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[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

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Britain First leaders charged with harassing Muslim rapists

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

Muslims who plotted to behead Pamela Geller “laughed wildly about beheadings”

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

ACLU, Speakers Distance Themselves From UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Week

Philadelphia MUSLIM SHOOTS COP 13 times, execution “IN THE NAME OF ISLAM”


What a nightmare. “When you look at the video, this is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen,” Commissioner Ross said. “This guy tried to execute the police officer. The police officer had no idea he was coming. It’s amazing he’s alive.”

The devout Muslim fired 13 shots. According to the Muslim assassin, “police bend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the Quran.” Pure Islam on the streets of Philly — and the city of Philly refused to run my ads designed to increase awareness of the jihad threat.

Terror-groups like CAIR and their running dogs like Obama and the Philadelphia Mayor will respond will concern about islamofauxbia and the other favored fairy tale — “fear of reprisals.”

“Police: Suspect Confesses To Shooting Officer, Says He Did It In Name Of Islam,” CBS PHILLY, January 8, 2015

Authorities say a Philadelphia police officer is recovering after he was shot several times during an ambush late Thursday night in West Philadelphia.

Philadelphia police commissioner Richard Ross says the officer was sitting in his patrol car around 11:30 p.m. at 60th and Spruce Streets when a gunman fired 13 shots through the driver’s side of the car.

The officer — 33-year-old Jesse Hartnett — was struck three times in his arm, authorities say.

jesse harnett

“Shots fired! I’m shot! I’m bleeding heavily!” Hartnett can be heard yelling on police radio.

Sources tell Eyewitness News the suspect has given a full confession, saying he did it in the name of Islam.

“When you look at the video, this is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen,” Commissioner Ross said. “This guy tried to execute the police officer. The police officer had no idea he was coming. It’s amazing he’s alive.”

philly muslim3

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Authorities say a Philadelphia police officer is recovering after he was shot several times during an ambush late Thursday night in West Philadelphia.

Philadelphia police commissioner Richard Ross says the officer was sitting in his patrol car around 11:30 p.m. at 60th and Spruce Streets when a gunman fired 11 shots through the driver’s side of the car.

Police are calling it an “attempted assassination.”

In a press conference, Commissioner Ross said the gun used in the attack was a stolen police firearm.

“It was stolen back in October of 2013. It was reported, and that is one of the things you regret the most when an officer’s gun is stolen, when it is used against one of your own.”

  • Delilah

    Close our borders to these Moslimes, deport as many as possible, shut down mosques and fast track death penalty for these bottom dwellers.

  • pytajnik

    opposite day

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Apparently, according to shari’a, it is an offence punishable by death, for a police car to be parked on a crosswalk. But then in islam, what is not punishable by death? As it was done on a public street to a civil servant in a publicly owned vehicle, obviously a case of workplace accident due to stress on muslims right to practice islam,

    • marlene

      shariashit does NOT belong in America

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It is incompatible with everything, hell wouldn’t have anything that evil.

        • marlene

          lol – so right. they don’t even get along with each other – they’d rather kill than breathe.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is one good thing about islam, is that the various bands of murderers kill each other off more frequently than they kill infidels.

          • marlene

            Exactly. This is why we should NEVER intervene in their civil wars. We ALWAYS take the wrong side and our soldiers fight and die for THEM – not for US. Major General Smedley Butler’s “War is a Racket”: “I helped make Mexico safe for American oil interests. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues. I helped raping a half dozen Central American Republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers. I brought electricity to the Dominican Republic for American Sugar interests. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil was unmolested.”

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Better to contain insanity where it is, make sure violence is not an export commodity, like islamic republics have made it.

          • marlene

            A few decades of your “philosophy” of war means nothing compared to thousands of years of violent jihad. The point is that it is not possible to “contain insanity where it is.” Better people have tried and too many have died. Again, our soldies do not belong in muslim counties fighting and dying for the wrong side and America needs to stop intervening in their “since the beginning of time” civil wars. I noticed how they drag ua in for our money, weapons, and at every point in every one of their civil wars, BOTH sides wind up fighting against us. We are fighting FOR the muslim brotherhood. We need to get out and stay out.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            To a point. But if we go in, it should be with the clear understanding that we are there fighting to win territory, not vague nebulous concepts like hearts and minds. Kick their asses up to their ears, then inform them what they will be doing immediately after.

          • marlene

            OK – on this I agree with you, and personally, I like your mission. The “fight to win” strategy went out when obama came in. Every time obama stands up, he’s telling someone else to stand down. Now, if he hadn’t fired the Generals who would agree with you, our fighting force could and would do it, with pleasure. But at the risk of seeming stubborn, I still say bring back our men from these depraved hellholes – at least until we have a Commander-in-Chief who respects our military and loves America.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Retreat is always expensive, but not as bad as defeat. The democrats frequently send American servicemen into situations that they can’t win for any number of reasons, most of which are political. It may be necessary to abandon large areas for now, then recover them later, at considerable expense, but still cheaper than allowing islam to overrun and destroy civilization.,

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      …if Obama had a son.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        If hussain had a son, with any luck he would rebel against the bigoted stupidity of his ancestors, growing up to be a decent respectable member of society. It is -9 degrees F, or -20.4 Celsius here, my brain is frozen.

  • fulham2014

    People eventually will recognize Islam for what it is, a vile medieval death cult.

    • Grumpier

      I’d say that’s what YOU are.

      • marlene

        Eat cult for breakfast, fool?

  • spacearcadian

    this has nothing to do with islam. only a man with mental issues. the police must chase the guy who put bacon in a mosque´s door


      The assailant made it about Islam as a devout Muslim ! So when he goes to prison make sure he gets introduced to the local Aryan Brotherhood boys

      • Honcho

        I think OP thinks he is being funny, or at least I hope so

        People really need to [/sarc] at the end of comments like this.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Turn yourself in to the closest mental hospital and have them throw away the key.

    • merefalowa

      Yes.its offensive to the pig to place him in such company.

    • drummie

      Why is it then that so many Muslims are involved like this? Easy answer, Anyone follow the teachings of a servant of Satan like Muhammed is mentally ill just in following this prophet from Hell. Evidently to be Muslim you must be mentally deranged. Until someone can come up with a better solution: . .

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      FBI will investigate as a “hate crime” if bacon is placed on a mosque door.
      Strange world – you can shoot a policeman, but bacon is a hate crime.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer
  • spacearcadian

    they say there is a prophecy where mohammad says that Islam will rule the east and the west. Islam already rule the east, now it begins to rule the west (europe, USA). the prophecy of mohammad is being fulfilled before your very eyes

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Not, what we are seeing is the destruction of islam as it over reaches and gets its criminal fingers shoved down its blaspheming throat.

    • joker

      That might have been the prophecy of the old Mo but he had no clue in fact.
      What Islam is doing is overplaying their cards and the revenge will be another prophecy. Muslims are so stupid that they cannot see they are basically creating their own destruction.

  • nobamunism

    Congrats on your new mayor Philadelphia……….better arm yourselves.

    • Rocinante44

      elections have consequences

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      They mayor has body guards – if they are plainclothes cops they should never, every take a bullet for this moron.

  • People need to know
    what they believe… this is from the Satanic Book called the Koran: now you
    see why they murder who they want… spread this around about the Cult of False

    5:32-33 of the Qur’an

    32 :For this reason did We prescribe to the children
    of Israel….(NOTE prescribe to the children of Israel): that whoever slays a
    soul, unless it be for manslaughter or for mischief in the land, it is as
    though he slew all men; and whoever keeps it alive, it is as though he kept
    alive all men; and certainly Our apostles came to them with clear arguments,
    but even after that many of them certainly act extravagantly in the land.


    33:The punishment of those who wage war
    against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land (NOTE:
    strive to make mischief ) is only this, that they should be murdered or
    crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or
    they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world,
    and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement.


  • Mike B.

    Hopefully the Obama administration will recognize this as a foreign terrorist attack on US soil so that the victim could be eligible government assistance if necessary.

    • Lorraine

      Dont hold your Breath

    • Cami W

      Obama and his administration know this was a Muslim, Islamic terrorist act, heck, he has Muslim staff with ties to terrorist organizations. The mayor also knows it, the Muslim shooter admitted it!

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      …if Obama had a son.
      Workplace violence.

    • Grumpier

      He was not seriously injured with only being shot in the arm. What the he’ll kind of free money does he need??????? He is covered by Workers Comp… Besides it had nothing to do with ISIS, they guy is a known mental patient.

      • Stuart Taylor

        You have to be a left wing troll. The more these brainwashed Muslims learn about Islam, the Quran and their MohamMAD nut case, the more psycho they become. The more they learn about Islam the more they become mental, totally delusional, because they can no longer recognize right from wrong, imagination from reality, and that is because they accept an “imaginary” Allah, promulgated by a delusional, thieving, murdering, raping, paedophile, so called prophet, as having more reality in their lives, because of their Quranic brainwashing, than the actual reality of their fellow human beings around them.
        You only have to watch a few videos on the Internet and hear them shouting continuously about their imaginary god Allahuha Agbaar while they kill fellow Islamists, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, women and children. Totally whacko! Nothing else enters their heads except murdering innocent people who don’t want to join their psycho club.

        • Grumpier

          Not a troll at all moron. Now take the post you made above, change the word Islam to Christianity, and Muslim to Christian, Allah to God and Quran to bible and you have a homeless man in East LA. The ONLY difference is the religion and the ALL have extremist sides.

        • Kenek

          “The more these brainwashed Muslims learn about Islam…”
          this happens by the time they are 6 years old, before they even start grade one. At that time they are made to lose all their kufar “friends” since they are dirty infidels.
          Grumpier is either a lying moslem (they routinely lie to infidels as per their religious doctorine), or a scheming Christian hating (suicidal) liberal. In either case she should be ignored.

  • spacearcadian

    when islam can mass murder people in Paris, rape european women in public squares in front of the police, shoot people and police in USA and get away with it, still being called “the religion of peace”, officials persecuting “islamophobia”, you know that Islam has already won and mohammad has defeated the west and is its new ruler

    • Mahou Shoujo

      You and other poultry are benefiting from this police officers and other patriots efforts, and all you can do is offer a mealy mouthed weak statement of despairing surrender? You really are a wimp.

      • marlene

        How about “death to islam”!

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Perhaps a but extreme, but a reasonable option.

    • joker

      However…non muzzrats can do the same a mass and going over to muzzrat lands.

  • Cheeseblizz

    They have already started lecturing the masses about “this is not reflective of Islam in any way.” Really?? I wish they would stop lecturing us every time one of these whack jobs does something evil in the name of Islam and then the PC police run amuck with the whole “don’t blame Muslims” lecture. Just stop!!!!!! He said it was Islam!! Not us!!!

  • Nikki

    Yet libtards vote for stricter gun laws.

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      Did he have a background check? Waiting period?

    • Grumpier

      And Right Wing Nut Jobs like you fight against background checks that would have stopped him from having a gun.

      • Wegotyour6andyour12

        Really…right wing?..your an funny

      • Richard Teran, San Antonio, TX

        Grumpier – Are you so stupid as to imagine that this shooter bought the STOLEN gun through legal means? That the THIEF who had the STOLEN gun and the ASSASSIN who tried to MURDER a cop – would have used a background check system to stop the sale?

        How stupid can you be?

        • Kenek

          @richard Grumpier is the typical libtard, or an outright moslem jihadist. In either case, the idiot named Grumpier is a Christian hating dhimmi, all ready to live under sharia law.
          Yes he is stupid, but possibly smarter than the average libtard.

      • Nikki

        The gun was stolen, genius. No background check would have stopped that now, would it?

        • Kenek

          logic seldom works against idiots, especially liberals/democrats.

  • dmf

    Kill all muslim punks

  • Andy Gerken

    The title of this story is a lie and misleading. He was not executed and the cop actually engaged the suspect and shot/ arrested him. Good guys win!

    • wildjew

      Andy, you are a baby politically speaking. Looking at your profile, you’ve only made 32 comments?

    • attempted murder

      His intent was execution.

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      God forbid if the cop would shoot to kill a dirtbag who just tried to kill him.
      Riots. #BLM Al $harpton shows up. Je$$e Jack$on shows up.

  • Millionmileman

    Philly the City of BrotherHooderly Luv. As we dig into the heap we see that the gun may have been stolen and the perp may be also mentally challenged.

  • freebird

    Jesse Hartnett is a hero ( he fight against the attacker as a wounded person ),the mayor is a coward who protect the enemy of freedom.
    Guess who get´ a life free from care´s, the police-man (who protect us with his life) or this rubbish talking coward ?

  • Darrell Standing

    Sir Winston has a message from the grave for the West … the coming war for civilization will be our finest hour … and we must and will fight them on the beaches … in the streets and in the air … wherever they are … if we leave any Muslims alive at all I want them to mess themselves at the very sight of the red white and blue !!! ?

    • Thanks Darrell

      You always have really nice graphics for us. Thank You!
      Are you trained in this type of thing?

      • Darrell Standing

        Nope … just on old geezer sitting on the side of the bed with an iPad … self taught and still learning!!! ?

        • marlene

          Darrell Sitting? Just kidding, Thanks for the vid.

          • Darrell Standing

            I get tired being Up-Standing all the time !!! ?

          • marlene

            LOL – no you don’t. It’s your nature and the strength of your good character. Am I wrong?

  • Luiza

    Where’s the fucking video?

    • Nasty

      That one is found on the porn website.

  • Johnno

    The gun was stolen in October 2013 and was not purchased from some dodgy gun store that Obama wants to crack down on. Shows the stupidity of his proposed gun control laws.

    And another observation; the guy must have been a lousy shot for how can anyone fire at least 13 shots in an ambush of a guy in a car, some at point blank range and not kill? Glad to hear though that the cop survived and is recovering.

    • BFrito

      It wasn’t just a stolen gun. It was a gun that had been stolen from the frickin’ POLICE! And yet, according to the lefto-fascists, we lowly serf citizens should not be allowed to own guns because we are negligent, and they will be stolen out of our homes and used by criminals.

      “In a press conference, Commissioner Ross said the gun used in the attack was a stolen police firearm.

      “It was stolen back in October of 2013. It was reported, and that is
      one of the things you regret the most when an officer’s gun is stolen,
      when it is used against one of your own.”

      • RetiredNavyphotog

        How exactly does a police firearm get stolen?
        Leave it in a car? Leave it in a house? Poor accountability procedures?
        I want to hear the story on how the weapon was stolen and what kind of moron is responsible.

        • Kenek

          In Canada a normal citizen would get jail time if his gun was stolen, unless it is a cop, as everyone with a brain knows, they do not have to follow the law.

  • joker

    What I see on the footages is basically a cross dresser. He might have been a frustrated muslim minded paedophile with the wish to become a woman.

  • John Larkin

    Ship this thug to GITMO!!

    • Lorraine

      what good would it do Obama just releases them

    • marlene

      hang him

  • T Jefferson

    I think we are getting very close to the time when we the people will have to use the 2nd amendment in a massive way to defend our nation. It’ll be nasty, but we’ll be better off afterward.

  • bikerken

    And right on que, liberals jump up to deny this had anything to do with islam. Even after the shooter declared that it did. smh

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      George Orwell was so on target with his book 1984.
      Governmentspeak at its best.

      • bikerken

        Orwell was not an author, he was a prophet.

  • ljm4

    The Chief cop is saying it has noting to do with islam? He’s a fool and a tool. Period.

  • Umma Clinic Watch

    Why isn’t the FBI looking into the Umma Clinic extremists run by Islamist enemies of the West. Dr Rushdi Cader should be sent back to whichever hellhole his family came crom.

    We have Muslim educators,
    academics and doctors in the US of immigrant familiies who promote hate against
    the West, and who are dedicated to promoting Islamism by diverting the blame
    from Islamist texts to blowback from ‘colonialism’ and ‘Zionism’. This is often done under the guise of civil rights and fighting ‘islamophobia’ for Muslims and supporting Muslim colonialism.

    Take Loon Watch whose 2 anonymous moderators ‘Garibaldi’ and ‘Ilisha’ claim to fight hate and ‘islamophobia’. This is done by promoting anti Zionist, anti West and

    anti-semitic hate and promoting worldwide conspiracies of muslim victimisation. Their veteran writer and commenter DrM of is a notorious anti west, anti hindu anti-semite (real name Dr Rushdi cader) Dr Rushdi Cader supports a caliphate and Islamist laws, Loon Watch has denied the Armenian genocide and Loon Watch support Muslim colonialism whilst hypocritcally citing
    western colonialism as the cause of Islamist terrorism. The lies of
    these Islamists are breathtaking. Yazidies have been in the region longer than
    Muslims and are being wiped out. They are not western colonialists.
    Christians and Jews were in the Middle East before Islamic colonialsm.
    Ilisha doesn’t want Muslim countries to be like the West yet chooses to
    live there herself.

    Notice how Islamists prefer to live in the countries they claim are the root of
    evil. This proves their ulitimate goal is subversion and envy otherwise
    they would move to the countries they claim are victims of the west.

    DrM is careful to hide his hatred of the West preferring to spew his bile

    anonymously as DrM at his own blog

    and since 2007 DrM has been a heavy contributor to Loon Watch and has ceased
    updating his own blog. He now posts regularly at Loon Watch. DrM does not reveal his real life identity at Loon Watch or at his blog where he claims to write about medical issues and ‘muslim’ issues. When his identity was made public Dr
    Rushdi made his 1DrM Disqus history private

    Dr Rushdie Cader AKA Dr Maxtor AKA DrM is the founder of the Umma Clinic in California. which receives
    public funds He is a UCLA graduate Rumi Cader who is a professor at UCLA is on
    the board of the Umma Clinic whose Wikipedia page is here

    DrMaxtor real name is Dr Rushdi Cader

    Evidence of Dr Maxtor excusing Jihadism and promoting anti-semitism, anti-western, anti-hinduism all the while blaming Zionism for all the ills in Islamic societies can be seen at his own nazi like blog and his commenting history on Loonwatch.

    In one comment he says he wouldn’t treat Zionists. It is worth investigating how many Americans have died whilst being treated by him

    Dr Rushdi Cader is a member of the Mosque of Nasreen, San Luis Obispo
    The hypocritical Dr runs an anti-semitic blog yet isn’t above taking freebies from Pro Israel Jews. This hypocritical islamist uses Facebook to promote his
    clinic. Mark Zuckerberg is a Jew with operations in Israel. Facebook – UMMACommunity Clinic

    Dr Rushdi Cader hosts his anonymous hate blog on Google’s blogger, whose founder is Jewish. Google has operations in Israel.

    The police who employed him have no idea of his underground Islamist activities.

    Dr Rushdi Cader and his
    wife Nisha Cader featured in Saudi media

    Twitter account where he is careful not to show his true colours like he does
    at Loon Watch

    DrM has been cited approvingly at many anti-semitic sites including Stormfront:

    DrM is a Muslim activist well known amongst American Muslims (urls to Ikhras and Muslim
    Mattersfollow) Muslim Matters speaks glowingly of his anti-semitic
    ‘Judeofascism’ posts

    out Judeofascist Awareness Week at my blog.

    … I agree

    – DrM’s
    Judeofascist posts are awesome – very enlightening and right on



    August 2,

    2010 at 10:27
    PM. Asalamu Aliakum! Well said. Glad to … who tried to hijack

    misrepresent Islam for their Judeofascist masters.

    • Kenek

      Under Obama the FBI and homeland security are run under moslem guidance. They are careful not to investigate the wrong people.

  • Mario Lester

    Couple of days ago a Muslim in Paris attacked the police station with a knife shouting “Allahu akbar!” – That has also nothing to do with Islam or Allah… it really hurts when you see them denying the obvious, liars

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Typical liberal socialists, loudly proclaiming ” who will you believe, me or your own eyes” then expecting the audience to agree with them.

  • Mario Lester

    Couple of weeks ago a Muslim killed an officer in Bosnia, then blew himself up in his own home… nothing to do with Islam… this is happening regularly, and it will only get worse as those beast multiply, if the rest of the humanity keeps watching indifferently and swallowing the lie that it’s not Islam.

  • God

    Just give that f***ing muslim the taste of sharia he want it so bad. Use their own laws against them. Make him eat pork and cut his head off !!

    • Fred Sawyer

      Awesome idea!

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      Saudi Arabia would have executed him by now.

  • startmeup1

    NYT Headline ” White cop shoots black Muslim man in back ” Or is that reserved for Israeli’s who shoot Palestinian Muslim terrorists ?

  • Shafiq Islam

    I strongly suspect that the accused, who has a long criminal record, is a convert courtesy of the taxpayer funded Muslim ministries inside US prisons.

  • Tony Pitt

    Nothing to do with Islam……..again!!

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      Workplace violence.
      …if Obama had a son.

  • marlene

    Just like the last mayor.

  • Fred Sawyer

    Execute the savage. Next case.

  • Uncle Steve

    how did he have a gun stolen from the police two years previously?

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      Yep, I want to hear that story on how it was stolen.

  • Ted I lewis

    This will never stop! Obummer has given America to the muslims! And most people don’t care! When have anyone seen a American TAKE A STAND! Well, they are trying in Oregon. But even the Government Control OATH KEEPERS and the so called 3% ERS OR 2% ERS, WHATEVER they are calling their self now! Haven’t had the balls or governments permission to help the TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS in Oregon! So get your copy of your NEW BIBLE, QUR’AN! And read so you can become a good little muslim!

    • RogueRabbit

      Oh, it’s gonna stop, or rather start! The second they try to forcibly take away our second amendment rights! It will be the grab heard around the world!
      There are between 5 to 8 million Moslems in the US and one half of one BILLION guns in American hands and their only allies here for Islam are Liberals. Liberal ignorance, Liberal fear and a liberal amount of mewling, pussified leftist toilet bowl residue!
      Molon Labe!

  • Roxy Wade


  • Thefaxts102

    America has continued to stick its nose into international affairs. Thousands of innocent lives destroyed, failed foreign policy and and American greed has lead to this… I guess the chickens have come home to roost.

    If your family was destroyed by foreign national interest, I would ponder the effect of that on your personal life. Perhaps you would justify any means necessary to exact revenge… Including extremism.

    As my family has not been murdered by foreign interests, I cannot say what I would do, but it scares me to think about what I might do. This incident is a small snapshot a of a much larger picture which has been brewing for decades now.

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    What the FU?K is wrong people today? Why isn’t their an overwhelming consensus, countrywide, that islam is such an evil murderous cesspool?

    And it’s a worldwide phenomenom – just last night in Germany PEGIDA held a rally protesting the RAPES and ROBBERIES committed by refugjihadis in Cologne and TWICE AS MANY turned up across the square to oppose them and yell “fascist” at them.

    In England police didn’t investigate thousands of children being raped and molested by Pakisatan muslims, for fear of damaging community relations! How about laying the blame for any damaged community relations WHERE THEY BELONG, ie with those who RAPED and MOLESTED ( never an icebreaker! )

    I’ve had enough, I’m embarrased by my fellow westeners, I’M ASHAMED of us for allowing ourselves to become punching bags and doormats allowing our women to be used as rape DHUMMIES by this vile vulgar expansionist supremacist cult which is so OBVIOUSLY inferior to every other religion, so evil and violent and repulsive…and yet protected and even welcomed.

    What the Fu?k?

  • sdebeaubien

    What did the Mayor of Philadelphia say, “Faith had nothing to do with it.” I agree that “Faith” had nothing to do with it, but this man’s belief in a false god surely did!

  • RogueRabbit

    It’s not called Islaphobia. It’s Islamic-odium. We don’t fear these Moslem oxygen thieves, We HATE you and want to finish what Pope Urban I started in 1091!
    The First Crusade (1096–1099) was the first of a number of crusades that attempted to capture the Holy Lands, called by Pope Urban II in 1095. It started as a widespread pilgrimage in western christendom and ended as a military expedition by Roman Catholic Europe to regain the Holy Lands taken in the Muslim conquests of the Levant (632–661), ultimately resulting in the recapture of Jerusalem in 1099.

  • Kenek

    Whoever voted for this mayor has no right to complain when they are murdered/raped/beaten by a moslem. This goes for anyone who votes liberal or democrat.

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