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WATCH: French Cops Run From Migrants Screaming: ‘We Are Muslim, We Want To Go To UK!’



WATCH: French Cops Run From Migrants Screaming: ‘We Are Muslim, We Want To Go To UK!’ by Donna Rachel Edmunds, Breitbart, January 25, 2016;

Video footage (above) reveals the moment migrants and anarchists marching through the centre of Calais on Saturday broke through police lines and stormed the city’s port which connects France to the United Kingdom.

The French government is adamant that current security provisions in the area are adequate and effective, yet the video shows riot police backing away from a crowd of migrants chanting “UK, UK”, before turning and running. One migrant angrily screams at the camera: “We are people. We are Muslim! We want to go to UK!”

The migrants were then able to break through security fencing; 50 made it all the way onto the UK-bound ferry Spirit of Britain.

It is not clear from the video how many migrants broke through the police line and marched into the port, but it is apparent that initial reports of 150 were an underestimate. Later reports suggested that anywhere between 500 and 1000 migrants made it within port boundaries, although only 50 succeeded in boarding the UK bound ferry Pride of Britain.

However, the new video, which was filmed from within the migrant crowd, sheds new light on how the migrants were able to access the port in the first place. It shows a line of around 20 riot police blocking access to Rue de la Mer, which leads to the port. A large contingent of migrants and anarchists walk up to the police line chanting “UK, UK”.

At first police try to move them on, telling them to “go left”, which the migrants refuse to do. Instead, following a speech by man holding a loudhailer, the police simply back away before turning and running, allowing the migrants to stream past them. A few police try to recreate the line further down the street, only for their commander to order them to fall back.

The migrants, some carrying the red flag of the New Anticapitalist Party of France, race towards the port, again chanting “UK, UK” and cut through the fences. Only after a few hundred have streamed through do the police attempt to halt them by firing tear gas canisters at the opening in the fence line.

The video was compiled by Taranis News, a French magazine which launched in 2014 and which appears to be supportive of the no borders/pro-mass migration movement. Much of the footage featured in their videos is shot from within the migrant groups, suggesting that activists are passing them footage for dissemination. They were also the first to break the video showing a homeowner forced to defend his property against a breakaway group of migrants using just an airsoft rifle.

Meanwhile Calais Migrant Solidarity, one of the main socialist groups accused of stirring up trouble within The Jungle has backed away from taking credit for Saturday’s riots, instead insisting that it was the migrants themselves who masterminded the port break in. Any attempts to blame Westerners, they said, amounted to “racism” perpetrated by the “right wing.”

“The main organisations who called for and organised the demonstration were the CISPM (International Coalition of People Without Papers and Migrants) and the ATMF (Association of French Maghrebian Workers) but the call was supported by a vast array of different solidarity groups. Coaches to the demonstration came from all across France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and also a large contingent from the UK,” they explained in a blog on their website.

“The idea that ‘refugees’ could autonomusly [sic] and easily board a boat in the Calais habour [sic] is incomprehensible for the British press,” they continue. “This rhetoric and discourse is deeply racist.

“This was an action autonomously organised by people living in the jungle, people without papers, and refugees, these people were supported by activists from countries across the world.

“To claim anything different is to deny the reality of the situation, that the people of the Jungle are willing to disrupt, occupy, and fight the institutions that keep them from their freedom!”

The French government is facing numerous calls to deploy the army to Calais to restore order to the area. The town’s mayor, Natacha Bouchart said at a press conference that she accepted the need for humanitarian assistance, but not “this anarchic situation.”

The French Interior Bernard Cazeneuve has so far demurred, however, saying only that the French government had “total determination” to maintain law and order.

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  • BobbyTQ

    Let the killing begin!

  • Plastic_Biddy

    End days.

  • Shafiq Islam

    There is a simple solution. Bring a ferry with a complement of SAS and Royal Marines to Calais and announce that the UK government welcomes refugees. Let them board and set sail for Syria, where the military personnel can forcibly repatriate them.

    • Leo Bekker

      Either that or have ‘showers’ installed in the ferry where they must first be ‘decontaminated’. I would be very much in favour of that!

      • Shafiq Islam

        I’m sure you’re joking, but there are people who comment here who literally advocate genocide, which would put the west on the same moral plane as ISIS. The fact is that the Muslim religion is incompatible with democracy and human rights, so there must be a sort of worldwide apartheid.

        • roger

          True, though even if we were to live in a system of socialism, Monarchy, or a dictatorship , Islam is still incompatible with all other belief systems in that Islam is totally Patriarchal has to be dominant and subvert all other systems.

        • SocratesWept


        • Rob Porter

          However, Shafiq, what is your short-term solution? A country cannot simply endure this vile and violent behaviour. We know that these vile and violent people are incompatible with democracy and human rights, so they cannot be allowed to settle and stay, let alone roam free raping, groping and assaulting. If they violently resist removal, I’d give them a dose of lead to convince them that the time has come for them to leave. Their intentions are to wreak havoc and that represents war, so we need to treat it as such and act accordingly.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Rob, this is a tough dilemma, and it calls for sound judgment, nuanced thought and a desire to protect western Judeo-Christian culture and its people, not hatred. I don’t hate Muslims, although I do hate their religion and many of their behaviours. The Muslim religion is antithetical to democracy and human rights, and at the same time is a collection of very powerful memes that inspire hatred, violence, domination and cruelty.

            I would recommend the following:
            (1) Immediately halt Muslim immigration.
            (2) Fund safe, humane refugee camps in conflict areas for Muslims, patrolled by UN peacekeepers.
            (3) Rescue Christians, Yazidis and other innocent minorities in danger and offer them immigration.
            (4) Monitor mosques and Muslim schools, and shut them down and imprison those responsible for promoting violence or treason.
            (5) Stop all prison conversions. Prisoners who are already Muslim should be allowed to pray, but not to proselytise, and imams should not be permitted.
            (6) Close US military bases in Muslim countries while creating a substantial presence in Israel.
            (7) Disengage from Muslim countries except for arm’s length business transactions.
            (8) Hope that the world’s two worst theocracies and promoters of extremism and terrorism, Saudi Arabia and Iran, get into a war and topple each others’ governments, and then work behind the scenes to install a secular, authoritarian ruler such as al Sisi.

          • Rob Porter

            I agree with you on every count. I don’t hate anyone, but I do loathe Islam and what it makes of people; hate-filled, bigoted, xenophobic, intolerant and supremacist. I’ve seen it first hand. I a few years ago saw a nominal Muslims with whom I once got on very well transform into an ugly-mannered, foul-mouthed slob after suddenly becoming a serious Muslim and attending mosque every day at noon. His friends were no different. They think they know best and everything on religion. In fact they are just totally ignorant – but they still think they know best. I saw their mindless, irrational, ignorant hatred of Jews. No good reason, just that Mohammad the lunatic told them they should. Just after 9/11 these clowns invited me to lunch. During this they asked me me views on 9/11 and almost swallowed their false teeth at my reply. I told them I’d had “a gutsfull” of Muslims going around murdering people simply because they did not hold the religious views and then I condemned all the intolerance and bigotry, etc. After I finished blowing my stack they were silent.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Rob, imagine what I face in a place where Christians are a persecuted minority of <1% in a sea of hostile Muslims. When people study the Qur'an they go in one direction or the other: many are disgusted with the genocidal, spiteful, perverted, cruel and misogynist message and lose faith, and others become monsters in emulation of their prophet. There are many, many nominal Muslims who detest the extreme aspects of their religion but remain quiet for health reasons, but almost all devout ones are monstrous. If you see a man with a prayer cap, beard and high water pants, he is most certainly vicious. With women, it's hard to tell because some of those in burkas have been forced to dress that way, while others are as bad as their male counterparts.

          • Rob Porter

            Shafiq, why do you continue living there? Having asked you that, the other thought I have is ‘where would you go for a better life if you could? Many countries today are so poorly and weakly governed, so the options are not exactly numerous or scintillating. The world is in quite a mess.

            By the way, have you read the book,’Son of Hamas’ by Mosab Hassan Yousef?

          • Shafiq Islam

            We’re staying because my parents and parents in law don’t want to leave and they’re getting on in years and will need looking after. Perhaps it’s rationalisation, but I also believe that we can be small candles in a very dark place, where the light is most needed.

            I haven’t read the book, but I’ve read excerpts and seen him interviewed on YouTube.

            As one raised in a Muslim society, although never a practising Muslim, learning about Christianity was exhilarating. A God that loves us enough to become one of us and die for bringing a message of peace, love and compassion to people who had lost their way is so different, so superior to the hateful Allah.

          • Rob Porter

            You’re a good man. I was widowed many years ago in a tragedy, today voluntarily have two grandchildren, one 6 the other 7, in my custody. Their father died when they were very young. Their mother by court order has ‘access’ visits, so for me to pick up and leave the country is for now almost impossible. However, if I were to leave they’d land up a foster home and I cannot let that happen. They could land up with some very strange people whose thinking conflicts radically with my values and beliefs.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Rob, for the sake of your grandchildren, for all of the world’s children, preventing Muslim conquest is the current generation’s burden. In the 1940s the challenge was Nazism, and from the 1950s through 1991 it was communism. Now there is a much greater and more tenacious, dangerous force, one that has thrived for 1400 years already. If Christendom succumbs, it is unlikely that the takeover would ever be reversed, and the gains in human rights, peace, the arts and culture will be irretrievably lost.

          • Rob Porter

            I know that it is imperative that the Western world and all countries that value freedom reject Islam, fight it and take measures to prevent its spread in their countries, but all we see is cowardly capitulation and parrotting of the lie that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ – as if this pathetic rubbish will dissuade Muslims from trying to impose themselves! They should have long ago adopted a policy that informed all immigrants ‘You must adapt to our culture and our way of life, accept and respect our laws because we are not going to embrace yours whether it be sharia or anything else, and you must learn our language because we are not going to learn yours just to accommodate you. Further, if you try to change our ways and impose yours you will be out of this country quicker than you can say Mohammad was a mass murderer, rapist, pedophile, liar and a low life excuse for a human being’. I have to conclude that 9/11 frightened some of these cowardly Western leaders, not one a Winston Churchill. So they are appeasing Muslims and letting them get away with rape, murder and incessant threats. Just consider those Muslim-held banners in London, death threats and threats of violence. If I were prime minister, there would be police or military units ready for that and once the demonstrators had positioned themselves, from all around these unit member would appear, surround the Muslims and if they resisted arrest they’d be royal beaten to a pulp, black eyes, broken noses, broken arms, broken feet, and for all their rapes, crushed testicles.

            There would be other units in armoured cars with machine guns ready round heavy Muslim areas, so that if in response to Muslim protesters being beaten up and arrested others tried a rebellion they would be handled
            accordingly. If they got violent they’d be shot. Foreign born
            Muslims caught in this would be sentenced to imprisonment and afterwards deported. The EU and UN would be outraged and protest and they would be told to get lost.

          • Shafiq Islam

            The Muslim religion does advocate wars of conquest and domination, and Christianity does not. However, in history Christians have often been more violent than Muslims. The United States certainly doesn’t practise what it preaches, and the Muslim world was deliberately radicalised by the Saudis with US support as a putative bulwark against communism. Radical mosques and madrasas were established all over the world, and terrorism has flourished as a result. The US toppled Saddam and Gaddhafi and caused jihadist groups to thrive where they were once suppressed, and the same is happening in Syria now.

            The world would be a lot better off without the Muslim religion, but it would also be a lot better off if nominal Christians actually acted like Christians.

          • Rob Porter

            When you study the history of the Muslims campaigns of expansion, conquest and subjugation it is difficult to consider anything that was done in the name of Christianity even remotely equating to what was done in the name of Islam. After 634AD the Arab Muslim hoards invaded Mesopotamia – presently day Iraq and then ruled by the Persians – chopping off heads by the thousands. They then turned on Byzantine-ruled Syria and behaved like total barbarians. After that they mindlessly destroyed the advanced Persian Empire, continued into India where over time they murdered more then 80 million Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists. They wiped out the entire Hindu population of Afghanistan and then returned Westward into Egypt and across North Africa. The Carthaginians recorded that they had never before seen such cruel savages.
            The Crusaders finally responded to Islam after about 400 years of Muslims invasions of southern Italy and Sicily, murdering, plundering and carrying off thousands into slavery. Christians lived lives of dhimmitude in the Middle East, holy sites were desecrated and Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem murdered. 5,000 Germans were murdered in one year, and then the Turks were busy invading Anatolia, so the Byzantine emperor Alexios asked Pope Urban II for help. Well he got it and that First Crusade defeated the Turks at Niceae and Dorylaeum, them marched through Anatolia and captured the then great walled city of Antioch. Then about 20,000 of them, exhausted and starving came out of Antioch to defeated a Muslim army of at least 45,000 under Kerbogha of Mosal. 12,000 then marched down to Jerusalem and over-ran that city. Yes there was great cruelty, but in those days it was customary to punish a city that resisted the attacking force.
            After the Ottomans invaded south-east Europe their cruelty and savagery was immense. It was only after the Europeans began forming holy alliances that they began really hammering the Muslim Ottomans, but that was toward the end of the 1500s. When the Ottomans tried to defeat Vienna in 1527 they simultaneously murdered and rapes tens of thousands – just because they were not Muslims. They were defeated there that year and had a miserable march back to Istanbul. Only in 1683 were the Ottoman Muslims finally thrashed outside Vienna and that for them began the rot, but meanwhile they murdered, raped, and took thousands into slavery while slowly withdrawing. For all their foolish crusades in Europe I doubt that Christian cruelty even remotely equated that of the Muslims.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Rob, Christians did a lot of fighting in Europe from the Middle Ages all the way through the end of World War II. People can quibble about numbers, but as you point out, a lot of evil is done by nominal Christians. As I see it, what the world needs is for Muslims to act less Islamic and for Christians to act more Christian.

          • purplej

            Great conversation Shafiq and Rob. I’m not very well informed on the crusades although my opinion is that it was necessary to combat the spread of islam. But I watched a British documentary recently that basically painted the crusaders as having selfish motives, unrelated to the threat of islam, and the muslims as victims. I don’t swallow that but I imagine a lot of head-in-the-sanders do. Those of us who rely on facts and rationality rather than dreams and bubbles have a huge task ahead.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Purplej, I wasn’t referring specifically to the Crusades. European Christians brutally attacked one another for centuries. Since World War II the Europeans have been more peaceful but the US remains the world’s most violent country, spreading chaos and mayhem worldwide whilst claiming to be Christian. For almost its entire history the US has been at war, and it is the world’s largest arms merchant, selling most of its weapons to countries with horrible human rights records. It’s largest customer is Saudi Arabia, which it also protects with its military despite KSA’s central role in 9/11, its continued sponsorship of worldwide terrorism, atrocious human rights record, and sponsorship of Wahhabi mosques and madrasas worldwide.

            I’m no fan of Muslims or their religion, and I oppose violence except as a last resort to save innocent life. I wish the US would finally acknowledge its many sins and amend its ways to abide by Jesus’s teachings and international law.

          • Save Europe

            Rob and Shafiq – all the best to you both. Good conversation.

          • Rob Porter

            This is a P.S. to what I’ve written below. Most Jews and others, possibly yourself also, often don’t fully understand, or don’t understand at all, that most of the people living in Western societies today who they think of as ‘Christian’ are not Christians. They are simply gentiles and pagan gentiles at that who don’t believe in anything. Millions are simply nominal Christians, that is Christian in name only who the Bible writes off as “luke warm” and condemns that condition. These people, these ‘nominal’ Christians will never ‘act like Christians’ because they are not genuine Christians. It’s not in their heart. This is Europe’s problem today, the people believe in nothing other than making ends meet and daily comforts. As you know, becoming a Christian requires a personal decision that no one can make for you and the majority of these Westerners have never made this decision.

          • Tina

            Excellent ideas! I’m really hoping for #8!

    • skipsart

      I was thinking the same thing while watching the video.

      • Rob Porter

        While watching the video and those violent, ugly and ugly mannered people I suddenly remembered that machine gun with belt of bullets long ago vibrating in my hands and against my shoulder.

    • jeff dee

      That would work, good thinking.

    • Save Europe

      Actually the SBS are significantly better than the SAS. Send them with the revered Gurkhas – they’re not British, but show infinite more loyalty to this country than most politicians.

  • Michael McLaughlin

    Textbook Alinsky…Socialists using the migrants to destabilize the government and society.

  • cheongyei

    Your headline at first had me believe the cops were screaming they want to go to UK

  • fulham2014

    We no jungle? I beg to disagree.

  • arumat

    Where are the women and children?

    • Doctor Who?

      And the goats?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Look under the burka.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Women and children are not refugees, according to islam, they are property to be disposed of at the whim of any ball bearing rat.

    • Andrew

      Get the military age men in first
      The 1 million becomes two million

      • Mamat Mamat

        Only two million?
        Mohammed will bring his wives Fatimah, Aisyah, Maimunah, Zainab each with 8 children. Then their parents, siblings, the whole family.

    • roger

      Oh you know, they’re back in the desert starving, trying to raise children without support or financial help, lonely but don’t worry the men are having a great time sending back postcards and selfies of their activities in Cologne and elsewhere.

    • skipsart

      Stayed back in Syria to fight ISIS probably.

    • trill

      They are stuck in hell while they’re men move on in hopes of getting a European girl n decimating her life. Far as I can see this is invasion and not refugee status. Absolute disgrace to men

  • EJO

    Some of you may find this interesting.
    Denmark passes controversial bill to seize assets and valuables from refugees

    Denmark’s Parliament passed a controversial law on Tuesday that allows authorities to seize valuables and cash from refugees.

    The measure was part of a larger immigration bill, and its approval seemed certain after the government reached a parliamentary majority for it earlier this month.

    Much has been written about this small aspect of Europe’s current tendencies to oppose illegal immigration. But while the law applies strictly to Denmark, it could have consequences in other European countries in the future.

    • roger

      This is good because it is a sign of their so far staunch and uncompromising left wing fixation with tolerance ( “Death before intolerance ” ) is crumbling under the weight of the practical impossibility of migration without restriction. So this is a way to slow the tide without appearing “Waysist “.

    • Generalpatern

      So it wont occur to these invaders to hide anything of worth then?

  • You mean the Gendarmes weren’t running from them singing The Muslim National Anthem™:
    الجميع بعقب اللعنة!
    بعقب! بعقب! بعقب اللعنة!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The new european anthem is heard five time a day. The swingingest muezzins in the joint belt it out, the mosque mosh pit is where its at.

      • roger

        The call to prayer five times a day ” in a street near you ”
        Doesn’t get better than that .

      • joker

        Very soon we will have reality shows on telly with the muezzin contest, probably still under the name Britain Got Talent.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Change the name to “Britain got shari’a”.

      • Duchess of Pork

        In a limerick please.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          From the top the minaret
          Shouts a muslim half wit
          “Raise your asses to the west”
          “Europe’s leaders kiss them best”
          “Grab infidel girls by one tit”.

  • Doctor Who?

    The Marxists are using the Muslims and the Muslims are using the Marxists.
    And the victims are the people of Europe.

    • DowntotheBone


  • Tanya

    Simple bloody fix! Don’t even give the chance of benefits for 4 years, no family reunion, no housing, no healthcare, no nothing! Jeez it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a bomb exploding under a bus or train to figure this one out you dunderheads.

    • skipsart

      Why so offensive Tanya?

      • Florian75

        Why are you offended by common sense and logic?

        • skipsart

          Nobody said anything about being offended by common sense and logic. But name calling is something else.
          Can you not see the difference?

          • lee

            Shut up sandbagger.

          • skipsart

            Ha ! I rest my case.

      • Jaycey Kelsven

        I don’t think Tanya is being “offensive” at all! She, like so many of us, are TIRED of all this crap! Enough is enough and it should have been enough a long time ago! No more trying to end things peacefully….law enforcement needs to grow a pair and put an end to all this craziness with any means possible.

      • marlip51

        Why so Stupid skipsart?

        • skipsart

          Nothing stupid about it. I just think we could be more civil to each other is all. We should not be the target here but the ones responsible should be.

          • purplej

            You presume to know who she is calling dunderheads. I read it as directed at French authorities.

          • skipsart

            you could be right and if so, i appologize to her.

          • purplej

            I am presuming also :) If wrong, I agree with you.

    • Rob Porter

      Totally right, and when violently breaking the law shoot a few.

  • Gayle Parker

    Every sign of weakness by so-called protectors is strong enabler of the enemy.

    • Rob Porter

      The whole episode could have been ended quickly with a bullet through the the head of that instigator with the loudhailer. The rest of that mob would have got the message very quickly. The British Army devised this very effective method of crowd control when on Cyprus fighting EOKA, the Greek terrorist group dedicated to ending British colonial rule on Cyprus. Well, the British eventually left and the Greek’s through their brilliance very quickly ended up with a Turkish invasion – and a divided island.

      This Muslim rubbish will continue in Europe until the various governments develop the ‘guts’ to shoot a few – or a lot – when they are doing unlawful and horrible things such as raping, assaulting and murdering.

      • Jaycey Kelsven

        Rob Porter…..I completely agree with you. Why is law enforcement treating these thugs with kid gloves?? Friggin’ shoot to kill and end all this nonsense. Until law enforcement takes a heavy hand approach, scenes like this are just going to become more and more commonplace.

        • Michael Copeland

          Enforcement. The word includes “force” for a reason.

          • joe1429

            GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Rob Porter

          I agree. These scenes will become more commonplace. These Muslims see weakness and behave accordingly.

        • ypauld

          In the U.S. the fed law enforcement only shoots to kill white male citizen protestors (recent protests in Oregon against a tyrannical federal government vis-a-vis the Bureau of Land Management) who are harming no one, only occupying a building similar to what happened some years ago at Waco or Ruby Ridge. If you’re Muslim or of that other BLM (Black Lives Matter) you can do whatever you like including looting and burning at will.

        • Tina

          I lived in France during a fairly long period of intense demonstrations. The national police were called in and they NEVER backed down. It was quite frightening. (I wasn’t involved in the demos, but lived near the main square.)

          I can’t believe how they are now behaving. These illegal criminals should have been escorted out of the country the moment they arrived! The poor people of Calais live with constant turmoil, crime & fear.

          One bit of good news is the lame French Justice Minister, Christiane Taubira, resigned today. She refused to punish African and Arab criminals in France because she said they had the weight of colonialism on their shoulders. English article on DW site (German newspaper).

          Canada, Australia & the USA were colonies at one time. We’re not still whining about it and using it as an excuse for criminal behaviour. Kick the trouble makers out!!!

          • Pat

            Cowards with Nazis, cowards now with Islam… This France.

      • BonniePrinceCharlie

        Funny how you never hear or read about Turkey’s occupation of northern Cyprus.

        • Rob Porter

          You’re right and the reason is that no one has the guts to do anything about it. NATO and Western countries continue with the delusional notion that Turkey is a reliable ally. Meanwhile ISIS trucks oil into Turkey for sale on the international market – and the Russians sometime do a super job of destroying entire convoys of these tanker trucks and also convoys of Turkish trucks taking food and ammunition to ISIS.
          Never mind, Erdogan is Obama’s greatest buddy on the international stage. The rest of NATO is too spineless to take over the coalition from American leaderscheit and set about destroying ISIS as could be done with a little resolve.

    • Pat

      They were cowards with Nazi Germany… They are cowards now. Nothing but bragging and loud mouthed, no substance besides the courageous few that fought Germans in WW2. Remember, England had to sink the French Fleet in Mers-El-Kebir during WW2 because the risk the French fleet surrendered to Nazis was too high.

      • Gayle Parker

        Yes and then there were the Vichy French in WW2.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    These muslims say they are people? When do they plan on acting like “people” so far they are at best subhuman, to be dealt with accordingly.

    • DowntotheBone

      muslims continually dehumanize themselves; thus saving civilization the trouble when civilization finally decides to get serious in this existential, civilizational war against islam….

      • Mahou Shoujo

        At the rate muslims are becoming subhuman, a war with them will be like hunting orcs.

  • roger

    Why can’t they just stay where they were in a Muslim country like France, I mean , they have every thing that they could want there, they have historic French architecture to destroy, non Muslims to kill, western women to assault, beautiful avenues to mess up and the very best places for their children to blow up.

    • Florian75

      Yeah, but it is harder to network with their fellow jihadi caliphatists in Londonistan when they are on the other side of the Channel. Besides, the French have come to their senses, sort of, and declared marshall law, whereas the English are a bit more of a lost cause.

  • freebird

    Now it starts what normal citizan´s allway´s have said.
    If Europe start to refuse the whishes from this Musel-sc*m then they get violent and we will have riots in our streets.
    The left goverments and the mass media try to cover their crumbled dreams of “enrichment” and give the blame on “racists”.
    Their cowerdice let them surrender more and more until the Musels get what they want. They fear to use military force because with the first dead Musel they fear diplomatic troubles.
    Fear – the state in witch our politicians are now.

  • Ari Chen

    What the hell is the problem?? They wanna go to the UK.. let them.. Push them into the water and make them swim over. The welcome party will meet the “muslim people” on the other side of the English channel…
    Btw sharks don’t mind halal meat do they?

    PS: When I went to Dover from Calais… I had to pay for a ferry ticket.

  • conan_drum

    It will end up with them being shot at with bullets. The arrogance of these people is
    beyond belief. They have caused their own situation and have passed through several countries where they are legally required to register. If they manage to smuggle themselves into UK they will add to the illegals living here, probably working in the black economy or the criminal underworld.

    • Lowgan

      Working? Surely you jest!? Correct me if I am mistaken, but i believe it will be soon possible for them to collect separate and full welfare payments for each “wife” they possess. The state encouraging polygamy through financial incentives! Two world wars and countless millions dead in order for freedom and decency to survive and this is the deplorable outcome. I believe you are correct , this will end in bloodshed.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        There is no alternative to murder in the streets. Eventually muslims will decide to take what they are not given, even if it doesn’t exist. As islam has only one problem solving tool, violence, it will use it, there will be a reaction, or a slaughter of infidels. In either case blood will flow in the streets.

  • itchy

    The EU is lost. The police may as well be turds on the road

    • JWM

      It would seem they are just that and at least as effective.

  • Drew the Infidel

    If these ragheads have all this belligerence and fighting spirit then send them back to Syria. Assad wouldn’t last another day.

    • Anonymous

      What makes you think Assad is the enemy that needs to be taken down? The same media that covers for these refugees/invaders and hides their criminal activities?

      • Drew the Infidel

        You are assuming. Assad is their enemy, not mine. But your point is noted. If Assad goes, who will be the replacement once you look at the aftermaths of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Egypt where there was regime change?

  • Florian75

    Looks like the French Police are WAY, WAY, WAY in over their heads with the jihadi economic immigrant rapefugee cockroaches.

  • durabo

    Frenchmen fleeing from the face of the enemy? Really? No wonder their main battle tank has one forward and five reverse speeds…….

  • Aquamarine

    We could at least try something, like throwing at the invaders millions of serpents and creepy crawlies like vipers, rattlers, cobras, black widows, millipedes, or let lose on them all animals from all zoos, mainly the big cats, the wolves, I don’t know, just do something instead of running away like cowards!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Instead of police dogs, get a herd of pigs. When they are fattened up on muslims, they can be sold at a prophet.

  • Generalpatern

    So where are the water canon, reserved for the locals I guess.

  • Generalpatern

    But Call me dave says our borders are secure! Titter ye not.

  • stephencarter

    Like rodents scurrying in, bringing their filth and disease and violence.

  • The real and only Toedeladoki

    This is financed by soros and his criminal gang , where are the flags and protest boards coming from ??

    • Tina

      Apparently Rupert Murdoch is also chair of a similar open borders group, plus his company owns Fox Network according to an article on Breitbart.

  • Frank Castle

    We need a scow to come to the docks, promising passage to England but they are only allowed on deck. You might be able to cram a few hundred onboard. Once underway head towards Southend of England then turn farther south and make course for Spanish Sahara. If they riot, force them overboard where many will perish. Those who cooperate will be given some food and water dropped on deck to fight over. Once they reach their destination just off shore, force them to swim for it.

    Do this repeatedly and the problem will be solved. Otherwise, the French police should be able to SHOOT violent offenders.

  • Anonymous

    What is the thought process behind proclaiming “We are muslim” in addition to their demands to be let into UK?
    Is that expected to influence the decision makers positively? Perhaps the intended reaction is, “Oh my, they are muslim. Who would have guessed? Hurry up and open the gates immediately, we can’t keep muslims waiting now, can we?”.

  • Patriot girl

    Lots of WHITE FRENCH N ENGLISH ANARCHISTS WHO CLEARLY ORGANIZED THIS DISGUSTING PROTEST! I see white women’s marching along side this lawless ungrateful filthy Muslim population who would as soon rape and rob these trouble makers than listen to them about how to get to England illegally! These useful tools of the Muslims have no idea that they will be the first to be gang raped robbed and the men the same plus the added pleasure of having their heads chopped off when the Muslims feel safe in taking over! the anarchists do t care which useful population they use to destroy Britain but with these savages they have no idea of the bosom serpent they coddle n pander too! Should these filthy savages get to uk illegally they’ll never leave bec the uk is in free fall right now and still taking “Syrian” refugees! Still ever politically correct the island is already past tipping point and will soon cave to all Muslim demands.. Already their numerous wives are getting pensions! I’m sure the tax payers are happy with this latest act of treachery!

    As for France the French were very stupid in not seizing the day with marine le pens run for Normandy president! Instead the stupid feckless French who the week before gave them a landslide start to run off elections fell for the trick the other parties pulled by dropping out n clubbing together! SHE WOULDVE KNOWN HOW TO HANDLE CALAIS BY TAKING THE GLOVES OFF AND DEPORTING THE FILTHY SAVAGES AT HER DOOR! But no the French hasn’t had enough yet and no the savages march on their town! This wouldn’t stand here and our savages don’t even try.. These feckless French deserve the government they got they voted for it when they had the chance to totally change course-AND DIDNT!

  • Juan
  • Juan
  • As a wise Franciscan friar advised the Holy Crusaders l Kill them All ! God will sort them out !

  • Perry

    Mooching Muhammadans.

  • Barthel

    Don’t these cops have guns?

  • Don Grantham

    Liberté, égalité, fraternité…
    run awé

  • Dave Mc

    These cops are very good at marching backwards. Practice makes perfect.

    • Save Europe

      The French police at Calais are useless – they spend far too much time being brazenly rude to any Brit passing through the port. Aside from that, they do nothing.

  • SK

    The left have lost their minds

  • La-La Land

    France is no more. Just a shell of itself.

    And only people like Pamela Geller tell the truth.

  • swed

    I feel I’ll after watching men with puffy shoulder pads act like scared girls. What a bunch of pu ssys. The heavy set guys who were ready to bash heads in need to pimp slap their fing ugly ass wives and tell them to shut the f up! They don’t need to be fighting their wives as they are defending their home. I feel sick.

  • Mindy Robinson

    They are an islamic military,not refugees, their goal, to conquer and dominate. Why is the middle east a dangerous cesspool of death and destruction? Because of islam and the people that follow it. These people will and intend to bring every nation down to the same depths as the middle east. Who do you think creates the middle east cesspools? The people.

  • joe1429

    This port, in france, has on ongoing, daily problem, with the muzrats trying to sneal into uk. I watched a blog from a truck driver who does the route, daily, and it is a nightmare with hundreds every day trying to sneak in on the tractor trailers. They Live on the highway near the port , in tents, and their only job is to harass the truck drivers to get to uk!!

  • keith

    … Europe is helpless, trapped & paralyzed by its’ good intentions toward a bad situation… might soon be another Dark Ages for Europe as the Muslim caliphate looks to expand… history repeats… Euro leaders, like the Dodo bird, appear incapable of defense against predators to the point of potential extinction……

  • iprazhm

    Europe is NOT helpless against these invading savages. They absolutely have the manpower and weaponry to stop this invasion. What they don’t have is the moral fortitude to elect intelligent leaders who love their country, their own people and God, more than they love these Muslim heathens. They are so lost in sin themselves, they choose enemies who aim to overthrow their country, over their own lives. It’s demonic and it’s the prevalent ideology of a majority of American leadership across the United States, for the very same reason.

  • Gayle Parker

    Is it moral to defend one’s own life and property? Apparently Europeans are confused as it seems their deepest convictions are not in favor of protecting their own lives but rather their altruistic philisophy (otherism) favors self sacrifice to others lives. This is an evil philosophy as it worships death, not human life in this world.

  • mdy616

    If the police had knocked the crap out the animal with the bull horn it would have been done quickly. They may have had to shoot a few others (didn’t notice if they had guns). The sane crap in France as in Baltimore; let the animals run all over everything and let them destroy whatever they want. After all, it is only things. Obama sees this and wonders how he can get that to happen here.

  • Save Europe

    I have been, twice monthly, been travelling to Europe via Calais and Dunkirk (from Dover) for about 8 years now. I say with no hyperbole the size of the Calais camp has increased a hundred fold in a mere 6 months. The French police are hopelessly out manned. Honest figures suggest that there are 10,000 scum bags living there. The town of Calais itself is a hell hole and extremely unsafe at night. The French leaders have also gone insane – just last month a highly respected and decorated ex FFL General was arrested and treated like scum for being on a silent protest in Calais. I know the FFL very well. They are hard core and a brilliant force.

  • J.J. Smith

    This human sewage must never be allowed to come here. Not one more Muslim, not one more mosque. This is our county, There is no human right for a foreigner to live here just because he wants to. We can refuse anyone for any reason. If asked why, just say because we don’t want them. We owe no explanations, We need to get off the defensive trying to prove how we are not “racists.” We do not have to explain or justify our decisions to anyone. No Muslims here because we say so, end of discussion.

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