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San Bernardino Muslims planned mass murder on a much larger scale


They didn’t succeed this time. But other devout Muslims are working to succeed where they failed. Meanwhile, our leaders are intent on making sure you know that none of this has anything to do with Islam. They will remind us of that again after the next attack.


“San Bernardino terror attack could have been a whole lot worse,” Associated Press, January 25, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

WASHINGTON — A homemade bomb left behind by the husband and wife who perpetrated a mass shooting at a California social services center failed to detonate because it was poorly constructed, two law enforcement officials told the Associated Press.

The failure compelled Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 29, to drive around the area of San Bernardino, California, after the shootings that killed 14 people. They were apparently trying to set off the remote-controlled bomb, one of the officials said.

The officials were briefed on the investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the case publicly.

Investigators believe the couple intended to detonate the improvised explosive device — placed in a bag left at the center that morning by Farook before the shooting — to kill emergency responders or possibly before their attack.

The plan to set off an explosive device as part of a wave of attacks is similar to an aborted 2012 plan by Farook and his longtime friend Enrique Marquez, who has been charged for his role in aiding the violence. The pair planned to explode pipe bombs on a freeway and then shoot emergency responders.

The device found at the scene in San Bernardino consisted of three pipe bombs, constructed with Christmas tree lights and attached to a remote-control toy car switched to “on.” The couple had the remote with them in their rented SUV. It was found after the shootout.
Weapons and other evidence sits on the ground near the black SUV that Farook and Malik used during their attempted escape.Photo: Reuters

The FBI is still trying to determine where the couple was or what they did during 18 minutes between the Dec. 2 attack and a shootout with authorities that left them dead.

Investigators have no details on the couple’s whereabouts between 12:59 p.m. and 1:17 p.m. that day and worry that they may have met with someone, dropped by a storage unit or visited a residence. Authorities accounted for the couple’s movements using traffic and surveillance cameras, witness accounts and other techniques.

While driving around San Bernardino and Redlands afterward, the couple appeared to drive aimlessly and stopped multiple times over a roughly 20-mile area, according to the FBI. They never strayed far from the location of their initial attack, and at one point appeared to be trying to drive closer. Farook and Malik also stopped by a nearby lake, which a dive team searched unsuccessfully for days, trying to find any abandoned electronic devices.

Detectives watching the area saw the couple driving toward their home in the SUV, and Farook and Malik died in a shootout with authorities.

One of the officials said the hard drive has still not been found, and the two cellphones, which were sent to the FBI lab, were so badly crushed that investigators have not yet been able to conduct a forensic examination on them.

One rifle used in the attack was modified in what appears to be an effort to make the gun fully automatic. But despite the installation of the required parts, the machining wasn’t done properly and so the effort was unsuccessful, one official said. The errors constructing the explosive device and modifying the gun may indicate that the two killers were self-taught, but without potential electronic evidence on the couple’s computer hard drive and phones, it is hard to know for sure, officials said.

The FBI has said there’s no evidence that the attack was directed from overseas.

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  • ruthy k

    Such a sweet couple! Just Darling aren’t they? And the officials are letting the family raise their baby?

    • ljm4

      yep, the kid has to continue in the family business…

      • KG89

        Yep, Charlie Hebdo style.

        • KG89

          Some blood and gore inside Charlie Hebdo’s office.

    • studi30

      Which one is the guy and which one is the girl?

      • ruthy k

        now that you mention it!

      • Janet

        I know! She’s one homely looking women! May they both rot in hell!

    • Joe Engineer

      She is soooo ugly I can’t stand the sight of her.
      May she rot in a shallow grave.

    • roger

      Yes, and Enrique Marquez, should be sentenced to at least a weeks community service.

  • bringiton

    Thank you Pamela for following up on this matter. You are a National Treasure and are a hero to millions of Americans. There are many troubling questions that LA reporters are not even asking. Why have police not arrested the Imam of their mosque for providing obviously false/misleading info about these two maggots? Did police request to inspect their phones? What was their response? How did family members get together with cair, the Imam and that radical nut-job Siddiqui (sp?) so fast and why didn’t the Feds get to them quicker? What is the time-line of the communications between all of them? Knowing Siddiqui was a mentor for Bin-Laden’s close associate, among other red flags, why have they not searched all his records and communications or at least ask him and see his reaction? Did cair national office get a call from someone in Gov as a heads-up? Justice dept? Homeland Sec?State? Only a fool believes the mother was clueless, have they tracked down all those arab looking men coming and going to the house in the days leading up to attack? Several eyewitnesses were sure there were 3 people in the attack, does Fbi just assume they were mistaken? On what solid basis? Why wasn’t the house, crime scene of bomb making and planning, not secured, finger printed every square inch and bagged-up and brought to crime lab everything in that house? A time-line of communications and contacts would answer many questions. They need to look at cair local and national’s communication records as I have a hunch that cair worked with traitors in B.O admin to try to cover-up/whitewash as best they could. Something smells….as this was as poorly handled as any I have seen.

  • itchy

    Yet Barack Osama uses these incidents of terror to blame guns. and he wants us not to self protect from these crazies. I wonder how long before these Muslim extremists start foaming from the mouth from rabies.

    • honeybee

      If they are foaming from rabies. Obama will blame dogs.

      • itchy

        Only the white ones

        • honeybee

          Pure bred or mixed?

  • JSebastian

    Has anyone noticed that nobody has heard or seen the brother since the shooting? Is he even a real person? How would we ever know? And if he does exist, where the hell is he? No media have reported having a conversation with him, or even seeing him. I find that extremely suspicious.

    And what of the reports of THREE shooters? This is too much like the Sandy Hook event, in that additional persons reported to be involved or apprehended/questioned have never been accounted for or identified. Again…suspicious as all get out.

    And what of the sizeable group of arab men that the neighbor saw visiting the couple? Who were they? Where are they?

    I fear that the reality is that this cell is very much still in existence and the government is involved in concealing it, or enabling it.

    • roger

      Maybe the whole community was in on it to some degree, certainly the local Imam, it’s the way they roll.

  • jimbo

    i actually find her VERY attractive. And that muslim headbag she’s wearing only enhances her beauty. no wonder this little terrorist fell so deeply and madly in love. couldn’t help himself ! a thing of pure beauty.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    That is why terrorists will have to be shot on sight, do not give them a chance to do more then what attracted attention to begin with.

  • hal8196

    The idea that a swat team just happened to be practicing in the area, no follow up on the third shooter, and the crime scene was opened to the reporters so soon indicates to me that something is amiss with this whole, sordid affair. We have been infiltrated at the highest levels by the Muslim Brotherhood. Petrodollars have bought a lot of protection from our “leaders”.

  • How to convince people that it is the intent of any particular attack that is relevant and not how many were killed or injured?

    The day that a suicide terrorist detonated inside a Starbucks in Jakarta, Indonesia, I asked a local Barista behind the counter whether she had heard of the attacks and she asked how many were killed and injured. I was thrown off for a moment and said that the intent was to kill everybody in the store. Her blank stare didn’t convey whether she–the manager on duty–understood what I had said.

  • Drew the Infidel

    The term “directed from overseas” is word play. The plot was devised overseas and imported through a Swiss cheese customs apparatus.

  • Stephen Honig

    I had said this from the start, this wasn’t their objective. He killed them with out planning it, because he got pissed off at the dinner.

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