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FBI Investigating Philadelphia Jihad Cop-Shooter’s Ties to Larger Islamic Terror Cell


The jihadi who declared that he tried to assassinate a police officer in the cause of Islam is alleged to be part of a jihad cell. The Muslim shooter “is not the most radical of the four.” But the Mayor of Philly insists that it has nothing to do with Islam. Mayor Kenney needs to be investigated.

Last night a Philadelphia Police Officer was stopped by a citizen on the street who proceeded to make statements regarding the defendant involved in the shooting ambush on Officer Hartnett, which occurred on January 7, 2016. The citizen alleged the defendant had an affiliation to a group with radical beliefs.


The Philadelphia Police Department has alerted all department personnel of this matter and will continue to have officers work with a partner until further notice.”

NBC10 obtained the document. It says, in part, “the treat to police is not over … the offender who shot [Officer Jesse] Hartnett is part of a group that consists of three others and that the [alleged shooter] is not the most radical of the four.”

“Philadelphia police probe possible extremist ties in police shooting,” By Kevin Murphy, Reuters, January 10, 2016:

(Reuters) – Philadelphia police said on Sunday they were seriously pursuing a tip provided to a street officer on Saturday that the man suspected of shooting police officer Jesse Hartnett had ties to a group with “radical beliefs.”

Police are working with the FBI to verify the credibility of the tip related to the ambush shooting on Thursday, which led to charges of attempted murder, assault and aggravated assault against Edward Archer. He later confessed to the attack and said he pledged allegiance to Islamic State, police said.

Police said in a statement on Facebook on Sunday that an officer was stopped on the street on Saturday night by a citizen who began talking about Archer and the shooting that seriously wounded Hartnett.

“The citizen alleged the defendant had an affiliation to a group with radical beliefs,” police said. “The Philadelphia Police Department has alerted all department personnel of this matter and will continue to have officers work with a partner until further notice.”

Archer, 30, is accused of approaching Hartnett, 33, and firing 11 rounds, some at point-blank range, through the police car window. Three shots struck the officer in his arm.

Video of the attack on Hartnett shows a man in a long robe similar to the traditional dishdasha, or thobe, often worn by Muslim men in parts of the Middle East, as he opened fire on the police car. Police officers nearby arrested him.

The Philadelphia Inquirer and television station NBC10 in Philadelphia reported on Sunday that police sources said that according to the tipster, Archer was associated with three other men and was not the most extreme of the group. The sources said police were warned the threat to them was not over, the two media outlets said. Police did not immediately return a call from Reuters for comment.

The attack came at a time of heightened anxiety in the United States over the threat posed by Islamic State. A Muslim couple inspired by the militant group killed 14 people on Dec. 2 in San Bernardino, California, just weeks after gunmen linked to the group killed 130 people in Paris.

(Reporting by Kevin Murphy in Kansas City, Mo.; Editing by Cynthia Osterman and Peter Cooney)

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  • Po Tato

    > … But the Mayor of Philly’s insists it has nothing to do with Islam …

    Nothing has anything to do with Islam

    9/11 has nothing to do with Islam

    San Benardino slaughter has nothing to do with Islam

    Charlie Hebdo massacre has nothing to do with Islam

    Paris bloodbath? … nah, surely it has nothing to do with Islam !!

    Hussein Obama? Don’t ever tell me that that guy is a moslem !!

    • joker

      And the atrocities committed over almost 1400 years directed by Mecca has nothing to do with pislam.

    • bargogx1

      Yes, it’s truly amazing that something that seems to have absolutely no effect on anything has so many followers.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is not going to go away, due diligence and eternal vigilance to minimize the damage.

    • joker

      I wish you change your profile picture. The one of a cute woman in a kind of school uniform. Just my thought, nothing nasty or creepy.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Trying to portray my past and present, gives some people an idea of what they are dealing with, which in my case is a former young witch who is now an old witch. Spelled with a capital “B”. Will see what I can come up with eventually.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          They execute witches (and sorcerers [so as not to appear sexist]) in Soddy Barbaria.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            They execute any one and every one there, they are totally non discriminatory subhuman murderers.

    • amongoose

      And carry.

  • Bill Millan

    problem the House of Saud has is that they well remember what happened
    the last time they went up against their Imams. They lost and had to
    make a deal. They are really “riding the tiger” over there.

    make things worse by being nice to them about it. Trump keeps talking
    about the economic pressure we can put on these countries. We are the
    only reason Iran hasn’t taken over Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf

    We are pampering the Arab Muslim Elites. Their
    subjects are out to kill us and they ride above it, buying up our
    goodies and treating our leaders like servants. They protest they are
    not like their Jihadists while secretly enjoying the fact that their
    fellow Muslims are taking over Europe and doing their best to do the
    same thing to us.

    The POV of our elites is that we can’t
    confront them because if we did they would not like us. The only way
    Islam is going to change is if their elites put the screws to their
    Mullahs and tell them to shut up about Salafi and modernize. They will
    only do this if we force them to. This means we have to cut the elites
    off from Western Civ. We have to bar them from the USA. Make them sit
    with their nose pressed against our window pane and not be able to enjoy
    our civilization as they are doing today. The process will make them
    scream and that is exactly what has to happen. They can buy our goodies
    and watch our culture, but they can’t be in it.

    This is the
    modern method of “war” we should use instead of running around the world
    killing Jihadists. It’s a waste of time to do this. The majority of
    Arab Muslims in the ME are brought up to believe the same thing that
    their active Jihadists do and they secretly applaud them when they do it
    while scamming us. They are indoctrinated with it with their pablum.

    “They have to be taught, before it’s too late, to hate all the people their relative’s hate.”

    the Bloggers who agree with me on this and want to use the tactics of
    “Fortress America” do so from a tactical POV and don’t understand it is
    an act of war, a strategic, non-kinetic, way of beating them. Banning
    and shunning them is the best weapon we have available and nobody seems
    to realize it. The best and only way to get them to change is to shame
    them. As long as we pretend their culture is fine we can’t even begin to
    change them.

    Of course their leaders will be madder than hell.
    That is what it will take to make them change Islam. Changing Islam is
    our only hope of stopping this. There are too many Salafi Mullahs
    getting too many young men all charged up to kill us to get rid of it

    Don’t bother to “Straw Man” me on this issue with
    “what are you going to do about” responses. We would have ways and means
    built into it. It’s almost impossible to believe our leaders will ever
    come around to this POV. Right now they are sucking up to the worst of
    them. This means the killing of our fellow Americans will go on and on
    in an increasing volume. We are at the start of an Islamic Tsunami and
    the end of it is not even in sight.

    One thing our leaders never
    learn is that their tactics have to come from a strategic POV or they
    are doomed. What we are doing is akin to teaching a football team plays
    without the goal in mind of winning the game. We have too many people in
    power who don’t believe in America. We need to start from the POV

    “Our culture is red hot, your culture is doodlie squat!”

    • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

      I think you have put your finger on the problem exactly but it will be like trying to stop an oil tanker in ten feet, for some reason there IS a concerted effort by all and sundry to do exactly as you say and “pretend their culture is fine” and it’s working.
      Otherwise intelligent friends will parrot the garbage they’ve been fed about islam and I feel as though I’m witnessing an enchantment or mass hypnosis.

      • Bill Millan

        Archer is a Farrakhan follower, a Black Muslim. Obama used to have dinner with Farrakhan once a month in his Chicago days. Acher was doing exactly what Farrakhan preaches. “Kill the White man.”

  • Anticonservative

    If America were to start deporting Democrats what country in the world would be stupid enough to take them in?

    • empiresentry

      the EU.
      Led by unelected people who appointed the other unelected people to ensure gifts and payola for each other and be totally unaccountable….
      American Dims love that.

      • Rachel Studley

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  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I hope the FIB doesn’t let this case take any time away from the all important investigation into the baconator case in Las Vegas. After all, what’s more important here? Investigating an alleged islamic terrorist attack or the blatant case of islamophobia involved in placing strips of uncooked bacon over the door handles of a mosque?

  • Drew the Infidel

    When this self-confessed raghead shot the Philly cop he was wearing the same garb as was the Ft. Hood shooter the day of his attack. Nothing to do with Islam, my a**!

  • Rick Smith

    Once again the quisling elites expose themselves.

  • joker

    He was not the most radical of the Fourth. Just imagine the other Three. Just shoot them on sight!

    • Fred Sawyer

      Works for me

  • Fred Sawyer

    Mayor Kenney is Philadelphia’s answer to Deblasio.

    Hopefully New York’s error will end January 1, 2018.

    Execute Aricher and ALL terrorists

  • Strelnikov

    “The citizen alleged the defendant had an affiliation to a group with radical beliefs”.

    Of course he does. It’s called “Islam”.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Double thumbs up to those thoughts.

  • Metatrona

    WHAT??? The Administration is allowing the FBI to investigate this? What happened?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The investigation will only continue until it uncovers some inconvenient truth, at which point orders will come from the white mosque to call it off, immediately.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Exactly, which is what is going to happen in the investigation into the shooting at the Calgary nightclub.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Very true, it will be forgotten by the weekend, if not already.

  • lgwatson

    “nothing to do with islam” and pigs can fly.

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