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Swedish police: We do not have enough officers to stop escalating Muslim migrant violence


So what is the solution devised by lily-livered Swedes and EU poltroons? More Muslim migrants, of course.

And after seeing how police responded (or should I say didn’t respond) to the mass attacks on New Years Eve, I am not sure more police would make much difference.

50,000 more migrants poured into Europe this week. Wait until the Spring and the weather is more forgiving.

“Swedish police fear they do not have enough officers to stop escalating migrant violence,” By Lizzie Stromme, The Express, Jan 27, 2016

POLICE in Sweden fear they do not have the resources to deal with the increasing level of violence at asylum centres.

As the migrant crisis continues to grow, Swedish officers have declared they do not have the manpower to stop the increasing unrest at units set up to deal with the influx of people.

National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson said his teams were struggling to cope and feared the situation would be out of control unless a further 4,100 officers and specialist staff were recruited.

He said: “We have to go to work against unrest in the asylum centres which places a much greater demand than might appear outwardly.

“In some places in Sweden this eats significant resources out of the police’s capability.

“Moreover, from several sources there are reports that staff are poorly prepared to handle violence, threats and conflicts – while there are too few security guards.”

Mr Eliasson’s warning comes after Swedish police had to run for safety after being surrounded by an angry mob of migrants when they went to rescue a 10-year-old boy, who had allegedly been raped.

The terrifying incident was detailed in a police report and an officer said: “Even more people appeared behind us. I was mentally prepared to fight for my life.

“We were 10 police officers in a narrow corridor. And I hear someone yell that there is an emergency exit.”

The number of reported incidents at Swedish asylum centres has increased drastically from 148 in 2014 to 322 in 2015.

According to a national progress report, the increased violence is due to overcrowding, low standard of living, mental illness and insecurity about the future.

The report said: “Police do not have the recourses to handle all the disturbances at reception centres.”

Authorities have said that asylum accommodation staff are not equipped to handle the fights that keep plaguing the centres and they are worried the workers do not have enough protection in the form of security guards.

The police warning was announced just hours after 22-year-old Alexandra Mezher was knifed to death at a reception centre in Mölndal, near Gothenburg on Monday.

Miss Mezher died in hospital from the injuries inflicted on her after she intervened in a fight at the youth asylum centre where she was working.

Mr Eliasson has now requested 4,100 additional officers and support staff to help fight terrorism, carry out migrant deportations and police asylum accommodations.

He said: “We are forced to respond to many disturbances in asylum reception centres.

“In some places, this takes significant police resources.

“This was not the case six months ago and it means that we won’t be able to respond as effectively in other areas.”

According to the Swedish migration agency, more 180,000 refugees entered Sweden last year.

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  • Ben Hur

    So get the friggin’ Army, Navy and Airforce involved because we are at war didn’t you know? That’s what they are for…yes? It’ll be good practice for ww3 too..

  • WarEagle82

    I guess we could send three male, American tourists to every country in Europe to subdue the Muslim terrorists. That should do the trick if a nation full of girly-girl Swedish “males” can’t take care of their own country.

    • berserker

      The belligerent Swedish feminists should take care of the refugees. Romson instead of weeping on TV should organize an army of feminist do-gooders who will take care of their new pets.

  • Toby1

    Why did the chickenshit Swedish ‘police’ not use their sidearms?

    • ruthy k

      A girl about to be raped can’t use pepper spray in Denmark. A man in France is being tried for shooting into the air to scare off “refugees” invading and attacking his home… wonder what they’d do if the police shot a bullet? 1+1 no longer is 2.

      • itchy

        Cant afford bullets. The money is wasted on the invaders

        • katzkiner

          Practice the art of the blade. You can stop a mob with a good Bowie blade or Scottish dirk.
          Ask any native American.
          But keep the .45 & .308 handy.

      • Swedish guy.

        Police shoots all the time in sweden, they usually kill when that happens too since they have hollow-points. (The reasoning being hollow points wont go through the body and hence not hurt innocent bystanders)

        The truth is that the story is exaggerated, and nonetheless employing 4100 new policemen wont change a thing, I mean 4100? thats a very small amount dont you think?

        • ruthy k

          TY. My questions: Do they even have enough bullets? Will they be authorized to use deadly force on these criminals?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      It requires a ballbearing attachment to the sidearm to get it to function, none in sweden.

      • Toby1

        ha ha

    • MattBracken

      This is only the warmup for the Great Jihad of 2016.

      Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive
      The Alienork Way: a cautionary tale for civilized humans facing an Ork invasion
      Maoris, Moors and Migrants: A history lesson for civilized humans facing an Ork invasion

      • katzkiner

        The sad thing is the government is facilitating this jihad.
        Makes you feel so good about paying taxes.

      • Steve

        Do you think there is a “unified” group of socialists is enabling the invasion by Islam and what’s the takeaway for them?

    • lee

      It’s not permitted.

  • Millionmileman

    The Swedes to their ingenuity have found the solution! If you can’t find enough Polis then start deporting! Or as they say, in New York, “Alright already!”

  • bigMike

    deportation of the maggots should be the ONLY thing the Swedish people should do

    • Ari Chen

      I prefer “departation” where you place a bullet or sharp object carefully in the right place so that would mean no way they will worm their way back in.
      Leave a trail of carcasses along the rapefugees usual route and in short time, the musrats will get the message and flee. Problem solved.

    • Steve

      Yeah odumber will say bring them to us. I say a flight to allah from One World Trade Center is the cheapest way to handle those f******. They call us crusaders anyway so may as well play the part.

  • Don Grantham

    The police in any society are only effective when the majority of citizens obey the law and conduct themselves in a civilized fashion. In the case of Sweden (and likely most of Europe) the police will have to be supplanted by the military. Their options are running out as they run away.

    • JUILLE

      It definitely is a job for the military.

  • Melanie Schielder

    well, I guess it’s clear we can all say goodbye to the peaceful country formally known as Sweden, and say hello to Swedenlam

  • Tatonka

    What’s the matter with the Swedish police,..don’t they have guns?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      They don’t have balls, same as politicians and swedish males.

  • itchy

    Just read the headline….. Well #&*king get some!!!!!!!!


    As anybody ever thought of going in there with the proper tools (live ammo ) and using them until order is restored? this concept may not seem politically correct, but hey give it a go ,the results may reduce the overcrowding , leaving more room for the survivors, if there ever was a win, win proposition, this is it.

    • Ari Chen

      Right on… get Kalashnikov machine guns used in the terror attacks in Paris and let it rip on those musrats…. until you get to the number that can be “contained” in a box.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Bring in more muslims, give them knives and guns at the border. The problem will take care of itself. True, a few innocent people will get killed, but, the government of sweden was fully aware of what islam was about when it opened its borders. Murders are merely collateral damage, consider them post birth abortions, it is not as though the media report on any muslim violence or the police even record complaints. O, and stop making welfare payments before the cheques start bouncing. Armed robbery should be cheaper than universal welfare.

  • Robert Half

    Of course the police can’t muster sufficient manpower to fight back: their bodies were aborted and birth controlled out of existence, with the fetuses flushed into the sewers for rat food. And now God has sent the rod and staff of His Almighty vengeance upon us and there is nothing to do about it, save pray the Rosary and return to Catholicism.

    Isaias Chapter 10

    Woe to the makers of wicked laws. The Assyrian shall be a rod for punishing Israel: but for their pride they shall be destroyed: and a remnant of Israel saved.

    10:1. Woe to them that make wicked laws: and when they write, write injustice:

    10:2. To oppress the poor in judgment, and do violence to the cause of the humble of my people: that widows might be their prey, and that they might rob the fatherless.

    10:3. What will you do in the day of visitation, and of the calamity which cometh from afar? to whom will ye flee for help? and where will ye leave your glory?

    10:4. That you be not bowed down under the bond, and fall with the slain? In all these things his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.

    10:5. Woe to the Assyrian, he is the rod and the staff of my anger, and my indignation is in their hands.

    10:6. I will send him to a deceitful nation, and I will give him a charge against the people of my wrath, to take away the spoils, and to lay hold on the prey, and to tread them down like the mire of the streets.

    10:7. But he shall not take it so, and his heart shall not think so: but his heart shall be set to destroy, and to cut off nations not a few.

    Notice all these big breasted and broad butts advertisements on this page? More of the same temptations of the devil which has brought down the punishment of God upon our heads. Thanks, liberals..

  • Julie Sehler

    This is what all of these rulers have been mandated to propagate, chaos, anxiety, fear, rape, murder and finally massive riots and THEN the UN will ride to the rescue and people will accept them because they will restore control.. and we will be up to our eyes in the NWO and a handful of the wealthy controlling the world. And Obama is stating his next goal is as UN Secretary General. HE IS EVIL!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      It would be a good thing if hussain gets to lead the u.n. he will run it into the ground, making it as irrelevant and useless as he did America. For bawling in the bidet, Americans, elect a president, not a statistic to fulfil some idiotic affirmative action propaganda.

  • Drew the Infidel

    These cops not using their weapons, provided they even have them, are no more effective than a mall rent-a-cop.

  • Lenn

    The problem with the Swedish police is that they are most likely NOT armed! This is a sick mentality, and if they want to give the impression of being weaklings, then they will take the exit, like in this report! Start shooting the evil critters – especially if they have raped a child! Why waste oxygen on such devils! Eliminate them!

  • roger

    Blind Freddy on a galloping horse can see where this is all going.

  • Tunedin

    Get the army then ! Get rid of them,if scared of using guns then just use effective water canons on them all ,for goodness sakes and onto boats and bye, go home ??!!!
    I have no sympathy as they have known this problem for years , ignored and excused it and now act as if they are overwhelned by some problem out of their control ?? Liars.

    Also ordinary citizens voted for multiculti and even female teachers and headmistresses excused muslim boys r a p i n g schoolgirls as ” their culture” Swedish women ?!
    Their country is diseased and dying through their own fault. Just as former USSR self imploded,so will all socialists states.because they never learn , always arrogant thinking they will do better, they won’t and they don’t

  • Lapsed Altruist

    My my. It’s not working out so well, is it. You asked for it. Best thing for it is to lock the gate to these camps and let them go at it. Film it and air it far and wide. Deport the survivors. There comes a time when you need to abandon the notion of setting an example and MAKE an example instead. I think it’s too late now. I’ve had several scraps during my life and one thing you learn is that you had better keep your feet. You fall down and you’re not getting back up. They didn’t keep their feet.

  • sylvia

    They have a military right!!

  • ljm4

    Best dispatch a few of the worst so the rest will get the idea it’s better to behave like humans instead of untrained animals.

  • Klaus Fischer

    Shouldn’t all of this have been considered before open the gates to Hell?

  • Paul Ellis

    The dumb stupid Swedes have got exactly what they asked for. Maybe their army should intervene (if they have one!). They used to have a country once, now they are giving it away to “Allah” and his 6th century followers. More fool them, I say.

  • Stephen Honig

    It’s called self preservation. Sweden is the only country in Europe where citizens are encourage to own guns and they do. Therefore, they should be prepared to shoot the Muslim bastards before the Swedes are killed and raped. I approve of this message.

  • Rob Porter

    Two things to do if they don’t have enough police, don’t let the migrants in and bring in the army with orders to shoot misbehavers.

  • Platopus

    Send them all back to wherer they came from even if its Syria the men can be conscripted to war on ISIS

  • Ryan Hughes

    Put The F***ing army on the streets! and issue live ammunition!!!!!

  • Up Huff


  • Dupper bob

    Why would you hire more? It’s not your country anymore. Get familiar with to not being able to ‘do’ anything you used to do.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      That is true, sweden gave the country to colonsts, now it thinks they should behave. That is not going to happen, the stupid swedes have given away their right to be masters in their own homes. How very multicultural and progressively socialist of them. Suckers, the lot.

  • M.j. Swanson

    It’s leftist mental retardality. Notice how the socialist Swedes in media and government use the same illogical blinders on their society that is done in the US with our southern border. Can’t be ‘racist’ because that is worse than the rape, torture, murder, and general pillaging done by the foreign freeloaders. But leftists want freedom to mess up their lives and society in general, so to them it is a tradeoff that drug softened minds will make.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Every time a Swedish woman is raped by a migrant Swedish men should grab ten migrants at random and cut off their dicks and balls. That will quickly get the message across it’s time to leave Sweden.

  • joe1429

    Dummies…. Hire more cops!!!!

  • Dave from San Antonio

    Swedish police: We do not have enough officers to stop escalating Muslim migrant violence
    Hint…The Swedish military has fully automatic weapons. Use them.

    • Lysy2

      that would be so ‘intolerant’…

  • part21

    normal for muslims to fight and cause terrorism. thats their culture. thats islam. so why do you still have muslim immigrants in your land?

  • mathewsjw

    And Sweden’s Dhimmi PM races to any Muslim attack to tell Swedes to calm down it’s got nothing to do with Islam

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Fools in politics and denial are dangerous, but, the swedes are good with that as they support them.

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