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Pamela Geller, Breitbart: Sarah Palin Jumps the Shark


I expand upon the Palin’s endorsement of Trump over at Breitbart. Jim Geraghty opines in National Review that Palin’s endorsement of Trump shows, “Maybe the Tea Party isn’t splintered and weak. Maybe it’s dead.” 

Which was more surprising? Her endorsement of a longtime liberal or her blaming Obama’s treatment of vets for her son’s arrest on several domestic abuse charges, including assault and interfering with a report of domestic violence? Apparently he beat up his girlfriend.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.43.48 PM

Graph thanks to Doug Ross.

“Geller: Sarah Palin Jumps the Shark”

Breitbart News, January 21, 2016

I am sure there are a great many conservatives who were deeply disappointed with Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump Tuesday. It was hard on the ears and harder on the heart. If anything, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump made
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) look more presidential.
I do question her motives, because while Donald Trump is many things, one thing he most assuredly is not is a conservative. He isn’t. And that was always Palin’s touchstone — true conservatism. Until now.

“I think it [would] be a blow to Sarah Palin, because Sarah Palin has been a champion for the conservative cause, and if she was going to endorse Donald Trump, sadly, she would be endorsing someone who’s held progressive views all their life on the sanctity of life, on marriage, on partial-birth abortion,” Cruz campaign spokesman Rick Tyler said on CNN’s New Day.


Jim Geraghty opines in National Review that Palin’s endorsement of Trump shows, “Maybe the Tea Party isn’t splintered and weak. Maybe it’s dead.” Geraghty notes, “Trump’s an odd figure to win the heart of a public figure once so synonymous with the tea-party movement. He boasts of the influence his money has bought him with politicians, including Charlie Crist, Arlen Specter, and Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), some of the movement’s biggest enemies. He supported the TARP and auto bailouts and praised socialized medicine. He’s currently touting ethanol subsidies to the rafters in Iowa, and his tax plan would increase the deficit by $10 trillion, according to the Tax Foundation. The day the Tea Party debuted, he praised Obama as ‘a champion.’

I was an early supporter of Sarah Palin when she was the Republican vice presidential nominee in 2008. I liked her a lot. She appeared to be tough, real, and ethical. I thought the RINO establishment and the media did a real number on her. Which is what they do. But she fell short — terribly short. She quit the governorship of Alaska. She quit.

Who quits? What ever happened to, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”? Lord knows that I have been smeared, defamed, and libeled. My good name has been dragged through the mud because of my stand for freedom and against jihad and sharia. I won’t list here the litany of abuse I’ve suffered over the past 15 years for the crime of defending the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, the equality of rights of all people before the law, and individual rights. My point is, I would never quit. No matter what.

And so when Palin quit, I just didn’t get it. However, I did have some inkling that she wasn’t what she appeared to be during the Ground Zero Mosque controversy. You recall how I held those enormous rallies against the mosque. I had John Bolton, Andrew Breitbart, Geert Wilders, and a host of other notables speak.

I had asked Sarah Palin to speak, or, if her schedule did not allow her to appear in person, to give us a video or written statement to be read by the 9/11 family members. And she agreed to give us a statement. The 9/11 family members were only too happy to read her statement. I asked her repeatedly for the statement. She never gave it to us. The 9/11 family members were deeply disappointed. The controversy got too hot for her. I think that’s why she quit the governorship. She didn’t have the stones. She turned out to be, when the going got tough, a phony.

The Trump endorsement reeks of opportunism. She thinks he is going to win. She wants on that train.

Ted Cruz holds the conservative position in his opposition to ethanol subsidies, a tough but principled position to take in Iowa. But that’s why Governor Branstad of Iowa came out against Cruz yesterday. Branstad’s son is paid by the ethanol lobby, and has been trailing candidates demanding they support ethanol. Does Sarah Palin support that?

Ted Cruz stood with us after we were attacked by jihadis at our American Freedom Defense Initiative free speech event in Garland, Texas last May. Donald Trump, by contrast, attacked us. Does Sarah Palin support that?

Donald Trump is a big donor to the Clinton Foundation. Does Sarah Palin support that?

Whether Sarah Palin still has the influence in conservative circles that she once did remains to be seen, but I think that her endorsement of Trump damages her far more than it does Cruz.

It shows her unequivocally for what she really is: a phony. And a huge disappointment to free people everywhere.

Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. Follow her on Twitter here. Like her on Facebook here.


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  • Armaros

    Palin was never the full heart conservative she and the media made her out to be after the 08 election.

    Looking at her record in Alaska, you see another Chris Christie or Bush style centrism if not even liberalism (like distributing oil revenues to the public….something I admired her for also)

    The “right wing” label came from the media and she ran with it to rally the Tea Party Right… but deep inside she is just another centrist populist. SO a good fit for Trump who is a Rockefeller style Republican if not more of a 60s Democrat

    • NYgal

      Stop it. Palin was an efficient and well-liked governor. She also was a highly ethical person who had a set of values which, while I did not always share, I always respected. What happened to her and her family after she was put through a wringer by the Democrats and RINOS is a different story. There is no question that I am disappointed in her support of Trump, whom I do not support. That said, let’s not rewrite history – Palin was never Christy or Bush. Had she been, the establishment wouldn’t had gone all out to destroy her and deny her any possibility to renter politics.

      • jcinco


      • Armaros

        She was but she governed from the Center..

        That was my point

  • formwiz

    Reagan was a long-time Liberal, too. Never too late to see the light.

    And Cruz’ opposition to amnesty is a lot sketchier than a lot of people want to believe.

    • NYgal

      Questions regarding Trump’s real views go far beyond one issue. As to immigration, any opposition to it by Trump begun with his run for President. Regan’s political change was a gradual evolution. He didn’t just woke up and decided to be a Conservative candidate for President. If Trump wants to appeal to me, he has to make intelligent arguments, not a wise-ass cracks. And as New Yorker, I do not appreciate using 9/11 for his political aspirations. The only credit for how New York survived 9/11 goes to Rudi Giuliani, without whose leadership New York would see the amount of looting and lawlessness even exceeding that during the blackout.

      As someone who espouses a lot of what Cruz characterized as ‘New York values,’I don’t obviously agree with all Cruz’s views, but he still is my candidate of choice based on his love of Constitution and the rule of law, on which this country has been based.

    • Kebert Xela

      Reagan was a Goldwater supporter in 1964, sixteen years before he won the Presidency.

      Donald Trump is a trash talking reality TV star and crony ‘capitalist’ who was a supporter of ‘progressive’ Hillary Clinton like the Tuesday before he decided to run for the Republican nomination as her stalking horse.

      If not for Ted Cruz’s steadfast opposition to the Gang of Eight Amnesty bill (which Trump supported), 40 million illegals would be on the path to citizenship and Donald Trump would have no issue to run on.

      “We’ll let the good ones, which most of them, right back in!” – DJ Trumpeter

      Ted Cruz has never supported deporting 11 million illegals and then letting them right back in. Only the genius Trump has.

  • I thought your article at Breitbart was thoughtfully written. It was not a blind, mindless attack on Palin, but a substantive criticism of her based on facts and events. What sent my blood pressure rising were the blind, mindless attacks on you from the comments section. But, it is in keeping with the guy these commenters support — who also launched a blind, ignorant and mindless attack on you after Garland. I can’t help but wonder how any candidate who inspires this level of vitriol and hatred could possibly “make America great again.”

    • Laurel

      Excellent summation.

      • dfwpike

        You nailed it Pamela. Read your article on Breitbart and it led me here. So good to hear someone speaking their mind, telling the truth, and not worried about pissing people off and losing support. Like Breitbart. Breitbart has caved to populism and is no longer relevant.

        I’ve just bookmarked your website. You’re a true American. SALUTE.

  • Guest

    Pam Geller is a big mouth loon just like another Yenta Debbie Schussel who Palins lives in her head 24/7…..

    • Molon labe

      Uh..the “big mouth loon” is Palin!!

      • Guest

        You need a face lift!

  • Savvy7

    Exclusive: Alan Keyes puts Palin in same pool as finger-in-the-air unprincipled pols


    Keyes told supporters about Sarah Palin, in 2008.
    I remember troubling issues included Palin’s claim to be “personally” proLife. (I don’t understand how a “go along to get along” politician can tolerate in their “public” life the killing of babies, when they “privately” acknowledge it is murder.) And Palin lacked understanding of the separation of powers as governor, in Alaska.

    • Chevy Minerva

      Wat! Is Alan Keyes a member of the Establishment’s “controlled opposition” now too? I guess all the traitors’ masks are slipping now. Good to know!

  • ChuckTX

    Gelar, you now sound as wacky as Beck.

    That’s not a good thing…

  • Yitzhak

    Pamela! Are you going to be dragged kicking and screaming into the era of the Trump Presidency?

    • Molon labe

      I Sure Will Be!!!

      • Yitzhak

        Me too! But screaming with joy of course.

  • Laurel

    Pamela will now be attacked by Trumpeteers and Palin family beginning with Bristol.

    I suspect Pamela is ready since she seems to me born ready.

    • Chevy Minerva

      Cruz’s Senate bid was funded by Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs will never support a True Conservative! Therefore, Cruz is a fake Conservative. All of his Conservative actions, on the Senate, have been fruitless kabuki theater.

      Goldman Sachs does not fund Conservatives! That’s why Cruz didn’t disclose the loans.That’s why Palin abandoned Cruz. Geller is attacking Trump because he criticized the efforts in Garland, Texas, But Trump is the only candidate who will stop muslim immigration and save the Republic from Sharia.

      Why is Pamela supporting Cruz, whose wife wrote SPP (the precursor for TPP), when TPP will import millions of girl-cutting muslims from malaysia/Indonesia (per Obama’s statement in Malaysia)? Cruz is literally sleeping with the Globalist policy-making enemy of the Republic!

      You can deny all of this, but your refutation will fail. That is all.

      • bladyblah

        all we have to do is vote … to dump the chump trump

        • Chevy Minerva

          Be a stupid rhyming fool, if you choose…I choose truth, logic and prose, you cretin.

          • bladyblah

            ooooo … calling me names makes you very special, just like the chump … you truly deserve each other

          • Chevy Minerva

            “You snakes! You brood of Vipers!” If Jesus can do it why can’t Trump and I do it too?

            BTW, that Jesus quote was addressing hypocrites. You called Trump names too…while you were calling him and I out on same—just sayin’.

          • bladyblah

            I’m telling you this as a friend … you take social media way too seriously … dump trump

          • Chevy Minerva

            Nice deflection and forfeiture. I comment on Breitbart and a few other Drudge links, but don’t use other social media. Remind me what that has to do with you being a hypocrite? Friend.

            Trump/Wall/SCOTUS Liberty 2016!

          • bladyblah

            oh yeah … I’m a hypocrite because … I don’t want you to call me names, but I want to call trump a chump … Americans are allowed to be hypocrites, all of us … we take turns

          • Chevy Minerva

            Forgive me for missing your reply, I was occupied by interesting characters, elsewhere. I saw your up-vote and decided to tone it down a bit.

            We live in an upside down world, where good has become bad and bad has become good—Right is wrong and Left is now right! I firmly believe that Trump is the only candidate on the people’s side (except maybe Carson). I feel everyone/everything else is Establishment/Media manipulation and that Cruz is their pièce de résistance. I may be wrong, but I feel that Trump’s love of America and desire to stop the anti-American schemes is genuine. He is very flawed (probably less than the Establishment puppets), but I believe he will build the wall, terrorize our enemies for our security and improve or economy, through tariffs and sound business practices, evaporating debt and bringing back jobs. I also believe all the evil of the world is set against him (and Palin), because he’s mucking up the global anti-Christian/anti-Conservative plan. I think there will be many, many assassination attempts, but I’m praying he succeeds.

            Thanks for your time :)

          • bladyblah

            do you know why we don’t have “a wall” already? because the land is owned by individuals and not owned by the government. Those individuals (the majority anyway) don’t want walls built on their land. It has been tried before. I know the anger that drives people to Trump, but I also know that most Americans can see straight thru his nyc values image. Another reason I support Cruz is that he is already one of my state Senators. I see the benefits everyday of his work for our state. I’ve already voted for him and am not disappointed. Its easy to support his run. I also like that he doesn’t fight and get nasty … he just reveals his opponent to be who they are and lets the voter decide.

          • Chevy Minerva

            1a. We don’t have a wall because borderland owners sued the Bush administration to prevent the Eminent Domain seizures—along an international border! Either the land owners were profiting from drug and human trafficking or more likely they were asked by Bush to stop his own promise to the people.

            1b. Why on Earth would Bush do that? Well, Bush entrusted his momentous North American Union scheme (SPP) to Heidi Cruz, et al., on the CFR. Bush’s now-failed SPP was an open borders Globalist scheme to create an EU-style union, sovereign over America (just as the EU has grown from an economic combine to a sovereign proto-Socialist Union). Bush lied about the wall, just as everyone but Trump is currently lying about the wall, if they even mention it.

            2. Heidi Cruz helped write Globalist, border-less policy (SPP) for Bush, that she fully endorsed. She was even part of Bush’s trade policy team, earlier on. SPP was the precursor for TPP (Amer-asian Union). Heidi may have even helped write TPP, since her company, Goldman Sachs, heavily lobbied the Senate (200K) for TPA/TPP passage. Based on Ted Cruz’s TPA flip flop and questionable comments seeming to support TPP, it’s safe to assume Ted and Heidi are of one mind on Globalist Constitution-killing policies. Setting a “more perfect Union” above our Republic is a direct assault on the Constitution—Ted should know better!

            3a. Trump is Reagan 2.0. Both were Democrat entertainer divorcees and Reagan was certainly not a Conservative (’86 amnesty). No, both are/were Populists. Phyllis Schlafly agrees, in her comparison of Reagan and Trump. Stop deifying Reagan as Conservative, when it’s just a gimmick for Establishment RINOs to assume his mantle—they hated Reagan!!!

            (Side Note: Bush41 was the worst! He was the Establishment’s insurance policy against Reagan. Bush41, the former CIA head, entered into a transfer of powers agreement with Reagan, days before Reagan was shot. John Hinkley Jr. was apparently a CIA-connected friend of the Bush family and Bush41’s oldest son had dinner plans with Hinkley’s brother, during the assassination attempt! Sorry Jody Foster, Hinkley probably just wasn’t that into you!)

            3b. Trump is a Reagan Populist, Who’s running to stop the Globalist/Marxist assault on America—part deux!

            4a. Why do you think Palin abandoned Cruz? She probably realized there’s something fishy about Cruz’s Goldman Sachs/Citibank loans! They weren’t properly disclosed to the FEC, but were shared with the Senate—hiding in plain sight! The loans are excused as automatic loans on margin accounts, that weren’t even up to Goldman Sachs.

            4b. The problem lies in the repayment thereof. Were the loans repaid anonymously? Did the banks or a third party briber pay them off anonymously? Heidi Cruz is a Goldman Sachs VP and beneficiary of the loans. I’m sure Palin smelled a rat, especially since Ted Cruz was sent to Washington to fight the same big Globalist banks. Ignore title and scroll down to the dirty loans:

            5. For all of Cruz’s kabuki theater championship of Conservatism, he has very little legislation to show for the fight. I thought Conservatives don’t hand out participation awards?

            6. Cruz’s spox tried to preempt Palin’s endorsement of Trump, questioning her judgement—the same woman who effectively propelled Cruz to the Senate. Glenn Beck even attacked Palin back around October, as a warning to stay away from Trump! Isn’t it more appropriate to question Junior Senator Cruz’s Conservatism, especially considering his significant, Bush43, Globalist Establishment connections?

            7a. Cruz does get nasty! He indirectly put out a lying hit piece saying Trump took a poor old lady’s home—never happened! Cruz’s spox then lied on national television saying, “And a widow in Atlantic City lost her home over eminent domain, which was driven by Donald Trump.” Wat!!! The woman refused to sell. Trump legally moved to acquire the home for fair market value, up to 5mil. The woman persevered and then later just up and moved to California! The subsequent sale of the home was not to Trump, nor nearly as lucrative. Was the sweet little old lady just too greedy?

            7b. I believe the dishonest ad is still playing nonstop in Iowa, cloaked by Cruz’s Super PAC—Snake! Also, Genn Beck, the propaganda arm of the Temple of Moronai, has basically gone out and called Trump Hitler! Your guy is as dirty as his plausible deniability. You’ll know him by his fruits around him.

            8. You’re so full of it, I may have to rhetorically rev it up again, crazy! What are you?

      • Laurel

        You sound like a progressive troll since you use the arguments of the left. GS, as well as many other banks, lend money to campaigns. It is standard procedure.

        The rest of your post is tinfoil hat BS.

        BTW….Trump sits on the board of GS. He has also stiffed banks, taxpayers, and retirees in Florida.

        That is all.

        • Chevy Minerva

          I don’t sound like nuthin’—a Schlafly Conservative here—try me.

          Like hell it is! Goldman Sachs does not lend money, especially sweet low interest loans that can be paid off anonymously, to Real Conservative candidates. Prove me wrong!

          The rest of my post will not be dismissed, out of hand, by someone too lazy for substantive refutation…it just won’t!

          I don’t see Trump on the board, liar:

          This addresses Trump’s minimal connection to Goldman Sachs: “Eight of the Republican presidential hopefuls, Trump, Cruz, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, and Jim Gilmore said in financial disclosures that were largely filed between June and August last year that they had owned Goldman funds or Goldman stock, and in some cases both. … For some of the candidates, the funds are only a small part of their overall wealth – Trump, for example, has his real estate empire and owned many individual stocks, and Fiorina also owned a large portfolio of stocks.”

          You’re basically a liar who can’t tell the difference between stocks and debts. Its the same difference as paying politicians for favors and being paid for favors. You can’t even tell if Trump’s investment in Goldman Sachs was initiated by him or a portfolio manager. Bottom line, you lied about him being on the Board and you don’t know which direction political influence flows.

          You have been warned, liar. Carry on.

          • Laurel

            You use the language of progressives…and no one claims to be a Schafly conservative.

            You are a poseur.

          • Chevy Minerva

            What is this language of Progresso? You realize that’s a euphemism for Globalist/Marxists right? I’m not a Marxist.

            I am a Schlafly Conservative. Go to Eagle Forum and you can become an Eagle too! She single-handedly stopped the ERA. She is now focusing on stopping Levin’s Article V Con-Cons that are being hijacked by Soros and the Establishment to get their grubbies on our founding document. Check it out here: Levin’s a traitor and so are Beck and Cruz, with their Trojan Horse Illegal pandering—it’s sick!

            I’m not a poser and I’m not using stilted language to sound smart, either (Poseur?) You’re the one who lied above and said Trump was on the Board of Goldman Sachs. If anyone speaks the Progresso language it’s you.

          • Laurel

            I’m well versed with the Eagles Forum since I am a member of the local chapter so save your speech.

            Your language is that of a Progressive and an Occupy progressive at that. I did not lie but I am incorrect. Trump owns a lot of shares but does not sit on the board of GS. You also tend to gravitate to authoritarian. People disagree with you so that makes them a traitor? Is your IQ single digits? Perhaps you should change your name to Kim Jong Un.


            And poser (as you put it) is the slang of poseur.




            another term for poser1.

            And last but not least…Trump certainly brings out the ‘Trump’ in his supporters. They act just like him. Maybe you can verbal vomit on Twitter next.

          • Chevy Minerva

            Yeah, I bet you’re one of the infil-traitors that’s trying to mutiny the Eagles for Cruz. I also bet you didn’t consider that Mark Levin is Cruz’s staunchest supporter, but also a traitor for Article V Con-Cons, that Globalist/Marxists have been trying to push since ’86 when Phyllis exposed their Constitution-killing plot. Here’s the evidence against Levin’s treachery: & specifically You see, the Establishment and Leftists currently want Article V to force balanced budgets on the states, but they won’t cut spending, so this amounts to tax hikes…doesn’t sound very Conservative to me. Then they plan to use Article V for other schemes until they get their hands on the US Constitution and essentially unwrite it. How can you be a house divided and support Levin supporting Cruz, when the Eagles should be fighting him? I bet I’m closer to the Eagle than you, laurel.

            Laural, Cruz’s wife crafted the North American Union! Do you know what that means? TPP is the Amer-asian Union and she probably crafted that too, because she’s a Goldman Sachs VP and Goldman Sachs lobbied the Senate (200K) for TPP. Do you know what Jeff Sessions says about TPP? But Cruz called Sessions mistaken, here: Frankly, Cruz’s answers are shaky for someone who’s wife wrote similar policy if not this very policy (SPP/TPP). These aren’t lies, like calling Trump a Goldman Sachs board member, so how do you explain them away? Are you informed? Do you just not care? Hello?

            Next, “Trump owns a lot of shares” of Goldman Sachs? How many? Is it part of a managed diversified portfolio? Do you understand the difference between shareholder and puppet? Clearly Trump is not controlling Cruz through Goldman Sachs, so your maniacal puppet master picture of Trump holds no water. But I wonder who is controlling Cruz through Goldman Sachs—who has a lot of shares?


            poseur(n.) “one who practices affected attitudes,” 1866, from French poseur, from verb poser “affect an attitude or pose,” from Old French poser “to put, place, set” (see pose (v.1)). The word is English poser in French garb, and thus could itself be considered an affectation.

            So you are a poser for using poseur, poser! :)

            Listen, Laurel, you’re all talk and no substance. You don’t like Trump because your “Conservative” betters have demonized him to you, but you can’t see that all those same “Conservatives” are aligning with the Establishment and Leftists to remove him. This means all those “Conservatives” are fake and you have been taken in. Cruz, Huckabee, Santorum, Beck, Levin, Savage, Ingraham, National Review, everyone at Fox. What’s with Geller Rush, Sowell and Gohmert piling on? Then there’s absolutely everyone on the Left going after Trump! Some of the Conservative celebrities may just be deceived, like you, but most likely they’re willingly aligned with Globalist/Marxists for wealth, prestige and/or ideology. You cannot trust politicians or political pundits, even when they claim to be Conservative or even your Conservative betters!

          • Laurel

            Keep digging with your mindless drivel….and yes it is mindless drivel coming from a babbling ‘poseur’. Tighten that tinfoil hat a little tighter then maybe you can cut off what is left of the blood flow and do us all a favor and drop dead.

            Schafly is past her prime and jumped the shark. You went with her apparently as you dig across the internet to find garbage and parrot it becasue you don’t even remotely understand it. You post a long winded mindless rambling post that has nothing to do even remotely with what I said as you invent garbage such as this…”Clearly Trump is not controlling Cruz through Goldman Sachs, so your maniacal puppet master picture of Trump holds no water. ”

            Whatever you do quit babbling like a mindless dolt.

            The one plus to Trump getting elected is I will absolutely get to say “I told you so!” as he becomes Obama on steroids.

            Good day and Goodbye Poseur.

          • Chevy Minerva

            Summary of your reply:

            Ad hominem, ad hominem, ad hominem, ad hominem, wishing death to a stranger on the internet.

            Ad hominem, ad hominem, ad hominem, ad hominem, ad hominem, bold-faced lie about quote, ad hominem, the quote you bold-faced lied about (Goldman Sachs controls Cruz. You lied and claimed Trump was on the Goldman Sachs Board. He is not. This implied Trump was controlling Cruz through Goldman Sachs, or that Trump generally controls Goldman Sach’s Globalist attempts to destroy the Constitution, including TPP. You have also stated that Trump is an authoritarian and Obama on steroids, among other charges, which proves my statement, “your maniacal puppet master picture of Trump,” to be reasonably construed from your own words. You claimed it “had nothing to do even remotely with what [you] said,” but my previous sentence clearly relates your words to my statement. Do better).

            Ad hominem, Obsession with telling people, “I told you so!” Ad hominem. (Compound ad hominems are only listed once.)

            Note: You shouldn’t be suffered as a member of Eagle Forum (if you even really are one), because you’re furthering outright mutiny, by supporting the Cruzs—clear SPP/TPP enemies of the Republic. This also makes you an enemy of the Republic, with or without your knowledge. Don’t be disdainful, laurel. Someone needs to teach you discernment, objectivity, avoidance of duplicity, humility and obeisance to the Conservative legends that have fought so hard to sustain the liberties you enjoy.

          • Laurel

            Pure unhinged projection.

            Bye Troll.

          • Chevy Minerva

            A throw away comment by a throw away commenter.

            You claimed projection, now explain it. I’m not the one turning on Phyllis Schlafly after grafting off her life’s work, just to push your Goldman Snakes puppet. How do you feel about Mark Levin’s Article V treachery?

            You call me a troll, but for someone obsessed with shallow definitions, you don’t even know the basic meaning of internet troll. Disagreeing with you and your lies and putting up with your abusive language, when you threaten me for “attacks” is not trolling, though it shows what a hypocrite you are.

            Let’s see how prideful you are in peddling your ignorance, Laural. You’re nasty enough I imagine you’ll hold out for some time yet.

            Cruz is a fake evangelical vote-splitter and you damage Conservatism by being deceived and willfully deceiving others. Stop it!

          • Laurel

            P.S. Next time try getting the proper definition. Use Google or Bing or Merriam Webster.

            BTW…did you even read and comprehend the link you posted?

            Apparently not.


          • Chevy Minerva

            Etymology dictionaries are necessary for crossover words from other languages, to fully understand the word’s context. Using the French version is what a poser would do. You should strive to improve your reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

            I posted 4 links, so you should also consider honing your communication skills, before further embarrassing yourself.

            All your base are belong to us.

          • Laurel

            You can post all the links you like since what you posted proved me correct troll.

            The defection I used was correct and the root of the word is correct.

            You are an unhinged lowlife bottom feeding moron and quite frankly you don’t have enough brains to be embarrassed for your all out stupidity.

            You have no clue as to what you are talking about and what you post is not conservatism but authoritarianism with shades of totalitarianism. Your comments about the Eagle Forum alone prove that. Why they suffer with your presence is a question only those that are there can answer but i suspect it is because you bully them…and you know it.

            Now you can come back and post some mindless stupid nonsensical drivel all you like. It is self evident for everyone to read who and what you are.

            Bye Troll. Get a life before the one you have is done.

          • Chevy Minerva

            1. Proved you correct? How’s that?

            2. Your Straw Man argument is puny. Yes, the definition was tenable, but that’s not why you shouldn’t have used it. You are literally a poser for using it, as clearly defined, etymologically. I never questioned the validity of your word choice, only recommending that you not use a word which literally reflects its connotation back onto you. You clearly cannot remember the premises of arguments and you’re intellectually dishonest—hence your Straw Man argument.

            3. You are crass. I defeat all your arguments.

            4. I never said I was a member, hon…only that I’m closer to the Eagle than you. Now explain how I am authoritarian, totalitarian or bullying. Calling you out on your lies, Cruz’s lies, your idiocy, crassness and defeating your weak arguments is none of those.

            5. I can post thoughtful, intelligent, well-reasoned arguments that destroy yours, all I want. As far as this conversation goes, your delivery is emotional, crass, unusually verbally abusive, repetitive, desperate and forceful. One wonders if you aren’t the authoritarian, totalitarian bully you project onto others.

            6. Another forceful dismissal from weakness, misunderstanding of terms and then a truly nonsensical statement about my life? I think you should look at YOUR life and YOUR choices. I bet falling for a charlatan like Cruz hasn’t been your most gullible moment, you simpleton. Run along now, Laurel, the snake-oil salesman is at the door, but it’s late so I wouldn’t let him in. You probably will, though, ’cause you’re so naive.

          • Laurel

            P.S. You can scream all you like but nothing you posted is even remotely correct. However let me caution you on your attacks and language. You will get banned if it continues.

          • Chevy Minerva

            I’m not screaming and not breaking any community rules. Your threats are in vain. In the odd chance that Geller bans me for my opinions, I’ll just redouble my efforts to have Robert Spencer distance himself from her.

            You see, If Trump doesn’t win, Hillary will. Cruz has no chance and is clearly faking, since Establishment Fox News is trying to push him on us. Case in point is National Review’s evil scheme launched on Megyn’s show, earlier.

            The Establishment plan is to track Cruz and others with Trump, so he can’t win any primaries by a majority. Then Jeb will be chosen as the brokered candidate.

            This will lead to Hillary’s coronation and she’ll solidify TPP (when it’s inevitably passed) so hundreds of Millions of Shafi’i girl-cutting muslims will pour in from Malaysia/Indonesia, as Obama promised them, recently in Malaysia.

            Geller may or may not be aware, but I believe her actions will directly lead to the islamization of America. TPP is the twin of the EU and all of Europe’s muslim invasion issues will be brought here, intentionally. Christian Conservative dilution is the goal.

            P.S. You lied above about Trump being on the Board of Goldman Sachs. If you get me banned I’ll repeatedly inform Geller, by email, that I shouldn’t be banned in lieu of a proven liar. You should be ashamed of your self! You lie and then threaten my speech when I call it out. You caution me on language and “attacks”—really? Who do you think you are?

          • Laurel

            Goodbye poseur.

          • Chevy Minerva


      • jacoo

        Because they were loans taken out against his OWN assets. It’s called a margin account. Meaning, they had enough assets to secure the loan, and they were able to liquidate enough of these assets to pay it back. Oh, and he DID disclose the loans, FIVE MONTHS BEFORE THE ELECTION in 2012….NYT & “the Donald have distorted the truth.

        • Chevy Minerva

          Let’s be thorough. You trying to reinvent the wheel? Loans taken out against collateral is not exactly a new concept, right? You then claim they liquidated enough to pay the loans back. You clearly have evidence of this, so you may cite it now. No really, your statement needs proof.

          I believe the disclosures were not filed with the FEC, but were “inadvertently” only filed with the Senate. However, that may even be a lie. Here’s the FEC disclosure with compelling commentary, obfuscating the Goldman Sachs and Citibank loans (please disregard the article and scroll down to the “xlaurenstephens” comment, 9th newest down):

          Next, this article asks some telling questions and explains the concept of dark money, where the bank loans money and then anonymously pays off the loans, themselves, or a bribing party repays the loans, anonymously (ignore title and scroll to dirt on loans):

          Without proof of what you say, there is no way to establish Cruz’s credibility or integrity; furthermore, Cruz’s own wife was involved in the process as a Goldman Sachs VP. But you see, Heidi Cruz crafted SPP for the CFR, precursor to TPP, and her husband’s TPA flip flop could indicate quid pro quo, since Goldman Sachs lobbied the Senate (200K) for TPA/TPP. Heidi may have even helped craft TPP in her capacity at Goldman Sachs.

          SPP = Bush43’s failed North American Union. TPP = proposed Amer-asian Union comparable to he EU (Jeff Sessions sounded the alarm on TPP’s super-Constitutional intent—not fiction). SPP/TPP are Globalist Constitution-killers. Cruz is literally sleeping with the enemy of the Republic. I believe he’s complicit.

          I believe the loans and loan funny business is meant to conceal quid pro quo between Globalist policy-makers and their Goldman Sachs Senate puppet. Oh, and I think the Establishment is utilizing Cruz as a fake evangelical vote-splitter too. That is all.

          • jacoo

            I’m not trying to reinvent anything…but maybe you are. Perhaps this article will somewhat enlighten, but then again, most Trumpsters are looking for anything and everything to discredit Cruz. So you go right ahead and dispute the writer at Townhall.

          • Chevy Minerva

            Most of your reply is throwaway filler. I suggest revising it. You should make statements with clear points and not be so wordy and vague. “Read this article and refute it,” would be adequate. This is not to say you can’t pepper ad hominems and innuendo for effect. Just do it smartly.

            1. What am I maybe trying to reinvent? Speak up, man!

            2. The article equates Cruz’s filing with the Senate with filing with the FEC. I believe filing with the Senate was “hiding in plain sight.” Your article then details other instances of “hiding in plain sight.” However, how did Cruz pay the loans back? Were they paid back anonymously? Where are the records of repayment? I feel that the FEC nondisclosure (shown in my above comment link) was intended to prevent Tea Partiers from questioning the guy they sent to Washington, to fight special interests and the very same big banks. I believe it was deception.

            3. As far as being an ordinary margin loan, the involvement of Cruz’s wife, as Goldman Sachs VP, is anything but ordinary. Consider for a moment, that the margin accounts were used to get the money from Goldman without causing a ruckus about unusual personal loans from big banks, during an election. The money was the same either way. The big question is who paid and how were they paid off? Why not just sell the collateral and avoid the loan process altogether? Cruz’s income doesn’t appear sufficient for repayment. What are we missing here?

            4. “Liberal” is a euphemism for Marxist. Do you call Cockroaches hug-a-bugs? Stop it! I personally question Heidi Cruz’s involvement with Bush’s SPP, CFR, Goldman Sachs, Goldman sach’s involvement with TPP, TPP’s development from SPP and Ted Cruz’s TPA flip-flop and TPP support. These are major red flags and so this loan funny business, undisclosed to the FEC, makes me wonder who paid off the loans and why. You’ve done nothing to allay my very real concerns about Cruz’s credibility and integrity.

          • jacoo

            Take it up with Townhall…I don’t give a rat’s A$$ what you think. Your response was too wordy to read through.

          • Chevy Minerva

            But you engaged me in conversation…

            That is called the tl;dr internet defense. It’s popular among Millennials with ADHD; however, my reply was essentially 4 paragraphs and half a page. The length was required to adequately rebut your hasty pronouncements and provide constructive criticism for your poor composition and word choice. I refuted you, point by point, and can’t be blamed for your lack of focus. Did you graduate high school? There’s no time like the present!

            Your pathetic dismissal and ad hominem = forfeiture and utter defeat. Good bye.

  • richhahn

    A lot of bitterness over an endorsement. It’s not rational, but emotional.

    • NYgal

      I have always supported and admired Palin, yet I view her support for Trump as a cheap, opportunistic play. Personally, I don’t care that Trump is/was pro choice, I do care that I have no idea what are his plans for the country. I have absolutely no idea were he stands on any issue, but I do know that he addresses his supporters in he way I wish to addressed, and it bothers me. Somehow, I’m beautiful, successful and very rich and if you vote for me I will fix all your life’s problems spiel doesn’t work for me. I want specifics, I want serious discussion and respect for Constitution.

      • joe1429

        Go palin!!! Go TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Kebert Xela

          Many exclamation points is the best reason to support Trump for President!

    • Kebert Xela

      Sarah Palin built her career and reputation on:

      A) Fighting Crony Capitalists

      Donald J. Trump is the Elmer J. Fudd of Crony Capitalism. He brags about buying politicians and using his bought and paid for cronies to throw people out of their homes to put up parking garages.

      B) Being Pro-Life

      Donald J. Trump has been a lifelong abortion supporter, right up ’til he decided to run for the Republican nomination.

      C) Being Pro-Gun Rights

      Donald J. Trump supported ‘sensible gun-control’ like that advocated by President Obama, right up ’til he decided to run for the Republican nomination.

      D) Opposing Amnesty

      Donald J. Trump volubly supported Marco Rubio’s Gang of Eight amnesty bill, right up ’til he decided to run for the Republican nomination.

      E) Opposing ‘Progressives’ and the ‘Arab Spring’

      Donald J. Trump loudly, and financially, supported Hillary Clinton and the ‘Arab Spring’, which Pam (and Sarah) wisely opposed, right up ’til he decided to run for the Republican nomination.

      There are five unemotional reasons to cry foul over the Palin endorsement.

  • Wayne Ville

    Sorry Pam, love ya and most of your positions but you have this one wrong for several reasons.

    • Molon labe

      No, she has it exactly Right !!

  • chris wolf

    You could add one more line item to your table: “Can mobilize AMERICAN voters to turn out on election day and cast their ballot for AMERICA.”
    I’m not alluding to any “birther” issue. Every time Trump mentions it I feel less favorable to him — but he knows he has to get the nomination before he can Make America Great Again. Like a lot of us, I want to vote for a Trump/Cruz ticket.
    Now today I see another loss of a military aircraft. We need a president with the strength and initiative to root out every enemy islam semblance in our government and armed forces, because this most recent spate of terrible losses in, 1) the Persian Gulf, 2) Hawaii, and now 3) Arizona — not to mention many more we’ve seen during the nightmare of the obama administration in the military and private sector, are all suspect and impossible to identify as sabotage in the current state of Vichy treason that we’re suffering under with the agent of jihad squatting in our White House.

    obama has “the Sequester” devouring our military like a cancer on the one hand, his own Stalinist purges of our most prodigious flag officers and NCOs in all the branches on another, and apparently the piecemeal destruction of our hardware and troops by sabotage through infiltration by evil enemies of white Judeo-Christian supremacy.

  • John Roberts

    Pam has a hard on for Trump since he criticized her “draw mohammed” rally. However, with the flood of illegals, terrorism increasing, the economy in a downward trajectory, and a lawless administration, Pam wants to focus on Ethanol and who is the biggest conservative. She does not realize that the Establishment is using Cruz as battering ram to take down Donald Trump, and articles such as this one only help to further their agenda. Trump is not a conservative (thank God), he is a real American. That used to mean the same thing.

    • NYgal

      I have watched Trump and listened to him and have come away with the same dismay at his supporter’s gullibility, as I did at Obama supporters. The same blind adoration and hearing what the listeners want to hear. In 2008, my son looked at Obama and told me that the man had cold and angry eyes. Today I look at Trumps’s eyes, as he addresses his accolades , and I see bemusement and cynicism. I don’t believe Trump is Conservative, nor is he a capital ‘L’ Liberal. He is the same man who employed illegal workers at his Trump Tower construction and then cheated them of their wages, making sure they had no recourse against him. The same man who went after his first wife he cheated on, all to save money ….and win. I believe Trump will say anything his audience wants to hear to close the deal. Things he says about Cruz are crude, blatant lies and at hominems, yet his audience eats it up, and looking at Trump’s demeanor, I suspect Trump has utter contempt for those who cheer for him.

      We know even less what we will be getting electing Trump than we did electing Obama, but in both cases there were plenty of warning signs. His accolades love his promise to grind our enemies into the dust, but want if perceives us as enemies? I have never heard Trump extolling virtues of free speech, except his own.

      Btw, my sons support Trump, but then they were never Conservatives, even by New York standards (frankly neither am I) and Cruz’s Conservatism scares them, while I support Cruz’s unwavering defense of the Constitution.

      • John Roberts

        Those who are blinded by bias cannot reason and perceive truth from fiction.

        • NYgal

          Iam not blinded by bias. I share many ‘liberal’ views with Trump, far more than with conservative Cruz. I just don’t trust Trump and we’re living at the times when we can no longer make a mistake in our choice of President. The wrong choice can be fatal to the country as we know it. I can live with Cruz’s Conservative views and positions, every one of them, I have no idea what plans Trump has for the country, or even if he has any plans.

          One thing I know for certain, I don’t any one of Democratic candidates becoming a President and I don’t want Jeb Bush…or Christi…. If they are Republican candidates, I’ll stay home and not vote.

          • John Roberts

            Cruz cannot be elected for two reasons. You seem not to be aware of this fact. The first reason is demographics. Too many illegals and muslims voting in this and future elections will guarantee that no Republican is ever elected President again. By the way, the GOP is fine with this. The second reason is that the Republicans are using Cruz as a battering ram to take down Trump. Then they will gut Cruz and replace with Jeb. That is the plan. The only Republican candidate who can ever elected President must have broad cross party and cross race appeal. Trump is that man like it or not.

            If you wish to know about Trump’s ideas perhaps you could read a book.

          • NYgal

            Cross party appeal? I was a registered NY Democrat in 2008 and today I support Cruz.

          • John Roberts

            You have a hard head. Drill a hole and pour this inside…..Cruz cannot win. Let me say that again, if doesn’t freaking matter if you support Cruz, he cannot win.

          • farflung


          • John Roberts

            Amen to your Amen!

          • Kebert Xela

            “Resistance is futile!”

            John obviously has our best interests at heart.


          • Kebert Xela

            “The Establishment hates Cruz too much to work with him!” -Trump supporter

            “The Establishment is supporting Cruz by having Donald Trump attack Cruz’s citizenship!” [or something] – same Trump supporter

            “60% of Americans identify as Democrats, Ronald Reagan is unelectable! Middle-of-the-Roader for President! Its our only hope to successfully prostitute what we claim to stand for!” – Trump supporter circa 1980

          • MaileO

            It is not a secret that Cruz is hated by Senate and Congress. We don’t need another Obama, but a president who can unite and get our representatives working together for the best interests of the people they represent…like ‘Reagan was able to do.

          • Kebert Xela

            “The Establishment wants to screw us!” -Trump voter

            “We need a president who will make deals with the Establishment!” -same Trump voter

            I an old enough to remember the Democrats and Establishment Republicans fought tooth and nail to convince voter that Ronald Reagan was too divisive and polarizing to work with Congress. The little Establishment weasels follow the path of least resistance and they sense in Trump a willingness to go along to get along.

            Cruz, like Reagan, has actual principles the Establishment will just have to accommodate.

        • Chevy Minerva

          I believe Horowitz said, “A lie born of human desire, reason cannot kill.” Great minds think alike!

      • Chevy Minerva

        Cruz took money from Globalist banks. Are you ignoring that fact? Globalist banks never give money to true Conservatives…it isn’t in Goldman Snake’s nature. Wake up.

        • Kebert Xela

          Repeating the lie about Cruz, who mortgaged his house. won’t make it true.

          It also won’t distract voters from the Trumpster’s massive exposure to influence from the investment bankers he depends to make his crony ‘deals’ here and internationally, including the Islamic world.

          • Chevy Minerva

            You’ve been repeatedly defeated on this argument now, so you need to show some evidence supporting it or you need to shut up.

            What lie?

            Trump can’t be bought. Cruz can. Trump will send the influence the other direction and make America great again. Cruz will continue to be bought and ignore “We The People,” while carrying out the anti-American policies of the Globalist/Marxist Uniparty.

            Depends? I think you mean intends. How do you know what anyone intends?

            Why would Trump make anti-American deals in the ME, when he’s the only one who’ll stop muslim immigration? muslim immigration must be halted, per Taqiyya, Kitman, Jihad and Fitra. Educate yourself on parasitic geopolitical death cults.

            You’re emotional and lazy. You aren’t doing it right. You need to be removed from the internet before you break it.

          • Kebert Xela

            You haven’t got the facts on your side. Your best option in this Vietnam you’ve gotten yourself into (for the sake of a man who wouldn’t comp you a free bucket of ice in one of his hotels) is to declare victory and go home. Or double up on your meds.

            DJ ‘The Don’ Trumpkin is an avowed crony capitalist who has prostituted his principles and by his own account bought politicians like Hillary Clinton. Who is really in control, the john or the pimp selling our Republic to the highest bidder? You know what that makes the taxpayers and average citizens in Trump’s world, don’t you? Thats right, it’s our tax dollars and Constitutional rights that Hillary is pimping and Donald is buying.

            Cruz has fought Donald’s kind his whole career and won.

            Trumpkin depends on investment bankers to fund his projects, without them he would be unable to operate. He is completely at their mercy unless, as he has in the past, he defaults on his financial obligations. Ironic that you would suggest that I intended to say ‘intends’ rather than ‘depends’ and then question how I could know what anyone intends. Self-awareness training would help you there.

            Donald has made so many ‘great’ deals with the Muslims, He loves the Muslims. But you can trust him to keep out Muslim immigrants, unless a Saudi trillionaire offers him another ‘deal’. I’ve forgotten more about Islam than you know. For instance the relevant concept vis-a-vis Muslim immigration is hijrah.

            You are a study in projection my adiposely cephalic interlocutor.

          • Chevy Minerva

            Paragraph #1: Throwaway ad hominems and conjecture.

            Paragraph #2: Avowed—really? Cronyism is a specific word with a specific meaning. You should learn it. Also, please show me where Trump bought our tax dollars and Constitutional rights. I can’t seem… I just can’t find it anywhere.

            Paragraph #3: How has Cruz fought Trump’s alleged kind and what did he win—a participation trophy? Cruz is a Junior Senator, just like Obama was. As a side note, it’s strange how both Cruz and Obama are connected to TPP (Amer-asian Union), isn’t it?

            Paragraph #4: There you go with the muslim teaching of Kitman (half-truths) again. Four outta 420 ain’t bad. That’s Trump’s 99% business success rate. I want America to have a 99% success rate—that would be great! Also, are you actually faulting me for not inferring YOUR incorrect grammar correctly? “…bankers he depends to make…” What the hell is that thing?

            Paragraph #5: What great deals with the muslims? How do you know what he loves? I think he’s being PC enough to get elected. Cruz won’t even stop muslims from blowing up Americans—he hands out toys to Illegals with moronai’s herald, Glenn Beck. Furthermore, I read Robert Spencer, d-bag, I know of Tours, Lepanto and Vienna as well as al-Andaluse, Constantinople and even Kosovo. I know of Taqqiya, Kitman, Jihad, Jizya, Fitra, the Satanic Verses and yes, Hijrah. I also know that tens of millions of Shafi’i muslims (girl-cutters) are slated to pour in from Malaysia/Indonesia with TPP, per Obama’s own words—Cruz is complicit in this. Cruz and his wife know what SPP/TPP/EU means for American Christians. He’s a traitor!

            Paragraph #6: You’re so intellectually dishonest, you toffee-nosed malodorous git and cretinous hemophagous prat!

          • Kebert Xela

            As I said, you haven’t got the facts on your side. In response you presented none. Instead you posture.

            Because you can’t defend the Trumpkin against the charge of being an avowed crony ‘capitalist’ you instead feign that I accused him of ‘cronyism’. “Crony Capitalist” has a specific meaning. You should learn it because it is what the man you are shilling for proudly asserts about himself:

            Crony capitalism is a term describing an economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials. It may be exhibited by favoritism in the distribution of legal permits, government grants, special tax breaks, or other forms of state interventionism.

            Every time Trump paid off Hillary for preferential treatment he was buying our tax dollars and Constitution for cheap.

            Cruz fought crony capitalism as Solicitor General of Texas and as Senator. If the crooked pro-amnesty politicians and their billionaire backers (including Trump) had successfully rammed through their Gang of Eight amnesty bill, millions of illegals would be on the path to citizenship and Donald would have no issue to run on. Odd that the man who was for amnesty when Ted was against it now is the voice crying most loudly against (while supporting touchback) amnesty. As for TPP Cruz voted against it, Obama promoted it, Donald Trump had nothing to say about it until he decided to run for President.

            Since your “Paragraph 4” is mostly just cut and paste, here is the cut and paste response to your identical attempt at silly deflection:

            Rechristening four bankruptcies and skipping out on $4.7 billion in unpaid debt as “chapter 11 restructuring processes” is so ‘intellectually dishonest’ it is honestly funny! Donald defaulted on debt $700.000.000 greater than his net worth. That is a -14.89% financial success rate. If he ever decided to do the decent thing and repay the creditors he stiffed he would be indigent.

            Perfect for a country ~$18,000,000,000,000.00 in debt.

            So you “read Robert Spencer” and “know of Tours, Lepanto and Vienna” and have apparently confused a school of Sunni jurisprudence with a branch of Islam. I am unimpressed. As for TPP Cruz voted against it, Obama promoted it, Donald Trump had nothing to say about it until he decided to run for President. Donald Trump is the one who has betrayed the values of crony capitalism and influence shopping to curry favor with the easily influenced. Ted Cruz stands firm for the values of the founding and the Constitution as he has his whole career.

            You should avoid trying to ape the vocabulary of others as it will get you into trouble. Toffee is actually a pleasant smelling confection made of sugar and butter, malodorous mean unpleasant smelling. ‘Git’ seems like an insult born of projection as I am clearly more articulate and knowledgeable than you. Did you really mean to call me hemophagous or did you mean hematophagous? “Cretinous” and “Prat” are of course pure projection on your part. But the repeated references to ‘intellectual dishonesty’ along with your frequent citing of the Conservative Treehouse and its professed “attack anyone other than Trump to thwart Jeb! strategy” seems like psychological confession.

            Trump is going to make you cry. Dump him before he makes a bigger chump out of you.

          • Chevy Minerva

            1. What are you saying?

            2a. What do you think Crony Capitalism comes form? Cronyism. Your definition does not entail businesses paying politicians for political influence. It specifically entails government extorting businesses for favoritism in permits/Contracts/Protection. The institutional nature of the corruption leads one to assume the atmosphere is congenial; however, the “pay-to-play” schemes are setup by politicians and only some businesses actually like the favoritism that comes with extortion. There are clear instances where businesses do use those schemes to change regulatory policy for their own profit (Heidi’s Goldman Sachs), but I’m not sure there’s a specific instance of Trump doing that.

            2b. I don’t believe Trump donated to Hillary for preferential treatment. I think he did it for Permits/Contracts/Protection—cost of doing business in corrupted America.

            3. Ted fought brilliantly (I’m sure) as Solicitor General, for his own political upward-mobility. Texas Solicitor Generals do as told. I don’t think Trump was financially supporting Amnesty or the gang of 8, was he? What was Cruz doing on the border with Glenn Beck (propaganda arm of the heretical church of moronai), handing out toys for Trojan Horse Illegals? Oh, that’s right! Cruz is for Illegals and he and Beck were down there with the Catholic and mormon charities that take millions or even billions of our tax dollars to aid and resettle Illegals here.

            4a. My paragraph #4 is copypasta because you are redundant and that clipping matched your repetitive failed arguments. I will continue utilizing copypasta, if you insist on reposting nonsense.

            “Paragraph #4: There you go with the muslim teaching of Kitman
            (half-truths) again. Four outta 420 ain’t bad. That’s Trump’s 99%
            business success rate. I want America to have a 99% success rate—that
            would be great!

            4b. I’m seeing a pattern here. You deflected and reposted instead of addressing your ridiculous problem with the maths, above. I also suggest you learn the differences between a person and a limited liability company.

            4c. 99% business success is great for the national debt. How many tens of billions did 99% of Trump’s investors make?

            5a. Listen douche, the Shafi’i school of jurisprudence is the one that forces all women (even nonbelievers) to get their cl*tor*ses cut out. It’s adhered to in Somalia, Ethiopia, Eastern Egypt, Yemen, Kurdistan, MALAYSIA & INDONESIA. The other schools of jurisprudence are less strict on girl-cutting and only Shafi’i forces non-muslims to be cut—sick! Why do you type before you think? Why don’t you know anything?

            5b. Cruz never voted on TPP. Cruz voted Yes on TPA because Goldman Sachs called his number. there is no other reason he would vote against Conservative values—for a Constitution-killer. Then Cruz was allowed to vote No on the redo, to fix his Conservative record, because Goldman Sachs already had the votes they needed for TPA passage. The rest is flag waving for a crooked liar that has blinded you. Cruz stands firm on nothing but cash.

            6a. Toffee-nosed is a real word you should look it up, idiot!
            6b. Your arguments are malodorous.
            6c. You should look up Git as well, you Git!
            6d. To see them used in converation:

            7a. No, I chose this one aesthetically:
            7b. Cretinous and prat aren’t projection, their ad hominems, describing your congenitally-deformed bottom (as opposed to your “fat head” projection).

            7c. “I am clearly more articulate and knowledgeable than you.” Hubris, thy name is Kebert. You know you really can’t call Trump narcissistic now—right? I use vulgar English for aesthetic purposes and you should know you aren’t that articulate, Bub. You’re obviously not that knowledgeable either, since your arrogance led you to wrongly assume what Shafi’i had to do with anything (I explained it in situ).

            7d. You are intellectually dishonest and you’re an imbecile. Your reasons for dismissing my source are only valid if the reasons you state are valid (if they’re even professing what you say they are).

            8.If Trump holds another great wounded warrior veterans rally, it might just move me to tears—you’re right! Stop being deceived by Cruz! Also, what is your IQ? I’m curious why you think so highly of yourself.

    • farflung

      Well stated John! Would up vote you 100 times. That Ragged Old Flag, Johnny Cash.

  • Kenny

    I knew Palin was a phony when she was lecturing everyone about not having premarital sex. Come to find out she sought out and set up a one-night stand with basketball player Glen Rice (confirmed by Rice) while she was dating her future husband. Palin has never denied this affair with Rice.

    • farflung

      What the hell does that have to do with things? You would probably screw a snake if you could hold its head.

  • meangirl


  • Aaron

    Where is Pamela’s actual analysis of the various candidates’ officially come down on the goals of Islamic Supremacy
    immigrants from Islamic countries
    dangers of Islamic extremism to the US
    and what to do they plan, specifically, to do about it all? WHERE, exactly, do the candidates stand? What can we expect from them?

    Why doesn’t she get tough, ask the hard questions, prod, go through archives, and interview each candidate herself in person? That might yield useful information. I don’t think she has the training to do that, but it would have served a better purpose than taking sides for any political candidate, no matter who they are.

    To me it’s in incredibly disappointing to see Pamela use her educational blog for partisan politics. Granted, she’s not a journalist/investigative reporter herself, but she’s quite savvy at pulling together the work of those in the field and putting together a broad picture of the threat. Her work in human rights activism for the women shackled by Islam or mudered by Islam, and her ad campaigns, also have good effect.

    But this tact? Yes, she has every right to her political opinions and every right to do whatever she wants with her own blog, but her comments on this presidential race are so one-sided, emotionally-driven, and personal, that now we have to weigh her credibility on other matters against it. Better she’d stayed clear of it all and stuck with counter-jihad information sharing, rather than damage her credibility with stumping for individual political candidates.

    It would be the same problem whether she was for Trump, Sanders, Cruz, Clinton, Kasich, Fiorina, Carson, Biden, or O’Malley. Her unique contribution is being lost in the fray and mudslinging. If she’s going to stay with the race, though, she’ll have to make sure she’s not being courted as a mere mouthpiece for certain candidates. That’s what they do–they try to garner public figures like Pamela in order to capture that person’s viewing or reading audience for votes.

    • Zero Dark Thirsty ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      “educational blog” ROFLMFAO .. you dumbed down ignorant uninformed fringe cons are a hoot!

      • Chevy Minerva

        We’re quite informed, actually, and can defeat you if you really want to rassle. I bet you’re all talk, no rassle.

        Come at me, bruh!

        • bladyblah

          what’s a rassle?

          • Chevy Minerva

            Rassle is a slang form of wrestle, connoting rural American dialect. I used the term to mock the previous Marxist commenter, who deemed all of Geller’s readership to be “dumbed down uninformed fringe cons” and claimed we “dumbed down hicks fight over [our] own screwed up irrelevant party.” It was subtle mocking because the commenter is not very bright for the size of it’s mouth and I could easily defeat it, even in rural dialect.

            You want to Rassle intellectually too?

            Do you even lift, bruh?

          • bladyblah

            haha … no, no rassling

  • Xavier

    I am a Sarah Palin fan and a Pamela Geller fan. Out of respect for both of them I am going to withhold passing judgement for the time being.

    But I’ll have my eye on both of you young ladies. ;)

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Nicely and very diplomatically worded.

  • Chevy Minerva

    What are you doing, Pamela Geller?

    It’s worth repeating that Cruz’s Senate bid was funded by Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs will never support a True Conservative! Therefore, Cruz is a fake Conservative. All of his Conservative actions, on the Senate, have been fruitless kabuki theater. Your cute little chart assumes Cruz wasn’t lying, but the one who definitely isn’t lying about Trump being Regan-esque, is Phyllis Schlafly. She single-handedly stopped the ERA and the removal of widow’s survivor benefits in America—a true Conservative legend! Stop being deceived, Pamela Geller!

    Again, Goldman Sachs does not fund Conservatives! That’s why Cruz didn’t disclose the loans.That’s why Palin abandoned Cruz. I believe you’re attacking Trump because he criticized your efforts in Garland, Texas. I believe he didn’t understand what you were doing. But Trump is the only candidate who will stop muslim immigration and save the Republic from Sharia. Did you miss that part?

    Why are you supporting Cruz, Pamela Geller, whose wife wrote SPP (the precursor for TPP) on the CFR, when TPP will import millions of girl-cutting Shafi’i muslims from Malaysia/Indonesia (per Obama’s recent statement in Malaysia)? Cruz is literally sleeping with the Globalist policy-making enemy of the Republic! TPP is a clear Constitution-killer!

    What are you doing, Pamela Geller? I think your mask just slipped and you’re behaving like just another of the Establishment’s “controlled opposition” (e.g., Beck, Levin, et al.). You even attacked Palin when she was essentially removed from the Alaskan Governorship! Do you ignore the treachery of Murkowsky and the Establishment? What is really going on here, Pamela Geller?

    You need to clearly define your allegiances, now. Where do your loyalties lie?

    • Kebert Xela

      It is never worth repeating a lie.

      Ted Cruz’s Senate run was funded by small donations. He was grossly outspent by his establishment opponent, a man with ~$200,000,000 personal fortune. Ted and Heidi (who believes in her husband sufficiently to insist) took out a loan against the value of their house from *gasp* a Bank

      Ted Cruz beat the pants of David Dewhurst, multi-millionaire and he is beating the snot out of the crony capitalist DJ ‘The Don’ Trumpster.

      • Chevy Minerva

        Then don’t lie, friend.

        1. Cruz was funded by loans estimated at 750K from Goldman Sachs and Citibank (scroll down to loans):

        2. Cruz only poses a challenge in Iowa. Huckabee won Iowa in 2008, so meaningless; however, caucuses are notorious for being gamed, especially when the gatekeepers are the Establishment. Therefore, it’s likely the Caucuses will be fixed with busing, Democrats, or any other tricks. Remember that many elderly Trump Conservatives and Reagan populists may be disenfranchised by caucus locations and times.

        3. Cruz’s wife crafted SPP for the CFR. SPP is the precursor of TPP, which she may have also crafted while at Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs heavily lobbied the Senate (200K) for TPA/TPP. Cruz flip flopped on TPA and has expressed troubling opinions about TPP. He’s apparently ignorant of it but also knowledgeable and favorable—calls Jeff Sessions mistaken: The bottom line is that SPP = Bush43’s failed North American Union & TPP = Amer-asian Union like the EU. These are Globalist Constitution-killers. They seek to supersede the Constitution, as Jeff Sessions is currently warning. This means Cruz is literally sleeping with the enemy of the Republic. As a “Constitutional scholar” he should know better—he’s complicit! Cruz appears to be funded by the banks and voting for the banks. He is Establishment through and through, that’s why he’s vote-splitting away from THE anti-Establishment candidate. Stop deceiving, being deceived.

        • Kebert Xela

          1. Ted Cruz was funded by small donations and endorsed by Sarah Palin. He and his wife took out a loan from a bank against the value of all their worldly goods because his wife insisted that it was a wise investment in their future. She was right. The loan has been repaid.

          Donald Trump still owes massive amounts of money to giant investment banking firms just like Goldman Sachs and depends on them for the daily operation of his his many indentures.

          The Conservative Treehouse is just the hobby horse of a man who thinks the only way to stop Jeb! is to bad mouth every one not named Trump. So a Karl Rove wannabe.

          2. Cruz is strong in Iowa, and throughout the South. In fact Cruz is strong everywhere Republicans have a snowballs chance of winning in November. Trump is strongest with the demographic that watches ‘The Apprentice’ and thinks it’s ‘reality’.

          3. Stop, just stop, with the Alex Jones inspired conspiracy humbug. Throwing around dangerous sounding acronyms like SPP, CFR, and TPP will not make Heidi (regional manager of a division of a bank) into one of the shadowy Illuminati nor distract from your carrot topped clown of a crony capitalist, the Trumpkin.

          Frankly your assertions about Cruz ‘sleeping with the enemy of the Republic’ are crude and offensive references for someone supporting a candidate living in a matrimonial glass house, so to speak.

          Donald Trump is an establishment clown. The Democrat establishment to be precise. He has supported Hillary her whole career and he is her best chance to become the first to (openly) wear a pantsuit and heels as President of the United States.

          • Chevy Minerva

            1a. Per the NYT article, the Goldman Sachs loan has not been repaid yet. More importantly, how have they paid it down so far? I believe the banks or a 3rd party briber may have paid it off for them. This why we must verify the loans weren’t paid down anonymously! That is a real practice that’s illegal. Has there been any oversight by the FEC? There’s just too mush secrecy surrounding the originally undisclosed loans—the Senate filing was clearly “hiding in plain sight” and not adequate disclosure for the FEC or the public.

            1b. Donald is relatively debt free. Where you talking about limited liability companies? You get that Cruz’s loans were private funds during an election, right?

            1c. My link offered compelling inferences and information about Cruz’s finances and the notion of dark money, with further information and links about the FEC. If there was libel in that article, you should let me know and I’ll immediately advise Cruz to file a defamation lawsuit—post haste!

            2. Cruz’s numbers are pitiful, nationally, compared to Trump. Trump even ties Cruz with evangelicals: Wat!

            3a. Wow, just wow! Heidi really crafted SPP for Bush43? That’s the North American Union right? Oh, so Globalist/Marxist unions like the EU are great for liberty! Tell me, why is there limited free speech and limited access to private firearms in Europe?

            3b. A Reagan populist former Democrat entertainer divorcee vs. literally sleeping with the enemy of the Republic? Tough choice—not really! Also, did you just criticize me for being offensive? Why are you Marxist?

            3c. Trump is not Establishment. Fox is Establishment and has turned itself into nonstop anti-Trump propaganda. Why are Rupert Murdoch and the King of Sod pushing Cruz? Good question! It’s amazing to watch Leftist pundits saying Hillary fears Cruz, to a Conservative audience, and then extolling Cruz’s virtues. The Uniparty is in full panic mode. Also, Trump clearly donated to Hillary and Democrats for his business interests, just like every other larger business owner in the country.

            4. Your talking points are getting stale, but despite having eyes, you really don’t see the entire Uniparty attacking Trump and complimenting Cruz as “formidable”? I’m beginning to think you’re a Marxist troll or extremely gullible.

          • Kebert Xela

            1) The filings were public. Nothing was hidden, There was and is no secret. Just a desperate amateur politician and wannabe ‘Apprentice’ President manufacturing the illusion of scandal where there is none. It’s what the Establishment would have done, and did, to Sarah Palin.

            Donald is billions in debt. Cruz borrowed some money against his assets. You get that being a real-estate mogul with a lousy credit history puts you in an exposed position with the giant investment banks you depend on for your corporate life-blood, right?

            Cut it out with the ridiculous ‘Arboreal Fortress of Frustrated Disqus Commenters’. They are the last refuge of wannabe Karl Roves ‘strategerizing’ the downfall of Jeb! by attacking anyone other than Trump, in the vain belief that putting a proud crony ‘capitalist’ on the Republican ticket will end the era of crooked deal making in Washington.

            2) Cruz continues to lead Trump in the critical primary states of Super Tuesday and among likely caucus goers in Iowa. Trump does lead among De Blasio and Coumo supporters and is the likely favorite of Hillary partisans as well. They share ‘New York values’, I suppose.

            3. You are really coming unhinged, framing your response as questions based on unfounded premises then answering them in the affirmative. Heidi was the adviser on Western Hemisphere Economics to Condoleezza Rice, not the ‘crafter’ of anything, sinister or otherwise. No that’s not the non-existent NAU. That is a job giving economic advice to a senior official of a Republican Administration.

            By tying ‘Globalist’ corporate interests to ‘Marxist’ conspiracies you are really starting to sound like the lefts’ worst caricature of a Trump fan.

            There is limited free speech and limited access to private firearms in Europe because the political positions Trump-funded Hillary Clinton supports, like an international blasphemy ban and international gun ban, are further along there than here. Thanks to Ted Cruz and Heller v. DC and Medellin v. Texas America is freer than Europe.

            In 1964 Ronald Reagan was an outspoken Goldwater supporter. In 2001 Donald Trump became a Democrat after his last publicity stunt run at the Presidential nomination went down in flames. Ted and Heidi have been conservatives and Republicans their whole careers. Because they stand for core conservative values.

            Your wild “they are all secretly in cahoots” paranoia aside, Trump is an Establishment insider and crony ‘capitalist’. You say so yourself “Trump clearly donated to Hillary and Democrats for his business interests“. That is the definition of an unprincipled racketeer raconteur, selling a line 180 degrees from his real intentions and values to Republican Primary voters.

            4) The Uniparty exists, and Donald made his peace with the disciples of Clark Clifford long ago. He now openly brags that he will make ‘great deals’ with the establishments of both parties. You, yourself, point out that not one member of the Establishment has come forward to endorse Ted Cruz. Saying nice things about ‘The Donald’ is now fashionable in Establishment circles. That last bit about “you’re a Marxist troll or extremely gullible” sounds a bit like ‘projection from where I sit.

          • Chevy Minerva

            1a. Non-disclosure to the FEC, while hiding the loans “in plan sight” with the Senate smells fishy, especially after:

            “Time Magazine reported on a potential violation of ethics rules by failing to publicly disclose his financial relationship with Caribbean Equity Partners Investment Holdings during the 2012 campaign, Cruz called his failure to disclose these connections an inadvertent omission.”

            Also, here Cruz blames his staff for his Crop Insurance flip-flop, despite Senator Robertson’s testimony to the contrary:


            Sorry, but your Sarah Palin comparison is invalid. She didn’t get caught lying all the time.

            1b. I didn’t think Trump was personally in debt, is he?

            1c. No, I won’t. Your indictment against my source is unconvincing

            2a. I don’t believe Cruz is winning virtually any polls and certainly not poll averages. Can you back up your statement?

            2b. I didn’t know Trump was polling high in New York. Can you back up your statement?

            3a. I don’t believe you that I’m coming unhinged and doing what you say I’m doing. Can you back up your statement?

            3b. These links show that Heidi wrote/endorsed SPP (North American Union) for Bush43 and the CFR. See here that you are a liar:

            3c. Globalism and Marxism are tied together by hybrid allegiances and even present, together, in individuals. Bill Gates is a billionaire Robber Baron who used Capitalism to enrich himself, sometimes very unethically; however, he is the son of a previous Planned Parenthood president and is involved in Marxist indoctrination and Marxist policies the world over. Bill Gates constitutes a marriage of the worst parts of Capitalism (Globalism) and Marxism (which has no good part)

            3d. Both Heller and Medellin were won by the Solicitor General of extremely Conservative Texas. This doesn’t mean Cruz was ideologically on board.

            3e. Reagan likely supported Goldwater for his anti-Communist ideals, but while Goldwater was a Conservative who had no cross-party appeal, Reagan was a Populist (like Trump) with plenty. Trump may claim to be Democrat only for his business. Trump is a Capitalist anti-Communist (anti-Marxist) just Like Reagan, so he’ll never be truly accepted on the Left. You have no idea what the Cruz’s really stand for. Heidi wrote/endorsed SPP (North American Union) and is therefore a Globalist Constitution-killer.

            3f. Your reductio ad absurdum fails again. The Establishment is a small cabal of insiders and few outside the CFR even knew what the SPP was. You cannot intimidate me or mock me into silence. You are the one who will heel. Trump clearly donated to Hillary and Democrats for his business interests…because his business was being extorted. You have conveniently blamed Trump for the “pay-to-play” schemes his business was forced into. What exactly did he pay Democrats for? Permits/Contracts/Protection. None of those things should be withheld from businesses who don’t pay up. The politicians set up the “pay-to-play” schemes, not the business owners. It’s extortion of businesses by the government and America is so corrupt that the extortion has become institutionalized. Businessmen like the Kochs and Soros actually donate to influence American policy. Trump just paid the “protection money.” Go attack the Establishment Kochs for a change.

            4a. You are so stupid! The Establishment pretends to hate Cruz because he’s their fake evangelical vote-splitter (they really don’t like his personality though). the Establishment pretends to love Trump because being associated with themselves hurts Trump. Just look at the Media coverage and it’s all nonstop Trump attacks! Every once in a while, a WSJ writer says the Establishment hates Cruz, so another writers (Ben Shapiro) can swoop in and tell us all how the Establishment wants to attack the dreaded Cruzlord! Um, Shapiro just coordinated it all with a WSJ d-bag and there’s no evidence that the Establishment actually said or thinks what the WSJ d-bag said. Correction! I said no Senator has endorsed Cruz. He doesn’t get along with his coworkers. In any case, the Establishment won’t endorse their fake evangelical vote-splitter because they want him to defeat Trump first, so Rubio can get the nomination.

            4b. You’re a Marxist troll or extremely gullible.

  • Zero Dark Thirsty ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I love watching you dumbed down hicks fight over your own screwed up irrelevant party. The Republican party is dead!

    • Robert Bayer

      Meanwhile the Dem Party has been dead for decades …. and their near 100% of corruption is destroying our schools and cities that they control. And using the term “hick” means you are some old fat ugly diaper-wearing fool on meth.

    • Armaros

      Debate and argument is not the sign of irrelevance but of evolution…

      Look at the D field… A felon vs a Communist

  • Zero Dark Thirsty ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Pres Obama efforts for military veterans:

    ** Increased support and programs for Veterans
    ** Provided funding to families so they can be at Dover AFB upon
    arrival of fallen soldiers
    ** Ended media blackout on war casualties that arrive home at Dover AFB.
    ** Provided the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with more than
    $1.4 billion to improve services to America’s Veterans

    ** Put
    forth several initiatives to help Veterans acclimate back into society

    Provided active combat troops with better body armor.

    Created Joint Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record program for military
    personnel, in order
    improve the quality of their medical care.

    Put an end to the Bush-era stop-loss policy that kept soldiers in
    Iraq/Afghanistan beyond their enlistment date.

    Along with Congressional Democrats, supported and signed Veterans
    Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act, which made more money
    available to enable better medical care for veterans.

    Along with Congressional Democrats, ushered through largest spending
    increase in 30 years for Department of Veterans Affairs, with money to
    go to improved medical facilities, and to assist states in acquiring
    or constructing state nursing homes and extended care facilities.

    Created the Green Vet Initiative, which provided special funding to
    the Labor Department to provide veterans with training in green jobs.

    Initiated and signed a recruitment and employment plan to get more
    veterans into government jobs.

    Oversaw a $4.6 billion expansion of the Veterans Administration budget
    to pay for more mental health professionals.

    Signed the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act, which ensures that
    spouses of military personnel who are forced to move because their
    spouse is posted for military duty will be able to avoid state taxes
    in their temporary residence.

    Issued an Executive Order to improve access to mental health care for
    veterans, military personnel and their families.

    Funded Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with an extra $1.4 billion
    to improve veterans’ services.

    Signed into law a bill that provides support, counseling, and
    breastfeeding supplies to military moms who are covered under TRICARE,
    the health insurance provided to veterans.

    Signed into law a bill that makes it easier for military dogs to
    retire at home with their handlers.



    >•Expanding Access to Education for Veterans: President Obama pushed for the Post-9/11 GI Bill as a Senator, and has ensured its successful implementation as President.
    >•As of March 2012, the VA has issued approximately $17.5 billion in Post-9/11 GI Bill benefit payments for more than 710,000 veterans or eligible family members pursuing higher education on the Post-9/11 GI Bill.
    >•The VA has received spring 2012 enrollments from more than 420,000 individuals. These VA benefits can now also be used for vocational programs.
    Helping Service Members Successfully Transition to Civilian Life and
    Civilian Jobs:
    >•President Obama is dedicated to improving the transition of service members into civilian life and increasing employment opportunities for those who have served.
    >•In August 2011, he announced a comprehensive plan to lower veteran unemployment and ensure that service members leave the military career-ready through hiring tax credits, private sector commitments, and transition assistance reforms.
    >• Passing Tax Credits for Veterans: In November 2011, the President signed into the law the Returning Heroes Tax Credit, which provides businesses that hire unemployed veterans with a credit of up to $5,600 per veteran, and the Wounded Warriors Tax Credit, which offers businesses that hire veterans with service-connected disabilities a credit of up to $9,600 per veteran.
    >• Increasing Hiring of Veterans in Health Care-Related Fields: The President challenged Community Health Centers to hire 8,000 veterans – approximately one veteran per health center site – over the next three years and the Department of Health and Human Services will begin to give priority in physician assistant grant awards to universities and colleges that help
    train veterans for careers as physician assistants

    >• Hiring Veterans as First Responders and Law Enforcement Officers: The President included $4 billion in COPS funding in his 2013 Budget to spur police officer hiring. The Budget also included $1 billion for SAFER grants to encourage firefighter hiring. Preference for these grants would be given to hire post-9/11 veterans.
    >• Putting Veterans to Work Preserving and Restoring America’s Land and Resources: The President proposed $1 billion to develop a Veterans Job Corps conservation program that would put up to 20,000 veterans back to work over the next five years protecting and rebuilding America.
    >• Developing Online Tools to Boost Veteran Employment: The Administration launched the Veterans Jobs Bank, an easy to use tool to help veterans find job postings from companies looking to hire them. Additionally, the Department of Labor launched My Next Move for Veterans, a new online resource that allows veterans to enter their military occupation code and discover civilian occupations for which they are well qualified.
    >• Increasing Access to Intensive Reemployment Services: Post-9/11 veterans are now able to download the Veteran Gold Card, which entitles them to enhanced reemployment services including six months of personalized case management, assessments, and counseling at the
    roughly 3,000 One-Stop Career Centers located across the country.
    >• Challenging the Private Sector to Hire or Train Veterans and Their Spouses: Since the President issued his challenge to the private sector in August 2011, more than tens of thousands veterans and their spouses have been hired, and 1,600 companies have committed to hire or train 150,000 veterans and their spouses by the end of 2013 through the leadership of First Lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden, and their Joining Forces initiative.
    >• Supporting Veteran Entrepreneurship by Building Our Next Generation of Small Business Leaders: President Obama announced plans to integrate a two-day entrepreneurship program into the Transition Assistance Program and to establish the National Veterans Entrepreneurship Training program within the Small Business Administration, which would make entrepreneurship training available to up to 260,000 veterans annually.
    >•In Fiscal Year 2011, over 190,000 veterans received small business counseling or training through SBA and its resource partners. In addition, since 2009, SBA has doubled the number of SBA Veteran Business Outreach Centers nationwide. Over the past three years, SBA has also expanded the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities to eight top U.S. business schools nationwide.
    >• Making the Federal Government a Model Employer: The President launched an initiative designed to transform the federal government into the model employer of America’s veterans. He signed an Executive Order to establish an Interagency Council on Veterans Employment. For more information,
    >• Expanding Small Business Opportunities for Veterans: President Obama has worked to increase and expand opportunities for small business ownership among veterans through


    yep, more

    >>•Launching the Joining Forces Initiative to Support Military Families: First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden have met with military families, learned about their successes and challenges, and made it their priority to support them.
    >Together, they launched Joining Forces – a comprehensive national initiative to mobilize all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned.
    >Through Joining Forces, businesses, organizations, and individuals have made unprecedented commitments to support our military families and veterans – particularly in the areas of employment, education, and wellness. For more information, visit
    >>>•Provide Housing Relief to Veterans and Service Members: On top of the historic settlement completed by the Federal government and 49 state Attorneys General, major mortgage servicers will be providing relief to thousands of service members and veterans. Under the agreement, they
    will conduct a review of every service member foreclosed upon since
    2006 and provide those wrongly foreclosed upon with compensation equal
    to a minimum of lost equity, plus interest and $116,785; refund to
    service members money lost because they were wrongfully denied the
    opportunity to reduce their mortgage payments through lower interest
    rates; provide relief for
    service members who are forced to sell their homes for less than the
    amount they owe on their mortgage due to a permanent change in
    station; and pay $10 million dollars into a VA fund that guarantees
    loans on favorable terms for veterans.
    >•Home Buying Assistance for Veterans: In 2011, through the Home Loan Guarantee program, the VA guaranteed more than 340,000 home loans worth almost $71 billion. The VA helped over 66,000 veterans save their homes from foreclosure in 2010. As a result of these efforts, VA loans
    have outperformed all other categories of mortgage loans for the past 2½ years.
    >•Improving and Strengthening Health Care for Veterans and Wounded Warriors: President Obama has improved our veterans health care system to better serve today’s veterans.
    >• Establishing Advance Appropriations for Veterans Health Care: The President signed into law landmark legislation to fund the VA’s health care budget a year in advance. This assures timely, sufficient, and predictable funding from year to year.
    >>>• Improving Care and Benefits for Traumatic Brain Injury, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Mental Health: In July 2010, the VA published a historic change to its rules, streamlining the process and paperwork needed by combat veterans to pursue a claim for disability pay for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The VA has also expanded its mental health programs, hiring more than 3,500 mental health professionals since 2009. The VA has also issued a new regulation that ensures veterans who have service-connected traumatic brain injuries are properly compensated.


    • Chevy Minerva

      Green Jobs? What a joke!
      Marxists supporting American troops? Fugetaboutit!
      The VA wait times still show Democrats support Illegals over our Vets!

      Remember when Obama closed down our War Memorials and blocked vets from honoring their fallen brothers, as a political stunt! I believe some memorials were barricaded, despite them being open and not staffed!

      Leftist Democrats pay lip service to our troops, as they gut our defenses, but these were the same radicals who spit in our Vet’s faces in the 60s.

      Go away, you insufferable, copypasta troll!

    • farflung

      Been to the V.A. lately? I have, name me one thing the V.A. has done to help Vets. Find one good American Doctor, or better yet learn to speak Nigerian, Pakistani, Ugandan, Eithiopean, Indian, for this is all you have at the V.A. Only God helps we who have served now.

  • farflung

    This is the most ridiculous article ever Ms Pam, ah sorry but you showed your fangs, Not good.. Let me remind you Trump never voted on anything and in a republic we all have our right to views, but this was an assassination SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!

    • Kebert Xela

      As Pam pointed out his real views, (which he as an inalienable right to) are 180 degrees from the line of BS he is selling voters in his bid to be an ‘Apprentice’ President.

  • WarEagle82

    I lost all respect for Sarah Palin the day she endorsed Trump.

    I heard Jerry Falwell, Jr. practically endorsing him much of this week as well.

    I cannot understand how these two people could endorse a man like Trump who holds views that are antithetical to conservative, evangelical Christian conservatives normally hold.

    I support Cruz. I have lost all regard for Palin. I never had much for Falwell. I wonder what it took to purchase their endorsements? Selling your soul to Trump doesn’t sound like a bargain to me.

    • Chevy Minerva

      Dude, Goldman Sachs funded Cruz’s Senate bid. Goldman Sachs does not fund Conservatives. NOT EVER!!! This is proof that Cruz is a fake Conservative. He’s a fake evangelical vote-splitter for the Establishment and a Globalist RINO sleeper. There is NO other explanation—period!

      • Kebert Xela

        OMG Dude, Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi mortgaged their house to help kickstart his 2012 Senate run.

        Goldman Sachs has never funded or contributed to Ted Cruz,

        Donald Trump on the other hand is in debt to investment banks like Goldman Sachs up to his eyeballs.

        CRONY CAPITALIST TRUMP: “Hey gullible rubes esteemed voters, look over there, a politician taking out a loan on his house to fund his campaign, from a BANK. Please ignore my massive exposure to investment bankers as a billionaire real estate developer, no conflict of interest there, nosiree!”

        • Chevy Minerva

          I believe the loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank were on margin accounts. This was hidden from the FEC disclosure. I believe the loans were paid back anonymously by the banks, themselves, or a third party briber. Heidi’s connections to SPP, CFR and Goldman Sachs (VP), when coupled with Cruz’s TPA flip flop, opinions on TPP and Goldman Sachs’ heavy lobbying of TPP to the Senate, indicate a very real likelihood for quid pro quo.

          My evidence:

          1. Ignore title and scroll to dirty dirty loans:

          2. Ignore the article and scroll to the comment by “xlaurenstephens,” 9th down (newest comments setting):

          Your lies refuted:

          1. Goldman Sachs funded Cruz through loans on his margin account(s). It is unclear how the loans were repaid and by whom.

          2. Trump owns shares of Goldman Sachs (minimal), but any loans to his companies don’t apply to Trump (define limited liability company); furthermore, I don’t believe his companies are indebted to Goldman Sachs or Citibank, the subject of this discussion. Also, Cruz took out personal loans for an election bid—more scrutiny is warranted, you dolt!

          3. Misquoting Trump, directly. you’re cute—not really. Influence flows in one direction, my friend, from payer to payee. Trump has refused to be bought and is free to influence anyone as he pleases. He will influence the whole world, for America’s interests, and we will be great again for it. Cruz is bought and accepts influence from those other than “We The People.” That will not make us great again.

          You need to think about what you’re saying before you say it. You may have garnered the approval of a couple like-minded Cruzbots, but you’re ineffective, sloppy and your arguments are all defeated.
          Do better, Cruzbot. Carry on.

          • Kebert Xela

            Ted Cruz fully disclosed the loan against his and Heidi’s assets. It was even on his Wikipedia page (for heaven’s sake) months before the NYT hit piece ‘revealed’ his loan

            Stop with the Alex Jones conspiracy claptrap. Heidi is on unpaid leave from her job as Regional Manager of the Southwest Region of the Investment Banking Services Division of Goldman Sachs, a firm that employs tens of thousands and has an annual revenue ~$200,000,000 less than Apple. I guess the Bavarian Illuminati / Gnomes of Zurich should have gone into the electronics business if they wanted the big dough, huh?

            The Conservative Treehouse in the project of a wannabe Karl Rove who thinks that the only way to stop the Jeb! juggernaut (currently 4% in the polls) is to destroy all candidates not named Trump. The Arboreal Fortress of Disqus commenters is not a source, its an embarrassment.

            Your feeble attempt at disingenuous deflection dissected:

            1. Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi took out a loan against the value of their assets (primarily their house) from a bank which they have repaid. Goldman Sachs has never funded Cruz, nor contributed to his campaign. They won’t even pay his wife’s salary while he runs for President.

            2. Trump is inseparable from his corporate holdings. He has tried that gag before. “I’m a genius businessman. It was my companies that went bankrupt, not me!”. Well, guess what, the United States is the financially troubled corporate entity DJ Trumpster want to be Chief Executive of next.. We go bankrupt when the ‘genius’ tycoon walks away from another financial disaster.

            3. So let me get this straight. Ted Cruz and his wife mortgage their house to kickstart his campaign = pawn of shadowy international ‘bankster’ conspiracy (CFR SPP TPA and 47 other scary sounding acronyms). Donald Trump has potentially billions of dollars in exposure to Goldman Sachs and other international investment banks = Donald J. Trump secretly controls the ‘bankster’ conspiracy. Therefore we should trust the man running on the platform 180 degrees from his postions just 18 months ago, You’re quite an exercise in incoherence.

            I would suggest you follow your own advice, but I don’t want you to hurt yourself. Try naming everyday objects out loud and counting to twenty without using your fingers and toes. Work up to thinking. Then look up the fallacy of Argument from Assertion. You and your coiffure challenged messiah could use a refresher in elementary logic.

            Again start slow, Trumpkin, you don’t want to lose your amateur vegetable standing before you’re ready to go pro.

          • Chevy Minerva

            I. You’ll find in my previous link (to a comment) that Cruz improperly disclosed the loans as his personal funds, to the FEC.

            II. How were the loans originally disclosed on Wikipedia? The disclosure appears to include the NYT article, so I can’t tell if it was really there months before.

            III. I’m not talking chemtrails, reptilians or the grassy knoll here. Heidi endorsed and helped craft Bush43’s North American Union (SPP) and then Her husband is caught flip flopping on SPP’s next iteration, TPA/TPP. Then TPP is lobbied to the Senate by Heidi’s boss—really? It’s so obvious it’s like a cheesy soap opera love triangle. Ted: Oh Heidi! Heidi: Oh Ted! Goldman Sachs: Oh Mama!

            IV. But what’s wrong with the actual assertions of the link?

            Alliteration alleging dastardly doings admittedly allays delays, as allusions during daring discussion allocate aplomb displays:

            1. I said, “Goldman Sachs funded Cruz through loans on his margin account.” I’m not playing semantic games. The money was Goldman Sach’s money loaned to Cruz. It was not Cruz’s money loaned to himself. What are you going on about?

            2. You’re intellectually dishonest, dude! Trump’s 420 companies included four chapter 11 restructuring processes. That’s a 99% success rate! Cruz’s fake (Levin) CR: 97% isn’t even that high. This means Trump is a better businessman than Cruz is a fake Conservative! You are so bad. How did your family react when they realized you’re a twisted liar?

            3a. You can mock the dangers of Heidi’s SPP (North American Union), but it was a twin of the EU, which is now wholesale importing muslims to dilute Conservative European votes. The EU is sovereign and it is Socialism. TPP is the new iteration, supported by the Cruz’s. It is a larger twin of the EU. It will become sovereign and become Socialism. The goal is to wholesale import muslims from Malaysia/Indonesia, to dilute Conservatives American votes (also supersede the Constitution).

            3b. “Donald Trump has potentially billions of dollars in exposure to Goldman Sachs and other international investment banks.” Potentially, huh? Potentially in exposure? Wat! If trump is influencing Globalists for the good of America that’s great! It doesn’t explain Senator Goldman Cruz attacking Trump, so I think you’re mistaken.

            3c. Word. Salad. Was there a supported assertion in there? It’s customary to define the object of an accusation of logical fallacy. You didn’t name the object of the alleged fallacy, which likely means you’re lying again. Stop. Lying.

            3d. What are you saying? Make sense please!

          • Kebert Xela

            I. Ted Cruz fully disclosed the loan in multiple public filings.

            II. His loan was such a deep dark secret that the NYT could have written their ‘exclusive’ from information available on Ted Cruz’s Wikipedia page months before they ‘broke’ the story. But I did make one small error, Goldman Sachs annual revenue is ~$200,000,000,000 < than Apple's not $200 million..

            III. Heidi was the adviser on Western Hemisphere Economics to Condoleezza Rice. Not the 'crafter' of anything. Just as a point of fact the 'NAU' was supposed to be a North American version of the EU, designed to promote trade within North America in emulation of and competition to the EU, TPA/TPP are Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific trade agreements designed to 'manage' trade with the existing multi-national trade blocs, not create a new one to oppose them. Both involve a sell-out of U.S. sovereignty but TPA/TPP is not the extension of the NAU but rather a capitulation by North American multi-nationalists to European and Asian multi-nationalists.

            Soap Opera plots seem to be about the level your understanding of these matter functions on.

            IV. Assertions from 'strategizers' who proudly Trumpet their ulterior motive to 'Stop Jeb!' by bashing any candidate not named Trump are self-discrediting. Jeb! is no longer a threat. A phony, crony capitalist named Trump is. He is more 'connected' than Jeb! and there is zero chance of the establishment winning the nomination except through Trump himself. He has outlived his usefulness to the anti-establishment movement and it is time to cut him loose.

            My alliteration is better than yours. Mine actually means something. You just strung together a word salad of demi-rhyme and semi-alliteration..

            1) You are being disingenuous, and it is revealing that you brought up the issue of 'semantic games'.

            You said "Goldman Sachs funded Cruz’s Senate bid. Goldman Sachs does not fund Conservatives. NOT EVER!!! This is proof that Cruz is a fake Conservative.

            Originally you claimed Goldman Sachs had chosen to fund Cruz’s campaign and attributed a motive to them for doing so. Now you are reduced to equivocating between Goldman Sachs funding Cruz, and Cruz taking out a loan against the value of his and Heidi’s assets, a loan available to anyone with assets to borrow against, to kickstart his winning 2012 Senate run.

            Goldman Sachs has never funded or contributed to Ted Cruz or any of his campaigns, ever.

            2 Rechristening four bankruptcies and skipping out on $4.7 billion in unpaid debt as “chapter 11 restructuring processes” is so ‘intellectually dishonest’ it is honestly funnyl Donald defaulted on debt $700.000.000 greater than his net worth. That is a -14.89% financial success rate. If he ever decided to do the decent thing and repay the creditors he stiffed he would be indigent.

            3) Inaccurate, paranoid parroting of Alex Jones nonsense will not make your case. Cruz is the candidate (Medellin v. Texas) with the proven record of fighting supra-national treaty organizations. Trump is the guy billions of dollars in debt to multi-nationalist interests. Being billions in debt to multi-national banks does not give you influence over their long range political agendas.

            Your ‘Argument from Non-Comprehension’ is undignified. If you are going to suggest others think before they type, demonstrate some cognitive effort yourself.

          • Chevy Minerva

            I. The loans were not appropriately disclosed to the FEC and the public, but “hidden in plain sight” in Senate filings. Hiding loans from the same banks Cruz was sent to Washington to fight goes to motive.

            II. Prove it was disclosed on the Wikipedia page, before NYT exposed the story. Seems like a convenient claim that can’t be proved (as far as I’m aware).

            III. Heidi Cruz wrote/endorsed Bush43’s SPP, through a policy paper to the CFR. The Chairman Statement of her Task Force establishes a direct link to Bush43’s SPP formative trilateral meetings and cannot thus be reasonably called a separate, unrelated matter. Also, wrong! TPA is “Fast Track” authority for TPP and not a separate agreement. TPP is the new, larger iteration of SPP (North American Union). Jeff Sessions knows that TPP and it’s “living charter” Commission is intended to permanently supersede the US Constitution, by treaty. The “living charter” TPP commission will have unilateral powers to change the terms of the binding treaty, so it doesn’t matter what terms are included at passage. TPP is a larger mirror image of the EU. It will start as a trade agreement, becoming a security agreement and then a fully sovereign Socialist Union. This is Bush41’s cooperative global governance for you. The problem is that Conservatives (free-thinking Nationalists and anti-corruption Christians) are the obstacle to permanent implementation. This is why the rapey migrant surge is happening in Europe and a similar surge will come here from Shafi’i (girl-cutting) Malaysia/Indonesia. The muslims have no free-thinking traditions or loyalty to the Republic. They are intended to dilute Conservative opposition so that the tyranny of the socialist TPP (Amer-asian Union) and EU can never be escaped.

            Equating global political intrigues and grand power plays as soap operas is your prerogative. I can’t be intimidated or ridiculed into silence.

            IV. Your word salad and conjecture are quaint. The Establishment will broker Jeb in, if at all possible. Rubio is the other Establishment choice, but his parents weren’t citizens at his birth. Therefore, brokering Rubio in for a known Democrat October Surprise eligibility suit would likely result in a Constitutional crisis and open insurrection. No they will use Jeb to safely lose to Hillary. Also, every candidate but Trump and possibly Carson is Establishment or an Establishment vote-splitter. Wake. Up.

            i. “My alliteration was better than yours.” Just listen to yourself. You are emotionally invested now and clearly only came here for self-aggrandizement—attacking others to puff up your poor self esteem. I’m here to defend Palin and Trump. My cause is worthy and ethical. I attack only in defense.

            ii. My poem was both creative and meaningful, but it was mostly meant to mock you, showing how cheesy and forced your unexpected alliteration was.

            iii. My alliteration was bifurcated:
            A, A, B, B, A, A, B; A-A, B, B, B, A, A, B.

            iv. This is the basic meaning:
            Your cheesy wordplay accusing me of dishonesty caused me to bristle and respond hastily—not! (I think you’re a loser.) Just as my subtle references in our aggressive dialogue have always signaled the most confidant and compelling portions. (You are a loser.)

            1a. You’ve missed the forest for the trees. Goldman Sachs literally funded Cruz’s Senate bid. The money was not Cruz’s funds. It was Goldman Sachs’ funds. Cruz did not pay himself the money and if he had defaulted on the loan, Goldman Sachs would be entitled to recover it’s monetary property. Thus Goldman Sachs funded Cruz.

            1b. I maintain that Goldman Sachs would not ever fund the Senate bid of one who genuinely intended to vote against Goldman Sachs’ own special interests. I believe Goldman Sachs would resort to fraud or unethical tactics, using Heidi Cruz’s job as leverage, or otherwise financially aid the Establishment in preventing such an outcome—achieved through additional primary rivals. Goldman Sachs would likely even encourage self-depricating rumors of quid pro quo to tank Cruz’s Senate bid, if such rumors were specious.

            1c. Therefore, as Goldman Sachs did fund Cruz’s Senate bid and since Goldman Sachs would never allow its funds to act against it’s own interests, Cruz must not be Goldman Sachs’ rival nor has he ever legitimately acted to oppose Globalist banking interests in Washington. You assumed that a company which is this corrupt would play fair and be ethical: You assume too much.

            2a. Chapter-11 is a legal process not a criminal enterprise. Trump’s limited liability companies entered into legitimate legal agreements with creditors who entered willingly with eyes wide open about the potential risks. Define limited liability company. Define intellectual dishonesty.

            2b. If 4 of Trump’s 420 companies filed chapter-11 and restructured away $4.7billion in debt, which I believe you then compared to his personal net worth, how much money did creditors earn off of the remaining successful companies (99% success rate)? Sounds like they made some serious bank! How did Trump personally “stiff” creditors? “Stiffing” someone sounds illegal, unethical and painful. Did Trump break any laws, violate any ethical codes or physically assault anyone?

            Side Note: Are you a believer in Jesus Christ?

            3a. What is inaccurate? What specifically is imagined?

            3b. Heidi Cruz wrote/endorsed Bush43’s SPP (North American Union). Ted Cruz flip-flopped on TPA and supports TPP. TPP (Amer-asian Union) is intended to supersede the US Constitution and import millions of immigrants, likely Malaysian/Indonesian Shafi’i (girl-cutting) muslims, as Obama recently promised potential “Refugees” while in Malaysia. Jeff Sessions is not Alex Jones. Jeff Sessions is sounding the alarm on TPP and Ted Cruz said Sessions was mistaken here: I believe Ted Cruz is complicit, based on compelling inferences about his words, behavior and Globalist policy connections.

            3c. Again, define limited liability company. Trump is not in debt to anyone as far as I know. Are you lying again?

            Finally, you assert—again!—that I’ve made a fallacious argument without ever identifying it. “It’s customary to
            define the object of an accusation of logical fallacy. You didn’t name
            the object of the alleged fallacy, which likely means you’re lying
            again. Stop. Lying.”

            Words mean things and specific words mean specific things—no more and no less. Enjoy!

    • MaileO

      I lost all respect for Cruz when Glenn Dopey Beck endorsed him and will campaign with him. Birds of a feather, very disappointing.

  • anon nona

    The conservative treehouse blog has a good article on Cruz and Beck and the money trail for the Cruz campaign.

    Cruz and Beck went to the border to welcome illegals with soccer balls and stuffed animal teddy bears.

    Ted Cruz’s father stood up in front of his evangelical congregation and declared that his son Ted was anointed by God to lead the country, and Ted was a fulfillment of some seven mountain prophecy. Seriously. Look it up.

    I am deeply disappointed that Trump criticized the Garland, Texas event and Ms. Geller. He should have stayed quiet.
    Both Cruz and Trump have troubling issues. But we can’t let Sanders or Clinton get the presidency because it will be more of Obama. Trump or Cruz are the best two right now. We no longer have two parties, but a Uni Party trying to turn this country into a third world cesspool.

    • Kebert Xela

      The Conservative Treehouse is the brainchild of a wannabe Karl Rove who thinks a ‘strategery’ of “attack anyone not named Trump” is the way to stop the Jeb! juggernaut from steamrolling its way to the nomination.


  • bladyblah

    you are so right Ms. Geller … a real phony

  • Southern Logic

    H1b Cruz gave 400,000 US jobs to foreign workers. Trump 0. Lets start there.

    • Kebert Xela

      That was big of Ted. On what planet does Ted Cruz have the kind of money it takes to give 400,000 jobs to anyone?

      Donald Trump, on the other hand, has consistently employed illegals at his properties.

  • We got Trump because the Republicans/Conservatives have failed us. Screw the GOPe.

  • Amjean

    Rafael Ted Cruz is a globalist.
    Donald J. Trump is a nationalist.

    Those are two facts that can not be in dispute; so, make your choice.
    One takes away jobs from Americans and one creates jobs.

    Ted Cruz is walking hand in hand with his crazed buddy, Glenn Beck.
    Glenn Beck is not a friend of Palin ; in fact, said very nasty things about
    her. Ted and Glenn are intertwined financially via a super pac.

    I don’t know about Palin’s motive, however, there are many who still
    follow and love her. Her endorsement of Trump is a positive thing for
    Trump overall and a negative for Ted.

    • Kebert Xela

      Donald Trump is an international crony ‘capitalist’.

      As solicitor general of Texas Ted Cruz led the fight (before the Supreme Court) against supra-national agencies and for the supremacy of voters, State, and Federal government over international treaties and organizations in Medellin vs. Texas.

  • Dave

    While in an ideal world, Cruz has laudable policies, the problem is that his dogmatism (as seen by others) would never get him elected President. At some stage you have to ask yourself do you want to win or do you want be right. Perhaps Trump has enough policies that Conservatives can live with. Otherwise, the alternative is another left-wing Democrat who will continue to take America on a downward spiral. Also for all the Conservative who have been elected to the Senate and House, they still gave in and passed Obama’s irresponsible budget. So what’s in a name?

    • wildjew

      A President Trump will be a big gamble. A Trump biographer wrote: “Trump took great risks in his businesses and his personal life…..” Electing Trump I believe will be a great risk.

      • Kebert Xela

        Trump’s not that good at gambling. After all it was Trump’s Casinos that went bankrupt.

      • Dave

        You may be right but after what Obama has done to your country and the world, I would take just about anyone on the Republican side. Trouble is, with your electoral college system the Presidential race is already rigged for the Democrats.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Palin’s blaming her son’s predicament on PTSD ( phony traumatic stress drivel) is almost laughable. In my Vietnam experience, those who claim to have gone over there and came back messed up were actually messed up before they ever went. The experience merely brought to the surface their lesser known idiosyncrasies.

    • Chevy Minerva

      Almost laughable? Let me see your medical/mental health credentials. You claim to know that Vietnam vets with PTSD were all messed up before hand. How do you know what any vet was like before deployment? Are you saying you were messed up before and are only speaking for yourself?

      You sound like a bad person. If it were your family, you would think your own words were cruel. Also, I take it you support Cruz, who was described as elitist, arrogant and creepy in college. I can see why you would.

      • Drew the Infidel

        In what branch of the military did you serve?

        • Chevy Minerva

          Again, how do you know what any vet was like before deployment, besides your messed up self?

          Your subsequent question is intended to deflect and redirect me to an unrelated discussion about my right to judge your judgement. You’d like to deem me unworthy to pursue my line of questioning, because it was unexpected and makes you uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I don’t fall for red herrings.

          You essentially claimed PTSD doesn’t exist, in order to criticize your political rival’s endorser—a mom. Like I said, you’re bad. Instead of complaining about a mom on the internet, you should go to a VA or affiliated organization that supports our great American vets—the ones who are suffering from very real PTSD. Though I must caution you to keep your mouth shut about them being messed up people to begin with. I don’t think that’s necessarily true.

  • wildjew

    If this is true, it is unfortunate. All voices (in the conservative camp) should be welcome:

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 13m13 minutes ago

    The failing @NRO National Review Magazine has just been informed by the Republican National Committee that they cannot participate in debate

  • wildjew

    It looks like the RNC and “Establishment” Republicans are coming to the conclusion they can either work with or use Trump in the event he reaches the White House; not Senator Cruz.

    Historical comparisons are never perfect but they can be instructive. I am not suggesting Mr. Trump is Hitler. I am not interested in invocations of Godwin’s law.

    “History Does Not Repeat Itself, But It Rhymes” (maybe attributed to Mark Twain)

    I was looking for this idea in William Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” but I found it doing a Google search:

    “(I)n November 1932 votes for the Nazi party fell and the economic situation seemed to be getting better. Unfortunately on January 30 1933 President Hindenburg asked Hitler to become Chancellor and to lead a coalition government. Hindenburg disliked Hitler who he called the ‘Bohemian corporal’. +++ However a number of German politicians thought they could use Hitler. They were convinced that if he joined a coalition they could dominate him. They soon turned out to be very wrong.++++

  • The real and only Toedeladoki

    Leonard Corwin

    I’ve been a lifelong, diehard, hardcore conservative. I’ve voted for
    every so-called conservative since I was old enough to vote in ’64. I
    enlisted in ’66 and dutifully served my country for 24 years, including
    combat in the Republic of Vietnam for two and a half years. Every
    stinking, lying, so-called “conservative has been a piece of crap with
    the exception of Reagan, and he changed after he was shot, bringing
    Baker and other New World Order aholes into his administration, ruining
    what could and should have been. These phoney, baloney butthole
    “conservatives” sold their souls to the global eletes long ago. Money
    talks and BS walks. I’ve had it with the “conservative” smoke and
    mirrors people, whose purpose is to manage by foolery, the population of
    Americans who give it all to keep this a free nation, with a future for
    our kids and grandkids. I relish Trump up turning their apple cart,
    it’s long overdue. They are all traitors as far as I’m concerned, being
    as anti-American and anti-constitution as the totalitarian democrats.
    Few if any have ever served in the military, and those that did were
    given special status far away from the front lines in prestigious
    postings to further their advancement in our social and political order.
    Rafael Cruz, a lying lawyer, is one of them, a deceptive, sinister,
    scheming member of the Goldman Sachs, CFR, New World Order, North
    American Union, UN agenda 21 crowd, token “conservative” to lead the
    “true believers” astray. Trump is the only chance I see who has the
    guts to make and stick to the hard decisions that must be made. It’s
    evident to anyone with open eyes that there are NO conservatives in the
    political class. Almost all of them are lawyers, people college trained
    to lie their asses off for money, and they’re good at that. Trump is a
    make it or break it for Americans. If he fails or one of the eletes,
    republican or democrat is elected instead, it is time for the second war
    of independence and we must once again water the tree of liberty with
    the blood of tyrants, lawyers and patriots.

    • wildjew

      Who is Leonard Corwin?

      • The real and only Toedeladoki

        Leonard Corwin

        • wildjew

          How do we know he is a real person, who wrote this piece you produced here?

          • The real and only Toedeladoki

            Leonard Corwin is the author , are you a retard ??

          • wildjew

            Why do you quote others who are not here to defend their position. Why don’t you speak for yourself?

    • farflung

      Thank you for posting this. It is reflective of the views of true Patriots, we who shall feed the Tree of Liberty with our blood , lives, to sacrifice for the good of our Nation.

  • Rob Porter

    This is by far the most revealing and disconcerting expose’ of Trump I have ever seen. What an eye-opener! For all his informing us that he is “smart”, I’ve never considered Trump a really thoughtful, analytical conservative intellectual, not by far, and I was disgusted by his stupid comments about Pamella after the ISIS attack in Texas, but I was taken in by his promises of a wall along the Mexico border, getting the economy going. bringing industry and production back to the U.S. and banning of Muslims entering the U.S., although I wasn’t impressed by his reasoning. We who know something about Islam know “what the hell is going on”. It’s Islam, it’s violent, hate-filled nature, it’s goal of domination and a worldwide caliphate. Donald Trump still just doesn’t get this and who knows what he might decide tomorrow. He is not exactly a ‘rock’ for consistency and wisdom.

    The huge problem is that for the remainder mediocrity rules. What we are looking at is a terrible mess that heightens chances of the disgusting Hillary Clinton becoming president.

    As to Sarah Palin, she is shallow and a feather-brain, a lot of tough talk and no substance.

  • The real and only Toedeladoki

    Elites Know Global Economy Tanking, Hill in Much Deeper Email Trouble, Bizarre US Middle East Policy

  • wildjew

    Rush Limbaugh acknowledges the tawdry / personal way Trump is attacking Cruz (the name-calling, etc.) is not defensible but it is unreasonable, he says, to expect these candidates aren’t going to go after each other.

    National Review Online editors are not the first to observe Mr. Trump is a huckster but Mr. Limbaugh will not go there.

    • tryingtopickaname

      You do realize that because of that absurdly biased and emotionally heavy but factually deficient mass attack on Trump, that even the RNC has been forced to cut NR as a debate sponsor?

      • wildjew

        Maybe. You could be right. I am reading a biographer on Trump currently. This notion that Donald Trump is a talented “showman”who possesses “huckster-like” qualities isn’t novel to NRO.

        Google “Donald Trump huckster.”

        Some of his critics are liberals but others are conservatives. I see better than 76,000 results. RNC is the “Establishment.” For their own reasons they might prefer Trump over Sen. Cruz for whom many on Capitol Hill harbor a visceral dislike. Trump boasted the other day, Establishment folks are contacting him. They are coming over to his side. Trump they might suppose, unlike Cruz, will work with them. Trump says he will make deals with them.

        • Chevy Minerva

          1. Okay, jerk. Trump doesn’t likely see that the Establishment is trying to tank him with feigned support; however, it is possible that some of the Establishment people see the writing on the wall and want to be close to Trump when the gravy train stops (hoping for scraps).

          2. The “Conservatives” you mention aren’t likely Conservative.

          3. Cruz is a Goldman Sachs puppet and fake evangelical vote-splitter. The Establishment just pretends to dislike Cruz. Cruz is not even in it to win, and even if he were, a fake Goldwater can’t win. Goldwater didn’t even win in the 60s. Come on!

          4. You have all the talking points down, but you’re stupid and can’t think for shiite.

          • Kebert Xela

            1. Name calling is something you and the Ichigo-coif of the real estate world have in common. It’s lazy. If “Trump doesn’t likely see that the Establishment is trying to tank him with feigned support” then how in Mammon’s name is he supposed to deal with serious enemies, like the Democrats?

            2. Not Conservative because they don’t support the lifelong New York liberal to whom you’ve attached your bid for second-hand self-esteem reflected narcissism.

            3. Trump is the one in debt up to eyeballs to big banks, not Ted Cruz. Donald Trump has repeatedly gone bankrupt. What kind of assurances do you think it takes to get those banks to do business with a proven risk like the Trumpkin?

            Ted has the organization, the resources and the grassroots enthusiasm to go all the way. When Trump bows out he will claim it was all a stunt to promote his next reality TV show.

            4. Your talking but you don’t have a point. That’s usually the case wiith rabid Trump supporters.

          • Chevy Minerva

            1. You too, with “adiposely cephalic interlocutor.” As far as Establishment vs Democrats…same difference. Do you know what RINO means? It means Democrat, stupid—Yay! You did it! Therefore, Trump may not yet realize they’re Democrats. He will.

            2. No, not Conservative because their the Establishment’s “controlled opposition.” Those people play Conservative on the TEE-VEE, but never actually effect Conservative policy—worthless!

            3. Not this again! Trump is not personally in debt and 4 Chapter-11s out of 420 companies is a 99% success rate. Cruz still owes on his Goldman Sachs loan and if the loans were paid back anonymously, by other than Cruz, he would certainly be indebted to others. Cruz’s funds nondisclosure indicates concealment and further investigation of his finances is warranted.

            3b. Ted’s losing nationally and even in Iowa, where his only chance lies. Naysayers have said Trump will bow out for months. I’m not so sure you know what you’re talking about.

            4. You keep saying that as I destroy your arguments. I understand it’s hard to let go of pride, but I logically defeat you regularly.

          • Kebert Xela

            1) “Jerk” is name calling. Descriptive language such as “adiposely cephalic interlocutor” in not name calling. Especially since it was a way to call attention to your crude Trump-like insults.

            According to ‘Chevy Minerva’, a lame Disqus commenter, he ‘knows’ more about the challenges the Presidential Candidates and the next President face than ‘Don’ Trumpkin’. A stirring endorsement of “The Donald’s” deep understanding of the challenges of the office he is seeking.


            2) So, you support Trump because he actively supported ‘progressive’ causes and has been a crony ‘capitalist’ his whole career. His critics are disqualified because they are part of a shadowy conspiracy to create a “controlled opposition” which you and like minded basement dwellers have ferreted out. All those die-hard Conservatives are really just pretending, and so was Donald all those decades he was paying off politicians and funding leftist causes. I suppose Barack Obama and Hillary are only pretending to be ‘progressive’ as well. Vote Sanders 2016 for a real Conservative…right.

            3) Again. Trump is inseparable from his corporate holdings. He has tried that gag before. “I’m a genius businessman. It was my companies that went bankrupt, not me!”. Well, guess what, the United States is the financially troubled corporate entity DJ Trumpster wants to be Chief Executive of next.. We go bankrupt when the ‘genius’ tycoon walks away from another financial disaster.

            Ted is leading among likely voters in Iowa. Ted is leading in the crucial Super Tuesday southern primary states. Trump is leading in the crucial “‘The Apprentice’ is real” demographic, mostly concentrated in States which will never vote Republican even if (perhaps especially if) the GOP ran an actual Messiah.

            4) I consistently demonstrate the hypocrisy of your false ‘Messiah’, the Trumpster. Like Charlie Sheen, and Donald Trump, your response to your own humiliation and failure is to declare victory! Winning! That is a narcissistic defense mechanism to hide the vacuousness of your own neediness.

          • Chevy Minerva

            1a. Jerk is descriptive language, you Jerk! Oxford Dictionary: Jerk: 2. informal: a contemptibly obnoxious person. Since when is “fat head” not name calling? Pot meet kettle, Jerk!

            1b. Also, I am not handicapped (lame) and take umbrage at your further name calling after criticizing same—hypocrite!

            1c. Political intuition and business acumen aren’t necessarily mutually inclusive. I said, “Trump may not yet realize they’re Democrats. He will.” I said this because Trump seemed to take sudden Establishment support in stride, questioning but not appearing distrustful. We each have our talents and can’t be expected to arrive, in tandem, at the exact same understanding of various compelling inferences. I may certainly be mistaken—hence, “may not yet realize.”

            1d. Your applause literally sounds cliché.

            2a. Progressive is a euphemism for Globalist/Marxist hybrid ideology, i.e., adding the euphemisms Neocon and Liberal (e.g., greedy pseudo-socialists like Bill Gates). This may also be described as the worst parts of Capitalism married to the worst parts of Socialism.

            2b. Trump is clearly a Capitalist, but does not appear to adhere to cronyism or influence politicians for ideological reasons. Trump influenced politicians for his business interests, after being forced to “pay-to-play” in the first place. It’s nearly impossible to extricate government extortion from willful influence peddling, in our corrupted American business climate, when “pay-to-play” is the institutionalized cost of doing business.

            2c. Trump’s critics are disqualified because instead of remaining objective, they’ve let their masks slip, in favor of Establishment kingmakers. Phyllis Schlafly recently addressed Trump’s anti-establishment stance and the subsequent Establishment push-back, in the context of what happened to Reagan. The entire US political structure has aimed the Death Star at Trump and no other (even the UK joined in on the assault)!

            2d. More failed reductio ad absurdum. Many Conservatives are purge-purists, to their discredit (Sowell), but hacks like Levin (Article V Soros traitor) and Beck (propaganda wing of the heretical church of moronai) are insidious fakes. Even Hanoi-ty revealed his true colors last night, with Fox/Establishment talking points and the seething affect of a lying snake. Look at Ben Shapiro. He took a staged WSJ statement about the Establishment being out to get Cruz—not true!—to then generalize that Cruz and not Trump, is the real anti-Establishment pick. However, the moment I observed ABC, WashPo, Fox and Breitbart all attacking Trump’s tax plan—in concert, I realized that Trump alone is the Establishment’s bane! The media is not attacking Cruz! I heard van Jones, last night on CNN, actually rooting for Cruz against Trump—VAN COMMIE JONES!!!

            2e. You then top off your insipid reductio ad absurdum, stretching it to include Obama, Hillary and Bernie. Too bad your premise was flawed to begin with. It might have had traction otherwise.

            3a. Define limited liability company.

            3b. Trump had 4 companies file chapter-11 out of 420 companies. That’s a 99% success rate, sweetums! Trump is a better businessman than Cruz is a fake Conservative (Levin-CR: 97%)—Just sayin’. Can you stop lying and help make America great again, arready!

            3c. Cite your polls! Trump is leading nationally and any neck and neck polls are likely gamed by that whole US political structure that clearly wants to take Trump out. Weighted polls have no integrity and can be easily gamed by the Marxist Media, Marxist pollsters (Hart group) and Marxist colleges that commission and administer all our Conservative polls. There is clear bias (even journalists are 97% Democrat), so one must assume the anti-Establishment candidate is outperforming Establishment/Media polling. Come on!

            4a. Only you are putting forth a false messiah here. Goldwater couldn’t win in the 60s and certainly can’t win now. Cruz’s fake Goldwater Conservative caricature is exposed by his many untoward Establishment leanings (e.g., Corker Iran Bill, TPA/TPP, Heidi’s SPP/CFR, undisclosed big bank loans, involvement in Bush43’s Establishment Campaign and close personal ties to Bush Globalist policy—oh and smarmy Harvard lawyer).

            4b. Speak for yourself about vacuousness and sycophancy. Your projection is quite banal.

            4c. I confidently declare victory, not because of I wish to disguise some sense of poor self esteem. I declare victory because I’m the victor. In truth, I must!

  • Stephen Honig

    Pamela, you’re hung up on Cruz. I know you didn’t like what Trump said about you and I agree. He should have said nothing. Reality is Cruz can’t win the presidency even if he won the nomination. Would you rather have Trump or Hillary/Cruz for president? Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

    • wildjew

      Here is an NRO reader who just wrote the following this afternoon:

      “If the Establishment supports Donald, he’s the Establishment candidate by definition. Ask yourself why the Establishment prefers Trump to Cruz; could it be that they think they can work with Trump but Cruz is too principled to control, based on his stands in the past, like the filibusters?”

      How would you answer him?

      • Chevy Minerva

        I’ll respond, cause the silence is deafening.

        The Establishment does not support Trump. They pretend to support him, because Trump’s supporters hate the Establishment. RINOs are using their own unpopularity to unilaterally claim support and hopefully lose Trump votes. I believe the Establishment would sooner attempt to assassinate him than offer any genuine support!

        Now provide evidence of Trump receiving genuine Establishment support (Bob Dole’s loser endorsement doesn’t count). Also, I believe Cruz is a Goldman Sachs puppet and fake evangelical vote-splitter. The Establishment just pretends to dislike Cruz, though I believe they genuinely dislike his smarmy personality.

        Trump will stop the corruption and anti-American games that have made the Establishment wealthy. Why on Earth would they support him doing it? They wouldn’t! They are desperate to protect their fortunes and power. This means war!

  • lostlegends

    I checked some timeline facts. Sarah Palin resigned in 2009, the big mosque protest was in 2010, nearly 18 months later. Geller wanted a video for the big protest. So she asked for an appearance from one she now calls a quiter. I guess Palin wasn’t a quiter until no video. Just observing facts. Reminds me of a line from Shakespeare in The Taming of the Shrew. Touche.

  • tryingtopickaname

    Even the RNC has recognized that National Review has jumped the shark in launching a mass attack on Trump, gathering 20 *conservative* figures to attack him. The RNC has cut NR as a debate sponsor. And I must say, I thought we were past buying into the false narrative that Palin *just quit* her position as governor. That was necessitated by the mass of (ultimately dismissed) frivolous lawsuits that were thrown at her, and fighting those made it necessary for her to resign since she correctly noted that the time and energy spent in her own defense would not allow her the time and energy to also effectively govern. Had she stayed on, she would have face equal criticisms that she was neglecting the state. So sad that even the right can’t get our act together to sort fact from fiction.

  • Robert Bayer

    Sarah Palin certainly has made a lot of political missteps that indicate she isn’t nearly as smart or courageous as she wants to take credit for …

    Still .. this whining about Palin and Trump is counter-productive as it is certain she nor he want Islamic supremacy any more than you, Pamela Geller.

    Of course, Ms. Geller .. you are, in general, far smarter and more courageous than them .. However … not in this case .. leave Trump and Palin alone and save your ammunition and ire for Islam and those in Washington who CONSCIOUSLY are supporting Islamic Supremacy, slaughter, rape and oppression. Yes .. those 2 have not treated you exactly well .. But there are far bigger fish to fry and in the end … those 2 will see with your own eyes what you see now (Trump being roundly condemned for wanting a ban on Muslims coming to America is a step in your direction, FYI) ….

    In case you have forgotten for a blink of an eye, Islam is on the verge of destroying civilization … So keep your eyes on what matters and what matters is defeating Islam… All else .. especially potential allies who really have not harmed you except in pride perhaps, needs to be pushed aside so we can unite and stop Islam NOW …

    Yes …you are the best out there ever in this fight …. but as a leader …. you have to strive to be perfect so as to help unite all in this fight against Islam.

    So forgive me for having the audacity to criticize your criticism. I am sorry to have posted this because of all you have already done but your work is too important to be dissipated into petty grudges. Trump especially may be our last hope of anyone coming to power who really wants to fight for America’s right to survive the attacks by the unholy union of leftists and Islamicists.

  • joe1429

    Go palin!!!! Go TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brianroysinputvideo .

    Pamela endorses ANOTHER FOREIGN USURPER and says “Screw The Constitution, Vote for Cruz”? Are you kidding me?

    By definition, a Law Review in 1845 rightly defined that:
    “…the term ‘natural born citizen’ is used and excludes all persons owing allegiance by birth to foreign states.”
    The New Englander and Yale Law Review, Volume 3 (1845), p. 414

    Where was Ted BORN? In CANADA. Helloooooo, Pamela.

    What was the Natural Citizenship condition that was followed when the Constitution was written? It followed COVERTURE. Even Ginsburg and Kennedy in the last 15 years joined by others of the U.S. Supreme Court have affirmed this as a legal fact. So when one cites …

    The Venus, 12 U.S. (8 Cranch) (1814) 253 @ page 289
    “The natives or indigenes
    are those born in the country
    of parents who are citizens.
    Society not being able to subsist and to perpetuate itself but by the children of the citizens,
    those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers,
    and succeed to all their rights.”

    …that means that Constitutionally speaking, you CANNOT exclude the father from distinguishing and defining who is a United States Natural Born Citizen.

    When Ted ran for Senate, he knew this before he opportunistically threw it aside because his position is, if Obama can illegally be POTUS, why not him?

    THE END OF THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY By J.B. Williams March 29, 2015
    In a campaign interview during his freshman senate race, a GOP Texas State Committee member sat down with the young candidate to ask a few poignant vetting questions, and here are the questions and answers from that interview… (Redacted information is to protect the witness at this moment, but the witness is willing to offer sworn testimony)
    Interviewer: “Hello Mr. Cruz, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is (redacted). I am a (redacted) County GOP Precinct Chair and you have my support and vote. I have one question for you if I may?”
    Cruz: “Sure, go ahead.”
    Interviewer: “What is your understanding of how one becomes a natural born Citizen?”
    Cruz: “Two citizen parents and born on the soil.”

    In fact, by example, we have the ineligibility of F.D.R. Jr. to guide us on the matter. The N. Y. Times, May 26, 1949, p. 26, columns 3 – 4, by legal example demonstrated that legally Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., third son of the late President, “never can carry that great name back into the White House” since his birth on August 17, 1914, was at Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada, home of a Roosevelt Canadian summer estate. TWO US Parents BIRTH A SON IN CANADA, and what was that son’s condition, the condition that contradicts what Cruz told Trump at the Fox Business debate? NO U.S. Natural Born Status…NONE!!!

    Ted is a globalist opportunist bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs- Citibank and Billionaire Mercer.

    And Ted is all for destroying the Constitution by mere votes by Congress itself such as when he indicated his stance on gun control and concurrence that to him any majority passed legislation of 50% plus 1 that over-rides the Constitution by Congress or the states is final.

    And to Ted, since that is so with the Second Amendment, so would he go along with other unConstitutional Acts to 50% plus 1 to vote away any other part or ALL of the Constitution of the United States. In fact, there is a question that since this CANADIAN BORN CITIZEN gave up Canada as his nationality only in May 2014, allegedly, is he actually legally “stateless” having only the presumption of U.S. nationality (as is the case with Obama)?

    Read the article by Lori Stacey at the DC Conservative Examiner
    “According to the Government of Canada’s website, the heading
    “History of citizenship legislation” states the following:

    Up to January 1, 1947, there was no legal status of Canadian citizens,
    only British subjects. This Act gave legal recognition to the terms
    “Canadian citizen” and “Canadian citizenship”. The Act established who was
    and who could become a Canadian citizen. There were many provisions
    for loss of citizenship, including retention provisions for the first and
    subsequent generations born outside Canada.

    The Act also contained provisions which provided special treatment for British
    subjects. In general, Canadian citizens who acquired citizenship of
    another country automatically lost Canadian citizenship (dual citizenship
    was not recognized).

    It was not until the passage of the “Citizenship Act” effective
    on February 15, 1977
    [Ted was
    born in 1970 in CANADA]
    that the ability to hold dual citizenship was changed.

    The Citizenship Act, effective February 15, 1977, replaced the 1947 Act
    with a more equitable statute. For example, British subjects no longer
    received special treatment and dual citizenship became recognized.

    There was only one provision for automatic loss of citizenship,
    limited to persons born in the second or subsequent generation outside Canada
    unless they took steps to retain their citizenship by their 28th birthday.

    …In order for Ted Cruz to have “become” a US citizen at birth
    in 1970, his mother would have had to retain exclusive citizenship
    to the US and filed a CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad) to
    “obtain” exclusive US citizenship at the time for her son Ted and renounced his
    automatic “naturally acquired” Canadian citizenship. The process in itself is considered a very abbreviated form of “naturalization”, thereby making such persons born outside of the OFFICIAL territories of the United States
    absolutely ineligible to become President of these United States in at
    least this one circumstance alone.

    Given that Canadian law did not allow dual citizenship at the time, then IF
    his mother filed a CRBA in 1970, his Canadian citizenship would likely have needed to be renounced before a new US citizenship could be granted.

    Ted’s Father has publicly admitted he became a Canadian citizen in 1968.
    If his mother’s first husband with surname of “Wilson” was also a Canadian citizen
    (unconfirmed), she would have become a citizen before his father. Even if
    her first husband was not Canadian, according to Canadian law, she would still
    have automatically become a Canadian citizen in 1969 after having a Canadian
    spouse (Ted’s Father) and residing in Canada for 1 year.” [unquote]

    In other words, in Court Ted’s Candidacy will be SHREDDED in the first 5
    minutes by any challenger, Republican or Democrat having Article III
    Standing, and if selected as the Republican Nominee, it is an automatic
    default no candidacy for the Republicans and vote the Democrat in 2016

    Or as the New York Daily News would put it:
    “Cruz is a lightweight. He always has been…[and while] (i)t is the other party that has a donkey as its mascot…Cruz is the one who’s a career jackass.”

    Do your damn RESEARCH Pamela, and stop being such a JACKASS on the Constitution and POTUS Candidates!

  • KimWilde

    Palin, is a shill for the rino ! She and McCain had their deal worked out months before they announced. barry’s old law firm did the paperwork. Why would any sane Conservative or Constitutionalist ever have anything to do with them ? Trump & Palin working for satan.

  • Dan Knight

    All true Pamela (or 99%) … The problem Pamela: Your criticisms are good reasons to be Against Trump.

    But name a reason for Palin to support the GOP? Anyone who has been in a GOP meeting in the last eight years knows that the GOP believes the Enemy = is America, and Conservatives in particular. The real Palin question then is: Why support any candidate for the GOP nomination? Other than having no other choice.

    Objectively, Pamela is right (and conservative), but frankly Palin has no reason to back anyone except Cruz. Cruz is the only other candidate she could support at this point. Who else would even accept her endorsement?

    And let’s be clear: Trump attacked Pamela last year. His position was irresponsible, and if it was not based on ignorance, it is seriously hypocritical and self-serving. Would Pamela support the Hilla-monster over Trump?

    And that’s just one reaction to one event.

    • Chevy Minerva

      Your word salad is all over the place. Consider revision.

      Oh and TPP-Ted (Senator Goldman Cruz) is clearly an Establishment sleeper and fake evangelical vote-splitter. That’s why Palin abandoned him. Why are you naive?

      • Kebert Xela

        Dan was just making a nuanced, reasoned comment. Try to keep up.

        Oh, and yeah, that whole shutting down the government in an effort to prevent the disaster that is Obamacare and those 26 Republican Senators voting for cloture (and thus against Cruz) was all just a carefully choreographed kabuki theater three years before the 2016 election. Why are you so credulous?

        • Chevy Minerva

          Dan’s comment was all over the place. It appeared to say something, but then didn’t. And then it seemed to fold back on itself and was altogether too vague.

          Some of Cruz’s behaviors may not be Kabuki, as no Senator has endorsed him. This means he’s a jerk and doesn’t get along with his coworkers—sounds like you. However, I believe Cruz has been Establishment since his time in Bush43’s Presidential campaign. I think he was chosen to lead the Tea Party astray as the Establishment’s “controlled opposition.” Also, I’m not credulous. This is my epoch of incredulity, yo!

          • Kebert Xela

            Dan’s comment was clear and nuanced. Just because ‘Chevy Minerva’ doesn’t understand nuance doesn’t mean it isn’t clear to the rest of us.

            If you think the establishment thinks Ted Cruz is a “jerk” and that Ted is simultaneously the establishment’s “controlled opposition” because he worked to help elect George Bush you are credulous.

            Ted Cruz led 19 Republican Senators in the fight to actually prevent Obamacare from being funded. 26 Republican Senators chose to hide their support for Obamacare from their constituents by voting for cloture then voting against the bill in a straight party line vote they knew they would lose. Ted, not Trump led the fight to actually defeat Obamacare as he promised Texans when he ran for the Senate. Trump was still supporting Obama and Hillary in 2013.

            Fighting the good fight even when the odds are long is not a ‘gimmick’. Trump making loud noises about his opposition to positions he supported and politicians he paid off only 15 months ago is a gimmick. Trump! because a new voter is born every minute.

            Consistent support for a political position is credible (just not where Trumpkin is concerned). Believing that Hillary is a Republican plant because she was a Goldwater girl is not. You would have us believe in an unimaginable conspiracy among thousands of Republican establishmentarians to attack Ted Cruz for over a decade while secretly supporting him. Alex Jones called, he wants his shtick back.

          • Chevy Minerva

            1. Now you’re just contradicting me, with an unsubstantiated opinion—typical.

            2. Not so fast! Your false dichotomy presupposes that one must have personal affinity for one’s own goons. Rethink that one, pal.

            3a. Leading a failed fight against Obamacare is not a victory and could very well be kabuki theater. Cruz’s TPA flip-flop is much more telling about Cruz’s allegiances, when Conservative victory is actually within Cruz’s reach (i.e., he voted YES when TPA failed, then NO when TPA was clearly prevailing). Since when do Conservatives hand out participation awards?

            3b. How exactly was Trump supporting Obama and Hillary, in 2013? Was Trump acting on his business interests or ideological solidarity? Obama is a Marxist. Hillary is a Globalist/Marxist hybrid. Trump is a Populist and clearly Capitalist, yo!

            4a. “Fighting the good fight” when odds are long sure as hell can be a gimmick. What are you? Okay, now, what candidates did Trump “pay-off” for the furtherance of what positions that he is now opposing? You need to learn how the world works and what businesspersons must do in corrupted America, for their business success—rekonize!

            4b. Your innuendo is disingenuous. A new voter is born every minute, you say? Well, I don’t believe the majority of those new voters have fallen off the turnip truck, like you clearly have, so there’s hope yet for America.

            5a. Consistent support for a political position CAN be credible, but there’s no guarantee Cruz’s unwinnable efforts are legit! Who said Hillary was a plant? If Hillary was a Goldwater girl (never heard that before), then why did she write a glowing thesis on her fellow Marxist traveler, Alinsky? Methinks she would have been a plant for Goldwater, because Goldwater couldn’t win, if that’s even true!

            5b. Your final, failed reductio ad argumentum exposes you as a total fraud! It only takes a meeting between a handful of Establishment (and Goldman Sachs) leaders to set the plot in motion. What makes this a compelling inference for me is Cruz’s substantial involvement in Bush43’s Establishment Campaign. He met his wife there, and she even wrote/endorsed Bush43’s SPP (North American Union) policy paper to the CFR.

            5c. No, your Harvard-educated, son of a Castro commie, Canadian Senator, Corker and TPA snake, literally sleeping with the (SPP) enemy of the Republic, Goldman Sachs loan non-discloser, Bush43 Globalist Establishment RINO and sanctimonious, self-appointed, Christ-like, God-sent politician—doesn’t exist!—is a fake evangelical vote-splitter and Goldman Sachs puppet!

            6. Your efforts are fruitless and they utterly fail. Good day.

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