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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

Muslims who plotted to behead Pamela Geller “laughed wildly about beheadings”

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Viktor Orban Calls George Soros a ‘Public Enemy’

[ September 22, 2017 ]

ACLU, Speakers Distance Themselves From UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Week

Sharia Compliant Swedish Media COVERED-UP Muslim Migrant Sex Attacks for Months @hanne_kjoller @dagensnyheter #depraved


The cover-up of the Muslim hordes raping and robbing non-Muslim women on New Year’s Eve goes far beyond the Merkel-media. This is a pattern that has been going on for months.

Take, for example, Dagens Nyheter, a daily newspaper in Sweden that “aspires to full national and international coverage.” One of their editorial writers, Hanne Kjøller (above), describes herself as a liberal feminist. And yet she was given a story about a Cologne-like mass sex attack, but when she heard the perpetrators were Muslim migrants, she refused to cover the story. Think of the victims who suffered and were silenced by this feminazi.  Leftist female journalists provide cover for this misogynist savagery, thereby giving the unauthorized sanction of the victim.

If quislings like Hanne Kjoller want to submit to the sex slave ideology of their masters, that is their prerogative. But to silence the victims and aid and abet the attackers, is criminal, immoral and depraved.  Worse still, Hanne Kjoller not only provides cover and protection for the migrant sexual attackers of scores of young girls, she attacks those who have exposed her perfidy. She is safe in attacking those that oppose jihad and sharia, because she knows we won’t rape, behead or kill her.

“Exposing Major PC Cover-up in Sweden – Leading Daily Dagens Nyheter Refused to Write About Cologne-like Sex Crimes in Central Stockholm,” By Chang Frick, Nyheter Idag, January 10, 2016 (thanks to Daniel):

STOCKHOLM The Cologne sex assault on New Year’s Eve, where groups of Arab and North African men groped more than a hundred German women, has shocked Europe this last week. But a very similar incident, with a large number of perpetrators and victims, took place in the Swedish capital last summer. That incident however was silenced by large Swedish newspapers and media companies, despite repeated attempts from police officers to contact journalists. This is how leading Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter tried to cover up a politically inconvenient sex assault story.

Nyheter Idag is now able to disclose in detail how major Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter deliberately covered up stories about widespread sexual abuse in central Stockholm in connection with a concert in the Kungsträdgården public square this August. “The mere suspicion that the abuse has been considered as difficult to describe involves a betrayal of the victims”, the newspaper writes about the event, almost six months later.

International media interested in in the source material used to produce this news story (taped interviews, text messages, email, et cetera), kindly send an e-mail to chang.frick(at)

On Saturday August 15th, the nationally acclaimed and outspoken feminist artist Zara Larsson headlined the youth festival ‘We Are Sthlm” with a crowded concert in Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm. Thousands of young people were in attendance to take part in the event during the last summer nights of the year.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 1.03.12 PM

But for an unknown number of young girls the festival soon became a nightmare. Hordes of young men pressed against young girls, fondled and tried to cop a feel over and under skirts, pants and shirts. There were severe sexual assaults happening right in front of the stage, where artists such as Larsson and rapper OIAM performed.

During a single night police and security guards had to intervene against around 90 younger males, but even adult men took part in the abuse, says an eye witness to Nyheter Idag. The eye witness has professional experience from working at the Stockholm Police Department as a psychologist.

The police officer tried to contact Dagens Nyheter several times: “They never called again”

The psychologist who knew of what had happened in Kungsträdgården contacted journalist Hanne Kjöller at Dagens Nyheter, by, among other things, e-mail on August 17. The psychologist says he specifically turned to Kjöller because he knew that she had previously written about controversial topics.

She was very interested and listened until I told her that all the boys and men that were apprehended were young asylants [Muslims] (unaccompanied is the terminology used by Swedish authorities) from Afghanistan and Syria. I sensed that she changed the tone (of her voice). But she also said that she would contact the police”, he tells Nyheter Idag.

Kjöller got the phone number to one of the police officers who were on duty during the event in Kungsträdgården and could provide a recollection of the events. Nyheter Idag has talked with the police officer who Kjöller talked to in August, and he was eager to tell Dagens Nyheter about the massive cases of sexual assault against young girls in central Stockholm.

“She sent a text message to me once, early on, where she wrote that she was looking for me, she wanted to talk. After that, I tried to get in touch with her, but that was when things started to get awry. She answered sometimes, said she would get back to me. But it never amounted to anything. She was interested in it for half day or a day, then she wasn’t anymore”.

The officer explains that he worked for several evenings during this week in Kungsträdgården square. He tells of how he and his colleagues had to apprehend a large number of young men who sexually assaulted girls, in large part unaccompanied refugees from Afghanistan.
The police officer, who has worked as a police officer for over 20 years, emphatically states several times that the events in Kungsträdgården were systematic and extensive in number. This was what he wanted to tell Hanne Kjöller of Dagens Nyheter.

“We got in touch and talked briefly, and she said she would call back, which she did not. So I looked for her, she did not call back. I tried to reach her at another time, but I never heard back from her again. I called several times, cannot say exactly how many. It was over a three or four day period”.

“The editor at DN dismissed the story as SD falsity”

Time passes and a new year begins – it’s now 2016 and the brutal and massive sexual assaults against young girls that August evening in Kungsträdgården is completely unknown to the public.
But then something happens, a rumor that goes viral on blogs in Germany spreads to the so-called “alternative media” in Sweden. After a day, traditional media in both Germany and other European countries start to report on the same issue.

It is, of course, the Sex Attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

It came to grow into a major scandal after police initially did not report on the large number of sexual abuses and rapes that occurred on the New Year’s Eve. A police chief was fired and it has been speculated why there was so much silence initially, despite all the sexual assaults. But the scandal was a fact and just over a week into the year, there is no way avoiding the subject – are authorities and the media deliberately trying to cover up sexual abuse carried out by men with migrant backgrounds?

Now something happens at newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

The journalist Hanne Kjöller tries to establish contact with the psychologist on January 7th about the events in Kungsträdgården nearly five months earlier. She writes an e-mail to the psychologist. “Would like to get in touch with you again after what happened in Cologne during the New Year holidays,” she writes. In the e-mail conversation it is apparent that she learned of the sexual assaults in Kungsträdgården already on August 17th, but is only now ready to give attention to what happened.

She also calls the psychologist and records a message on his voicemail.

“We had contact in August. Now, after what happened in Cologne, I would like to talk to you again. It got stuck on certain things when we were doing this in August”, says Kjöller in the voicemail.

Then they get in contact with each other again. The incident in Kungsträdgården was suddenly a very pressing matter for Hanne Kjöller to report on, says the psychologist to Nyheter Idag.

“Hanne Kjöller contacted me again yesterday because of the events in Germany, she said it gave her a bad feeling. She was fidgeting when I asked her why she never contacted the police and never wrote an article”, says the psychologist.

He says that Kjöller claims she never got hold of the police, and that is why no article was ever published in Dagens Nyheter about the incident in Kungsträdgården. But the psychologist also says that he’s been given a different explanation. That Kjöller over the phone told him that “the editor for the Stockholm section of Dagens Nyheter had taken charge of the case herself, and (the editor) considered the story to be “SD fabrications” (SD, or Sweden Democrats, are a populist anti-migration party that for a long time has been at odds with Swedish mainstream media).

“She (Kjöller) said that her editor had used the term ‘SD fabrications’ or ‘SD falsifications’, something like that. I remember that detail specifically”, says the psychologist.

The psychologist takes out his mobile phone, his fingers dances over the touch screen. He is upset because of the way he thinks Dagens Nyheter has handled the issue. In a text message, sent from Hanne Kjöller, she is basically apologizing for the critically important story not having been published.

“But a warm thanks for your tip. I am sorry that we didn’t use it in a better way. Hanne”, the text message reads.

Dagens Nyheter: “A betrayal of the victims”

January, Saturday 9th 2016 Dagens Nyheter runs an article with the headline “Women’s right to party safely cannot be sacrificed”. The article is written by freelance writer Lasse Wierup, Hanne Kjöller’s colleague at Dagens Nyheter. In the article the incident in Kungsträdgården is now mentioned for the very first time.

“One of the police officers who took part in the command, and had to give a lot of time in support of the victimized girls, says that the whole incident was considered very sensitive. The young lads that were sent away were judged to be mostly unaccompanied (asylum seekers or refugees)”, writes Wierup.

Then Wierup continues, pondering why the events haven’t been covered in the media previously. He claims it’s “unclear” (why that is), despite that his colleague Hanne Kjöller, according to the psychologist, explained that the editor at Dagens Nyheters Stockholm section earlier dismissed the whole story as “SD fabrications”.

“Why the widespread sexual harassments, in the midst of central Stockholm, with some minor exception, were left in a media shadow, is unknown to me. But the very suspicion that the sexual assaults were considered awkward to (write about) is a betrayal of the victims”, writes Wierup in the very same newspaper that covered up the whole incident to begin with.

After Wierups article is published, some readers are catching on. Andreas Ericson, editor at the now-canceled magazine Neo, is pondering on Twitter if Dagens Nyheter is withholding some information.

“The information about we are sthlm raises a couple of questions. Were crimes reported? Was there any criminal investigation?”

“The details are sketchy and the source is anonymous. But Wierup has a good eye. The (incidents) were going on “night after night”. Were the news desks told about it?”

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 12.51.41 PM

Hanne Kjöller: “I feel betrayed”

When Nyheter Idag calls Hanne Kjöller to ask why there wasn’t any article published about the massive cases of systematic sexual assaults in Kungsträdgården she first gets quiet. She then explains that this is an issue that she doesn’t care to discuss.

“I can’t talk to you about what my sources have said to me. I can’t confirm or deny anything”.

Nyheter Idag explains to Kjöller that we are privy to e-mail conversations and text messages between her and the psychologist. Nyheter Idag also explains that the psychologist have told how he feels that she and Dagens Nyheter have obfuscated, covered up, the events that took place in Kungsträdgården. And so Nyheter Idag asks Kjöller to yet again explain how it happened that a story about such serious abuse was never published.

“I’m not going to answer that. No, no, no. I don’t want to talk to you”, Kjöller says and hangs up.

Shortly after the phone conversation with Nyheter Idag Kjöller calls the psychologist. He doesn’t answer but she leaves a voice mail. On the recording Kjöller explains how she feels betrayed because the psychologist talked to Nyheter Idag about how he feels Dagens Nyheter obfuscated the incident in Kungsträdgården.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 1.01.10 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-10 at 1.01.31 PM

“Hello, this is Hanne Kjöller. I just had a phone call by a journalist and I feel I would need to talk to you. There may be a couple of misunderstandings, and in addition to that I feel pretty betrayed that you’ve exposed this conversation that you and me had. But please call me as soon as you hear this”, said Kjöller on the voice mail.

A short while after the voice mail the psychologist returns Kjöllers phone call. He’s now upset and makes a point that he doesn’t consider Kjöller the one being betrayed. It is instead all those girls that were sexually assaulted – something Dagens Nyheter chose not to report on despite knowing the story.

When Lasse Wierup then writes in Dagens Nyheter that he doesn’t know why the incident in Kungsträdgården were left in “media shadow”, it only fuels the disappointment the psychologist feels.

“The news tip didn’t get the editor for the Stockholm desk excited”

When the psychologist in the phone conversation with Kjöller mentions that she previously stated that the editor had dismissed the story as “SD fabrications”, Kjöller says that it wasn’t what she said. Instead she clarifies. What she doesn’t know is that the whole conversation is recorded.

“I said that the editor for the Stockholm desk didn’t get excited about this lead. And I left two leads the same day. One she went with, which I can’t even remember what it was”, explains Kjöller on the phone.

Psychologist: “She didn’t go with the lead about how girls were systematically exposed to this and how 90 young lads were apprehended and that it went on every night during this festival? That didn’t have any news value? Do you want me to believe that? Listen to yourself, listen to what you are saying!”

“You don’t even listen to what I am saying. She probably did a judgment call on the credibility in this…”, Kjöller replies.

Psychologist: “But it’s so easy to check! You just got to call the police and get their incident reports. With a phone call you could’ve verified whether I was telling the truth or not!”

“It’s really weird that you feel this… That you don’t want to go public with your name”, says Kjöller.

The conversation continues and Kjöller makes it into about how the psychologist isn’t prepared to speak openly, with his name, about what has happened.

The psychologist explains to Nyheter Idag that he wants to be anonymous due to circumstances related to his job. Nyheter Idag have been given access to emails, text messages and voice mails from Hanne Kjöller.

The psychologist also says he’s contacted two other media outlets through e-mail to tell his account of the incident in Kungsträdgården. He didn’t get any response, thus he gave up on noticing media about what took place last summer.

  • hurricanepaul

    Since these people MUST have known what was going to happen to their women in Sweden, Germany and elsewhere, by allowing these Muslim savages into their countries, I have no sympathy for these people.
    I could care less how many are rapped or murdered.
    The difference is, we in America are ARMED TO THE TEETH and we won’t have to “call the police” when we witness some 14th century jihadist misbehaving.
    We call 911 – not to save us – but to have someone come and remove the dead bodies from our front porches.

    • Red

      Which is precisely why Obama is trying to bring in gun control which will extend to confiscating weapons legally owned at this time. This is exactly what Hitler did when he first came to power and before he executed over 60,000 Germans after which he could safely open up the concentration camps. If I was in America I would make sure I had a couple of firearms and lots of ammo well hidden from that scumbag Muslim Obama!

      • John Miller

        History repeats itself. Obama recently hired 200 new FBI agents. He has 430 FBI tracking gun law registration, and 50 handling ISIS.

        It is as the Commander of Homicide, Captain James Clark, Philadelphia, PA, said of Obama two days ago: “He is incapable of protecting Americans”.

      • joe1429

        Hitler said ” It is glorious day, now that the population is disarmed”

    • joe1429

      I disagree.. you cant blame the people for the politicans that are on their knees

    • Luiza

      The American gov’t is in the process of removing those guns from your hands. So be careful not to pass judgement too quickly. Yes, there were a lot of stupid people that welcomed these pigs but they are also a product of years of indoctrination.

  • The newspaper Dagens Nyheter har commented on the issue. What comes out in there is that the police officer in charge did not want to disclose the harassment due to its possibility of supporting the nationalist and social conservative party Sweden Democrats. A national police that takes political stance:

    “– Det här är en öm punkt, vi vågar ibland inte säga som det är för att vi tror att det spelar Sverigedemokraterna i händerna. Vi får ta på oss det här inom polisen, säger polischefen Peter Ågren ”

    • Luiza

      I strongly believe ALL police are being ordered silent on any Islam related crimes. The media just distorts it anyway. But I even see it here in the USA. The police are being told to keep quiet.

  • Erik0

    It’s not just a newspaper, but the largest morning newspaper in Sweden.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      No matter how it is described, it is the flag of cowards and traitors.

  • rambler

    When the truth is covered up! All sorts of reasons for it besides influencing elections. Not wanting to admit that it was wrong to admit the foreign invaders. Not wanting tourism to take a hit. Not wanting the public to know how inept their gov really is when dealing with crowd control and crime prevention. Bad policies invite bad outcomes.

    • Luiza

      There is NO way they could have ever seen this as a win. If all of Eurape becomes Arab there will be no reason for any tourist to go there. Now, there is no reason to go there unless you want to be gang raped. Either way, even if they had taken over peacefully, it would have been the end of civilization. No churches, no museums, no women, no statues, no fountains, no castles, nothing! This is what Arabs do. They flatten everything and put their women in tents. No man wants to see that, and no woman wants to be raped. Where was the win here? There was NEVER a win.

      • rambler

        It is the end result of all liberal thought. Since none ever entertains the possible consequences of an action. The libs only want to focus on the benefits, especially when it benefits them directly. The heck with what the impact is on the overall population. Those leaders should remember what happens when the public will take nothing more from those leaders. It never ends well for those leaders.

        • Dirty Dutch

          Morning doll.

          • rambler

            Good day Sunshine.

          • Dirty Dutch ♠️


  • Mahou Shoujo

    The Swedish media is as useless and bigoted as the lame stream media everywhere. It is a disgrace to the concept of a free press that it allows itself to select what it will and will not report on based on race, religion or anything else. The best thing the present media outlets can have happen is to go bankrupt, getting out of the way and allowing for a limited degree of honesty and integrity back into the news. Shame and disgust on the european and all other media outlets who are afraid of the truth.

    • Millionmileman

      Apart from my regular blogs on Pamella’s site I am constantly blogging, in defense of Israel on The Swedish Local site which recently banned comments with nom deplumes to using my real name with same the same Avitar on their Facebook page

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Good that you are doing something on facebook, for as long as it will let you.

      • joker

        We have to be with Israel, although not I am not from Israel I was born an European Jew. But not only with Israel also with our Christian brothers in Europe and the Middle East.

        • joe1429

          Yes, how come this doesnt happen to israeli women?? I think the muzzies would be shot over there

          • El Cid

            I respectfully defended Pamela and Tommy Robinson yesterday on a post on the Daily Telegraph that was ‘removed’.

            My facebook account has been suspended.

            I use a fake name because I know I will be a target.

      • Rachel Studley

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    • Po Tato

      >… The Swedish media is as useless and bigoted …

      We, as the people, have two choices …

      1. Let the lame stream media to continually spewing out false news to the people …


      2. Make sure that real news reaches the public

      If we are to do nothing, the same falsehood will continually be fed to the people, making them as stupid (and stupider) as per the the requirement of TPTB

      On the other hand, if you feel that enough is enough, let’s make sure REAL NEWS get to reach the people … at the very least, giving the people a choice

      What Mr. Chang Frisk is doing is a very brave gesture against the falsehood filled media and the guy will, sooner or later, be facing with a storm of accusations from the oxymoronic ‘liberal intellectuals’

      We, no matter if our role is mere news readers or news aggregators, we must give support to brave souls such as Mr. Chang Frisks to continue his/their fights to churn out REAL NEWS to the people !

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It is necessary to go around the lame stream media, it has sold out to progressive politically correct interests including socialism and islam. The resistance and eventual victory over oppression will rise from the bottom and fly to the top, Trickle down is a phenomena pertinent to mens urinals, nothing else.

        • Po Tato

          My dear friend,

          The so-called ‘sold out’ does not happen overnight – it happens slowly … and the Western countries (and the people in it), are like the frogs that are being cooked alive inside the wok filled with slowly warming water

          We ought to offer the frogs inside the wok a chance to know the situation they are in, before it’s all too late

          We do not need to ‘go around’ the lame-stream media, for we no longer live in a society where the media only comes in the forms of daily newspapers — media embedding is everywhere no-a-days, and if we pick our chess moves carefully, we do have the potential to out maneuver those monstrocious lame stream media machinery in their own game

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That has to be done. Politicians and other social engineers are constantly trying to manipulate the public into being controlled by various theories that will give great power to elitists at the cost of everyone else’s freedom and even groceries.

    • Michael McNew

      What most Swedes consider as “conservative” media is, even by American standards, far left. All the media does there is try to scare the people into believing the Russians are about to invade because their elite want to join NATO and be seen as more than just miniature poodles.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The lame stream media has lost any semblance of being a legitimate information organization. It relies on cheap sensationalism and propaganda to peddle its shoddy papers. The sooner these old established sold out liars are bankrupt, the sooner a legitimate media can take its place.

  • Iamnumber6

    This is the Trump phenomena. It is spreading through the west. We will not be silenced by PC any longer. The ruling elites ignore this at their peril. Expect to see people speak up more and more.

    • joe1429

      GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron Cole

    My United States Marine Corps Parris Island Drill Instructor Gunny Sgt. Green oft warned us that it is expected that we lie to the enemy, but it is suicide to lie to your self.

    • Po Tato

      Yes, we do have the obligation to lie to the enemy

      And … this is where the ooomph! comes in … when the media lie to us, they are treating us as THEIR ENEMY !!

  • Wulf2000

    This just proves a highly educated person can be an intellectual idiot; see nothing, hear nothing, know nothing.

  • Yarden

    Hello from Tel aviv …In Sweden there is a calture war but the Swedish people allready lost it unfortunately the don’t know they lost the war becouse non the government or the media speaks about it. It is unspeakable subject I wonder what they will tell there grandsons in 20 years when they will ask where were you ? And how did Sweden become Muslem? Why didn’t you do any thing ? I must mantion Swedish forighn affair minister attacking israel for defending the citizen all she care about is to attack Israel she make me sick

    • joe1429

      Go israel!! The muzzies would never pull this sexual shi t over there against israeli women, bc they would get their asses beat down!!

    • honeybee

      Diversion , the Jews did it.

  • freebird

    Sure the left party try´s to cover the rotten behavior of this Musel-sc*m.
    Otherwise they must confess that they have done everything wrong with their stupid pol. corr. communistic idiology and must resign.

  • olddog

    the entire EU=PU is TOAST…LIEberalism has a 100% FAIL RATE..and a 500% CASH BURN RATE..and now??..CONVERT OR DIE Sharia..OH THE JOY!!!!

  • Northernwhisky

    i would suggest that somebody shave this bitch’s head just like the French did after it was liberated from the Germans after WW 2. After all it important to for people to know, who this domestic traitor is!

  • hyena

    Don’t you just love that freedom of speech that you and I have, the liberal democracy, the equality, the rule of law ?

  • atl slayer

    When it happens to them or her, or their friends or their daughters or their wives, don’t worry,the police and enemedia will ignore and cover that up too,

  • Shafiq Islam

    Did you notice the cultural difference in the picture? While everyone else uses the middle finger, devout Muslims use the forefinger.

  • NYCFiredog

    When it happens to the right women. Women of the Press. Daughters of the press. Wives. Eventually it will happen to the right daughters, sisters, wives and then, something might be done.

    • joe1429

      Just like cruz said, if all the people coming over the border were republicans, there would have been a wall built 30yrs, ago!, lol

    • Luiza

      Round them up and take them to the refugee camps! Let them pay the price and start the cleanse before it’s too late.

  • liz

    The nightmare that’s been happening in slow motion ever since leftists gained power in the West is speeding up now. We are already experiencing the horrible consequences of letting barbarians invade our countries.

  • Manny Rodriguez

    To find who rules over you, find who you are not allowed to criticize.

    • bellajewels

      Best comment.

  • Annie Pickett

    The Swede “journalists” are afraid like many people. They fear if they publish anything vaguely anti-Islam there will be a massacre in their office the next day.

  • joe1429

    There needs to be an investigation by the govt of sweden immed why the sex abuse at the concert in august, was never reported by the media, despite the police notifying the journalists. Someone in their papers needs to be fired or prosecuted. It just shows , that you cannot put muzzie men near euro women. Segregation is the ONLY solution!!

  • Luiza

    We are not suffering anywhere near the trauma of the EU. But here in America the media is NOT reporting ANYTHING that is happening all over Europe. It has even stopped covering ISIS terrorists being arrested, planning to kill Americans. Two men with plans to attack were arrested on Thursday in CA and in TX. Not one word of it made the news. The cover up is both the EU countries and the USA. This is much more dangerous for EU and I feel horrible about what is happening, all I’m sharing is that the cover up is GLOBAL!

  • edbo


  • Cherub

    In Germany now the tactics of the lieing Mainstreammedia focuses extremly on Collogne …. so as if this has been the only “hot spot” of Sex Preying by Muslims.
    Similar Preying has been in Bielefeld, Munic, Hannover, Hamburg and many other cirites more …. this night of Islamc quoranic Standard crimes alone could fill a thick book with records about this crimes.
    ntv – a Northern Germany TV Station let say to one of ist Mods some sentences about the attempts to hid the believe Backgrounds of the rapists and that they are “asylum-seekers” ….
    ntv themselves hid over years reports about media when such even changened NAMES and NATIONALITY of islamic crime doers to give them a German “identity” … they made of a “Ibrahim” or “Abdullah” a Georg or Fritz…
    The word “Lügenpresse” (lie-press) fits also to some big extent on ntv (“Islam means peace !”, “This has nothing to do with Islam…..”. Twisting reports aso), which now tries to take on the peace of Cloth as if they have not been part of the “Lügenpresse” …. which is in Basics either a more ideologically thriven war of lies against the peacelocing People in any Country or a more thriven one by heavy industries and gigantic Business coops…..
    We Need urgently to come free from this fatal anti-democratic System of the Parties and to come to the really only straight Democracy which is the direct choice out ot the People for i`s wise and caring Elder of whom several might build a Senat which then delivers the really rightous decsions and rules ….
    No more ideology consitent which is war against realities, but corresponding to and for LIFE !

  • brian crawford

    just wait till these liberal idiots get assaulted by these animals, then we will see how they feel

  • El Cid

    Part of the problem is the “right wing” extremists. People like Tommy Robinson who have a clear voice get covered up by neo-Nazis who are attracted to the anti-immigrant crowd. The press always refers to Tommy Robinson as “extreme right”. They also put Pamela, Robert and Trump in the same category. Weird. It is the Jihadists that are extreme right.

    Europe is so polarized that a real counter-Islamic movement is failing to emerge. I do not want to fight side by side with Nazis and skinheads either.

    Of course, the press could fix it if they listened to people like Tommy Robinson and treated them with respect and if they demanded that Robert and Pamela get to speak.

    Let us pray that the US is not polarized in the same way and that common sense will prevail.

  • Philly is a toilet

    What is going on in Western Civilization? Im beginning to think and believe that this is a true conspiracy rather than just Liberals being politically correct.

  • Gee, it’s a real headscratcher as to why Swedes are fleeing their country ain’t it?

    Linked to this over at my place:

  • Philly is a toilet

    This is the most disgusting and disheartening thing I’ve read in a while. This ‘feminist’ should lose her credentials as a journalist. She lost all journalistic integrity the minute she chose not to cover a story just to be politically correct. It’s a lie of omission.

  • Jack Lane

    Was in Sweden, Denmark, Norway last summer, hibjab city, tourists stay away if you know what is good for you.

  • seventensandnine

    Defend and push the “Narrative” at all costs.

    That is the liberal way.

  • joe1429

    so much for freedom of the press, lol

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