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Horror VIDEO: Woman Dragged SCREAMING into Subway by Muslims


UPDATE: This is not Cologne although it was replayed in that city hundreds of times on New Year’s Eve. It shows the horror that women in Europe and the Middle East are going through.

Where are the videos of the Cologne attacks? There have been 600 criminal complaints filed. It is confounding.



I have not independently confirmed that this is Cologne. The fact is that with the enemedia and quisling politicians providing cover for these savages, we have to do the reporting ourselves. Citizen journalism. It is crucial in the war in the information battle-space.

Anyone with more info on this video, email me at or leave a comment in the comment section. Frankly, all of these Muslim violent sex mobs, whether it’s Tahrir Square, Cologne, Helsinki, et al all look the same.
Check this space if I find out more.


UPDATE: The video below is not from Cologne – the savage is talking French and the video is a few months old but chilling nonetheless.

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  • DM Taylor

    That is disgusting! Those savages need a bullet in the head! EVERY ONE OF THEM! And Obama wants to bring them here? He forgets many of us carry/conceal.

    • topposter

      He hasn’t forgotten, he’s working on it.

      • Julie Blanchard

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    • spacearcadian

      but if you don´t attack the head of the snake, that is your traitor politicians, who have the keys of the doors and are letting them to enter by the millions, then protecting them, then persecuting you because of “islamophobia”, so everything will remain the same. the only way is the mussolini treatment, like the italians did to rebel against tirany

      • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

        It might take some assassinations to make politicians start representing their people.
        I can think of a couple who need the Mussalini mineral injection treatment to bring the best out in them.

        • blow his ass off

          You are exactly right. BUT far more than just a couple are in need of this treatment.

        • joe1429

          Merkel will get hers , as soon as the people wake up!!

    • blow their as-ses off

      We’ll be using them soon enough.

  • Alie Tabooger

    are these the moderates Obama is bringing to America?

    • jadedgentleman

      Nope. The Syrian “refugees” are even worse. Syria has long been a hotbed of extremist terrorists; those are the ones that have been invited by Obama and Congress. Not families or women and children, but only the able bodied men between the ages of 18-35. Instead of remaining in their home country to fight for their homeland, they have been bribed by Obama and Congress who have promised them $6 Billion in funds provided for their comfort and care. So understand: the women are being left behind, the men are young and able bodied, they are going to have money in their pockets, they don’t view women as anything but objects and sex toys. What do you think is going to happen? Hurry, buy a gun to protect yourself while you still can. There are 300,000 of them that are going to be raping, killing, and running wild while enjoying absolution from any conviction under the justice department.

      • Shafiq Islam

        The US claims Assad is too repressive. Now do you see why? Putin gets it. These are the people he was repressing. Like Saddam and Ghaddafi, he kept a lid on things. But now the lids are coming off and the pots are boiling over.

  • imakymama

    It’s time to start shooting and killing those sub-human miscreants!

    • let god sort ’em out

      In every western nation.

      • imakymama

        Well, in the meantime, let’s shoot ’em and kill ’em and send ’em to God to do the sorting.

  • This is from Egypt, just like your previous video of Lara Logan that you said was from Cologne.

    • Voytek Gagalka

      There are no subways in Egypt!

    • yzwisey

      A subway really it’s Egypt?

      • yzwisey

        Correction they do have a mass transit that covers approx 48 mi.

  • Ed McDowell

    Do you hear that Merkel? That’s what your multi cultural ignorant a$$holery PC is doing to your women. Oh yeah if only the girl had sense enough to keep them at arms length.

  • Dunn Bennet

    yes obama, america and the world is at war with islam and you

  • Duane Savage

    I asked around, it’s not us

  • Dusty Koellhoffer
  • Voytek Gagalka

    O Horror!

    “No smoking” is written there over the entrace to the subs and some graffiti gibberish (in Arabic?) and nothing in German? So I don’t think it was Cologne but does it really matter? Western European country, for sure, one of this who admitted this hijra barbarians recently.

  • UCBerkeley1995


  • kidblast0_1

    Wasn’t Cologne. No German writing anywhere and plenty of Arab graffiti. They are filthy beasts nonetheless.

    • Ben Marsden

      It’s from Egypt during the Tahrir square protests. In terms of illustration, it’s exactly what’s going on in Europe – but important not to spread around false vids (even inadvertently) as it will be jumped on by the naysayers.

      • gammer

        you got that right and theres lots of old videos claiming to be Cologne popping up just lately

      • joe1429

        I wonder what Tahir square and cologne germany have in common,? lol

      • Platopus

        that is not egypt

    • joe1429

      Yes its sad… cologne was a clean city… no more(

  • Ben Marsden

    It’s from Egypt, not Cologne. Some idiots have been putting it up on youtube with a false title.

  • yzwisey

    Rabid dogs need to be put down.

  • screaminmimi

    it doesn’t matter WHERE it is, it’s THAT IT’S HAPPENING AT ALL! Horrible!!!

    • joe1429

      yes… its a clash of civilizations… you cant integrate with these animals!!


        Governor Hickenlooper from Colorado thinks we can. In his arrogance, he’s one of the only remaining US state governors who’s still asking that Colorado take in Syrian refugees. Will someone please write an article about his incompetence?

  • Bruceph

    For the love of all that’s good, Will somebody please declare war?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Islam has, but no one in europe cares.

    • J Ian

      Thank you! It is time to declare war against Islam. Freeze all muslim corporate assets in this country. Do not permit any Muslim representative to leave (for now). Surround the middle east with Aircraft carriers, and plenty of bombs. Then pick up the phone, and call the Saudi’s and tell them what the rules are going to be for 2016.

      • Kumar Kumar

        First take care of nuke sunni pak and nuke shia iran . Then just keep on killing muslims and demolishing mosques and burning koran , make sure tò delete koran from internet servers and hard drives. Kil the liberals as well

      • joe1429

        Thank you…. Trump!


      Newsflash, the islamists have already declared war. What you’re seeing is the sheeple syndrome, played out in real time.

  • Janine Kay Baughman

    This can’t be Cologne, there is a “No Smoking ” sign written in English.

  • This was apparently Egypt. InfoWars John Joseph Watson said this.

  • bentux

    It doesn’t really matter where it was, either way it’s shocking.

  • Just what we wanted, another Arabic word to learn, TAHARRUSH, the Rape Game endemic to moslem countries where part of the thrill is in the chase.

  • JonJ31070

    Slow painful torture is what these animals need. That will be over here in the U.S. before we know it. Thank you, Obama.

    • git ‘er done

      Don’t waste time torturing them. Just put a .22 bullet in their heads and move on.

  • JenJen Long

    I don’t think it’s in Germany. The sign says ‘no smoking’. Looks like an older sign, and back then signs were only in german. But wherever it was…looks like pure hell!

    • ruthy k

      Egypt, no difference though.

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    ISLAM, A “CULTURE” OF RAPE. but every bit as valid as our own according to the theory of cultural relatavism.

    When a theory is disproven we should recognize it. Arab “culture” is vulgar and backward, both socially and technologically regressive and nowhere near the equal of the West’s.
    Islam has spread this vile subhuman culture like a shoe spreads dog-shit and politicians need to call it backward ignorant unwanted and incompatible instead of pretending we can all live cozily together with each other.

    • Shafiq Islam

      Yes, you are correct. Qur’an 4:24 authorises the rape of non-Muslim female captives, and I suppose they considered this poor woman such. The verse was given to Muhammad after some of his followers expressed reservations about raping captured women in front of their husbands, to make sure they knew that Allah wanted them to rape. In a hadith, rapist Muslim soldiers were practising coitus interruptus as they raped to avoid impregnating their sex slaves, which would reduce their value in the sex slave market. Muhammad told them that it was better not to do it that way, but endorsed the rapes.

      • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

        One of the things that puzzles me is why the West hasn’t done more to support and help the furtherance of Christian Arabs and the other religions in the middle east which DON’T condone theft, sexual assault slavery and murder. Why is it so hard for Western leaders to condemn barbarity in Islam?
        Before muslim Hezbollah took root in Lebanon it was vibrant and sophisticated and at one time Beirut was called the Paris of the Middle East. What soured it was islam and muslims.

        • Shafiq Islam

          The US has gleefully supported Christian genocide in Indonesia and created it in Iraq and Syria, where Christians were previously secure, and not lifted a finger to help. In fact they take Muslim refugees in preference to Christians. Lebanon was once majority Christian, but Palestinian refugees shifted the balance and destroyed it.

          • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

            When Australian Prime Minister (at the time) Tony Abbot suggested bringing Christian ‘refugees’ ahead of muslim ones as they were being thrown off boats in the middle of the ocean by muslims and otherwise assaulted and victimised by muslims, the local muslim community leaders warned that this would cause violence among muslims already here as it would be sending a message that muslims are less welcome than Christians…the next day The PM said he’d been misunderstood, he meant that Christians would also be taken alongside muslims, but over the next two or three days all mention of Christian refugees disappeared and when the first refugees arrived in Australia..they were all muslims. Threats of muslim violence had done the trick again. Now what would have been so hard about sticking to his guns and saying that as a Christian majority nation we will of course be helping those most at risk from isis and islamist groups and those people are Christians?
            It was a national lesson: muslim intimidation and terror, even threats of ‘potential’ terror are terrifically effective and western leaders cave when faced with them.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Yes, I recall that episode. The Australians at least have the good sense of paying Papua New Guinea to absorb them rather than continuing to accept them in their country.

    • Peter

      We either fight our leaders now or we fight these savages later.

  • marco

    i think the first video is in egypt.look how it looks.also there is a sign NO SMOKING-i never saw a sign like this in germany.

  • marco

    Here another story:A friend of mine had a father in russia in a musilm area-20years ago he was with his mother on holiday the train they raped 8 hours a woman.he was 16 and sitting with his mother heard all the time the crying!!!

    my neighbour is a an old german from kasachstan-he saayed they “robbed” specially blond girls there!in some areas this is an old culture thing when they want to marry a girl…

  • AlOmega

    This is not Cologne. It’s some footage from some Arab country, possibly Egypt. You see Arab script all around.

  • spacearcadian

    the only way to deal with traitor politicians is to do like the italians did to mussolini, rebellion against tirany. but sadly there is no real patriot men left in europe

  • dleeper47

    Have Frau Merkel take a walk through this area. Alone. Plain clothes. No bodyguards. No arms. Just like the citizens she is supposed to care about.

    • FACTS

      I don’t think anyone would rape her, unless they had poor vision.

      • Don Grantham

        Merkel looks like the back end of a goat… so yeah. Rape is a possibility.

      • honeybee

        it’s not her face they interest them.

      • Platopus

        You are a degraded subhuman cock roach

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      Only a blind man would assault Merkel.

  • Jared

    This video is from Egypt over 2 years ago.

    • Aaron

      It’s the same anywhere, so illustrative nonetheless, even if not from Germany.

  • Aaron

    SO important to understand your rights and fight for them. If you have 12 minutes, watch this 12-part series. Protect our families by protecting our Constitutional rights.

    AND go to JPFO – Jews for the Protection of Firearms Ownership.

    • Jill

      The vote was your biggest most effective weapon in 2012 and you didn’t use it. Big talk won’t save you now.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Things like this are the new cultural normal in europe, As it is not opposed by the authorities or the population, it is becoming socially acceptable. Soon europe will become a voluntary brothel for muslims, with european girls treating all muslims males in a “friendly” manner. Rape is the new seduction. Churches and police stations might as well be converted into whore houses as the weather in europe is colder than the middle east, as the aforementioned building serve no useful purpose any more. Saudi Arabia is building 200 mosques in Germany.

    • Mamat Mamat

      Some leftist moronic European women were not even mad at the s3xual jihad attacks, they seem to tolerate the barbarity, begging respect from the sick b4astard and only suggested a milder procession for future attacks from their beloved rapefugees, “have nice sex”, as shown at this popular image:

      • Mahou Shoujo

        There are always a few that like to get screwed by every one and thing, but, there is the exception that do not think they are random sex objects for maggots and assorted parasites. However as there is no real public or popular disapproval of non consent sex on european streets, that, apparently is what europe accepts.

      • The Darling Kinkshamer

        Clearly, English is not her first language.

        • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

          Is that disgraceful sign in a frame?
          Does she hang that up in the hallway like a print of the ‘Moaner’, Lisa?

      • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

        If that’s not photoshopped it’s incredible!
        “Have respect and Hyav nice day” like the russian gun guy on youtube I would understand.
        Is she a prostitute?

  • arumat

    It doesn’t matter where this is, they should all be shot down execution style on the spot.

  • ruthy k

    This is starting to happen here. They are going to groom our country into this. We need to show a blood lust. We have to show them we aren’t OK with this by voicing our views on mass.

  • Wayne Petersen

    WE THE PEOPLE cannot let this country become like Europe. If enough of us contact our rep’s and don’t get a reasonable reply, we will have to get support from our local sheriffs and demand our government stop the madness. I believe in the sheriffs department as they are elected to protect the public. Locally we should be able to refuse any refugees that are thrust upon our communities.

    • jadedgentleman

      Excellent observation and an entirely correct one. The sheriff is the ultimate legal authority of his county, every member of his department acts under his direction. He has the authority to deputize citizens. Every sheriff, and every person acting upon his authority is sworn to defend the law and uphold order and protect the citizenry of his county. In my home state of Georgia, there are 159 counties, and thus 159 sheriffs with armed enforcement. Our Gov. Nathan Deal has told the Federal Government that no “refugees” will be allowed to be resettled within the state. The Federal Government has responded with threats to withhold Medicaid funding and Food Stamp funding. Governor Deal has remained resolute in his decision and his decision is supported by a myriad of people such as myself, who contacted his office prior to his decision to say “no’. As for the federally withheld funds, it is a widely known that no neighbor will go hungry, no person will be without medical care. Governor Deal has said “no” and has the full support of every county sheriff and sheriffs department- all 159 of them. The response of Washington has yet to be determined. However, the governor of the state doesn’t want those barbarians here, the sheriffs don’t want those barbarians here, and the citizens of this state don’t want those barbarians here. It is no longer the decision of the Federal Government. Our form of government is a “by the people and for the people”, it would serve those in Washington very well to remember that before placing any “refugee” on any mode of transportation bound for Georgia. For the good of America, I hope every other state will stand firm and follow our lead. Incidentally, these are not “refugees”, these are not families, or women and children. Over 75% are able bodied men between the ages of 18-35. They should be staying home and fighting for their homeland, not crossing the ocean and expecting to be provided and cared for by the American taxpayer. They may be allowed to arrive, but they must not be allowed to remain. Otherwise, we are Germany.

  • Jimmy Hoffa

    This is like WW2 only while we fight them on the one hand, on the other we take in soilders from the opposing side as a goodwill gesture. It’s insane.

    • Kumar Kumar

      They fight using their both hands against Christians and Hindus

      • BETH gLADSTOn

        Kumar, and the Jewish people.

  • Drewtazy .

    These men dragging her to the subway look like piranhas on prey!

  • Marisol Enrique

    Ms. Geller,

    I found updated information on

    “A shocking video out of Egypt which shows a woman being dragged away by a group of Muslim men before she is brutally raped is an example of ‘Taharrush’ – the rape culture that is now being imported to the west via the migrant wave.

    The clip shows a blond-haired woman [in blue striped shirt] being set upon by a violent mob during protests against Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in Tahrir Square on June 30, 2013. She is heard screaming before being pushed to the floor and, according to Egyptian journalist Dina Zakaria, was then viciously molested.

    The woman, later identified as a Dutch journalist, was taken to hospital with severe injuries. She was subsequently repatriated to the Netherlands.”

    This mass rape happened very near the same spot that another journalist, CBS reporter Lara Logan, was mass raped by a large group of Arab men. (Report by Ralph Sidway/Jihadwatch/Jan. 9/2016)

    Ms. Geller, I’ve said it time and again, you’ve got more CHUTZPAH that all of Washington (and elsewhere) combined!!

  • Stephen

    In this case, that was fluent French, with an accent from France, so he was not a recent arrival. But France already has a population of Muslim troublemakers. I would recommend that these young ladies get some serious Krav Maga training. I think that goes for all of us.

  • Paobeau

    No wonder why Obama wants to take our 2nd Amendment right so that we couldn’t fight back. I will definitely exercise my rights, lock and load!

    • Peter

      I thought a pistol for home and one for carry was enough.
      I’m shopping for an AR now. You know, one of those rifles nobody needs in these modern times.

  • mathewsjw

    saw that video quite awhile ago it was presumably a Muslim bragging about Muslim Rape Game Taharrush

    it’s dated July 2013

  • Min.Tracey Estes


    • Min.Tracey Estes


  • I would gladly execute that punk ass coward myself!

  • suqsid4

    Come on, Deutschland!!! These are your women, your daughters!!!

  • Decimated1

    Time for chastity belts to come back

  • fret fanatix

    typical koranderthol

  • Shafiq Islam

    German police say the events there were organised. ISIS is clever as well as evil, and they wouldn’t show their hand too soon and risk having the flow of refugees curtailed too early in the game. That tells me they already have enough assets in place for their future stages of jihad, which will make what you’ve seen recently look like child’s play.

  • Marilyn Winters

    It doesn’t look like the Govt is on the people’s side, so the people have to now look after one another and defend themselves against this brutality. Remember as they said in ancient Rome, “the mob have the power!”

  • marlene

    Can’t get the first video to work.

  • That needs to be one dead Nwigger Islamic Pig! Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul and their Allah is nothing more than Satan himself!

  • Night Angel

    I think the assault occurred inTahrir Square, Egypt

  • iprazhm

    It’s two women. One is blonde and is pushed to the ground by the crowd, the dark haired woman looks back at her as she falls goes down, then she is quickly picked up by the savages and pushed along directly behind the dark haired women. I believe at the beginning you can hear tandem screams.

  • imbustinloose

    Where are the German men? They should be out in force when these animals gather with bats and ax handles.

    • Swath


  • Boris Badinov

    Coming to America, courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama, the entire Democrap Party, and the RINO establishment.

  • Spinner

    It is hard to believe none of the muslims took phone recording of any of it. There is possibility there is coverup and police have confiscated some phones from refugees but they are refusing to show it for fear it will cause riots. The women being groped attacked would of course not be able to record any of this.

  • Obama IS-A-POS

    Exterminate the Muslim trash! What are we waiting for?! And hang the quislings who defend their atrocities!

  • chrisrandolph

    not a lot of video footage but interesting story from Nov 15 when Refugees Welcome had a party in Bonn I think. Asylum seekers received free tickets, others paid 5 Euro. The asylum seekers started unwanted molestation and the women had to leave. some of them posted their experience on Facebook, which was subsequently deleted as “hate posts” even though the women were obviously refugee friendly BEFORE the party…maybe instead of obfuscating and deleting meaningful posts, women could have been warned and bought themselves some pepper spray brand Eau de Cologne

  • Heinz Rund

    African man knocks down a pensioner for no reason. Happened in Austria few month ago.
    Nobody helped her.

  • Lisa2011

    I am SHAKING with disgust and anger.

  • meangirl

    It’s too late for Europe. Too late! These invaders will NEVER leave and they breed like rats.

  • meangirl

    Most of these invaders are young men. That is not the normal demography of a refugee crises.
    Refugee camps have families and many many children.
    What’s happening in Europe is an orchestrated invasion, very well organized and they have a plan. Take over Europe.
    They do it by increasing their numbers and terrorizing people into silence and submission.
    We are next.

  • LindaRivera

    Millions of Muslim invaders in gangs of thousands, mass raping our women and girls is PRECISELY what Merkel the Monster and other EU elite God-haters want. Ruling elites know that the Quran instructs Muslims to rape and gang rape non-Muslim females and take our girls for sex slaves.

  • Nancy

    Obama’s intent is to try and create a civil war….

    We must not let him do this! He wants to stop the next election from taking place, so he can remain in office. There are evil things going on, and he isn’t the only one involved.

  • relligionMuslimkills

    What a wussy mother fuker. Stupid little idiot

  • Flyercrazy

    Where in the hell are the authorities? It is as if these demons can do this with impunity due to the inaction of the cities and govt.
    Time for castration of these hateful womanizing abusers.

  • King.

    Absolutely disgusting behavior. Obama expects us to tolerate this coming to our country. He is as insane as Angela Merkel.

  • Winged Hussar 1683

    This is why we have the Second Amendment here.

  • FlyBoyBlu

    Please repost the video…

  • joe1429

    Thank goodness we are in a video age, or the on the knees media would be even worse!!

  • Devadoss Nayagam

    This whole thing was started many a year ago by Saudi who has and continues to fund politicians and institutions in western countries. The amount of funds that come in from Saudi is huge. This has basically created a whole set of politicians and so-called intellectuals used to these funds, creating a set of people who try to remain silent. Post that came the so called “Arab Spring”. The hidden agenda here is to show the suffering masses, and then bring in a large number of refugees, with a significant ratio of men of “militant” age. As they occupy pockets of western countries, they will use low-pressure tactics to push the natives away from these areas, then establish these as muslim-only or muslim-dominated areas, unofficially enforce the Sharia, use their numbers to influence elections, get some of their people elected and slowly turn the entire landscape in favor of Wahabi Islam. Time is running short. If the political class that firmly believes in democracy and freedom don’t act now with a very firm hand, all will be lost in 5 years.

  • SurakOfVulcan

    Think, Ms. Geller, think. Only one of the presidential candidates has promised to end Muslim immigration. Yet you support Cruz, who would allow these monsters into NYC. Think, Ms. Geller, think.


    This was the most disturbing 20 second clip I’ve seen in years. Had to search quite a bit for playable movie though. In mozilla firefox, on this exact web page, the video does not play. Please correct.


    I do believe you’ll be wanting a copy of this T shirt….!product-page/c6np/2973eb59-ddaa-64cc-4cf0-356402d03600

  • SunshineandWhiskey

    I have never seen anything like this. I can’t get the images out of my mind. My heart aches for this woman and my mind is rage-filled with fantasies of shooting the mob with automatic guns. This has to stop. Do you have any clues as to who this woman is and if she survived this inhuman attack? My heart goes out to her. This video is terrifying.

  • GahD of Sociaslam

    What you are seeing is one of the basic fundamentals of islam.

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