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[ September 26, 2017 ]

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[ September 25, 2017 ]

Has Germany Never Learned?

Obama SET TO UNFREEZE $100 BILLION to Iran, After Deep HUMILIATION and Sailor Capture (VIDEO)


….. defense officials said they no longer believed that mechanical problems were the cause, noting that both boats returned to United States custody under their own power.

As I said here when I first reported the Iranian attack and have now been proven right by defense officials, there is no way that the engines of two US navy boats died at the same time and “drifted” into Iranian waters. The US Navy sailors are well trained, know their exact locations and emergency procedures. I do not believe they were captured in “Iranian waters.” The Obama administration’s story stinks to high heaven.

And all of this has happened before Iran “will cash in with $100 billion plus in sanctions relief,” added Royce, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

$100 billion was to be released after international nuclear inspectors verify that Iran has shipped 98 percent of its nuclear fuel out of the country, has disabled and removed centrifuges, and has taken a large plutonium reactor permanently offline under Obama’s catastrophic nuclear pact. I do not believe Iran has met these conditions. Hence the hostage situation. Did Obama agree to releasing $100 billion in order to secure release of our kidnapped soldiers?

CNN is reporting that the U.S. is set to unfreeze $100 billion to Iran.

NY Times: On Wednesday morning, however, after the crew members and boats were returned, defense officials said they no longer believed that mechanical problems were the cause, noting that both boats returned to United States custody under their own power.

Defense officials said that they were still trying to untangle the chain of events that led to the episode. Of particular note, they said, was the question of how the military lost contact with not one, but two boats. Several officials noted that the crew members were relatively young, junior enlisted sailors.

For now, questions about the incident itself seemed secondary to how it was resolved.

Not to me or any other rational American. Only to the NY TImes and the Iranian boot-lickers in the Obama administration.

While the countries still have a long way to go before normalizing relations, analysts say a less charged atmosphere that allowed the speedy resolution is a reflection of changing priorities in Tehran and Washington.

“The top leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not looking for any tension with America,” said Nader Karimi Joni, a journalist aligned with Iran’s reformists who once served in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he added, the “whole system sought tension.”

He continued: “Now, things have changed. Both sides, America and Iran, are in direct contact and they seek détente. Currently there is no need for anti-Americanism.”

The sailors’ release was announced shortly before 10 a.m. on an Iranian state-run news channel, IRINN. “The detained U.S. sailors, after it was realized that their entry into Iran’s territorial waters was unintentional, and after the sailors apologized, were released into international waters in the Persian Gulf,” the channel reported, attributing the statement to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

The United States Naval Forces Central Command in Bahrain confirmed the release, saying in a statement that there were “no indications that the sailors were harmed during their brief detention” and that the Navy would “investigate the circumstances that led to the sailors’ presence in Iran.”
American Navy boats in an undisclosed location in Iran. The undated photograph was also released by the Revolutionary Guards on Wednesday. Credit Sepahnews, via Associated Press

The sailors were being flown to an American military facility in Qatar, where they were to be debriefed and given medical exams, a senior Defense Department official said.

The defense secretary, Ashton B. Carter, released a statement commending the “timely way in which this situation was resolved” and thanked Mr. Kerry “for his diplomatic engagement with Iran to secure our sailors’ swift return.”

The quick release of the sailors stands in sharp contrast to the episode eight years ago involving the British marines, which developed into a major international standoff.

In 2007, 15 British marines were arrested by the Revolutionary Guards Navy, which accused them of entering Iranian waters. The sailors were held for 13 days before the government of Mr. Ahmadinejad, then the president, set them free during a televised farewell ceremony in which they were given new suits and carpets as parting gifts.

A prominent conservative Iranian analyst with ties to the senior leadership emphasized that in the current incident, both sides had sought to keep tensions low.

“This time, the Americans were cooperative in proving their innocence, and they quickly accepted their faults without resistance,” the analyst, Hamidreza Taraghi, said in a phone interview. “The sailors apologized for having strayed into Iranian waters.”

Also playing a role was the strong relationship that has developed between Mr. Kerry and the Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, during negotiations on the nuclear deal, Mr. Taraghi said.

“John Kerry and Zarif were on the phone during the past hours, and this helped the problem to be resolved quickly due to their direct contact,” he said.
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Air Marshal of Bloviana 10 minutes ago

Did John Kerry ask them why diplomatic skills were not employed by towing the disabled boat to international waters? Sure he did, and what…
verycold 10 minutes ago

We have no idea what actually happened and we never will. However the Iranians had time to look over the boats and technology. Does that…
A. Stanton 10 minutes ago

An unmitigated disaster, one that Democratic candidates for office will be paying for, for a very long time.

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Denis McDonough, the White House chief of staff, said that it was too early to draw “big lessons” from the episode, but that it was clear the rapport Mr. Kerry has developed with Mr. Zarif was crucial to resolving it.
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200 Miles



Farsi Island









“Secretary Kerry’s aggressive and early engagement in this, and open channel that he had and he has with his foreign minister counterpart is important,” Mr. McDonough said on Wednesday at a breakfast with reporters in Washington. “I do think that the open lines of communication, which are relatively new, are extraordinarily important.”

The detention and release of the sailors comes at a particularly delicate moment in the American-Iranian relationship, just days before a nuclear deal is to be formally put in place, under which the United States is to unfreeze about $100 billion in Iranian assets.

That step is to be made after international nuclear inspectors verify that Iran has shipped 98 percent of its nuclear fuel out of the country, has disabled and removed centrifuges, and has taken a large plutonium reactor permanently offline.

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On Wednesday, inspectors with the International Atomic Energy Agency arrived in Iran to oversee the decommissioning of the Arak heavy-water reactor, which is capable of producing plutonium that could be used to make a nuclear weapon. The removal of the reactor’s core and its replacement with concrete are some of the final steps before the nuclear accord is put in place. The measures are expected to be completed in the next few days, Iranian officials said.

Many American and Middle Eastern officials say they believe that recent actions by the Iranian Navy against American forces in the gulf may be intended to embarrass Mr. Zarif and President Hassan Rouhani. The Revolutionary Guards were responsible for the military side of the nuclear program, and many of its senior officers have objected to the nuclear agreement.

Mr. Rouhani campaigned for office on the promise of getting a nuclear deal and freeing Iran from economic sanctions, and he is said to be anxious to accomplish that before crucial parliamentary elections in February.

Senior American officials said they were still not certain what political dynamic played out in Iran after Mr. Kerry called Mr. Zarif. “You could have imagined a situation in which Zarif told the Iranian military that they were endangering the nuclear deal, and the military said, ‘So what?’ ” a senior American official said. “That didn’t happen. And that’s good news.”

Many Republicans in Congress are as committed as Iran’s hard-liners to short-circuiting the nuclear deal. Mr. Obama issued a veto threat on Monday against a House bill that would delay implementation until the president can certify that Iran has reported all of its past work toward designing a nuclear weapon. International inspectors recently declared that Iran had a program “consistent” with weapons work through 2009, but that it had then ceased. Iran has always denied it ever sought a weapon.

While Mr. Obama and Mr. Rouhani both face opposition from conservatives who want to kill the nuclear deal. But as the current incident suggests, opponents of the deal — in Iran, at least — may be playing a losing hand.

The United States Treasury Department is expected to place some new sanctions on Iran for recent missile tests — which are separate from the nuclear pact — but that effort has been delayed.

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  • Johny Woolsey

    The Navy knows whether or not the ships entered Iranian waters by the GPS logs on those vessels. I have confidence in the Navy’s navigational ability, and I have a strong feeling that the Navy ships never entered into Iranian waters. Also, there is no way a Navy ship lost power and drifted into Iranian waters as the Obama spin doctors claim. This lie is magnified when they claim that BOTH ships lost power.

    The US needs to back off slightly and reorganize for a massive military assault, reminiscent of the Shock and Awe campaign in Iraq, against the Ayatollah and high officials in the Iranian government, while protecting shipping through the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz, the Gulf of Oman, and the Arabian Sea.

    • Voytek Gagalka

      Ain’t going to happen. Not under this regime. Prepare for rough waters of 2016 and perhaps beyond.


      Agree 100%

    • Rob Porter

      If those boats did not enter Iranian water then why did they surrender to the Iranians? The U.S. military is rotting under poor leadership that begins at the top with pansy-man ‘leader’ Obama.

  • hiskid1964

    If our Sailors were NOT in Iranian waters this is a act of war.

    • Tadpole

      The Iranians could roast these sailors alive on tv and O would be be apologising to them.

      • El Cid

        Humiliation? Obama’s bigger than that. (Sarcasm)

    • MattBracken

      Worst. President. Ever.

      • relligionMuslimkills

        He is a POS and needs to be flushed to sea

  • hogsnort

    Iran just got priceless political propaganda and a B100 mil cash injection with which to accelerate its nuclear capacity. Nice one Obama.


      Turn the $100 billion over to the families of the victims of terrorist attacks sponsored by Fascist Iran.

      • El Cid

        Invest it in a US backed Israeli raid of the Iranian nuclear program and the destruction of their entire Navy.


          A small country like Israel doesn’t have the resources that the US has.

          The US should lead a coalition of civilized nations in destroying fascist iran. The next time the ayatollahs meet and the supreme khameni-a-hole leads his death to America rally, Drop a couple of bombs on the rally. The Persian people will thank us.

          Even Pakistan has threatened to wipe fascist Iran off the map due to fascist irans threat to destroy Saudi Arabia. It’s a sunni / shiite thing that goes back 1000+ years.

  • Pray Hard

    And Kerry lectures us saying that freeing these men proves that diplomacy works and keeps America safe and free. No, I didn’t make it up.

    • farflung

      Kerry turned his back on Military, his country, in early seventies. Supposedly received the Purple Heart, and testified before congress. He is one brick shy of a full load.

      • Judi

        I noticed during Ovomit’s SOTU speech, four military men were sitting there stone faced, and did not join in the clapping. Is it any wonder? They must despise him and with good reason.


          I was disgusted by seeing ruth baer ginzberg hugging Obama. She’ senile.

          • RetiredNavyphotog

            She is usually asleep.

          • Dorrie

            Her usual sleep mode is brought on by severe alcoholism.


            RBG needs to be examined by neurologists. I believe she is senile and that should disqualify her continuing as a judge.

          • Richard

            She has expressed that the court should be influenced by European laws in interpreting the Constitution, and on this she is totally wrong. That opinion is more of the multiculti that the left provides.

          • Richard

            She is worthless (RBG). However I really hope she hangs in there for another year. I would hate to see Obama have the opportunity to appoint another supreme court justice, although he could do little damage with whoever he might pick to replace Ginsberg. Sotomayor is a joke and Kagan is even worse.

        • ¡El Poder De Cristo Te Obliga!

          Ironically enough, the very same treatment was given to William Jefferson Clinton from the military in his waning moments.
          So what is it demoscatic presidents and the military’s disdain for them?

          • Judi

            Hmm, speaks for itself!


        That’s right he was a lying pussy then also !

    • farflung

      Something going off the radar screen and could be the spark of a revolution , is the standoff in Oregon, these are folks like us, ranchers etc, we aren’t talking WACO! One shot and you will see a national uprising of the Militias and yes will not be pretty.


      Would love the Opportunity to throat punch that POS !

      • Maria Christine Alfeo

        Me too

  • Millionmileman

    Last night’s speech was a load of HOGWASH!

  • wilypagan

    Pamela, the link to the al jazeera article gives a 404 error.

  • chris wolf

    obama gave his last word on the dead and wounded of San Bernardino last night when he dismissed any fears we might have about ISIS and Al Qaeda, etc, stating that these islamic savages may pose a threat “to civilians,” but in no way do they represent “an existential threat to our nation.”
    And if it isn’t sick, depraved and insane enough that this pig intestine bag of stinking human waste would bray out such a crass dismissal of human life, of the lives of American citizens already dead and yet to die, in a grotesque farce of a State of the Union Address, the real effect of the full statement is much worse.
    While every sentient, sane, sober person watching that speech sat, reeling, aghast and trying to decide if he really said what they thought he said, the real big lie — that islamic jihad is NOT an existential threat to our nation — was left out there to fully sink in and take hold in our mind.
    This is the foundational big lie and essential evil of this president’s reign of deceit — that we don’t need to defend ourselves.
    We’re living every day in this obama nightmare as if September 10, 2001.

  • chris wolf

    The fact of this outrage playing out while obama was taking a sh*t on us from the House of Representatives is just the most bizarre proof this week of the insane and nightmarish Hall of Mirrors we’ve followed him into, that is otherwise known as islam.
    That’s “on us.”

  • Miriam Luz

    Maybe this incident was planned by Obama to justify the Iranian deal and say that diplomacy is working and Iran’s actions prove it. Kerry said something about three years ago (before the deal) this wouldn’t have happened – meaning the outcome would have been different. Is Obama that devious to have plotted this?

  • Zoran

    it would be nice if one day you Yanks just accepted that you got it wrong – your recent history is chock full of assertions that “I/we did nothing wrong” only to be proven wrong with embarrassing frequency. Bravado & Arrogance are no substitute for Competence & Honesty. The US will be respected and given more credit around the world if we see less of the former and more of the latter.

    • JWM

      I guess international law and the law of the sea is not your strong point.

      • Zoran

        I’ve just learned not to accept automatically what our governments tell us, sadly they have not always proved to be truthful

        • JWM

          Very rarely.


          Don’t believe what your regressive socialist media (bbc/guardian/sky) tells you.

          How about not paying the TV/BBC Socialist license fee?

          Isn’t it time for the BBC to stand on its own? Is the BBC out of its experimental phase? Hasn’t the broadcasting technology been perfected already/


      You Eurotrash deserve all the ISIS “refugees” you have swelling into your homes.

      The consequences will be enjoyed by us Yanks.

      • Zoran

        You prove my point!


          You prove the rule of Eurotrash being worthless. Please stay in your home trash heap. Americans will enjoy seeing Eurotrash cry for help.

          • Zoran

            Worry not, I have no intention of coming to the land where so many love their guns more than their children – by the way how good are you at securing your borders? I seem to recall many republicans employing illegals long before yout current scapegoat came to office. Don’t bother replying I know how you will arrange the limited words in your vocabulary.


            Great! We don’t need imperious Eurotrash from lands with histories of appeasement of fascists and islamofascists.

          • Zoran

            Britain stood alone against Hitler for 2 years while the US of A made money out of the war – and only deigned to fight the Fascists of Germany and Japan after Pearl Harbor – and then put Hirohito back on his throne so do your history before you show your ignorance – there really is no substitute for reading – try it sometime


            Eurotrash, the US had an “anti-war” movement, like the FAKE “anti-war” movement of today in the US and your United Kaliphate.

            The US finally entered the War against nazi Germany because nazi Germany declared War on the US FIRST, just 4 days after Pearl Harbor. The US RESPONDED by declaring War on nazi Germany.

            The “anti-war” movement then and today work to protect the euro nazis and sand nazis.

            You conveniently forgot to READ how the US merchant Navy sent your country aid across the perilous Atlantic before the US officially entered the War.

            Lend Lease. Do some reading yourself you ungrateful slob.

          • Zoran

            Exactly, the US “finally” entered the war only when declared against and only after being bombed by the Japs – otherwise you would not have gone to war. You would have carried on letting the Japs slaughter Chinese and the Nazis killing Jews and anyone else in their way and profiteering by SELLING ships (many old junk) and arms to us. There was no aid – it was business (your boys died making others rich). The UK government only finally finished paying off the debt a few years ago. My father fought Germans so don’t give me ignorant crap about being ungrateful. As regards being a slob – take a look in the mirror you may look as sharp as Trump


            Moron, I must repeat, because you are so dumb. The US and probably your late Britain, before it devolved into the United Kaliphate, had “anti-war”, non-interventionist groups that agitated to not intervene. The US had “anti-war”, non-interventionist groups that wanted to stay out of the latest European civil war.

            FDR couldn’t declare War on nazi Germany because of the non-interventionists in Congress who opposed it.

            It took nazi Germany declaring War on the US, four days after Pearl Harbor was attacked, for the US to RESPOND and declare War on nazi Germany.

            That was the casus belli.

            It wasn’t just Pearl Harbor, it was the declaration of War on the US by nazi Germany that was the trigger. Can you understand???????

            Without the supplies that the US sold to your island nation, the UK would have been kaput. The US sold and delivered the weapons to your now ungrateful Kaliphate. You claim to read, well read about the US Merchant Marines of WW2.

            And you are an ungrateful slob.

            BTW, many Americans look at the UK/scotland releasing the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103 as a stab in the back of all who died in the bombing.


    • Richard

      You’ve failed to provide so much as a single example of your ‘assertions’. Epic fail. The US bailed you out 70 years ago and in response you trashed your society while spitting in our face. We aren’t bailing you out this time.

      • Zoran

        Well I just returned from a short break in Vietnam – hows that for starters. Iraq and Afghanistan both epic fails – and I really believed Bush was right to go into those places but what an almighty dog’s breakfast!


          Take a break in ISISstan. You think as a brit you own the world and others defer to you? LOL!

          • Zoran

            I’ll take a break from you. Your problem is that you think you know what other people are thinking (wrong!) and are then surprised when they don’t speak or act the way you expected.


            Go take a break in ISIS controlled territory. Show them your British passport – they’ll show you their hospitality.

  • Po Tato

      Rwanda in Australia.

      You can take the beast out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle ouf of the beast.


    Agreed this whole story “stinks to high heaven” Obozo for whatever reason is behind it.

  • Janet

    Obama actually believes that leaders of Iran have respect for him! They are laughing behind his back! They got everything in this deal and we got nothing! He couldn’t even get the four Americans out that are being held in prison over there! I mean come on! He is destroying America! Now he wants to bring all these refugees most of them being young men! He is going to turn our country into a third world hell hole! I can’t wait til he’s gone! It can’t come soon enough for me!

    • ruthy k

      He grew up Muslim. He knows they don’t respect this. Here’s a crazy theory. Load a navy ship w/ special classified materials. Stage this event. Maybe the soldiers don’t know it’s a setup. then Iran can take what’s not officially on the ship. Kind of like all the US arms and new Toyota ISIS has.


      Actually it’s long face Kerry that is being laughed at.

      Kerry is truly a modern day Neville Chamberlain. Making deals with fascists who have no intention of complying with the deal.

  • Rob Porter

    During his State of the Union speech, Obama boasted that America has the most powerful military in the world. It might, but a military is only as good as it leaders and this pathetic ‘commander-in-chief’ half man community organizer is no leader. He’s nothing more than a ‘pansy’. Further, he has got rid of good generals and lower officers, replacing them with servile officer who by the character of servility are not the equivalent of those he deliberately booted out. This entire process has weakened the U.S. military to a point of impotence.

    Those U.S. sailors being made to kneel and put their hands behind their heads was just pure Islam showing its superiority over infidel’s. Were there U.S. boats captured by those small skiffs? This is a pathetic picture of American weakness – Jimmy Carter style – and this is the way it will stay as long as this miserable excuse for a commander-in-chief remains in office. This bastard is humiliating the United States and the Republicans have been too gutless to impeach and remove him.

  • unknown bastard

    The whole thing was probably a setup ! Follow the Money ! Only 372 days Left and Counting ! Which probably means more KAOS and BS like we’ve never seen before. Our Fearless Leader probably Ordered it after his Big Gun Parade the other day. I Wish I could just go and hibernate for a year and wake up after Jan 20th 2017 ! But No ! I have to go to work and pay a lot of taxes for nit wits that cancel my Vote that pay No Taxes ! And to top it off, they want more ! What a Wonderful Life ! Thank the Lord for Pam Geller and Cigars & Scotch !!!!!!

  • Infidel Knight

    Obama’s Iran policy = Kill our armed forces, take our armed forces prisoner, violate the Geneva convention and commit countless acts of war against us and our allies and I will show my appreciation by giving you nukes, cash, weapons, intelligence and force sharia blasphemy laws on Americans; freedom of speech be damned.

  • Stephen Honig

    I agree with Pamela 100%. Why is this devious evil bastard president doing this? It’s a similar incident when we gave our drone in perfect condition to Iran. It gets worst each day. He’s a sociopath and psychopath. Some combination for a president or should I say a dictator like he is.


      I thought of the drone too. Maybe there’s a directed EMP that takes out electronics?

      If so, then Iran’s electronics can be taken out too. Make Fascist Iran blind.

      The guns should have been working. Now that the ships are back, the electronics, radio, will be studied.

    • Ron Cole

      It, hussien the aliased, “is gettin` even with the Great Satans amerika and israel”.

      Note: the MF&MFTC* wh does not capitalize it’s enemies.

      *muslim fascist & malignant feral terrorist whut hoes**

      ** Formerly the American people’s White House.


    Maybe Obama and Kerry can show solidarity with the US Navy personel by getting on their knees with their hands on their heads too.

    A I feel your humiliation moment.

    The ayatollahs and their lackeys are laughing at Obama for agreeing to Fascist Irans nuke deal.

    • Ron Cole

      When lurch and hussien get on their knees they have other activities in mind.

      Disclaimer: Were this a photograph barbie hussien would be doing an upskirt and drooling.

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    Will the US Navy use these images as a recruiting commercial?
    So much for their slogan: Global Force for Good.


      Obama has made the US military a Global Farce.

      President Trump can fix that.

  • El Cid


    This country just destroyed the embassy of one of our allies (Saudi Arabia).

    They captured two of the US vessels on the high seas, jailed the sailors and searched the vessel. If you believe that two US vessels can both be off course you believe the war on terror is over and other fantasies of Obama.

    There is no “normal” as it is understood under international law possible here. Unless “normal” is a Sharia term.

    The charade is endless.

  • Ron Cole

    There is cause for cheer and celebration in the MF & MF~TC wh*.
    “We have shamed the navy* and are giving our Muslim Brothers in Iran big bucks to fight the great Kapitalist Satan
    amerika and israel”,
    so saith le Chiefest iranian imam & main main Puppeteer
    valkeryie jaarr&tits.
    (Note: this was a private bath house party announcement
    – the puppet hussien the much aliased paperless muslim alien
    will read it’s teleprompter for the éňémӱ ĕnémà méďĩà
    when it is sufficiently programmed).

    */ navy:
    ** le muslim fascist & misaligned feral Terrorist caliphate whut hoes refuses to capitalize United States Military names, titles, or nomenclatures.

    Note: We do not capitalize their names of titles.

  • Dorrie

    Congress holds the purse strings, can’t Congress stop this insanity by refusing to transfer the funds?!

  • Mike Kevins

    As is the case with almost all things that have to do with the government over the 50 or 60 years, we the unwashed masses will never know the truth.

    • Ron Cole

      We know enough to impeach hussien the muslim fascist terrorist and totally restock congress and the supremacist NWO tribunal.

  • wildjew

    Gov. Nikki Haley is perplexed. Why all the anger?


      She’s shilling for the Republican establishment – the one that ran McCain and Romney – and failed to defeat an empty suit, empty headed, teleprompter reading, obscure college history, obscure family background.

  • Yes It Is Political

    Staged for 0bama’s legacy.

  • Ron Cole

    Impeach it*,
    Deport it,
    Put a killer drone on it’s yellow muslim a$$ 24/7

    Article V Convention of States
    1. Strict One Term limits for all elected officials including the
    Supremacist NWO Tribunal**

    * it: le perpetually curtsying paperless over aliased muslim fascist terrorist alien and all it’s traitorous caliphate.
    ** Formerly The United States Supreme Court

  • joshuasweet

    it is the new military that Obama has castrated us into being !

  • Ron Cole

    America missed a huge opportunity to exchange it* for the Navy personnel prisoners.

    * it : le perpetually bowing and lying hussien the over aliased paperless recordless muslim fascist terrorist alien and all of it’s its.
    That would be worth one hundred fifty depreciated tax extracted paper.

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