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Violent Pro-Migration Antifa Protesters Being PAID $50 AN HOUR By Germany Socialist Party #dankeantifa #Hitlerian


Above: An Antifa Money Stand.

Typical of the left, “Antifa,” ironically enough stands for anti-fascist. But their violence and thuggery define fascism.

Now we find that these brownshirts are bring paid by their country’s Socialists (how Hitlerian). These protests are vicious and violent. The Antifa get paid €45 an hour to demonstrate for the SPD (Socialist Party in Germany). Hitler’s political party was the National Socialist Party. Same thing.

If you research #demogeld or #dankeantifa on Twitter, there are a huge number of people getting paid to demonstrate for SPD Socialist Party of Germany.

Early this week, my column on Germany’s “right wing hooligans” exposed the fraud being advanced by the Merkel-media, and questioned the legitimacy of bogus news reports. Anti-jihad demos are being framed as violent, “far-right” – evocative of the Nazis. However, the leftist counter protesters, the Antifa, are recorded as destroying, attacking and wilding. Large groups of left-wing Antifa thugs have terrorized the same streets earlier (see here) where the “right-wingers” are supposed to have run amok.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 6.06.03 PM
Now I’m going to bed, in the bed that naturally was bought and paid for by demonstration money…that’s all for today #thanksantifa

Aggressive Antifa demonstrators are being paid. A lot. See line 6 in the document below..


The Antifa are acting like Merkel’s brownshirts or the Gestapo, even chasing people and smashing their cars… See this video also:

Here is another, albeit older, article about the Antifa being paid to demonstrate. They even organize their buses, etc.!5020381/

Google translate:

BERLIN taz | 25 € hourly wage for attending an anti-fascist protest: What sounds like a wild, right-wing conspiracy theory is apparently deadly serious. This emerges from an internal organization Be an association called “Antifa eV” forth. It is informed of the organization of not less than 48 buses that go to the protests against Pegida and Legida on 9 February 2015 – including compensation for all passengers. Also free beer is promised and Vermummungsmaterial (“Hassis”) offered for sale or hire.

The public has become document, discovered on a presumed lost USB stick could answer a question that most of the media do not arise normally. If once again blocked a Pegida-march, an AFD event disturbed or en masse Autonomous are deployed, is about – often with subliminal sympathy – reported but not questioned why the Antifa is actually so well organized.

The answer is surprising: Behind the seemingly loose organizational contexts of anti-fascists hiding therefore a good cross-linked structure. “In order to ensure a rapid disbursement of the demonstration fee, it is essential to keep getting on and off the membership card to the dedicated scanner on the bus,” it says in the letter, which is signed by the “Board” the Antifa.

This is obviously not an isolated case. Already end of January has pointed out that the Antifa with buses to the protests against the Austrian FPÖ academics ball to arrive and the participants are paid here. A corresponding Twitter entry of “Antifa eV”, which states that even more than 48 buses were scheduled, divided both the FPÖ Kreisverband Vienna City center as well as the party leader Heinz-Christian Strache. A payroll of a so-called anti-fascists about 498.05 euros, including foreign and night surcharge, was also publicly afterwards.
Public funding

But where does the money that distributes the Antifa structure with both hands in order to suppress others in their freedom of expression? Coming in from the German media defamed as propaganda channels Russian TV channel RT has researched the backgrounds.

In an organization chart, the connections between Club, Antifa GmbH and Antifa union on the one hand, and the Federal Government, political parties and associations demonstrated on the other side. Accordingly, the Antifa benefit of direct financial support by the government, but also the party cartel from SPD, CDU and the Greens.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • billy mcgee

    That’s exactly what Antifa are doing here in Australia.. Pamela come out to Australia would love to have you host……..

  • Buddy
  • Shafiq Islam

    The truth eventually comes to light, and when it does there will be a terrible backlash.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Mercenaries are what the Romans tried using to defend their empire. The result is history. Once the money runs out, the mercenaries will not fight, when they are in conflict with persons with a belief in what they are fighting for, they will soon discover that mercenary pay does not cover the pain inflected on them to get it.

    • Ron Cole

      Rome had only a Senate, but we suffer a House too.
      We are in deep trouble.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Unfortunately for todays citizen, the old Roman method of assassinating problem politicians is no longer socially acceptable. Elections take far too long and are much too expensive.

  • C. Obblestone

    You actually believe that?
    1st + 2nd picture: Right wing extremists kept spreading the _myth_, that Antifa activists get money for being part of demonstrations, destroying things etc. Many activists consider this as really funny, so they keep making jokes about it. There are several accounts on many social networks, named “Antifa e.V.”, “Antifa GmbH”, “Antifa Gewerkschaft” (= “Antifa worker’s union”) and so on (many listed in 3rd picture). It’s just for fun. Read these posts, you will get, that this is just satire.

    3rd picture: I’m not completely sure about that one. Many right wing extremist are confused by the satire itself so they keep spreading information we created on our own for fun (or to confuse right wing extremists and make fun of them). So this might be a document created just for fun. But there are also some of them creating documents and saying that these come from Antifa activists, parties etc. Many of them are just really bad fakes (you can see only from the words they used, that this does not come from Antifa activists).

    Video: There were nazis filming in front of a house where many Antifa activists live. I would be completely Ok with their car being destroyed. But just look closely. At 1:07 there is a cut and suddenly they are somewhere else (you can tell by the parked cars in the right side of the picture). And the people coming to the car aren’t even wearing any masks, that would be quite stupid. So this might also be a fake to get money from insurance, but I do not say it’s clearly a fake, might be real. I’d be Ok with that.

    Article in taz newspaper: Do you even know the newspaper taz? They are quite left-liberal. They are also making fun of all those myths with that article. It’s pure satire again.

    I consider it as really funny that all these myth now also spreaded in English. But they are just wrong, myths. Believe me or not, I don’t care. I know it’s not true. If it was, me and many other Antifa activists would not have any struggles concerning money.

    • roger

      One doesn’t have to rely on this article as proof to the leftist violence that takes place in all the European countries as well as the US. Canada and here in Australia.

      • C. Obblestone

        I’m glad that you do not rely on this article.
        Yes, there are many radical left activists who are using violence. It’s a political tool against a state of permanent violence by state, law and police.
        Also against rightist, who think they are allowed to restrict freedom of other people by colour of skin, religion, race etc.
        We live in a world of permanent violence against people in their everday lives because of their look or preference and everything you worry about are some destroyed/coloured cars/buildings and some nazis who got beaten up for being part of the violence I mentioned above.

        • roger

          I honestly believe that you, yourself, and people like you will earnestly yearn for the lawfulness and stability of a policed democratic state, despite the shortcomings of individual corporations and persons.
          I have absolutely no prejudice with bias to creeds and nationalities, I grew up in the most multicultural town, school anywhere, and we all got on fine.
          I do judge however, on fact and history and also personal experience and these three tell me to fear ,( yes fear ) the coming islamisation of the West.

          • C. Obblestone

            It does need change in people’s minds to overcome authority and capitalism, of course. I do not question that.
            Yes, you have prejudice, we all have. Racism is not only a personal thing, it’s structural. Growing up in a multicultural town and school doesn’t mean that you can’t be racist, also having friends of minorities does not imply that.
            You want to limit the freedom of humans just by telling them where to live in the world and I will not accept that.
            That whole “islamization of the West” thing is another myth. Just face the fact that a major part of refugees coming to Europe aren’t even muslims.

            These people (I guess you are talking about the video) are standing in front of a partially squatted house, where many radical leftists live and which was raided by police one day before. And they are chanting “Thank you police right in front of it”.

          • joker

            That is fair they were saying thanks to the police but how come they still entered? The video seen for a second time is probably a prank.

          • C. Obblestone

            You’re talking about the people entering the house?
            The house wasn’t evicted. Police got into the house by force and searched for “dangerous articles” (cops stole some fire extinguishers, stones, ladders and many things one would consider as bulk trash out of the house). They left the house after that. They did that with many houses of “Rigaer Straße” last week.

    • Santa Claws

      Antifa fucktards are drugged up on ice cockheads who behave exactly as the brown shirts behaved, they are paid by the Greens in Australia to cause as much havoc and disruption as they can. It is no myth, they are a bunch of feral bogan fascist racist pricks.

      • C. Obblestone

        The comparison between Antifa and SA is bullshit. Just have a look at the aims, targets and methods.
        I don’t know very much about Antifa activists in Australia but the myth about paid protestors is just a lie in most cases. Yes, there are parties who financially support demonstrations, a demonstration actually costs money (flyers, banners etc.). But there was no evidence in the past for cases where parties just paid people like in a job for taking part, destroying things and so on.

        • SFTOBEY

          Liar, liar, pants on fire!

        • joker

          Indeed the comparison between Antifa and the SA (Sturm Abteilung) is nonsense. Because Antifa stands for nothing in the end other then being lazy. Because in the end they do not want to do a proper day job. The SA would have already cleared up the house of Antifa with a proper mop up by the SS.

          • C. Obblestone

            Antifa stands for being lazy? Sounds like you’ve got no idea about how exhausting activism is. Next to having a job because humane life unfortunately isn’t free today.

            But you’re right in some points: The society me and many others are fighting for is a society of voluntariness, a society, where no one is forced to work. Where all processes are geared to supply the wants of the people.

            If this is your nightmare, you’re trying to prevent, then prepare yourself for being fought.

  • Santa Claws

    The bogan racist nazi unwashed unemployed (most prob unemployable) anti Christian/Chaldean/Coptic/hindu/budhist/sikh hell any religion other than islam anti democracy drug fucked anti capitalist wanktard feral Antifa in Australia is paid by the Green party.

    • Heil! erstmal XD

      Makes sense. Call everyone else fascists, and then get rid of all non-islamists till australia is ruled by communism

  • mathewsjw

    the socialist unions in America don’t even pay Rioters minimum wage

  • german

    lol. Antifa protesters are not paid. What is stated here is satire on conspiracy of German right-wing extremists.

    greetings from Germany … :D

    • german

      *conspiracy theorie

    • Evil Liberal

      so how come your discus profile does not show when you put the mouse over your avatar sockie?

    • IB

      What’s this then?

      • C. Obblestone

        That is no evidence at all for the myth that people who take part in demonstrations get money like for a job.
        Yes, some demonstrations against nazis are paid by cities etc. But that money is used e.g. for flyers, banners and so on. This is, what the article says.

        • joker

          And why should a city counsel paying for flyers, banners and so on against so-called nazis? Erklaren sie mal bitte.

          • C. Obblestone

            E.g. because there are politicians, who agree with this and who were voted by the people living there.
            But that’s not the point. The point is, that this article is no evidence for the myths presented here.

    • Lady Gwnyfar

      this weird troll and all his dead aliases below have convinced me of the truth of this organisation and its generous budget. thanks for that

      • Evil Liberal

        Some kind of hack of Discuss. I will have to look into this.

        • C. Obblestone

          Omg that’s not a hack.
          It’s just not being logged in and using the option “I’d rather post as a guest”, which is built into Disqus. Then you need a name and E-mail adress to post a comment.

      • C. Obblestone

        (I’m not the person who posted as “german”, I always used the same alias here)
        It’s possible to post as a guest. I just don’t want to use my registered Disqus account to post on a website with racist propaganda.

        • Catti

          Such a hateful website – yet here you are, troll. Suck it up or get out.

          • C. Obblestone

            Got here because of this article, I’m not going to comment any other article.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Islam isn’t a race retard.

          • C. Obblestone

            That’s right. But most of the articles here address refugees in general. On top of that it is completely pointless to talk about “the Islam” as one unity. It is not. Same with Christianity.
            Being Ok with Christianity in general but having a problem with Islam in general is racism.

          • Heil! erstmal XD

            it’s more of a cancer. And everybody infested with it is automatically inferior to christians


    Thats a joke/Satire to make the rightwingers look stupid.

    They try it after it came out that for Leftwing Demonstrations they looked for people who made propaganda with flyers and also BUsses where payed-or Musicians at the Demos.

    But thats what you show is 100 SATIRE!

  • Areyoukiddingme

    Just like BLM, occupy Wall Street, occupy democrats….hmmm do I smell Soros?

  • pit

    Please DELETE It-its TROLLING and Satire.
    YOu can easyly check it “e.V. and Gmbh” must be in german registers.But they are NOT!

    Political Partys support the Demonstrations or even organize them by their selfs-but nobody get money.Except some who run arround with flyers before the demos…

    Also the ANTIFA sometimes attack even the SPD!Because sometimes they say we must kick out criminals or people from the Balkan who have no roght for asylum.Thtat enough to make the Antifa angry..

  • Feet2Fire

    The Feds/Big -0- keep pledging more and more support for these so-called refugees. Kind of makes one wonder where our “refugee money” is going to… Is it ending up in the hands of these rabble-rousers?

  • Hans von Deutschland

    Thats was Satire and a joke!
    They didnt get Money!!!

    The only thing is that political partys and Unions organize Busses for free and sponsoring Bands at Demos against “Right Winger” and Racisms etc.

    They leftwingers laugh about the stupid guys who dont understand the Satire.

  • Warrivar Armstrong

    Comparing these degenerates to Hitler ideologes is wrong in so many ways. first off they are Marxists, not Nationalists. They work to undermine the social-national cohesion of any country they infect, like a disease. the SPD and CDU parties are Pro EU and Pro Globalist. they hate nationalism in any form and gladly sacrifice their own citizens to the hordes of unwashed barbarians that have floated over to europe like garbage tossed into the sea.

    They are the modern reincarnation of the old Communist/Jewish agitators during the Weimar days. Anything but National socialists or Nazis.

  • Zeeky

    lol that is wrong on so many levels. First thing is that SPD means socialdemocratic party and not socialist party. Second thing is they are not in any way asscociated with the NSDAP (hitlers party). Next thing is that the Antifa money is a joke by a German newspaper that the political left now uses to make fun of right wing news that take it for true.

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