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[ August 22, 2017 ]

Palestinian Olympic Committee Forces Boxer to Forfeit Rather Than Compete With Israeli

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

Media ignores that Florida cop killer is a Muslim, emphasizes that he’s a former Marine

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

Officials from largest US Islamic charity promote anti-Semitism on social media

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Barbie BOMB: ISIS Plot To Blow Up Aussie Plane With Barbie Doll Foiled

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Barcelona jihadi Younes Abouyaaqoub ‘shot dead’ by Spanish cops while wearing suicide vest after killing...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Report: Bannon Urged Trump to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem — Was Blocked by Jewicidal...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

MGM Resorts International will match employees’ donations to “civil rights groups,” including Hamas-CAIR, SPLC, and...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Robert Spencer: UK Gets Tough On Terror

NYE Terror Attacks: Sexual/Criminal Rapefugee Complaints Climb to 600 and Growing


The scale of these mass Muslim attacks is only now beginning to be made known. When I first broke the story in the US here on January 3rd, I reported hundreds of migrants had sexually attacked and robbed non-Muslim European girls. It wasn’t hundreds, it was thousands. Yesterday, it was 379 criminal complaints, today it is over 600 and climbing. And just as depraved and criminal was law enforcement and the enemedia cover-up of this large scale act of war.

These were coordinated sexual assaults robberies, on women by ‘foreign’ assailants.”

MORE EUROPEAN CITIES report Mass Muslim Attacks on New Year’s Eve: Widespread sex attacks were reported in Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland


Yes, this is civil war. Will the Europeans fight? The police are on the side of their conquerors.  There were too few police on New Year’s Eve in Cologne. The girls were on their own to “run the gauntlet.” And yet yesterday when there was a demo against the mass sexual attacks, there was an overwhelming police presence in Cologne. They used water cannons and pepper spray on the peaceful protesters. More here. Why didn’t they use water cannons on the Muslim hordes on New Year’s Eve? Whose side are the authorities on?

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.38.58 PMCologne-Explosion-640x480Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.04.26 PMcolognecologne-sex-attacks

“Growing scale of Cologne attacks stokes German debate on migrants,” Reuters, January 10, 2016:

(FRANKFURT) – Attacks on women in Cologne and other German cities on New Year’s Eve have prompted more than 600 criminal complaints, with police suspicion resting on asylum seekers, putting pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel and her open door migrant policy.

The attacks, mostly targeting women and ranging from theft to sexual molestation, have prompted a highly-charged debate in Germany about its welcoming stance for refugees and migrants, more than one million of whom arrived last year.

The sudden nature of the violent attacks and the fact that they stretched from Hamburg to Frankfurt prompted Germany’s justice minister Heiko Maas to speculate in a newspaper that they had been planned or coordinated.

The debate on migration will be further fueled by the acknowledgement by the authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia that a man shot dead as he tried to enter a Paris police station last week was an asylum seeker with seven identities who lived in Germany.

In Cologne, police said on Sunday that 516 criminal complaints had been filed by individuals or groups in relation to assaults on New Year’s Eve, while police in Hamburg said 133 similar charges had been lodged with the north German city.

Frankfurt also registered complaints, although far fewer.

The investigation in Cologne is focused largely on asylum seekers or illegal migrants from north Africa, police said. They arrested one 19-year-old Moroccan man on Saturday evening.

In Cologne, where a 100-strong force of officers continued their investigations, around 40 percent of the complaints included sexual offences, including two rapes.


The attacks, which prompted violent far-right protests on Saturday, threatens to further erode confidence in Merkel, and could stoke support for the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party ahead of three key state elections in March.

Merkel’s popularity has dwindled as she refused to place a limit on the influx of refugees.

A survey sponsored by state broadcaster ARD showed that while 75 percent of those asked were very happy with Merkel’s work in April last year, only 58 percent were pleased now.

Almost three quarters of those polled said migration was the most important issue for the government to deal with in 2016.

The Cologne attacks also heated up the debate on immigration in neighboring Austria.

“What happened in Cologne is unbelievable and unacceptable,” Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner, a member of the conservative People’s Party that is junior coalition partner to the Social Democrats, told newspaper Oesterreich.

There had been a handful of similar incidents in the border city of Salzburg. “Such offenders should be deported,” she said, backing a similar suggestion by Merkel.

Swiss media contained numerous stories about sexual assaults on women by foreigners, fuelling tensions ahead of a referendum next month that would trigger the automatic deportation of foreigners convicted of some crimes.

In Germany, on Monday, a regional parliamentary commission will quiz police and others about the events on New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

The anti-Islam PEGIDA, whose supporters threw bottles and fire crackers at a march in Cologne on Saturday before being dispersed by riot police, will later hold a rally in the eastern German city of Leipzig.

The far-right will likely seize on reports that the Paris attacker, who was shot last week as he wielded a meat cleaver and shouted “Allahu akbar” (God is Greatest), was known to police for drug dealing and harassing women.

He had an apartment in an accommodation center for asylum seekers in Recklinghausen, north of Cologne, where he had painted the symbol of Islamic state on the wall of two rooms.

(Additional reporting by Ralf Bode in Berlin and Michael Shields in Zurich; Editing by Ros Russell)

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January 7, 2016: Police in Germany covering up extent of sex crimes committed by Muslim migrants, claims Germany’s largest newspaper

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January 5, 2016: VIDEO Shows WILD MUSLIM CHAOS on New Years in Germany, Sex Attacks, Fireworks THROWN at Crowd

January 5, 2016: German police hunt for 1,000 Muslims who sexually assaulted numerous women and threw fireworks into crowds at Cologne train station on New Year’s Eve

January 3, 2016: Large Muslim mobs sexually harass scores of young women on New Years Eve in Germany

  • spacearcadian

    the police, merkel, and the media are getting it right, they say the attacks were too coordinated, as to give muslims a bad name. the muslims refugees just cleaned their refugee center and were enjoying the peace of the holidays. then suddenly appeared some women with sluttish clothes and behaviour, as trying to provoke muslims. maybe the sluttish women were paid by the right wingers, so all those women claiming rape wil be investigated. anyway life goes on, mamma merkel, mamma henriette rekel have muslim refugees to receive. mamma merkel, mamma Rekel aren´t ordinary women to get some cats; they are high-ranked politicians so they just get millions of muislims refugees. and also can be declared the person of the year. you right wingers just seems to be jealous because you have no mammas in the west

    • Duane Savage

      Animals can’t control their animal instincts and it’s the 600+ women’s fault they were attacked by those animals. Is that what you’re saying? Do tell

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Are you a burned out hippy from the 60’s still suffering l s d triggered flashbacks and hallucinations? Or are you just stupid?

      • joker

        No Mahou he is just being sarcastic and Angela Merkel marked for death.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Sarcasm is a rare thing on the internet. It is beyond pitiful when there as to be aomething to tell people a comment is sarcastic, it is all the fault if illiterate english teachers.

          • joker

            Well who knows Mahou Shoujo, he or she might be a burned out hippy from the flower power time. You know, smoking pot, having sex with all around you and peace on earth.
            Or just basically stupid, I believe sarcasm first.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Well, having survived the 60’s, I believe basically stupid.

  • Duane Savage

    Obviously moderate Muslims, no one was beheaded.

  • Iamnumber6

    It only gets worse from here until the Europeans wake up to the danger they are in. The first step to winning a war is to recognize you are in one. War has come to them whether or not they choose to accept it.

    • Michael Copeland

      “We are at war, and I am a soldier.”

    • liz

      Yes, it’s a war, but it’s being waged against them by their own governments – just like ours in the U.S.! Those protesting are labeled the “far right”, as in “extremists”.
      We at least still have the right to bear arms to defend ourselves here, but they’re working on eliminating that, too.

      • joe1429

        At least our women can arm themselves!!

      • Rachel Studley

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        • honeybee

          BMW one of Angela’s cars. Shame on you, Boycott Germany and Sweden.

    • Anticonservative

      Sounds very similar to the United States of America to me- But before you can defeat an enemy first you have identify who they are- and as long as people keep making up excuses for them and saying things like “Gee Whiz- Gollie shucks- they’re not all bad- only a small percentage of them are fanatics” – well you might as well pee into the wind for all the good it will do you declaring war on nothing. The muslims are using similar tactics to the Americans when they defeated the British way back when- The British in the day just didn’t know how to defeat an army that didn’t march right up to them and say “shoot me”. To defeat this invasion you’ll require men of the same intestinal fortitude as Gen. Patton- who said something all the lines of – We’ll cut out their guts and use them to grease our tank treads!- But that was a long time ago and men like him just aren’t around anymore- and if they are they’re quickly stifled.

  • lilyred

    Jobs!! It’s what they need, says Bozo, and classes on “sexist” behavior. That’ll fix everything.

  • freebird

    I,ve seen the PEGIDA-Demo video from cologne in full lengh.

    For the first time the “Hooligans against Salafisten” march with PEGIDA together.

    Sadly, some of this group have start little troubles with the police. But not really big. The police was just waiting to have a reason to end this demonstration because for the first time there were more anti-Moslem demonstrators then lefties on the other side. And this in a super pol. corr. leftie city.

    Sure some hools have made troubles but when you look how the rally´s of the left ends (fights with police, stone-botttles-even molotov cocktails were thrown) and the police have order to do nothing (for deescalation) then you know the political agenda of our goverment.

    They only want to stay in power and give a damn sh*t on the citican´s.
    But they never bring the germans back to sleep again.

    Proudly I present Mr. Tommy Robinson, a guest at the PEGIDA-Demo in Cologne

  • Ben


  • Commieobamie

    Why doesn’t the civilized population KILL these SLIME? No….WHY?! Heck, the Germans murdered JEWS and THOUGHT it was fun, now KILL a real ENEMY!

    • max

      For some it might be fun,others sayed they didnt liked it but they thniked this was the best for germany.
      But im sure the most didnt knew it,they thinked they where deported.

      Most loved german cancellor Helmut Schmidt(so called 1/8 jew)sayed he heard the first time some monts before the end of the war from a KZ when he was there with the army.

      He sayed he didnt heard much anti jewish propaganda-he sayed only if you wanted you read it.

      Also he said one time long ago:I didnt let one more turk about the boarder-but he let alot of them in like all the other.
      Helmut KOHL gived Turks a lot of money if they go back-but let also many in.

      Gerhard Schröder said:Criminals-OUT!But nothing happened

      Merkel,Sarkozy and Cameron said multiculti didnt work-nothin happened.
      So who sayed to them let more people in???Many people belive USA and the Bilderberger.

      Is the USA happy about the EURO?About the strong economy Europes?I think no,right?

  • john

    Muslims are sick people the culture is a culture of rape they rape their own. After they rape them the victim is then murdered by their family because they diss honor their family A big WTF and I don’t like to use foul language. As it is written those who kill by the sword must and that is a capital MUST must be killed by the sword. Thank God for Pam Geller at least she has the courage enough to speak the truth whether you like it or not. if you have any decency support Israel because without Israel Europe wouldn’t be what it was I’m not saying what it is today. Built on the foundation of the Messiah whether you want to believe it or not.

    • Shafiq Islam

      John, I respectfully disagree. The Muslim religion is foul and its prophet satanic, but I do believe in Jesus’s divinity and he told us that those who live by the sword die by the sword. You have to face the fact that for decades the US has behaved in a predatory, often murderous way in that part of the world and is reaping what it has sown. I am not justifying the Muslim terrorism precisely because I accept our Lord’s abrogation of the lex talionis (eye for eye, tooth for tooth, life for life).

      The Muslim religion is wholly incompatible with Judeo-Christian values, and with secular human rights concepts. Coexistence is almost impossible. Decades of immigration has shown that most Muslims never assimilate and at best bear ambivalence for their new homes.

      To ask an often overused but rarely seriously considered question, what would Jesus do? He advised leaving places where you and the Gospel are rejected. He taught us to forgive and love our enemies, but did not tell us to surrender to them or to give up our values.

      How would that apply today? Rescue and disengagement. Rescue the Christians, Yazidis, Bahai and other innocent victims in peril because of US backed destabilisation in the region and get out. You cannot win this militarily, because there are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and the relatively few you kill will radicalise many more.

      Live and let live, literally.

      • john

        Was referring to revelations 1310 read it because right now people are being led into captivity and people being murdered with the sward that are being led into captivity i’m free because Christ makes me free

        • Shafiq Islam

          I take that as metaphor, not a command. Jesus was very clear about violence. The world cannot solve this by violence, and the so-called war on terror has merely increased it by inflaming previously docile Muslims. Rescue the Christians, Jews, Yazidis and Bahai, let the two loathsome Islamist theocracies of Saudi Arabia and Iran decimate each other without intervening, stop the influx of Muslims into your countries, and disengage from the Muslim world except for arms length commerce.

          • Po Tato

            Unfortunately it is never as simple as that, my friend !

            The ‘arm length commerce is no longer possible, because the tentacles of islam has already tightyly wrapped around the arm of the West

            The force of islam has penetrated the most innest sanctum of the Western power – and they have been doing that for decades (since the 1970’s)

          • Shafiq Islam

            You’re right, but either you take back your governments very soon or be ready to live the way we do.

          • onguard4thee

            Shafig, I agree with most of what you say….That does not mean I wouldn’t fight and kill when it comes to that, as believe it will. Our leaders and governments of the western world should be arrested and executed for what they have allowed to have happen. ! It is their primary function to not let what has happened to happen…they are responsible !! There should have never been any Muslim immigration…ever !! Our leaders knew 30 years ago were this Muslim Immigration was going to end up. I had never heard a thing about Muslims and Islam a few years prior to 9/11..and now it’s all I hear !! In 10 short years I have come to know very much about Islam and it’s history of hate,conquest,death ,and destruction. How could the leaders and their governments not know ? Personally I would like to thank you for what you are doing. I understand your risk. As I understand Pamela’s risk. But I fear it is too late to change course and that there will be a world war and it will be fought over Islam !! i also know that the Muslim leader of the United States knows there is a war going on and it is with Islam. He has said he would side with Islam !

          • Shafiq Islam

            It is not too late to change, but it is too late to change things easily, cheaply or painlessly. It’s going to come down to a decision about the rights of the majority, indeed of all non-Muslims of this and future generations vs. the right of Muslims to advance their nefarious agenda. I hope people choose wisely.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            So what R you suggesting? Passive resistance? Surrender?
            “Docile” muslums has all the appeal of docile nazis. Your “docile” muslums stood by while various genocides of the unbeliever in islam (spit) have been committed all over the muslum world in places like E. Timor, Bangladesh, Pakstain, Armenia/Turkey, the Sudan. Your “docile” muslums are standing by now while muslum states ethnically cleanse their non-muslim minorities.

          • Shafiq Islam

            I believe you need to read my post. I never suggested any of those things, or steps that would lead to them. Your so called war on terror has exponentially increased the numbers of terrorists. You just don’t learn from experience. ISIS came about precisely because you invaded Iraq, toppled a secular dictator who had kept a lid on radicals, and alienated the Sunni population. In Afghanistan you have expended blood and treasure to only postpone a Taliban revanche. In Libya you did the same thing you had done in Iraq, and now you’re doing the same in Syria as well. You never learn.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            “Exponentially increased the numbers of terrorists”? Really lying muslum f%^k? How many muslums were involved in the genocides I mentioned? Why didn’t any of ur fellow muslum f%#ks do anything to stop them or protest them? Some 3.5 million Hindus and Sikhs have been slaughtered by muslum f%*ks in Bangladesh and Pakstain in the 20th century — are you trying to tell me that it was a handful of f’ing muslums who committed these genocides? FOAD.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Fellow Muslims? I am not a Muslim. Where do you think ISIS, al Shabab and Boko Haram came from? Even the CIA admits that the “blowback” from your wars and kinetic operations spawns terror. Even General McChrystal admitted that the drone program recruits more terrorists than it eliminates.

            And while we’re at it, how many people did you slaughter in Vietnam? How many Iraqi citizens, including children, did you kill by destroying their infrastructure and then denying them essential drugs, vaccines and water purification equipment? You mention the Pakistani genocide of Hindus in Bangladesh but cynically fail to mention that your country supported it and opposed India’s intervention which fortunately ended it even as the US Navy was enroute to support the Pakistani army. Do you think that Muslims just don’t mind at all when you do these things, that these atrocities don’t stir them up against you? Really?

            The Muslim religion is a nasty, vicious and genocidal thing, and that is why I renounced it even though death hangs over me for that decision. That is why I post here, to warn people. But the US’s violent, decidedly non-Christian foreign policy makes it far worse. You guys encouraged the Saudis to radicalise Muslims worldwide to fight communism, and now you have to deal with the fallout. Will you never learn?

      • Agent153Orange

        Yes we CAN win this militarily — we have more than enough nuclear weapons to turn all the Islamic countries into a sea of glass, so we can EASILY kill the entire 1.5 billion with minimal losses to our own people!

        • Shafiq Islam

          I hope you are not serious. The fallout and nuclear winter would kill you anyway, so it would be a pyrrhic victory as well as a mortal sin and crime against humanity.

          • Agent153Orange

            We will only need a small portion of our nuclear arsenal to do it, so there will be no nuclear winter as a result — as for your other points, it is NOT a crime or a sin to exterminate these 1.5 billion subhuman vermin, in fact to do so will be an ACT OF VIRTUE!

          • Heinz Rund

            I understand your anger, but there are many innocent children who were born as Muslim and also many good people, who aren’t our enemies at all. They often become the first victims of Muslim violence.
            Just don’t let them in any longer. Get rid of the radicals and the (hate-)mosques.
            In addition, we should prevent any political and economic interference by Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Indonesia, Pakistan, Emirates (and maybe Turkey) in Europe and America.
            If necessary by aerosol bombs.

          • Agent153Orange

            WTF is this?! There are NO “good people” in that part of the world — anyone who saw the sh*t they did in Cologne and other cities in Europe can see what kind of subhuman vermin they are! They are LITERALLY desert monkeys, no better than chimpanzees — and for our own sake they must ALL be killed, regardless of age or gender!

          • Filip

            Look if those new immigrants are removed from europe towards their real country
            Returning jihadis are rejected our killed
            Al participants of terrorist attacks also
            America stops making troutble in syria libya and iraq the world would be normal like 20 years ago

          • Filip

            Why do i like you:-)

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Better to die free muslum. I know I will.

        • Po Tato

          Yes, we have enough nukes to turn the entire Sahara into a glass plate

          But even after we have done that, the problem of islam will still very far from being settled — the almost one billion moslems living outside the saharan region, most of them living amongst the non-moslems, ain’t gonna be easily ‘taken care’ of

          • Shafiq Islam

            Exactly. Besides the moral and legal issues, it won’t work anyway. Look at your military record since World War 2. You have not won any wars decisively, you’ve killed 20 million people and you’ve vastly multiplied your enemies whilst creating massive problems for your allies. It doesn’t work.

          • Agent153Orange

            Once again (as if it wasn’t obvious for anyone with any brains at all) — there are NO moral or legal issues involved, and the ONLY reason why we haven’t had huge victories like WW2 is because of people with YOUR kind of mentality sabotaging our war effort from within and preventing us from using maximum force! And BTW, we have NOT “multiplied our enemies” — this is a FLAT-OUT LIE on your part, our enemies multiplied THEMSELVES (and precisely BECAUSE we don’t kill enough of them, because of peacenik traitors like you)!

          • Shafiq Islam

            I truly feel sorry for you, thinking that violence is the solution to every conflict and that there are no consequences.

          • Agent153Orange

            When dealing with such utter SAVAGERY as we see here, lethal force IS in fact THE solution to it — it is JUSTICE! And yes, the only consequence of exterminating the desert monkeys will be that the world will be safe again! As for your sources, all of them are LIES and TERRORIST PROPAGANDA — there’s NO SUCH THING as “blowback”, all terrorism is due to the ragheads being SAVAGES and SUBHUMANS!

          • Agent153Orange

            Ever heard of gas chambers?

      • Agent153Orange

        BTW, what are you even doing here? You are one of the ENEMY — your name says as much — so get lost!

        • Shafiq Islam

          What makes me one of the enemy, sir?

          • joe1429

            Your name is contrary to your beliefs!! If you are a serious christian, get rid of it!

          • Shafiq Islam

            Joe, as I’ve explained to others here, if I petitioned for a name change I’d literally be decapitated by a mob on the steps of the courthouse, and even if I could afford a phalanx of bodyguards I’d be fired from the university faculty. It’s not as easy as you think being a Christian in this part of the world.

          • joe1429

            Do it.. your in america!! I had a muslum woman friend who converted and changed the name. If she can do it, you can do it! Anyway, not necessary to use that name on here, and irritate everyone else

          • Shafiq Islam

            I am not in America!

          • joe1429

            My apologies!! I thought you were in the US.

          • Po Tato

            Dear Joe,

            A name change is just a name change – what Mr. Shafiq needs is not a name change, but the full support from the rest of us!

          • Po Tato

            I fully understand your position, Mr. Shafiq !

            I’ve stayed with a Coptic family when I was in Egypt, and, even in the few months I was there, I got to experience the ways Christians have been treated

            Unfortunately most of the people in the West can not (and will never want to) understand what you guys have to go through each and every single day of your lives

            I do pray, and in my prayers I do pray for the non-moslems in the midst of the savage moslem mob, not only in the Middle East, but also in other moslem-majority countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, and so on …

          • Shafiq Islam

            Thanks, Po, it’s really hard. At least I’m a professor and make a decent living, while most Christians can get only menial jobs. Their land is taken away by force. The priests live in constant fear. Many people on this site think the Pope should denounce Muslims, not realising that Christian blood would run in the streets if he did.

          • Po Tato

            I do understand that in the land of islam even the tenure of professorships can be stripped, if some imam somewhere decide to issue a fatwa against that professor

            As a person who had been into real battle fields I have experienced the power of death first hand, and I fully acknowledge your stance that most of the Westerners are simply too ignorant (and arrogant) to comprehend the severe consequences of a total war based solely on religion

    • joe1429

      What about the rapes of all the boys by the muzzies. checkout the doc. the dancing boys of afghanistan, documentary

      • Hillary is a nightmare.

        Youtube: bacha bazi boys Afghanistan. Disgusting!

  • Jennifer G

    Sorry, have to disagree on what is motivating these primitive savages. These sexual attacks are racially motivated. As in Sweden, Britain, et al, white European females are sought out as targets. Many of the attackers in Cologne were also said to be drunk (so much for them being devout).

    Several of these beasts were arrested and the cops found ….

    Cologne police reported they had arrested two North African suspects this morning on suspicion of being involved with the new year’s sex attacks. Both were found with handwritten translations from Arabic into German of useful phrases for new arrivals including “I’ll kill you” and “I want to f*ck big breasts”

    • Po Tato

      >… Sorry, have to disagree on what is motivating these primitive savages. These sexual attacks are racially motivated …

      Dear Jennifer,

      You are getting closer … but alas, not yet reaching the apex yet

      The truth is that the rapes (and all the other horrors those savages have been perpetrating to the Europeans) are not only racially motivated, it has a PSYCHOLOGICAL DIMENSION as well

      The act of wholesale raping of European women is a direct thumb-to-the-nose gesture to the European men — that You Europeans males are so useless we can fook your women at will, whenever, whereever, however we like, and you ***CAN’T*** do nothing about it !

      It’s part of the Arabian / moslem continental wide psy-ops against the Europeans / Christians

    • Mahou Shoujo

      So what will the police do about it? Correct the spelling and punctuation, then send them on their merry way?

      • Po Tato

        Oh, never ever forget to wish those savages a ‘Happy New Year!” or they might file complaints against the cops for ‘discrimination’ !

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Of course, how silly to forget, Merkel the jerk says her invited guests must be treated friendly. How about a nice friendly kick in the balls?

      • munchenfez

        They turn the water cannons on us! See Koln on Saturday…

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Almost ready to give up on Germany as the few German patriots that are left, are fighting an uphill battle with little chance of winning without massive public support, which does not appear to be coming. More soccer hooligans protest games, than Germans protest the maggot invasion of Germany. More colonists arrive daily, than the entire German nation can muster for one protest. Things do not look good for Germany.

    • Peter Aremone

      They are religiously motivated, they don’t try rape white muslim females – they target ONLY non-muslim females.

      In UK, it was first Sikh & Hindu girls that Muslims were targeting, once Sikh & Hindu communities realized the police wouldn’t help them, they started taking vengeance on Muslims, so then the Muslims began to focus on White Girls.

    None of this has anything to do with islam or muslems.

    • KSL

      No, it does but only as a secondary motive. These animals are known to behave this way in their own countries too. Many of them drink alcohol and take drugs. Google stats show that the largest consumers of pornography are in Islamic countries etc etc. The jihadis are indeed devout, but these bast*rds are simply Third World trash preying on the same kind of women they drool over in the porn industry — white European females. Racially motivated.

  • Po Tato

    Dunno about you guys, but I’m getting the feeling that it’s pointless for us, the non-Germans, keep on talking about Germany, especially when the Germans themselves don’t give a flying flock about their own country, their own culture and their own women

    • liz

      Because Germany – and all Europe – are where the U.S.A. is headed.
      Obama is putting in overtime to catch up with them.

      • Po Tato

        Unlike the Germans, there are still several millions of Americans who still can think for themselves … although we are a minority (witness the twice-in-a-row elections which Obama won) we are a staunch minority

        Meanwhile, in Germany dissenting voice is inching closer and closer to extinction

        • liz

          That’s why he’s allowing Muslim migrants and refugees (in addition to Mexicans, etc) in by the hordes, just like Merkel – to bury us with a huge majority of backwards welfare state dependents who will vote Democrat forever. (Not to mention impose sharia and terrorism).

          • Miriam Luz

            I’m Mexican and I totally agree with you. It’s disheartening to see the vast majority of Mexicans and other Latinos who are misinformed and don’t know the truth. I was like them until someone opened my eyes to the truth. Now is my turn to spread it.

          • liz

            That’s great that you see it! Yes, it is very sad that so many Mexican immigrants and other U.S. citizens are so duped by Leftist propaganda that they will vote for the very people who are destroying their only hope of prosperity.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      That is getting to be a legitimate question, if europe is indifferent to being over run and colonized by islamic maggots, why is anyone else paying attention? Better to prepare a defence of those countries not capitulating to islam . Nothing will get the attention of those willing submitting to islam. When they ban beer, wine and bratwurst, it may get some brain dead europeans attention, but no sooner.

    • Evil Liberal

      I think many do. Its just hard to hear them. Their media is silencing them I don’t speak German. Many came out to demonstrate in Cologne and they got

      a raw deal from the police. They appear to have used the old tactic of having an undercover throw a firecracker at the cops.

  • Stephen Michael Detweiler

    Drop these goat farkers like a deer.This behavior is normal for them and will not change.They expect tolerance and understanding while doing as they please.If you allow that they will overrun your beautiful country inside 20 years and it will become a 3rd world cesspool in short order which is better than they are used too.Are you OUTRAGED yet.

  • joe1429

    I believe it will be in the thousands, when all the women from all the different countries involved finally come foward. What about all the women that dont report it out of shame?? Deport these animals!! Thank you pam!! or the story might not have finally broke!!

  • hal8196

    I never imagined that the government officials would turn on their own citizens. There is something much more sinister going on….Agenda 21?

  • brian crawford

    merkel doesnt have to worry about getting raped does she?

  • Stephen Honig

    Germans should arm themselves legally or illegally, because they’re marching to the gas chambers.

  • The Elderking

    This is what we need to see…

  • onguard4thee

    I believe the the leaders of the western world knew,and know that Islam is and has been on a conquest to rule the world for decades !! That’s decades since the last time they tried it and were concurred. The wealthy lead our puppet leaders around on a string. They have been and are selling us out to Islam !! All that matters to the wealthy and powerful is money and fame !! one million Muslim Islamist are now in Germany. Do the citizens of Germany benefit from this…..NO…but the wealthy sure do !! That’s all that matters to them…MONEY !!

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