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Pamela Geller, WND Weekly Column: New Year’s Eve terror attacks: Europe’s civil war


Check out my weekly column at WND:

New Year’s Eve terror attacks: Europe’s civil war

Exclusive: Pamela Geller blasts cover-up of ‘biggest news story in the world’

Last week, I broke the story at my website, Atlas Shrugs ( Muslim mobs were sexually harassing scores of young women on New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany. The media refused to cover the story for days. That’s why you read Atlas Shrugs: to get the news the media won’t cover. Even ABC and NBC turned a blind eye to the New Year’s Eve story of Muslim savages who raped and robbed female passers-by outside Cologne’s main train station while throwing explosives at New Year’s Eve revelers.

The scale of these mass Muslim attacks is only now beginning to be made known. When I first broke the story in the U.S. here on Jan. 3, I reported that hundreds of migrants had sexually attacked and robbed non-Muslim European girls. It wasn’t hundreds; it was thousands. Saturday, it was 379 criminal complaints. Sunday it was more than 600 and climbing. And just as depraved and criminal was the law enforcement and enemedia cover-up of this large-scale act of war. Migrants in Berlin shot guns and threw explosives. These were coordinated sexual assaults and robberies of women by “foreign assailants.”

Yes, this is civil war. Will the Europeans fight? The police are on the side of their conquerors. There were too few police on New Year’s Eve in Cologne. The girls were on their own to “run the gauntlet.” And yet on Saturday, when there was a demo against the mass sexual attacks, there was an overwhelming police presence in Cologne. The anti-migrant movement was rallying against the rash of assaults on women by migrants in the city on New Year’s Eve. German police have water cannons and pepper spray to disperse demonstrators. Where was this strong police presence on New Year’s Eve? Why weren’t the tactics used against the anti-rape and robbery rally employed against the Muslim migrant hordes?

Both law enforcement and media outlets tried to cover up what is now the biggest news story in the world. The police even wrote that it was a normal New Year’s Eve in their initial statement (which they corrected). In reality, this was a terror attack. ISIS warned of New Year’s jihad attacks, and these coordinated attacks spanned all of Europe. Widespread sex attacks were reported in Austria, Finland, France, Germany and Switzerland.

My initial story went viral on Facebook, forcing media outlets to comment and cover what was happening. When they did finally take notice of the story, mainstream media outlets insisted that the evildoers weren’t refugees; however, there were people on social media who were there, and they were saying otherwise. According to a post on a big local group on Facebook in Cologne, most of the perpetrators were speaking Arabic. That post got deleted pretty fast. Mark Zuckerberg is Angela Merkel’s mop-up boy now.

The cover-up of the Muslim hordes raping and robbing non-Muslim women on New Year’s Eve goes far beyond the Merkel media. This is a pattern that has been going on for months. Take, for example, Dagens Nyheter, a daily newspaper in Sweden that “aspires to full national and international coverage.” One of their editorial writers, Hanne Kjøller, describes herself as a liberal feminist. And yet she was given a story about a Cologne-like mass sex attack, but when she heard the perpetrators were Muslim migrants, she refused to cover it.

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books – featured at the WND Superstore

Bigger media outlets, however, finally picked up the story. Germany’s largest television station, ZDF, issued an apology Wednesday for not reporting on what happened in Cologne, where more than a thousand Muslim attackers brutalized women. They even ripped off one girl’s stockings and underwear. One victim said: “They were with their hands really everywhere. This is something I’ve never experienced. When we called for help, they laughed.” Another recounted: “I had fingers on every orifice.” A girl was left with horrific burns on her shoulder after a firework was shoved into the hoodie she was wearing.

It wasn’t just in Cologne, either. Finnish police reported that migrants sexually assaulted women in Helsinki on New Year’s Eve also. Helsinki deputy police chief Ilkka Koskimaki said: “There hasn’t been this kind of harassment on previous New Year’s Eves or other occasions for that matter. … This is a completely new phenomenon in Helsinki.” Get used to it.

And in Zurich, at least six women have reported that “dark-skinned” men sexually harassed and molested them on New Year’s Eve.

This is what Europeans can expect in the “new normal.” A number of my readers didn’t venture out. One wrote me: “It’s way too dangerous on the streets of Berlin on New Year’s Eve.” Welcome to Multiculti Europe. It sounds just like Tahrir Square in Egypt, when “freedom movement” revelers were sexually attacking any woman who dared venture out. Think Lara Logan.

Then the mayor of the city where hundreds of women were robbed, sexually attacked, molested and even raped on New Year’s Eve blamed the victims. Worse still, the mayor is a woman. The mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, intends to publish a behavioral code for the forthcoming carnival in Cologne. But if you think that this behavioral code is meant for the Muslim mobs, you are wrong. This behavioral code is meant for the victims, the women.

Amid the chaos in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the Muslim attackers mocked police and attacked them with fireworks and bottles. One cried: “I am Syrian, I must be handled in a friendly manner. Mrs. Merkel invited me here!”

For their part, police were apparently ordered to cover up the full extent of what happened in Cologne, so as to avoid fueling the “right-wing extremist debate” – in other words, so as not to aid those who refuse to submit to jihad and Shariah. One 18-year-old victim claimed that she had to go report her attack at a different police station, as the police in Cologne sent her away. Others are saying that the police were no help that evening.

This not-so-shocking claim comes as Germany registered more than one million migrants in 2015, five times last year’s total.

I warned that all this would happen, and now it is happening. Those of us who sounded the alarm were smeared, libeled and relegated to the very fringe. European authorities have been much more intent on shutting down resistance to jihad than on stopping jihad activity and Islamic supremacism in their own countries. This is what that policy has gotten them.

And Obama has done the very same thing. Even when a policeman was shot 13 times in Philadelphia and insisted that he did it “in the name of Islam,” Obama had “no comment.” Another ISIS terrorist attack, and the president of the United States had no comment?

Meanwhile, at such a time as this, “Mein Kampf” was reprinted in Germany for the first time in decades, and it immediately sold out. The timing on this is suspicious. “Mein Kampf” is a bestseller in many Muslim countries. Europe, and most particularly Germany, is morphing into a Muslim state at warped speed. The rise in Jew-hatred in Europe is tied directly to the increase in Muslim immigration. Islamic antisemitism is in the Quran.

Cologne’s police chief has resigned for his mishandling of the situation. But it’s not his policy; it’s Merkel’s. She should resign. And Henriette Reker should also resign. If these mass attacks aren’t enough to compel Merkel to abandon her disastrous Muslim immigration plan, then Germany is doomed. And not just Germany, but all of Europe.

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books – featured at the WND Superstore


  • Shafiq Islam

    Ms Geller, you have been telling the truth for years and are often abused for it. Socrates and Martin Luther King got the same treatment, but please keep it up. I know firsthand what life is like in a Muslim country and it is, as Hobbes said, “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.”

    I hope that the spate of crimes by refugees finally break through the denial and that the tipping point in favour of democracy and human rights is reached instead of the tipping point in favour of sharia.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      So sharia is a separable quantity from islam (spit) eh? Funny how they seem to be one and the same in all ur various islamic-nazi shitocracies.

      • Shafiq Islam

        Sharia is one component of Islam.

  • spacearcadian

    sadly it´s happening as I predicted. europeans will not stand up against the tirany of their traitor politicians trying to subjugate them and impose Islam. european will suffer permanent terror attacks, murder, rapes, intimidation and after few decades will become extinct. what mohammed didnt get during 1400 years due to the fight of the people of south and east europe (hungarians, polish, spanish, italians…), finally will get it thanks to the treachery of northern europe politicians: Europe will belong to mohammad. USA is next

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      North America is next, as well as AUS and New Zealand.

  • Po Tato

    Dear Pamela,

    As if raping European women is not enough, now they are boasting how seven of them savages have ‘deflowered’ European virgins — and they are doing that online, with video !

    All Europeans must thank Merkel for importing those ‘deflowerers’

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Germany has lost its sense of decency, it is becoming the toilet of islamic colonization.

  • john

    Clarify muslim law and its ruling of justice. The muslims refugees follow those precepts of law. islamic law is a very male oriented where women have little or no rights. The refugees do not regard western(judaic chrstian) law that promotes equality they see it as an obimination of islam. islamic law wants snjunmission while western law wants freedom by law.

    • joe1429

      yes,…. 2 contradictory forms of govt. Cannot live together

      • Rachel Studley

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        • Don Grantham

          Hello ‘Rachel’… glad to have flagged you.

        • old nam vet

          hello Studley, quite a name. To bad it’s BS. Or should I say Kelly Richards or whatever BS name your using for this scam

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Germany is populated by fools who have elected greater fools to govern them. What actual human being with any sense of decency would do what Germany has done regarding its women and protecting muslim subhuman rapists? All Germany is, is a good example of what not to do. The only good thing, is the the muslim criminal beggars will destroy the German economy, then starve. A token force of police observe criminal acts against women, then a few days later, a massive police force suppressed protest against the islamic maggots who enacted these crimes in public. Shame is insufficient to describe it.

    • Don Grantham

      Criminal omission describes it very well.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That would appear to be the case, criminal stupidity by authorities takes many forms.

  • Shafiq Islam

    Even at that bastion of Politically Correct Islamophilia, Salon, this article with some glimmers of reality appeared, although they still don’t connect all the dots and see that the roots of cruelty and inhumanity lie in the Qur’an and hadith.

  • Don Grantham

    Not all of Europe is capitulating to the hordes. Poland and Hungary have taken hard stances, but the difference there is that the people share a common vision. As long as Germany, Sweden and the rest must contend with their own self-destructive leadership as well as recalcitrant leftist obstructionists, it is a war fought on multiple fronts and very likely unwinnable.
    If Europe as a whole cannot come to terms with this situation in short order, then it’s probable that the EU will go bust. Already old tensions are flaring up, and it does not appear to be improving as the crisis worsens. A house divided cannot stand, and right now Europe is a house of cards in a sh!tstorm. If you won’t stand up and fight for your own country, then it’s all over and the fat lady is singing. Auf Wiedersehen… it was nice knowing ya.

  • joe1429

    The horrific extent of the new years eve rapes are still not all known, as more and more women are still coming foward. What is incredible is that these rapes were coordinated assaults in at least 5 different countries.!! Anyone convicted should be deported back to isis land

  • Benton Marder

    Pamela, this is going to get a lot worse as Fasching, the Carnival seasoon which runs until Ash Wednesday, 10 February, ramps up in Catholic Germany and in Austria, specially in Cologne and in Vienna. If the Muslims seriously disrupt Fasching, who knows where they’ll stop?

  • Ben Hur

    Germany needs to get over the war and stop feeling the need to show everyone how tolerant they can be when in fact that tolerance is actually suicidal cowardice. Just imagine if Jews were carrying on like that in Nazi Germany. They weren’t. They were minding their own business and making the economy hum. The Krauts have gone from one stupid extreme to the other and can’t see the uber ober Kompensation!!

    • Big John

      You’re right. They were savages to decent people in ww2. Now they are being ‘decent’ to savages and actually ‘savages’ to the decent people of Germany.

      • lacedemonians

        Common German people are NOT responsible for the Nazi mass murders. Similarly, common Jewish people are NOT responsible for the Stalin era Soviet mass murders (about half of Russian Bolsheviks were Jews).

  • Shafiq Islam
    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Hopefully there will be a civil war in Europe/Eurabia — hopefully islam will be outlawed and mosques burned to the f’ing ground.

  • vercingetorix

    These young muslim men ar obviously obsessed with sex. For years, in their own countries, muslim clerics have indoctrinated them that non-muslim women are “sluts” and “whores” and that they have every right to demand sex from them. It is quite clear that many of them came to Europe not because they wanted to escape war or ISIS, but for their sexual gratification.
    In Merkel’s Germany, inspite of the cold winter weather, muslims invaders keep coming in, day after day, by the thousands each day. If Merkel cannot stop this massive invasion by the spring of 2016, then Germany will live her greatest catastrophe after the german surrender of 1945. Merkel still refuses to close the borders and now wants to spread all over the EU HER refugees, that SHE invited to come to Germany, but not one single country is ready to accept refugees from Germany thus far.
    All this will turn into a catastrophe and the EU and Merkel are the main culprits for that!
    Already now in Germany private protection squads are being created in big cities. It looks like Germany is going to have a hard year in 2016!

    • rhcrest

      I can’t stand muslims as much as anyone but they are not alone in being obsessed with sex. Everyone is obsessed with sex both here and in Europe. I never realized this until I became a parent and I am constantly angry because sex is ALWAYS coming up in instances where it should not be. For instance, I was watching A Christmas Carol with my children a while back and before I know one of those stupid commercials about a product to help women who are menopausal and want to feel sexier! WTF???? I am SO sick of this. There are no shows where sex is not in the storyline either visually or through the dialogue. I don’t want to watch other people in bed who have supposedly just had sex and are laying there after the fact. It’s disgusting and it’s everywhere. I am so disgusted with the American people. It’s like we have become a nation of teenaged Beevis and Buttheads constantly referring to sex and body parts. I watch old movies which have high standards of decency and I know I can relax around my kids because there isn’t any of this nonsense. I wish we could go back. Shame on us

      • vercingetorix

        Do not be so prudish! After all this is the 21st century ad! It is a difference to like sex, erotism, nudity, porn etc and to be obsessed with it! Muslim men are obsessed with sex because of the teachings of their foolish religion, the cruel, unnatural and useless separation of males and females, and the vicious diatribes of their clerics.
        Most people that i know of do like sex but are not obsessed with it at all!

        • El Cid

          rhcrest is on topic.

          There is a dialog, an action, and a reaction. This is not a vacuum. This ‘dialog’ is playing out. We are confronted by it because of the invasion.

          What is the western obsession with sex telling our Muslim brothers? Look at the internet.

          I never told my daughters to be modest in their dress, but they are. It’s called ‘self-respect’. Also, they demand their personal space in public. If it were legal to carry arms where they live, they would.

          There’s personal work to be done on our side too.

          • vercingetorix

            The West isn’t obsessed with sex,the muslim world is. Most people like sex, that does not mean they are obsessed by it. When you come across, as a muslim, a non-muslim girl, and tell her she must agree to sexual activity or else be killed (like it happened a thousand times in Cologne in one night), that is obsession! Most rapes in Europe are carried out by muslims, not by westerners!

        • Susie Q

          Ok…I’ll state the obvious for you: The issue is not ‘liking sex’…the issue is the proper behavior and conduct of people, and the sex act’s proper place in society. Her comment pertains to the degradtion and debasement of the act to render the persons engaged in as well as those watching it, who then become tacit voyeurs) it as little more than dumb animals, as opposed to what it is supposed to be: that means of devine physical union wherein man may know God, and from which creation (in this case, obviously, a human being) may begin. She is not prudish, she is sensible and properly concerned for her children.

          So, h(ow about you grow up and comprehend the actions=consequences paradigm. How about you talk less and read more. How about you learn and comprehend the cause and effect relationship(s) of what you profess to like and the consequences to civilizations at large.

          However, you are essentially correct in your statements regarding their insane religion and the depravity of the men who seem incapable of conceptualizing a thought outside the paradigm of their religion. Lunacy.

      • Evil Liberal

        Thats capitalism gone amok. Sorry to say.

      • Susie Q

        You’re right, and it’s designed that way by the Powers-That-Be since it’s one of the most effective ways of corrupting the masses. And I agree….there are some things which should remain private, and I am old enough to remember a time when people behaved very differently than they do now.

        One side note, and this is more for amusement. I have a fair knowledge of movies and movie stars from the teens and 20’s through to today. 1) the only thing that differentiated the stars of yesteryear with those of today was the ‘Studio System’ that keep a great deal of control over these people and the media reportage on their behavior, most of which was buried to keep their public reputations clean (in some cases, this was not possible: William Holden driving drunk and killing somebody; Lana Turner and her daughter who was alleged to have stabbed and killed Turner’s live-in lover, mobster Johnny Stompanato; Clara Bow, Fatty Arbuckle and several others); and 2) Prior to the Hayes Code being put in place in the very early 30’s, I think in 1932–a consequence of public outrage at the flagrant, and often depraved sexuality shown in the movies to that time, there was an unbelievable amount of sex. Of course, the movies of the mid-late 30’s, 40’s 50’s reflected the Hayes Code, and those movies are considered the heyday of Hollywood. With the 60’s back it all came and it’s been a mess ever since and getting worse all the time, since now, with TV and the Internet, it pervades every waking hour of our lives. Haven’t you noticed that you can’t go ANYWHERE without a barrage of noise in the form of media?

        Disgusting is right. Would that we could put that Genie back in the bag.

        • rhcrest

          Very interesting. Yes I wish we could put the genie back in the bag. I really never noticed it until I had kids and I just want to be able to enjoy a program or a movie etc. without the constant references to sex and it just gets incredibly annoying and now it makes me angry as well. And yes these are things that should just be private. In that commercial with that menopausal woman, she says we need to start a dialogue. No we don’t need to start a dialogue. If you have problems please talk to your doctor privately but you don’t need to start a dialogue with the general public! I don’t want to have visions in my head of this woman or anyone else having sex. It should just be a private matter.

  • rhcrest

    Like Trump says, our country has gotten soft and along the same line of thinking, Europe has gotten soft. We teach our kids to flash the peace symbol and we forbid boys from playing with nerf guns meanwhile the muslims teach their kids to blow up and behead people. There are numerous videos of muslims beating up soft European boys on the net. They take great pleasure in doing this. The boys have no idea how to fight back as it has been drummed into the youth of all Western nations that violence never solves anything and that if one is physically attacked or bullied, one should not fight back. Bull! Violence has solved lots of problems. Without it the world would have been lost to the Nazis.We would still be under British rule. Sometimes violence is needed to kill evil people and that is the truth. God does not call on us to sit by while evil people rule the world. We are not supposed to lay down like doormats. That is suicide and that is a sin. Christians drive me insane with their pacifism. It’s sickening. Europeans have all let this happen as Americans have also with all the multicultrualism brainwashing. Everyone is too involved with the day to day pleasures of their own lives – as long as there is food in the fridge and a game on tv life is grand. Well the barbarians are inside the gate, they are not at the gate. And if we want to survive we are going to have stiffen up and fight. And that is all there is to this. We have let the leaders get away. Merkel should be dragged out of office by the short hairs and given the mussolini treatment for what she has done. She is a traitor to her people

  • joker

    Still I am not getting it. Originally I am from Western Europe. When more then four guys were hanging about the police would come and to tell to go home. But that was 26 years ago.

  • You are right, Ms. Geller, civil war is the inevitable outcome of this unsupportable immigration policy. We had a saying on the farm: You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. In this case the water is the truth that Islam is a religion of hatred and intolerance that wants to convert or kill all humans on the planet, and we can’t make the politicians drink that water.

  • El Cid

    Castration was the cost of the European Union–70 years of peace (not counting Serbia/Croatia,the start of WWIII) was the reward.

    They hate Israel because Israel flaunts a political style that reminds them of European nationalism–the ‘poison’ they rejected to live in peace. They hate to see proud Jews in Uniform standing tall. They prefer to see them as emaciated skeletons in museum pictures. They embraced Israel’s enemies–the enemy of my enemy….

    When thousands of young men came claiming to be ‘refugees’ that had no frame of reference to see the absurdity. Young men defend their own countries, they do not flee.

    These young Muslim men are conquerors who have come to enslave the weak. God will give them victory. Those Europeans willing to fight should go to Hungary, Poland, Slavakia, Serbia, and the Czech Republic and build an army. History repeats.

    The best thing is that, this time, we Jews do not depend on Europeans to protect us. We have our own army.

  • linda T

    Here, in the netherlands are also sexual attacks and rapes by Arab migrants, the governement is looking away, We, the women of the netherlands are no longer save. Left by the governement, the state, the police. Thank u mrs merkel. Europe is no longer a save place to be.

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