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[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

Media ignores that Florida cop killer is a Muslim, emphasizes that he’s a former Marine

[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

Officials from largest US Islamic charity promote anti-Semitism on social media

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Barbie BOMB: ISIS Plot To Blow Up Aussie Plane With Barbie Doll Foiled

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Barcelona jihadi Younes Abouyaaqoub ‘shot dead’ by Spanish cops while wearing suicide vest after killing...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Report: Bannon Urged Trump to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem — Was Blocked by Jewicidal...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

MGM Resorts International will match employees’ donations to “civil rights groups,” including Hamas-CAIR, SPLC, and...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Robert Spencer: UK Gets Tough On Terror

[ August 21, 2017 ]

KIndergarten children “radicalized” in Belgium

Jihadist ‘Kamikaze’ Bikers Charged With Brussels New Year’s Terror Attack


This does not bode well for Europe in 2016.

“Belgium terror plot: Kamikaze Riders motorbike club members charged with planning attacks on Brussels,” From the Independent (thanks to Breitbart):

They were charged as authorities cancelled the Belgian capital’s main fireworks display over the terror threat

Two members of a motorbike gang with alleged links to global terror networks are among the suspects arrested over a plot to launch attacks in Brussels.

Authorities said a suspected Isis terror cell were planning to attack high-profile targets in the Belgian capital over the festive season, prompting the cancellation of its main New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

Military fatigues, Airsoft replica gun equipment, Isis propaganda, phones and computers have been seized from homes of the alleged suspects in a series of police raids.

Charles Michel, the Belgian Prime Minister, would not be drawn on whether security forces had successfully thwarted an attack.

“I do not want to categorically say ‘we escaped’ or ‘we didn’t escape’…when investigations have progressed over the coming weeks we will be able to speak more certainly,” he said in a television interview.

A 30-year-old man named as Said Saouti has been charged with threatening terror attacks, recruiting people with the aim of carrying them out and participating in the activities of a terrorist group, the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office said.

His alleged accomplice, Mohammed Karay, 27, is accused of making terror threats and participating in the activities of a terrorist group.

The two Belgians, who deny the charges, are members of the Kamikaze Riders motorcycle club, which has been previously described by a security expert as “closely associated with jihadists active in Iraq and Syria”.

The International Business Times reports:

Founded by Belgians of Moroccan descent, gang members show off their prowess on their Japanese motorcycles, wearing the leather jackets emblazoned with samurai imagery. However, investigations have exposed links between group members and Belgium’s shadowy jihadist underworld.

In 2013 one of the club’s founders, Abdelouafi Elouassaki, was arrested after providing material support to two of his brothers, who were fighting in Syria for jihadist groups.

All three were found to have ties to now-banned group Sharia4Belgium, which radicalised hundreds of young Belgian and Dutch men to fight for jihadist groups in Syria, including Islamic State (Isis) and the al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al Nusra.

  • BrunoPBuhr

    Guilt by association! Arrest the whole gang. Any support of Islamic Terrorism should be met with swift punishment and expulsion from Europe!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Interrogate them to find out who else is involved, if they survive interrogation, deport immediately to Somalia. Repeat with all creatures involved.

  • Millionmileman

    Confiscate their crash helmets!

  • atl slayer

    One of the accused is named moHAMmad, no way :/ that’s unpossible hahaha,

  • EJO

    Happy Frigging New Year!!!

    A different year. The same brutal savagery.
    Islamic State Fighters Strap Bomb on 4 Year-Old Boy and Blow Him Up after Killing the Child’s Father

    Jim Hoft Jan 1st, 2016 8:29 am

    ISIS strapped a bomb on a four year-old child and blew him up a week after executing the boys father.

    Islamic State fighters point their guns at a child prisoner. (Catholic Online)ISIS
    strapped a bomb to a four year-old child and blew him up a week after executing the boy’s father in the Al-Shirqat district.

  • Reagan40

    Deport all their family members to Somalia evil nasty animals all of them.

    • freebird

      We Europäen have to get rid of this pol.corr. blind Idiots.
      Then we can start our job to save us from tyranny.

  • Jeremiah



      Waterboard them in the Summer, Snowboard ’em in the Winter.

  • Mamat Mamat

    The useless Western European governments can’t do anything effective against the cancer of civilization (Islam). They are LEFTIST traitors, they hate themselves of being white, and they love the cancer.

    • freebird

      I remember how Obama was celebrated in Amerika as well.
      The EU is just at the start to be independent. Obama is no help.
      If you want a strong ally, vote for a präsident who fight for freedom. Be again a sign what your hymn promise.
      “A land of the free and the home of the brave”.
      Not this pol.corr.Obimbo-entertainment.


        I’m voting for Trump.

        NEVER for Hillary and her Huma Abadeen Muslim Brotherhood handler.

        Obama has Valerie Jarret as his Muslim Brotherhood advisor. That’s enough.

        • freebird

          As Eupopäen I will never interfere in your politic.
          Vote for a canditate with moral, wise and proved behavior.
          You Americans have all you need.

          I wish that we in Europe have this free speech.

    • Budvarakbar

      Same with USA and Canada

  • joe1429

    Yes… they should be deported

  • notme123

    Don’t let any of these invaders into OUR country. We the people, not we the government. If they don’t like their country, let them stay and fight for change.

  • rockyh77

    The use of biker gangs for assisting terrorist has gone on for decades. US Senators used the Iron Cross to grab State Department and CIA officer’s children in the 70’s. I confronted their idiot leader at the time and he asked me how I knew about the Senators? That is just how stupid these groups are. It looks like the Mongols took the place of the Iron Cross, who Jessie Ventura when he was Jim Janos, one of their enforcers. Who by the way never went on a mission with the seals because of he is a Satanist.

  • roger

    They should get a weeks community service for that.

  • berserker

    I suppose the police took away their bikes and sent them home with a welfare check.

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