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Small Jihad Army Arrested in Singapore, 27 Muslims with Terror Links “SERIOUS THREAT”


Singapore in the crosshairs. Their fortress? The mosque. Always the mosque.

Arrested extremists could have ‘easily changed minds, attacked Singapore’: K Shanmugam, Channel News Asia, January 21, 2016:

Leaders in Singapore urge vigilance against extremism and caution against the discrimination of foreign workers after the arrest of 27 Bangladeshi nationals for terror links.

SINGAPORE: The 27 Bangladeshi nationals arrested in Singapore with terror links “could easily have changed their minds and attacked Singapore,” said Minister for Home Affairs K Shanmugam in a Facebook post on Wednesday (Jan 20).

He noted that the men, who were meeting on a regular basis at a mosque, had materials on techniques of silent killing and videos of jihadist propaganda. While the minister did not name the mosque, Bangladeshi newspapers The Daily Star and New Age cited case documents stating that it was the Angullia Mosque near Mustafa Centre.

Angullia Mosque near Mustafa Centre

“Our security agencies have done well in picking them up early. I had said yesterday that the threat of terrorism is real. We are getting daily reminders of that,” said Mr Shanmugam, who had highlighted in a speech on Tuesday that Southeast Asia has become “fertile ground” for terrorism.


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong described the 27 men as a “serious threat” to Singapore, even though they did not plan to carry out their “nefarious” activities in the country.

“We are tightening up our security, and acting to protect our racial and religious harmony. Radicalisation and terrorism must never take root in Singapore,” he said in a Facebook post. He also urged people to be on guard for suspicious activities.

Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim also expressed concern, following the arrests.

“Terrorism is a continuing threat that can have a grave impact on all of us. I appeal that we be more vigilant, whether against radical teachings and ideologies, or of any suspicious activities around us,” said Dr Yaacob in a Facebook post.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.12.38 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.12.29 PM


However, Dr Yaacob, who is also the Minister for Communications and Information, also cautioned against discriminating migrant workers in Singapore. “The actions of a few cannot determine how we treat others who have worked so hard to build our homes, schools and hospitals,” he explained. “All of us, regardless of race, language or religion, have a role to play.”

“Majority of the foreign workers here contribute positively to the growth and development of our nation,” added Labour Chief and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Chan Chun Sing. “As such, we must be careful not to let the actions of these radicalised foreign workers taint the positive contributions of other law-abiding foreign workers who live harmoniously amongst us.”

Mr Chan also urged Singapore to strengthen efforts to integrate foreign workers and guard against ostracising them.

“It is also critical that we do not allow this incident to affect the strong ties we share with our fellow Muslim Singaporeans as religious harmony is the cornerstone to our unique heritage in Singapore,” he said. “The greater the threat to split our social fabric, the more we must reach out and embrace each other as Singaporeans.”


The 27 men, all working in the construction industry in Singapore, were arrested under the Internal Security Act last year, said the Ministry of Home Affairs. All but one have been repatriated to Bangladesh, with the last set to be sent home after serving a jail term for attempting to illegally leave Singapore.

Of those arrested, 26 of them were members of a closed religious study group which supported the ideology of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and Islamic State. The remaining Bangladeshi national was not part of the group but he was found to be supportive of extremist preachers, and had radicalism-related material.

Those arrested in Singapore had been encouraged by their leaders to return to Bangladesh and carry out terror activities against the government, said MHA. Several of them had also contemplated travelling to and committing terror acts in the Middle East.

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  • JSebastian

    Interesting that only six of the 27 are Asian. And that there are two in each row of the photo. I wonder if they planned that while putting the lineup together.

    • Shafiq Islam

      What on earth do you mean? They are all Asian.

      • Po Tato

        You do not understand, to the Brits only the Pakis and the Indians are counted as ‘Asians’

        • Shafiq Islam

          Bangladeshis are the same ethnicity.


          To me BBC Brits are Socialist Eurotrash. Two can use the broad brush.

        • JSebastian

          I’m American – Asian means the orient. Pakistan and India are not the Orient…they are Indian.

    • joker

      Whether they are all Asians or not but they all look for sure like monkeys.
      In general all beyond Turkey are seen as Asian.

  • Shafiq Islam

    Bangladesh is fast radicalising because of Saudi-sponsored mosques and madrasas and the Jamaat-e-Islami organisation, which sponsors terrorism, obtains money from Bangladeshi-Americans legally. Until the US and its allies get serious about cutting off funding to terrorist groups, the problem will only worsen.

    • Po Tato

      Bangladesh, Nigeria, Gambia, Mali, Somalia, Chad, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, … and all the other “…stan” countries … are being exploiting the Saudis with their export of the violent form of extreme islamic fundamentalism, or so called ‘wahabism’

      All these countries have two things in common –

      1. Majority of the populations are moslems, sunni moslems

      2. The countries are relatively poor

      Regarding the ‘seriousness’ of US cutting off the funding to islamic terrorism … as long as Obama is in power, there will be more and more funds flowing from America to the various islamic terrorist groups

      • Shafiq Islam

        Absolutely right. Brzezinski came up with the idea of radicalising Sunni Muslims (right on the heels of the Islamic revolution in Iran) and Carter and Reagan enthusiastically supported it. Reagan called the Mujahideen “the moral equivalent of the Founding Fathers,” and they went on to become the Taliban and al Qaeda.

        Yet the US won’t pressure the Saudis to cut off funding.

        • Po Tato

          In a way, the Saudis are doing the deeds on behalf of Uncle Sam, so how can the USA pressuring the Saudis to ‘cut of funding’??

          • Shafiq Islam

            Uncle Sam needs to reconsider.

          • keith

            … and we are seriously reconsidering… we are becoming less OPEC oil dependent, which means we can show our true colors based on need (if we don’t need you for something, than we don’t need you), and their “deeds on behalf”, as Potato Head mentioned, are no longer either relevant, helpful or productive… and their human rights outrages anger the Prez… so we need them less and less…

          • Shafiq Islam

            You just sold KSA a very large amount of weaponry, and you are working with them to destabilise Yemen.

          • keith

            … yes, well, one can’t just leap out of alliances like one can a relationship, mate… there are geo-political issues involved, as well as legal entanglements (oil industry contracts)… these have momentum and it takes time to wind it all down… but we will… being in bed with Muslims is a losing proposition, which our leadership is slowly coming to realize…

          • Shafiq Islam

            Very slowly coming to realise. Bush tried to blind Americans to the facts by redacting the 9/11 reports and attacking Afghanistan and Iraq, which had no role in the attacks, whilst protecting KSA, home of 15 of the 19 hijackers and source of most of the funding. He even smoked cigars on the White House balcony with his old friend and benefactor Bandar bin Sultan, whose wife had funded 2 of the terrorists.

          • keith

            … the Bush fam has deep connections to the Saudis… oil of course… once we become more independant of Middle Eastern oil, things will change more quickly… we needed those buggers’ oil all through the years, though we never liked them or their Dark Ages cultures… Bush was a fool who triggered a roiling world as a consequence of his foolish actions abroad… and his deregulation of various industries here at home (banking, insurance etc) set in motion the Great Recession of ’08 that Obama inherited… I didn’t vote for Bush… he was a disaster..!!

          • Shafiq Islam

            Yes, so I’m glad Jeb W. Bush is out of the running. However, Hillary Clinton is bound to be the Democrat nominee and may very well be elected president, and she and Bill have ties to KSA and other sponsors of terrorism that rival the Bushes’.

          • His Excellency

            The Taliban in Afghanistan were innocent regarding 9/11? So they did not shelter bin Laden and Al Qaeda? That’s a huge lie. As for Saddam, he may not have been directly involved in the attacks, but he was the world’s only head of state who openly praised the 9/11 attacks in its immediate aftermath. Noth only that, but Saddam’s regime in Iraq was, in fact, a haven for numerous Islamic terror groups, including Al Qaeda. The Taliban and Saddam were not innocent. In fact, they were far from innocent.

          • Shafiq Islam

            They did shelter them, but there is no evidence that they in any way collaborated with them to attack the US. They offered to turn bin Laden over to an international tribunal if evidence of his guilt were provided, which is normal procedure for extradition.

            Please give reliable references for your assertions that Saddam gave safe haven to Islamic terror groups, because I have not seen any documentation of that.

          • His Excellency

            Here’s some evidence of Saddam’s connections with Al Qaeda and other Islamic terror groups:

            And the Taliban has been known to lie quite a lot. The fact was that they were extremely oppressive domestically and did not want to cooperate with any international players at all.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Could you kindly explain why Bush brought their leaders to the US and gave them $43 million?


            You have given me a compilation of prewar propaganda, nothing more, to support your assertions. This stuff has been long discredited.

          • His Excellency

            Actually, the facts I posted have never been discredited. There were significant connections between Saddam’s pre-war regime in Iraq and Islamic terror groups, including Al Qaeda. Daily Kos, on the other hand, is Democratic Party propaganda.

          • Shafiq Islam

            So you are denying that Bush met with Taliban leaders and gave them $43 million? Really?

            And the consequences of the Iraq war were foreseen by US intelligence officials before the war, and they were right.


          • UncleB

            Not the U.S., they are but a tool in the hands of the international plutocrats that are manipulating, orchestrating, a mass genocide of Muslims, by Muslims. These folk are already set up for the high profit Armaments sales to all sides of this Muslim dilemma.

        • mtmla

          The Saudis have the politicians in their pockets.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Yes, in the case of the Bush dynasty, nearly $1.5 billion.

      • mtmla

        Bo is a traitor and a mole for the muslims and they have infiltrated all levels of the government. BO hates America and he is fundamentally transforming the country as he promised and the RINOs are complacent. That’s why they hate Trump.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Bangladesh is “fast radicalising” eh? What did you call the slaughter of 2.5 to 3 million Hindus (and rape of thousands of Hindu women) in Bangladesh in the 1970’s? A job half done?

      • Shafiq Islam

        I am surprised that you do not understand that the genocide of Hindus was perpetrated by the Pakistani army with help from a small number of Bangladeshi perpetrators, and with the support of the US. In fact, Nixon had the US Navy steaming towards Chittagong when the Indian army defeated the Pakistanis and forced their surrender.

        For years after that Bangladesh was quite moderate, and the Bangladeshi government has been prosecuting collaborators for war crimes.

  • Ari Chen

    Hard to believe the 27 were not planning terror attacks in Singapore. They were doing a recruitment drive. But as usual, the Singapore Government, like all others, will give “half-truths” to the public, presumably not to cause “panic”.. or a backlash against the hiring of such foreign muslim workers who are cheap.

    Singapore laws are very strict… why “plan” here for terror acts back home or elsewhere??

    Hopefully, the laws will change where they will be executed on the spot if found guilty for potential terror acts.

    • Po Tato

      The Bangladeshis are not only ‘recruiting’, they have been actively sending their ‘recruits’ to training camps to neighboring countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia to be trained in bomb making and weapon handling (urban warfare, psy-ops, for example)

      There are well known terrorist camps inside Indonesia, particularly inside dense jungle in Kalimantan and Sulawesi. These camps are being sponsored by funding from the Middle East as well as from Europe / America (so-called ‘islamic charities’)

      And in Malaysia, the Malaysian government is actively training islamic militants. Not only in training, but als providing arms and logistical supports (such as issuing them Malaysian identities completed with Malaysia passports with new names so that the terrorists get to travel to the West)

      Similar things are happening in Malaysia – teams of veteran Talibans have arrived in Malaysia, serving as ‘consultants/instructors’ inside the training camps set up by the Malaysian government

      • Dno

        Hi Po Tato, I’m a Christian originally from Malaysia now living in North America. Is there a link somewhere that shows the Malaysian govt is actively supporting terrorism? Family and other non-Muslims in the country could soon be in grave danger. The Muslim majority increases every year due to higher birth rates and I won’t be surprise if the country becomes even more “radicalized”.

  • Michael Copeland

    “Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind” –
    a caption for the picture, (Koran 3:110)

    • Jay Dillon

      You’re either nuts or very ironic.

  • JWM

    Say it isn’t so. Jihadis hang out at the local mosque? S/

  • Larenzo1

    What many may not know is that the people of Singapore will not tolerate these bastards they will kill them.

    • Jay Dillon

      They just sent them back to Bangladesh. This surprised me also, but the problem is that the fascism of Singapore is probably at least partly Islamofascism. (??)

  • on my out of Saudi

    How about those beards? They are so ugly!!!


      They all try to look like their “prophet” Moooohammed. I bet several of them are named Moooohammed.

  • basudeb dey

    Bangladesh once a secular country is now a new horizon of Islamic terrorism. There are many Bangladeshi Muslims in #NewYork area and US should keep close watch on them.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Tell it to the families of the 2.5 to 3 million Hindus slaughtered in Banglaesh in the 1970’s. Tell them how “secular” Bangladesh was pig.

  • Mamat Mamat

    Germany: more than 1000 Muslims commit rape jihad, only ONE suspect arrested.
    Singapore: 27 Muslims PLANNING jihad, 27 of them arrested.
    Muslims can f uck with the western/northern European countries, but not with this one.


    I’d like to see those same 27 snakeheads on pikes in ISISstan.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    The same kinda PC/MC bullshit is being slung in Singapore as it is in any other country being invaded/subsumed by islamic-nazism. Good bye freedom, hello islamic-nazism.


    27 pieces of dog shiite.

  • Jay Dillon

    Singapore is so fascist that I really wonder why these men were allowed to go back to Bangladesh, where they will continue plotting and killing, or will emigrate to some other country and continue the same evil ways.

  • joker

    There is a shampoo called “Wash and Go” the same in Pakistan is called “Go and Wash”.

  • mtmla

    Last year I visited Portugal and noticed a lot of Bangladeshi men working in the souvenir shops downtown Lisbon. I hope the Portuguese government keeps an eye on them and keeps them from causing problems to such a wonderful country.It seems that there aren’t too many of these cancerous growth in Portugal. Better yet, keep them away. The King Alfonso Henriques kicked them out of Portugal and unified the country in the 1300s. Portugal was the first European country tha expelled the mu-slime.
    Bravo to those heroes who expelled the cancer of islam from their land.No PC like the idiots traitors of today.

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