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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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Pamela Geller: New Year’s Eve Rapes in Germany A Wake-Up Call to U.S. Leaders to Stop Muslim Migration from ‘Jihad Nations’


Check out my radio interview (audio here) with Breitbart this morning:

Pamela Geller: New Year’s Eve Rapes in Germany A Wake-Up Call to U.S. Leaders to Stop Muslim Migration from ‘Jihad Nations’, Breitbart Radio, January 6, 2015:

On Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily (6AM-9AM EST on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125), Pamela Geller said the shocking New Year’s Eve incidents in Cologne, Germany where roving packs of men of Arab or North African descent groped and raped German women should serve as another wake-up to American leaders to stop “this Muslim migration from these Jihad nations.”

“You just can’t do it,” Geller told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, adding that accepting Muslim immigrants also poses a national security threat since ISIS has warned it will “weaponize” migrants and sneak in terrorists to western nations. “This is a huge mistake.”

YouTube video: Thanks KGS

Geller said America is “merely five to 10 years behind” Europe and will face the same problems as Europe if it continues to admit Muslim migrants. She said GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, who has proposed a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, is resonating with Americans for speaking up about their concerns against the political elite.

“He’s popular because he’s saying things that everybody is thinking,” Geller said of Trump.

Regarding the New Year’s Eve rapes in Germany, Geller said other cities in Germany had similar incidents and a lot of her German readers told her that they did not leave their house on New Year’s Eve because they did not want to be victimized by savages.

Geller added that the Cologne incident was evocative of Tahrir Square in Egypt when Muslim men raped hundreds of women, including CBS’s Lara Logan, while mobs gathered to celebrate Mohamed Morsi’s departure in 2013.

“What was different?” Geller said. “It really was the same thing.”

Geller added that German leaders are going to try and cover up the details of the Cologne attacks “because [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel is hellbent on this Muslim migration, which she is committed to despite reality.”

She emphasized that there is “a break between the people and the E.U. elites” on Muslim migration. According to Geller, “Europe is doomed” because taking in so many Muslims “is unsustainable.” Since the European “political elites are ignoring the people,” Geller said Europeans will “go quietly into the night or they’re going to have to fight back.”

She said “people are going to rise up or they’re going to succumb” in Europe and warned that Americans will be faced with the same choice down the line if its leaders do not curb Muslim immigration.

Listen to the full interview – audio here.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Rocinante44

    didn’t mohammed rape some little girl(s)? i don’t know that muslims acknowledge the word rape

    • ruthy k

      They do when it suits them. They have a lot of PA political cartoons portraying religion Jews or IDF raping woman and killing children. It’s their bread and butter default brainwashing program.

    • Shafiq Islam

      As an ex-Muslim, I can answer that. Qur’an 4:24 and other verses and ahadith give Muslim men the right to rape captive kuffar women. To them, and to Merkel, Cameron, Obama, Bush and most of your politicians and media, these men were merely practising their religion and you have no right to obstruct what Allah has decreed. Just as you have already largely done in matters of free speech, you will give way on this issue too. The German police were useless, and yours will be too. Black Lives Matter and CAIR are just waiting for them to use force.

      • Don Grantham

        Since the police and politicians are either useless, incompetent, or just acting in collusion, it falls to the citizens of their respective countries to take matters into their own hands. Civil war seems inevitable… pick your side carefully.

      • Lato Sensu

        muzzy also like first cousin and young boy butts.

    • Lato Sensu
  • Darrell Standing

    Does America still have any leaders to wake up ??? Obama’s wake up call is to himself in front of a mirror … making faces !!! ?

    • Don Grantham

      Obama is just taking a big hit off ‘Old Glory’. You know, when you President, sometimes smoke get in yo’ eyes…

      • Darrell Standing

        Nyet Comrade … he most likely uses these rolling papers … he would choke on smoke from the Stars and Stripes !!! ?

        • Don Grantham

          Considering he wipes his butt with the American flag, yeah.

          • Don Grantham

            President’s Choice rolling papers

        • joe1429

          exactly, who else would make nice with cuba and iran, while throwing all our allies under the bus. When is obama going to call N korea prez up for a chat?

  • Don Grantham

    I imagine all across Europe, women are reading their men the riot act. I also expect the next PEGIDA rally to be substantially more robust. The time has come to step up, or step off.

    • joe1429

      yes the euro man turned to a bunch of sissies. where were they when their women were getting raped on ny eve, watching??

  • spacearcadian

    but this has nothing to do with islam, not all muslims are abusing german women in public squares! Patriarchal behaviour exists in mexico and india too!

    • bentux

      Dude, statistics!

  • spacearcadian

    the right wing islamophobia is growing. but luckily the poor muslims have their mamma merkel, their mamma Hilary, their mamma Henriette Rekel who will take care of them and will defend them against the growing islamophobia

    • Lato Sensu

      what me worried. we have no phobia today. the calico gat goes ratty tat tat and it the muzzy has to be carried away. and for touching one out beyond a scream or a shout a CheyTac will pop muzzy all day.

    • Sandy

      And in Canada they have Trudeau.

  • EJO

    Migrant husband allowed people smugglers to rape his wife daily for three months as payment for trafficking him to
    Europe… and even joined in with their sex attacks

    * A Syrian migrant husband paid for his family’s trip to Europe using his wife

    * He allowed her to be raped daily by people smugglers as a form of payment

    * The man later joined in with his wife’s attackers in a form of ‘twisted logic’

    * It is one of thousands of incidents of sex attacks against migrant women

    By: Corey Charlton for MailOnline

    Published: 04:50 EST, 5 January 2016

    Read more:

  • eric in denver

    Merkeling is an act of war and colonization. It must be responded to militarily, not judicially. Merkelers should be shot on sight, or else (when that’s not possible) captured, interned and forcibly deported. They must not receive civilian process.

  • putupjob

    sorry pam.
    everything you’re saying about this should be true.
    this story is censored by the american media and can only be found on conservative blog sites.

    the american public won’t even know this has happened.

    • I had to tell my American mother about this story, who gets her news from only mainstream media. I often ask her about events to determine what is making it to the mainstream.

  • livingengine

    Hi KGS!

  • traci94

    What Merkel is doing is despicable and traitorous. She was elected to office by the German people, and she is stabbing them in the back. I hope that ALL of Europe will make such a big stink about this issue that America will hear about it clear across the pond. I think what the leaders and media are doing is downright evil, trying to keep this information from getting out in the open. WHY are they so protective of the migrants? It’s like a big conspiracy.

    • She’s dumb as a rock

      Why do you think she stabbed them in the back on purpose the way she has? What would cause her to do it? Is it even possible for a human being to be as stupid as she appears to be?

      • Jack

        Perhaps money is involved somewhere, it usually is in these types of affairs. She doesn’t appear altruistic.

        • Heinz Rund

          Maybe she never “betrayed” her former fatherland, the German Democratic Republic. Maybe Merkel works together with hidden cliques of Stasi agents.
          President Gauck was Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records and probably he destroyed the files of some of the best agents.

          Maybe this force uses a blind US-President to create a communist European Democratic Republic.
          But, just maybe, a secret Muslim-President who bows to a Muslim king, a President who kisses the ring of a Muslim tyrant,
          ordered to flood Europe with Sunni Muslims, for a “holly war” against Western Society. There’re some rumours, US-agents helped to organize the migration of the hordes. Moreover the rumours say, many tweets in which Africans and Arabs were invited to Europe came from USA (and England).
          This President also helped forming a Jihad army, the ISIL.
          Finally he likes Homeland…
          Especially season 3 is so bad, THAT is suspicious! :)

          • Randy K

            Merkel is a former East Germany communist who seeks to destroy the the Democratic Republic exactly like Obama is doing here.
            Obama by exec order is elevating Muslims (Brotherhood) to a protected status using the DOJ and EEOC. Check the Cargill meat plant in Colorado and watch how they shaft the company to grant 190 Muslims who walked out on strike. They will close the company.

          • Heinz Rund

            Yes, she is from GDR.
            And today, she wants to destroy Germany.
            “Democratic Republic” just was the name for communist East Germany.

        • joe1429

          Maybe 0 dousche has sweetened the pot with increases us aid??

    • Sandy

      It is all part of a plan set in motion a long time ago. Google the Coudenhove- Kalergi plan. Merkel is despicable and weak, however others in Europe are more powerful than her and are pulling the strings. However when this plan was evolved people were a lot more naive and gullable, not so much any more. The people have woken up and many see what is happening.

    • Patrick Roy

      Turkey lied to them and said they would make great workers. Now they will find out the truth, about the “workers” and about Turkey. Either Germany learns fast, or suffers in perpetuity.

    • Juanita

      The woman is either insane, being paid off, or cannot admit that she was wrong in throwing open the door the way she did. Doing that was asking for it and they got it in spades.

      As for the American media. There may be a decided element of fear. Those who have strayed from the party line have been retaliated against by negative career actions against them We do not know what else they have been threatened with.

      It is hoped that a new president will clean house. The whole executive branch needs to be fumigated. Not only must the corruption go but so must the thuggery.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Germany is, like the old hippy dippy ya ya song says, “On the eve of destruction”. It can be prevented, even at this late date, but it will take effort, rebuilding will be about the same price.

  • Ben Hur

    Mr. Donald Trump. You said “ban all Muslims until our people figure out what is going on”. You have Pam, Robert, Bridgette, Noni etc. who know what is going on and are the experts. Please endorse and work with them. Might help if you apologize first. Cheers!

  • bentux

    The last 6 months it was nearly impossible to write comments below any article published the major German newspapers. Many people in Germany complained about Merkel’s migration politics from the very beginning. So for that reason all German media suddenly disabled the comment sections. You could literally see how they tried to educate us. They really tried to convince us that this migration — which wasn’t even planned, it was an invasion — is an enrichment for Germany and Europe. Every article was extremely biased. Whoever was (and still is) against Merkel’s political position was called a racist or Nazi — this goes on until today. Most people are therefore afraid to speak out the truth and what they really think. There is only one newspaper that continuously allowed comments and published some critical articles. Nevertheless, the comments were and still are extremely moderated. Sometimes it can take hours until one of my comments is on-line, if it is accepted at all.
    The whole political movement goes sort of into the same direction as 70 years ago. Merkel seems to be very unteachable. In my opinion she is nothing different from the Nazis. She thinks she’s always right. We all know how that ended back then for Germany. It is unbelievable how she controls (indirectly) both the media and the police. The police could have done something in Cologne but they were handcuffed, so to speak. They received the order not to interfere! Here is an interview of a police officer who was on-duty that night: If Google translator doesn’t work, I’d be happy to translate it myself.
    A doorman who worked in a hotel near the Cologne cathedral at that time described what he saw and experienced. Women came crying to him asking for help. They had to hide inside the hotel. The migrants attacked him and also the police. Luckily, he has some experience in martial arts. You can see his statement in a video (in German) on his facebook page:
    In front of the hotel a group of migrants kicked a guy in the head who was already unconscious on the ground. The police came but couldn’t arrest them because no larger vehicles were around to arrest them all, so they released them and you know what they did? They spit on the windshield of the police car, verbally harassed them and the doorman and told him they’ll come back and get him another time.
    There is also an article about this: (again, Google translator)
    How are they going to protect the women during summer? Women are already afraid to go outside alone in some areas.

    • Evil Liberal

      I am not surprised you are being censored. You will have to make your own media somehow. Blogs, If Facebook censors you as they did that group from Cologne ask people America to post on their pages. We are all in the same boat and need to help each other.

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      Thank you for the information. Please continue using websites such as this one to get the real news and give us the details of what is really happening.
      Luckily in the US, we have brave souls such a Pamela to give us the truth.

      • Mack Pooh

        Truth is not a weapon…….

        HANDS ON IS A WEAPON……….

      • joe1429

        yes and talk radio, like mark levin, and rush limbagh, and mike savage

    • Scorpio

      Wow – thanks for the video. I really, really fear for Germany and I despise that
      she-beast Merkel. She’s destroying the country my parents called home.

    • joe1429

      yes agree… merkel is censoring the news, the same way hitler did 70yrs ago. Germany has come full circle.

    • Don Grantham

      Thank you for posting… please keep the information coming. I don’t trust the media any more, and the government BS even less. My gut feeling is that those supporting this chaotic insanity are by far the minority, despite what the dhimmified politicians claim. Open war is upon us, whether we wish it or not.

  • Obama Osama – same thing

    12 more months of browning and islamization of the USA. Brought to you by Oblabber.

    • joe1429

      t minus 12 and counting, lmao

  • Drew the Infidel

    Trump’s remarks are not simply wild political posturing in the midst of a campaign. They are taken directly from the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, specifically section 1182 entitled ” Inadmissible Aliens “. That section enumerates the various exceptions including those coming from areas where terrorism is rampant.

  • There is a line–and fact–during the interview that escaped me when reading about this story a few days ago. At 02:39 – 02:44: “…the police looking on powerless while [the monsters] committed these crimes against the German people there…”; This, of course I realize now, must have occurred, but I’d never thought about it prior to hearing that; and this makes it twice as obscene to me–maybe three times.

    The other thing is the brief shot of what looks like a dog’s head at 05:00. I saved this to my computer, but thought I would not reproduce here. My first thought before I paused there was that it was a cow’s head.

    The question is: what is the origin of this and is it malicious?

  • Jack

    Pamela, forgive me but I’m not good at citing. I read either on your page, JihaWatch or Ann Cocoran RefugeeWatcher that a South American Country told the UN they had enough with refugees disrespecting their women and expecting them to be Sharia compliant with Muslim women. They literally want to dump these ‘refugees’ back into the lap of the UN outside of their Nation. They get it.

  • Rob Porter

    Pamela is right, Trump is resonating with Americans because he is saying what Americans are thinking particularly on the Muslim immigrants issue. Here in Canada the media ridicules Trump, mainy because it is too politically correct and cowardly to face up to the reality of Muslim immigration. They are actually ‘dumb’ enough to think it won’t happen here, dumb enough to think that Muslims will integrate, assimilate, won’t form Muslim enclaves in cities like Toronto, and won’t demand Sharia in Canada. Already there has been a call for intifada on the University of Toronto campus and in Canada. The Jewish Defence League in Toronto is wide awake to what is taking place. Naturally they are portrayed as ‘radical’ and ‘Islamophobic’ – what else? If you don’t like being stabbed, raped or murdered by Muslims, you’re ‘Islamophobic’. The stupidity of it all is astounding.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      It’s sad to see Canada going down the same dark road as the US and the rest of the civilised world.

  • vercingetorix

    “Stop muslim immigration from Jihad-Nations”, Pamela writes. Is there a muslim nation in the world that does not produce Jihadists? In that case, which is it?

  • Stephen Honig

    There’s no wake up call for the sociopath Obama. He just needs to be done away with, now.

  • Mack Pooh

    To those of you, who, for some idiotic, womb rejected reason, think that not all muslims are terrorists, LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING EVERYWHERE, OUTSIDE OF THE MIDDLE EAST.


    There is no such thing as a conservative muslim. There is no such thing as a liberal muslim (well, in this case, yeah, DC has a bundle). There is no such thing as a moderate muslim.

    Islam is the concoction of a pathetic, filthy, comic book called the kotex, I mean, koran. It is a book read by followers of a murderous thug, mohammed, who rapes women, and boasts the rape and molestation of kids/children; who lies, with intent, to a gullible world, and gets away with it; who is a thief, and manipulating piece of human inconvenience. FOLLOWERS, AND SUPPORTERS AT ANY LEVEL, MUST BE ETERNALLY DESTROYED. From birth to elder, man, woman, and child, must go!!! Period!!!

    Obviously Europe is not paying attention. The United States is not paying attention. Russia and China execute potential, and convicted muslims, daily…… That idiotic poster child for toilet bowl residue, currently occupying the Oval Office, has aligned with Iran, giving them a nuke option.

    Obama has now begun the process of potentially disarming America. At a time when weapons will decide our fate. I do not respect the hunter, especially that four eyed, pizz poor bastard Dentist, of a womb reject who killed, murdered Cecil the Lion. I am slowly becoming convinced that many a civilian, without military, or law enforcement background, should not be given a pass to hold a weapon. I do not give a damn what they think they know. I’ll bet that dentist would not go in the woods if he knew that Lion had a weapon.

    The point is simple: the United States better smarten up, stop thinking about your rights and freedoms, as if, and start using using Constitutional and patriotic and family values.

    I am not here to make friends, nor am I here to get excited about thumbs up or down. I could care less!!!!

    I despise liberals, fraudulent republicans, and islam. I am a republican. Retired American Soldier. I support environmental efforts. I am an animal lover and supporter to the heart. The rich history of America. While I am a CT Yankee, a Nutmegger, I support the Confederate flag, as its demise was nothing more than coddling blacks, and their constant whine..

    Merkel, of the black male version, resides in the White House, and because of him, our families, our daughters, wives, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sons, husbands, dogs n cats, mouse n rats are in jeopardy………


    • Scorpio

      Great post – agree with you completely.

  • Marc Goldstone

    This comment, though posted elsewhere is relevant:
    When a democratically elected government abdicates its primary responsibility to protect its citizens by welcoming these inbred barbaric 7’th century animals, it leaves civilized people to invent ways to protect themselves. We infidels may need to wear clothing with embedded razor blades so the gropers pay a price for their barbarism. Though a barbaric solution this is in line with Islamic law where stealing is punished by cutting off the hands of the thief.

  • The liberal’s brains are in gated community skulls and don’t care about the people as long as their failed feel good policies can be blamed on others.

    Psalms 10:15 Break thou the arm of the wicked and the evil man: seek out his wickedness till thou find none.

  • Europe is accepting Muslim Nazis
    Trapped in Hitler’s Hell: Includes many images released by Germany.

  • joe1429

    The sad part is the German media is NOT reporting it!! I have a friend living there, and she said she heard Nothing was said on the local german news media about these incidents!! She had to find out through someone living in another country!! I guess freedom of the press is not being practiced anymore under merkel

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