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DHS Unable to Track 500,000 ILLEGAL FOREIGN NATIONAL OVERSTAYS Last Year, THOUSANDS from Terror Nations


As I previously reported, well over 600,000 Muslim migrants have “disappeared” in Europe. Bolted and aided presumably by some Islamic subterranean network no doubt.

America has a similar problem with illegal visa overstays. DHS released a report detailing that a least half million foreign nationals who entered the U.S. via sea and air ports overstayed their visas last in FY 2015.

Half a Million Visa Overstays Last Year, THOUSANDS from Terrorist-Producing Nations

I am sure the Democrats want to find them so they can register them to vote.

“DHS Official: ICE Investigated .05 Percent of Visa Overstays,” By Caroline May, Breitbart, January 20, 2016:

The Obama administration investigated just 3,000 visa overstays out of an estimated population of some six million illegal immigrants who remained in the U.S. after their visa expired last year, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official testified before a Senate panel Wednesday.

“So for FY ’15 sir, just a snapshot that I alluded to earlier, so roughly we have about 3,000 that are still under investigation right now. 1,626 leads have been what we call exhausted, meaning that we haven’t been able to locate the individual. It comes back to us, into a continuous monitoring status,” Craig Healy, the assistant director of ICE’s National Security Investigations Division, said in response to questions from Sen. David Perdue (R-GA).

Healy was testifying at a hearing before the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest examining the decades-long absence of a congressionally mandated biometric tracking system for foreign nationals coming and leaving the U.S.

“So, 3,000 were investigated, are under investigation right now. But those 3,000 could’ve come in in any one of the years in the last 20 years, correct?” Perdue asked.

Healy indicated that the Georgian’s assumption was correct.

“Alright, so my question is, if it’s 40% of whatever that top number, we have 4, 5, 6 million people here who overstay their visa. Directionally, that’s fairly correct. And last year, we identified and investigated 3,000?” Perdue asked.

He continued, “So, you can kind of see where I’m going here. We have a monumental issue here. Even if we were to put biometric in, and have all of the 100% accurate information on exit, we’ve got this huge, built up issue. So, am I directionally correct? I’m not trying to draw to a conclusion, but I am trying to get information.”

Healy again confirmed Perdue’s comments.

Tuesday DHS released a report detailing that a least half million foreign nationals who entered the U.S. via sea and air ports overstayed their visas last in FY 2015.

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  • rambler

    Gov competence! If they can’t get their jobs done, then why are we paying them? We can loose that many without having a DHS or an immigration dept.

  • Wicked Women

    At least they’re not collecting welfare.

    • Angel Warrior

      Are you sure about that? Many illegals in the USA are collecting welfare….

      • Randy K

        All, that is Obama’s plan to destroy America. Alinsky and Cloward-Piven at their best. At least he studied them and skipped all the lame Constitution classes.

  • Dupper bob

    Not hard to find… the fortune 500 hires them all.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Yes, conveniently disappears from one data base, but available on another, when required for voter registration or isis foreign legion duty in europe and america,

    • mdy616

      The leftists will make sure they are on some role so they can vote. But let them try to buy a gun and the leftists will suddenly tell us “they are not even citizens!!”

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Liberal socialists acting in conjunction with islamic proselytizers will provide them with weapons. They are easy to obtain and bring into the west.

        • Angel Warrior

          They just need to go to any mosque to pick out a weapon of their choice…..that’s how easy it is.

    • Angel Warrior

      Some of them became the mercenaries that Obama had trained and given weapons in Yemen….. he knows exactly where they are!
      Wonder if the DHS was able to check out the 22 islamic camps for these 500,000 missing?

  • Rocinante44

    this is not incompetence, it is willful and intentional failure to enforce the law by our government employees. elect me president, and on day 1 I send hand-selected federal marshalls out nationwide to arrest all the fed employees who knowingly broke the law, starting with the muslim pos in the white house. I send them all to guantanamo without bail under obola’s own laws, and we have very slow, very thorough trials for years deciding whether to hang or release them one case at a time. every federal judge to tries to interfere is arrested and sent there as well.

  • mdy616

    “I am sure the Democrats want to find them so they can register them to vote.”

    Register? The leftists don’t worry about that little problem!! They send a lawyer with each group who threatens to sue the town’s clerk if he/she refuses to let them vote. “You know we cannot let a little piece of paper stop them from their constitutional right to vote!! What? They are not citizens? Who are you to say who and who is not a citizen!! A citizen of what? They ARE citizens of this world…LET THEM VOTE!!”

  • Drew the Infidel

    Your tax dollars hard at work. It is instructional to note that Immigration sent one of the 9/11 hijackers a visa extension six months after the attacks.

  • Angel Warrior

    Obama has been allowing those on the “no-fly” list into the USA and they are then given government issued passports and new identities. This was the plan when the Saudi’s were exempt from having to go through the airport security…..but little old Nuns and children had to go through all the TSA groping!

  • Ron rockit

    We already had a problem. The 19 Arab perps of 9/11 were here on legal visas. The American response was to take in ever more Arabs, more visas, more cheap labor, more terrorists. And on the heels of San Bernadino Obummer wants more Arabs. Arabs/moslems already outnumber Jews and we will all pay dearly for whatwe have done and continue to do. Very sad indeed.

  • Arcturus

    That picture appears to be showing two muslims, one of whom must work for the DHS and the other one being “investigated.” How can we be comfortable with this?

  • SteveB

    This whole administration is corrupt. The rule of law only applies to white people. If I ever see some sub human muslims trying to assault an American women I will shoot them on the spot.

  • Mike

    But the government can find a three-year old mad cow born in Canada … more subhuman drama

    • Angel Warrior

      LMAO! Yep…they found Miss Betsy real quick and then tracked her off-spring! Of course though it was probably easier as this was Bio-terrorism by those cattlemen in the USA…..

  • joe1429

    Now they want to take in syrians, when we cant even keep track of the ones here already!!!! Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Platopus

    Laksidasical performance is lack of leadership and lousy media communiction as to what is really going on.

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