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[ August 22, 2017 ]

Palestinian Olympic Committee Forces Boxer to Forfeit Rather Than Compete With Israeli

[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

Media ignores that Florida cop killer is a Muslim, emphasizes that he’s a former Marine

[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

Officials from largest US Islamic charity promote anti-Semitism on social media

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Barbie BOMB: ISIS Plot To Blow Up Aussie Plane With Barbie Doll Foiled

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Barcelona jihadi Younes Abouyaaqoub ‘shot dead’ by Spanish cops while wearing suicide vest after killing...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Report: Bannon Urged Trump to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem — Was Blocked by Jewicidal...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

MGM Resorts International will match employees’ donations to “civil rights groups,” including Hamas-CAIR, SPLC, and...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Robert Spencer: UK Gets Tough On Terror

Look at What U.S. Foreign Service Officer Peter H. Brown Posted on Facebook in the Service of Jihad


If you draw any comfort in knowing that we the American people are well represented by our lovely foreign service officers abroad, you are grossly and sadly mistaken. You’d think they would be the biggest flag wavers of all, but they are anything but.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 4.58.52 AM

Peter H. Brown is political officer for the U.S. Embassy in Dubai and a Foreign Service Officer for the past eight years. Do you really have to be a far-left nutcase to be in the State Department? Yes. I mean, who is the bigger head case, Feight or Brown?

“Death Ray” — what the hell is a death ray? It was an x-ray machine. If this were in reverse, he’d get a scholarship to MIT, like Clockmed did to Qatar University.

This insane tripe is sanctioned, but I can assure you that if a foreign officer made anti-jihad or anti-sharia remarks, he’d be relieved of his duties.

A friend of mine told me of a Consular Officer in Doha, who later transferred to Afghanistan where he posted on Facebook: “Afghanistan is just like West Virginia, they all have guns and don’t like fereners” (nothing like calling the people who pay your salary ignorant hicks). This same Officer on the day of Bengazi again posted on Facebook, “Terry Jones finally has blood on his hands!!” which is even worse than blaming the youtube video.

This is how these misanthropes are serving the interests of the American people?

A quick glimpse of  Brown’s Facebook page shows only a handful of followers — eleven, to be exact. But even they are telling. One Muslim follower of his, Ahmad Awad Albukai, has a video atop his page of a toddler who falls into an indoor swimming pool and drowns (here).

Which is why 2016 is so critical. It’s not just that we need a new President. We need someone who is strong and brave enough to purge this fifth column from the Department of State, Department of Defense, Department of Justice et al. And if it means going to war against the enemy left, so be it.

  • Rick Smith

    What a dhimmi puke.

  • David

    What colors do traitors come in Peter? Look in the mirror to find out!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    That is what facebook is all about, a soap box for imbeciles.

  • Lady Gwnyfar

    The embassy in south Africa is a nightmare
    took em a few years but now they’re in with the anc who recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Hamas. The US and anc have always been natural enemies but not any more. All of a sudden we get pix of the ambassador toasting champagne with president zuma and it is highly embarrassing

    • Michael B

      ANC HAMAS two peas in a pod..

    • Rob Porter

      Quite a revelation. Obama’s America really is the dregs of humanity reaching out to other dregs of humanity, not least the ANC and our laughing, half-wit, rapist president. Well, any port in a storm once America’s standards had gone to hell. America no longer is the friend of those who pursue liberty.

    • JSebastian

      All of a sudden we get pix of the ambassador toasting champagne with president zuma and it is highly embarrassing

      Were they singing “Kill the boer” too?

  • Darrell Standing

    Another clinically insane Dhimmi-Wit !!! ?

  • Darrell Standing

    Every Bureau will need to be swept clean after the POShiite Imam Pretendident Zero is gone !!! ?

    • Rocinante44

      including all military officers, who are all now shariah compliant

      • Rob Porter

        Watch this Lieutenant General Mark Phillip Hertling (Ret) who appears on CNN and make up your mind. What a flipping dead loss!

      • JSebastian

        Most of them but not all.

    • skipsart

      Don’t hold your breath. Don’t forget the threat of Martial Law

  • Thomson Figueroa Nancy

    This is what happens when you are not educated about what is going on and you become indoctrinated into the insanity of propaganda that is around you.

  • El Cid

    This looks like a setup.

    There hasn’t been a single incidence of politically inspired terrorism other than Jihad for years. This is a case of pure entrapment. The accused is a Klansman (and stupid) who no one is going to support.

    Where is the quote that he was targeting Muslims as opposed to their usual targets (e.g. Jews and Blacks)? BS!

    The intention is to lull the population into believing we are NOT at war with Islam. And that Jihad is just part of the ‘spectrum’ of domestic violence.

    Brown is distributing the propaganda on behalf of the state department.

  • Rocinante44

    the entire executive branch is blatantly anti-american and pro-muslim. there’s a pulitzer prize for any reporter who wants to investigate and tell the world how the muslims seized the government while we all watched and refused to see the obvious

  • NJK

    2017, he and others need to be investigated and removed. This guy better hope for his sake, he hasn’t committed treason.

    Leavenworth is going to be full with this bunch.

  • Doctor Who?

    Let’s be frank.
    Ambassador Chris Stevens, who died in Benghazi, was a foreign service officer who armed Islamic terrorists in Libya and Syria.

    • Kook of the East

      So he was an arms dealer?
      He was helping Obama and Hitlery funnel arms to scumbags.
      Doesn’t mean he and his team should have been left to die.
      Don’t come to me after the fact and say a video made them do it.
      Neither Obama or Hitlery is man enuf to admit it went sideways.

      • Doctor Who?

        Stevens had provided weapons to Islamic terrorists in 2011 to help them take over Libya.
        Then as Ambassador to Libya Stevens took part in the CIA weapons smuggling to Islamic terrorists in Syria. The day Stevens was killed he had meetings with a shipping company official and a Turkish diplomat about the weapons smuggling.
        Obama and Hillary are guilty of treason in smuggling weapons to Islamic terrorists and so is Christopher Stevens. Only Stevens is now beyond human justice.

        • Paula Coyle

          I would bet Obama and Hitlery were just tying up loose ends.

          • Doctor Who?

            One of the theories is that Stevens was disillusioned about the policy of arming Islamic terrorists and was about to expose the scheme. so he was silenced.
            Another theory was that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt wanted to kidnap Stevens and hold him hostage to secure the release of the “Blind Sheikh” who was convicted in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. This theory is backed by the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi — a group of retired Generals, Admirals and CIA agents.
            Either way the smuggling of arms through Benghazi to arm Islamic tourists in Syria is undeniable.

          • alm3texas


      • Paula Coyle

        Maybe Chris had a change of heart, so they left him there to die so he couldn’t blow their cover.

  • JSebastian

    I would fire all these muslims immediately upon taking office.

    BTW, Muslims are not Americans. You cannot have sincere beliefs in islam and still be an American…because Americans believe in the Constitution, the natural rights of man, and our western political ideals. Islam is the opposite of all of these fundamental things.

    • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

      Exactly! So swearing on a koran when taking an oath of office should negate the oath, like the High Court Judge or Attorney General or whatever that woman became the first muslim one just last week.

      A person can’t be both, either you are an American ( or Brit or Aussie or Kiwi etc) or you’re a muslim – they say it themselves often enough ‘islam trumps man made law’ and that their first duty is to islam not their host country.

  • jimbo

    Terrorist? Feight seems like a level headed inventor to me !@!

    An inventor with a mission to rid the world of cancerous vile scum. islam. seems totally plausible to me.

    Wonder if Trump will invite him up to the White house when he gets in ???

  • Radegunda

    The State Dept. is chock-full of people who are globalists more than patriots, and who believe that we just haven’t been nice enough to Muslims. State’s response to 9/11 was: “We need to bring more Muslims into the country so we can better understand them [i.e. figure out how to stop making them mad at us].”

  • Rodney Rudeness

    Feight’s trial was reported in an Australia newspaper on on Dec 19.

    But ….how many Jihadis are there? Not just a few …….

  • moberndorf

    The State Department has for many years been a nest of far left vermin.

  • movingwaters

    Foreign Service has been called the affirmative action program for the children of the left wing “elite”. They really don’t identify as Americans at all.

  • mjazzguitar

    “White” terrorist. If the terrorist was black, saying so would be called racist.

  • mjazzguitar

    It was a nice try, but it was at least the fourth terror-related arrest in upstate New York. You can guess the faith of those involved:

    – Six men from Lackawanna, south of Buffalo, were charged in 2002 with conspiring to aid terrorists by attending Osama bin Laden’s al-Farooq training camp in Afghanistan in 2001.

    – Two leaders of an Albany mosque who were snared in a 2004 FBI sting involving a fictional terror strike were each sentenced in 2007 to 15 years in federal prison.

    – Four men were convicted in 2009 in a plot to bomb synagogues and shoot down military planes with missiles.

    – a case that began after an FBI informant was assigned to infiltrate a mosque in Newburgh, 70 miles north of New York City.

  • Mudpuppy

    No Moslem is innocent. I would like for him to succeed.

  • Merchantseamen

    Hhehehee. I left a comment over there with that baby. I guess I will be investigated.

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