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FBI CAVES to terror-tied CAIR’s demands, SCRUBS anti-terror site of Islam and jihad


The FBI launched a new website to jihad terrorism but scrubbed it any references to Islam or Islamist extremism at the behest of terror-tied group CAIR.

Titled “Don’t be a Puppet,” the site originally had a significant emphasis on the main terrorism scourge plaguing today’s world – namely, extremist Islam. However, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – self-billed as “America’s largest Muslim civil liberties organization” and headquartered on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. – pressured the FBI, and all references to Islam were removed.

The FBI had to sever all ties to CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) becuase of their ties to terror groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. So why is the FBI taking their marching orders from a terror tied Islamic organization?

We are allowing groups like the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has opposed all counter-terror measures and advises Muslims not to cooperate with the FBI, to formulate our response to the jihad terror threat. This is madness.

These are sharia restrictions on our speech — on the truth. Did you really think it was only about Muhammad cartoons?

The FBI scrubbed the site of the very motive behind this terrorism. Take the site down. It’s worthless, which was CAIR’s objective.

cair ad

“FBI, under Islamic pressure, waters down anti-terror site,” By Hillel Fendel, INN, February 29, 2016:

Muslims complain that site could ‘stigmatize and increase bullying of Muslim students,’ leading FBI to remove any references to Islam.

The FBI has launched a new website to counter extremism – devoid of any references to Islam or Islamist extremism.

Titled “Don’t be a Puppet,” the site originally had a significant emphasis on the main terrorism scourge plaguing today’s world – namely, extremist Islam. However, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – self-billed as “America’s largest Muslim civil liberties organization” and headquartered on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. – pressured the FBI, and all references to Islam were removed.

The website seeks to deconstruct some of the motivating factors that lead people into extremism. It is aimed for use in high schools or other programs for teenagers.

The website was originally slated to launch last November, but the criticism by CAIR prevented this. CAIR – which faces a possible ban in the U.S.; see below – said that the focus on extremist Muslims could “stigmatize and increase bullying of Muslim students.”

The New York Times reported at the time that a pre-launch program for representatives of Arab and other groups highlighted some of the problems. Hoda Hawa, director of policy and advocacy for the Muslim Public Affairs Council, said she was particularly troubled by a question that asked the user to identify which of several social media posts should raise alarm.

Among the choices: a person posting about a plan to attend a political event, and someone with an Arabic name posting about going on “a mission” overseas. The fact that the latter was the correct answer troubled Ms. Hawa. “What kind of mission?” she said. “It could have been humanitarian. It could have been religious.”

Following the removal of Islamist mentions, the site was finally launched about three weeks ago.

Clarion Project – whose goals are “educating the public about Islamic extremism and providing a platform for Muslim human rights activists” – is critical of the watered-down FBI site.

“There is no reason why a site that targets the specific roots of Islamist terrorism and tackles the ideology openly should increase the bullying of Muslim students,” the organization states. “On the contrary, if the site’s explanation properly separates the theocratic totalitarian political ideology of Islamism from the religion of Islam in general, then it should have the opposite impact – calming fears about Muslims by painting an accurate picture about what is going on.”

The updated version of the site includes only vague generalities about different types of “violent extremism.” Among various extremists listed are White Supremacists, Environmental extremists, Militia extremists, Religious extremists, and Anarchist extremists.

The House Judiciary Committee passed a bill last week calling on the State Department to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. The bill lists CAIR, as well as two other Islamic groups – ISNA and NAIT – as organizations that are under the control of the international Muslim Brotherhood.

Under the bill, the Obama Administration would be forced to deny admittance to any foreign national tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. Since Obama became President, people connected to the Muslim Brotherhood have received entry visas despite their open support for terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

The FBI website states that it is the FBI’s responsibility to “protect the nation from attacks by violent extremists. One important way to do that is to keep young people – the future of our country – from embracing violent extremist ideologies in the first place. This website is designed to help do just that.”

Clarion notes, however, that “without a clear explanation of the ideology behind Islamist terrorism, the FBI presents the problem as solely one of violence… Although the website mentions specific terrorist attacks including 9/11 as being carried out by al-Qaeda, it failed to name the specific ideology driving Islamist terrorist attacks worldwide.”

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  • pdxnag

    Be the best CAIR puppet you can be. Go full Islamist.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Islamist a word that is as dishonest and manipulative as islamophobia.

      • pdxnag

        Non-apostate Muslim? Subjectively, I suppose, any Muslim with no hope of declaring their Apostasy from Islam in the near term.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          The whole concept of “islamist” is as ludicrous as nazist. I consider islamist and islamophobia to be words: “created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons.”

          • pdxnag

            So, offer an alternative to call any Muslim (or any other) who wants to impose Islam on their family, their neighbors, the entire world, by force if necessary.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            A muslum, is a muslum, is a muslum. There’s no such thing as a “good” muslum.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Until the white mosque is purged of submissive stooges, this will continue, it is up to the citizens of America to deal with terrorism, as your government is sponsoring it domestically.

    • Janet

      Hi Mahou! Do you also go on Jihad Watch?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        As of now I do.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Wait ’til you see the self-enforced Shari’a censorship they practice over there.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            If it is inclined to censorship, I won’t be there long.

    • Ron Cole

      “AllÄĥŮ ÄkbàЯ and may Allah be Praised”!
      This message courtesy of:
      Chief iranian Imam and Most High Puppeteer valkeryie jarr&tt

      * Mandatory acronym for millennials -> CiI&MHP

      • Mahou Shoujo


        • husseinovomit

          MORE muslims, LESS FREEDOM!!

          • husseinovomit

            ALLAH FUBAR!!

            islam KAPUT!!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            More muslims means more death to infidels.

  • EJO

    This is so stupid.

    Why even bother to put up an anti-terror site if you’re not going to mention Islam, or jihad?
    Did you hear about this?

    By DEBORAH DANAN28 Feb 2016289

    TEL AVIV – A Saudi journalist wrote that Muslims and Arabs should spend less time condemning Donald Trump’s proposal for banning Muslims from entering the U.S. and more time apologizing to the world for the terrorism that is taking place in the name of Islam.

    Writing in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai, Nadine Al-Budair asks how Muslims would react if western youths acting in the name of Christ blew themselves up in their midst.
    Or this?

    EXCLUSIVE: Meet the all-girl bikini-clad ‘Groping Guard’ vigilantes who patrol swimming pools in Sweden against migrants molesting female bathers

    ‘Groping Guards’ bikini-clad vigilantes patrol swimming pools in Kalmar, Sweden, to stop women being molested

    Women say they took action as after five women reported being molested at swimming baths in town since October

    Kalmar, south of Stockholm, with population of just 36,000 has seen influx of 6,000 migrants with 34 migrant centres

    On New Year’s Eve at least 15 young women were groped in Kalmar’s main square in scenes similar to Cologne

    The women say they want female swimmers to feel safer say they are teaching young migrant men how to behave

    By Ulf Andersson In Kalmar, Sweden For Mailonline

    Published: 09:41 EST, 29 February 2016 | Updated: 14:54 EST, 29 February 2016

    Read more:

    She also slams Muslim attempts to absolve themselves of guilt by saying that terrorists do not represent Islam, calling such disclaimers “pathetic.”

  • Borum

    Why should we have laws ?
    Why should we have a Constitution ?
    All we have to have is submission to Sharia.
    Face it, the muslem pigs have already won and they have won because we were
    when we should have been

    • Leslie

      They have “only won” if you let them. They are not going to infringe on my rights and freedoms, which I was born with by being born in the USA. Until more Americans “demand” that the Immigration & Nationality Act of 1952 is enforced, instead of being ignored and violated, we’ll keep seeing major division.

      • Dave J Lawson

        Only Trump Will do it , Not Cruz Nor Rubio . Both can be bought by OIC and their Millions .

        Cruz has already tried to fool folks by hiding his special low cost “loan”
        from Goldman sachs so that they won’t be taxed by their candidate.

        But Trump has too many Enemies as he exposes them and gets in their way

        ………Its a tough battle to regain the country and Trump is only candidate that comes close to being the Real deal and only one who has guts to speak out calling for deporting Jihadis and keeping out muslims.

        • Patricia

          I got the Trump fever when he first came out with the ‘wise-guy persona’, talking tough, sounding so patriotic, topping it off with his slogan, “Make America Great Again”, which we ALL know, America has taken real embarrassing hits across the world.

          Then I found myself thinking he reeeally should start integrating some new material into his rhetoric. I was not only angry about the establishment-ESE, now I was tired of hearing the SAME old song-and-dance from the Donald.

          As the possibility set in MY brain that what I’d heard heretofore was all he had, that his arsenal was factually limited, I really began the hand-wringing in earnest.

          His past associations, present parsing of each and every word that WAS said then and IS being said NOW is troubling. I’m not sure his integrity issues are any better than Hillary’s.

          If it strikes him to renege on ANYTHING, he’ll find the spin to make it swallow-able to his fans and to blazes with anyone who doesn’t agree can fall into complacency.

          Hubbs suggested I get centered and back on track, for health reasons if nothing else. Angst is debilitating as I can well attest, so back the the basics I went and remain.

          Praying that all my fellow Americans, find Him and receive the clarity and peace that He has for all His Creation.

          • Dave J Lawson

            Dear Patricia , you are comparing Trump with Hillary ? He is losing over $270 Million a year by running for president by losing revenues from his TV show and other non real estate streams alone !
            And you are comparing him to Shitllary who has been taking “donations” from lobbyists who work for saudis , Iranians , Russians ? She is not just a big time crook but a scumbag traitor .

            And seriously what do you expect Trump to do ? come up with new issues to keep you entertained ? The core issues get repeated as its the most important ones on what’s wrong and what needs to be done and why he can do it and others won’t.

          • Pathfinder0100

            Good post Dave!!

          • Steve

            You know the others are just as likely to spin but democrats are a death sentence especially with the choices.

    • Ron Cole

      The wh bath house answered this.
      “All of the above has been accomplished – Thank Allah.
      AllÄĥŮ ÄkbàЯ”.

      • husseinovomit


    • Steve

      You sound like you need a beer. Do something. Get involved.

  • ColonelNeville

    “…if the site’s explanation properly separates the theocratic totalitarian political ideology of Islamism from the religion of Islam in general…” This contradictory, incoherent and laughable line of logical fallacy makes no sense whatsoever – except as standard lies for Islam.

    • The origional roger


    • Leslie

      The Immigration & Nationality Act of 1952–forbids Islam, communism and totalitarian government. A good start, is demanding of our Congress to enforce this law, and ask why it’s been ignored and violated.

    • Patricia

      It’s their ‘specialty’!

  • conan_drum

    If Trump is elected and I hope he is, he should curb CAIR or even ban it all together./ CAIR is a clear and present danger to the society of USA

    • ljm4

      See that’s the difference between Trump and Carson. There isn’t a should with Carson He would ban CAIR ISNA and the rest of their BS islamic cultcrap.

    • Leslie

      No he should enforce the Immigration & Nationality Act of 1952, which forbids Islam, communism and totalitarian government in our nation. Enforcing that would get rid of all those who are a threat to our country and its citizens.

    • Pathfinder0100

      They need to be run out of America!! They bring us NO good only BAD!!

  • The origional roger

    “Hoda Hawa, director of policy and advocacy for the Muslim Public Affairs Council, said she was particularly troubled by a Question…
    Yeah, well I’m particularly troubled by you Hoda Hawa, in fact I’m angry, miserable, sick, tired and frustrated with you, your miserable belief system, and your perpetually offended, lying, rights demanding nation sucking friends who should all be sitting in a sand blown desert on a rug sucking camel hide and being beaten by your husbands.

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    It’s not our fault if CAIR is offended or muslims are offended if it’s the bloody truth!
    Pandering to this idiotic idea to not mention islam when you talk about islam’s violent nutjobs, it’s almost comical it’s so pathetic.
    How about we call a spade a spade and if CAIR doesn’t want their religion to be connected with bad press perhaps they could put their efforts into stopping islam being a putrid vile pestilence!

    I’m ashamed that we pay such mind to a violent cult of backward psychopaths – at any other time in history, when we had BALLS and some pride in OUR society and when we didn’t spend most of the time tip toeing around the obvious for fear of offending thugs and bullies, we would have named islamism as the psycopathy it is and disallowed it’s presence.

    Come on FBI it’s bloody embarrassing being played by the dumbest minority in town surely?

    • The origional roger

      Yes, Honkingeese Watchgoose three ( should I put Mr in front of that ?)
      Just another notch on the ratchet towards Islamic rule.

      • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

        You’ve just made me wonder if a goose can be a “Mr”.
        Mr goose is a bit like Mr. HEN, isn’t it?

        Watch’gander’ doesn’t have the same honk does it?

        • The origional roger

          This is the fundamental question, does a watchgoose fulfil a similar role as a lookduck.

  • Leslie

    This updated version is dangerous for all Americans. If you are Christian, Jewish (or anyone who is a “non-muslim”) you are being targeted. If you consider yourself “patriotic” (or a Patriot) to the USA (America) and abide by the Constitution, knowing this is the law of the land, you are being targeted. If you are a farmer or rancher, (environmental husbandry) you are being targeted. What’s militia extremist? What’s anarchrist extremist? People should look those 2 words up in the dictionary, and think about it. THINK REAL HARD. It appears to me that our FBI, who is being intimidated by CAIR, and by the top leader in our country and his administration, are CARVING OUT THE FUTURE OF THE DEMISE OF AMERICA. Our “CONSTITUTION” and our ‘DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE’ and our “Bill of Rights” are being trashed. Without including “Islamist extremists” to this list, there is a false narrative being played here. If you don’t see that, you need to keep researching the truth about what’s going on in this country, and in the world. Someone needs to ask the FBI to define what “white supremacist” means. Because if you are “WHITE” you are also being targeted. OVERALL, muslims (those who believe in Islam) are given a free pass. MUSLIMS, those who believe in ISLAM, are given a free pass!! Since when have the “real” TERRORISTS become the harborers of our very laws? Americans need to ask themselves WHO is behind all this tyranny? …. READ YOUR CONSTITUTION. And question your elected officials as to why THE IMMIGRATION & NATIONALITY ACT OF 1952 continues to be VIOLATED. (it forbids Islam, Communism & Totalitarian government in the USA)

  • Veritas Aequitas

    So the Kafir have succumbed to the wishes of CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood’s errand boy, in pulling the teeth and claws out of the tiger in order win Islam’s ideology war. Good job FBI. Not!

  • Budvarakbar

    That is ok — they got their man out in OR

  • Ovi

    The FBI’s role in the US nowadays is to teach how peaceful islam is, not to protect the US Citizens:

    Overview of Group: ISIL (DAESH) is a highly violent extremist group that has killed thousands of men, women, and children, mostly Muslims. The group calls itself the “Islamic State,” but its members follow an extreme, fringe interpretation of Islamic law. They do not represent mainstream Islam, and the vast majority of Muslims are horrified by their actions. ISIL members work to enslave or kill anyone who disagrees with them and have taken over parts of Iraq and Syria. ISIL continues to actively recruit U.S. citizens, especially young people.

    Who or What They Target: ISIL has attacked the people of Iraq, Syria, and other nations—including government and military officials as well as journalists and school children. ISIL also has targeted Americans and has killed U.S. troops and civilian hostages.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The Islamic State are muslums, nice try at obfuscating that fact. Other muslums have been killing the kafir al najjis all over the rest of the world.

    • joker

      In case vast majority of muzzrats are horrified by actions committed by ISIS how come ISIS is still running? Under Nazi Germany many Germans got killed because they did something against the horrible acts committed by the Nazis. No logic here.

    • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

      In what way are they deviating from mainstream islam?
      Isn’t it the muslims refusing to chop necks who are deviating from Islamic teachings?

  • Ron Cole

    Whose side is the FingB&I on?
    NAS-A sucks up to muslims.
    Who knows how many feral gummit mini-series* have been infiltrated?

    * mini-series: Formerly agencies, department, an` such of The United States Government.

  • husseinovomit

    Keep electing lying muzzrats—-UNVETTED muzzrats—to the White House, and this is what you get. We have been INVADED BY THE ENEMY—muslims!

  • rayr65

    A definition of globalization that even I can understand and to which I now can relate:
    Question :
    What is the truest definition of Globalization?
    Answer :
    Princess Diana’s death.
    Question :
    How come?
    Answer :
    English Princess
    with an
    Egyptian boyfriend
    in a French tunnel,
    riding in a
    with a
    Dutch engine,
    by a Belgian
    who was
    Scottish whisky,
    (check the bottle before you
    change the spelling),
    closely by
    Japanese motorcycles,
    by an American doctor,
    This is
    sent to you by
    Bill Gates’ technology,
    you’re probably reading
    this on your computer,
    uses Taiwanese chips,
    in a
    Singapore plant,
    by Indian
    truck drivers,
    by Indonesians,
    unloaded by
    Sicilian longshoremen,
    trucked to you by Mexicans who
    are in the US illegally
    the current president, an illegal alien fraud,
    born in Kenya
    and educated as a Muslim in Indonesia
    refuses to enforce US law.

    That, my friends, is Globalization

  • jon wright

    The muzzies are slowly overrunning the country.One day u will be americstan unless you show more intestinal fortitude. Don’t let u r country disappear right under nose.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    The FIB doesn’t have time for islamic terrorism — there are SERIOUS cases of anti-islamic baconator terrorism to be investigated.

  • Dan

    It’s official people… Trump is our last hope. The FBI is really starting to get under my skin. They should NOT give into pressure from anyone.. Keep the site up!!
    And for gods sake… ARREST HILARY CLINTION!!!

  • jon wright

    How is fbi going to handle the real terrorism when they cave in to a simpler Islamic problem?

  • Pathfinder0100

    The pussyfing of the FBI. Never thought that i’d live to see it!! Now I guess that they will whitewash Hillary. What a shame that America has come to bowing down to anyone or thing!! Courtesy of our Muslem Commander-in-chief,

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