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VIDEO: Muslim Migrant Who BEAT, SPAT ON Mother with Children in Sweden is Being Deported to …… Denmark


A couple of days ago, I ran video of a Muslim migrant in Sweden who beat and spit on a mother with her children. The video caused such an uproar, the now “Most Hated Man in Sweden” is being deported — to Denmark.

What is Denmark going to do with him? Why isn’t he being sent back to Tunisia?

‘Most hated man in Sweden’ being deported to Denmark

Refused asylum-seeker is charged with attacking a mother in front of her children

by Philip Tees, Online Post, January 24th, 2016:

A Tunisian man, who has been branded ‘the most hated man in Sweden’ after video showed him attacking a woman in front of her two young children and then spitting on her at a metro station in Stockholm, is being deported to Denmark, reports.

The attack took place on January 5 at Gamla Stan station in the Swedish capital. The video footage shows the man kicking and punching the victim after she attempted to prevent him stealing from the handbag of an elderly woman.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 1.47.42 PM

To be sent to Denmark
The police went public with the video on Thursday and on Friday he was identified and arrested. It is reported that he sought asylum in Sweden in October but that his application was rejected and the Swedish migration agency Migrationsverket has decided to send him back to the last country he was in before entering Sweden, which is Denmark.

It was staff at Migrationsverket itself who identified the man from the video footage and alerted police to his whereabouts in a centre for refused asylum-seekers in the Stockholm suburb of Märsta. The man is currently in police custody awaiting trial, but denies the charges.

Ekstrabladet reports that, according to Ekrem Güngör, the man’s lawyer, the Danish authorities have confirmed to the Swedish authorities that they are ready to receive him.

  • lilyred

    Can’t get rid of the rats.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      There is a way, put them on a sinking ship.

  • ursulamargrit

    Right, send him to Denmark, who will likely send him to Germany – where they’ll likely receive him with open arms. Despicable!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Well, merkel will need a stud monkey for some valentines dance. He can practice the darura tango. It is a very muslim friendly gesture.

  • nobamunism

    Where are the Swedish men? No balls left in the Viking race?

    • Phil Harrell

      Apparently they hate their women and want them raped, why the hell would anyone want to help muslims, they want to kill everyone.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Swedish meat balls are halal, as Sweden and western europe are paying for the upkeep of the colonists, welfare for generations, the inclusion of european testicles is quite acceptable to europe. Swedish meat balls, now,”chicken” flavoured.

      • Shafiq Islam

        I think civilised countries should resist the pressure to adopt halal food at all costs, and I think many or most Jews would agree with what I’m saying. All restaurants should feature pork on the menu in defiance of stealth sharia and as a repellent to keep Muslims out of the business. Some Jews keep kosher, but they don’t try to force their rules on everyone else as Muslims do. I respect the rights of people do eat as they wish, but that is a personal matter.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          There is a restaurant near here that is owned by a muslim, for a while he would not serve pork products, first citing that they made him sick, then because of islam’s laws. After losing almost all of his customers, he resumed handling pork. The other restaurant he owns in another town, never stopped selling pork products. There are occasional references in Ontario where in large muslim ghettoes, restaurants are intimidated int not selling pork products. Typical violent islam, on a small scale, but given the chance they will violently enforce shari’a. The stupid do not know what hit them.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Mahou, let me share with you a funny anecdote. I secular Indian Hindu colleague of mine was deputed to attend a professional conference in Bangkok along with a radical Muslim faculty member. On the plane the Muslim kept talking about his hatred of kuffar and the necessity of jihad. My friend, disgusted by the thought of 4 nights in a hotel room with that beast, did something very clever.

            He went down to the restaurant and ordered pork spare ribs and red wine to be brought to his room for dinner, at exactly the time of the azaan-the call to evening prayer. So as the Muslim was unfurling his prayer rug and orienting himself towards Mecca, the waiter arrived and served my friend’s dinner, being sure to announce loudly the identity of the dishes. The Muslim rolled up his rug and fled the room in horror, so my friend had the place to himself.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Very good, islam can be manipulated, their superstitions play a big part in their behaviour. More people should figure out what islam is all about, then have little “good luck” charms made of haram products, Girls could get in the habit of wearing pigskin jackets, all sorts of things.

        • imwithstoopid

          Funny thing, over here, this side of the pond, they tell you if any peanuts are made using the same machines that process other foods. Why don’t the restaurants indicate (sign on front window / door) that their food is made in the same kitchen as their Pork offerings?

          Also the indicate the most hated man, MAN, really how about COWARD….?

          Also please use COWARD (in caps) when referring to terrorist.
          After all just how brave is it to hold and kill unarmed citizens.

          Don’t use the word Mastermind regarding the COWARD that plans the attacks. Don’t be an enabler to them.

    • Switzerland McNaughtyhorse

      This sums up the problem well:

      • FactsRule

        Great video. I thought America’s Libtards had lost their collective mind. Sweden makes them look half-way sane! Good God Almighty!
        There was one thing you said, however, that is inaccurate. Muslims don’t hate Jews because of the ubiquitous malicious slander about a few Jews in Israeli governments that have supposedly harmed the overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinians. They hate Jews because Islam commands them to. And, they’re to hate all non-Muslims and apostate Muslims. Jews have no monopoly on being hated by Muslims.
        What Educated Non-Muslims Don’t Like About Islam in a Nutshell

        • Switzerland McNaughtyhorse

          It’s not my video and I am not Swedish, just somebody has taken a keen interest in this car crash slowly unfolding for some time now, as the European left hail it as a socialist paradise.

          Anyone who thinks Cultural Marxism is a conservative conspiracy theory needs to look at Sweden, it’s frightening.

          That being said, I understand your point.

          • FactsRule

            Sorry, I copied what I wrote on the youtube original and forgot to edit it not to refer to you.

      • rh2

        Mesmerizing video of the multi-cult, PC Madness afflicting Sweden. Only a miracle can save the country from becoming an Islamic Hellhole!

      • imwithstoopid

        Ahhh, the “Angry Foreigner” his videos are great intros to the crazy goings on over there. By the way he is a Muslim like you’ll never meet and tells it like it is.
        He has been saying these things for a number of years and some like this one are in English or at least subtitled.

        • Switzerland McNaughtyhorse

          I didn’t realise he was Muslim, interesting.

    • Switzerland McNaughtyhorse

      But at least somebody there has a backbone

      • Craig Tarter

        That was awesome! Thank you.

      • nobamunism

        That guy is awesome. A truth speaker in a land of cultural suicides.

      • Shafiq Islam

        This guy nails it. He is logical and reasonable. Lost on his interlocutor is that what he was saying supports the maintenance of Christian standards of behaviour; he didn’t call for violence or persecution, only for protection of his country’s culture. Christians do have a duty to help others, even our enemies, and funding refugee camps and programs is appropriate. But Sweden can help them without destroying itself, and it (along with the US, Canada and the EU) should listen to him and act immediately.

        • joker

          But the funny, so to speak, side of it he in the video comes also from a refugee background (Balkan).

      • empiresentry


        That man said it all

  • Anita Palmiere

    At this rate America needs to get ready to provide refuge to the victims in Europe!

    • Craig Tarter

      Perhaps we could invade Europe to the hoped for end of giving it back to ’em? It’s the exact same thing that’s happening here; their government is populated by hellsent trash that has the fLaw enforcement mental midgets under their thumb. We get to watch these demoniacs shove bamboo under our fingernails LIVE! Occupants of the US Government need to be terrified back into line. Start with Bury; Live on CNN it’s HUSSEIN’S last night!

    • Judi

      Yes, you are right. I envisage that if this invasion continues for much longer, the Europeans will be the next asylum seekers, and the muzzrats would have had their dream fulfilled of a worldwide caliphate. Only problem is what country will take us all in!

      • jan thomas


    • Gabriel A. King

      TRUMP 2016 and we can save the entire western hemisphere.

  • Alan

    stone him to death… and sprinkle his corpse with pigs blood.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Feed him to the pigs, they’ll eat anything.

      • imwithstoopid

        This site does not support animal cruelty….sarc

        • Mahou Shoujo

          It is not cruel to feed pigs animal byproducts, muslims included.

  • Donnie Newell

    please next time let me be there. that guy would be going to the emergency room.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      From the sound of it, you will have to take a number and wait, there is a long line up of people wiling to do the same.

      • Mamat Mamat

        There must be also a very long line up of Swedish libtards on his side.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Every ball bearing swede in the country, I would guess, very small balls though.

          • jan thomas

            More like no balls

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is true too. Not ball bearing must be roller bearings as they roll over very easily.

          • Barbara Tatum

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        • Mahou Shoujo

          A row of socialist lemmings furiously scowling at a conservative standing up for a woman would be funny, and easy to deal with. Sissy slap the first one, the rest will fall over.

        • MattBracken

          It’s a typical Ork invasion. Will people never learn?
          The Alienork Way: A cautionary tale for civilized humans.

    • joker

      Hard talk now behind the keyboard. There were plenty of bystanders and nobody did anything. You will do the same.

      • robert owen

        So you say. I guess it takes one to know one, joker. I’ve been there and I did alright.

    • craig_oz_land

      A quick trip backwards in the air down those steps would be nice.

    • Ilia G

      You’d be going to jail right after, and the women’s collective would be cheering it on.
      The only reason this case is getting any traction at all is because mother with children is higher on the oppression totem than a Muslim man.

      • roger

        I’m not sure about that, and if a pregnant woman is higher on the protected group list before a Muslim, it won’t be that way for long.
        That is a guarantee, unfortunately.

      • Gabriel A. King

        Gee really? Because I don’t see any of the Leftists or politicians standing up for the women of Europe who now live in fear and hiding.

        The only reason this case is getting any traction is because of THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA. Otherwise the elite would just green light a full on Muslim invasion instead of having to “sneak” it in.

        Muslims are at the ABSOLUTE TOP of the “oppression totem” and they are THE sacred cow of the Leftist establishment. WHY? Because Islam is totally evil and is the primary weapon being used to destroy all of western civilization.

        • Ilia G

          Sounds like your making my point stronger than I did. Either way, good luck in jail for hate crimes against oppressed minority.

          • Gabriel A. King

            First of all it’s “you’re” you evil Leftist freakish treasonous ugly skunt skank. Secondly, if you are referring to “minorities”… you must be referring to white people- as whites are the ONLY ETHNICITY ON PLANET EARTH who cannot claim


            Despite being only 8% of the global population.

            Finally….. if you think that defending a woman from being assaulted by some evil cult freak bastard is a “hate crime”… then LOL it’s no wonder everyone these days is coming to the fast conclusion you Leftist SJW’s are insane.

            As in “nuts”…. something you probably haven’t seen in quite a while I presume.

          • Ilia G

            You so mad, it’s actually funny. I told you whats going to happen to you if you decide to be a defender of white wimmin. If you read it as my wish for it to happen to you, then you’re a moron and need to get off the internet. Either way, it’s fewer stupid people in this world.

          • Gabriel A. King

            What’s “stupid” is Left swinging evil whores like yourself- defending the perpetrators while throwing the victims under the bus.
            Now keep hiding behind your blank little moniker troll.

          • Ilia G

            By all means go and fight. I’ll wait for the news of your arrest, followed by the news of your precious wimmin taking a dump on your name. If you still haven’t learn how to think with your upper head, you deserve everything that feminists will do to you.

          • Gabriel A. King

            Gee now what % of women are ACTUALLY FemiNazi’s ? Like real genuine Leftist SJW types ? lol

            Only 30% of American voters are registered Democraps moron.

          • Ilia G

            The problem with morons like you is that you can’t even be consistent in your own views. Tell you that not all Muslims are bad and you’ll foam at your mouth arguing that while not all Muslims are terrorists, vast majority of them do want Sharia law in the west.
            Tell you the same thing about women, and suddenly it makes total sense. The only difference is the head you use to think about those issues.

          • Gabriel A. King

            Nice try. But FAIL. You see… “Muslims” (Gee why do we call them that ?) are typically born into or have adopted the religion of ISLAM. “Muslims” are ALL BAD because they are adhere to the radical religious ideology of the Qur’an- which is chalk full of crimes and human rights violations. Whether by choice, or by proxy they adhere to Islam and are therefore ALL criminal terrorists and downright evil bastards.

            “Women” on the other hand….. (Is there a religion called “women”… ? I don’t think so….) Make up over 50% of human kind. “Women” come in all kinds, shapes, sizes, character, and beliefs. “Women” encapsulates a vast array of various individuals from all ethnicity’s, faiths, cultures, and people’s. “Women” do not subscribe to any particular ideology, politics, or religion. And Islamic women ? Some support the ideology, and others are just silent scared victims of circumstance…. terrified to speak out.

            Your equation of “Women”, a very ambiguous and general biological aspect within all of humanity…. with the very specific and radical religion of Islam…. is again, more evidence you Left-tards simply can’t differentiate facts or reality whatsoever.

          • Ilia G

            Muslims are 1.6 billion, which isn’t quite half but in the ballpark of the human race. 99.9999% of them are born into Islam and didn’t not pick it at random.
            Yes, there is a religion of women (and men like yourself), that predates every other known religion, and it’s called Gynocentrism. True, not all women are gynocentric, but 99.9999% of them are. They’ve been thoroughly convinced of their divinity by countless generations of pussy-beggars like yourself, who will say and do just about anything to seem appealing to females.
            Of course you’re too stupid to realize that when other men refuse to sacrifice themselves so that a pathetic raging beta like you could bask in self-righteous glow, your goddesses with throw you under the bus without hesitation… after all, you’ve trained them to do that to other men.

            So go ahead and fight Muslims, while I go grab some popcorn. My moral obligation has ended at trying to warn you of the consequences.

          • Gabriel A. King

            Well now i’m convinced that you’re pretty much totally nuts… and will probably be thrown into Hell along with the 1.6 Billion Muslim scum you love and admire so much… a fitting and deserving fate.

            Enjoy your popcorn and walking freely outside WHILE YOU CAN…. you never know when some evil native German beta male might attack you ! But you will of course have the Muslims there to protect you from the evil white man….

            After they beat, rape, and maybe kill you… we will still charge you with the crime of “aiding and abetting” treason standard for all you Left-tard scum. Death penalty.

          • Ilia G

            We will charge you? Pfff… Learn to tie your shoelaces first.
            I’m not afraid of neither you nor them. I am simply content with two fascist forces eating each other up.

          • Gabriel A. King

            You’re content with Muhammad’s brown nuts bouncing off your little Liberal chin.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Your niche in life is to be a leader, of the stupid off the internet, please proceed.

          • Gabriel A. King

            And as an added note you little hard Left Commie….

            we have this little thing in the USA called JURIES. Very inconvenient for control freaking Leftist scum like you.

            Because they are legally empowered to not only judge the facts of the case… but judge the Law as well.


          • Mahou Shoujo

            So, in your world women, children and the elderly are not minorities, therefor muslims can treat them with violence, that is socially acceptable to you? Are you merely clueless or moderately stupid?

          • Ilia G

            The leftist, feminist, multi-culturalist establishment holds up on the votes of women. So yes, I am perfectly content with Muslims raping them. Call it poetic justice.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Call it ignorant bigoted sexist stupidity, which is what t is. At least you are so repulsive even a muslim would not rape you.

          • Ilia G

            Fine by me.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            … and who or what are you?

          • Ilia G

            Someone who will outlive stupid plebs like you.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            So? You will be going through life knowing you’re an idiot.

    • Mamat Mamat

      “The most hated man in Sweden?”
      How many percent of the Swedes hate him? I bet the percentage of the Swedes who love him is much higher than those who hate him. So, he probably is the most loved man in Sweden. The libtard majority are ready to die to defend the “special guest” like him.
      Yes, because he’s a rapefugee from an Islamic country, it’s racist to even dislike what he’s done.

      • craig_oz_land
        • joe1429

          Will be extinct in eu… in twenty years!!!

      • roger

        Astonishing as it is, it would seem that the more atrocious the conduct by Muslims toward women, the more the ” women’s groups ” and ” feminists will stand by them.
        But it is this way in middle eastern countries, women will help in murder of their own.

        • E Wood

          I didn’t see any “women’s groups” mentioned in this article. I do get your drift, though, and wish the feminists would get strongly on the right side of this issue. Surely women are getting the picture now. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • Cliff_Skridlow

      The Morgue would be a better destination…just sayin’

      • Gabriel A. King

        You don’t need a “morgue”…. when someone has been hacked to pieces and fed to the pigs.

        Just sayin’.

        • TenchCoxe

          Um… it sounds as if you’ve given this some thought… ;)

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Who hasn’t?

    • Suckithardswedish

      No you won’t. You have too much to lose. Your job, your family, your TV, your internet, your computer, etc etc. Abdul has NOTHING to lose!!!! Abdul , Mohammed, Ahmed will prevail!

    • Mark Langford

      He wouldn’t have done it if you were near. That’s the whole point. They wander around waiting for the perfect moment of minimum resistance, (old lady with bag next to woman with children). He pleads not guilty even though there is video….SMH

    • volksnut

      How about burial with a pig carcass …

  • matt

    It is time to open hunting season on these animals

    • zipper

      Not in Sweden. There is no way provided for concealed carry.

      • matt

        Too bad open carry

  • Balls Beaten Black and Blue

    Chain him to a pig carcass and bury him alive.

  • sfcmac

    Congratulations, Eurotards. How’s that “multiculturalism” working out?

    • Yoma Ma

      We cant make fun of them, this AH our President is doing his best to take in as many as he can. Screw the fact that we are broke, no jobs for our own citizens & all the illegals we already have. But lets bring in people that despise us and our values- And you vote for hilderbeast and she will do the same

      • Craig Tarter

        All We the a People have to “do”, is just ignore this trash in
        Gubmint right on out of any form of relevance. You mention the AH as our President & I strongly object. If We were armed as We oughtta be & dangerous as a bear robbed of her cubs, even fLaw enforcement agents of tyranny would think (as best they can anyway) before they hid in the trees with their handy dandy radar guns. We’re being decimated by the very clowns that claim to protect US. What a crock! Bury HUSSEIN, Valkyrie Jarhead, Hilrod the Hideous, they’re not just for wormfood anymore. Get rid of’em post haste, & your children may still have an American college to attend.

      • sfcmac

        Trust me, the Hildabeast is not going to get my vote. If all goes well, Cruz will get the GOP nod. The Euro muzzie refujihadist disaster could have been avoided if morons like Merkel didn’t think it was a swell idea to put out the welcome mat for the vermin. Barky wants to do the same thing to America. He and his tyrannical regime have to be stopped and every single unlawful, unconstitutional executive order he concocted needs to be shitcanned.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    To quote Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon” that can now be applied to any Scandinavian country as they have clearly indicate they are.

  • Yoma Ma

    But the liberals and their poster boy Bill Gates who brought us Common core- stated in an interview this week that the US should take in more then the 1 million the germans took in. Why is it that they are so delusional?

    • concerned

      They aren’t delusional. they are receiving instructions for the NWO,which will set the stage for the Anti Christ.

    • Aleteia

      Evil not delusional!

    • empiresentry

      sooros and his open border putzes are having lattes. Once they take down borders and collapse governments under the weight of free entitlements, he can push his Global Community solution.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Socialism is a progressive disease that rots the brain slowly from the inside out, which is why it is so hard to treat. By the time the worst symptoms manifest themselves, the brain is rotted from the inside out, making another zombie democrat.

  • Richard C Peeples Jr

    My wife would have shot him several times. I trained her to open fire at VERY CLOSE RANGE (VCR)! We have Stand your ground AND Castle doctrine! 2nd Amendment, stopping criminals since 1700s.

    • joker

      Your wife would have done nothing other then getting raped by the monkey.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        You don’t know american women very well, some are quite capable of taking care of themselves, and taking out the trash. Only in europe are girls forced to be excessively girly, to the point of rape and murder, though with muslims, not necessarily in that order.

        • Maleficent

          It’s only in his fantasies that American women are weak and will do nothing but allow themselves to be molested and/ or raped. He obviously has no clue.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There are a lot of north american women who are not particularly feminine or submissive when it comes to substandard treatment by men. There are many, that are quite familiar with firearms, and other methods of self defence. Europe has allowed socialist fat, marble their brains, causing them to think that the government will deal with everything. They are in denial right now, while their countries are pillaged by muslim colonists. Eventually europe will abolish the e.u and regress into a region of warring states, over what resources are left after they give their wealth and means of creating wealth to colonist parasites.

      • Maleficent

        Moderator! Come delete the Troll Monkey’s comments!

      • Tom

        Screw off Jihadi Joker.

      • MJRAWL

        All you would have done is hump his gaot!

      • Jack Macleod

        Don’t get too excited there Joker. The muzzy filth is winning a few little battles right now. But eventually they will be wiped from the planet. Maybe the liberal retards are willing to tolerate you but there are billions more just waiting for the opportunity to do some exterminating.

        • Maleficent

          He is one, you can tell by his comments.

          • joker

            I am an jihadi that is too much praise. I could be one but I am not a muzzrat. Perhaps I should change sides. More fun.

    • FactsRule

      God bless you.

    • Summerwarmth

      And one shot would have been -sneeze – oops – groin shot

    • Maleficent

      Lock and load. God Bless America.

      • Jill

        You didn’t use your ample voting resources to get rid of Obama, so slogans on a website mean nothing.

        • Maleficent

          Yea you’re right. I didn’t call upon dead people to arise and vote, bus hoards of people in who couldn’t even name the vice president running with him after walking out of the polling station, and load viruses into the voting machines.
          By the way, Americans are locking and loading. God Bless America.

    • Gabriel A. King

      And if any judge or jury dared convict your wife of anything…. even a misdemeanor…..

      I would see to it that judge and jury ended up on a milk carton.

  • JSebastian

    I wish I could see one of these animals behaving this way…I would like to strangle him with his own hoody string.

  • Tom

    Again I ask…where the hell are the men?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      No men in Sweden. Extinct.

  • FactsRule

    Watch simultaneously a brave woman risk her life to help an elderly woman vs a cowardly Muslim savage barbarian.

  • PatriotOne

    Scum of the Earth

  • billjcanada

    i would be deporting his dead body

  • gallowaygrumblefield

    Reading a book called The Crime and the Silence: A Quest for the Truth of a Wartime Massacre, by Anna Bikont. On July 10, 1941, half the town of Jedwabne, Poland, burnt the other half alive. 70 years later the Poles of Jedwabne still make excuses to ease their consciences. Lech Walesa, the first president after Poland separated from communism, said, “The Poles have already apologised many times to the Jews; we are waiting for the apology from the other side because many Jews were scoundrels.”

    What does any of this have to do with the present Muslim defecation on Europe? I don’t like what I see or hear happening all across Europe, for the same reasons as everybody else. Yet, when I hear people like Sweden’s Minister Margot Wallström justifying Palestinians murdering Jews, it stings to think I’m sympathizing with a Europe that not only once tried to exterminate my people, but who still justify murdering entire Jewish families, by the thousands, even after 70 years. At times like this I consider the possibility of cosmic justice.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Living in the past is a fairly irresponsible well beyond useless endeavour. Try dealing with recent issues instead of ruminating on an unchangeable past. You might want to read the Christian bible where it is mentioned that in Ezekiel 18:20 20 “The person who sins will die. The son will not bear the punishment for the father’s iniquity, nor will the father bear the punishment for the son’s iniquity; the righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself.”

      • gallowaygrumblefield

        You know what’s irresponsible? Ignoring the past because being reminded of your complicity makes you feel guilty and uncomfortable, and you have to weasel out of it by spouting psychopathic babbling.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          You are making absurd assumptions to cover up a deeply rooted fear and bigotry against people of the past. Blaming present generations for the actions of their ancestors is simply stupid, the predictable spew of a introspective angst filled person loathing everything, including yourself.

  • Jack Daniels

    You ever notice they only assault women or children…or a single man when they are in a pack…..they are fuckin cowards. You never see a muslim pussy swing on a single man when they are by themselves.Cowards…Muslims are fuckin pussy cowards.

  • Karolyn

    Just relocate spread them around instead of deporting him back to his country of origin! INSANITY Europe, UK, Sweden and Denmark have you all lost your minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These invaders are brutal parasitic criminals.

  • mghvdeli

    Curtis Sliwa ought to organize a new franchise of Guardian Angels for Northern Europe. They need to create a culture of self-defense right about… last year.

  • craig_oz_land

    Well of course he denies the charges. There is only one law, Sharia. And it is perfectly ok to, rob, rape, enslave and behead the kafir. You are actually doing them a favour by cutting off their heads in the name of Allah.

  • Don Briscoe

    He is just one of the many thousands of Muslims that need to be deported to their own nasty countries I’m sure there are plenty of single goats still there for them.

  • ready to receive him and send him to the Saudis so they can behead him – not that they would for only beating a woman.

  • Beowulf73

    Emergency Room? How about undertaker?

  • dogbert

    Boy, that’ll show him. Europe is doomed.

  • Torcer

    Pubs And Clubs In German Town Of Freiburg Forbid Refugees… via @WeaselZippersl

  • roger

    Isn’t it just super ? no borders and they can just deport the really bad ones to each other.

  • Adam Bigg

    These savages get to tour the world, raping. stealing, killing, etc. with no repercussions. All they do is ship them off to another liberal/leftist country to continue their barbaric ways.

  • shatto

    No. The question is; why would any country consider deportation rather than punishment and putting them in a box for a very long time.

  • La-La Land

    Just dump him in the middle of the ocean and be done with it.

  • Kiki

    step by methodical step….these “Og” barbarians WILL be contained and women WORLDWIDE will have NONE og this shyte.

  • joe1429

    Are you kidding me?? This animal should be sent to an isis country… not another eu country!!!! Insane!!!!

  • conan_drum

    taqqiyah in action even when they are videoed they deny their actions

  • Janet

    Why don’t them send him back to the hell hole he came from! How dumb is Denmark to take him! You can see he’s going to be bad news for the public! In the US to spit on someone is an assault and punishable by law! But I’m sue they will just ship him out to be Denmark’s problem now! What a bunch of BS!

  • Mr Paul Middleton

    One can only hope that the Danish authorities saying “they are ready to receive him” is politico-speak for THEY’E going to deport his smelly Islamo-ass back to Tunisia.

  • Muslims are the devil worshipers all evil. !!!

    • Ron Cole

      Especially the ones in the MF&MF^TC wh.

      muslim fascist & malignant feral terrorist caliphate
      ruled by the chief iranian imam and puppetmeister
      valkeryei jarr&tt

      * wh: Formerly the American White House

      ^^ Disclaimer: We do not capitalize enemy names or titles.

  • Difster

    Were there no men around to intervene and throw him headlong down the stairs?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Men? In sweden? Surely you jest, that creature has been extinct there of years.

  • Francis John Deighan

    Give me a 9mm Glock and 3 rounds and I’ll save the State of Sweden the cost of transporting this Iraqi scumbag anywhere else, ever again.

    • Ron Cole

      Sledge hammers are fun too.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Ok, I will under bid you and do it with one. Will provide 9mm and sell bullet at 30% below cost.

  • mintap

    Taking Surah 4:34 a little too far.

  • honeybee

    Shoud the USA be accepting refugees from Scandinavia ??

  • Ron Cole

    What would ole Hamlet make of that?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Like he did to Polonius, stab him in the arras.

  • Frank Castle

    The Swedes have become pussies… Liberalism does that to a nation.

  • Gabriel A. King

    Physically assaulting females…. another cherished Muslim virtue. I would take this guy out back the wood shed, and then you’d never see him again.

    What happens on the pig farm, stays on the pig farm.

  • Mary Phipps-Seward

    To Denmark?????? Why does Denmark have to suffer his presence. Send him back to Tunisia!!!!

  • WatchingYOU

    Why cant people that would destroy that monster, ever be there when the time is right.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    Trump/Cruz dream ticket – Conservatives don’t want a deal maker, but a conservative juggernaut to stop the liberal destruction of America

    Make the world America, NOT make America the world

  • Michelle

    I’m a female and I would have knocked the Islamic $hit out of him. Vile piece of garbage doesn’t deserve to live among civilized people.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      If girls do not start doing exactly what you would do, they are ever so screwed. Men cannot be relied upon to defend even themselves, especially in europe.

  • Northernwhisky

    Stay alert and carry a pocket 40 mm. Two in the chest, and one in the head, and justice is served!

  • Valerie R. Jones

    Sent to Denmark? Is that where the morgue is? Maybe someone did take this to the level of getting rid of garbage. They needed to get his DEAD BODY out of reach. To just put in a dumpster for the trash site. I sure hope that is the rest of the story.

  • Simon Bar

    When does the shooting start?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      That is a good question, it will take europe years, at the rate it is going to become sufficiently indignant over rape and colonization to do more than whimper whilst laying on their backs waving their paws in the air.

  • volksnut

    I have a couple of things just 2 that I actually admire Putin over – One is bitch slapping barry soetoro – NOT Our President.. The other his statement on if the west wants to commit suicide by allowing these Islamic psychopaths in well so be it – Hes not letting them into his country.. That clown must be another one of barrys ” orphans “

  • JC

    Break his legs and throw him into a pool of pig poop.

  • DrBubba

    Sometimes the old gunny sack, a brick, and a river trick is appropriate.

  • Justin’s Advocate

    In my country if someone physically assaults a mother in the presence of her children, they face a MINIMUM of one year’s imprisonment. To read such news as this is outraging. I believe if a crime is committed by an illegal/or legal immigrant, the punishment should be even harsher (say, a minimum of three years THEN deportation BACK to their OWN country) simply because they did NOTHING for the host country, not even born there. This man is dangerous, he will not change or learn any manners, respect, whatsoever. Shame is, if things were handled properly in Europe, he could have NEVER got as far as Sweden in the first place. My heart goes for this woman and her children, and for all the women and families in Germany and Sweden, the worst affected countries in Europe.

  • Lato Sensu

    What is Denmark going to do with him? Put him in Randers where Danish ham is required – The council motion narrowly passed in Randers, a city in Denmark is reportedly making pork mandatory on municipal menus.

    • ljm4

      Yum, good for them, aloha snackbar!

  • Alessio Sa

    they should have left him in sweden instead of deporting him in safe haven

  • No Quarter

    He took something out of the womens open purse, the other lady spoke up and he punched her in the head. That’s what I see. Deport him, yes! To Denmark ? Why ? I hope it is so far north that he freezes to death. This is the face od islam . islam= submit or die.

  • Michael Sultana

    The Swedes or the Danes or as we like to call them, “dumb or dumber”…..

  • lajili salwa

    all the articles are intitled “a muslim migrant”, why not calling poeple by their nationalities in stead of racial or religious classement?!! this viloent thief is a tunisian; an economic migrant but first of all a gangster… i m tunisian, and, YES do have criminals as we do have brilliant citizens, it seems that sweden white christian population has zero violence… that criminals are only foreign.. anyway, hope this guy will be emprisonned in sweden or better ; here, in tunisia! instead of being sent away free..

  • Jimmy Hoffa

    jesus christ, who is running the asylum over there? isn’t there a political party in sweden that is willing to deal head on with these cocksuckers? the swedish democrats are more then willing to send this assbite packing, i would assume after an intense discussion or two in a camera free jail cell. why aren’t the swedish democrats in power? do they smell too much like testosterone? do the size of their balls terrify the beta males and alpha dyke females currently running sweden into the dirt? what

  • Oksanna Zoschenko

    Surprised the woman was not charged with unlawful interference with the man’s livelihood. That is the new norm now in Europe, isn’t it?

  • Robert Todd

    And how did you understand its a Muslim Migrant?
    Just by looking at this low quality video!?

    Stop these racism nonsense, we are in 21st century

  • Tawhid al-Almany

    That’s the laws. Just like me. Even if I kill somebody here in Germany they can not fly me back to Syria where I’m wanted by al-Assad regime on murder charges, because EU opposes to death penalty which is expected there.

  • The Greatest Freedom

    Sweden is now the biggest Jihadi producer in EU. The government pays, give returning jihadis apartments and is apathetic to take any actions.Putin should bomb Rosengard as part of his anti terrorists effort..The whore Mona Sahlin smiles on TV when mentioning that it will be worse and soon everyone will become a sacrificial lamb for the PC dictatorship…Sweden is a country of pathological mental cases in power and suicidal altruism

  • Adonis Cnut

    Saying anything negative about those “rapefugees” is called “racism” here, but if a “refugee” rapes and/or kills its just “culture”

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