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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

Spear of Jihad

[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

Canada: Muslim says he tried to murder woman because “I started listening to the Koran”

[ October 19, 2017 ]

French officials gave preferential treatment for public housing to mother of jihad murderer at Toulouse...

[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

Europe’s New Official History Erases Christianity, Promotes Islam

5,000 ISIS Jihadists at Large in Europe


And thousands more pour into Europe. By G-d, pray for these people. They are not prepared for what is coming.  But they should be. The Islamic State warned us multiple times last year that they were sending an army of Muslim fighters to the West to wage bloody jihad.

5,000 ISIS jihadists at large in the EU: Europol boss warns huge numbers of terrorists have slipped back into European capitals after being trained in Iraq and Syria

Europol boss Rob Wainwright warned about the number of free jihadists
Estimated between 3,000 and 5,000 fighters have slipped back into Europe
Claimed they sneaked back after being trained by ISIS in the Middle East
Warned ‘Europe is currently facing the highest terror threat in 10 years’

See more coverage of Muslim invasion here

By Imogen Calderwood For Mailonline, 20 February 2016

The British head of Europol has warned that as many as 5,000 ISIS-trained jihadists are wandering free in Europe.

Rob Wainwright, chief of the EU’s police agency Europol, said the agency believed between 3,000 and 5,000 jihadists have been able to slip back into Europe after training with ISIS in the Middle East.

‘Europe is currently facing the highest terror threat in more than 10 years,’ Mr Wainwright told Germany’s Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung newspaper.

head of europol

Threat: Head of Europol, Rob Wainwright (pictured), has warned that the agency expects ISIS-trained jihadists to ‘stage an attack somewhere in Europe with the aim of achieving mass casualties among the civilian population’

‘We can expect [ISIS] or other religious terror groups to stage an attack somewhere in Europe with the aim of achieving mass casualties among the civilian population.’

He added that the increasing number ‘presents EU member states with completely new challenges’.

But he insisted that claims terrorists are using the migrant crisis to sneak into Europe disguised as asylum-seekers have been exaggerated.

‘There is no concrete evidence terrorists are systematically using the flow of refugees to infiltrate Europe,’ he said.
miigrants 2

Warning: Rob Wainwright, chief of the EU’s police agency Europol, said the agency believed between 3,000 and 5,000 jihadists have been able to slip back into Europe after training with ISIS in the Middle East. Pictured, wounded people being evacuated outside the scene of a hostage situation at the Bataclan theatre in Paris

Crisis: Mr Wainwright insisted that claims terrorists are using the migrant crisis to sneak into Europe disguised as asylum-seekers have been exaggerated. Pictured, eefugees and migrants arrive into the port of Mytilene, of the Greek island of Lesbos

It comes as Austrian prosecutors revealed that they are investigating four people in custody for possible links to the Paris attacks.

Calling the investigations ‘highly complex’, Salzburg prosecutors said that all four – two more than previously confirmed – are believed to belong to ISIS, which claimed responsibility for the attacks.
On the run: Salah Abdeslam is wanted by police in connection with the terror attacks in Paris


On the run: Salah Abdeslam is wanted by police in connection with the terror attacks in Paris

The officials said that in addition to an Algerian and a Pakistani, whose arrest on December 10 was announced several days later, two others have been detained since December 18.

The first two, aged 28 and 34, were believed to have been in the same migrant boat travelling to Greece as two men involved in the Paris atrocities that killed 130 people, prosecutors said in a statement.

While those involved in the attacks were able to travel onwards, the pair now in Austrian hands were held up by Greek authorities for 25 days because they were carrying fake Syrian passports.

They then arrived in Salzburg in western Austria at the end of November – after the Paris killings – and Austrian police arrested them at a centre for migrants on December 10.

Eight days later, the other two, a 25-year-old Moroccan and a 40-year-old Algerian, were arrested ‘because of indications of close contact with both the first two suspects’, prosecutors said.

The statement stressed that contrary to some media reports, the men had not confessed to planning any attacks.

Prosecutors added that two other men, aged 22 and 28, who said they were migrants were arrested in Salzburg on September 17 and October 10, after recounting that they had fought for ISIS.

There is however no evidence that these two were involved in any attacks in Europe, nor of any links to the other four men detained, prosecutors said, although investigations were continuing.

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    Europe will not ever acknowledge that it was played as the fool and suckered in by muslim colonists. Even after the inevitable attack, the brain dead european union socialists will insist that islam had nothing to do with anything, blaming it on criminals or anything other than what it is.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    Heads in the sand. How wonderfully it is there, under, so dark and so quiet… WHAT terrorists’ threat?

    • roger

      Don’t make a noise, they are having a high level meeting on the grand socialist master plan for the replacement of the entire Judo Christian culture of Europe.

  • Barko_Polo

    Why all of the healthy, single traveling males?? Why the Rapes–when they should be THANKFUL for being “saved” from the ravages of WAR?? It’s SIMPLE–
    In the fulfillment of Hijra, RAPE culture is a “duty”.

    According to Islam, a child is a Muslim–IF The Sire (“father”) is a Muslim. These guys are here to “propagate Islam” via breeding. Men on a mission.
    They are JUST a bunch of “Johnny Appleseeds”…on a FIELD TRIP for Al & Mo!!

    • Heather Waring

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    • ZEPHANIAH54321

      The presidents dad was muslim that means the president is the same.

      And if he converted to christian that would call for the death penalty .

      • joe1429

        Anyone who does not think potus is muslum… only needs to look at his foreign and domestic policy

        • Barko_Polo

          He (POTUS) has a few “get out of jail free” cards up his sleeve, in the way of “sanctioned lying” being OK… to further an “agenda”.
          I spent 4yrs in the ME. Most of us are familiar with “Taqiyya” (permitted Islamic lying)–but there are several more. As it was explained to me, BY a Jordanian (“born–but not practicing Muslim” physician) — “If I want, or needed to convince you, so you will trust me in a deal, or to save myself, that I am NOT Muslim…. or not a devout Muslim–I could sit here and devour bacon, pork chops and ribs–licking the grease off of my fingers, washed down with a beer–and NOT be Condemned for breaking dietary laws.It is permitted for many reasons, mainly agenda, and manipulation.”
          Do I think that’s what is going on with BHO??

          • joe1429

            Wow, had no idea, was permitted. The more you learn about this cult, the more insane it is. Now it makes sense what bho is doing… according to their law

          • Barko_Polo

            Not only “permitted”…. seems to be a “time honored tradition”!!
            Yet–IF the same (Lie) were done TO Them–the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, ACLU, Muslim American Society…

            Muslims of the America

            Islamville ,SC

            Islamville –Tennessee

            Islamic Society of Central Pennsylvania

            Islamic Center of Pittsburgh

            Fethullah Gulen Headquarters

            United Muslim Islamic Center

            United Muslim Masjid / United Muslim Movement

            Quba Institute / International Muslim Brotherhood

            Sankore Institute of Islamic African Studies International / Light of the Age Mosque

            Council on American Islamic Relations Philadelphia Chapter..
            (just to name a few of the far reaching Islamic/Muslim societies, charities, groups, lobbyists–in the USA) There would be Law Suits, BUTTHURT, Fist-Pounding, and “victimization cries” to any/all media—- “THOSE INFIDELS LIED TO US—how dare they!!!!”
            I guess only the “Team” with the ‘fancy names” for all the different TYPES of “OK Lies” gets to use ’em!! LOL

    • joe1429

      100% agree! That is why they leave the women home. They know exactly what they are doing! They are devestating the euro culture. How many of these women did they impregnate already with muslum babies?? Thousands?? This is part of the Trojan horse for the eu

  • berserker

    – As with most government numbers, 5000 is a severe underestimate. There are Jihadi cells that were already operating before the migrant wave hit; Salafis who are converting more to the cause; virgin Jihadis who have no previous record; thousands who crossed without registering and have disappeared; sympathizers in the general Muslim populations.
    – Other than the Swiss who are armed and appear to have some common sense, every Western European country is a sitting duck. It is only a question of when something will happen, not whether. Low level Jihad – assaults, rapes – are already being committed without being punished.

  • roger

    The European boffins are right, there probably is five thou jihadists, the rest of the one and half million muslims are just lying, stealing, raping, drug dealing, screaming waste disposal scum with offspring attached.

    • 3 laughs…just by reading your comment 3 times! Love it!

  • joker

    In case there are that many on the loose can we hunt them down and shoot them?

  • ZEPHANIAH54321

    Do you think that all those leaders in the EU countries are stupid ?

    OR do they know exactly what their doing ?

    Their looking for a way to usher in the UN peace makers.

    But in order to do that they have to create a need for them.

    Those un peace makers cant even stop the wars in Africa.

    And more than half are Muslims .

    I would turn a light on for you but cant reach that far.

  • winmatt53

    The world is in chaos this is the strategy and working #WakeTheHellUp #Isis is Islam and Islam is Isis and the leader is the traitor known to us all #TheEnemyWithin ? ? ? ? ?

  • joe1429

    Biggest Trojan Horse in europe history!!!

  • lilyred

    Everyone falls all over themselves trying to minimize the “refugee” terrorist connection.

  • chrismcphail

    This is why the American people will NEVER allow their government to disarm them! Force will be met with force!

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