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Swedish Police Forced to Flee Angry Muslim Mob at Migrant Center Out Back Door


The chief of the Swedish army, General Anders Brännström, told men under his command they could expect to be fighting a war in Europe against skilled opponents “within a few years.” With police running away from marauding mobs, it won’t be much of a war.

Swedish police officers went to Signalisten asylum in Vasteras last week to rescue a 10 year-old boy who had been repeatedly raped at the “refugee” center.

Unfortunately, the police officers were forced to flee the center out a back door after they were confronted by angry migrants.

The incident was first reported in Vestmanlands Läns Tidning newspaper a week after the attack.
police sweden

police runningRussia Today reported:

A police patrol of 10 officers was forced to flee a refugee center in Sweden after being surrounded by a mob of violent migrants. Law enforcement officials had arrived to relocate a 10-year-old boy after reports of his repeated rape at the facility.

One of the officers described what had happened in a police report obtained by the Vestmanlands Läns Tidning newspaper.

“Even more people appeared behind us. I was mentally prepared to fight for my life. We were 10 police officers in a narrow corridor. And I hear someone yell that there is an emergency exit,” the officer said.

The incident took place in the Signalisten asylum in Västerås last Wednesday but police didn’t provide any information to the press until Monday this week.

The authorities decided to relocate some of the refugees from the Signalisten asylum after reports on Saturday that the boy was being subjected to repeated rape there. However, the asylum staff were unable to complete the transfer by themselves as they were met by hostile attitude from the refugees, so they called the police.

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  • Lawman45

    The Swedes should deliver a female goat to the front door while they take the young boy out the bsck door. And they should be prepared to shoot anyone who attacks them.

    • Mindy Robinson

      No, the swedes and every other nation should remove these “refugees” from their nations and lock down their damn borders! Giving them another living creature to torture does not solve the damn issue.

    • Veteran

      Why do you specify a female goat? Are you a male bigot? Any goat will do, why does it have to be female? Let’s be politically correct.
      It is only going to get worse. As a Vietnam Veteran I will defend and fight for my country but not right away.
      I’ll want to watch some of the liberal obama loving homos be slaughtered before I shoot!

    • SheGaveBirth2sAtan

      Don’t forget the beat box playin’ Marvin Gaye or some Keith Sweat

  • Lawman45

    Did the police go back with more coppers and get the boy. Or did they allow the Muslims to win game, set, and match? I will bet they just “kept a running all the way down to the Bsltic Sea.”

    • ThisObamaNation

      They want to keep their jobs and their pensions. Did they keep on running? You betcha!

  • Martin Krollig


    • Mahou Shoujo

      They are the dregs of humanity that slopped out of an islamic gutter and sloshed into europe.

      • Don Grantham

        This is why the Middle East has traditionally been ruled by iron-fisted depots. Lighten up for just a bit, and it’s chaos. They all must think they’re in Disneyland now… or actually Disillusiony Land for the Swedes.

  • fred m

    So the child rapists win and the Swedes go down the tubes.

    • ThisObamaNation

      Yes, unless the Swedes throw political correctness and muticult BS out the window they are doomed.

      • Patricia

        This is not a case of PC, this is a case of criminal activities and children must be PROTECTED… matter how you do it, period! How could anyone see a child or anyone for that matter suffer and not put a stop to it anyway you can.

        • Patricia

          Reminds me of our forces in Afghanistan, told to ‘stand down’ while one of their commanders rapes a little boy CHAINED to his bed. Our guys said, “Screw that” and confronted the a$$wipe.

          Then to further assault our American sensibilities, the American G.I. was disciplined for his stand and drummed out of the service.


      • joe1429

        Yes… most of the small villages , due to the insane open borders policy, are already overrun, with most swedes hiding in their own houses for safety

    • jeff dee

      “So the child rapists win and the Swedes go down the tubes”

      Exactly, that is what brilliant leftest intellectual ideology gets you.


    If I were a swedish police officer I would be ashamed….

    • ThisObamaNation

      If they didn’t flee they would be fired and face criminal charges themselves. They would be cast as racist police officers using excessive force. Retreat was their only option.

      • Pray Hard

        Yeah, we know, but that doesn’t mean it’s right or we like it.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        How far does a retreat go before it is a rout?

        • Don Grantham

          I think it starts with the trail of sh!t running down their pant legs.
          After 20 feet, it’s a rout.

      • Don Grantham

        The cops seem to have no issues showing up by the thousands and using water cannon on citizens protesting rape by migrants.

        • jeff dee

          That is because that is sanctioned and they are not “racist” if they do that but rather “virtuous”. Leftest regressive doctrine.

          • Jimmy Hoffa


      • NotIslamophobicCanadianAthiest

        OK they FACE criminal charges but the boy would have been saved -hopefully .They could at least look in a mirror.
        If they choose jury trial they may even get to visit the white mosque in America.(pipe/clock bombs optional).

        Then they don’t have to go through life knowing the world now see’s just how macho the police are.j

    • mari

      yeah WTF!!!???>>>>its called shoot ….they are the Police???….seriously?!….NOT GOOD …I mean for schittts sake….a boy is being raped..???… and they run…ffffft They need rubber bullets… your job….if someone does not obey…the Police use force….rubber bullets …bats…??????nuts GET A GRIP…>>>>POLICE

      • NotIslamophobicCanadianAthiest

        narrow corridor 10 police = stand back to back – lock an load-fire at will and if you don’t hit will shoot every one in front of him.

        • Jimmy Hoffa

          yup and screw rubber bullets. hot lead to the head or center mass, whichever take your pick

    • fulham2014

      They are so PUSSIFIED, I cannot believe it.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Poultry is ashamed to live in sweden.

      • Don Grantham

        When they order take out chicken, they get the police instead.
        Donut worry, the cops are just chicken out your back door.

        • Don Grantham

          You have the wrong house… no one here ordered chicken.

          • joe1429

            hahaa Now i understand why they dont catch any rapists in sweden either….. they afraid of them!!!

    • nolascout

      I read where many are wanting to quit. This is not the Sweden they signed up for.

      • Jimmy Hoffa

        yes it is. the beta males and alpha dyke females been running that country for at least 30 years now.

    • Al Falfa

      The kettle begins to boil.

  • JohnDoe

    What happened to the rubber bullets??? Spray them , it would be so much fun for the police and to watch it later on youtube. They keep trying to talk these goat lovers into civilization and how to behave normal. They have to show them teeth, this way they have a sense of winning what gives them more courage to rape and mess around. Spray the rubber bullets!!!!!

    • jeff dee

      Rubber bullets and spray against Muslims is racist. Those can only be used against the non-Muslim protesters.

      • mari

        RACIST>>>>>Muslim is not a RACE>>>it is a Religion….will people get it straight….so your not a racist…RAPE is wrong…….

        • Pray Hard

          I think he was being sarcastic.

          • Don Grantham

            I think that even if you say “have a nice day”, the lefties will call you racist anyway.

        • Lynne Marton

          islam is not a religion either!!! It’s an insidious political theocratic machine whose goal is world domination and rule by sharia law.

    • Pray Hard

      What happened to lead/copper bullets?

  • Me to Muslims: Stay in Europe because AMERICANS WILL NOT RUN!

    At least those of us living OUTSIDE liberal states and ARMED won’t.

  • rayward

    Seems like facilitating the rape of a minor should be a crime that allows deadly force to prevent. It is here in most states. Ten cops with submachine guns should be more than enough to quell their own imported Muslim street rapists and their supporters.

    • jeff dee

      It should be “shoot first and ask questions later” in these illegal alien camps. They are phenomenally difficult to control, that is why Saddam /Qadaffi types have always been required to keep any semblance of order in Muslim countries. Of course Sharia law like ISIS practices works also — same concept — behave or off with your head. Merkel is severely mistaken if she thinks a teddy bear and candy cane approach will work.

  • Millionmileman

    This is Sweden’s punishment from Genesis 12 for cursing Israel

    This is how Israel has to deal with this. I will not tolerate any criticism of this because we are way past handing out roses!

    • Jean le Baptiste

      As the Islamos steadily gain political influence and power, so too will the anti Jewish behavior. This will be true all over Europe, not just Sweden. Again, the political leaders are allowing this suicide to progress. They control the military and the police. They do not hesitate to unleash them on us. Until we deal directly with these traitors, gain control of the government, military, and law enforcement things will continue to worsen.

      • Millionmileman

        So true and because most of the Anti-Semitism (Israel) comes from the Left which sings Kumbia to this invasion.

        Just last week Left-Wing, Anti-Israel activists invaded a Left-Jewish LGBT meeting in a Chicago hotel!

        • Veteran

          Good for them. obama the muslim got 75% of the jewish vote. Why do you think they were so hated in pre world war 2 Europe?
          Let’s not forget julius and ethel rosenberg.

          • Millionmileman

            I am glad I am one of the 25% and one who warned, in Oct 2008 what was coming. In Israel the percentage who can’t stand the ogre is 86%. The 14% leftovers are probably some of the 75% who moved. Today 0’s American, support is now 56%.

            Seeing I am dealing with a lot of numbers the last part of your statement was sadly, due to over a 1,000 years of misdirected Ant-Semitism directed from the Church. This ingrained, indoctrination enabled Hitler to use the populations of Europe to turn on their fellow countrymen to the Nazis. This is why we are dealing with Medieval mindset with radical Islam at the present time. I am actually studying this dark history at a Catholic Seminary.

            5 years ago I pressed 0bama’s State Dept to do something about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. To no surprise they replied, “It’s not the Sate Dept’s business!”
            I replied, sarcastically, “I didn’t think it was!


        • Oksanna Zoschenko

          Left and Right are meaningless when it comes to Israel, she uses whatever political vehicle is expedient. Her right-wing Soviet-origin citizens are descended from Stalin’s elites. Others were refugees from the failed 1905 anarchist Russian uprising who fled to New York, then migrated to Israel. She bankrolls US, UK, European and Australian politicians on both sides of the political divide, who in return, pledge to support her. Better to talk of fascism when discussing the quintessential terror state.

          • Millionmileman

            I beg to differ and I am referring to the Left bias here on American campi and also what we see every day in Europe, especially, in Britain and Ireland. I am heavily involved with fighting this bias her in the States. This BDS, BS is not coming from any Republicans I know of or personally but from Left leaning people. The fact that this hotel was invaded by Left anti-Israel protesters proves my point!

      • Christina

        And you wonder why they ( Israelis ) are leaving Europe in droves to go back to Israel. Me thinks they are actually safer there.

        • Don Grantham

          The women in Israel have more balls than the cops in Sweden… and I ain’t talkin’ meat balls.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Matzoh balls would be more appropriate?

      • Pray Hard

        The “leaders” need to remember what their little “let them eat cake” attitudes lead to.

    • Pray Hard

      The only criticism I have is that they didn’t kill enough of them. And, when they were kicking that guy, they should have kicked him much harder and in the face that throat.

    • Mindy Robinson

      I have thought this is the case, G-d’s wrath and judgement on those who have hated Israel and her people.

    • Israel will teach the world how to deal with this Islamic horde soon enough. They will go from pariah to hero overnight because of their ability to fight fire with fire.

  • Jean le Baptiste

    Keep in mind that the police are very constrained by the politicians when dealing with these “vulnerable” Islamic communities. They are allowed to crack down hard only on the native Swedes. The Islamos are a protected class. And so the suicide continues.

    • ruthy k

      This is when the police arm up and get the criminals out of office or they’ll die first.

  • Former swede

    So if you are the parent and the children don’t like the rules you bail out?
    No, as the adult you have to raise the consequences of the bad behavior until it stops.
    Figure it out. First step is to confront it, don’t sweep it under the rug or it will only get worse.

  • Christina

    Would our LEO’s cower towards these islamo Nazis? I certainly hope not! These 7th century throw backs have another thing coming if they think this crap will fly in America.

  • Spinner
    • Pray Hard

      There is no such thing as “Islamophobia”. We need to stop using the word. Actually, the MF’ers are not happy anywhere.

  • ThisObamaNation

    The Police are in a NO WIN SITUATION, they flee and they are considered cowards, they stay and fight they are considered RACIST POLICE OFFICERS USING EXCESSIVE FORCE. How can they win? They can’t.

    • Pray Hard

      Thus, it is time for a coup or revolution.

  • Spinner

    Please share this video – This is your future if you let it.
    The Islamisation of Sweden – swedes scared and running away from radical migrant gangs in their own town – sharia imposed on women at 12:30.
    Taxes paying for mosques that are pro ISIS and says its right to beat your wife if you do not leave mark 18:46
    This is like an alien invasion and all the political leaders gave in to save their own skin keep their job. This is like a bad dream. It is NOT RACIST to HATE BAD EVIL Behavior

  • Spinner
  • Fantaman

    So in a narrow corridor, riot police were fleeing against savages? Am I getting this right?

  • bill

    Is this for real?!

  • Perhaps this will help the Sweden Democrats to gain a greater share of seats in the Riksdag. They desperately need regime change.

  • itchy

    Has Sweden got an army?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Of muhadajeen, yes.

    • Jon in MD 22

      Not really, the Swedish military is underfunded and unprepared.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The swedish military is a drill team, brass band and some short distance runners.

        • Jon in MD 22

          For sale cheap. European rifles, one careful previous owner and only dropped once.

          Okay I know it’s an old joke.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Still true though.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Sure they have an army, of assorted poultry, lemmings and sheep.

  • Jean

    I don’t understand if they were out numbered why didn’t they call for help on their cells. The truth of the matter is their government told them not to. Something is not right in Sweden.

    • ruthy k

      No guns! They cannot do anything other than shove with a baton! ???!! makes lots of sense yes?

    • Pray Hard

      You notice that, huh?

    • ThisObamaNation

      They don’t dare touch a hair on those precious refugees heads. They would be standing in the unemployment line tomorrow. Their governments have made it clear that refugees have “special rights” that supersede the rights of ordinary citizens and lowly police officers.

  • JonB

    pussys lol

  • Voytek Gagalka

    If they are absolutely forbidden by their government to even touch those invaders, how otherwise could they react to save their own lives? Well, at least running away is not forbidden by government’s regulations, yet.

    • Pray Hard

      Therefore, it is past time for a military coup and or revolution.

  • knight

    The chicken police, should stand and fight and use live ammunition.

    You never let Muslims have control.

  • Duchess of Pork

    This is a very concerning report and I would hope to see an update on this site regarding the safety of the 10 year old at the centre of the rape allegations. If true, despite the farce of this situation, he clearly needs to be rescued from this asylum. And the Swedish media, complicit in so many coverups of sordid refugee behaviour, need to be asking some very hard questions of their politicians.

  • Pray Hard

    The “police” and their little plastic billy clubs. They’re so cute! If they’re going in without firearms, they need heavy white oak bokkens and or heavy white oak tonfas, weapons that will crush skulls and break legs and arms. Just a thought.

  • BrunoPBuhr

    Mass arrests and immediately deportation after serving time. Participation in gang rape should have a punishment of death. Arrest any official that stands in the way of law enforcement.

    • Pray Hard

      No serving time. That costs taxpayer money and is meaningless to Muslims. Arrest, short detention and immediate deportation OR execution, whichever is most cost effective.

      • Don Grantham

        Throw them off a cliff… cheap, effective, and entertaining.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Yes, the very flower of europe’s men, the epitome of courage and paragons of virtue. Running from a pile of dirty rags. Award this flock of poultry the coveted “white feather of sweden”, for cowardice above and beyond the call of athan (muslim call to prayers) The new Swedish national anthem. played five times a day.

    • DvBmr

      A Thousand Swedes ran through the Weeds at the Battle of Copenhagen; A Thousand Swedes ran through the weeds………chased by One Norwegian!

  • facts

    They were’nt forced to flee. They chose to. They were armed and capable of taling control of the situation if they weren’t so mentally disarmed that running away was their choice.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      They are niqab whipped cowards, at best.

    • Yes, the simply ran in fear. Ten police officers is quite a sizeable unit, complete with weapons and all. It’s not as if reinforcements were impossible. It seems the Swedes really have forgotten how to fight.

  • Jon in MD 22

    I’m sure the migrants will be impressed when they’re eyeing up another 10 year old. Laughing at how pathetic the Swedish men are and how they couldn’t work up the courage to save a child or their wives.

  • berserker

    The Swedish feminists can fight; on the side of their Muslim pets.

  • Mindy Robinson

    Aren’t these cops armed? Shoot these animals!

  • freebird

    That´s the “enrichment” from the left for the society.
    Child raper get protection from the Musel-sc*m and the police run away.

  • Gabriel A. King

    The Swedes need new leadership. I would arm the Police and population with machine guns and order all Muslims to be killed on sight. Any Qur’an would be burned, along with the a-hole carrying it.

    THIS IS A WAR. Not some stupid “peaceful immigration program”. The Swedes need to replace their politicians NOW before it’s too late.

  • markzona

    This is Europe. I don’t know how it is in Sweden but here in left-wing socialistic contaminated Austria, Police officers must not even use their weapon.

  • conan_drum

    As far as I know the Swedish police carry guns, why did they not fire some shots in the air?

  • Drew the Infidel

    Five will get you ten the European cops do not even carry any bullets. When was the last time they fired a shot between Normandy and now?

  • poortaxpayerwindsor

    Who could blame the cops ?
    If they were killed in that situation the Left would be cheering,
    Or just covered up.
    That actually happen at a Harlem mosque years ago

  • SheGaveBirth2sAtan

    All they have to do is go in with bacon wrapped around them and no one will touch them. Drop the rubber bullets for high pressure bacon grease cannons and we have a heck of a Muslim party in the refugee center

  • Stephen Honig

    Bring back the Nordic people to wipe out the Muslims. Where are the great warrior Vikings?

  • Geppetto

    It is possible that the police forces in most of these European countries, where large concentrations of these “refugees” have located themselves or been located by local authorities, are in any way, mentally, physically or properly equipped to handle these confrontations. Are they armed with appropriate weaponry and what are their “rules of engagement”? Talk tough, make nice and appeal to the crowds
    own sense of proper decorum, use physical force, or shoot to wound or kill? It’s likely that inexperience, PC and fear of accusations of racism and religious bigotry dictate their pusillanimous reactions.

    Until Europe and the entire western world wake up to the nature of the Jihad, the dar al-harb vs dar al-Islam, and recognize the danger it represents, these essentially Muslim mobs will continue to show the disgust and disdain for non-Muslims that their Muslim upbringing has taught them, that disrespect for authority, degradation, assault, rape, murder and religious bigotry against “infidels” is not only tolerated but sanctioned by Islamic theology. Perhaps not all or even a majority but Muslims are taught from birth that they are superior to infidels.

    This is a very hard pill to swallow for societies that have allowed themselves to be
    inculcated with the multiculturalist, politically correct views promulgated by their intellectual elites who have not a clue about basic human nature and adamantly refuse to acknowledge their supposedly super tolerant, highly evolved and cherished views are anything but universal. So much so that, despite the volume of
    evidence to the contrary, Muslims have become their cause célèbre, a class to be fiercely protected against racist, religious bigotry. To acknowledge this monumental error in judgment is, so far, proven to be too big a hurdle, even in America, where despite the horrific event of 9/11 George W. Bush set the tone, that is still dominant
    today, by proclaiming that “Islam is a religion of peace.” Nothing could be further from the truth as anyone well versed in the 14 century history of Islam will and have attested, to deaf eyes and ears.

  • SmithWinston6478

    Europe is now FACING WWIII. They may be FIGHTING it in their streets soon. It’s looking doubtful Europe learned the lesson of ignoring fascism until too late to stop Hitler. The innocent don’t deserve what may come if their governments do nothing.

    In the United States, there still a Constitutional right to armed self-defense, although b insane obola is trying to strip Americans of that option. Obola got elected by fools with their hands out for his false and impossible promises of a free lunch to be paid for by self-reliant taxpayers. As a result, the country is more racially divided than in the previous 75 years, a greater percentage are on welfare than ever before, and a smaller percentage of the population are participating in the workforce. It has nothing to do with obola’s appearance. It is the lack of content in his character. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. must be summersaulting in his grave. This is a shameful and dangerous time. A saboteur sleeps in OUR Whitehouse.

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.” ~ H.L. Mencken, The Baltimore Evening Sun, 26 July 1920

  • Robert Griffith

    Was the boy rescued or was he abandoned and left behind to continue being raped?

  • bubba2001

    The people of Europe need to arm themselves! You can no longer depend on the police to protect you!

  • Mike Kevins

    I do not think the invading hordes are worrying about “winning the hearts and minds of the people”, do you?

  • Chippy

    Bloody queer bas..rds send them back to where they come from so they can be thrown of a tall building as loyal Muslims would do.

  • joe1429

    What happened to calling for reinforcemants????

  • joc22

    F====== cowards

  • Jimmy Hoffa

    the left is doing all it can to emasculate our police in the USA the way the swedish police have long been neutered. for instance, in missouri a huge 300lb black thug went after a cop in his patrol car. the cop shot his ass dead. the local blacks, per usual went on a burning rampage. cops here are starting to get pissed. they pretty much let the thugs have full reign recently in baltimore. gawd i am growing to truly hate the left in the usa. how don’t see how any man with a pair of balls can stand to live in swedenistan.

  • Jimmy Hoffa

    i saw a swedish democrat in parliment ask one of the ruling coalition members why they let people who fought for isis back into sweden without charging them with a crime. she said it was so they could keep an eye on the terrorists and offer them care. i shyte you not. if you doubt, look up Kent Ekeroth. he is the one who ask the quesiton. not sure which video but it’s there on youtube

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