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Pubs and clubs in Germany’s “inclusive” “Green City” Freiburg forbid refugees


Liberal multiculturalist wishful thinking is meeting reality in Germany. Soon it will be meeting reality all over Europe and the U.S. as well.

club Germany

“Pubs and clubs in German town of Freiburg forbid refugees,” DW, January 25, 2016:

A group of nightlife spots in the German city of Freiburg have banded together to bar refugees following a string of reported crimes. The city sells itself as being all inclusive.

Freiburg, Germany prides itself on being the country’s “Green City,” a friendly, open place where a family of four is more likely to own a tandem bike than a station wagon. On Saturday, however, the small city on the edge of the Black Forest in the south of the country was splashed across the German media for a much different reason – the decision by a group of clubs and bars to keep refugees out.

According to reports, a wave of pickpocketing and sexual assaults preceded the decision in the university town where thousands of students flock to bars every evening. After a series of sexual assaults in the city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve , the line between welcoming refugees and providing security has become a flashpoint across the country.

City official balks

Regional newspaper “Badische Zeitung” wrote that the city had invited a group of club owners to a round table at city hall to discuss the ban.

The city official in charge of social affairs, Ulrich von Kirchbach, reacted angrily to the measure. Badische Zeitung quoted him as saying that “a rule such as this is contrary to rules against discrimination.”

Von Kirchbach added the caveat that “of course we cannot allow lawlessness anywhere,” and anyone who commits a crime “must be prosecuted under the law.”

While no one yet knows if the ban will affect any change in Freiburg nightlife, police chief for North Freiburg, Harry Hochuli, told “Badische Zeitung” about a similar measure from a decade past that worked well at curbing petty crime. A group of bars and clubs, alongside the city government and police department, organized themselves under the motto “Kicked out once, you’re not going back in anywhere,” meaning a ban from one location meant a flat ban across Freiburg.

German determination to maintain an open society has stretched to breaking point in recent weeks, particularly after revelations that police in Cologne downplayed the nationality of many perpetrators because it might be “politically uncomfortable.”

Even Chancellor Angela Merkel, who all through summer and autumn staunchly defended her open-door policy has had to backtrack to closing German borders after losing political support , even from within her own party, for her stance.

  • GavinVolaire

    If I can’t post about genocide, I’m out of here.

    • Yitzhak

      No humans are involved so you are hallel

  • Juan
    • Yitzhak

      more like a funeral dirge

  • Muslims are evil l Allah is the devil !

  • thefounderswereright

    maybe this could be a wake up call.

  • disqus_yDrMDcCDka

    “Ich das not der swinehunde?
    Yah, das ich der swinehunde!”

    Nice to see that they’re FINALLY wising up.

    • Khorne

      Aah horrible. It means correct:
      Ist das nicht der Schweinehund?
      Ja, das ist der Schweinehund.

      • disqus_yDrMDcCDka

        Thanks, my German is a little rusty.
        Wouldn’t ‘swinehund’ with an ‘e’ at the end denote plural ‘pigdogs’?
        As I was referring to an entire group of repulsive sub-humans I thought I was correct.

        • Khorne

          Schweinehunde as a Plural is correct. You can also say Abschaum for scum or Abfall for garbage and so on…

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Thanks, there is a long way to go for computerized translators to get to be really good.

          • joker

            Schweinhuende, richtig?

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    How about stopping them at the border!

    • Yitzhak

      No, shoot them at the border. If you just stop them , they are still a problem.

  • Yitzhak

    “a rule such as this is contrary to rules against discrimination.” –

  • Per Madsen

    For God’s sake, there is some private industry in Northern Europe and this is good business practice. If these migrants drive away young women ( and their friends) all paying customers, the bars will go under. The bar owners are protecting their livelihoods. Muslims are not supposed to be around alcohol and music anyway.

    • El Cid

      If there is private enterprise, then ban it! Who knew that was going on in socialist Europe!? People are drinking Alcohol? Ban it. It is against Sharia!

      • berserker

        Yes, sarcasm. But a Muslim group has already asked for a ban on alcohol in Germany in the wake of the Cologne attacks.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          What is the prohibition of bratwurst and beer to infidels? They allow their sisters and daughters to be raped, they will do as they are told.

    • Yitzhak

      “Muslims are not supposed to be around alcohol and music anyway.”

      The point is ,we are also required to be Muslims or die… There is no such thing as tolerance in the Muslim world.

  • Yitzhak

    I think everyone there got the joke
    “A Muslim walks into a bar.
    No-one survived the blast”.

    • Richard

      A little off topic:
      A skeleton walks into a bar. He tells the bar tender, “Give me a beer and a mop.”

  • Yitzhak

    A Muslim walks into his local mosque with a big grin on his face.

    “What are you so happy about, Abdul?” Asks the Imam.

    “Well, I’ll tell you,” replies Abdul. “I live by the railroad tracks
    and on my way home last night, I noticed a young woman tied to the
    rails, like in the American movies. I cut her free and took her back to
    my humble abode. Allah be praised – we made love all night, all around
    the tent. We did everything, me on top, sometimes her on top, every
    position permitted by Mohammed, Peace Be Upon Him!”

    “By the most Merciful,” exclaimed the Imam, “you have been blessed. Was she as beautiful as a desert flower?”

    Abdul grimaced, “By the Jinn, I do not know – I never found her head.”

  • pdxnag

    There is no effective substitute for expelling them all.

    • rhondakelly07

      Want u to worship black skin

    • Steve

      Holes in the ground?

      • pdxnag

        Ssshhhh. We know they will resist. We know they will go all Ferguson. A dead Muslim militant cannot tell you which country he/she is from.

        • Steve

          God willing, lol!

  • Yitzhak

    Q: What’s the Muslim word for that useless part surrounding a vagina?

    A: A woman.

    Q: Why do most Muslim rapes go unreported?

    A: Goats can’t testify.
    I went to a Muslim strip club last week, everyone was chanting “show us your face”.

    Q: What’s the difference between an onion and a Muslim wife?

    A: The husband cries when he cuts up an onion.


    Q: How can you tell if a Muslim woman has committed suicide?

    A: There are 50 stab wounds in her back.

    Q: What does a Muslim do when the dishwasher stops working?

    A: He smacks her across the face.


    I just bought a new Muslim extremist calculator. It multiplies for years then fracking explodes!

    • Evil Liberal

      Why do Moslem women wear burkha’s? To hide the bruises.

      • Yitzhak

        Like the Boston Bomber’s wife.
        Come on! Don’t you have a joke to share?

        • disqus_yDrMDcCDka

          Allow me to ‘share’:
          Q: Why did they cancel the hockey game at the leper colony?
          A: There was a “face off” in the corner!”

          Get it?

          • rhondakelly07

            Google BARE NAKED ISLAM. Daily it shows Musliums murdering. But I’m a racist cause I’m telling u about it. Yesterday beat a camel to death. Gang raped a 3 year old. Every day it will SHOW Musliums. CULTURE.

          • Yitzhak

            Well the camel was just asking for it – it was an apostate camel.

          • disqus_yDrMDcCDka

            I just asked you nicely to go away and never come back.
            Allow me to press my case a little more forcefully:

          • rhondakelly07

            It’s not racist to show. What. Muslims do sir. Google. Bare Naked Islam. Look. Shows. Muslims butchering daily. Sir

          • J Ian

            Yes! You are a racist! why? Because non muslims do not have a right to self defense! jajajaj

          • rhondakelly07

            Ytube. Bare naked Islam. Israel on fire ?. Black violence. ?White girls bleed a lot. Hey jack ass dot com. Blacks play knockout game. Ytube. Blacks call a race war on whites. Mexicans. Latino. Asians. Ytube. Graphic what Obama and Clinton want for … look ? for the dead whites hanging upside down.

          • Camels know who they are. That’s for sure.

          • joe1429

            hahahah lmao

          • Don Grantham

            First video on that page shows some waste of life kicking a poor donkey off a cliff, and laughing while it fell to its death. Now I’m not saying these people need to be eradicated from the face of the earth… but, yeah.

          • rhondakelly07

            Thank u Don. God bless u sir

          • rhondakelly07

            Ytube. Bare naked Islam. Ytube graphic. What Obama and Clinton want for.. look ? for the dead white men hanging upside down. Ytube. Black violence. Blacks play knockout game. ?White girls bleed a lot. Pray you have a gun sir. God bless u ????

          • Janet

            Thanks for the info! I checked it out and was so angry when I read about all of the animal abuse that goes on by Muslims! I mean it’s rampant among them! That won’t go over well in the US! People love their animals and treat them like one of the family! It’s true how very different their culture is from ours! They just do not mesh at all!

          • Laura

            There are over 1 million homeless dogs on the streets of Houston, and that’s just one American city. And you say, ‘US people love their animals!’

          • Janet

            That’s horrible but I’m talking about the difference between the two cultures and the treatment of animals! Most Americans don’t go out of their way to hurt animals! There are the jerks out there that’s for sure! We have all kinds of animal rights groups and it’s sad that it’s still not enough! But what I read in that article was shocking!

          • rhondakelly07

            Please send more people to that web site bare Naked Islam. Thanks Janet. Pray for Twrrorist to stop killing people. Children. Animals. And gang rape. Home invade. Car jack. Force news to show face of every criminal too please

          • rhondakelly07

            Ytube this. Bare naked Islam. Or, Ytube. Graphic what Obama and Clinton want for … look ? for the dead white men hanging upside down.

          • Steve

            I thought you would say something like they lost their pucks!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        A muslim gets thrown out of a bar, lands in the gutter beside a pig, the pig gets up and leaves.

        • Richard

          A Muslim walks into his bedroom carrying a sheep. He says, “This is the pig I’ve been screwing.” His wife says, “That’s a sheep.” The fellow says, “I wasn’t talking to you.”

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Sounds very believable.

        • joe1429


      • Richard

        I went to see a Muslim tribute band last
        night at a Mosque in West Sydney.
        They were called, “Bomb Jovi”.

        I thought they were brilliant, with songs like “Losing my head over you”, “Rocket Launcher Man”, “You’re 6 You’re beautiful, and you’re mine.”

        ​Their last song, “Living on a Prayer Mat,” almost brought the house down.

        ​Then this Muslim bloke started bragging about how he had ​copied ​the entire Koran on DVD.

        I was interested so I asked him, ​”Can you burn me a copy?”

        Well, that was when the trouble started . . . those pricks have no sense of humour!

        • joe1429

          hahahaha lmao!!

        • Save Europe

          Brilliant !!!!

      • Steve

        Don’t forget, “Why does a muslime man need a sewing kit for sex? Scissors to cut her open and thread and needle to sew it back up!”

    • honeybee

      keep you day job. A Henny Youngman you ain’t.

    • jbm

      Hi Yitzak,

      Millions has converts to islam is western countries..

      Islam protect women..thats why women are the most converts to islam.

      The survey, conducted by Kevin Brice from Swansea University, asked converts for their views on the negative aspects of British culture.

      They identified alcohol and drunkenness, a ‘lack of morality and sexual permissiveness’, and ‘unrestrained consumerism’.

      Western women converting to Islam-Women’s World-12-28-2011

      Islam – The Fastest Growing Religion in the World

      • Yitzhak

        Is that what you tell your wife before you beat her and your uncle rapes your sister?
        Lots of suckers in this world I gather.

      • Dayna Hamilton

        jbm, “Islam protect women”, that’s a joke right? Because for a second there I thought with your bad english and all that you might be serious!

      • Save Europe

        Didn’t it also mention that prior to the UK general election of 2015, Wales had a massive problem with shariah seeking Muslims trying to forcefully prevent other Muslims from voting!?!?!

  • Needtoknowtruth

    Why are Muslims going to clubs? They have uncovered women, alcohol, music and dancing, all forbidden by their loving peaceful faith, we must help them and ban them!!!!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      • Darura: deceit through necessity (to engage in something “Haram” or forbidden).[9] This is a form of lying that is intrinsic to islam, which has at least five forms of lies that it endorses to the point of being mandatory.

    • Richard

      Because they have uncovered women and alcohol. I doubt a Muslim can dance any better than a white boy.

  • rambler

    Importing people who hate the citizens, traditions, culture and laws……. is a recipe for disaster and nothing good will come of it.

    • J Ian

      This is great news!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It is unfortunate that some subhumans ignorantly insist on remaining that way, even when living among decent considerate sharing people. The socialist enablers of these subhumans to remain inferior. Resisting all efforts to live like humans requires a response. those incapable or refusing to conform to human social behaviour will be excluded form the company of civilized persons. by force if necessary. The removal from the country of subhumans that are a liability on civilization is mandatory. Immediately.

  • Duane Savage

    Not surprised, when I was stationed in FranfurtAM, in the 70’s, a lot of bars banned American soldiers because they would get rowdy and disrespectful.

    • disqus_yDrMDcCDka

      Rowdy, maybe.

      But NOWHERE in the league of depravity as this self-propelled garbage who are preying on this once civilized society.

      Then, after actions toward the populace and women in general that would repulse a Barbary Pirate, the attitude of the authorities resembles:

      “Oh well, boys will be boys..”

      At the risk of being redundant I again direct you to the last reel of “The Wild Bunch” where you may imagine “migrants” in place of the Mexican soldiers.

      • Duane Savage

        Hmmmm ….okay….?

      • Richard

        “Rowdy, maybe.
        But NOWHERE in the league of depravity as this self-propelled garbage who are preying on this once civilized society.”

        Rowdy? Tell that to the rape victims of American servicemen in Okinawa.
        Granted the acts of the Muslims are more widespread and far more egregious, but don’t discount the likelihood of ANY group of soldiers to rape, including our own.

  • Juan
  • wilypagan

    Merkel should be shipped with them back to their cesspools of origin.

    • Yitzhak

      Maybe she can shipwreck and die on a beach in Italy…mmmm

      • wilypagan

        What, you don’t like Italy either? I’d guess that the Northern League wouldn’t want her there, dead or alive.

        • Yitzhak

          The reference is to the dead three year old on an Italian beach, the photo of which inspired Libtard sympathy and got every Western Country to commit National Suicide.
          Lega Nord?
          Why should I dislike the country that gave us Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, Pizza, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Sangiovese (of which I bottled a batch last month) , Caligula, Julius Caesar, most of the English language, the Sicilian Mafia and a host of Godfather films?
          Fuori come un balcone?

          • Richard

            Virna Lisi
            Monica Belluccci
            Italian Leather
            The only thing the Italian’s seem to lack is a good beer.

          • Yitzhak

            You have high class tastes – richer than me.
            I’ll add Spaghetti Westerns, gladiators and Paganini
            but no Popes.

          • Save Europe

            Peroni is not that bad.

          • joker

            I believe that beach was in Turkey. Yes a soppy story what made many sandal with socks wearing Europeans weep, including Merkel. She thought it was a good idea just to open the gates of Vienna now. Less hassle and bloodshed for the muzzrats.

            Armani, Dolce and Cabana, Tods, Fiat, Ferrari, Bellini, Vanvitelli, Camorra, Cosa Nostra, ‘Ndrangheta, Ramazzotti, Max Mara, Pausini, Mussolini, Berlusconi, Versace, Garibaldi, oldest university in Europe Bologna, first opera house in Europe Naples, Valentino, Verdi and the list goes on.
            Now I would like to say a list of great muzzrats.

          • Yitzhak

            Oh, you are right! I thought it was Italy. Don’t know how I got that wrong.
            Italian-American Actors is a fantastic list!

    • Burkina Faso is a good spot.

  • Ben
    • Yitzhak


  • rhondakelly07

    Mahammad was a black man Twitter took his picture down cause it’s racist to show a black child molester Musliums have murdered MILLIONS. Millions for a black man Musliums WORSHIP. Black skin. We r really in a civil war. Whites r in genocide world wide. They murder our white parents then play RACE CARD b

    • disqus_yDrMDcCDka

      You’re a Pisswit First Class.
      Now, go away and we don’t want to hear from you anymore.
      PLEASE do not breed!

  • Erudite Mavin

    Have been in Freiburg, beautiful town..
    Good for them for standing their ground.

    • joker

      Freiburg is indeed beautiful and very clean and utmost civilized how come muzzrats end up there? Probably the university of Freiburg has to open reading in Islamic studies soon.

      • Erudite Mavin

        At least they are not throwing open all to them.

  • itchy

    Good!!!!!!! Finally a ground swell

  • itchy

    A muslim woman is suing the royal mail. The postie thought he was delivering some mail and poked her in the eye

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Burkas don’t come in red, dogs keep using them like fire hydrants.

    • Save Europe

      A Muslim woman is suing a swarm of bees. They stung her as they thought she was a bee-keeper.

  • joe kulak

    Merkel ought to be strung up, or more fittingly, gang-raped by “immigrants”.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Why would the rape a hideous old hag when they can have their choice of any german girl?

      • Richard

        Umm, Heidi Klum anybody? Not for rape, but I would rather buy her a drink than Merkel.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Another ditzy german blonde, both her and merkel are poster girls for muslim colonization.

          • Richard

            I was talking about buying her a drink, not listening to her talk.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Suppose that if she was drinking she couldn’t be talking… silly me.

  • Don Grantham

    Start by banning them from the clubs, and continue to work outward toward the edge of town.
    Then, out of Europe.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      That is a very good idea.

  • At least one place in Germany is showing some common sense.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “a rule such as this is contrary to rules against discrimination.” How stupid can a leftzo be? Is not murder, rape, theft and assault not contrary to the rules against discrimination? Or, is it ok for muslims to initiate violence against german citizens as they are allowed to be discriminated against? Socialists are stupid beyond measure.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The era of self loathing hand wringing angst filled socialism is upon society. These demented freaks hate the world as they see it, so, to destroy it, they will enable any filth or destruction just to satisfy their mindless intellectually inferior rotting anarchist addiction.

  • anon nona

    The people have to do these things as the government refuses to help its own citizens. I just hope fhe government does not shut the pubs down.

    Merkel certainly has shown her communist upbringing through her policies.

    No one criticizes Asian countries (China, Japan, etc) for their immigration policies, for their determination to keep their nationality intact, culture intact, society intact.

    But European Caucasians, in Europe and the U.S., are racist for wanting to preserve their way of life. The elites are determined to wipe us off the earth.

  • joe1429

    Good for them… but dont know how they will enforce it

  • Drew the Infidel

    Some of the Europeans are beginning to wake up and take action where the cops fail to do their job. In Finland raghead lawbreakers are being confronted by citizen groups calling themselves “Soldiers of Odin.”

  • ladywarrior

    What? I thought Muslims aren’t allowed to be anywhere near alcohol, smoking, and women who aren’t accompanied by a male family member. What are the Muslim men doing “club hopping?” Sounds like a bunch of Muslim hypocrites….

    • joker

      They are apostates and they have to be put to death. Or an alternative punishment, a training course in Raqqa with ISIL.

  • Steve

    We are seeing people finally accepting reality meeting up with the unreality of these m************ slime from islam countries. we are seeing it happening before our eyes. The reality is you can have a multi diverse culture of “normal” people but the m************ islamists are not normal. Survival is priority – case closed! Bravo German people with sanity. You will survive!

  • Lato Sensu

    It says in the hadeeth,—“Every intoxicant is khamr,and every khamr is haraam
    (forbidden).”— — so what are they doing in a “bar”. where are them Sharia enforcers with their long knifes??

    camel piss is best

  • Stephen Honig

    Every Muslim in Germany must ear an armband that says “Muslim”, just like the Jews had.

  • Pathfinder0100

    Never ever thought that Germany would ever, ever let ONE person destroy it AGAIN!! I ask the citizens: Can you not recall or remove her????

  • ted

    Why would a mooselamb want to go to a pub
    Doesn’t alcohol offend them

    • ljm4

      Their job here is to cause distress among ‘host’ country general public, stop commerce on many levels and take kafir women in order to violate them. It’s all on their list of things to accomplish while on hijrah… Molesting women doesn’t exist in their culture. Women are merely units for childbirth. The men prefer young boys to their own wives. Kafir women and especially girls are for pleasure. Better get it straight…

  • Juanita

    It is hoped that these business owners do not back down.

  • MissPiggyRules

    No drinks for you Muslims, I suggest pulled pork sandwiches for the muzzie bastards

  • Dow Jones

    As with France, Sweden,UK…. so goes Germany The sadomasochistic burden of
    “collective German NAZI guilt” displayed by the idealistic ignorant Europeon
    peasantry who refuse to grasp the big picture of how their continent is nothing
    more than a USSAN military outpost waging global war on humanity (Ramstein
    drone murder capital) while the German aristocracy milk their Anglozionazi
    alliance for every cent they can. BuT wait.. now the USSANS are destroying
    Volkswagen, outraged by faked “emissions” levels even as Pentacon Kill Inc
    blows up thousands of imported VWs in the 2015 August attack in the port of
    Tianjin, China just after VW opened a major factory in Russia against Barry
    Obomber’s express orders to scuttle the German economy. Didn’t see it on ZDF
    with comedian Klaus Klebrig and sidekick Gundula Grausam…. can’t be true! What
    next; will the rotten and decrepit bankster bunker known as Deutsche Bank
    implode? It’s wobbling nicely right now with stock down 10% as the entire Potemkin
    Village USSAN “economy” evaporates. BanK on it Germany; agent Merkill has
    served her purpose and now will be led to the ritual slaughtering as the meat
    puppet successor of Bank E Moon rubber stamper at the USSA’S United Nations’
    disgrace in New York as Germany erupts in the early stages of a civil war…or
    let’s just call it a Mercan style crime wave and

    rape spree at the hands of your new “citizens” horny for your wayward daughters

    going about as they are dressed and perfumed for sex as the testosterone

    jihadists’Wahhabi Mullah in Cologne quipped during “prayer”.

    Fat, comfortable and smug old Germans will keep voting for the trinity of

    banality known as the CDU/CSU and the SPD that have organized this fun “rape
    game” for their nefarious reasons at least until their pensions are gobbled in
    the next

    bankster heist. Germany is now a multi kulti sewer like the UK and USSA;

    apparently there is no going back without supposedly another one of those

    “final solutions”. Soon Germans will be strangers in their own land by

    of Merkill and those she has betrayed Germany for as they were betrayed in the

    1920’s when the money changers reigned supreme and the Anglozionazi mob in USSA
    financed Mr. Hitler to go to war against the Soviet Union. Did Europeons think

    that they could turn a blind eye to their psychopathic governments raping,

    pillaging and plundering the entire Middle East alongside their Anglozionazi

    masters and continue to sell weapons with impunity to every maniac with the

    cash to buy them and then invite millions of unknown “refugees” and Al CIAduh’s

    very own ISIS hairy goat zombies into their cities and nothing would happen?

    When did “refugees” (supposedly fleeing war) consist only of men between the

    ages of 17 and 50; almost no women and no kids? As he daily boasts, George

    Soros, the money changer evil Pied Piper of Color Coded Carnage and arch terror

    zionist (the so-called “philanthropist”), is behind all those refugee “smart”

    phones with their “NSA apps” being proudly wielded by these ISIS sleepers and

    millions of impoverished Arabs on the rat trail to destroy Rumsfeld’s Old

    Europe. GLADIO on steroids. Perhaps some will remember when Uncle Fidel kicked

    out the cutthroats, rapists and general dross from Cuba in 1993, sending them

    packing in boats to sunny Florida; the so-called Mariel boat people, a present

    for the yanquis who love Cuban terrorists so much they are still protecting

    them to this day.

    Germans have been betrayed yet again by their German Atlanticist zionist

    aristocracy. You wanted Nord Stream from Gazprom…you get Killer Erdogan’s

    concentration camp drip fed South Stream, a wave of human misery that will keep

    on giving in your new ghettos for the next one hundred years and where your

    grandchildren will not dare to enter…if you manage to produce any

    grandchildren. Lie back and enjoy it and think of das Vaterland and this

    wonderful cultural pollination the next time your children are raped and the

    pigs are nowhere to be seen as the sparks fly and the groping goat herders

    party Taharrush style at allah’s snackbar. After all it is what your

    aristocracy wants and indeed needs to fill their slum housing and pull the

    levers in their thriving arms factories.

    Out of respect and tolerance towards their new citizens perhaps German women

    and indeed all Europeon females could adopt the burka and refrain from driving

    and walking unaccompanied in public? Such a little to ask. STASI code-named

    agent “Erika” currently NSA GESTAPO asset Fatty Merkill will be modeling the

    Frumpy Dame spring collection of famed gay Saudi Arabian designer Abdul

    Kamelfikkah in all upcoming public outings along with Cologne Mayoress Reker

    (Germany’s answer to USSA’S ravishing Nancy Pelotas). Her fashion “statement”

    should be an inspiration for all modest Europeons, and will hopefully be seen

    as a mark of acknowledgement to the strong “religious convictions” of our new

    Europeon citizens. In a further show of subservience to the primitive

    traditions of the invading “refugees” agent Merkill will in future symbolically

    walk 10 meters behind her bodyguards in the tradition of Turkestan peasant

    wives daily seen schlepping their loads around the capital of Germany as their

    children run riot and their husbands lounge at home on welfare.

    Remember Europeons, if you see some flashing flesh… burka it!

    Keep your wenches in a bag and avoid hornydonkey goat fikking gang banging


    Fried VW beetle bugs in Tianjin Aug 2015

    5 wise members of the mutt sect help us understand “the plan” of our

    elite masters.






    “The Khazarian Conspiracy” puts it all into glaring and obvious

    Learning to adapt to our new “citizens” needs while we become extinct like
    the ancient Britons who invited in the barbarous Engels and Saxons

    Taharrush “Arab rape game”

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