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COVER-UP in the Muslim Attack on Washington Correction Officer


Yesterday I reported on a horrific attempted murder on a Corrections Officer at the Clallam Bay Corrections Center.

Corrections officer Terry Breedlove was brutally beaten about the head in an Islamic attack on January 25 by inmate Abdinjib Ibraham, 28, of King County, investigators said. Ibraham shouted “Allahu akbar”repeatedly when hitting the guard.  News reports said: “Security cameras were not working at the time, investigators have said. Prison officials said the cameras have since become operational.”

CBCC Attack

I have been told told “off the record” by different sources, that the cameras did function that day and the prison officials lied about them not functioning camera’s but having turned them on the next day.

The video will be damning and the video of the inmates saving this officer’s life must be shown.
We know there is video — was it destroyed? Who obstructed justice and why isn’t there a full-on investigation?

One commenter said, “The entire building didn’t have a single camera in it until a couple years ago when another officer was killed by a medium security inmate at another facility.”

And we are expected to believe the cameras weren’t working?

“Questions arise in wake of attack on Clallam Bay correctional officer”

terry breedlove
Terry Breedlove, Clallam Bay correctional officer
By Leah Leach, Peninsula Daily News

CLALLAM BAY — The mother of a correctional officer who was severely hurt in an attack by an inmate, and the union that represents him, questions if conditions at the Clallam Bay Corrections Center are sufficient to protect officers’ safety.

“There are things that need to be fixed before someone else is hurt,” said Joanne Spaulding, the mother of Officer Terry Breedlove.

Breedlove, 51, of Forks remained Saturday in Forks Community Hospital under treatment for head wounds inflicted Monday morning at the prison where he has worked for nine years.

Teamsters Local 117, which represents union members at state prisons, is “looking into reports that safety issues in Officer Breedlove’s unit were not properly addressed,” said Michelle Woodrow, president and director of corrections and law enforcement for Teamsters Local 117, in a written statement received Saturday.

Responses to Woodrow’s statement were not immediately available Saturday, but on Friday, representatives of the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office and state Department of Corrections said the investigation is continuing.

The 900-inmate prison will remain in lockdown status at least throughout the weekend, prison Superintendent Ron Haynes said Friday.

Officer beaten

Breedlove was on duty Monday morning in a medium-security portion of the prison when inmate Abdinjib Ibraham, 28, of King County, who had pried a round metal seat off a stool, repeatedly hit the officer over the head with it, said Deputy Ed Anderson, the interim West End supervisor for the Sheriff’s Office, who is in charge of the criminal investigation.

The attack took place in an area where security cameras were not working, according to investigators.

No correctional officers witnessed the assault. Inmates put a stop to it.

The cameras are now operational, Anderson said Friday, a statement Haynes confirmed.

‘Troubling questions’

The attack “raises troubling questions about whether the [state Department of Corrections] is doing everything it can to protect the safety and security of prison staff,” Woodrow said.

“Clearly, the video equipment that could have recorded the incident was defective and should have been repaired.”

Spaulding said she is grateful for Haynes’ support after the attack, especially his assignment of a guard at her son’s hospital bedside, as well as for an outpouring of offers of help from other prison staff members.

“The whole prison system has been great,” she said.

Talked to governor

However, she has questions, questions she said she relayed to Gov. Jay Inslee when he called Friday to offer his condolences.

“Why was he alone if the cameras are not working?” Spaulding asked.

She also wants to know how was it possible for an inmate to pry off the head of a metal stool.

The stool seat, which was attached to a metal pipe, is “ not something that you can just rip apart,” said Brian King, chief criminal deputy with the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office.

“These are designed not to be removed,” King said. “It was something that would have to occur over time.

“How that occurred I don’t know. It’s certainly part of the investigation,” he said, adding that inmates can employ “a lot of ingenuity” in obtaining weapons.

Haynes said that prison staff is “working on hardening the area.”


Spaulding said she asked the governor to investigate.

Jaime Smith, director of media relations in the governor’s office, said Friday the office is not conducting a review separate from the critical incident review underway by the Department of Corrections.

That review will entail “details of the incident, background and enhancements that can be in place at the facility or operationalized,” said Jeremy Barclay, communications director for the state corrections department.

“We touch on all aspects of the incident,” he said. “We look holistically at the situation.”

The criminal investigation by the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office is expected to take as much as another two weeks before charges are recommended to the county prosecuting attorney’s office, King said.

Anderson said Friday he didn’t know how the stool seat had been pried off.

“We’ve got more interviews that we need to do at the prison. There’s a lot more we need to do before we’re ready to finalize the case,” he said.

Breedlove’s condition

Breedlove continues to suffer from head pain, dizziness and memory loss, his mother said, adding that he has 17 staples in his head, 12 above his right eye and that he underwent an MRI test Saturday morning.

He has recovered some of his memory but recalls nothing about the attack, Anderson said.

“It’s a terrible thing that happened,” Haynes said. “He’s a good officer.”

Grateful to inmates

Spaulding said she is grateful to the inmates who helped her son.

One inmate intervened while others notified prison officers of the attack, she said.

She said the inmate who stopped the assault also stayed with her son.

“He held his head out of the blood,” she said. “I thank God for him.”

Breedlove is her oldest son of four children. He has two adult children and one grandchild and is presently unmarried.

He will turn 52 in March, she said, and takes photographs for Calm Waters, which offers outings to wounded veterans.

Her son “treats inmates with respect; he treats staff with respect. I think that’s why the inmate intervened,” Spaulding said.

“If that prisoner hadn’t stepped in, my son would be dead,” she said.

“My whole family owes him our gratitude.”

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  • Jonah

    I live in this State and from my experience the local officials are often very corrupt. The cities of Tacoma and Seattle have long been ruled by communist elites who have looked the other way when open prostitution and drug dealing were happening. Both ports often I have seen and reported lines of 30 + prostitutes going to enter the shipping container large boats with no police response to speak of.

    The communist-progressives are blights on women, on local communities, and seem to want the terror attacks to happen while at the same time covering up said attacks to boot.

    • You nailed it. WA state has been steadily becoming California-lite. :

      • FW190

        A stitch in time saves nine Washington – nip it in the bud. Before long it will be California-poor

        • The sanctuary cities are already danger zones. I’d never walk down town to shop in Seattle alone again in this day and age.

          • FW190

            Sounds like you need a militia maam ;) I know someone who may be able to help

          • INU

          • FW190


          • Yes, we do.

          • FW190


          • Future time orientation aside…


            No plans…worm/bee farmer…


          • FW190

            I thought we started to.

          • Time for?? Big day? You’re obsessed with reading about worm farming and honey bees. Me? I’m a blip on your radar, love.

          • FW190

            Oh, those are just side hobbies. My interest is on you.

          • on?


          • FW190

            You know what I mean – you’re no “blip”. Time is what we have. Let’s use it.

          • MTIYT. IAY. <–forever

          • FW190

            ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
            MTIYT. IAY. <–forever
            -Then its time for our time.


    Sounds like the Officer was set up..Cameras turned off ..metal pipe loose when it should be secure ..Muslims are dangerous ..Most all the bad ones are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood out of Cairo Egypt …unlimited funds ..Sunni Saud are funding them also ..
    Never trust a Muslim…history proves that many times over ..
    He should have been in straight jacket and leg irons …
    Washington State as corrupt as District of Corruption …
    Semper-Fi..Let freedom ring..
    I was banned from Prison Planet comments because of anti Muslim comments ..

    • Paulonthe400

      Brother, thank you for being a fellow educated Infidel. There are many of us who know what is coming. we are not silenced or intimidated by these goathumpers.

    • Lawrence

      Washington, at least western Washington in the Puget Sound area loves it’s muslims and protesters. They love their abnormal citizens and those who are of the liberal bent. Why is there no mention of the muslim slime and what has happened to him since? He needs to be castrated, fed pork sandwiches and made to watch richard Simmons clips continously!

    • FW190

      Resistance all the way! Keep speaking loudly and clearly. They put them in jail in Europe for speaking out. Let’s see if they want to bring it here to America.

    • Thank you for your service. We have been cursed with a president and local governments who think they can hug the world into peace. When someone wants to kill you simply because you will not submit to their will and, even if you do, the only recourse it the total destruction of all who adhere to such belief. The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It is very convenient to not have any photographic evidence in the event of a coverup being necessary, Very difficult to prove the pictures were destroyed, when the status of the equipment is uncertain. However, the injuries to the officer and testimony of any witnesses should be subject to public inquiry.

  • American

    From Oregon: Earlier report shocked me, as in this would have been reported locally, but wasn’t. I know someone who is a certified forensic video analyst, who was once a trusted friend but developed a streak of dishonesty after she got a position with a city police department. Cops are people too and the pressure is great but fall to pc nonsense like everyone else sometimes, and many worry about their jobs. I don’t believe the surveillance wasn’t working, but trying to protect someone or some thing. If so, it’s just bad. Thanks for keeping love and integrity alive with your reporting.

  • Drew the Infidel

    In these situations the first question asked is, “What went wrong?”. Had the cameras been working, the time consuming act of prying that metal seat loose from its pipe support should have been caught in time. That is, provided someone was assigned to review the footage.

    • Prison cameras, as with loss prevention cameras, should be monitored in real time. They are meant to “prevent” crime and, catch criminals before they complete their crime, not just to identify perpetrators. It seems as if the seat removal and the attack were coordinated by prison staff who may have an issue with Terry Breedlove. Hopefully the “investigation” will determine if there is corruption among the prison staff.

  • KimWilde

    I would hope for a major reduction in the inmates sentence since he helped the “man” and may face punishment from the other inmates. I would also hope that the inmates would make an example of the moslum so that other moslums really have to think long and hard before pulling this crap there again.

  • Jack

    We talk about Europe controlling the information flow however since Obama it’s a Goebbels State evolving with a compliant law enforcement, military media and even Congress to some extent

  • freewill2

    somebody should let the President know a Muslim is in jail, i’m sure it was just a simple over sight

    • yvehc_telorvehc

      and why did this muslim inmate feel he had to defend himself? was the guard’s islamophobia the real problem?

      • freewill2

        its my opinion that the guard was a christian and they probably had a discussion over a false religion that preaches cutting peoples head off!!!,but it doesnt say why he planned out that attack, it must have taken several days to get that seat to come off..dont you think?

  • Stephen Honig

    It was fucking Obama Muslims in the White House that had it destroyed. They should beat that Muslim bastard until he goes blind.

    • Lawrence

      Which one, the inmate or Obama? I say they all need to go!

  • GenGSPatton

    I know the facility, the unit and prison operations in and out of this state. Seats do not become loose. These type of stools are industry standard in jails and prisons nationwide and unless tampered with, over long periods of time, the weld covered back up with toothpaste and colored to look like the paint and MISSED during search and inspection by staff, this does not happen. Secondary to this, camera’s do not get turned off for no reason. There is digital recording of this in a control room somewhere, unless the control room operator was not watching and failed to hit the record button and call for help….which didn’t happen since an inmate saved him and others got help from an adjacent unit. Suffice it to say, staff who failed in searches an inspections are at fault. Control room operators are at fault [and, the relationship between who was on duty and administration, as far as friends, family, dating or other should be reviewed for nepotism or worse] for not hitting record and calling for back up, and this is the most probable cause for a cover up as Clallam Bay is isolated and CBCC is known for being a Peyton Place of incestuous adulterous relationships with married staff leaving one another for others at the facility all the time. Superintendent Haynes, I’m sure, is familiar with this, having spent his career there. CBCC is where rumors come to life.

    • Lonnie Robinson

      how about this: a guard smuggled in the a 1/4″ drive ratchet and the special socket for the mounting screws for the seat. Guard was bribed by muslim brotherhood or some other muslim group. those crews CANNOT be removed with finger strength EVER.

      • GenGSPatton

        They are Correctional Officers. Guards protect things of value. Those people don’t protect anything of value, aside from the public.

  • GenGSPatton

    Pamela, Ask Superintendent Haynes about the CBCC tattoo he has, when he got it, who was there and why they all got one at that time. Just saying.

  • Bette Gilbertson Zimmerman

    I am sick and tired of being lied to. Giving special treatment to Muslims, black and illegals. Vote for Trump so he can end this crap. Obama is a traitor and his turn is coming…

    • Corrupblican

      This website just lied to you. Stop being a low information voter granny.

  • TRUMP2106

    THIS is one of the myriad of reasons why TRUMP is going to win the presidency! Can’t wait til November!

  • Corrupblican

    There was no beheading. He took a metal toilet seat and hit the officer over the head repeatedly. Notice the conservative propaganda piece here left that information out. If you get your information from this place, expect to be low information.

  • Larry Long

    ALL non white violent crimes are censored by the ziomedia.

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