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Has Germany Never Learned?

Norway hunting for 20 Syrian war criminals who entered the country as refugees


This is just the tip of the iceberg. In the near future, hunting for criminals and terrorists among the refugees will require the full energy of European police forces, to the extent that they won’t have time for anything else. European nations have signed their own death warrant.


“Norway searches for Syrian war criminals,” Daily Star, January 16, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

OSLO/BERLIN: Norwegian police are looking at 20 suspected war criminals from Syria, following tips from refugees and local immigration authorities, a police official said.

Some 10,500 Syrian asylum-seekers reached Norway in 2015, a third of all the country’s asylum-seekers last year.

“We are taking a closer look at around 20 individuals, and we are currently assessing whether there is a basis to start an investigation,” Sigurd Moe, the superintendent of the war crimes section of the National Criminal Investigation Service, said in an interview.

“It is people from both sides of the conflict. Both people we think have been on [Syrian President Bashar] Assad’s side and individuals from the rebellions,” he said. The police had yet to decide whether to open formal proceedings.

Norwegian police have been investigating suspected war criminals since 2005, but until now most have been from countries like Rwanda and Sri Lanka, where conflicts have ceased, making it easier to conduct investigations.

“What is new now is that we have decided to use a lot of resources on uncovering war criminals among the refugees arriving now,” Moe said. “We are spending a lot of resources on finding these people, because we don’t want them to wander freely around the streets of Norway.”

Tips from refugees have increased as the number of refugees has grown, he said. They amounted to about 100 tips over the past six months. “It can be anything from belonging to a military faction which we know has been committing serious crimes, or it may be other concrete tips that go for a more specific crime.”

Suspicions of war crimes were often triggered by pictures or videos on refugees’ mobile phones, which are screened by local police upon arrival, he said. The material sometimes boasted of crimes being committed, he said.

But tips also come from other refugees who might have personal motives for reporting the person.

“There can be different motives for reporting people, and in most cases it is probably because that person has done it, but there can also be personal motives, and that is something we would have to investigate,” Moe said. Several web pages existed accusing people of being war criminals, he added.

Germany followed a similar course of action as the head of German police said Friday that more than 400 potential Islamist militant fighters are being watched.

Holger Muench, president of the BKA federal police, told ARD television that the number of people leaving Germany for Syria and Iraq to fight with militant groups such as Daesh (ISIS) was dropping.

But there has been a simultaneous rise in the number of fighters returning home.

“The wave of departures is becoming flatter,” he said. “In the meantime, we have more than 400 individuals who pose a threat and whom we must keep an eye on.”

Muench said, however, that the suicide bombing in Istanbul this week in which 10 German tourists were killed was not a sign that the threat of a militant attack in Germany was higher than before.

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  • At least this is IMPOSSIBLE to happen here. Because Muslim Obama reassured us.

    • atl slayer

      Hahahahhaaha,,,,,”let me be clear”……

  • “We are spending a lot of resources on finding these people, because we don’t want them to wander freely around the streets of Norway.” But letting other Muslim men wander freely, raping women and girls, is just okay.


    Norway should release Andres Brevik from prison and make him President/Prime Minters.

    He’ll clean house.

    • wilypagan

      Looks like, since the mainstream Xtian organizations are in bed with the multi-culti islamist flood, that the fate of the free world rests in the hands of the pagans and a few Orthodox Jews…

      Oh well, at least the brains of the planet are on our side!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        How I wish I could argue that point with you, but you are absolutely right.

        • wilypagan

          In general the Christians have surrendered, but here are some real Christians who aren’t afraid to fight:

          The women, of course… unlike that fako converso Shafiq Islam…

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Wonder if maybe ten or a dozen of these girls could go to germany for a month, to “clean house” and show german men what they are supposed to do.

          • wilypagan

            Sounds like a great plan, but I have a feeling they would prefer to win and live in their own country. The weather is more to their liking.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Yeah, probably true, the germans will have to go forTestosterone shots if they ever decide to become manly.

          • 4True

            God please freeze all the Muslims who go out hunting nights for victims.

          • Mary

            Stop that. Not easy at all for a muslim to become a Christian. In many countries there are unwritten laws allowing you to kill apostates with NO PENALTY! (Kuwait, for one. That is considered a moderate place. FYI)

  • Mamat Mamat

    Never allow any of them cross your border in the first place, and your country will be as save as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, or Singapore where women can walk the streets alone at night without being harassed or gang-raped, where terrorists can find no place to hide.

    • berserker

      And no one criticizes them for “xenophobic” policies. In the West, however, one is supposed to leave the door permanently open.

      • Tiina

        White people are not allowed to be proud of their cultures and heritages like others are in this mad new world.

    • Mary

      Hate to burst your bubble. There are mosques in Japan.

      • Mamat Mamat

        There ARE mosques in those countries, but the governments are not so stupid and blind to allow millions of religious criminals into their countries to “enrich” them.

        • Jack

          Just as in the the States, how the House of Saud pledged to finance fully the building of thousands of Mosques, it could happen there too! Norway, beware of those bring gifts.

      • Jack

        The Japanese are perhaps one of the most ethnocentric people in the world. I’m not passing judgement but stating a fact. This is why of the UN List of 5000 given to them to select acceptable refugees, they chose 1 or 5. If a Foreign ideology not congruent to Japan tries to manifest it will be cut out faster than you say Muslim Brotherhood. I’m not concerned about Japan.

      • 4True

        My son lives there and married a Japanese girl. He says Muslims are rarely allowed to enter the country even to work and may not rent places.

        • Mary

          in reply to Mamat, Jack, and 4true
          You are not wrong, but you’ve missed at least one loophole.

          The population of Japan is aging quickly, and there aren’t enough younger people who want to staff the hospitals/senior homes. Indonesia (more Muslims total, than any other country on earth, terrible neighbor to one and all) has set up nursing/language schools for their citizens who are willing to work in Japan.
          Please check this out.
          Also, someone posted a list of mosque locations in Japan a while back. I was stunned at how many there were. Not many in comparison to any other country, but still…

          • Mamat Mamat

            Mary, you’re right about Indonesia sending hundred of thousands of factory workers and nurses to Japan. There are also hundred of thousand of Indonesian Muslims working in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore. But don’t worry, these Asian nations are not stupid and suicidal to let them live permanently, spread hatred, breed like rats, and bring their entire family to suck benefits in their countries.
            All the workers are contract employees, almost impossible to obtain citizenship. After they finish their 2 or 3 year contracts, they will be sent back to where they came from. Unlike in European countries, where Muslims can repeatedly commit crimes and laugh, rules are strict for foreign workers in those Asian countries, they could easily get deported.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Break a Japanese law in Japan and you will be subject to the law, no consideration for muslims or anyone else. Those not liking it can leave.

          • JustShootMe

            Plus they have prosecution rate of 99% guilty as charged.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There is no reason to charge people if they re not guilty, it takes a lot to get changed, but when it happens, the law is applied. No donkey dancing whatsoever.

    • 4True

      True I’ve spent time in Japan. Almost no crime and almost no Muslims. Totally a coincidence I’m sure.

  • just wait after they kill a few thousand then they will open their eyes

    • Tiina

      Nah, they will say ‘…but Norwegian men kill too!’

  • wilypagan

    I checked my privilege and it told me to vote for Trump!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    How can this be? Norway has had a major decrease in crime rate over the past few years, there are almost no incidents of muslims misbehaving in Norway, those living there occasionally, report that it is a trendy progressive contemporary veritable northern Shangri La… la la land. This is all a scandalous mistake to besmirch the noble muslims that are colonizing the place.

  • berserker

    And what happened to the seven Iraqi suicide bombers that the Munich police were searching for on NYE?

  • Dan Knight

    Why does Norway have any refugees? It’s a freezer with a welfare state.
    Only Lietards would think it’s necessary to diversify a few million people with tens of thousands of Hate-ideologists. It’s national suicide.

  • AV

    Wonderful, I wonder how many Trudeau released into Canada.

  • Patrick Roy


  • hiskid1964

    send them back

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    But there won’t be any criminals or jihadists amongst the Muslims allowed to enter America. The Prophet Obama said so, so why worry?

  • Jack

    WakeUpEurope WakeUpUSA Once inside the Homeland it’s too late. While you commit assets to follow the ones who have been reported to you; it’s that’s that many resources less you have to independently develop on your own other terrorists who may be active. Senators & Congressmen why do we want to risk American lives this way by bringing 10,000, 100,000 or 200,000 so called lone military age men so called refugees to the US when our #1 Cop FBI Director Comey swore twice before Congress these people cannot be vetted? Why?

    • Batters Box

      Exactly Jack, there are no second chances

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Because the imam of the white mosque on Pennsylvania ave, in Washington has over ruled anything pertaining to common sense, decency or protection of American infidels.

  • Cappy1437

    The every day lives of Norwegians has now become dangerous. How sad. They welcomed terrorists into their country and now the citizens have to deal with it. Norwegians were supposed to be smarter than this. They just didn’t see the writing on the wall.

    • Tiina

      Civilized, kind people find it difficult to believe that someone would want to hurt them. German jews in the 1930s come to mind. Not all fled while they still had the chance.

  • scocope

    They probably are over in Sweden getting some free sniper training.

  • Stephen Honig

    They wont find them because they probably entered the U.S. for terrorist activities. We’re the Great Satan, thanks to Obama.

  • 4True

    The Norwegian authorities who allowed them to enter are accomplices and should be treated as such. Revolution in Europe.

  • Mary

    I had hoped that the long winters of Norway would slow down the invaders, but apparently the over-generous welfare state warms the blood.

    The story above proves that the people have totally lost control of their government.

    Unaccountable governments are everywhere! Look to God for redemption, persecution comes from the leadership we are burdened with.

    I’m Canadian, and when our current P.M. was elected, the jobs in Alberta evaporated within hours. ( Foreign investors were rightfully afraid to leave money in the hands of environmentalist thugs. Unfortunately this means that our dollar has now sunk to a record low, and there are ordinary citizens now struggling to feed their families.

    I deeply resent those who gamble with the economies of entire nations! May God judge them according to their works.

  • ______________

    Hello Norway, there is a reason why Saudi Arabia refuses to let in a single one of those Syrian Muslim refugees. They know how bad they are. As much as I dislike Saudi Arabia, this is one issue where they are doing the sensible thing.

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