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MUSLIM COP-SHOOTER says he did it “In the Name of Islam” but PHILLY MAYOR SAYS NO, “Does Not Represent” Islam


As if on cue …..

In my initial report on this story, I asked how long before “the Philadelphia Mayor will respond will concern about islamofauxbia and the other favored fairy tale — ‘fear of reprisals?'”

The answer? Minutes. And it’s worse. The shooter said he did it for Islam. The Mayor says, no he didn’t. You can’t make this stuff up. His cop is shot in the name of Islam and the Mayor’s knee-jerk reaction is to protect Islam, not the cop.

The Mayor said, “It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.” But the jihadi said he did it for Islam. How much is the Mayor getting paid from our enemies? How much jihad money financed his campaign? 

He should be investigated at once. His job is to protect and defend the good people of his city. A cop is shot at 13 times in the cause of Islam and the Mayor is stumping and proselytizing for the very ideology behind the intended slaughter?

“Philly Mayor: Islamic State Cop Shooter ‘Does Not Represent’ Islam,” By Breibart News, January 8, 2016:

The Muslim man who said Islam motivated him to shoot a police officer does not represent the teachings of Islam, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney stated in a press conference on Friday afternoon, following an attempted execution by a man who had reportedly pledged to the Islamic State.

A 33-year-old Philadelphia policeman, Jesse Hartnett, was ambushed late Thursday when Edward Archer, a Muslim man, reportedly tried to execute him while he was sitting in his police vehicle. Images from the incident show a man dressed in Muslim attire firing off a reported 13 rounds at officer Hartnett. The police officer was hit three times, but did not suffer life threatening injuries and is expected to recover fully, reports said.

philly-muslim-attack-2 copyphilly muslim3philly muslims

\According to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross, the suspect said he had committed the attempted execution in the name of the Islamic State, the jihadi terrorist insurgent group that controls territory in the Middle East.

“According to him [the shooter], police bend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the Quran,” said Commissioner Ross.

He began by expressing his well-wishes for the officer who the Muslim man attempted to execute, but then spent the latter part of his statement distancing Islam from the shooter, who claimed he was carrying out the shooting for Islam.

“In no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you’ve seen on the screen,” said Mayor Kenney.

“That is abhorrent. It’s just terrible and it does not represent this religion [Islam] in any way shape or form or any of its teachings,” he added. “This is a criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers. It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.”Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 4.51.32 PM

Kenney, a Catholic, received his bachelor’s degree from La Salle University, and it remains unclear where his religious expertise concerning Islam derives from.

While running for office, Kenney consistently reached out to the Muslim community for support.

In July, he signed a “pledge to combat bigotry” at the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society. The pledge was created by the Arab American Institute, an anti-Israel organization that seeks to promote Arab politicians for higher office. In signing the pledge, Kenney, agreed to combat criticism of Islam, and to “speak out” against ‘Islamophobia.’

  • Crystal Waters

    Good call, Pamela. With all of these leaders denying Islam is the reason for these attacks, even when the perps themselves proclaim it, there is only one thing left to do and that is to follow the money.

  • ro

    The Quran tells the muslim faithful to kill the “non-believer” What is it that the mayor of Philly and other political useful idiots don’t get about that?

    • karl59

      I wonder what this Philadelphia mayor has been smoking?

  • Darrell Standing

    Good gawd in the Goose grease … it’s like a bad Monty Python skit !!! ?

    • Trump’s percentage of the uncommitted voters went up today.

      • joe1429

        GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • keith

      … Monty Python indeed…

    • Hugh Everett

      The Mayor called it “workplace violence”, because the cop was on the job. How much you wanna bet the perp voted twice for Obama?

  • Julian B Duron

    America we have to audit FEDERAL FUNDS going to Democrat Party Elected Led CITIES specifically to Muslim Organizations funding SO-CALLED Muslim Migrants (Insurgents) Elected are protecting Muslim TERRORISTS for Federal Funds!

  • Sandy Reeser

    People should write to the mayor and ask what those ridiculous comments were about. I did. Here is his info:

    Office of the Mayor
    City Hall, Office 215
    Philadelphia, 19107, PA
    PHONE: (215) 686-2181

    • Mindy Robinson

      The people should recall his arse with out delay.

      • 2bad4U

        Why would they recall him? They were the ones who wanted him. Even if they did recall him, these morons would just elect another fool just like him. All democrat controlled States and cities are cesspools simply because that is what the populus in those holes want.

    • Mindy Robinson

      I will write. :)

    • joe1429

      Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • marlene

      Thanks. Let us know if you get a response, The muslims in Shitty Council and Congress never, never respond to any request whatsoever. The mayor’s office usually does, but never does anything about it.

  • Roger

    This jihadist should be put down. What follows is an equal threat but won’t make the headlines… today’s Islamic breeding-ground within state, federal & local prisons.

    The Philly mayor is simply a confrontational coward,
    … or voicing by instruction from our current administration.

    • Guy Kuder

      yes obama bin laden lackey

  • Dr Rushdi Cader Watch

    We have Muslim educators,
    academics and doctors in the US of immigrant familiies who promote hate against
    the West, and who are dedicated to promoting Islamism by diverting the blame
    from Islamist texts to blowback from ‘colonialism’ and ‘Zionism’. This is often done under the guise of civil rights and fighting ‘islamophobia’ for Muslims and supporting Muslim colonialism.

    Take Loon Watch whose 2 anonymous moderators ‘Garibaldi’ and ‘Ilisha’ claim to fight hate and ‘islamophobia’. This is done by promoting anti Zionist, anti West and
    anti-semitic hate and promoting worldwide conspiracies of muslim victimisation. Their veteran writer and commenter DrM of is a notorious anti west, anti hindu anti-semite (real name Dr Rushdi cader) Dr Rushdi Cader supports a caliphate and Islamist laws, Loon Watch has denied the Armenian genocide and Loon Watch support Muslim colonialism whilst hypocritcally citing
    western colonialism as the cause of Islamist terrorism. The lies of
    these Islamists are breathtaking. Yazidies have been in the region longer than
    Muslims and are being wiped out. They are not western colonialists.
    Christians and Jews were in the Middle East before Islamic colonialsm.
    Ilisha doesn’t want Muslim countries to be like the West yet chooses to
    live there herself.

    Notice how Islamists prefer to live in the countries they claim are the root of
    evil. This proves their ulitimate goal is subversion and envy otherwise
    they would move to the countries they claim are victims of the west.

    DrM is careful to hide his hatred of the West preferring to spew his bile

    anonymously as DrM at his own blog

    and since 2007 DrM has been a heavy contributor to Loon Watch and has ceased
    updating his own blog. He now posts regularly at Loon Watch. DrM does not reveal his real life identity at Loon Watch or at his blog where he claims to write about medical issues and ‘muslim’ issues. When his identity was made public Dr
    Rushdi made his 1DrM Disqus history private

    Dr Rushdie Cader AKA Dr Maxtor AKA DrM is the founder of the Umma Clinic in California. which receives
    public funds He is a UCLA graduate Rumi Cader who is a professor at UCLA is on
    the board of the Umma Clinic whose Wikipedia page is here

    DrMaxtor real name is Dr Rushdi Cader

    Evidence of Dr Maxtor excusing Jihadism and promoting anti-semitism, anti-western, anti-hinduism all the while blaming Zionism for all the ills in Islamic societies can be seen at his own nazi like blog and his commenting history on Loonwatch.

    In one comment he says he wouldn’t treat Zionists. It is worth investigating how many Americans have died whilst being treated by him

    Dr Rushdi Cader is a member of the Mosque of Nasreen, San Luis Obispo
    The hypocritical Dr runs an anti-semitic blog yet isn’t above taking freebies from Pro Israel Jews. This hypocritical islamist uses Facebook to promote his
    clinic. Mark Zuckerberg is a Jew with operations in Israel. Facebook – UMMACommunity Clinic

    Dr Rushdi Cader hosts his anonymous hate blog on Google’s blogger, whose founder is Jewish. Google has operations in Israel.

    The police who employed him have no idea of his underground Islamist activities.

    Dr Rushdi Cader and his
    wife Nisha Cader featured in Saudi media

    Twitter account where he is careful not to show his true colours like he does
    at Loon Watch

    DrM has been cited approvingly at many anti-semitic sites including Stormfront:

    DrM is a Muslim activist well known amongst American Muslims (urls to Ikhras and Muslim
    Mattersfollow) Muslim Matters speaks glowingly of his anti-semitic
    ‘Judeofascism’ posts

    out Judeofascist Awareness Week at my blog.

    … I agree

    – DrM’s
    Judeofascist posts are awesome – very enlightening and right on



    August 2,

    2010 at 10:27
    PM. Asalamu Aliakum! Well said. Glad to … who tried to hijack

    misrepresent Islam for their Judeofascist masters.

  • spacearcadian

    right, because islam is the religion of peace (obama, ,merkel, hillary, hollande and all western politicians says so), and a religion of peace can´t harm anyone. as the german police said, the rapes and attacks seem too coordinated, as to give muslims a bad name. 1000, 2000 muslims refugees just cleaned their refugee center and went out to share the joy of the holidays, but a handful of infiltrated criminals did bad things, and now everybody want to blame muslims, but mamma merkel will defend the innocent muslims, mamma hillary, mamma Henriette Rekel, will protect them from all of you islamophobes. you seem just jealous because muslims have many mammas in the west, you have none

  • olddog

    Just how much (D)umb-@zz do the LIEberal (D)em-wits have??..looks like an ENDLESS SUPPLY..(D)=(D)angerous MORONS!!!

  • Scooter Tramp

    You can’t fix stupid but you can elect it to political office.

  • Janis

    What a bunch of b.s. coming from the mayor. When you have Muslim leaders, preaching violence at youth sessions, the CAIR President himself, Ibrahim Hooper: “Fighting for Islam, that is not suicide, they kill themselves for Islam”. (Youth suicide bombers) http://www.jihadwatch march 17,2004

    And he is teaching the youth that. That was in Chicago, 1999. This is just beginning. It is a death cult.

    Truly a miracle the officer survived. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Never surrender.

  • Rod Dodger

    Sadly, what we are seeing here are the unavoidable consequences of the Catholic tradition which teaches that Catholics and Muslims adore the same god (CCC 841).
    The Philly mayor is just towing the line and the sentiment of John Paul, Benedict XVI and Frances. Neither the Qur’an nor the catechism can be erased; neither is God-breathed.
    When God warned that Satan would lead the whole world astray, He meant it.

    • autdrew

      It actually doesn’t, it says that they worship one God, they have ALWAYS taught that islam is a heresy that claims to be from the God of Abraham. That catechism is a revised version of one from the 90’s that was revised from an earlier one etc. when the namby pamby language in 841 came out, a lot of Catholics protested strongly because it can be misunderstood as an endorsement of islams legitimacy. but I get your point about Pope Francis. He focuses too much on the mercy of God that he forgets that his job is to shepherd the flock & save souls through Jesus & the Church. Can’t be saved through Jesus in islam! Also, parts of Catholic teaching can and has changed. What cannot change is its teachings on the Catholic faith and morals. A lot of people misunderstand what papal infallibility means. To put it easily, it only applies to the Catholic faith and morals, the Pope has to be speaking from the chair of St Peter (ex cathedra) and has to declare it an infallible statement. It is very rarely used.

      • Rod Dodger

        The paragraph is simple and clear, “…together with us (Catholics) they adore the one… god.”
        John Paul kissed (blessed) the Qur’an. Benedict and Frances protect it.
        Revised or not revised, this is the teaching of Catholicism. She’s not faithful to her bridegroom. Matthew warns of this in 7:21-23 and 25:1-13.
        Catholicism teaches that Muhammad’s Allah is God. Frances said so just weeks ago.
        The teaching of the Father, His Son and their Spirit (writings of prophets and apostles) never changes. As you have pointed out, the traditions of Catholicism do change. The catechism I speak of is written and verifiable. You claim that it has been altered. Muhammad claims that the Word has been altered.
        It hasn’t… The Word doesn’t change. However, the catechisn does – as you confirm. Like it’s assistance in creating Islam, the Catholic “church” continues on in its support and endorsement of God’s nemesis.
        The pope is Caesar by another name. He, too, called himself “God” as popes do – “Holy Father.”
        As is evident, Catholics dismiss Jesus’ command of Matthew 23:9.
        Popes, Caesars, the queen of heaven and Allah are not God. Yet, Catholicism endorses the carving of their images and the worship of their thrones.
        I’m sorry my friend… You have been deceived.

        • autdrew

          No, I’m sorry but I have not. Catholics do not worship anyone but the triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
          The Pope calling himself God was funny, I’ll give you that. Holy Father is simply a title given to the the Bishop of Rome to show the primacy of this Bishop as the head of the Church, in occordance with Matthew 16:18…. They also follow the commands of Christ to eat his flesh and drink his blood, he specifically said Do This in Memory of Me. Catholics follow that every day.
          And I already agreed with you regarding how JP2 and Francis being too kind to islam out of a false spirit of ecumenism. However they behave or utter now, that is not the teaching of the Church since islam was invented by the voices in mo’s head. The namby pamby language and behavior is due to these two men thinking that they can reason with muslims to ease tensions in the world. Obviously they were:are wrong. This came from that false sense of ecumenism after Vatican 2.
          We may disagree with things that the Popes say and do & not walk away from 2000 years of history in the Church founded by Jesus. We’ve had bad Popes and survived and we’ve had very good Popes. What we have is the promise given to us by Jesus when he founded his Church, he said that the gates of hell will not prevail against it. And it hasn’t. And we have faith from this assurance that it never will

          • Rod Dodger

            Queen of heaven — Babylonian myth
            Angels — not to be worshipped
            Pope — No biblical reference. It is another name for Caesar, God, “Holy Father.”
            Muhammad’s Allah — CCC 841 — the false prophet’s god.

            Catholicism teaches its followers to adore multiple gods.

            Give us just one example of an apostle proclaiming to create the actual flesh and blood of the Son of the Living God from bread and wine — in a golden cup. The warning about this is given in Rev 17.
            Like there is no “good” Muslim, there is no “good” Catholic.
            There are no Muslims or Catholics in heaven.
            Jesus marries only His FAITHFUL bride.

            The gates of hell are Catholicism and Islam – they’ll not prevail. His Word, His commands, stand. Catholicism and Islam both mock the Ten Commandments. His warning about both post-Christian religions is perfect.

          • autdrew

            Somebody has been drinking the Chick kool aid lmao.
            I will just point out one thing, how do you know, authoritatively, that Matthew, Mark, Luke & John are the only inspired gospels, that the epistles of Paul & others, are the inspired ones & others weren’t or that the Apocalypse of John was the divinely inspired one? Since Jesus did not write a book while he was on earth, how was the faith proclaimed & passed on before the Bible canon was settled a few hundred years after Christ’s death? If God intended for us to go by Sola Fides, why did we need Jesus on earth or the Scriptures? Or surely if we were intended to go by Sola Scriptura, the Scriptures would have included that somewhere or Jesus would have said You are Peter and on this rock I will write my book? Why did he leave us a visible Church when all we have to do is open up the Scriptures for ourselves and get the correct interpretation? If we could do that, why does a baptist, an episcopalian and an evangelical read & interprete the same passage differently? Surely God didn’t intend for so much misunderstanding of his word. Surely God would have left us a teaching and preaching authority so that many souls won’t be lost due to a misunderstanding of scriptures by their preachers. Surely we can trace the history of Christianity all the way back to the time of Christ to see which Church has not only been around since then (through written documents) but has always proclaimed that they were actually established by Jesus Christ. Pax

          • Rod Dodger

            Muhammad asked the same questions…
            The golden cup is Catholicism alone.
            Christians do not drink of the golden cup.

          • Mindy Robinson

            You are saved by Grace and Grace alone. You do not even understand the message of G-d, you choose to ignore him. I cannot convince you of anything , only G-d can , pray before you study the bible, then study it.

          • marlene

            You’re too wrong to be so righteous.

          • marlene

            Insults always show up lies and false doctrine.

          • Mindy Robinson

            G-d is very clear on idolatry and so was Jesus, as well as who we are to pray to. We are to pray to G-d in the name of Jesus Christ. The hail Mary is a prayer to Mary, this is a grievous sin. The pope has set himself up as a G-d, and the masses bow him, rever him. The Catholic congregations have been deceived and the bible proves it if G-d gives you the wisdom to understand when you read it. Every time I think of the Catholic church I think of this vs: REv 18 4Then I heard another voice calling from heaven,

            “Come away from her, my people.

            Do not take part in her sins,

            or you will be punished with her.

    • LoloJim

      You have to read the Catechism in context not just throwing one paragraph. You have to read paragraphs CCC 839 to CCC 845. Reading the Catechism out of context becomes a pretext. The Philly mayor might not even be a practicing Catholic.
      The Catholic Church teaches that Mohammedanism (Islam) is one of the 5 great heresies that includes Arianism, Albigensianism,, Protestantism, and “the Modern Attack.”

      • Rod Dodger

        I read it in context.
        Catholicism teaches that Muhammad’s Allah is God.

        • marlene

          You’re absolutely correct in all your comments, Rod Dodger. Expect some nasty comments from those who are too wrong to be right.

          • LoloJim

            Where is the nasty comments? Prove that you are right, cite the bible if you wish.

        • LoloJim

          No, you did not read the context. Your arguments just come from the top of your head. You don’t cite any authoritative source to prove them. Here is the Catechism of the Catholic Church: READ IT !

          • Rod Dodger

            I have the book titled “Catechism of the Catholic Church.” In paragraph 841 on page 242-243, it clearly states that “…and together with us (Catholics) they (Muslims) adore the one, merciful God…”
            Spin it however you wish. You cannot change or erase the errant teaching of the catechism.
            And, knowing that Muhammad’s Allah masquerades as “The Light,” we know him to be Satan (2 Corinthians 11:14). So “Universal” is the Catholic church that it adores the masquerading angel of light as God. Even worse… Disregarding the Father and Son in Acts 17:30 and Romans 1:21-23, Catholicism actually adorns their houses with the carved images of Death – death by crucifixion.
            What bride betrays the commands of her Groom and adores His fallen nemesis by way of carved image and written word?
            There is but a single answer – Matthew 25:1-13.

          • LoloJim

            I already told you to read the context of paragraphs 839 to 845 but you kept on to shoehorn paragraph 841. The context of those paragraphs involves the relationship of the Church with non-Catholic religions, especially the monotheistic religions such as Judaism and Islam.
            For Judaism:
            Paragraph 839: The relationship of the Church with the Jewish People. When she delves into her own mystery, the Church, the People of God in the New Covenant, discovers her link with the Jewish People, “the first to hear the Word of God.” The Jewish faith, unlike other non-Christian religions, is already a response to God’s revelation in the Old Covenant. To the Jews “belong the sonship, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the worship, and the promises; to them belong the patriarchs, and of their race, according to the flesh, is the Christ”, “for the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable.”
            For Islam:
            Paragraph 841: The Church’s relationship with the Muslims. “The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.”
            As you can see par. 841 was based on the Muslim’s claim that Allah is the God of Abraham not a known fact but the claim. Not based on the research of the Church but based on the Muslim’s claim. If any religion will claim that their gods is the god of Abraham, then the Church will base it on that claim. With Judaism, it is a well known truth and impeccable source. The ‘Chosen People’ of God.

          • Rod Dodger

            CCC 841 is the written falsehood of people who must believe what Caesar says. Caesar (Frances) says that Allah is God.
            The man-made falsehood and Frances were PARTICULAR to Muslims and the god that Muhammad spoke of.
            You can’t spin it…
            And Catholic leaders do not have the relationship with the Father and Son that is necessary to recognize that Muhammad is THE liar. In other words… Muhammad fooled the men who have adopted Jesus’ Father’s name as “Holy Father.”
            They should have obeyed the Son in Mt 23:9 so not to have placed themselves among those of 1 John 2:4.
            Muslims still make the claim. So does the leader of the “church” of Rome.

          • LoloJim

            Ignoratio elenchi !!!

            Rod Dodger, again do not embarrass yourself in the social media.

            You can’t fool the readers.

          • Rod Dodger

            The ultimate leader of your Universal “church” has announced that “all major religions are ‘meeting god in different ways.'”
            To be certain, the whole world has been led astray by the deceptions of Satan – he who masquerades as God.
            Because of his infallibility and catechismal direction, ALL Catholics must adopt this teaching or be found guilty of creating yet another denomination – “heresy” by Catholic standards.
            Catechism 841 condemns ALL who adhere to the teaching of the demonic variant called “Catholicism.” As per the pope, Buddhists and Muslims are “meeting god in different ways.”
            As the little “g” god, the pope is perfectly accurate in his pursuit of Muhammad’s deity. That god HAS led the whole world astray…
            …Prophecy fulfilled and confirmed by the words and actions of your “Holy Father.”

        • LoloJim

          The Catholic Church believe in the Triune God, that is, Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.
          Muslim’s Allah don’t even come close.

          • Rod Dodger

            Under the teaching of Catholicism, its members are taught to worship and adore the Babylonian myth – the queen of heaven. They further worship and adore angels. They have created a new name for Caesar and worship popes as God – “Holy Fathers.” And, worst of all, they have been taught that Muhammad’s Allah is God (CCC 841).
            Yes, Catholics call Jesus “Lord, Lord.” Jesus has something to say about this in Matthew 7:21-23.
            The “Universal Church” appears to have earned that name by adopting the deities of Babylon, Rome and Islam. Like Islam, the man-made traditions of Catholicism break all Ten Commandments as well as countless other commands of the Father and Son – Mt 23:9, Acts 17:30 and Romans 1:21-23. Though Muhammad, his Allah and their followers fulfill 1 John 2:22, members of the Universal Church (also the description of Islam via the Qur’an) fulfill 1 John 2:4.
            I count 54 different times (within the Qur’an) that Muhammad uses the man-made traditions of Catholicism to argue contradictions within “Christianity.” The truth is that Catholicism is an unfaithful bride-to-be (worshipping other gods) that ASSISTED MUHAMMAD in founding Islam.
            The popes continue to support and endorse Islam – with Frances recently stating again that God and Allah are one and the same. As an unfaithful bride, she suffers the fate that Jesus describes in Matthew 25:1-13.
            There is much, much more. Most of the biblical warnings that DO NOT apply to Islam adhere to Catholicism. It is separate and distinct from Christianity – deviating from the written Word and horribly disobedient to the Father and His Son.
            Thank you for giving me the opportunity to expand upon the evidence on this subject.

          • LoloJim

            Not sure where you are getting your information. You are a
            typical anti-Catholic-protestant-fundamentalist who simply objects to the Catholic doctrine of Mary the Queen of Heaven and making a straw man argument. It regurgitates the typical anti-Catholic claim that Catholic belief in Mary’s Queenship is warmed-over paganism. Often quotes Jeremiah 44:15-17, where the people of Judah rebelliously reject the prophet Jeremiah’s message in preference to their idolatrous worship of an entity called “the Queen of Heaven”—apparently the pagan deity Ishtar. The claim is that this idolatrous, pagan worship of the Queen of Heaven has been carried over by the Catholic Church into its “worship” of Mary as the Queen of Heaven….That’s
            nonsense, let me explain to you biblically.

            Mary’s Queenship is first based on her maternal relationship with Jesus. Here the ancient Hebraic notion of the Queen Mother applies to Mary as Mother of the Messianic King, Jesus Christ. In ancient Israel, the most important woman in the monarchy was generally the queen mother, not the queen. In the southern kingdom
            of Judah, the kings’ wives were apparently never “queens.” It was the queen mother (Hebrew, gebira or “Great Lady”), the king’s mother, who was honored
            and who wielded authority as a counselor to the king.

            In 1 Kings 2:19, Bathsheba, the queen mother of Solomon, is honored by her son, who stands to greet her and
            pays her homage when she comes to him on a matter of state. The Bible declares, “Then he sat down upon his throne, and a throne was provided for the king’s mother, who sat at his right.” (This is obvious because Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines).

            Furthermore, the queen mother often advised the king. Proverbs 31:1-9, for example, summarizes the advice King
            Lemuel’s mother gave him on how to govern. Included are warnings to the king against focusing on his harem and against excessive drinking, as well as an appeal that he care for the poor. The close link between the king and the queen mother can also be seen in Jeremiah 13:18. Jeremiah warns of the judgment to come on the monarchy and includes the queen mother: “Say to the king and
            to the queen mother: come down from your throne; From your heads fall your magnificent crowns.” Apparently, not only the king but also the queen mother wore a crown.

            Psalm 45:9 refers to the Queen Mother standing at the king’s right hand, arrayed in gold. Hebrews 1:8-9
            applies this psalm to Jesus as Messianic King. By extension, Psalm 45:9 would then apply prophetically to the Messianic King’s Mother, Mary.

            Which brings us to the New Testament. These texts provide the Old Testament background to Mary’s role in
            the New Testament. At the Annunciation, the angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would conceive and bear a son whom she would name Jesus. Then Gabriel
            declared, “The Lord God will give him the throne of his David his father, and he will rule over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end” (Lk 1:32-33; RNAB). Since Jesus is certainly the Messianic King, it follows that Mary’s role is that of the Queen Mother of the Messianic King. This explains why St. Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, would say to her younger cousin, “Most blessed are you among women, and blessed is the
            fruit of your womb. And how does this happen to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” (Lk 1:43)

            This is the language of the royal court, with the subordinate (Elizabeth) addressing a royal superior (Mary). Elizabeth was honored, not merely by the presence, in utero, of the child Jesus, but also by Mary herself. Elizabeth said, “Who am I that the Mother of my Lord should come to me?” Elizabeth was honored by the presence of Mary because she is the Queen Mother of the Messianic King, Elizabeth’s Lord.

            Mary’s royal dignity as Queen Mother is also evident in Revelation 12, the heavenly vision of the “woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars” (Rev 12:1). The vision depicts the Woman as “Queen of Heaven” insofar as she is both a queenly and heavenly figure — the Woman
            wears a crown of twelve stars and appears in the sky, in heavenly glory — clothed with the sun and with the moon beneath her feet.
            Mary, a Jewish woman, Mother of God, is truly the Queen of Heaven.

            By the way, you are making an argument in which its conclusion does not follow from its premises or ‘non sequitur’.

          • Rod Dodger

            Thank you for affirming that you adore the Babylonian myth – the queen of heaven (Jer 44).
            The myth and old wives’ tale of Jer 44 was reinvigorated by Pius in 1950 – even giving that old myth Mary’s name. This fulfills the warning of 2 Thessalonians 4:7.

            The woman you refer to in Revelation is the free Jerusalem above, our mother (Galatians 4:26).

            Christians do not worship and adore Babylonian myths.
            We do not worship angels.
            We do not worship and adore Caesar (pope) as God or “Holy Father.”
            We do not adore Muhammad’s Allah. He’s the fallen angel who deceives the whole world – the Catholic church included.
            We do not adore the carved images of crucified death.

            All of these things oppose the commands of the Father and Son.

            Matthew 25:1-13 separates Jesus’ faithful brides from those who thought they were brides-to-be.

            Once again, thank you for explaining WHY Catholicism rebukes the Father and Son by their man-made tradition. It gives me more and more opportunity to show how it is that the falsehoods of Catholicism gave rise to Muhammad and his Islam.

            Do not forget, in addition to CCC 841, Frances confirmed that he (and therefore ALL Catholics) believe and teach that Muhammad’s Allah is God.

          • LoloJim

            Rod Dodger, do not embarrass yourself in the social media.

            You can’t fool the readers.

          • Rod Dodger

            “…first of all the Muslims, who worship the one God, living and merciful, and call upon Him in prayer…” – pope Francis, pope’s address to representatives of the Churches

            Defying Christ Jesus and calling Roman rulers “God” as “Holy Father” was a very bad idea!

        • ch2801

          Allah is another of satan’s many names.

          • Rod Dodger

            God mocks Muhammad as the “son of Allah” in Isaiah 14:12.
            Calling himself God as Jesus as the “bright morning star,” Muhammad is he who God mocks in this verse. Muhammad calls himself this name and title of Jesus in Qur’an 86 as “Al-Tariq.” Without coincidence, Allah calls himself “the dawn” in Qur’an 113.
            When one replaces the “morning star” with “Muhammad,” the chapter makes perfect sense. Within the Qur’an and Hadith, Muhammad makes all five claims listed in verses 14:12-14.
            These are the masquerading angel of light and his lone false prophet.

  • Janis

    Pamela also made a good point in asking how much jihad money was involved in campaigns. Apparently the Saudis, the chief exporter of the ideology pledged to our demise, have bought up most of the western world they need to do it.

  • TheShadowmaster

    The Democrat Party is a nest of dhimmi vipers.

    • liz

      Yes, and this mayor is doing his good little dhimmi duty! I’m sure he couldn’t quote one verse from the Koran he’s so “nobly” defending.

  • keith

    … the poor boy has caught Euro-itis… a serious mental deterioration, the symptoms of which include backache, joint pain, nausea, hair loss, dry eye, erectile dysfunction, historical memory loss, feelings of self-loathing/extreme white guilt, talking bollox as well as suicidal tendencies and faux leadership …

  • arturo

    Allahu Fubar!!

  • EJO

    “In no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you’ve seen on the screen,” said Mayor Kenney.
    Kenney has his head stuck so far up “Mohammed’s” asshole you can’t even see his chin.

  • EJO

    This Islamic lunatic fired thirteen shots at point blank range, and he still couldn’t kill this cop?

    How much body armor was this cop wearing?

    Or is this Muslim bastard just a really bad shot?

    And talk about bravery. After getting shot three times this policeman jumps out of his car, and starts chasing after the bad guy.

    Officer Hartnett deserves some kind of medal.

  • Ant. I. Liberal

    This Islamic Puppet MUST BE RECALLED !

  • Sheikh Ali

    It is easy to condemn Muslims but have non-Muslims ever thought about the plight
    of Muslims who discard Islam. It is death. Hence the Muslims must be first
    shown a safe path so that they renounce Islam but does not arouse suspicion
    among their fellow Muslims. This they can do if they adapt the Sanatana way of
    life. See

    • marlene

      blah, blah, blah.

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      If a Muslims wants to discard their faith, they should come to the US – and they can be human like the rest of us.

  • shelly48

    I think that all of the Philadelphia police that are assigned to protect this idiot need to call a “sick out”. Let him call his Muslim friends to come protect him. How long do you think that, or him will last?

  • Needtoknowtruth

    Fire that a hole mayor pos, and Philly time to get prepared. If a cop can be shot and his dick boss covers it up , you regular citizens are f ed, and find out who’s paying your elected officials they are steeling your money n selling you out to the worst people on earth.

  • Guy Kuder

    another obama bin laden supporter lmao recall this idiot now philly peeps

  • Benton Marder

    Sorry, Pamela, but I must repeat myself. DeNial is NOT a iver in Egypt. DeNial is a governing characteristic of the Democratic Party. The Mayor is a classic case of DeNial.

  • Mindy Robinson

    I read the unholy quran, yes, this shooting had everything to do with islam and yes the muslims unholy book tells them to kill. Why did I read the book given to the muslims from hell itself? I wanted the truth about what muslims stand for, now I know, death.

    • that’s what I tell people to do, read that fascist book. They’d rather read NYTime’s editorials. But it’s fun watching the Left irrational view implode upon itself.

  • Mr E

    Perp: Your honor, I murdered my wife because I hated her.
    Judge: No, that wasn’t the reason.
    Perp: Yes, yes it was.
    Judge: Nope. I know better.
    Perp: Ummm…

    • exactly – in defiance of the law of evidence.

  • joe1429

    I think this mayor is takin a cue from former dc mayor marion barry , and smokin crack, lol. The suspect said he did it in the name of islam, and the mayor says no, lmao

  • Drew the Infidel

    As stated in Matthew 7, you will know them by their fruit. Or more specifically, “Does not the ear try words as the palate tastes food?”–Job 12:11. Nowhere is it stated this ridiculous mayor has any theological qualifications to say such things.

  • marlene

    The same Mayor Nutty (before Kenney) who brought 10,000 african muslims into his City and gave them free housing, food stamps, free medical and dental services, and provided them with jobs, while the homeless sat outside in the cold and the poor were standing in food lines. Never, never, never vote a politician into office twice unless he has proven himself worthy, This hack most certainly has proven he’s not.

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      …and we still have veterans that are homeless.

      • marlene

        And this is the biggest thorn in my side and it’s where my sympathies lie and where most of my rage comes from. It’s the biggest black mark on this country that the political elite traitors have made. I’m ashamed of and angry at our Military as well for not standing up for their soldiers. We continue to elect leaders instead of representatives. God bless our Veterans. Thank you for your brave service, RetiredNavyphotog, and God bless you too. I know that Trump is on top of this issue, is the ONLY candidate who is, and for that alone, he has my vote.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    That has to be the most dramatic pistol firing stance I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised he wasn’t firing his 9 gangster style.

  • Fred Sawyer

    This guy is Philadelphia’s answer to Deblasio.

  • movingwaters

    Saudi Arabia has been generously contributing seed money to those American sell-out politicians and universities willing to exalt their faux faith for a long time. It isn’t surprising that people who are willing to go to hell for eternity would be willing to be bribed in this existence.

  • Stephen Honig

    The mayor is another one of Obama’s bleeding heart liberals. He should have said nothing, because Islam states to kill all infidels.

  • scocope

    The mayor is a bigot; how else can you describe someone who refuses to allow a devout follower of a religion to proclaim his allegiance to that religion while he carries out acts that he understands are demanded of him by that religion?

  • Jimmy Crackorn

    so the Mayor is a Jihadist Expert now..hummmmm . Nothing to see here move along.. another reason Trump in 2016 .. ..Jimmy is just another Politician in a Can..

  • Paid dhimmi bleat from the mayor, his greased palms dripping with Mid East oil money.

  • iprazhm

    How many muslim acts of jihad are effectively covered up, unnoticed by conservative bloggers? If it weren’t for such brave citizen activists like you Pamela, islam and Sharia law would have advanced to it’s third and final stage already. We would be in the dark as a nation under siege. Thank you sister.

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    I bet the mayor of Philly has bodyguards…with weapons.

  • Gordon Miller

    Either the mayor of Philadelphia is insane, being paid off, a devout Muslim, or is afraid of political reprisal. Or maybe all of the aforesaid.

  • 2bad4U

    Democrats will never admit they are beyond being the ignorant, scum sucking parasites they all truly are. They will kiss the backside of anything, living or dead to get those cherished votes on election day. Muslims are no different than the illegal waste of human flesh the Dims allow to invade this country from Mexico and South America everyday. The day of reckoning will come very soon when these pussies will beg patriots to protect them from the trash they keep welcoming with open arms and constantly covering up for.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Liberals love being told what to think.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    There is no point in listening to democrat liberal socialist politicians. They demand you believe them, not your own eyes. The louder and longer they lie, them more suckers believe them. Time to deal with islam and its arrogant ignorant violence at the individual level, by individuals exposed to islamic violent proselytizing.


    “His cop is shot in the name of Islam and the Mayor’s knee-jerk reaction is to protect Islam, not the cop.”

    He probably got the “talking points” memo from the WH.

  • apollodr

    This idiot of a mayor does not represent any catholic in any way shape or form.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    The difference between saying, he did it in the name of Islam is a lie, and saying, he committed murder in the name of Christ is a lie, is known in the teachings of each. Who did Jesus say to kill compared to how many different peoples did Muhammad say to kill? The answers are: Jesus said no one vs. Muhammad saying everyone who is not a good Muslim.

  • CatheS

    Just cuz he said he did it in the name of islam does not make it a terrorist act or attributable to islam. We’ve all heard of people doing despicable things in the name of Christ and Christianity, and we know that they are delusional because the acts themselves go against the teachings in Christianity. What makes this attributable to islam is the fact that that religion actually calls for actions such as these to be perpetrated. But so long as people think that one religion is the same as another, and do not actually take the time to learn how they differ, we will have deniers putting us all in harm’s way. That is the problem everywhere this is happening.

  • ClipperFlight

    So the man says. But it remains to be substantiated.
    For sure, the likes of fear mongerers and haters like Geller will like to sell this as an Islamic crime. But responsible persons need to determine the veracity of any such claims.
    The last thing America needs is to spin out of control with the likes of Geller over something that needs to be clarified. And suffice it to say, the assailant is in custody, where he belongs.

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