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[ September 26, 2017 ]

Jihad Terror Attack in Israel: Three Jews Murdered, One Wounded in Har Adar Shooting

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Muslim IT worker at center of House scandal accused of abusing three Muslim women

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Has Germany Never Learned?

Jihad in Jakarta: Homicide bombers and gunmen attack Starbucks and shopping center near foreign embassies in Indonesian capital


The steady escalation of global savagery.

At least three homicide bombers exploded themselves in a Starbucks cafe in downtown Jakarta on Thursday while two gunmen attacked a police post nearby, a witness told The Associated Press. TVOne, a local television network, reported three other explosions in Jakarta, Obama’s hometown.

Jihad in Indonesia.

Witness Christian Hubel describes the scene in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta after gun and bomb attacks

“Several killed as explosions rock downtown Jakarta,” By Agencies and Times of Israel staff,”  TOI, January 13, 2016:
Bombers and gunmen attack Starbucks and shopping center near foreign embassies in Indonesian capital before fleeing; president says situation under control

Gunfire and explosions in the Indonesian capital Jakarta killed at least four people Thursday, with police flooding the streets amid fears gun-toting militants were still on the run.

Witnesses said at least one gunman had attacked a Starbucks cafe in the city center — near a cluster of embassies — shooting at bystanders, as a series of explosions rocked the area.

Badly mangled bodies were seen lying on the streets as security forces moved in, with regular reports of gunfire and warnings of snipers in the area.

“Four people died, one police officer and three civilians,” national police spokesman Anton Charliyan told AFP.

“For now the gunfire has stopped but they are still on the run, we are afraid there will be more gunshots.”

However, Jakarta police spokesman Col. Muhammad Iqbal said seven people, including four attackers, were killed in the brazen attacks in the downtown capital.


He said police have recovered the bodies of the attackers, but it is not clear if more remain at large.

According to Reuters, three policemen and three civilians were killed in the series of attacks.

The conflicting numbers could not be immediately reconciled

As well as the known deaths, a number of people were feared injured in Thursday’s assault, with an eyewitness telling AFP he had seen a “terrorist” open fire on a local journalist. Gunfire and explosions continued to be heard hours after the attack.

Ruli Koestaman, 32, who had been in a meeting in a nearby building, said the attack started around 10:35a.m. Jakarta time.

“Then I heard a loud bang, boom. It felt like an earthquake. We all went downstairs,” he said.

“We then saw that the Starbucks downstairs was destroyed too. I saw a foreigner, Westerner, a man, with a mangled hand but alive. A Starbucks waiter then ran out with blood coming out of his ear. And I asked anyone hurt inside, he said yes, one. Dead already. Then everybody gathered and a terrorist appeared. He had a gun and started shooting at us and then at Starbucks. Then the police post… exploded.”

Koestaman said the attacker shot at a reporter who was at the scene.

“Police then started to shoot at the guy, who kept reloading his gun. And then there was another explosion. Then shootings.”

The blasts — at least six, according to eyewitnesses — were close to a shopping center, the Sarinah. The area also has many luxury hotels, and offices and embassies, including the French. The other set of explosions were in neighborhoods where the embassies of Turkey and Pakistan are located.

Graphic photographs from the scene showed the bloodied bodies of what appeared to be two men in civilian clothes lying by the side of a road next to the wrecked police post.

Another body, also apparently male, dressed all in black was pictured lying on his back in the center of the street while another, almost naked, lay nearby.

The first explosion appeared to have triggered a gun-battle between the attackers and anti-terror police squads.

Tri Seranto, a bank security guard, told The Associated Press he saw at least five attackers, including three suicide bombers who exploded themselves in the Starbucks.

He said he was out on the street when he saw the three men entering Starbucks and saw them blowing themselves up one by one. He said the other two attackers, carrying handguns, entered a police post from where he heard gunfire. He said he later saw one policeman dead and three seriously wounded.

He said the two gunmen ran away with police chasing them.

Anton Charliyan, national police spokesman, told Metro TV, that the bombers did not blow themselves up., and that no arrests had been made.

“This is not a suicide bomb, based on witness account at the police post it was something that was thrown, whether it was a grenade or a bomb we still haven’t been able to confirm.

He said at least one attacker — maybe two — fled afterwards, using a motorbike.

Police had earlier said the explosions were caused by bombs.

Officers at the scene told AFP reporters to “get back” because there “is a sniper” on the roof of a building.

Plainclothes police officers were also seen aiming their handguns towards people outside the Starbucks.

Other armed officers were seen taking up positions behind a vehicle.

It was not immediately clear who was behind the attacks.

Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country, suffered several major bomb attacks by Islamic radicals between 2000 and 2009, including the 2002 bombings on the resort island of Bali that killed 202 people.

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  • Luiza

    I wonder how long it will take to hear this on American news. The average I’ve observed is 7 days if at all. Then it’s usually watered down and twisted so badly it doesn’t even resemble the real story. I’m seeing mention of this now tho. Just today I read a story where both the police and the media are admitting to NON reporting of Muslim-related crimes. They are taking note that they are losing readership to pages like this one. Made me feel like I made a good choice in being here.

  • ricknick59

    These muslim monsters need to be terminated.You all realize that this is our future thanks to obama, liberals and RINO’s. There are no “peaceful”, “moderate” muslims, there are those that murder and rape and those that finance. Both are equally as guilty!

    • Shafiq Islam

      Ricknick, as an ex-Muslim Christian still living in a Muslim majority country, I’d like to say that there are actually a fair number of Muslims who are decent people and wouldn’t harm others. However, among the pious ones almost all are vicious, and some of the apparently moderate ones do get radicalised. There are many ostensibly Muslim atheists and agnostics; they dare not declare their apostasy publicly, but they don’t buy into all that nasty stuff in the Qur’an and they think that Muhammad was a disgusting criminal.

      When people really read the Qur’an, which most Muslims don’t, they do one of two things: they either become crazy and violent, or they stop believing.

      I don’t think that the Muslim religion is compatible with democracy or human rights, and I think preference ought to be given to Christians and Buddhists in immigration.

      • knight

        Tell me if ones plate of food is contaminated, do you eat all the food or dispose of the lot.

        One gets rid of it, so it should be for all Muslims. A good Muslim converts and takes the risk with a Fatwa.

        • wilypagan

          That is easy to say living here in the free world. If we had a decent leader who would take control of muslim territory, then Islam could be banned and those who were forced to remain in the faith could leave without risking their lives. I wish I could do an anonymous poll about how many would leave if they could. I think that the limits of tolerance for Islam was shown in Egypt where the people threw the Muslim Brotherhood out. Even there, though, the clerics still hold power. Muslims need Christian missionaries and soldiers to convert them.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Most Nazis were good people who only wanted to work hard and provide for their families.

        • honeybee

          Good comment.

  • Po Tato

    I have stayed in some moslem majority countries and Indonesia is one of them and like the other moslem majority countries (Egypt and Pakistan are the other two moslem majority countries I’ve stayed) the non-moslems there have to bear the brunt of the islamic violences

    • Shafiq Islam

      That is correct, because the Qur’an tells them to kill us, so they do it without qualms. They’re not all that nice to each other, either, but they’re downright vicious with those of other faiths. Unlike in Christianity, in the Muslim religion it is not wrong to lie to, steal from or harm those of other faiths.

      • berserker

        It is duty to pillage, plunder and rape. Peace = submission.

  • Shafiq Islam

    Now that biotechnology is so advanced, we need to dig up two long-dead leaders and clone them both many times over. For the western world, Winston Churchill. For the Muslim world, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Both would do the right thing and everyone would be better off.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Jan Sobeiski, King of Poland, was the only man in Europe/Eurabia who spoke the language muslums understand. Hopefully another Sobeiksi will rise in Eastern Europe and pay muslums back for their thousand years of endless bloodshed, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

  • knight

    Off Topic.

    Bit of Australian news I never heard, all hushed in Australia, for New Years riots of Muslims in Melbourne.
    Where was the global intelligence when there were attacks around the world

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      A sad state of affairs, especially considering AUS is the country most responsible for stopping the Indonesian muslum genocide of unbelievers in Islam in E. Timor. I find myself wondering if the AUS of today would do anything to stop the Indonesian islamic-nazis from starting up where they left on in E. Timor.

      • knight

        When media does not give the truth to West Papua, then Australia has a media block, as you see in this attack in Melbourne, not reported. Well I did not see at the same time as all the German flack of the 1000.

        West Papua’s are at risk. I also see Australia in danger as Indonesia all it has to do is drive down to Australia through East Papua, 23 miles to Australia

  • knight

    Look this bombing again relate to the words we should all know.
    Taqiyya, Tawriya, Muruna, Kitman

    Indonesia knew of the pending attack, and failed to protect the city with its massive police and military strength.

    Taqiyya, Tawriya, Muruna, Kitman

  • Infidel Knight

    Islam, the “religion of pieces,” the ones they leave you and all around you in. @Mankind: Islam is the damn problem. Any doubt, research the last 1500 years of irrefutable history.

  • joker

    Please do remember this had nothing to do with Islam! Just move on and forget it.

    • Frank

      I’m still blaming Islam.

    • berserker

      I simply wear my CAIR-issued “Nothing to do with Islam” cap. I wear it a lot these days. Almost worn out.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Read the qur’an. To condense it, islam will kill all who are not muslims. What that means, for the willfully dense, is that they can and will attempt to kill any infidel, It is them or us. Best we make it them. How much evidence will be required to demonstrate that islam is death?

    • knight

      Worst part about Islam they are all Muslims and live for one ununited world dominated Islam under one banner

      • Mahou Shoujo

        On the plus side, islam is divided into tribes and cults, each accusing the other or aspostacy, with the punishment of that, being death. Muslims kill each other off very frequently, this saves the rest of the world the bother.

        • knight

          Make them refugees to flood the world, when they should be fighting the bad. There all bad as we would not be having these world troubles.

    • John Miller

      In the words of Muhammed, “I was ordered to fight all men until they say there is no God but Allah”. It is a death cult.

      “First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday!” Is an Islamic saying that means “first we kill the Jews, then we kill the christians” since Muhammad’s time, their “prophet” gave a commandment on his deathbed, “Let there be no two religions in Arabia”. Much like Osama bin Laden , “declaration of world Islamic front for jihad a against Jews and crusaders” it is happening. Thanks to Noni Darwin. (The Devil We Don’t Know)

      Why couldn’t Muhammed be peaceful like Jesus and make a new commandment of “Love one another” instead of “fight all men”?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Islam is in essence evil, it was designed by a controlling psychopath who figured out how to manipulate primitives of society then, and continues to do so today.

      • SFTOBEY

        Her name is Nonie Darwish, and she now writes articles on Pamela’s blog site. A wonderful and brave woman.

        • John Miller

          Fixed the spelling of her name. That was the auto spelling. She is definitely a brave, wonderful and courageous lady as is Pamela Geller.

      • jlv

        Hi John,

        Hundreds of thousands converts to Islam in UK peacefully.

        “Islam is a missionary religion and many Muslim organisations and particularly university students’ Islamic societies have active outreach programmes designed to remove popular misconceptions about the faith.”

        There are 2 type of non muslims ;

        a. The friendly non muslims : Muslims and non muslims live and work together peacefully.

        There are thousands of non muslims working in oil and gas industries and they got good pay. Muslims and non muslims working together peacefully to ensure continual oil and gas supply to the whole world.

        So many non muslims live in muslims countries and they are free to practice their religion peacefully. So many has became billionaires and millionaires.

        For example : In Malaysia (majority muslims country) there is the largest Hindu temple (Batu Caves) outside India since decades ago. gigantic golden Lord Murugan statue – the prominent attraction there. The gigantic statue is more than 42 meters high.

        Furthermore, so many US and Western companies have their business operations in so many muslim countries since decades ago. Muslims and non muslims work together peacefully as required in Islam teaching. US and Western companies have made multi billions of profit from their business activities in muslims countries peacefully.

        b. The enemy of Islam : Everyday Bashar al assad, Iran, Iraq and Russian killing Syrian muslims civilian, schools, hospitals using barrel bombs. They are all enemy of Islam. It is the duty of every muslims to fight against them. (the verse refers)

        More and more converts understand Islam. That’s why Islam has became the fastest growing religion in US, Europe and around the world…

      • Nancy

        Because there is only one GOD…..Jesus Christ
        Mathew 24:11 “For many will come in my name,saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many”

        • jbe

          Hi Nancy,

          Jesus pbuh said the Lord is ONE….

          Mark 12:28-34 The Greatest Commandment

          29 “The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.[a] 30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’[b]

          Can you explain how a human can be 100% God and at the same time 100% human.

          Is Jesus pbuh died in form of human or in the form of God?

          Who taking care the universe when God died? Auto pilot?

          Jesus pbuh is not God. He eat, sleep, drink etc.

          How can Jesus be GOD Almighty in the light of the following verses?

          If Jesus was GOD, then why in Matthew 24:36 Jesus said “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Jesus told his followers that no one (including Jesus) knows when the judgment day will come, only GOD knows?

          If Jesus was GOD, then why in Mark 12:29 Jesus said “Here, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord.” The words “our God” indicate that Jesus had a higher God over him, a stronger God than him. Jesus didn’t say “Your God”. He said “our God” which includes Jesus as the creation of GOD.

          If Jesus was GOD, then why did he ask for GOD’s Forgiveness in Luke 23:34? Please visit How can Jesus be GOD Almighty when he asked for GOD’s Forgiveness?

          If Jesus was GOD, then why Mark 15:34 says “And at the ninth hour Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?”—which means, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

          If Jesus was GOD, then did Paul say in 1 Corinthians 8:6 “yet for us there is but one God, the Father, from whom all things came and for whom we live; and there is but one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things came and through whom we live.”

  • John Bull

    Think the holy book needs updating from the dark ages to the 21st Century. What are the chances of that happening………….more chance of Obama becoming a Jew!

  • kirana

    5 jihadists were killed, 3 by exploding themselves, 1 shot by police, the other 2 were shot during the gunfires with police as they were among the panic mass. The other victims are an unidentified Indonesian, and a Canadian (identified by his passport) who is reported as working in a bank – but Police refused to reveal the identity for now waiting for the family to come. The injured ones about 24 among then a Dutch-man worked for UN Jakarta-HQ, a German, an Austrian, and another from Al-Jazair, the rest are Indonesian civilians and police officers.

    These jihadists were among the targets who were at large from last New Year Islamic terrorist hunt-down by Police anti-terror squad.
    It was reported that Indonesian ISIS Bahrum Naim who is still in Raqqa-Syria is the one who ordered it in Paris-style attack last November. They actually have threathen the police since last November about “Jakarta Concert”. The attack happened in the busiest precint in downtown Jakarta with many international offices, hotels, embassies (including France Embassy), and close to UN-building. They were targeting Police and also western interests in Jakarta. Now Indonesia is in state of emergency as Densus-88 (Anti-Terror Squad) is working its way to hunt down all other suspected Jihadist cells. All foreigners are told to not going out near public places and be in contact with their embassies to be facilitated to contact their family in their home-countries.

    It was based on Australian Federal Police and FBI intellegence report about ISIS targeting Indonesia as its South East Asia Spotlight, to make Indonesia as basis of its Caliphate for SE region. And also reported that this is a rivalry between jihadists from Indonesia and Phillipines to get the leadership grant from ISIS leader to control the region. ISIS is reported have their affiliated groups in North Phillippines, Accross Indonesia, and South Thailand.

    It can happen everywhere, and they are everywhere now all disguised as just ordinary people. Like the two persons who were having gun-fight with Police, were among the panic mass, they then took out guns and shot police officer with the mass watching in dead-shock even police officers so in shock they couldn’t move for some moments and just watched the man made the shot, then later they were all run in fear in all direction while the man and his other friend walking in calm shoting around and had a gun-fight with police before being terminated.

    They were cold-blooded, well-trained, and had a high-determination and self-control as they just walked calmly just like a usual walk with guns from among the people. This is crazy, and i hope this will be a very heavy lesson for muslims in Indonesia to leave this sick religion or it will bring us all down in havoc! They said this is not Islam but the hard fact is shocking them….they are all also target as being called “apostates” by Jihadist for not practicing Quran-style terror!

    For you all here, be safe and on alert always and it is time to pack those muslims apologists with their left-lovers and send them back to their camel-holes in arabia desert!

  • Ant. I. Liberal

    The Kill Ratio is too Low ! They are Hiding the REAL Numbers ! Look at the Pics and you will see ! I don’t Go to Starbuck here at Home, but this is just another good reason not too ! !

  • knight

    If your not a Muslim and not essential, get out of Muslim countries. Need people back home to defend your own country against the invaders.

  • knight

    Just remember visiting Indonesia your helping atrocities with Indonesia in West Papua.
    Animal cruelty

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Aren’t the muslo-nazis of Indonesia engaged in ethnic cleansing of W. Papua New Guinea? Or have they already finished the job?

      • knight

        I hope the world will wake up for this small place as well as East Timor and kick the Indonesians out.

        Read the news articles, they kicked out all NGO’s, after bashing up a couple European reporters last month arrested heaps, etc.

        This is not the full count if you read the stories as it is getting worse.


        1 December 2015
        Shooting case against residents in Serui
        1 person died (shot)

        1 person critical in the Hospital and

        2 people have not been identified

        08 October 2015
        The dispersion of SKP-HAM Papua in front of Abe Post Office
        18 people arrested

        09 October 2015
        Arbitrary arrests of KNPB Activists in Sentani
        3 people arrested

        28 September 2015
        Mimika Shooting Case
        – 1 person died

        – 2 people heavily wounded

        28 August 2015
        Mimika Shooting Case
        – 1 person died

        – 4 people heavily wounded

        17 July 2015
        Tolikara Shooting Case
        – 1 person died

        – 11 people heavily wounded

        25 June 2015
        Dogiyai Shooting Case
        – 1 person died

        – 1 person heavily wounded

        22 June 2015
        Arbitrary Arrests of FIM Students in Jayapura
        14 people arrested

        28 May 2015
        Arbitrary Arrests of KNPB Members in Jayapura
        47 people arrested

        21 May 2015
        Arbitrary arrests of KNPB Activists in Biak
        25 people arrested

        20 May 2015
        Arbitrary arrests of KNPB Activists in
        2 people arrested

        30 April – 01 M May 2015
        Arbitrary arrests of Pro-Democracy Activists
        178 people arrested

        14 April 2015
        The Arrest Of The Delegates Of The Committee Of Independent Papua
        4 people arrested

        08 March 2015
        Shooting and Arbitrary Arrests in Yahukimo
        – 1 person died

        – 5 people heavily wounded

        – 11 people arrested

        08 December 2014
        Bloody Paniai Case
        – 5 people died

        – 17 people heavily wounded

        19 November 2014
        Arbitrary arrests of KNPB Activists in Nabire
        8 people arrested

  • hiskid1964

    coming to a town near you.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Dead Indonesian muslums, why should I care? Maybe the Indonesian muslums can cry to the families of the 200,000 kaffir al najjis they slaughtered in E. Timor in the 1970’s, a slaughter only stopped by the threat of directl military intervention by AUS — back before they became spineless lieberals.

    • kirana

      You are really a shameless person, E.Timor was not Islamic attack, it is military operation. Why don’t you stop lying like muslims lying alot. Timor east and west are predominantly Catholics, and East Timor want to be disintegrated and they did get their independence with heavy cost due to Indonesia military operation. It was army operation and in that very army consisted of muslims, catholics, hindus…all the same. Yoi are trying to portray it as muslims groups of terrorists which is wrong. You are practicing that taqqiya. You know what differ us from them muslims? We don’t do what they do, we don’t lie. We just stick to the fact! No matter how bitter that fact is, we can’t just alter the naration out of our bitterness. Im easterner and grew up very close with E.Timor, we don’t hold grudge amd both sides are working together to bring the violations by army into the attention of the world.if you are not Indonesian stop spreading this taqqiya!

      Yet9 it is the truth that many civilians have died there in the hands of army, and it is still a heavy issue that the world stood silence against human rights violation (always silence when the human rights violations happen to Christians), that also happened to the mass murdering of Indonesians (communist and alleged communists) in the hands of army and muslims…the world also stood silence on Indonesia human rights violation. Until Indonesian themselves fight for it to be acknowledged by international attention!

      As for West Papua it is also political one, same with the mass murdering in 1965-66. It is all about Americans/Britain corporation interests in West Papua’s gold/copper and now probably uranium. West Papuans have suffered so long from both oppressive government and also western-political play.

      All the organisations that work there are leftist group paid by western interests to create conflict using all kind of issues, including giving false naration on every conflict! The kind of NGOs that working for Palestinians.

      I want West Papua to be free, have their independence but not with the help of those scumbags who tried to make profit out of their misseries.

      They deserve and entitled to determine their own choice. There are lots of us easterners (eastern Indonesians) who support them to stand against their own corrupt leaders and also corrupt governments as well as refusing some of western-involvement that certainly not interested in helping them but to exploit and manipulate their sufferings on behalf of western-bigcorps.

      Oh yeah we have serious hate here towards American policy the fact that American government has always play a part in every serious conflict here while they telling lies to American public. The only good NGOs here are Christians groups from around the world that really do the humanitarian work without any political agendas attached to them.

      But i can not stand it someone making false naration, acting exactly like muslims with taqqiya and has no fair objective…I seriously suggest you to know the history of Indonesia before yoi make all those wrong claim! And if you hate muslims so much you don’t have to fall into being like one! A liar.
      You can be better than that whoever yoi are!

      You think bringing up lies like this will win you over muslim narative? No they will have another excuse to slaugher us non-muslims here because of this kind of lies!

      And another thing you will harass me with harsh words? Exactly the same way muslim always do when they can’t stand the truth! To harass others. Thats what you did last time. To fight a good fight…never start it with a lie!

  • Isabelle Baptiste

    Why does the media call ‘suicide bombers’ this? What is more true is that these thugs are mass murderers. To call them suicide bombers while they do die, is spinning them as somehow being the victim. They are perpetrators period.

  • enemies R among us

    You will never have peace and on this earth as long as the demonic death cult of Islam exists.

    Muslims don’t know how to build and create – only destroy and kill in the name of ‘Allah’, their pagan moon devil / imaginary sky fairy.

    Regions dominated by Islam are the most miserable, violent and repressive places on earth (i.e., Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Gaza, Yemen, … etc … ).

    That is why everywhere Islam is in large numbers you either have chaos, misery, violence and strife or a dictatorship.

    Islam is anti-progress and stuck in medieval and stone age times. Has a Muslim ever won the Nobel prize in science ?

    This intolerant, hateful and violent ideology is truly the enemy of a civil and peaceful society – a scourge and blight on humanity.

  • Politically Accurate

    Please repeat the following mantra after me.

    This has nothing to do with Pisslam.

    This is workplace violence perpetrated by unemployed and climate change affected Icelandic and Fijian extremists who suffer from low self-esteem and an absence of hugs.

  • Drew the Infidel

    That is what happens to a joint that has the temerity to charge $8 for a lousy cup of coffee.

  • Leela Kim

    Tell me how Islamic ISIS is, when it even attacks Ultra Conservative Saudi, Ultra Secular Turkey, Ultra Moderate Indonesia. Btw you should thanks Bush and Blair for destroying Iraq and giving birth to this rouge monster Isis.Tell me how Islamic ISIS is, when it even attacks Ultra Conservative Saudi, Ultra Secular Turkey, Ultra Moderate Indonesia. Btw you should thanks Bush and Blair for destroying Iraq and giving birth to this rouge monster Isis.

    • Leela Kim

      Isis will attack whoever against it. UK and US has given birth to this Frankeinstein love child, Isis, by destroying Iraq illegally. And now the Frankenstein hit back whoever try to attack it. Be it the creator (US & UK) or others (including the whole muslim countries: Be it conservative Saudi Arabia, secular Turkey, or Moderate Indonesia!).

      The thing is, Unlike Inquisition WHICH IS founded LEGALLY by LEGAL authority Pope Gregory IX and LEGAL ruler Queen Isabella, the ILLEGAL ISIS created through ILLEGAL invasion of Iraq. Isis is confronted by every Muslim-majority countries. Every Islamic organizations condemn it. Even Saudi Arabia forms a coalition to combat this nasty UK-US love child.

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