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Has Germany Never Learned?

Munich still on high alert: cops hunt 7 devout Muslim ISIS homicide bombers who planned New Year’s Eve attacks on rail stations


They have been identified as Iraqis, although this has not been confirmed. In any case, they’re supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS). And as German police hunt for these men, Angela Merkel has put Germany on the road to national suicide by welcoming hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, among whom there are certain to be more ISIS supporters, who will plot the mass murder of more Europeans.

Munich train2

“Munich remains on high alert as police continue hunt for ‘seven suicide bombers who planned to launch New Year’s Eve attacks on rail stations,'” by Jay Akbar, MailOnline, January 1, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

German police are hunting seven suspected suicide bombers who planned to blow themselves up in Munich train stations during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, it has been reported.

French and US intelligence agencies are said to have given Germany the names of the seven suspects, thought to be from Iraq and Syria, and Munich police believe they may be linked to ISIS.

Police evacuated two Munich stations at around midnight after they were tipped off about a ‘serious, imminent threat’. They both reopened early yesterday.

German police lifted the alert yesterday morning, saying there was no longer a risk of an immediate attack, but armed police remained at Munich stations.

‘Overall I would say that the situation for Munich is as it was before this threat of attack,’ said Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae.

He said investigators had the names of ‘half of the five to seven’ suspects, who are thought to be but added: ‘At the moment, we do not know if these names are correct, whether these people exist and where they are.’

Andrae denied speculation the threat was a false alarm, saying that ‘if there is such information, we have to act’.

As Munich’s train station’s reopened yesterday, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann warned the overall threat in Europe remained high.

He called on people in Munich to be cautious, but at the same time not to let terror threats interfere with their normal lives.

Thousands of people took to the streets of Munich to watch the New Year’s fireworks on Thursday night despite police warnings to stay away from crowded areas.

Herrmann said the police had received personal information about some of the attackers and are in the process of verifying and investigating it.

More than 500 officers have been deployed to hunt the terrorists down but no arrests have been made, Munich’s police president Hubertus Andra said.

‘We still have many colleagues deployed. There is, as before, a high threat of terror,’ a police spokesman said.

The existence of a potential jihadi cell made up of seven Iraqis was reported by Bavarian state broadcaster BR, who cited anonymous sources.

Munich police refused to confirm the nationalities of the suspects, where they lived or whether a manhunt was underway.

Spokesman Elizabeth Matzinger told the Guardian: ‘I can’t confirm whether they are Iraqis, but it was apparently a group of five to seven people affiliated to IS [ISIS].

‘Investigations are happening, but I cannot give out any details, that is a tactical information.’

The central Hauptbahnhof station and western Pasing station were shut down and special police units with automatic weapons were sent to guard the entrances….

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    Less talk and more action. Giving the terrorists the publicity they thrive on is not helping. The dregs of society that loath everything including themselves, are delighted with the imagined attention they are getting. Just round them up, give them some very good negative publicity and deport a soon as possible. Enough money is being wasted as is because of their actions. Room and board in jail is too good for them.

    • Mamat Mamat

      I think deportation is not the best option. Beside it is “racist” to do anything against Muslim criminals, they soon will infiltrate Europe again posing as poor refugees. And the traitor Hajjah Angela Merkel will welcome them with open legs, holding sign “refugees welcome”.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Send them to Somalia or Libya, then, if they can get back to europe, let them go through the effort, then send them back again, if nothing else, it will make for employment.

    • beatiche

      dream on…

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Politicians and other assorted alleged leaders are in for a brutal surprise when islam crosses the line.

  • WarEagle82

    Will the “wayward youths” be placed in the same detention facility as Heidi Mund?

    Do you suppose tourism in Germany is going to be down this spring and summer? It accounts for 4.5% of their GDP. I suspect this year will be a bit lower although sales from ammo and explosive vests should be way, way up….

  • Juan
  • patriotpatone

    Merkel has bought the farm for Germany.

    • VLAD


      Police ought to use nail-spiked batons covered with pig leather, use rubber bullets and live ammunition greased with pig fat.

  • Michael Copeland

    This is the New Normal: armoured cars in the squares, troops on the streets, police openly armed, crowd events cancelled, cities put into lockdown, stations closed.
    This is peace.
    Western leaders only offer denial and pretence.

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