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Yaaass! @YouTube REINSTATES Pamela Geller’s Account, thanks to YOU

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Islamic State Threatens Prince Henry, Promises to Send Him to “Hellfire”

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan Compares Donald Trump to Islamic State

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Pope welcomes leader of Muslim group tied to financing of jihad terror to Vatican

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Muslim IT worker at center of House scandal accused of abusing three Muslim women

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Has Germany Never Learned?

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Minnesota: Authorities claim motive of Muslim who stabbed people while screaming “Allahu akbar” is unclear

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Islamic Contract Marriages: When Sheikhs Marry, Rape and Divorce Child Brides, All in One Week

WATCH Close-Up Video: Groping and Sex Attack by Muslim “refugees” on young blond woman in Cologne on New Year’s


UPDATE: I received a report that it is not from Cologne but a Dutch girl in Egypt, in any case, the appalling reality of what happened in Cologne is undeniable.

Where were the police?

Much thanks to Javelin, who sent me this video of what appears to be cell phone footage of Muslim men closely surrounding a young blonde woman. The title of the video claims to be from Cologne; however, I could not see anything in the video that could positively identify it as such. Nevertheless, it looks like a horrible situation for her.

Any information on this video would be greatly appreciated.

There were mass riots and coordinated sex attacks that spanned all of Europe. Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland.

The Quran allows Muslim men to take infidel sex slaves (“captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50). These men were acting in accord with the Quranic idea that non-Muslim women can lawfully be taken and used sexually.

This shocking new video shows Muslim migrants shooting guns & hurling explosives in Berlin on New Year’s Eve. Looks like something out of a war zone. Thanks to Paul Joseph Watson.

Today police fired water cannons and pepper spray into a peaceful demonstration against the mass sexual assaults by Muslim “rapefugees.” Why weren’t those tactics employed against these savages?

Previously: January 9, 2016:  Police Fire Water Cannons and Pepper Spray at Anti-“Rapefugees” Rally in Cologne But Not Mass Migrant Sex Mobs on NYE

January 8, 2016: Cellphones stolen during Cologne Rape Jihad found at Refugee Housing Centers

January 8, 2016: MORE savage sex attacks: TEEN girls GANG-RAPED by four Syrian ‘REFUGEES’ in Germany

January 8, 2016: Cologne police chief ‘to resign’ following mass sexual attacks against hundreds of women

January 7, 2016: MORE EUROPEAN CITIES report Muslim Sex Attacks on New Year’s Eve: ZURICH, HELSINKI UPDATE: Austria, too

January 7, 2016: LISTEN Pamela Geller on Sean Hannity Radio Show: Muslim Refugee Sex Attack Mobs on New Year’s Eve, Germany

January 7, 2016: Police in Germany covering up extent of sex crimes committed by Muslim migrants, claims Germany’s largest newspaper

January 7, 2016: ‘Angela Merkel invited us!’: Muslim sex mob taunted Cologne police after robbing and raping women

January 7, 2016: More Ghastly Details on the Cologne Muslim Mob Sex Attacks – the Story Atlas Broke FIRST in USA

January 6, 2016: Merkel Under Fire: Hundreds rally against sexual violence after NYE attacks in Cologne

January 6, 2016: Mayor of Cologne Blames the Victims of New Years Eve Sexual Attacks by Muslim Hordes

January 6, 2016: Pamela Geller: New Year’s Eve Rapes in Germany A Wake-Up Call to U.S. Leaders to Stop Muslim Migration from ‘Jihad Nations’

January 5, 2016: VIDEO Shows WILD MUSLIM CHAOS on New Years in Germany, Sex Attacks, Fireworks THROWN at Crowd

January 5, 2016: German police hunt for 1,000 Muslims who sexually assaulted numerous women and threw fireworks into crowds at Cologne train station on New Year’s Eve

January 3, 2016: Large Muslim mobs sexually harass scores of young women on New Years Eve in Germany

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  • Paul Watchman Dawsi


  • Mr. Tooyu

    We come in peace.

  • Marc St Laurent

    Pam That video was posted to youtube 2 years ago

    • SandyLester


      • Marc St Laurent

        She’s claiming that attack occurred 8 days ago.. getting a story wrong isn’t what we do

        • BJ

          You’re right Marc. I had to pull this clip off my page after I researched its origin. It’s from 2013 in Egypt where a Dutch girl was molested.

          • Lokesh

            Little Confused.
            Everyone is speaking in German, neither Arabic nor Dutch. Perhaps it was an old, but German event?

        • SandyLester


  • Mark_Trail

    European leaders should be mocked and discredited for not providing protection of women from Muslim atrocities like this. Women probably can’t go armed in most of Europe. I would suggest Europeans, woman and men, get a German Shepherd and train the animal to attack on command. Animal fight animal. Dog eat dog.

    • Funkasaurasrex

      Better get two.

      • Mark_Trail

        Muslims hate dogs. Reason is whenever the Muslim call to prayer goes up, dogs start howling.

        • hans

          They are afraid of them,specially when they are black.
          When we were young we always wondered why muslims go to the other site of the street when somebody have a dog hahaha…but today even some of them have dogs!Specially the criminals have so called fight-dogs.

          Also 20 years ago no muslim had a motorbike,today some have one like the president of the mongols rockers in germany—oh i forget he had-he died on the first day he had a driving licence….so the mongols split up because no other of this rockers had a bika haha..

        • Richard

          No, the reason Muslims hate dogs is because Muhammad hated dogs and forbid them as pets.

    • Yulleg Rahardja

      Krav Maga, Wingchun add with self defense tool either the melee one or range one. Melee you can use stick, scarf or anything, range you can make Gauss coil, wireless tasers or electrolasers gun that can be disguised as pen. Form militias like the Kurdish women for God sake. And last but not the least use dogs, since this is German, use Jadg terrier, these nasty yappy terriers are bad ass, 2 of them can treed a cougar Or if you can boar. Male boar will do the trick if you live in the country side. If in the city Jadgterrier. 3 of them.
      If you can since put them in jail only increase their influence in jail, whomever the rapists being caught by you, spare none of them even if they’re juvenile

      • Yulleg Rahardja

        Now I have been looking on electrolaser gun. Easy one to be created and concealed. Light enough to be carried and easy to be made.
        The key is to make a small channel of plasma created by laser diodes and put laser plasma in it. Once the’re created at the front of the shooting lense around 10 cm from them put a high voltage source near them. Once it shot it will deliver a Kilo volts voltage. And since it was made by pulse laser +plasma as well. The plasma shall channel the electric field and with proper arrangement it can be use to be all weather use. And the women can concealed carry it. As for the men, they can use this tool to hunting down the rapists and if needed slaughtering them all without leaving trace at all.

        Sadly I have not find how made it yet. …………………………
        But once it done I pray and hope all of you can perfected it. It’s all free

        Still developing

    • Gristlestick

      The kitchen is a good place,to find deterents ,most come in aerosols;starch bleach,oven cleaner etc etc

      • Richard

        Fighting with spray starch? Get real. Wasp/hornet killer maybe, since it’s designed to shoot 20 feet or so.

    • Esteban Sperber Frankel

      Better are the Belgian Shepherds.

    • Hzusb

      What misshaped picture you have.

      • Mark_Trail

        War is hell.

  • Gerry Holden

    You can put the blame on all this mess these days, on Obama and Angela Merkel with there liberal agendas. I’m just say’n. ….Gerry.

    • ruthy k

      ABSOLUTELY NOT! This girl didn’t stay at arms length! Don’t go confusing people with facts and honesty! I’m BOILING mad!

      • Randy Henderson

        The real factors you’re too stupid to see anything around you not to mention if you like this sort of thing why don’t you just live with them yourself

        • ruthy k

          I was being sarcastic. How sick do you think I can be? The point is that their arguments are absurd and demented/insulting not to mention criminal! (The boiling mad part IS true.)

    • Chalma Patterson

      It’s by design.

    • Er Papun

      actuallly you christans have no power against islam.because all powerful contries like usa ,europe are ruled by muslim leaders,.(Example-Barak hussain obama)join us to destroy islam join with india we have to unite all religion to destroy islam.

      • Joseph August

        No thanks

        • Er Papun

          then can not save christianity,it will be destroyed by islam

          • SandyLester

            Nope. Won’t ever happen.
            It’s the satanic islamics vs God Almighty… lose. I read the end of the Book.

          • Er Papun

            i am not islam and i want to destroy it,but without unite all it can’t be destroyed,because god or lord krishna never comes to save us.Only human being can save humanity god will help us.

          • SandyLester

            Suuuuure, you not are islamics.
            That’s funny.

          • Peter Aremone

            You need to learn a bit more about other religions/traditions that are not Islam.

          • Er Papun

            if christanity can do the job solely then we will support and remember islam is not friend of any religion because whenever a riot or chaos created always one party is islam and other is rest of the religion in the world

          • Linda Brown

            Christianity will never be destroyed by pislam (islam). Animals, thugs, criminals, paedophiles, rapists and thieves follow that cult. Don’t be so stupid.

          • Er Papun

            remember Crusades during 12th to 15th century and result is Byzantine Empires was demolished by the muslim and captured.

      • David Rhys Lewis

        How long has Europe been a country ?

        • Er Papun

          Europe means the maximum countries belongs to europe those which accept the muslim refugee.

    • fcabanski

      Merkel is the Eurkel of Germany. “Did I do that?”

      • Iamnumber6

        Unfortunately, this is by design , not incompetence.

    • Stephen Honig

      It’s more than a liberal agenda; that would be a compliment for these two psychopaths.

  • Mark

    Muslims are the lowest form of rabid animal.

    • joker

      Hey I like rabid meat. Very nice with red wine as a sauce.

    • andreaofla

      Muslims are being used to attack and control the current citizenry and replace Christian civilization. They are being used to debase the nations so that the “native” people lose power.

  • Mr. Earl

    What the once fierce warriors, German Huns, cannot protect their women and children from the invited invaders? Alas

  • Yulleg Rahardja

    The West only can blame this on themselves. It’s the Birth Rate Stupid. That’s right the declining of European countries and all of the West thanks to the declining of birth rates especially to the native European and Anglo Saxons Americans. The only way you can stop migrants while maintain your economy is make sure higher birth rates amongst you. I don’t meant to be a racist in here but the Native European must not or at least cease their mix breeding to the other races until your birth rate increase and they can replenish your ageing populations. Miss Pamela this is the only solution for stopping the immigration especially from Muslim nations altogether. The Europeans must start to increase their birth rates. If only the government budget can be placed into increasing the welfare for the Native Europeans couples and more and more they have kids more and more tax reduction instead giving the money for the migrants that in turn raped your women. No birth limitation like in China. In mean time the Native Europeans must reduce to use drugs especially morning after pills (that’s why no hanky panky before marriage), reduce the alcohol and Narcotics abuse etc. Stress at workplaces are contribution factor for bearing child. Now of course these atrocities made by these invaders make all of us angry, and despite many scandals that made your leaders take action to accepting these migrants for increasing the population of the Western Nations in order to maintain their economy but in reality even if you truly angry with them, as long s you’re not increase the birth rates of your own people and make them birth as many as them while deporting them as many as you can, you can’t stop these madness.
    The whole West must ease the deportation while make it hard for immigration especially if they’re these heathens , But before you do all of you must increase your birth rate, especially your white people. That’s the only answer for this.

    • SandyLester

      I reject your premis.
      The only “people” (using the term lightly) responsible are the damned islamics.
      They have been this way IE savages for over 1,400 years.

      Thomas Jefferson was right.
      “The only way to deal with people who’s only goal is to kill you, is to kill them first”.

      • Yulleg Rahardja

        I wish I can say like you say but since I live in one of their country, I can’t say it. I have family in here to be look after. That’s why when I put my thought on this matter I tend to put neutral tone in order to avoid any prosecutions against me Miss SandyLester. But I keep my opinion on this one. Yes they must be blamed for looking easy free meat. Had this happened in Asian Nations unlike the European, we the Asians shall hunting them down and if they fight back we simply kill these vermin. But the European Natives share the blame too. You have to increase your birth rates at the same time you deport them all out from your nations.
        Why do you think that your industrialists urge your government to accepting them on the first places? It’s all because of cheap labour, Middle East money and lobby and also your low birth rates that resulting on your ageing people. When the birth rates declined so low and not able to catch up with the ageing population that put your nations in perils. And that can lead to extinction of your races. Think about it.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Why muslims? The are lazy, violent, ignorant and useless. If a work force is to be imported, why not orientals? They are of religions that do not make violent demands, work, are intelligent and reliable. There is every indication that islam has money and is buying politicians to permit the proselytization of western nation by islam. The big catch is that islam destroys, it will ruin the source of its wealth, then, disease and starvation will destroy it.

          • Yulleg Rahardja

            Exactly that’s why I said this Middle East Money that bribed your politicians or it’s Barry Soetoro the Indonesian Muslim that made them to do this

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It has gone too far, if politicians were bribed, they did not let much “trickle down” which has resulted in considerable animosity towards them that are allegedly profiting from this.

          • Yulleg Rahardja

            Like I said before either they’re being bribed or under Barry Soetoro black mailed or both.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There is every indication something like that is happening.

          • Yulleg Rahardja

            That’s why the only way the West can be saved if they increase their birth rates and deport anyone that wanted to raped their women. Chinese, Japanesem Indian Hindus, Sikh any one has their scumbags, but never like this such as grooming the little girls, or raping someone because having different faith. The Native Europeans and their Anglo Saxons must grow pairs of balls to defending their women. My suggestion is ally with the Sikh, because the bloody Sikh know how to deal with them and since they’re looks alike the Sikh can infiltrated inside and mapping all of them. SIkh men are different although they almost looks alike

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Sikhs are very decent fearless people. They do have a few radicals, who confine their activities to legitimate targets. One can trust a Sikh completely, one of the best teachers I ever had was the first Sikh I ever met. He was, in addition to a fantastic teacher, a great educator. He taught in a Catholic school, wore a turban and all the other obligatory Sikh accessories, but never flaunted anything, was sincerely respectful and remembered to this day. Sikhs, unlike westerners, are not afraid of muslims in the slightest. Muslims are afraid of them.

  • Funkasaurasrex

    Once people understand raping and assaulting all Infidel, as well as all unescorted Muslim women is commanded in the Koran, what needs to be done becomes clear. Anything else addresses nothing.

  • Ronald Freitas

    Exterminate Islam from all countries!

  • Russell Mac Culloch

    you need to arm your citizens!

  • Gun legislation in Germany is considered among the strictest gun control in the world. Good thing? Does not seem to be working too good? Bit Kudos goes out to Obama and Merkel. At this rate I am expecting to see Berlin looking like Beirut in 5 years.

  • WhiteGuy2

    defend yourselves or stay home wearing a burka.

  • streekyd

    Islam: The religion of rape and murder.

  • Bob

    Who wants to join me and my new Crusade?? Do you surrender your will to God? If not then you are gonna get your beard shaved, your cocks cut and your balls tied to the ground. Join me and we will clean up this fuckin mess Obama and Merkel made!!!

    • Yulleg Rahardja

      I love too although I’m not a Christian at all. But I’m too far away but I have my way to do this.

    • Alan

      and pigs blood shoved up their collective faces and azzes

    • Er Papun

      we have to join all christians,hindus,budhist,jews all religion to unite against islam and destroy it else it will destroy us

      • Yulleg Rahardja

        Sign me up when this happen. Now I must prepared shits nasty enough to fight them. One other thing 2 shits are prepared to be unleashed. 3 actually. Soon But the electrolaser shall take long but it shall be there. Either with this ID or the other one. I have family to be protected too. So most likely I shall not use this ID. But I had made the other ID. The 2 shall be there, the rest of 1 that’s my personal debt to a few families, but it shall reveal their twisted mind. However the electrolaser shall be in this ID.

  • rotekz

    That video is Tahrir Square Egypt.

  • BJ

    This was a clip from Egypt in 2013

  • dissidentpatriot

    Unfortunately liberal governments have chosen ‘refugees’ over their own people, going so far as to excuse the savage behavior of these muslim invaders as the rape and pillage the local populace.

  • Pigs. Destroy them all.

  • Loverboy

    world should come forward to destroy this Islam. Muslims are now became a threat to the humanity.

  • Junaid Iftikhar

    i dont believe in this jewish propaganda from Ms Geller .. well tried making this video .. and spreading it .. 1000 men on streets and no ^police do u even hear urself how false is this .. hilarious troll on muslims as usual

    • Mahou Shoujo

      You are entitled to have as stupid an opinion as you want.

    • joker

      And you are a f.u.c.king muzzrat yourself. Just wait when we come after you.

  • jen

    40 dead in New deadly contagious outbreak:

  • Von

    European leaders should be thrown out of office.

    • Mischief Maker in the Land

      From a height?

  • Some say this is an old video from Egypt. If anything, this proves what animals muslim men are, not disproves it. I don’t see a reason why we in the West should allow such people into our countries if they can’t act in a decent manner towards women.

  • Patrick Roy



  • Alan

    nuke IRAN. nuKE SYRIA.

    • Bobzendance

      ….if you can find it on a map

    • MMann

      No, Please. Nuke Saudi Arabia. It is the root of all the terrorism and wahabi islam across the World. Beastly King with power of black gold (Crude) is running rampage, supporting ISIS and killing Shias (Houthi People) in Yemen.

  • mdy616

    I hope it is not too late for Europeans. They are beginning to wake up in certain parts of the country and beginning to protest. I predict some kind of war will break out in Europe over this within the next year or so. People will not put up with these mobs raping their women for long. The politicians may not care but the population (even the leftists AFTER they have been raped) will not take it!

  • DM Taylor

    Too bad they can’t carry a weapon. Then we would see a lot of dead cockroaches on the streets after something like this.

    • SK

      Looked like a lot of weapons on the streets to me. Just in the wrong hands. Gun control does work. Congrats Europe. Your new norm.

  • hiskid1964

    Look at the fear on that women face. In america our women are armed.

  • M Avery

    Video is Cairo in 2011 and the victims are Dutch.

  • Per Madsen

    Actually in states like California that don’t allow concealed carry women are not armed.

  • patriotpatone

    Apparently Merkel thinks Germany needs more low life scum sub-human trash in the streets. Absolute insanity to take these maggots in.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    More teddy bears and welcome signs? COEXIST my ass.

  • Jan Krajewski

    In Poland


    • Mahou Shoujo

      All of occupied europe would do well to learn from Poland,

      • Knight of St John

        And Hungary, Macedonia etc.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          There are outposts on the frontier where reason and sanity have not been replaced by ignorance and submission to islam. Then, further east, is Russia, which will replace America as the world’s policeman as American democrats have sold out and submitted to islam.

          • Robert Tackett

            Well said.

          • Mahou Shoujo


          • Yulleg Rahardja

            Until somebody exposed Barry Soetoro the real him. Even as anyone shall called whomever exposed him as nut jub, wing nuts or gook nuts. And he might ended up as the enemy of the state of the nation that now he live in.

        • Yulleg Rahardja

          Serbians and the Croatians you must asked them to join you and the Greece top especially the Sparta.

      • mohit pandey

        You r right . I aplaud u

        • Mahou Shoujo


  • JoGoDant

    Is that footage from Cologne? Because I’ve been told it’s from Tahrir square.

  • Jonah

    Paris and France as a whole have gun control as extreme as you can get and it did not stop the muslim jihadi from even having a rocket launcher besides ak-47s.

  • JenJen Long

    This is from 2013 at Tahrir Square….

    • ruthy k

      I’m really angry.

  • Ajeet

    Cologne (Koln), the city I like so much. I put a lock there on the river bridge in the name of my sweet heart. Its saddening to see the city of love locks falling prey to sex pests, half humans half beasts.

  • Bart T

    Not from Cologne, sorry folks. I am sure there is evidence out there, but this is not it.
    This is from possibly 2013

  • gammer


  • mam646

    Animals. Pure evil. And for the leaders, who don’t suffer any of this, to continue to insist on this and tell the citizens they are hateful for speaking out against it – truly disgusting.

  • Artemis

    obama would call the muzzie revelry in Berlin “progress”. What a jackass.

  • Artemis

    German police must lack brains, balls , or both. Let the citizenry police themselves!

    • Iamnumber6

      No, they are told to give deference to the islamic invaders. They are made to stand down. They are ordered to water cannon and arrest peaceful protesters who resent being invaded and German women assaulted, but stand down when 1000+ koranimals assault women. All by design.

  • Cookie

    Please keep us updated to the authenticity of this tape. When I know it’s an actual attack captured. I will share it far and wide!

  • Art Lowe

    just like animals, out of control sent them all back,the ones who don’t know how to act and the rapers, put them in a very large hole and leave them there



    The first Video is original from Egypt in 2013!!!
    There were always some stupid guys who upload old videos with other names.

    But here you have an video from Greece Athen 2010

    an foreigner in germany has uploaded it.He says normally people and familys came to the place but 2010 was full of illegal aliens,thex started to fight each other and grabbed girls and womans even when they was with the family…

  • Art Lowe

    Like something out of a warzone

    • Mahou Shoujo

      There is every indication that the area will become a war zone soon.

  • smashIslam

    Old video of 2 years ago,in Egypt
    The blond girl was a young journalist.
    Add in description,pls..
    Don’t be a faggot Muslim

  • ATHEN NEW YEAR2005 or 2010?

    Another guy has upload the ATHEN video but wrote 2005.
    This video is without german information/text-so it must be bette quality.

    Is here a greek who can translate the tv speaker?

  • Robert Tackett

    In the past five years I have watched as my country (U.S.) has gone from worse to still worse (morally speaking) and now it seems that it has lost its way entirely. I am visiting the Philippines where it is common that people comment on how the Philippines follows America. It is a bit sad how the blind follow the blind guides.

  • I think you have the wrong video running Pamela. There were no blonds in the video. This video also appeared on Gates of Vienna, and the sender identified the venue as Cologne because a street sign (green) briefly appears. Is the woman in the video a news reporter? She was holding a microphone. In any event, it was like a war zone.

  • Joseph August

    Foolish German politicrats betrayed the German people with their politically correct ideology and now look what is happening to this once peaceful and beautiful nation. Thugs are now taking control and committing atrocities at will. Sad and disgraceful.

  • conan_drum

    I see a woman trying to interview I cannot see any blonde women getting sexualy attacked

  • The Voice of Reason

    This is the original video. Some also claim it’s Lara Logan.

  • KimWilde

    The time of tribulation is very near. The barbarians are through the gates and still the leaders lie to us all. Repent, ask JESUS to forgive you of your sins because the time is now. Go to

  • Mihai

    This is obviously a political matter, and a very grave one I might add. The police, as incompetent as it may be, has the expertise and power to deal with this situation, but they are ordered otherwise. I bet this video was leaked be a police member, who decided he is a person before a state employee. These police men should run the police and not be forced into acting anonymously.

  • Uselesscrap

    As far as I am concerned: delughted to see Germany going to hell. It is well deserved.

  • Cappy1437

    Beyond awful. Merkel should have been forced to be out in the middle of it all having to dodge the bullets and fireworks and run from the rapists.

  • Kurt Van Luven

    No video

  • LizardLizard

    Bombard your elected officials with your strong opinions about not letting people from these countries into ours because we do not want to end up like Europe. Do it every day, send them links like these. Rationality must prevail or we are toast.

    • Wayne Ville

      Exactly! And ask them what our vetting process is that would prevent this in the U.S.

  • Wayne Ville

    1) Germany has strict gun control laws yet these migrants have easy access?
    2) What were people doing in the middle of this mess unarmed and unprepared for violence?
    3) What happened to German men?

  • Merc Ekitz

    NOW theyre acquiring guns!

  • Isa

    FALSE!!! This video was from Lara Logan… A Dutch reporter who was raped in 2013 during a protest in Egypt!!! YOU BETTER CHECK YOUR FACTS before you believe everything!

  • Blackbriar

    Pamela Geller is a great American! Me, I do NOT need her to lecture us all about 1st Amendment – I know far more than she does about it (3 years Law School, to start). She gets it wrong because it’s only about HER Rights, and never about others.

    She is not a despicable person who exemplifies un-American views and bigotry! She is NOT responsible for that Law Enforcement Officer who will limp for life so Geller could make the Talk Show Circuit with her biased, pre-packaged lectures.

    “Others suffer and are shot so I can lecture America about the Constitution and about Muslim-Americans as not True Americans and exempt from that Constitution? Huh, Geller? Lightweight analysis; pedestrian thinking and she is ALL ABOUT FEAR, FEAR< FEAR~!

  • Blackbriar

    Geller LOVES all of these “single source of information” types, who NEVER research on their own, NEVER even Think for Themselves!

    ONLY those who will buy into her lies and propaganda, easily debunked via research by anyone, agree with her contrary views, such as “Oh! Oh! Muslim Americans are absolutely NOT True Americans because of what is in their hearts!”

    Geller the Mind Reader? Not possible except in movies, child…

  • disqus_JNTzup5QKD

    obama and merkel are filling up Christian countries with Islam scum to destroy Western Culture !

  • Sharon Scully

    Scum of the earth. They should be punished by stoning. That’s what they seem to like.

  • Linda Brown

    You cannot, I repeat CANNOT bring these animals who are archaic and barbaric into a democratic country where we have evolved into intelligent human beings. Blame your governments for allowing these animals into our country.

  • Rick Nash

    Pamela is right Finally now almost entire E.U knows what is the meaning of Muslim refugees.strangely except some of our stupid politicians like Mikel of germany and Justin of Canadathey are uneducated ,barbarians who treat women like dirt in there countries.The women their are so scared of the men so when the find women here with equal status to men it makes them mad.Another big reason the women there are asked to cover themselves by the mullas and the they hardly get to see any women’s anatomy.Here when they come they go crazy and think just because the men are not covered they are started for sex or something so when they approach and find out that is not the case they indulge into force (rape) and its so sickening to see videos in google and you tube the migrants from muslim countries hit our women if they do not have sex with them in public.some indulge in looting,stealing .while others oppose anything and everything nonIslamic in schools,work place ,in public everywhere they are giving trouble to the citizens who have been living in peace for centuries its called invasion in their culture,its so strange the oil rich muslim countries are not taking a single muslim refugee into their country wonder why?its their own people right (muslims)we see even muslim girls attacking other kids so it shows they are not the type we want our kids to grow with. People have revolt against the government and the stupid politicians like the German chancellor Mikel and Canadian P.M Justin and American President Obama to do something about this menace.they have to be asked why they do not bring in nonmuslim refugees who are equally affected by the same majority muslims who will be better choice as most of them are well educated,hard working,law abiding people with culture?All muslims refugees emigrants who are caught doing crime should be arrested and deported

  • Solid Snake

    So if it was a Christian or local who “raped” in a party, then his actions does not reflect on his religion, but if someone who calls himself a Muslim drinks, eat pork or “rapes”, then he’s from a jihad nation, which I don’t even know what means.

    Are you trying to say that going out on a party, drinking and taking drugs and free mixing is actions that are permissible to Muslims when Islam prohibits all of these acts? We had people in Syria who burned the Quran, raped women inside of our mosques, there’s no Islam left in these filthy kind of people.

    Besides I’ve seen the refugees that choose to stay in Germany, most of them are in fact assadists, and even shabbiha who are still until this day supporting bashar al-assad, posing with alcohol, guns, pills and the government is doing nothing about it. Instead the media decided to take another approach and call them “Muslims”, ibstead of “Secularists” or “ex-Muslims” or “shabbihas”.

  • Aybarshan J. Aksoysekour

    I am against violence., so-called moslems causing caos & Tribulation in Europe is act of Evil and Oppression…As a modernist person I hate Fake moslems who attack assault christion europeans or other religious people by Using Islam!!They should be punished by law., I defend the rights of Europeans victims of crime& unjustice….I believe in the Divine Justice of the Lord God Almighty…

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