lane.

    Also, we readers and commenters here need to be above reproach. Stuff makes you mad and you feel like spouting off. If you do it, do it intelligently and watch what you say. Don’t bring yourself down to the level of those making threats.

    Thank you Pamela, for reporting on these controversial and little-covered subjects. People need to hear the story.

    • Rob Porter

      The fact is, more Muslims should not be allowed into Western countries. Unless complete idiots by now we know that the Qur’an teachers Muslim to accept only sharia and to have contempt for both Western country laws and customs. They have no intention of assimilating and every intention of trying to force us to embrace their Islamic trash that does not even nearly reach the threshold of a civilization. Pleasant individuals you sometime meet, but they are never more than nominal Muslims. They come out of festering, filthy, violent societies and yet Western leaders think they will be grateful and accept Western ways. The stupidity of Western leaders, that of Hungary one exception, is beyond amazing.

      • “…the Qur’an teachers Muslim to accept only sharia and to have contempt
        for both Western country laws and customs. They have no intention of
        assimilating and every intention of trying to force us to embrace…”

        Good morning Rob. That is exactly correct. Islam does not embrace coexistence with any other faith (system would be a better word, because Islam is a whole system of religion, government, law, etc.). They are also taught that deception and violence is just fine when dealing with infidels (us). This is not disparaging Islam, it’s just the facts.

        A lot of people in the West are simply not aware of this. I was not in the past but have learned some things which worry me a lot as our leaders seem either clueless about it, or they intentionally want to bring about a massive paradigm change. Considering the people who are getting appointed into high-level positions here, to think that such a conversion is intentional is not outside the realm of plausibility.

        I thank Walid Shoebat, a Christian converted from Islam for some understanding which I did not have some time ago. Frankly, he knows the bible better than I do (and I’m a Christian too). He also knows the Qur’an. The guy and his son can get way over my head quickly when they start to discuss all this.

        What people here need to wake up to is that this influx is composed of those who do not want to assimilate but rather to force us to conform to their standards and beliefs.

        Again, this is not speaking hatefully about any religion or system, but just the facts as I see them.

        Thanks for the post.

        You might like this:

        • Rob Porter

          Thanks very much for this. Very interesting. More than 5 years ago, in response to incessant Muslim violence I Googled ‘Muslim crusades’ – knowing nothing about Muslim “crusades” – and was confronted by a huge amount of information about the Muslim campaigns of expansion, conquest and subjugation. For the next five or six months every moment I got I read – and read. Then I, being South African, wrote a letter to a major Canadian newspaper scathingly condemning the trash anti-Israel ‘Israeli apartheid week’ now held annually at Canada’s now pitiful excuses for universities. They actually published the letter. That prompted a Jewish fellow in Montreal to call me after being delegated by his friend to do so, to thank me for the letter and for being so brave. I didn’t consider it brave, but it was a nice compliment. We met in Toronto, became good friends and he told me about Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch. I bought his books. Excellent stuff. And then I found out about Pamela Geller and this site. From both I have learned an enormous amount more that complimented what I had read and continued to read. So I learnt about the crusades (concerning which I knew little) and in the process discovered just how much Western liberal, anti-Christian drivel drives the bias against the crusades while whitewashing Islam – that was and continues to be the root cause of the conflicts! Now I loathe Islam that imagines in their inbred puny little minds that we retaliating to their violence, hatred, intolerance, xenophobia and bigotry constitutes ‘Islmamophobia’. Who but a real fool falls for such nonsense? I will listen to more of what Gerry Boykin has to say.

          • Check out too. He really knows a lot. Most of it is above my head, but he is a devout Christian. The only terminology he uses that I disagree with is the term “Radical Islam.” I don’t think there is such a thing, only Islam and the degrees to which its followers adhere to their book.

            I am not any kind of scholar on it. What I need to know is that these people are on a different wavelength than the Western mind understands using its values, thus a lot of people here in the West are deceived into thinking they are safe in ‘coexisting’ with them when they are not. Because a Western civilized person thinks, “I would never do that,” they assume no one else would, and they are dead wrong where terrorist incidents occur. When these things go down there is no reasoning with the perpetrators or appealing to a set of values they do not possess, as the perpetrators think they are doing God’s work.

            I worked with a [Catholic] lady from somewhere around Bosnia who lived through a lot of the ugly conflicts that went on (and are still going on) there. She told me muslims killed her sister by luring her and giving her poisoned milk. She told me, ‘people do not understand who they are dealing with.’ [paraphrased]. This is first hand and I absolutely believe her. She was a great, kind lady of excellent sense and sensibility, and has since passed away.

            This is NOT bashing any religion, it’s just stating what I think I understand. I’m done now.
            Thanks for the interesting discourse and have a great day. Be careful out there.

          • Rob Porter

            In my estimation you can bash Islam as much as you please. It is nothing more than vile, disgusting ideology driven by the notion that these savages are supreme. Can you imagine a disgusting ideology like that instilling the notion that useless Muslim who produce nothing of worth are the new master race? Just stupid. I have no illusions regarding what people will do to other people. Growing up in Africa creates within a different kind of awareness and mindset, so when I see cruelty my instinct is to inflict it on the perpetrator. I think this is why South Africans make the best mercenaries. If your enemy is cruel then annihilate the scumbag, don’t waste your time with prisoners. Even if not in midst of violence and growing up in a very Western manner you are aware that violence and cruelty is never far away, and that to many in Africa and the Muslim world life has little or no value. Just consider the African National Congress ‘necklacing’ people to death. They’d bind their victim, put a car tyre round their neck, fill it will gasoline and ignite it. The victim died in agony.

            And now after years of reading the history of those Muslim campaigns, their murdering more than 81 million in India, wiping out all the Hindus of Afghanistan and cruelty wherever they went, I understand the mindset of the crusaders who overran Antioch and then overran Jerusalem in 1099. if I were in charge when fighting ISIS the order would be “Take no prisoners,” These men are so contaminated by the cruelty of which they have been part they deserved to be executed.

          • No offense intended Rob. I understand your viewpoint being from that area. Plenty of bad stuff has happened there to contemplate. I just hope we here in the U.S. aren’t heading for experiencing some of the same bad stuff. And a lot of people, citizens and politicians alike are clueless as to how bad it can get.

            I am careful what I say lest it be misinterpreted by ‘those who read over our shoulders’ because here we have the likes of Loretta Lyncher and her mob who has vowed to come and arrest us if we speak ill of Islam.

            It’s not that I’m afraid, I just have better things to do with my time than spend it in a federal holding cell awaiting arraignment under the ‘protection’ of a public defense attorney. (I’ve been inside those cells and they are pretty sparse – stainless steel bed, no mattress, no bed covers, and worst of all no toilet paper, lol).

            Of course, then we have Joe Walsh too, who is fearless in saying whatever….. Be well.


            Disclaimer – video does not necessarily express the views of the poster and is offered for educational purposes as protected under the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.

          • Rob Porter

            You didn’t offend me one iota. I like your thinking. Most people are clueless about Islam and what is going on, but I am determined that I will not be shut up. Loretta Lunch is just a disgusting person who has two rules, one for non-Muslim and then one for sharia compliant Muslims. Thanks for the video. Man, I like this man’s attitude – and he is right. Lynch, a stupid person who talks drivel deserves to be ridiculed. I encourage him and everyone else to create a backlash. Stupid woman!

  • So where are the supposed “good” Muslims? Living in Muslim Obama’s imagination?

  • Strelnikov

    Well, at least she doesn’t look crazy…

  • Thomas D. Shuster

    The bully mentality is just below the surface for some people and they can get off by joining bikers or some disgruntled group. ISIS is just the ticket for this gal. Lots of deluded souls who reject Jesus are sitting ducks for the lies.
    We need to bring prayer back into schools and the pledge of allegiance also. One generation and we would have less need for jails .


    Was this another of the Usurper-in-Chief’s so-called “refugees”?????

  • NC2013

    They should’ve just shot her in an alley.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    A clearly white muslum that is just as mentally deranged as all the rest of ’em.

  • Dave Weinbaum

    Pam, I think that story came out of Buffalo, Missouri–I have people on the ground there~

  • Stephen

    So let’s bring in 200,000 Muslims from Syria who cannot be safely vetted. At least 15,000 are scheduled for Erie County and since our liberal N.Y governor won’t reject them like other States have we will probably get many more then that. Obama is a traitor, he hates America and is trying to destroy it. Trump for President!!

  • Nancy Joy

    Would be nice to have state to go along with city.
    Is Bolivar in NY or Michigan or some other state?

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