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[ September 24, 2017 ]

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Napolitano: Berkeley “Free Speech Week” to feature “controversial and noxious ideas”

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Canada: Muslim bus driver charged with sexually assaulting 15-year-old disabled girl

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Oklahoma Muslim: “I felt oppressed so I beheaded her…That’s what Allah said in the Quran”

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

Vanity Fair: “Milo Yiannopoulos’s Fyre-Festival Free Speech Week Is Canceled, Says Everyone but Milo”

Muslims set over 800 cars ablaze in France on New Year’s Eve


It’s how they “celebrate” New Year’s Eve. Hey, it’s what they do. Obama say, “respect it!”

“Over 800 cars set ablaze in France on New Year’s Eve,” The Daily Sabah, STRASBOURG, January 2, 2016:

A total of 804 vehicles were set aflame in all of France on New Year’s Eve, a 14.5 per cent decrease from the previous year, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Twitter Friday.

The 2014-2015 celebrations saw 940 cars burned.

Burning automobiles as a way to ring in the new year has grown into a trend in recent years, with mostly young men using it as a form of protest.

The ministry said 622 people were taken into custody by French authorities over New Year’s, twice as many as a year before.

The New Year’s Eve celebrations took place amid a heavy police presence seven weeks after the November 13 terror attacks in Paris

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  • narniagirl55

    I say park your car in a private protected garage if you don’t want it burned. Empty the gas tank and spray your car with water.

    Letting the Muslims do this is another reason they shouldn’t come to America.

    • katzkiner

      In America a lot of them would get shot.

      • Vivarto

        That sounds wonderful!

    • raziel71

      Really? So you are also bowing to this filth? Empty the gas tank? That must be a genius idea. Why should we do all this just because of criminals? Let them come. That way people will have a reason to shoot them for trespass and terrorism.

      • Vivarto

        That’s the right solution!

    • DB Cooper

      Unfortunately garages are not a big thing in Europe. Most cities over there pre-date cars

    • NonIslamophobicCanadianAthiest

      Why hide your car to start with? Because if you allow fear to rule to that extent you may as well stick your a$$ up and say do me master every time you see a cult gathering.

      The way all governments are have all admitted defeat so the next logical step is for them to become muslum anyway. That said So lets not make their job’s any easier.

      000 buck talks pure slum/muslum language and can be easily translated into a very effective No Trespassing notice.

      Much cheaper then carrying a can of gas every time you want to drive your car.

  • WheresMyPieceofthePie

    I do believe these are moderate Muslims ..

    • NonIslamophobicCanadianAthiest

      Well of course they are because the radicalized ones are all off slaughtering civilians or raping little girls and the odd sheep if donkeys aren’t available.

  • Bradley Lexvold

    800 cars x say average of $20,000 = 16,000,000 in property damage. Manna isn’t falling out of heaven. Increase in every ones ins.
    Almost forgot, fire dept. costs, police cost, court cost. etc.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      And to think these mass carbeques happened even though a “heavy police presence” was on duty for New Year’s Eve.

      • SassyMe55

        Maybe they were there to protect Muslims from Islamaphobia instead of cars.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          LOL, apt thoughts for Fwancistan.

          • SassyMe55

            That’s Fronkensteen. LOL

    • bill reitzes

      Do you have any idea of the cost the West spends everyday defending ourselves from the 5th column called islam that we have opened our doors to.
      Daily worldwide it’s in the billions of dollars.
      And, this will just get worse, and more expensive, draining our resources more and more each day.
      Trump was so right in his call for a moratorium vis a vis islam.

      • Bradley Lexvold

        Thank you for addition. I remember what one of my atheist teachers once said, ” You’re worth what you are standing in a slave auction market.” I have a multitude of raw skills, so I am always worth something. Would be interesting to see how much GDP would be in muslin countries without oil. You have to have value to have personal integrity and dignity. If you don’t bring anything to society, what are you worth?

        • bill reitzes

          Fact, moslems make up 20% of the world’s population, but contribute only 5% to the world’s GDP together with their oil.
          Source Pew Research Institute.

          • Rob Porter

            In other words they are simply oxygen thieves and useless bums!

          • bill reitzes

            Not all, but when it comes to the religious and fully observant moslems, your comment is basically true.

          • Rob Porter

            Fair enough, not all, but my personal experience has not been good and I did not start out from a prejudiced positions.

          • bill reitzes

            Rob, my “not all” comes from my experiences in Israel more so than here in Canada.
            My Dentist lives in East Jerusalem, is a moslem, and I see him for dental care and fellowship on my annual visit back to my second home, Israel.
            My home in Israel, was built by a contractor from Gaza, and I was a guest on numerous occasions in his home.
            I had a business that sold water purification systems all over Israel, and had 1000’s of customers from the Arab, moslem sector, and employed many good moslems.
            At my second wedding, probably 20% of my guests were moslems.
            I had stated in an earlier comment, there isn’t an Israeli, who doesn’t know personally a moslem, who he wouldn’t call him a “friend”
            Yet, I know that the 1.6 billion moslems rise each morning, curse the Jews, and scheme about how they can rid themselves of those damn Jews in Israel.
            I’m not stupid, just conflicted, if you know what i mean.
            And, yes I have read the koran, have studied it in depth, and am fully aware of it’s allah god’s hatred for me, as I’m a Jew.
            Hopefully, you can see where I’m coming from, when I say “not all”

          • Rob Porter

            Bill, I don’t have any difficulty understanding where you are coming from on the “not all” issue.

          • bill reitzes

            Thanks, but not one, of all those moslems that I wrote about above, were religious at the time of me knowing them.
            Perhaps today, some of them are, and I would for sure stay far away from them.
            In Canada, my contact with moslems is limited, and I know only a handful of them, all secular.
            The ones here still haven’t given into the lure of allah, so to speak.

          • Rob Porter

            That’s the point, these are simply nominal Moslems who probably know little to nothing about the Qur’an and are not contaminated by it’s vile hatred.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I never notice the muslums of any muslum state ever standing up the kaffir al najjis being systematically persecuted/murdered/enslaved by muslums.
            The muslums you deal with in Israel don’t have any political power — they can’t kill you or steal your possessions w/impunity, but if they could, who the f$ck knows what would happen? I know the muslums in Baghdad and Istanbul turned on their kaffir al najjis neighbors in a heartbeat when it became islamically feasible to do so. Your faith in muslums is naively misplaced.

          • Kathy Diaz

            Yes, I understand. I am conflicted also. I know they are people just like anyone else. There are good & bad. Their religion demands that they hate & destroy us. How can they be trusted to live as my neighbor? In my city & neighborhood in the USA, they are moving in.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for
            light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for
            Isaiah 5:20
            Lebanese Christians thought muslums were good people too — until they were being driven out of their country by f’ing muslums.
            The Hindus and Buddhists of Afghanistan probably thought muslums were good people as well — we all see what that got them.

          • Kol

            Are you an anti-Muslim bigot / hatemonger?

          • Kathy Diaz

            No. I don’t hate people

          • Kol

            Wow, one can certainly not tell that from your posts!!

          • Kathy Diaz

            You aren’t very nice in your posts either. I have a Muslim 1st grader at my Catholic School I work at. If something life threatening happened here, I would die for her. She is a sweetheart.

          • Kol

            Well, excu-u-u-se me! I have extended family in Russia which includes a small family branch who are Muslims. I am particularly close to one (adopted-as-adult son). He has an older brother who is a mullah at a Baku, Azerbaian mosque. I’ve lived among them at times for several periods of time. I’ve traveled extensively with the adopted son and spent time visiting Muslim family members & friends, as well as a few non-Muslim White Russian family folks, in Russia’s Muslim enclaves of Bahkhortostan and Tatarstan… the cities of Ufa, Samara, Toliatti. I speak their 3 languages and know their culture quite well. I’m no anti-Muslim extremist / bigot / hate-monger.

          • Jeff

            My Wife was born in East Jerusalem, same as her Brothers, Mother, Father and several generations back for hundreds of years yet she can’t return.
            Before Israel, Muslims, Christians and Jews live side by side. Dined together, Baby sat each others Children. Then the European Zionist rose to power.
            I’ve seen the way the IDF – the occupying force – treats Palestinians in their own Country. The brutality, the hatred, the oppression. Yes, I also witnessed some IDF and Police treating Palestinians traveling with me as normal humans but for the most part, the IDF is no different than the SS or the SAP in Apartheid era S. Africa.
            When my Wife can return to her Home in East Jerusalem, your word may have some meaning. Until then they are simply that, words.


            Jerkoff, Your haram wife and the rest of her family can go make the one-way Hajj to Mecca AKA portal to HELL.

            Doesn’t it suck that 1.4 billion muslim savages can’t defeat 0.012 billion Joooz?

          • bill reitzes

            My wife’s parents, who were run out of Morocco, post Yom Kippur war in ’73, tell a similar story about babysitting each others children, and then Israel bloodied the noses of the Arabs again, and they were driven out to Israel.
            Their family had lived in Morocco for many generations, and all of a sudden one day they found themselves on a plane, with just the clothes on their backs, fleeing for their lives.
            In Israel today, you will find over 1.5 million Jews, who tell the same story.
            You should’ve seen the way those Arab armies treated the Jews, in their own country.
            The brutality, the hatred, the oppression.
            For the most part, those Arab armies, that drove the Jews from Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Afghanistan and Turkey, were no different than the SS of the SAP from South Africa.
            And all of this, because of a book of hate called the koran.
            Sura 5:60 Jews are worse than apes and pigs.
            And there are over 500 other passages, where a stinky, sweaty goat herder, who lusted over little girls, wrote that some moon god called allah told him to do it.
            I’ll remind you, that there is only ONE land in this world, that was promised by God to a people, and this is Israel to the Jews.
            This you will find in the koran, Torah and the Bible.
            By the way, your Pal wife can apply for Israeli citizenship, any day that she wants.
            Knock yourselves out.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Morocco eh? The place general George S. Patton documented islamic slavery being practiced in the mid-1940’s eh?

          • bill reitzes

            So what do you think of my response to him?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            One of the Sultan of Morocco’s overriding concerns when he met Patton was to talk about the “race antipathies — Jews — existing in Morocco” this while the Nazis were committing the Holocaust.
            Muslums? F$@k them all.
            The country I most admire in the world today is Angola.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            1929 Yerushalem pogrom — carried out by muslums against Jews. Jabotinsky was there.

          • bill reitzes

            Why am I not surprised that you don’t respond to my comment?

      • Rob Porter

        All of this demonstrates just how mindlessly stupid (in Obama’s case just evil) are Western governments that permit Muslims to enter their country as immigrants. In most cases about 80% end up living off public welfare – while producing children by the truck load. Then consider their disposition toward crime. Long before the arrival of the new ‘immigrants’ Berlin experienced car burnings, so what does Merkel now expect will happen? That there will be less car burnings, less gang rapes and murders? There is not accounting for plain stupidity!

        • Rocinante44

          true. work is not a muslim virtue, it’s what slaves and women do. muslim men are inherently lazy

          • RabbitFighter

            LAZY like american black males


            LAZY like american socialists.

      • 1PierreMontagne1

        The governments are not worried about cost. They know that once the populations convert to Islam the violence will stop.

    • Lancelot Blackeburne

      You need to think like a government bureaucrat.

      Note that there was a 14.5% decrease in the number of cars burned compared to last New Year’s Eve. Success!! Government is doing a great job and is making the streets safer!!

      • craig_oz_land

        That’s exactly how a left liberal would show the statistic. Not mentioning the total.

  • DVult

    Just start shooting carbecuers and there might be fewer of them.

  • Jonah

    Muslim car burning jihad attacks is what these are as the terrorists are not “youths.”

  • Jack Macleod

    Taken into custody and then what? Let go the next day with a stern talking to? They should be gone – 1 way or another – in less than 24 hours.

    • Vivarto

      Public lashing (as per their beloved sharia).
      And then expulsion to any Muslim country including Sweden.

      • Lorraine Whipkey

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          I wish your aunts BMW was among the 800 burned.

  • HolylandIsraelTours

    That is the thank you the Frogs are getting for supporting Muslims since WWI.

  • Robert Griffith

    The irony of this is that there were slightly fewer burned this year than last year. What does that say about the situation there? Even worse, we are trying as hard as we can to replicate those conditions here. What does that say about our situation?

  • conan_drum

    Apart from the headline do we know if the arsonists are actually Muslims? If they are well and good but I think we must seek the truth in reporting, No evidence is given here

    • katzkiner

      Other than the fact muslims have been burning cars in France & nordic countries for some 20+ years it is pure speculation that it was muslims just because it was muslims for the last 19 years.. Stop sucking your thumb Conan.

    • Vivarto

      Well, do you really think French people would do such things?
      They may have one, or two degenerates like this, but not hundreds.
      These are not normal civilized people, they are savages, i.e. Muslims.

      • NonIslamophobicCanadianAthiest

        Maybe some Moderate French may may lightly flambe a car but then they stop for wine and serve up the car with a side dish so these bunch must have been non civilized which translates into Moderate Mooslums..

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Yeah, it must have been the Amish, or Hindus, or Buddhists. Get. F’ing. Bent.

    • ToxicThistle

      Oh c’mon. Moslems are responsible for most all of the horrors in the world. They are barbarians who hate everyone else and want them dead.

    • Sharpsguy

      Conan, place a condom over your “drum.” Do not procreate. Do not pass your genes along. Please.

    • NonIslamophobicCanadianAthiest

      You may be correct . Because a Moderate French person would only lightly flambe the car never burn it , then they stop for wine,then serve up the car with a side dish of possibly escargot or frogs legs.

      That adds further credo to the assumption that this bunch must have been non civilized which translates into Moderate Mooslums..

      • NonIslamophobicCanadianAthiest

        Sorry tapped the wrong key.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Well, some muslim burned down a mosque in Texas, maybe that will start a trend, with european muslims burning down mosques as they appear to be running out of cars.

    • ToxicThistle

      I hope Moslems are in those Mosques when they are burned down. Nasty, Satanic f**kers, the whole lot of them.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        They don’t mind being suicide bombers, so why would they object to that?

        • jeff dee

          Because they would not be sure if they would get the 72 virgins. They have to die while killing non-Muslims to be assured of that according to the Q’urine and Haddith.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Well, maybe the could accuse someone there of being an apostate, that might be the same thing? Encourage them to try.

          • joe1429

            i heard the jig is up when they get up there for the virgins, it will be a bunch of dudes waiting to f them in their ass

          • Granger Barnett

            Joe1429, I feel sorry for the Virgin goats that most of them request?

          • Granger Barnett

            That’s why EVERY bomb, bullet or weapon used against them in war should b controlled. … a WOMAN?
            No virgins when killed by a woman…..that will have em hiding

      • Granger Barnett

        SHIZEN, we have JUST had a lady charged here in Australia for saying those EXACT WORDS?
        How disgusting that WE cannot even say nor have an opinion PARTICULARLY when it comes to Muslims now in Australia.
        We are in the same boat as u guys BUT we don’t have the respect of the constitution like America…..our government/s are TOO controlled by the big PC and we are censored on ANY comment about Islam.
        This lady has done nothing wrong yet Mosques here OPENLY preach HATE and VIOLENCE against us infidels….but NO action against them

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I’m sad to hear AUS is just as bad off as the rest of the dying western world. I wonder what New Zealand is like these days? If the entire muslim population of Fwance or the USA or the UK were to move to New Zealand they could make it into a muslum state overnight — regardless of what anyone or everyone in New Zealand wanted.

  • pt020

    Every year the same story but this year the media kept it quietly.

    • Budvarakbar

      Yes — this is the first I have heard of it — almost 72 hours later

  • Luigi Valentino

    These Muslim Islamic pigs are demon worshippers who should be extinguished. Every Mosque should be closed and demolished. Islam’s purpose is to terrorize and kill the nonbelievers, and world domination. READ A QUR’AN! They have been doing it for 1400 years. Today these Islamic Scum have conquered the Middle East. They have conquered Northwestern Africa. They have invaded Sweden, France and Germany. The rest of Europe is next…then North America. They must be stopped or we will be living in the “United Islamic States of America” with Shari’ah the law of the land by the year 2020! THIS IS NOT “Islamophobia.” This is the REAL Truth. Please educate yourself before it’s too late.

    • Ari Chen

      >> Every Mosque should be closed and demolished.
      Please make sure it is full of “worshippers” first. :p

    • Shuali

      RIGHT ON !!

  • Vivarto

    There should be double penalty for committing violent crime while Muslim.
    Just like there is double penalty when driving accident is committed while under influence of drug or alcohol.

    • NonIslamophobicCanadianAthiest

      Wouldn’t work on a moozie. All they have to do is get a CAIR lawyer to say that the cars insulted their belief’s and they would most likely sue and win a public apology for parking the cars in front of their legally constituted riot .
      Especially when they were the insulted party to start.

  • Vivarto

    We should respect their tradition and religion.
    We should punish them with public lashing. 50 lashes seems appropriate.
    And then we should reward them with one way ticket to a musloid country.

    • ToxicThistle

      I say lash them until they are dead. That’s what they do to others.

    • Budvarakbar

      Cut their tongues, tattoo a serial number on them and get dna samples — summarily execute any that return!

  • JWM

    Hooray, the annual burning of the cars. So much for a French crack down on islam.

    • ToxicThistle

      Until they start shooting the Moslem scum where they stand- the car burnings, rapes, murders, Mosque building, Sharia pushing will continue. Take no pity on the Moslem scum. They won’t take any pity on you.

  • Christina Freedom

    So it is trendy for Muslims to torch cars New Years Eve. Don’t they have respect for other persons property? I guess they don’t care if they get a criminal record because they don’t want to work. Who would employ someone that has torched cars. Good excuse to get welfare. Tax payer gets car torched!

    I found this video. I t says that Geert Wilders has converted to Islam.

    • bill reitzes

      Been looking and searching about mohammed, and all that I have found so far, was that he was a liar, pedophile, thief, lecher, misogynist, mass murderer.
      And if this is the definition of the perfect man, well “spit on him”

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      “Geert Wilders has converted to islam” — the first rule of lying muslo-nazi is that your lies must be believable.

  • johnson

    fair go . . .they didn’t have access to ‘automatic weapons’ to fire into the air, so what else are they going to do . . .sing or something?

  • Fanny

    I’m an atheist french.
    It’s the stupidest article I’ve read.
    How could you know that they were muslims?
    You have absolutely not ideas.
    Talk about something you know, and let my country alone. We had have enough horror for a lifetime. We need time to grieve, to heal.
    We don’t need you and your defamation.
    We are stronger than your hatred.

    • Shuali

      Kiss my fanny, fanny!

      • ToxicThistle

        Fanny is another gullible sheep that has swallowed the “Islam is a religion of peace” kool-aid. She won’t believe Moslems are evil until they rape and behead her.

        • Alan Hamilton

          Hey toxic that’s what she wants raped gangbanged and beheaded.

    • What kind of atheist are you?

    • Miriam Luz

      Tell that to those who torched the cars – Muslims or non-Muslims. They will not let you grieve or heal. Those French citizens (if they are even citizens) are the ones responsible for the defamation. They are making you weak and not stronger because THEY ARE THE ONES THAT HATE! Are you so blind that you believe this act is because of love?

    • Alan Hamilton

      Fanny, let’s see how libertine you are when they come to get you.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You’re either:
      a. an idiot.
      b. a lying muslum or a lying muslim sympathizer/collaborator/apologist

      If a is your problem please hold your head under water for 20 minutes.

      If b is your problem please see a.

    • Fanny, “J’entend ton coeur“, I asked my question because Atheists can fall into two groups: Those who will believe and are willing to state what they consider as “proof” (conclusive evidence) that God does not exist; and those who do not.

      In your post above, the third sentence is: How could you know that they were muslims?

      How could you know that God does not exist?

      My question was serious.

    • joker

      Fanny you are atheist, that is your choice, being French not. However being foolish is utterly up to you. My late mother was French and always told us to stay away from the French. Somehow she had a point.

  • groinpains

    Hey, if it was Baltimore the mayor would have provided the vehicles and a car burning zone.

  • ToxicThistle

    And Moslems get all butt hurt when they or their “religion” is criticized????? F**k the Moslem filth. Get rid of them.

  • fulham2014

    That is the difference between Israel and France.

  • Let’s have a little fun, shall we? Yes, let’s!! (FYI, the entire piece from the German source is reproduced above.)

    If France’s Interior Minister thinks that he/she/other (I’ll choose “he”) has given us useful information, then I suggest to him that he ought to switch from smoking crack to weed, with an eye towards total abstinence.

    On what basis do I make such a statement? In college, I took 3 semesters of Calculus + 1 Differential Equations and 2 of Abstract Algebra (set theory). I got As. The 2 semesters of Probability and Statistics I nearly failed. When some guy said, “There are lies, damned lies and statistics”, he didn’t convey the fact that statistics (and more important, probability) are very difficult subjects.

    The percentage change of cars burned over last year means nothing if the difference is not statistically significant. This concept is broadly analogous to the “margin of error” that we all see accompanying the insufferable political polls: For example, a so-and-so voters’ survey is accurate within +/- 4%. In other words, if Candidate A polls at 38% and Candidate B polls at 35%, then guess what people?! If you guessed that the difference is not statistically significant, then you are only half-way there. You would be correct, but your conclusion should be–if you had high ethical standards–that you can not publish the result, other than to state that your poll showed no difference between the two candidates.

    This is very, very important and separates the scientist from the snake-oil salesman. I have to note, that I did leave out one crucial piece to avoid complication. The “margin of error” figure (range) that we all see in polls almost never includes the confidence level used and is expressed as a percentage. This level for polls might be 90%. You might be thinking that it would be better to have a 99% confidence level, no? Yes?

    Guess what happens to the +/- margin of error range if you increase your confidence level to 95%?–or “only” 5% error? The margin of error might increase to +/- 8%. Attempting a level of 99% would render the results worthless unless the candidates were separated by 45 or 50 percentage points; and all of those contingencies are based on the most important consideration of all–that the sample obtained (the survey data collected) represents what you would have obtained had you polled the entire population!!!! The only way to achieve this result is to achieve the goal called “random sample”, which is short for “randomly chosen sample”.

    (If you have already jumped out the window or smashed your computer with a hammer, then you have not read this sentence and can not continue…never mind.)

    In terms of my example of the poll, what does a “confidence level” of 90% mean? Well, we start by applying the “margin of error” of +/-4% (which I’ve used in place of “confidence interval”–happy landing!). The implication of this application is that Mr. A’s number of 38 is more accurately expressed as, “between 34 and 42 percent”. But remember, the survey-result of 38% was calculated from one sample. What I could do is chose a second, totally different sample, give the survey and calculate a second result for Mr. A. I could do this a third, fourth, fifth, …, tenth time. All these results are based on small, unique (different) samples selected from the entire population. All of this is done in place of polling the entire population–if we could do that, then we would use that result over some random sample.

    Are you ready? Here is the meaning of a “90% confidence level”–that very thing that is almost always omitted in poll results.

    If I went out and repeated my survey ten times using a new and distinct “random” sample each time, then the probability of the actual result of surveying the entire population falling within the margin of errors for all ten surveys is equal to 90%, or 9 times out of every 10.

    I’m not 100% confident that I got this right.

    If you really want to have your head explode, guess what would happen if I gave the survey repeatedly to the same sample every time?

    Now you understand that the quote about lies and statistics, attributed to Mark Twain, addresses only the unethical or unwarranted application of statistics.

    Now you can attempt to put a critical eye toward the so-called 14.5% decrease in New Year’s Eve cars burned in France when compared to last year.

    • John Ford

      Spot on re: p>=.05%, i.e. stastically significant, but news is about emotional content, not necessarily truth in numbers.

      • I thank you, John Ford, but, before I posted that, I realized that the space between statistical significance and margin of error is so large and involves so much that it may have been reckless for the two sentences (start of paragraph 4) to be next to each other; I thought the rest was ok and was too tired to change that one part.

  • minny-me

    Dear France; Send them packing back to the ME…while you still have something left of your country.

  • SFRinAZ

    Why is this a ‘thing’ in France? and do the 800+ vehicle owners enjoy this? Or is this the poor people without garages who now have to suffer the burning of their transportation due to a bunch of morons?
    Time for this to stop and for the French people to help each other on New Year’s to show their solidarity for the New Year to prosper.

    • Budvarakbar

      No — the French are busy having their Army send soldiers to guard mosques!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I wonder if French auto insurance companies cover these carbeques? I’d hope so, otherwise a lot of people are out a lot of francs.

  • cdnmohamhater

    they need more services and programs meant to deradicalize them…..

    • Sharpsguy

      Yeah, jobs, too. Lots of jobs. Like moving targets at the rifle range.

    • NonIslamophobicCanadianAthiest

      Electric Chair,Firing Squad?

    • Mudpuppy

      Machine gun fire?

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Really. Unfortunately there are so many islamic traitors/collaborators/apologists I think that’s the fate they have planned for us — in accordance w/allah’s infinitesimal justice.

  • Up Huff

    I’m willing to let them torch MY car, but only if they can get past the double-aught shot.

  • Mamat Mamat

    All this madness only happen in WESTERN EUROPEAN countries. France, Britain, Sweden, are the most stupid countries on Earth.
    800 cars in one night? Can you imagine a bunch of Moslems or any particular group of people burning a single car in countries like, say Japan, Korea, China, The Philipines, Russia, Hungary, Romania, or even Indonesia?
    In Western Europe, Muslims have nothing to lose. They don’t need to work a single day in their lives, receive huge benefits (jizya) for the whole family, too much time for jihad. If anything goes “wrong”, meaning if they are caught or imprisoned…no worry! First, the leftist traitor will scream RACIST! All the PC establishment will stand on their side. Everything is good in prison, their human rights are guaranteed, family are taken care of with full jizya. Prison are their home, muslims rule, halal and high quality food and worshipping Allah is guaranteed.
    Western Europe is the most perfect place for jihad and Islamic colonization for it’s inhabitants are the most stupid in the world.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Um, the muslums of Indonesia slaughtered 200,000 unbelievers in islam (mostly Catholic) in E. Timor in the 1970’s. The oldest synagogue in Indonesia burned to the ground last year and for some reason the all muslum fire department seemed unable to even try and put out the blaze.

    • Exactly, these young men have too much free time to commit Jihad. They have to be sent to Space Camps.

      Work sets them free.

  • Terry101

    As ever it is ””’young men”’ not Muslims who are mentioned.

  • Lies lies lies !!! Islam is a religion of pees l

    • Mudpuppy

      It’s a “religion” of feces. Pig feces.

  • bentux

    Muslims setting a Christmas tree on fire in Brussels:

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Thanks Pamela. I hadn’t heard about this one before :)

  • iprazhm

    This is the iceberg politicians are steering us towards.
    With the government purposely and drastically increasing the number of Middle Eastern muslim immigrants, coupled with granting them special rights, privileges and protections according to their Sharia law and against our Constitutional law, this is our, not too distant, guaranteed future.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I agree and the fuqtard apologists for muslums won’t have to go on telling us about the many wonderful muslums they know — because criticism of pi$$lam and muslums will be criminalized.

  • Jaem

    And they want more of these young “men” in their country? These are people that have no moral code or empathy towards others, their actions speak what they are all about.

  • Nowhere in your source article does it say a thing about Muslims, but hey, why let that get in the way of your hatred?

    • Barthel

      As a Jew, you should be in Pamela’s corner. I am a Christian, and I am glad Ms. Geller is out there fighting the Muslims.

      • As a Jew, I took a stand of “Never again”, that applies to all people, regardless of race or religion.

        Don’t fight Muslims, fight terrorists, regardless of religion.

        • Miriam Luz

          As a Jew and a Christian (yes, I am both) I’m not blinded to the fact that Muslim ideology – Islam is what’s causing most terrorist acts. Islam is what condones the murder of Jews and Christians. Jews aren’t even safe in Israel. You are aware of all the attacks agains civilians there aren’t you? And it’s predicted that soon there will not be any Christians in most of the middle east. “Never again” is for the Jews and now even for Christians too because they are the ones that are in danger of becoming extinct due to hatred caused by a warped religion. I don’t condone the killing of innocent people because of their race or religion either nor do I assume that these incidents are caused by Muslims. But, unlike you, I don’t ignore the danger that exists for both Jews and Christians.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          99% of all terrorism worldwide is committed by muslums in the name of allah.
          Take your Asajew and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    • Mudpuppy

      Who do you think is doing it? The Tooth Fairy? It’s always been Moslems in the past, it’s the same group of vile savages now. The media just doesn’t like to say so. They need to be rounded up and expelled.

    • Mark, turn your head so the Muslims can stab you on the other cheek.

  • IB

    More muslim car antics here…

    • Alan Hamilton

      That was a great show, why didn’t I think of something like that?

  • RevPoindexter

    One has to remember that straining resources is part of the Islamist strategy. 622 arrests will jam up the court system, costing millions not to mention the cost to the economy burning over 800 cars. The police resources. All part of a larger strategy. These are more than. Just a bunch of punks or hooligans. This article makes it sound like a growing fad. It’s not.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Just imagine the costs to incarcerate the hundreds of muslums who carried out these carbeques.

      • Exile them to Pluto and save the taxpayers money. What ISIS needs are Space Camps for their young Jihadists.

  • Xerxes

    At least the third year in a row where the number of vehicles torched has gone down from the year before.

    And of all the articles I could find on the net, this is the ONLY one I found that claimed that the issue was related to muslims. The closest I found was a comment that the practice took off in “poorer neighborhoods” in the ’90s. Hardly indicative of an ethnicity or religion.

  • Barthel

    Where were the owners of these cars? If anybody tried burning cars in my neighborhood, they would be gunned down.

  • joe1429

    800 cars set on fire, and not a peep from the drive bys??? incredible! would never have known, if not for this site!! I wonder how many they will torch in gerministan next new years??

  • kirana

    I found it sick amusing how the west handling the Islamic terrorism even in a very smallest scale of threat. They should learn alot from Indonesia, i must say. As the home of largest muslim population, Indonesia Counter-terrorism squad so far achieved many good results in their raids on Islamic ‘militant’ groups. And really they have no problem calling them terrorists (though media prefer it as Islamist ‘militant’) most of personels in this squad are muslims too. They have no mercy and at the moment conducting the largest manhunt of a man claimed to be Indonesian IS supporter. Individuals who came back from Syria were arrested. IS and Al-Qaeda and many of their proxy groups are labeled terrorist group here, and they were hunted down. Weird thing is Australian Federal Police and guess who? FBI! are helping with resourceful information. And Australia is most happy that every terrorist who is found guilty of murder…all facing death sentence by Indonesia firing squad. That is how serious Indonesia commitment to fight Islamic terrorism.

    This anti terror squad never got a protest from muslims for saying “Islamic terrorism” really. Many of them muslims joining IS and all terrorist groups, but many more who blamed those terrorist groups for staining their Islam. See muslims are not hurt or being over sensitive here in Indonesia…why in the west people are so ready to kiss those Islamic apologists “super sensitive a**es?”

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      What a load of f’ing bullshit! Indonesiastan is unilaterally closing churches without cause or provocation. Indonesiastan’s oldest synagogue burned to the ground under suspicious circumstances and the all muslum fire department didn’t do ANYTHING about it. Indonesiastan committed a genocide of some 200,000 kaffir al najjis in E. Timor in the 1970’s. Indonesiastan is presently engaged in ethnic cleansing of W. Papua New Guinea.
      Please take ur quranus, shove it between your knees and squeeze.

      • kirana

        Wow, you go ballistic over my comment that simply said Indonesian government handling Islam terrorism better than the west, as western nation all fall into the bullshit of political correctness i.e muslim sensitivity.

        I am for one to distinct myself from those Islamist apologists who always find lies and excuses for their lies to promote their hate…i keep my head clear and my opinion fair and again always refering to facts! I will not fall into that kind of attitude you showed.

        And I can assure you (I don’t know if you are Indonesian or you just know it from media), as Indonesian, Christian, from minority ethnic group, living among muslims, I know it all better, i have experienced it all.

        But let me clarify some of what your facts and I add some more for you:

        1. There are no unileterally closing churches as you seemed to portray it as daily occassion here. There are few churches being closed…forced closed by a group of muslims. Which caused a national response from Christians. Yes these muslims group got back up from some individual in government and all, but we Indonesian are religious people. They can closed even burned down our churches, crushed us, humiliate us, but they never crushed out faith and our spirit. They closed our churches, we held mass or prayers in open fields. They drove us away, we will pray at homes. Many churches here have been denied the permission to build their churches, yet we rent building, we rent hotel conference-rooms, we pray in the fields like picnic, we even pray in beaches. We survived, and we loved them back because we believe in Jesus words. You have no slight idea how painful it is for us. But hey we don’t lie. And I don’t want to be in the same side as liars who told half stories without fact-checkings. And call or accuse others because their opinion don’t fit yours.

        2. 1998 riot. The mass murder, rape, burning of houses and shops owned by Indonesian-chinese by muslim thugs and thugs paid by a military leader. This one is so horrible that many of them who feld never want to comeback. Yet some comeback because it is their homeland for centuries. We endured these monsters with faith. We cried and bleed knowing our fellow Indonesian being treated horribly by another fellow who were poisoned by Islam. You have no idea what it is like to be in that situation. You can only pray. But we amazingly still here living witj them muslims!

        3. Oldest synagogue in Surabaya you meant. It was first belonged to Iraqi jews then they fled. It was bought by Dutch Jews and being central conflict of the owners and caretakers. Then it was demolished by FPI group whit police did nothing. That is true. But it was not without reaction, Indonesian historians and students protested against this savagery because the building should be treated as national treasure. Judaism is not ackowledges by Indonesian law, yet in Nort Sulawesi (predominantly Christian province) a brave young Indonesian who founf out that his grandmother was a jew, he then learnt Judaism and convert to it. He transformed a building into synagoge, built the largest/tallest 7 branches menorah in the world (62 ft tall), with the support of its local christians and local government officials. Most muslims rage against this but christians stands strong with their new-Indonesian Jewish community, this young man, he got all his fellow who have Jewish-line (from their European ancestors) to have their small Jewish community to grow. You see we here surviving in a very way you will never understand. We got all way of persecutions and oppression just to grow strong even we are small. We have this saying…one fall, thousands will raise. Them muslims always come in numbers and oppressed us, take away things from us eveb our rights to have a place for religious ceremony i.e churches, but they can never ever take away our faith! We grow somewhere else, we overcome our grieves and shows them they can never take away our faith! One church being burned down you know what Christian do here? The churches make revival night in national stadium. That also pissed off those muslims, yet they, couldn’t do anything to stop it because the stadium owned by government and we paid for it! And i can tell you so many more about it! We don’t whining here…we grieve yes but we don’t play that victim card of whining! And we certainly don’t like others make false claim out of it as lie simply not biblical.

        4. East Timor is military operation not related to religion at all. Funny you talk about that because I came from that part of the world…eastern Indonesia. I know my country’s bloody history pretty well. East and West Timor was predominantly Catholic, they have same root, same people with same language, culture and all. What divided them is European Ocuupation in colonial era. East Timor occupied by Portuegese and West one by Dutch. The conflict was of political one not religious one. We Indonesian hate our military for that! We live under its 32 years of terror, and they still do terrorise us.

        5.Western Papua not Western Papua New Guinea. It is another political chaos involved western big corporations interests than what the media presented it. The only thing that causing the conflic there is corrupted government (central government and local government) and Freeport McMoran if you heard that thing. And I said we Indonesian are religious people it is in our blood, whatever the religion is. So that is one that always being used to provoke violence. West Papua is the most oppressed province despite it has richness that enjoyed by some elites. Again you see military operation there met with the resistance group that fight for independence. It is pure political conflict. You think we Indonesians and especially Papuans whining and crying baby for that? No. We know international actists and people like you only use our misery to make out your point, you never do real thing than to talk big and accuse others. We fight for our rights no matter how desparate fight it is. You need to know them things before you falsely taking them to make your point to accuse someone.

        6.1965-66 mass murdering of Indonesian approximately 500-2.500 lives of communists, alleged communists. Military with the aid of Muslims in Java and Sumatra, Muslim and Hindus in Bali, Christian thugs in Eastern provinces to do their dirty job. See again military operation again using religious fanatics to murder their fellow Indonesian. No Christians or Hindus ever wanted to involved but it was done by individuals…thugs who happened to be christians or hindus in their ID card, with the blessings of some anti communist priests. But in Java and Bali it was muslim organisation and Islamic religious party called Nahdatul Ulama. It is now a big religous-political party that is considered “moderate” and they recently opened their something like “study center” in America to promote Islamic Peace!!!??? Which we Christians and all non muslims wondering how deep America indeed fall into this blatant ignorance. Western nations are so ready to accept Islam as peace yet they close their eyes to the sufferings caused by the same Islam to Christians, Hindus, Budhists, Baha’is, Ahmadis, and many more….

        6. Ahmadis and Shi’as are persecuted even worse here by muslims. They literally being slaughtered on public, mid east style savagery! But government do nothing too becuse many of them re sunnis. Yet you know Indonesian also a very persistence people when it comes to religious matter, o they are slaughtered but they survived too. We do might be slaughtered but we believe it will be a witness to our faith. It goes for all muslims non muslims…but you know non-muslims we are despite less in number, object of oppression we know how tp endure better than muslims and they know there are limits to our endurance that we might come and buy what they sell us. But again, our government will not let that happened, why politic is their income….they can not let Islamic clerics and preachers take it away with Sharia Law…you see bad muslims Indonesian government are..they love money and politic that provide them with all luxuries and privileges than Sharia. The military also all about power. And many other bad muslims who actually have no idea what Islam is…they are victs of Islam and many of them are peaceful persons by nature…and i live among them…and yea they do hate the violence….but you know we are so used with their innability to condemn Islamic terrorism or Islam itself, so we non-muslims have to take another way for them to see it…and certainly it is not through violent language or action, or verbal attack. It will do more harm than good. We show them love and forgiveness…that the language most Indonesians muslims understant. Except the hardcore Islamists who came from Islamic hardcore schools…we have them alot now too since Arab Spring broke out. I don’t deny that and they are really savages both figuratively and literally!

        And again, you ever wonder having largest muslims population in the world, Indonesia is not an Islamic country? Because we hate slavery as a people, we have endured it for so long, we have tasted it bitterness and even Indonesian muslim know imposing Sharia means they will be same as the colonialist they hate so much! You need to learn Indonesian history and Indonesian religions history before you told me to shove and squeeze a quran. Well why should i do that anyway it will bring me so much harm. I’ve been rising to love myself and my life…so no thanks for your rant about me to get myself killed for doing such stupid and dangerous thing while i am just a christian living arond muslims. You are really not a nice person whoever you are!

    • Mudpuppy

      STFU. What a steaming pile of utter bullshiite. Islam is evil, vile, blood-thirsty and savage. It was born that way. Everywhere it exists it brings nothing but trouble, rape, pillage, plunder and murder (to varying degrees). It needs to be annihilated. Indonesia is no different.

      • Remember the Tree Man from Indonesia? Send him to ISIS.

        • Mudpuppy

          Only if he can infect them.

      • kirana

        I think you missed the point. I wasn’t talking about Islam, I was talking about Indonesian government handling the jihadists here and how sick but amusing how western countries handling it.
        One may wonder despite having largest muslin population in the world Indonesia clingin on secularism instead of being Islamic country like her neighbor Malaysia or Brunei. I am Indonesian, and i am non-muslim, i know what it’s like to be marginalised and being treated differently by muslims. I know very well Islam is a cult of death. And we minority here have endured all the horrible treatments while the west in its foreign policy has infected as well with political correctness do nothing. Ive seen churches beinv burned, christians being attacked and every Ramadhan we are forced to respect muslims to not do things that may provoke violence from sensitive muslims. And I could go on with how Islam came and how bloody it was to Indonesian people as a whole. Most muslims here fear Sharia, they will lose all the privileges and the way of life they have been enjoying and to add politicians especially politicians will not have the chance for doing whatever they like because that Sharia means all the imams and clerics will take over every aspect of statehood. We deal with Islamic terrorism better than the west handle it it is a fact! All I said is western nations should throw out that political correctness and start to call it what it is and deal with it without fearing it will hurt some muslims’ sensitivity!

        • Mudpuppy

          Maybe I did miss your point (probably lost in translation), I’m most certainly not infallible. It’s just where Islam is concerned, I always count on it to live down to the lowest, basest human impulses.

          “Secular” governments in Moslem countries do tend to keep the more insane Moslem behavior in check (and that’s a good thing). It’s what Hussein, Mubarak and Kaddafi did in their countries. Now look at the mess. Bush should have put Hussein back in charge with a stern warning to stay in line. The rest, Oblowhole did (by design, I think).

          We visited Indonesia and Malaysia years ago (before all the madness). We were treated well and enjoyed the visits. Most of the time in Indonesia was spent on Bali.

          Indonesia is not free of Moslem atrocities, although it doesn’t seem to be as bad as the others. When I hear of your government doing something about it, I think it’s a good thing.

          I agree, the way the West is dealing with it is pathetic. What we should be doing is banning Islam from our counties. Then round up and expel every Moslem in them. Destroy all mosques. As far as the current invasion (aka the “migrant” or “refugee” crisis) in Europe, it should be met with military force. Brutal and deadly military force.

          That evil ideology does not belong here.

          • kirana

            Maybe it’s my bad english, but i well i just don’t understand how it helps at all in the fight against this evil Islam if there is so much violent response to other’s opinion not to mention that we are on the same side of the fence in opposing Islam.

            I spoke as someone who lives among muslins my whole life, they are people who share same history, culture, and root as me. What divided us is just this Islam. I don’t hate my fellow muslims because they themselves are victim of Islam, and certainly we the minority in muslom dominants countries in middle east, africa, or asia, we can not take that violent approach without bringing destriction for us , not to mention without provocation we always face the same fate. What the western countries forget, that the non-muslims, especially christians in muslims dominant countries always being the victim. Whenever muslims wanting to destroy the west in revenge of western colonialism, they take the revenge to us christians as they always have this delusional non-sense that christianity is western religion, symbol of western colonisation thus we the christians treated as traitors or western spies and slaves (because it was western missipnaries whp brought christian here), against the fact that we became christians by faith. We always become the target of violent revenge everytime some muslims in the west cried out about being victim of discrimination, etc. We Asian people in general are religious people, while the west now abandon christianity, and turn their back on us with political correctnes and fed up with their white-guilty over colonialism….they completely forget that we christians, hindus, budhists, african pagans, animists, tribal-religions whatever heathen label being attached to us by them colonialists also victim of western colonialism. How westerns nations singling out muslims as people they should give their political correctness to…is not backstabbing us but a stabbing in the face for they do to Jews. We have to double suffer it all, left behind while we see your godless countries having an affair with Islam. But i told you we are religios people even being atheists they are very devout atheist almost religious about it. What most ironic is while atheists are the most hated and horribly treated by muslims, western atheists shows great symphaty with them “muslim” victims in the name of humanity…while they can make all of horrible jokes about Christianity and other religions, they are now being very carefully not to “publicly hurting muslims’ over sensitivity” they never give a thought that every insult they do to whether about Islams or Not, muslims around the world will take revenge on the closest non-muslims, don’t them atheist knows that for Islam all are kafirs so no matter who make the joke all non-muslims are open to their revenge? So much for humanity! But Christians and other non-muslims in muslim dominant countries, we only know one thing…to endure and to survive…to have faith and to hold on to it dearly. We don’t go kill in the name of god instead many of us died/killed in kind of horrible ways for staying true to our faiths. It is something we have been enduring for so long, while western world only care about muslims victimhood in Islamowood industry.

            Now it comes to your door, and well it is a little bit too late as your governments already fell deep beyond saved into the dhimmitude hole. You are trapped in your own countries with them muslims, you are trapped with those political correctness and now you think you can drive them away with even with military force? Maybe one day after they already dominated you all and your all daydreamers of Islam is peace waking up way too late in the blood of your womens, girls, kids, old folks and the men are in chains. To drive them all away back to the hell-hole where they belon is not possible, not with those idiots in charges and the dhimmies on their services. It maybe possible though through bloody revolution maybe?

            You all need to learn from non-muslims in muslims dominant countries, learn to have faith, learn to have patience, learn tp endure and learn to survive. And while you are still dominant in numbers, maybe if I may suggest, repent and learn from your enemy to defeat them, that is learn Islam better than muslim and convert them one by one, you can’t drive them away, then win them, free them from Islam! They think they can convert you all start with your youth and children why? Because your children are stranger to religions as in they are never study religions, never learn religious books or scripts….they are easy targets for muslims to be brainwashed with Islam…so yea now maybe parents need to start to consider the importance for children to have knowledge of religions and how to differ between death cult of Islams and other religions, not to force them to have religions but to have proper knowledge. You may call it bullshist or whatever but thats what saves many non-muslima here from Islam. We learn our own religion since very young and when we learn our own religion we also learn about other religions. Thats never happen to muslims kids, they only learn Islam and being taught all others are kafirs. So mostly these young muslims they will be most fanatic muslims or they will be confused muslims when they get to know that Islam is actually a death cult when being confronted with non-muslims. Thatd just a personal opinion, you can say whatever you want but please not be like muslims who always reacting violently with all curse and name calling when they can not accept other’s opinion….just saying. And well again sorry for bad english.

          • Mudpuppy

            You make some good points.

            My response to your original comment was based on the way I interpreted it. It sounded like undue criticism was being leveled at us. I wasn’t the only one that thought so.

            When I say a military response, I’m talking about the current invasion of Europe. Those people aren’t interested in being converted. They are there to conquer. People like that, you repel and kill.

            You are right. We are saddled with “leaders” that seem to have the destruction of our civilization as their goal. Why is beyond me. We most certainly need to root them out, even if a revolution is necessary. They are traitors. Believe me, the people in Europe and North America don’t want this. In America, many of us are armed. It will not go well for Moslems and their sympathizers if things get that bad.

            You are also right that many of our children are rudderless and easy prey for Moslem bullshiite. Too may parents have abandoned the faith of their parents. And this is the result. For many decades, we have allowed the left free reign to destroy our institutions and traditions. That must stop.

            White guilt? I have no white guilt. I am not responsible for what went before I was born. Anyone who has that needs to jettison it.

            Regardless of what you think, no country can survive demographically by allowing in unlimited numbers of any people who don’t share their ethnicity and culture. For example, Germany will not be Germany anymore when millions of North Africans take over the place. A unique culture will be destroyed. A culture that has just as much right to exist and preserve itself as any other. Replace Germany with England, France or even Indonesia. Even at the height of colonialism, the colonized countries mostly remained culturally what they were. There is an Indian on this blog somewhere that was appreciative of the British for taking care of the Moslem problem in India.

            Rest assured, many of us are aware of the plight of the Christians in Moslem-run countries. We can only do so much. We can’t take in millions of people from everywhere. We can’t afford it, monetarily or demographically.

            I question the validity of your statement about Moslems reacting to colonialism. That may be the excuse, but Moslems hate everyone who is not Moslem. It’s what they are taught. They will rape, pillage, plunder and murder because that is what they do. It’s what their “prophet” did, so they do it.

            I’m not interested in any dialog with them. To them, it’s their way or the highway. They aren’t going to listen. I just want them gone and contained in the Sand. They have been a problem for civilization since they came into being. I don’t want to have to learn to endure or to survive. It doesn’t need to come to that.

          • kirana

            I got your points.
            And over immigrants you are correct you are all being invaded! Thats how Islam works in mid east since 1400 years ago, if you read history of mid east nations they werr the first victims of Islam, and that many nations were indeed invaded by muslims who then claimed it all historically theirs (Israel) and that every country they invaded belong to them said allah. And we do symphatize with you all. You know it is interesting that many muslims immigrant leading to Australia they just Indonesia as transit, they don’t want to stay in Indonesia. All dream to conquer the kafir Australia eventhough we are openly want to accept them.

            On colonialism, British is different from Dutch. We did suffer enslavement. Dutch colonialism was so worst many Dutch people who aware of it got sick of it and fight their government in later later years. We did had lots of good left too (we still use Dutch laws blueprints, buildings, etc)but it’s all after the colonialism era ended with bloody wars. Dutch has never did what Britain did to the countries it colonised. Indonesia endured approximately 350 years of Dutch colonialism, we are left with poverty, stupidity, and totally destroyed in many aspects.

            You knoe muslims alwaus have excuse for everything, what i was saying is that is one excuse they always use, colonialism. And if they used that excuse to make western countries suffer that “white guilty” (you may not suffer it, means you are rational person, but there are many out there suffer it) hell non-muslims also sufferred the same. But we have forgiven it all and left it in the past, we learn from it, we remember it to honor they have lost their lives, but we forgive. Only muslims who always take that as whining excuse everytime, and we non-muslims again have to beat the consequences, especially Christians. Thats what I meant. We double suffer…we suffered colonialism and we suffered being christians introduced to us by missionaries from colonialist countries. They forgot that Islam itself brought bloodbath to their ancestors who killed each other for being Sultan of Islamic kingdoms…they forgot what made those Islamic kingdoms failed and fell young…too many bloodbath fell upon themselves.

            Well the last part, it is up to you, your choice and your pick how to deal with them and you know what best for you. I respect that. Here because we are minority we don’t have that choice but to endure and to survive.

          • Mudpuppy

            You have a good grasp of history. I have read about the beginnings of Islam. That’s one reason why I despise it so much. Their savage behavior since hasn’t helped either.

            The British haven’t always been decent. Americans got fed up with them and fought a war of independence.

            That “white guilt” thing isn’t as popular as you may think. It’s mostly leftists that suffer that affliction. It’s usually accompanied by self-hatred as well. Followed by doing stupid things to undermine their countries which explains the behavior of our “leaders”.

            Those Moslems don’t stop in your country because it’s already ruled by Islam. They are headed to countries that aren’t with the intent to claim them for Islam. And our idiot “leaders” are letting them. Australia is becoming wise to it. I wish the rest would. The longer we take, the worse it will be. Peacefully would be better, but I’m afraid that violence will be necessary. In any case, they need to be gone. Not to belittle your predicament, but my concern is with my current country, my former country and the homelands of my ancestors. That is where the most immediate threat is. I don’t want us to end up in the same predicament. It will be almost impossible for the world to overcome Islamic tyranny if that happens.

            By the way, your English is not bad. I can understand what you are saying for the most part. I just have to read it a bit more carefully since my first response to you.

          • kirana

            One more thing related to what I said that Indonesia handling terrorism better than the west, no-cloud of “muslim sensitivity” here!


            National Police Chief said it blatantly, Indonesian (Islamic) terrorists joined IS because of “DELUSIONAL JIHAD”! and he is a muslim himself!

            He even contradicted the presodent statement who claimed that muslims attraction to jihad is over poverty! The chief police ruled that out and stated that those muslims became terrorist out of ideology and curiousty and he concluded that in that line ” delusional jihad”

            There are no muslim cry of their Islamic sensitivity got hurt by this Chief’s statement! Of course many ‘delusional muslims’ got their over sensitive heart got hurt but most of the muslims here don’t go march on the streets or making press conference or having dear islamic defender organisations to press charge of Islamphobia to this Chief-tain. Because they (muslims) themselves are afraif of this crazy muslims of not being caught will onr day terrorise them as well for not being “true muslims” who loves death than life!

            And there’s more…
            This screenshot from a muslim who said to reject the visitation of an IS member who most of Indonesian muslims not aware of that he is member of Is.

            Indonesian muslims are struggle themselves how to deal with the growing Islamic terrorists. While the police and military force are…thank God they still are by constitution not attached to religions and fierce in combating terrorism in all its forms…even so many times they themselves behave like terrorist towards people, the counter-terrorism force still “clean” so far! And if you read the link of the news you will see the tags of Indonesian terrorism and terrorims you see all the news occupied with muslims terrorist huntdowns.

            Thats why I said western nations handling terorrism is something amusing but sickening at the same time, and it is yes as you put it pathetic.

            You may hate muslims but remember there are non-muslims in muslims dominant countries like Indonesia who have been living hell our whole lives. You just got the firsthand experiece while we have experienced all that thousands of times over. We struggled very hard and we lost alot of souls as well, you can’t say Islam don’t belong in your western countries, it’s like you said it belongs to other countries than Europe and America, that hurt! islam doesn’t belong anywhere on this earth!

          • Mudpuppy

            Maybe some of that is because they aren’t the right kind of Moslem. They hate each other as well as us.

            You are right, Islam doesn’t belong anywhere on Earth. But, for now, I say it doesn’t belong in our countries (which it doesn’t) because it is incompatible with our civilization. You guys succumbed to it. We don’t have to. If we do, it will be because we didn’t have the will to defeat it. Our “leaders” may think that, but the people don’t.

            You might be “handling terrorism better than the West”, but you are still ruled by Islam and thus you “live in hell” as you say. We don’t want either. I care not a whit for “Moslem sensitivities”.

            It is Islam that is the problem. Islam is evil. Islam calls for the forced conversion, dhimmitude or killing of the non-Moslem. Thus, it could get ugly in your country as well.

            The only way we can deal with them is through violent means as that is the only thing they respect. The West is weak (the “leadership” anyway). They sense that, hence the problems we are going through now with them.

          • kirana

            We didn’t succumb to it. You visited Bali yes? It Hindu Island they are people from ancient pre-Indonesian Hindu-Kingdom who fled Islam persecution when it came to overthrow Hindu/Budhist kingdoms that existed many centuries earlier. And they built up their own Hindu culture in Bali as well as parts of islands next to it. Well the then-muslims who were succumbed to Islam. As Indonesia is archipelago country, the eastern provinces are predominantly Christians and muslims are minority there. Muslims are majority only in Java and Sumatra and some provinces…because of their numbers and their high-birth rate. Not because we succumbed to them. The fact that Indonesia still a secular country shows that we are not succumbed to them muslims. But yes we have been living hell with them. What keeps us united is that secular principal, they know if they tried to Islamised us, there will be chaos and that Bali-Hindu and Christian dominant provinces will all fight for disintegration. We fought against colonialism we will fight again against Islamisation as we had it all enough with slavery, we certainly not want Islamic slavery which way much worse than the colonialist one.
            But yes i understand your point, we succumbed in the sense of being dominated/outnumbered by them.

            And yes, it does not belong there in your countries as it is really not compatible with any human cultures. I know you are all facing hard times with the growing numbers of muslim invaders. They should be sent back to where they came from that i agree. And to see how ungrateful they are, they simply challenged you all. This is where your governments have failed you all. I believe that time will come when they will taste their own medicine, when you all raised up and throw up those dhimmies in power, packed and sent them along with their immigrants to Arab countries….just hope not to Indonesia lol.

          • Mudpuppy

            No, not to Indonesia. They didn’t come from there anyway. If that happened, Indonesia would cease being secular and would become like the Middle East countries.

            “But yes i understand your point, we succumbed in the sense of being dominated/outnumbered by them.” That is what I meant.

            I’m all for using whatever measures necessary to rid us of them. It won’t be entirely peaceful. When dealing with barbaric savages, it never is. At this point, I don’t really care.

            I know Bali is Hindu. I wondered why that was. Usually, Moslems don’t allow that, not to that extent. If they manage to get control like in Iran and elsewhere, that will change. We enjoyed our visit there. I would hate to see it ruined by Islam. Islam causes problems everywhere it goes. I wish it would just go away.

            I’ve joked in the past that we should send all Moslems to Venus. At least we would be rid of them. I’ve also joked that we should send them there in the fashion mentioned in C. M. Kornbluth’s, “The Marching Morons”. If you are curious, you can find it here for free: It’s a short story published in 1951.

  • Da St

    Your Pages are being hijacked by, hidden in some ad’s JavaScript.


      Your brain got hijacked by socialism and islamofascism.

  • Ivan

    There is a little truth in every racist comment made in this comments section. And the vast majority are racist comments. Misguided, understandably, but also shedding light on some of the problems the left fails to deal with, with their so-called “progressive policies”.

    Don’t get me wrong though, the right’s sum intellectual total doesn’t really exceed that of the average 5th year school student. The collection of comments on this article is case in point.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Islam, like Nazism isn’t a race retard. Please go get yourself a camel urine injection direct from the source.

      • Ivan

        Face it, if the majority of Muslims were white you wouldn’t be here making a fool of yourself.

        Another case in point.

        • Mudpuppy

          Race has nothing to do with it, you idiot. It’s their savage behavior. I don’t care if they were white or not, they need to die.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Mohammud, the psychopathic, child molesting, mass murdering, Jew hating POS that founded islam (spit), was reportedly white (as is stated in several ahadith). The muslums who committed the Beslan elementary school terrorist attack that killed nearly 200 school children and a hundred teachers were all white.

    • Mudpuppy

      OK, let’s send those vile savages your way. See how you like all the rape and violence.

    • joker

      For sure Ivan you never passed the stage of 5th year school student. They are not a student but a pupil. And pislam is not a race so you are barking up the wrong tree.

  • Lorraine Whipkey

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  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    But there was a 14.5% decrease in the number of burned cars compared to last New Year’s Eve.

    Those who compile crime stats would consider that an indicator of success, showing that New Year’s Eve celebrations are getting much better and safer…..

  • Three stages of Jihad from history: from Muhammad to today’s Muslims – – if our leaders have no concept of the 3 stage steps, they have no business leading a Marching Band, let alone a Western Nation!

  • Ave Caesar

    and you know what ? “journalists” and politicians congratulate themselves because the numbers are down as if this situation was normal !

  • Mudpuppy

    Since the cars are burning, those savages should be thrown onto the fire.

  • Jeff

    Do any of you scared little right wing morons have proof people of ANY Religion burned these vehicles?
    This has been going on since the ’90’s.
    Do some f’ing research you idiots! I’ve been to France. Have many French friends. And there are no ‘no go’ areas’ anywhere in France. No more so than there are in the U.S.
    Grow up and pull your head out of your butts! You’re more likely to be murdered by a fellow Ammo-Sexual American that some terrorists.


      Jerkoff, You have any proof that these car burners are not of the same ilk that burn cars in the banuielles?

      Google “france car burnings”

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Your lies run thin moslem…

  • Dr. Christopher Lee

    Deport, Deport, Deport

  • Joe Castellana

    the worthless, useless French authorities. why didn’t they set up 100 50cal. machine guns and tell those filthy animals to get on the ground and kiss their asses good-bye?

  • donemyhomework

    As usual the European leaders have their head up their ass.

  • FoCoBiking

    Simple solution. Ban Islam, and deport any known muslim. It’s not convenient, but it’s simple.

    • Mudpuppy

      And it is very necessary.

  • gfdgfd

    I’m french..
    These people are not muslims.
    They just come from noth africa : All the arabs are not muslims and all the muslims are not arabs.
    Americans are just fucking stupid

    • If you’re French, then I’m a camel.

      • gfdgfd

        That’s what I said.

        Americans are stupid

    • Mudpuppy

      You are beyond stupid. You are below moron level. Your IQ starts with a decimal point, followed by many zeros. They are all Moslems. You most likely are too. We aren’t buying your crap.

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