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[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

Muslims who plotted to behead Pamela Geller “laughed wildly about beheadings”

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

ACLU, Speakers Distance Themselves From UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Week

Pamela Geller, WND Column: Where are Germany’s ‘right-wing hooligans’?


Check out my column this week at WND:

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 12.08.49 PM

Where are Germany’s ‘right-wing hooligans’?
Exclusive: Pamela Geller exposes reports of riots ‘manufactured by Merkel media’
When thousands of Muslim “refugees” descended on New Year’s Eve celebrations across Europe and set off explosives and sexually attacked hundreds of girls, the police were scarce and unresponsive. The media ignored it for days.

Juxtapose that with the overwhelming police force/army, armed with water cannons, at an anti-jihad demo the following day. And the media mob followed up with smear reports about those rational anti-rape jihad protests.

That was not happenstance. That was not accidental. Reports of violent right-wing riots appear to be manufactured by the Angela Merkel-media to induce the left to spring into action.

The media reported that in Germany, “hundreds of masked hooligans” rioted – but where are these alleged right-wing hooligans? I’ve been looking for actual footage of “right-wing hooligans” vandalizing and rioting in Leipzig and elsewhere, as they were reported as having done, but to no avail. There doesn’t appear to be any such footage.

It gets much more sinister than that. These anti-jihad demos are being framed as violent, “far-right” – evocative of the Nazis. However, the leftist counter protesters, the Antifa (short for, ironically enough, anti-fascist, when in reality they define fascism), are recorded as destroying, attacking and wilding. Large groups of left-wing Antifa thugs have terrorized the same streets earlier (see here) where the “right-wingers” are supposed to have run amok.

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books – featured at the WND Superstore

In none of the videos coming out of Germany since the New Year’s Eve sex assaults is there any actual footage of the infamous “right-wing hooligans.” So where is the evidence of the “hooligans” behaving the way they are reported to have done?

Look how the enemedia go after, smear, attack and libel anyone who opposes this violent invasion – but the media would never, ever speak of the “refugees” or the leftist assailants in this way.

As one commenter on a video Russia Today presented as right-wing rioters said: “I don’t see any footage of the group of anti-mass immigration protesters looting anything. For all we know, Antifa broke into the shops so the police would have an excuse to shut the protest down. So far, the ‘right-wing’ protests have been remarkably non-violent, considering the sort of thing that’s being done to Germany. So, dear RT team … Here’s a little thought before posting online which might be useful. Whenever Legida / Pegida are demonstrating somewhere, the Antifa is not far. And in Leipzig, the Antifa is usually always rampaging in Connewitz, which is its ‘territory.’ It would be very strange if at such a time the right-wing would even trust going after Connewitz. And since the Antifa like running around in black too, they can certainly be confused with the right-wing hooligans if you do not know what to look for. And the fact that the police no longer report events properly is actually well known, because it has a team order from the respective governments as to certain socio-political issues. Small example: In the TV show, ‘The Institute,’ Mr. Wagner from the official police report cited that the worst crimes of the left-wing scene were sit-ins. At such a statement, any Leipziger can only shake their heads in disbelief. You have even put online a few weeks ago, videos that show quite well that the left do not just make sit-ins. ;) And the left have been acting out for decades. And where is the video footage of these alleged hooligans?”

A German reader of my website,, did some more research. Many more comments echoed this same sentiment. Here is a translation from the comments on this video: “I am beginning to ask – Where are the Hooligans? Where are the 200+ right-wing agitators who recreated Kristalnacht in Connewitz?”

Another remarked: “Question, where is the proof? I see: I have only one picture found on the web where black-dressed men are being fettered on the floor, and are arrested! No videos by any passersby, employees, Antifa, anonymous, local residents, journalists … they show someone throwing something where someone calls out something; where are the about 200 men in the pack or individually, and why don’t we see pictures, videos of the arrests, the encirclement? Have all these men been subdued within only a few seconds, all without a fight resulting? And what about the 1,000 other masked men on 12.12.2015? The police on this day were pelted with paving stones as they approached. … There were no injured policemen? There was not a single ambulance on site, the prisoners on the single image are all uninjured, even the things that they wear are unmarked. The short video clip of a prisoner’s watch was pixelated. Where can I find a statement by the hooligans that they were there? So please, people from the Antifa, residents, victims, police: post times for the videos and pictures of this action. Or is it all just a fake? A very sad man fearing for his hometown and asking for peace.”

All this bodes extremely ill for Germany’s future – and that of the free world.


  • cliffleaper

    Yes. And they’ll post photos of broken shop windows, overturned cafe tables etc but nowhere can you find actual footage of their accusations.
    They lie.
    They have been at this; lying, for a very long time now.
    They will continue to lie.
    So we need RT, etc to do more than accept. That’s not reporting real news. That’s lazy journalism of the most pandering kind.

  • Be Still

    Leftists side with Islam because of mutual hatred of western Christians values……. To their own demise BTW.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    What can be expected from german politicians and lame stream media? They are so used to lying, ignoring, censoring and distorting reality, that this is merely another attempt to divert attention for their “friendly” violently murdering rapist colonizing masters. Germany will soon be the “poor man” of europe through wasting its resources on welfare bums who are destroying the country, bleeding it white while doing so.

  • Wolfgang Stahl

    Dear Mrs. Geller,
    I was active in the 1990s in the right hooligan scene in Germany.
    The hooligans then were quite radically to 90%. But since about 10 years, the ratio has reversed. today 90% of hooligans are leftist. That is why the few right hooligans who have been seen in the media are all over 40 years old or in their early 50s.

    Today there are virtually no more right wing hooligans in Germany, today’s hooligans are composed of 90% of ANTIFA, these are 25 years old on average, and are paid by the Socialists for their rampage and to destroy Germany.

    Greetings from Germany Wolfgang Stahl

    • Save Europe

      Same as in England, Wolfgang. The lefty anarchists are the hooligans. Mind you, there are still a few right wing ones watching Millwall and West Han, I can imagine.

  • Drew the Infidel

    As with the Baltimore riots the police are under a stand down order from the municipal authorities in order that the street rabble can operate unimpeded and for effect.

  • code 2 barf

    We in the UK have long suffered from this tarring of anything right wing as ‘fascist’ (a left-wing movement), ‘racist’ (the left are far more racist than the right – 200 million corpses to prove it), neo-Nazi (Hitler was a man of the left) and the practice of violently hijacking any peaceful demo that might be remotely associated with the ‘right.’

    All those insults are attached to those of us who wish to see Britain free from the Marxist EU and make our own way in the world, because as long as we remain part of that socialist enterprise we have no control over our borders.

    A nation that has no control of its own borders is not a nation at all, it is a satellite, a puppet, a protectorate without protection.

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