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[ October 16, 2017 ]

More London TERROR: One Dead, 2 Wounded in Stabbing ANOTHER Attack at Parsons Green Station

[ October 16, 2017 ]

WATCH The Milo Show: Pamela Geller Under Fatwa

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Traitor Hailed As American Hero By Obama Administration Pleads Guilty To Desertion

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Shut Up or Die

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Hugh Fitzgerald: Erdogan and Kurdish Independence

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Exclusive: Man who knew Garland jihadi Nadir Soofi says “he took his religion very seriously”

[ October 16, 2017 ]

New Jersey Muslim GUILTY ON ALL 8 COUNTS in New York City Jihad Bombing

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Las Vegas: The profile of older converts to Islam, “Salafism is most attractive to new...

[ October 16, 2017 ]

‘Un-Islamic’: Pakistan Senate body rejects bill seeking ban on child marriage

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Muslim Accused of Rape Said ‘Allah’s Going to Get You’

VIDEO: Muslim explains how he LIED to European authorities to bring in 4 WIVES


Yes, rules are only for us wretched unbelievers. Muslims are way above our petty laws. (Video thanks to The Armaros)

I blame the European authorities. They are not only turning a blind eye, but they are providing multiple benefits for multiple wives.

Chip, chip, chip away at Western law and Western mores in submission to Islam.

It’s not just in Europe. This is a growing trend in America as well.

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  • Areyoukiddingme

    Say goodbye Germany….guaranteed if it hasn’t already happened here it will….how sad that the entire world has gone mad.

    • Domus Canus.

      This is also happening in the UK with the muslim hoards, multiple wives and children given separate state housing, health care, schools and welfare for all while the blind eye is turned and the idiot taxpayer remains compliant to their last breath. Meanwhile, in Ireland hospitals are close to bankruptcy, stretchers litter hallways for days with seriously ill elderly patients waiting for a bed while in the maternity wards upstairs muslim/African women are having children like confetti, yet those who work for their crust can’t have more than one because massive taxation is removing that privilege from them, ditto for Italian couples. After the rape fest at Cologne on New Years night, the miscreants such as this troglodyte in the video, people here in Europe will start to watch and report these thieves of other peoples labour to the authorities and as Germany has been caught hiding the rapes at Cologne, they are in the spotlight and wouldn’t dare cover up something like this jerks disgraceful behaviour. And they have the nerve to say we don’t like them because we are racists, tell me, what IS there to like about these scheming, wheedling parasites?

      • Areyoukiddingme

        I’m sure you already know but if you don’t look up NWO, and agenda 21. That’s all you need to know. It’s going to happen in the US too…these liberals are too far gone. They are committing cultural suicide and the citizens pay for it all while the leeches reap the benefits. What a sick world we are living in.

        • Domus Canus.

          Thank you so much. I’m afraid I don’t know what NWO and Agenda 21 is as I’m not in America but Europe so would you mind explaining please? It’s a bit late here so I won’t have time tonight but will look for your response tomorrow. Sincere thanks.

          • Areyoukiddingme

            There is tons of Info on the internet about it…here are some…
            The global elite want a world without borders.

            Why? Borders denote a certain culture, sovereignty, nationalism and a sense of individualism. A country’s people can be united for a common purpose when under attack, but a people forced together without a common purpose and with divided interests can be easily divided and enslaved.

            That was the purpose behind the creation of the European Union, and behind ongoing efforts by the elites to create a North American Union by eliminating the northern and southern borders of the United States.

            The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement is yet another step in the globalists’ plans. Remember that the elite are patient, and they use gradualism and controlled chaos as they try to slowly steal from you one liberty after the other as they build global governance.

            The TPP creates a global regulatory structure, called the Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission, which will create, implement and enforce rules for labor, environment, immigration and every aspect of global commerce — a Pacific Union — that subjugates the United States and all signatories to its authority. This commission will be comprised of unelected bureaucrats who can create or adopt new rules and regulations to which the signatories will be bound.
            Here is another one:
            The flow of refugees from Syria and the Middle East into Europe and the United States has not already caused a crisis, but the worst is yet to come.

            What occurred recently in Paris France is just another step in the march of Islam to terrorize and ultimately convert the west to Islam. As more and more refugees enter our countries, we will increasingly become more vulnerable to their attacks.

            WBRZ reports that Catholic Charities helped a refugee settle in Baton Rouge, but said the immigrant left for another state after a couple of days, and they don’t know where the refugee went since they don’t track them.

            Did you get that? They don’t track them.

            It’s one thing to allow them to settle in our country, but we should at least keep track of them.

            Of the estimated 1.1 million migrants who have landed in Europe via the Mediterranean since 2013, less than six “have raised questions in terms of possible links to extremism,” said International Organization for Migration spokesman Joel Millman. While only a few have raised questions, I would like to know what questions are being raised? If these organizations do not have any records on the refugee, how can they make a determination if they are questionable?

            U.N. Agenda 21 Impacts Private Property Rights and Freedom

            The term New World Order has been used to represent a plan and goal of an Illuminati controlled world government. Their plan has been and is world domination.

  • Lone Stranger

    They breed like rats, stock up on D-Con.

    Professional predator class of pedophile grifters and goat humping genetic filth.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The particularly stunned administrators who dole out welfare on demand, to colonists should be given budgets that include their wages. If they give it all away they don’t get paid. Massive deportations to those who will not work are very urgently required.

    • Benton Marder

      Maybe a deal should be cut with Vlad to re-open the Gulag Archipelago and ship the drones to the Taymyr Peninsula where they will lean the work ethic. Thereabouts, if you don’t keep moving energetically, you freeze to pillars of ice.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That is an excellent idea, now to sell it to the Russians. If nothing else, the useless colonists would enhance local bear’s and wolves’s food supply.

  • Paula Coyle

    since adultery is OK in these countries too there is no reason to forbid polygamy or polyamory or anything else.

  • Proverbs 6:16-19 tells us;

    These six things the LORD hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren.

    All these things describe Islam. If anyone doesn’t see it, it’s because they’re willfully blind.

  • mountainman6727

    I’m surprised he didn’t include his goats as dependents.

    • Voytek Gagalka

      Or maybe he did but that was not mentioned?

  • Michael Copeland

    Lying on the application for asylum is a reason for not granting it.

    Merkel broke the law by overriding the requirement for registration in
    the first country of entry. In doing so she overwhelmed Germany’s immigration administration. The Merkel-induced stampede has trampled the rule of law.
    Here comes the free-for-all.

  • Richard

    Sharia in action Denmark – Facebook. It’s national icon “The Little Mermaid” banned

    “Denmark: Facebook blocks Little Mermaid over ‘bare skin’”

    • Voytek Gagalka

      Soon all ancient (and Renaissance) statues of “naked” men or women in the EU will receive their burkas as well.


    So all the women who are supposed “girlfriends” get welfare? I assume, right! If they came here, wouldn’t they get the same benefits? Can you imagine the money they would make from each child and girlfriend, the EBT cards, etc. That gives Angel Adams some competition. (Search for her on Youtube.)

  • Rachel

    Oh Oh, I smell the beginnings of a new reality show

  • Tony Montana

    Why just Germany . For a fact its happening here too .

  • It is too much. Heavily taxed working middle class couples can no longer afford large families and at the same time are forced to subsidise these worthless parasites.
    It’s time for revolution.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    That is news? A muslim telling the truth would be news. Muslims lying are merely following islam. Next…

  • Janet

    These Muslims think it’s just fine to lie, cheat and do whatever they can to get money and other benefits from the host country! They expect it! We owe them! That’s what they believe!

  • Tom Jones

    fun times onmyminddailycom

  • Skyblue

    What goes around, comes around. Remember what you did in the last World War? You get everything you deserve, Germany.

  • Jule Werkspionin

    And what about all the underage girls being married and brought to Europe?

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