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[ September 25, 2017 ]

Muslim IT worker at center of House scandal accused of abusing three Muslim women

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Has Germany Never Learned?

VIDEO Shows WILD MUSLIM CHAOS on New Years in Germany, Sex Attacks, Fireworks THROWN at Crowd


A couple of days ago I broke the story of the Muslim mobs who were sexually harassing scores of young women on New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany.  Bigger media outlets have finally picked it up. And we are now hearing it was over a thousand Muslim attackers. But there’s more. This video shows the wild scene at Cologne Cathedral on New Years.

The NY Times today: “Coordinated”

German officials have announced that about 1,000 young men…were involved in a coordinated attack against at least 90 women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. The women were harassed, molested, raped and
robbed by the men in an assault authorities described as “unprecedented” in both scale and nature. Police chief Wolfgang Albers said it was “a completely new dimension of crime,” adding that a volunteer policewoman was one of the victims. The assault went unreported for days in most cases ….

Unreported because it was Muslim. The NY Times doesn’t mention the identity of the savages.

German police are hunting for a group of up to a 1,000 Muslim men who are accused of sexually assaulting, raping numerous women and violent chaos at Cologne’s main station.

Brushing sexual assault under the rug, The Local

More from the Local : Men of ‘Arab background’ were likely responsible for sexual assaults on dozens of women in central Cologne over the New Year, police said on Monday – as a social media storm accused police and media of a cover-up.

Around 60 complaints have been made to the police in Cologne after a group of around 1,000 men attacked revellers in the city centre in a brutal and “completely unheard of” way, Wolfgang Albers, Chief of Police in the Rhineland city said at a press conference on Monday afternoon.
A group of around 500 men between the ages of 15 and 35 assembled at the central train station and in the area of the cathedral before throwing firecrackers into the masses of people celebrating the arrival of the new year.
This appears to have been a means of causing distraction, as during the disturbance groups of young men entered the crowd where they sexually assaulted women and pick-pocketed revellers.

Google translate:

The pictures show the rampant Silvesternacht at Cologne Central Station. At the turn it had come there to shocking scenes. Bangers are uncontrolled thrown into the crowd, carelessly ignited flares.

As a “crime of a whole new dimension,” Chief of Police Wolfgang Albers has designated the multiple attacks on women around the Cologne Central Station in New Year’s Eve. “It is an intolerable state of affairs that the middle of the city such offenses are committed,” he said on Monday.

According to Albers gathered on New Year’s Eve on the station forecourt about 1,000 men who “in appearance from the Arab or North African region” originate. This could have testified all witnesses unanimously. From the crowd, groups had formed by several men, the women surrounded, had harassed and robbed.

The police chief spoke of sexual offenses in very solid shape and a rape. Similarly, the police and the police union had previously expressed in press releases (GdP). On Tuesday Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker (independent) has convened a crisis meeting.

The police were to Monday 60 advertisements before, including thefts of bags, cell phones and purses. Investigators from other victims who have not yet been reported.

NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger (SPD) reacted sharply to the assaults. “We do not take out that organize North African men’s groups to humiliate defenseless women with brazen sexual attacks”, quoted the Cologne “Express” (Tuesday) the Minister. “Therefore it is necessary that the Cologne police determined consistently and shows a deterrent presence.”

The police had observed the accumulation on the station square in the New Year’s Eve by own account and let the court eventually evacuate temporarily because firecrackers were thrown into the crowd – the multiple abuse was the officials did not initially noticed.

The Cologne police has set up an investigation team after the incidents. On Sunday police arrested near the Cologne main train station five men determined that women harassed and travelers should have robbed. Whether they have something to do with the deeds in the New Year’s Eve, is still unclear, according to the investigators.

The GdP reacted in horror at the events. “This is a completely new dimension of violence. This is something we have not know”, the NRW state chairman of the GdP, Arnold Plickert, the German press agency said on Monday. The heavily intoxicated perpetrators were “completely disinhibited and violently” procedure. “If a perpetrator caught in the pants of a civilian police officer”, Plickert reported.

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  • John

    BBC finally reported on this after 5 days..

    • munchenfez

      Munich, Hamburg, Frankurt, Moenchengladbach and Koln. All over Sylvester. How much longer will they lie to us. Time is up Merkel. I hope you Americans fight Soeteros executive orders. Stay armed, we need a refuge for our survivors please.

      • Jos Smith

        You will ALWAYS have one here! Barry aint bad enough to kill this country…there will be life left when he leaves office or tries to stay longer and meet his fate then! Either way you got a home here

      • freebird

        Come on, trust in german goverment.
        The mayor of Cologne, Reker Henriette “fight” against sexuell abuse from Musels. She have told us how the german woman should behave the next time.
        “Don´t let the abuser come near” (no joke).
        Typical socialist solution.

        • RetiredNavyphotog

          She also blamed the women and how they were dressed.

      • RetiredNavyphotog

        Come to the US to live. Plenty of us are armed so pity the perps.

    • ruthy k
      • Ari Chen

        Really obscene but that’s the reality! I just don’t know how the men sit idly and “handle” the situation so “lawfully”. I would get no rest until I kill or maim every one of the bastards that dare violate my girlfriend or sister.
        PS: Read elsewhere that rapes and sex attacks are meant to psychologically weaken the men. Muslim mass rapes on women are an act of war.

        • Peter May

          ari, we have had muslim sex gangs raping children over here for years, google rotheram sex gangs, childrens fathers were arrested by police for trying to protect their daughters, this picture is a cartoon of these attacks, the policeman in this cartoon is in british police uniform.

          • Ari Chen

            Thanks for the info. I think I’ve watched a documentary once, about Pakistani gangs in Britain… Muslim of course! Islam needs to be banned from all Western nations. The Koran is proof that they are a hostile sect! Islam: Religion of Piss.
            Anyway militias and vigilantes are the way to go to protect ourselves since police and stupid governments seem to be on their side!

          • S_in_USA

            islam needs to be banned from this EARTH!
            There’s no room for sadists.

          • Rob Porter

            Re militias and vigilantes, unfortunately it has reached this point in some Western countries because both those in office, politicians and bureaucrats, and the police are devoid of morals and a sense of moral outrage.

          • Rob Porter

            I’d begin killing these bastards if this were to happen to my children. As to police not themselves being angered by this disgusting treatment of English girls, I am a loss for words. They are shameful, lobotomized cowards. Fathers need to go about their retaliation quietly, in the dark smashing in skulls..

        • Jacob Peters

          Amen to that brother. Unfortunately the sad truth is that the European male has been over-civilized to the point of being a wuss.

  • Tuomas

    This is getting very annoying.

    • Solsticewitch13

      I am absolutely SICK of islam. I am sick to death of the INSANE CRAP this death cult creates. ALL over the frickin world, islam creates CHAOS!!

      I am sick of paying islam TAX on my fricking life!!! WE spend huge amounts of TAX $$$$ trying to keep our countries “safe” from these NUTTERS!!

      islam is a mental illness, and it seriously NEEDS TO BE BANNED from this planet in it’s ENTIRETY!!!


  • Yo_Its_Me

    Once again, Pamela breaks the news to the world long before mainstream media finally caves in and reports it.

    • Catti

      And when they do report it, the victims will be portrayed as the assailants and vice versa.

      • Evil Liberal

        Yea, no doubt. This story does have some legs tho. If you look at the various versions they are still trying to downplay the Muslim aspect.

    • Rob Porter

      It’s highly unlikely we will ever hear or read this news from the utterly cowardly and politically correct (i.e. dishonest, two-faced and cowardly) Canadian media. Over the last few days I’ve written to three senior journalists to ask why we are not being fully informed of events in the Middle East, not least Iraq and Syria, the war raging, of Turkey supplying ISIS, Russia smashing ISIS and Turkey’s convoys, the appalling persecution, and around the world events related to Islam and violent Muslim behaviour. So far I haven’t had one response and now will regard it a miracle if I do. Sure we get some news and vague reference in the occasional editorial, but relative to what is taking place in the Middle East alone, the news we are getting is pitifully small. I cannot believe that this is not by design. This is just shockingly poor journalism.

      • Peter May

        rob, the journalists must report what they are told, not what they know, i
        have with held my bbc licence fee for the last 2 years, i am being hounded
        by the bbc for their money, we are having islam forced on us in uk, even thou
        they are a minority, every other face on tv is a muslim face, very disproportionate amount of muslims on tv, nothing anti islam is reported,
        whatever crap is going on in the world we are fed bullshit half the time, it is all
        propaganda. they can only pull the wool over our eyes for so long?

        • Rob Porter

          Peter, I like your attitude. You should write to tell whoever is now head of the BBC, express your disgust over what is occurring and tell him why you are withholding your money, When Chris Patten became head of the BBC he said he was going to “change the culture”. It’s evident he did not.
          The stark irony for me is that during my last ten years in South Africa – in supposedly repressive ‘apartheid South Africa’ – newspapers published my scathing comments about the policies of that time. Barely a thing I submitted, 1977 to 1987, was not published. (Mind you the security police did notice, ‘bugged’ my phone and opened my mail!). Never in Canada will papers publish letters and articles of a nature that I wrote. Political correctness reigns and with it contemptible lies. Truth and boldness has become a foreign concept.
          I am at loss to understand why any sane, freedom loving Westerner would show an once of respect for the trash ideology of Islam. What is behind it? Is it a fear of losing oil supplies?

          Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Harvard University commencement address of 1978. He openly spoke about the cowardice that now grips the West. The only thing ‘brave’ is the tough talk that is just that, all talk and devoid of substance, but faced by some terrorist these crappy ‘leaders’ wilt. I’ve been watching various geniuses in the U,S. today talking about North Korea’s claim that it has exploded a hydrogen bomb and speculating how that rogue regime will use this as “a bargaining tool” to get food and trade. Why the devil would they even think that way? If the leader of the U.S. (but not chicken scheit Obama) I’d tell North Korea: “You fire a rocket in our direction and you’ll end up toast”. Just Obama’s America cave in like the useless Bill Clinton did. He was a complete pussy and completely duped by North Korea. And this clown wants his useless wife to be president!

          • Peter May

            rob, 1000s of people in the uk every week are joining the hoards of folk refusing to pay tv licence,
            i cant understand whats going on, i feel bitterly betrayed by
            my present and previous governments, but i fear war is going to break out in our own lands between islam and the
            rest of the world, well i think it has already started.

  • Infedel48

    Get rid of the vermin.

    • Catti

      Great day for your avatar! ;)

  • peaceandy

    im a hindu and 80 million hindus were massacred by muslim invaders, i now see the same happening with trojan horse muslims coming to usa.muslims have a high birth rate-in india 15% muslim demand sharia-a man can hv 4 wifes,divorce thru whats app, money for hajjj,govt money for imams&mosqe-u heard that right, a poor country like india has to give frebies to muslims to take a vacation in mecca—-wake up americans and support india

    • Shafiq Islam

      Bhai, you’re right but it gets worse. The Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh, funded by Pakistan, American Bangladeshis and Mamata Banerjee, has a plan: a coup by the Islamist-infested army, reunion with nuclear-armed Pakistan, and creating a corridor across north India between the two. India will be unable to resist because of its own Muslim population.

      • Tex

        Let the Russians come in the corridor and let them stay and mix with Indians.

      • peaceandy

        hindus need to become like all of punjab no muslim ever dares to act out of line.because they will lnow what a sikh will do and is capable of

  • Ayna

    And the women now get the advice to ‘stay at an armlenght away from men’, or to ‘stay at home’.

    Islamisation in Europe, to be continued.

    But this cannot go on to long before the people are going to start to retaliate.

    • Harry

      and vote for the far-right parties

    • Mahou Shoujo

      How long is long enough? This is not a recent phenomena.

  • Michael Copeland

    The New Normal in Merkel’s Eurabia.
    Youngsters will grow up not knowing any different.

  • Peter May

    muslim men are animals, many wives, sex with kids, throwing gays off cliffs, beat and rape females when it pleases them, bloody hell it must make even the puniest men in the muslim community feel like king kong! also the refugees landing on lesbos have bigger bellies than your average european, none are hungry obviously.
    my country uk is full of em and they hate us, when enough killing and raping is done
    i live in hope we will wake up, please no cocky remarks from americans saying how we give in to these people, we have been betrayed by our elected leaders, just like your obama has betrayed you. by the way i like america.

    • Evil Liberal

      Vote the bums out. Thats all we can do. That and complain a lot :)

      • Mahou Shoujo

        A little civil disobedience has been known to work wonders.

    • Kook of the East

      Gosh, you might have to take the law into your own hands.
      Or give in.
      Your choice.

      • Peter May

        yeah the same applies everywhere appart from north korea
        the muslims want bother to bully their way in there!
        unless you live in north korea, you will have your quota of muslims i will assure you they are comming and they come in huge numbers!
        and they will breed like rabbits. however i hope your leaders do something about it before its too late. if your in the usa then at least you will have millions of catholic mexicans to help with the fight if you need to take the law into your hands.

    • Harry

      Clearly the stage is set for far-right parties to take over and start evicting Muslims from Europe, Arabs in the first place. The recipe is simple: stop paying welfare to non-working Muslims and they will run from you. In Moscow Muslims have to work hard to make their living and they have no time for rioting. And if they do riot, young skinheads start beating them with baseball bats and police does not care much. That’s a good remedy, but not sufficient, because IS is stepping up its underground activities even in Siberia, recruiting young guys to their ranks. In Europe the situation will soon get out of control, so Islam ought to be banned like Nazism, all mosques are to be closed down as breeding grounds of terrorists. That’s the only tactic to undo what stupid liberals did to respectable European nations.

      • Peter May

        the feeling is bad over here, very bad, multiple sex attacks everywhere in europe, the feeling of being inferior bestowed on us by human rights and the PC brigade! feminists and do gooders choking us in every which way, the very people the muslims will attack,given half a chance are choking our society, its like the pill to cure us is the pill that will kill us? dont know if i make sense? but i know what i mean, DO- GOODERS are a scurge not a solution.

        • Judi

          Peter – can you imagine what the UK would be like if Jeremy Corbyn were to be elected at the next election? He is a left-wing muzzle communist (in the same mould as Ovomit), who counts Hamas and Hezbollah as his friends.

          • Peter May

            you know what judi, im not sure if it were a good thing? the more the muslims provoke- the sooner action will be taken, the people of europe are bound by a few thousand do-gooders in our governments,
            the people of europe will eventually hit back! maybe we will have an EUROPE SPRING? my bets are it will happen, well if the arabs can do it.

          • Judi

            Yes, it only takes a few people to organise it. PEGIDA is a start. Paul Weston of LibertyGB has taken over the helm in the UK. I can’t think of anyone better to lead it.

      • JusticeforAll

        You would think this would have happened by now. However, I have many liberal friends. They are self hating Americans that see the Republicans as a bigger threat than almost anything else including Islam. It is sickening because they would be among Islam’s first victims. However, they are in an alternative universe.

      • RetiredNavyphotog

        Putin is a real president with an actual backbone…not the girly man we have here in the US.

    • Tex

      UK has forgot the very source of the National identity. Once you recover it … courage, vision and wisdom of what to do will come back quickly.
      Without a fit spiritual identity Islam cannot be stopped.

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      Why isn’t the gay community up in arms about the recent photo that showed a young boy thrown off a rooftop for being gay?

      • Peter May

        gay people are progressive do-gooders in general, part of the minority, same as muslims, i know gay men who have argued that muslims are peaceful people, where are the feminists ?
        i am finding it hard to take on board the fact that gays and feminists and women in general are not
        protesting about the numbers of muslims growing in europe! islam has power over women and goats, thats it!

    • Roger Baldridge

      We’ll grow a pair and do something about it

      • Peter May

        what sort of reply is that? well roger im right behind you, any suggestions how i take on 4million muslims?
        i boxed heavyweight for the british army, had more scraps than soft tom, checked culverts for IED”S in northern ireland, volunteered to go ” top cover” around west belfast! any man who know me will tell you, i got a pair!
        how about you roger? or are you a troll? or have i totally lost the plot? and if your a gung ho american, what are you doing about the muslims in america, or where ever you are from?
        WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? Im fed up with americans with guns telling me to do something about it!
        looking forward to your reply
        ps hope its not as stupid as your last. dont tell me about my vote, i only have one!

        • Roger Baldridge

          Nuclear weapons ?

  • ljm4

    We have been given a false sense of security because of oceans all the while we are putting imams in our prisons turning out moslems like a production unit…

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The idea is to make jail so miserable that they will not ever want to go back. Outsource prisons to north Korea, they can use the money, it will be cheaper, with the rate of recidivism very close to non existent.

      • Ari Chen

        Excellent suggestion.. do it like Guantanamo Bay style.. “paid vacation” for “special folks”! No liberal or human rights activists to interfere with the special program… hahaha

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Absolutely, islam is a cult of death, so it will not be necessary to deprive them of the opportunity to fulfil the wishes of their profit. Every cage should have a rope and a chair in it, as well as an open bar ceiling to facilitate creative macramé, muslim style.

      • aaron morand

        wouldn’t that follow on “cruel and unusual”? I do not have a problem with hard labor and a lot less freedoms in “the big house” but you
        would NEVER get the ACLU and their ilk off their soap boxes if such
        a law were inacted to make prison a real prison……waaah, my mattress
        is too hard…..why cannot I get my brand of hair gel…..I can only get
        120 stations on my tv…..that is against my religious beliefs since I was put in prison and call me, reverend…….I cannot eat that, its not on my

        • Mahou Shoujo

          For a while do gooders had a legitimate point about the abuse of prisoners. That is over, if muslims or anyone else does not want to have their freedom and choice restricted, stay out of jail, by behaving. If they get sent to jail, they can deal with what they are given, as decided by a non denominational committee that will set standards for what they are fed, how much and everything else.

  • lostlegends

    Elections have consequences. They voted for these attacks. Proves how politically stupid Germans are – they are bent over at the waist and asking for it.

    • Peter May

      i served i germany 30 years ago, the germans are NOT stupid! they are still appologising for the 1st and 2nd world war, the great war against islam will start in germany, mark my words!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Germans are not stupid? That would have been believed a few years ago, today, significant proof will be required.

      • Mamat Mamat

        German people welcomed the sex criminals holding the signs: “refugees welcome”, as if they’re all genuine poor refugees.
        Yeah, not stupid, but idiotic.

        • Peter May

          the germans that were welcoming the refugees were mainly arabs waving and cheering along with the very minority do-gooders…….you cant call the germans idiotic, well you can, and they are not! your entitled to your opinion sir! and i respect that, merkel was not representing german people, however she was representing germany.

          • Bob Thomson

            It’s Germany that has forced the rest of the EU to accept various quotas of “refugees”.

          • Peter May

            i keep saying, the actions of the few politicians is NOT what the masses want, europe dictates how many years we can lock up certain criminals for, dictates the size of bananas sold in our super markets, its not what we want!

          • aaron morand

            on that line of thinking bob, then you are partially responsible for the twin towers, boston and the rest….do you see how
            shallow thinking you are to make such a statement or do you
            need further edification….?

          • Bob Thomson

            Absolutely NO idea where your logic came from. One is not remotely connect to the other. However, you may like to read this

      • aaron morand

        peter…too late we become too smart….no, Germans are not stupid
        but the German people have been whipped into the mea culpa thing,
        which they did deserve for the horrors of WW2 but, that is now OVER
        sooooo long ago. Now, the German male MUST to save his Nation,
        stand up and be counted and go against the Islamic horde..driving
        them out..out…and out of the German Nation…establishing borders that are defended by loyal Germans and their allies….LIKEWISE,
        ALL of Europe MUST push the Islamist out and into their country…
        If the Syrians and the others who have illegally immigrated to EU
        do not like the situation in their country, then do as we all have…
        FIGHT against their oppressors…..the WORLD has had Enough of
        Isil/ISIS/Daesh/Hamas/Al Q/and the rest of them…..let them fight
        amongst themselves and the one who eventually wins…the world then
        takes them OUT and we are rid of the serpent Islam…….the longer
        the free world, the civilized world waits, the larger the enemy becomes
        and appears to the citizens thereof…soon the insignificant muslim
        lunatic will appear as a giant and everyone will be afraid to fight him..
        Get rid of Merkle and her brood…..Fight the good fight…

  • Shafiq Islam

    All European women need to stock up on Kevlar burquas and Glocks. Their police are handcuffed by their willfully blind, politically correct political masters. The people are on their own.

    • Blaatunga

      All we need is an “Open carry act” like in Texas, and we solve the problem permanently.

  • Robert Bayer

    Leftists don’t care who has to die or be raped so long as Islamic barbaric acts of violence help them to destroy the people and culture of western society.

    Eff that .. Eff them …

  • JusticeforAll

    What Germany and Sweden governments have done was to cannibalize their people to personally look good to their liberal associates. There are no words to describe the
    people that would sacrifice and potentially eventually destroy their own civilization.

  • Judi

    Germany ‘ain’t seen nuthin’ yet’. The best is yet to come!

  • AppraisHer

    The European multi-culture warriors welcomed hundreds of thousands of these mostly male, filthy muslims and they got them…Good and Hard. #CulturalSuicide

  • Keith1941

    About seven years ago, I visited that Cathedral. We observed four young “Arab” types being disrespectful to a German lady. They did move on. This is only the beginning.

  • volksnut

    ANY comments from merkel? crickets – she brought this on her own fellow countrymen/women

  • noreligon

    Here we go,2016 is going to be a FUN year. Carnival is coming up next…..

    • Roger Baldridge

      When is carnival

  • Greytigertx

    We could stop the terrorist attacks if we wanted to.
    1. Upon the next attack, we will blow the Al Aqsa mosque to rubble.
    2. If attacks continue, we will bomb the Kaba.
    3. Still being hard-headed, oops there goes Mecca.

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      …and throw bacon.

    • aaron morand

      ah no….cause the sweetist sound he ever heard was the muslim call to prayer
      …AND everyone knows that muslims are peaceful…..Don’t believe me?
      WELL!…just ask the POTUS and Hillary and the rest….they will tell you….

  • Mickey Oberman

    Thanks to Angela

  • Khorne

    So many orks! Absolutely disgusting! Bur much worse is the complete ineptitude of the german goverment.

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    The mainstream media sat on this story for several days.
    Thank you Pamela.

  • HomoRationalensis

    Muslim animals. It’s time to target muslims for the horrific cult they are

  • KevinT

    Isn’t it about time that Germany and Europe learn what the rest of the world knows already.. These refugee’s are criminals. Why do you think that Saudi didn’t take them !

  • Roger Baldridge

    Shoot them….
    Shoot them all

  • George

    Nothing says multiculturalism like a good public fisting. ..

  • AngiePangie21

    UGH! Pathetic! I watched this video via YouTube… these young girls get verbally harassed and cat called just for holding hands- Why???

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