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Hamas-Supporting CAIR Leader Nihad Awad to Lecture Harvard Student Group

Iran-militia KIDNAPS 3 AMERICANS IN BAGHDAD as Obama releases BILLIONS to Terror-State


Forgive me for not applauding the release of four of our many hostages held in Iran. It was extortion — Iran created an international incident to insure release of billions dollars in what is ostensibly ransom or jizya — pick your poison.

On the same day, the Obama administration will pay Iran a $400 million debt and $1.3 billion in interest dating to the Islamic revolution, Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday.

Savages acting with impunity with the sanction and support of the mullah in the White House.

–Obama Pardons 21 Iranians Convicted of Violating Sanctions

Our hostages were tortured. Iranian political prisoner Kaveh Taheri, in an exclusive interview with JerusalemOnline, speaks out about how he was tortured and abused by the Iranian authorities: “This is the regime that the world powers signed a nuclear treaty with.”
Iran politcal torture

“The 10 US sailors detained by Iran were held at gunpoint,” DEBKAfileJanuary 18, 2016

This report by the US military contradicts the message cited by US Secretary of State John Kerry that the sailors were well treated and given food and blankets, when he thanked Tehran for their early release. The sailors were held at gunpoint for the 15 hours of their detention and there was a verbal exchange with their captors, the US military revealed.

Now this:

“Abduction of 3 Americans in Baghdad is latest in a series of kidnappings by Iran-backed militias in Iraq,” Associated Press, January 16, 2016:

The abduction of three Americans from a Baghdad apartment over the weekend is the latest in a series of brazen high-profile kidnappings undermining confidence in the Iraqi government’s ability to control state-sanctioned Shiite militias that have grown in strength as Iraqi security forces battle the Islamic State group.

Witnesses said men in uniform carried out the kidnapping in broad daylight Saturday, 100 yards (meters) from a police station.

“Gunmen in military uniforms came in five or six SUVs, they entered the building and then left almost immediately,” said Mohammad Jabar, 35, who runs a shop down the street from the three-story apartment building where the Americans had been invited by their Iraqi interpreter.

“A few hours later we heard that three foreigners had been kidnapped by these gunmen,” Jaber said.

The three were abducted in Dora, a mixed neighborhood that is home to both Shiites and Sunnis. However, they were then taken to Sadr City, a vast and densely populated Shiite district to the east, and there “all communication ceased,” an Iraqi intelligence official told The Associated Press.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to reporters.

A similar scene unfolded in September, when masked men in military uniforms abducted 18 Turkish workers from a construction site in a Shiite neighborhood. A hostage video later showed the men standing before a banner that read “Death Squads” and “Oh, Hussein,” a Shiite religious slogan. The workers were released later that month.

In December, gunmen driving SUVs raided a remote camp for falconry hunting in Iraq’s overwhelmingly Shiite south, kidnapping 26 Qataris, who are still being held. Iraq’s Interior Ministry said at the time that the abduction was “to achieve political and media goals,” without providing further details.

Iraqi Shi'iteMushtaq Muhammed/ReutersIraqi Shi’ite militia fighters demonstrate their skills during a graduation parade in Kerbala, southwest of Baghdad, October 2, 2014.

Baghdad authorities said in a statement that the three Americans were kidnapped from a “suspicious apartment” without elaborating, and have provided no other details.

The US Embassy confirmed Sunday that “several” Americans went missing in Iraq, after local media reported that three Americans had been kidnapped in the Iraqi capital. US officials have declined to provide further details, and have neither identified the Americans nor said what they were doing in Iraq.

There were no immediate claims of responsibility. Besides Shiite militias, the perpetrators of kidnappings in Iraq have included the Islamic State group, as well as criminal gangs demanding ransom payments or disgruntled employees seeking to resolve workplace disputes.

The kidnapping of the Americans comes at a time of deteriorating security in and around the Iraqi capital after months of relative calm. Last week two Iraqi journalists were killed within sight of a police checkpoint in Diyala province north of Baghdad.

The scale and sophistication of the recent kidnappings of foreigners suggest those responsible are operating with some degree of impunity, said Nathaniel Rabkin, managing editor of Inside Iraqi Politics, a political risk assessment newsletter.

Iraq Shiite militia military trainingAlaa Al-Marjani/REUTERSShi’ite fighters, who have joined the Iraqi army to fight against militants of the Islamic State, take part in field training in the desert in Najaf, south of Baghdad, February 1, 2015.

“You kidnap 26 Qataris out in the desert, that’s not like four or five yahoos out in the south. … That’s a pretty well-run operation. It must be some relatively established group that did it,” he said.

The only groups operating in Iraq with those capabilities, Rabkin said, are the country’s powerful Shiite militias.

Shiite militias have played a key role in battling the Islamic State group, filling a vacuum left by the collapse of the Iraqi security forces in the summer of 2014 and proving to be some of the most effective anti-IS forces on the ground in Iraq.

The government-allied militias are now officially sanctioned and known as the Popular Mobilization Committees. But many trace their roots to the armed groups that battled US troops after the 2003 invasion and kidnapped and killed Sunnis at the height of Iraq’s sectarian bloodletting in 2006 and 2007. Rights groups have accused them of kidnapping and in some cases killing Sunni civilians since they rearmed in 2014, charges denied by militia leaders.

Although the militias are fighting on the same side as the US-led coalition against IS, many remain staunchly anti-American. When the Pentagon announced an increase in the number of US special forces in Iraq last month, the spokesman for one militia vowed to attack them.

US Military training IraqGetty ImagesTAJI, IRAQ – APRIL 12: U.S. Army trainers speak with Iraqi Army recruits at a military base on April 12, 2015 in Taji, Iraq. Members of the U.S. Army’s 5-73 CAV, 3BCT, 82nd Airborne Division are teaching members of the newly-formed 15th Division of the Iraqi Army, as the Iraqi government launches offensives to try to recover territory lost to ISIS last year.

“Any such American force will become a primary target for our group. We fought them before and we are ready to resume fighting,” said Jafar Hussaini, spokesman for the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades, one of the most powerful Shiite militias.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has struggled to balance the power and popularity of Shiite militia groups with the government’s dependence on the US-led coalition’s contributions to the fight against IS. Unchecked, continued brazen shows of Shiite militia power in the Iraqi capital could further undermine the already weak leader.

“I think there’s a growing sense that al-Abadi’s not in charge, that nobody in Iraq is really in charge anymore or in a position to rein in these militias,” Rabkin said

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  • CHinOhio

    Replacements for the ones they released. Same story, new US families traumatized by a family member being held.

  • karl59

    Obama will go down in history as the most irresponsible,
    reckless, traitorous President the USA has ever put into

    • Shafiq Islam

      He’ll have some stiff competition from Bush, who ignored warnings of al Qaeda attacks, allowed Saudis (including bin Laden relatives) to fly home when all other air traffic was grounded, redacted the 9/11 report to cover up Saudi funding, and started two disastrous, counterproductive wars against countries that had not attacked the US. As a consequence, terrorism is thriving and jihadis multiplying.

      • farflung

        Ah our Western European, UBUD pontificating about U.S. policy. Seems you are well informed for being a supposed non American and a Jihadi. Ah the wonders of mass communication. See you for what you are, and know you Ubud. Careful the cross-hairs are on you.

      • Beverly

        Afghanistan became Obama’s war when shortly after his election, he sent 60,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan. Again thanks to Obama, Hezbollah is now taking over Afghanistan. Against the advise of those who knew better, he pulled out of Iraq before the Iraqis were ready to handle their country. But Obama was not content with those situations. He destablized Libya, Syria and managed to get Mubarak thrown out as Obama favored the Muslim Brotherhood, but the overthrow of the MB by el Sisi has provided a measure of stability to Eqypt.

        Thanks to Obama, Europe is experiencing the results of his actions by the influx of “refugees” and is planning the same for the U.S.

        As a result of Obama’s policies “terrorism is thriving and jihadis multiplying”.

        • Rob Porter

          Well then, why has the Republican Party done nothing about removing Obama? Why haven’t generals conducted a coupe and dragged both Barack and Michele outside for a quick execution? This piece of filth is destroying the United States and its people can’t even find a way to remove him and the filthy dirtbags all around around him as they plot destruction and mahem. How can Americans stand watching and listening to this disgusting excuse for a man when he makes his State of the Union speech?

        • joe1429

          Could not have said it better!. It is amazing how much chaos in the world.. the US president could cause!!

      • Beverly

        As for the al Qaeda attacks, Clinton had bin Laden in his sight and refused to give the order to fire. Yes, Clinton did warn Bush, but if Clinton would have given the order to shoot, the rest of what has happened would not have occurred.

        • Rob Porter

          Absolutely right, as I said above, Clinton had one opportunity to have Bin Laden handed over to the U.S, and one opportunity to have him killed in Afghanistan. In both case this smiling piece of gutless wonder failed – and still many Americans would make his fat-arsed, lying, deceiving, incompetent wife president, despite her not possessing the ‘gut’s to get rid of ‘slick willie’ when he humiliated her when dipping his wick with scores of other women. And this pathetic woman would be president and gets ‘willie’ dipping Willie to bat for her on the campaign trail.

        • Shafiq Islam

          Clinton failed when he had that opportunity, but overall he was far more aggressive in pursuing al Qaeda than Bush pre-9/11. Condo Rice did not even know who al Qaeda were.

          • joe1429

            Excuse me!! Clinton had over 10 opportunities to take out bin laden, but refused.It is clinton who is responsible for 911, because of this!!

          • Shafiq Islam

            I am no fan or defender of Clinton, either. I hadn’t heard that there were ten opportunities; please kindly give me a reference for that. However, you are making a great error by assuming that if bin Laden had been killed, the attacks would have been averted. There were many others in the organisation, such as Zawahiri, who were more involved in the operation than bin Laden.

          • Beverly

            What good does being aggressive do if you do not take advantage of opportunities that are presented? Clinton was only worried about his legacy, not only with bin Laden but in Bosnia. Maybe you don’t remember his reluctance in getting involved in Bosnia:

      • Rob Porter

        Shafig, Bill Clinton had at least two opportunities to capture Bin Laden and was too stupid and then cowardly to do what was necessary. After Bin Laden fled Saudi Arabia to Sudan, Sudan offered to hand him over to the U.S. – as it had done with Carlos the Jackal to France – and Clinton was too dense. (The French weren’t and got Carlos the Jackal). Later, after Bin Laden fled Sudan and was in Afghanistan, the Northern Alliance and CIA had Bin Laden’s camp with he and all his top savages inside, surrounded and waiting to go in for the kill. But Clinton and his other supreme cowards, Madeleine Albright, Sandy Burger et al, suddenly go cold feet about killing people, so called off the attack. Northern Alliance leader, Ahmad Shah Masoud, told the CIA that the leaders of the U.S. were “cowards” and he was right. This is what you get when a gutless wonder with his brains situated in his ‘willie’ and has no respect for the military – like Obama – becomes president. Bush was a disgrace and his actions regarding the Saudis disgraceful, but the rot began long before Bush entered the WH. At least Bush went into Afghanistan and could have finished that off in no time if he hadn’t got the brainless idea of ‘nation building’ instead of just getting out of Afghanistan and leaving the Islamic vermin to murder each other.

        • joe1429

          Not 2 , 10 opportunities. I watched a recent documentary about this. The cia had a special unit devoted to his capture, during clintons time in office. The officer who was resposible for informing clinton, every time the cia, had eyes on him. said she personally went into clintons office, and each time was denied authority to move ahead with the raid. A total of 10 seperate times!!!!

          • Rob Porter

            Thanks for this. I would have been wiser to have said that Clinton had two opportunities I could clearly recall, because in the back of my mind I was fairly certain there had been more. Among other things, I read Richard Miniter’s book ‘Loosing bin Laden’ and saw Miniter interviewed on tv. Bill Clinton was a total and utterly gutless dead loss, in many respects just a sweet tongued playboy totally preoccupied with another ‘shot’ in bed. Once Monica got to him he probably couldn’t think of anything else, so getting bin Laden was an unpleasant distraction from his pathetic frolics.

      • Rob Porter

        P.S. What did you think that Bush should have done about Afghanistan when al Qaeda was situated there, plotted 9/11 from there and had the support of the Taliban for the 9/11 and other al Qaeda attacks? The 9/11 attack and other terrorist attacks, in effect, did come from Afghanistan and it deserved to be attacked and punished.

        The U.S. did quickly subdue the Taliban and al Qaeda and then stupidly hung around to ‘nation build’ Muslim savages who are not much good at anything other then murdering and raping.

        • Shafiq Islam

          Bush should have done what any intelligent, rational leader would have done and treated 9/11 as what it was, a criminal conspiracy, rather than as an act of war by a sovereign state. The Taliban, loathsome as they are, had nothing to do with the attacks and did offer to turn bin Laden over to an international tribunal, but the American people were baying for blood and not too particular whose blood it was. Yes, the attacks were plotted there, but also in Germany and the US, so would you have declared war on the Germans and yourselves?

          Bin Laden was finally killed not through warfare, but through old fashioned police work: a reward was offered and a tip allowed a small team to intervene.

          You really think you subdued the Taliban and al Qaeda? Haven’t you been following the news for the past decade plus? The Taliban still controls most of rural Afghanistan and will be back in charge as soon as you leave, which is why Obama keeps delaying withdrawal, which will prove that nothing has really been established.

          There are now more al Qaeda groups around the world than in 2001, and ISIS emerged from an al Qaeda group in Iraq after you removed Saddam’s government, which acted as a bulwark against them.

          So what you killed bin Laden? Do you really believe in that daft “head of the snake” hypothesis? You have killed many heads of terrorist groups, and they are replaced from within before the body has cooled.

          I’m sorry, but what you say is nonsense.

          • Rob Porter

            First of all I’m not American so not a good idea to make that assumption. No, 9/11 was not “a criminal conspiracy”, it was an Islamic act of war designed to smash “the great Satan”. Bill Clinton chose to treat as a criminal act the first attempt to bring down the WTC, in 1993. As a consequence, as I recall, the FBI instead of the CIA dealt with this terrorist act and the CIA consequently was not involved in any international investigation that might have better prepared the U.S. prior to 9/11.

            The Taliban initially supported al Qaeda and only had a change of heart when things began looking not to their advantage. For their vile cruelty they deserved to be crushed and in that respect nothing has changed. In fact carpet bombing did them and enormous amount of damage, but this was not sustained.

            You cannot equate the situations in Germany and Afghanistan. The Taliban, the government of Afghanistan for a time, did initially welcome and support al Qaeda, Germany never did.

            Your comment about me not watching the news for the last decade was just stupid. Of course over time the Taliban and al Qaeda recovered, but initially they were very significantly crushed in Afghanistan. Stupid policies, not least those of Barack Obama and his deliberately disgraceful rules of engagement facilitated their recovery.

            Terrorist organizations will always replace leaders killed, but my approach would be to utterly decimate them wherever they formed and I wouldn’t give a damn about collateral damage. This is war not some kind of silly bouyscout manoeuvres, so if people are in the vicinity of some Muslim leader I had targeted I’d assume they were complicit and simply annihilate the whole lot.

            In my estimation you’ve written some real tripe here, not least the stuff about this being a criminal conspiracy.

          • Shafiq Islam

            I apologise for thinking you are American. You seem not to understand that terrorism has, according to the US State Department, greatly increased since the beginning of the so-called war on terror. The wars in Iraq, Syria and Libya have created vacuums in which terrorist organisations have thrived.

            You continue to advocate “carpet bombing” even whilst admitting that its benefits are temporary and ignoring the tremendous anger created by the inevitable civilian casualties.

            The FBI and CIA were well aware of al Qaeda and possessed enough information to have acted, but did not, before the 9/11 attacks. In fact the CIA warned Bush multiple times and he did nothing.

          • Rob Porter

            Thanks for your apology. I do agree with what you said about the wars in Iraq, Syrian and Libya creating vacuums that have been filled with terrorist organizations. Iraq and Libya are graphic examples of this and I believe that Putin is countering this in Syria. As evil as al Assad is, he is the better alternative to ISIS and I say that despite hating the fact that in this case Russia, Iran and al Assad are allies.

            The reality of carpet bombing and Russia’s totally ruthless suppression of Afghanistan, is that is can be hugely effective and in the end there are not many people left to be tremendously angry, so their anger is futile. Through total ruthlessness the Russians would have won their war in Afghanistan if Senator Charlie Wilson had not become involved and with Pakistan’s help given the mujihadeen stingers and other weapons. The Afghans were all but totally beaten.

            In respect of 9/11 Bush was fast asleep. I totally lost faith in him as a leader, not least after his telling everyone that “Islam is a religion of peace”. I wonder if he still believes that drivel?

          • Shafiq Islam

            Rob, I believe the answer is to accept that the Muslim religion is incompatible with democracy and human rights, and that given there are 1.5 billion Muslims scattered around the world, the only real solution is (1) rescue of Christians, Yazidis, Jews and others in harm’s way and relocation of more military resources to Israel, (2) withdrawal from Muslim countries except for arm’s length commercial relationships, and (3) banning of Muslim immigration but with support for refugee camps in their regions if needed.

            Ideally, we should stir the pot to provoke conflict between the world’s two most obnoxious, terrorism-sponsoring theocracies, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Why spill NATO blood when they can finish each other off?

          • Rob Porter

            I think you have some good ideas there. Just a few minutes ago I was reading about the 3,600 Yazidis, mostly women and children slaves, mostly sex slaves of ISIS. Knowing this and about the utterly savage murder of Christians, what does it take to arouse to real anger the West and a with this a resolve to utterly devastate this Islamic vermin? Canada to it’s shame is pulling out of the coalition – that in my estimation is doing a lousy, half-hearted job of fighting ISIS, but can you imagine a country pulling out of fighting the most threatening Islamic force in the world today? Those poor people need rescuing and we know that Arab states are too uncaring to do anything about them.
            Compare this U.S.-led coalition’s effort with Nigeria’s experience. Last year, after 5 or 6 years of Boko Haram terrorizing northern Nigeria, in the process murdering more than 4,000 people and destroying villages and towns; the next to useless Nigerian Army beaten and demoralized, the U.S. and Britain providing poor assistance and Obama denying Nigeria equipment like attack helicopters because horse’s rear Barack Obama said that Nigeria had “human rights issues” (but he did not and does not care about far worse Boko Haram Muslim human rights ‘issues’); then president Goodluck Jonathan invited in and hired South African mercenaries to fight and train. In they went with military equipment and attack helicopters – that Obama wouldn’t provide! (South Africa builds a very good attack helicopter). Within three months the fight was almost over, Boko Haram driven out of towns and villages, women and children rescued – many of these teenage schoolgirls after long periods in Boko Haram captivity.
            That is the kind of action one needs to deal with the Islamic vermin. Ruthless, relentless hunting down of Boko Haram – and my bet is that they took no prisoners. I know the mindset, ‘You show no mercy and we’ll not show you any mercy’. However, the contract for these mercenaries was then ended and they went home. Boko Haram came back. Why? Because the Nigerian military was pretty useless without those mercenaries, so, I gather, they’ve been invited back.
            With the right fighting force and right attitude, ISIS can be turned into manure.

            I’m all for letting the Muslim states battle it out. Not one of them is anything other than rubbish.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Rob, I live in a Muslim country in South Asia. If the local people knew I was a Christian, I’d be dead within days. Most of them really wouldn’t care enough to do anything to me, but 10-15% would gleefully hack me to pieces with a machete, and the police would say it was a robbery gone wrong. Exactly that happened to one of my boyhood friends.

            However, the Yazidis and Christians of Iraq and Syria are marked for genocide, and to date almost all of the refugees going to developed countries have been Muslims. Does it really make sense to import a fifth column when are peaceable, hard working, honest people who would happily make their homes in western countries and be grateful for many generations for their rescue?

          • Rob Porter

            Shafig, I’m a South African resident in Canada. I first came here when quite young, worked, completed a university degree and later returned to South Africa. For ten years there when it was not so safe to do so, through newspapers I bluntly spoke my mind on the racial policies of that time. I left SA not so much because of the policies because they were crumbling, but because the African National Congress would take over were unquestionably Marxists. I came back to a Canada. Sadly it had lost its mind and opened it doors to the Third World, embraced trash multiculturalism and gutless, spineless political correctness. It’s become a virtue to be stupid, gullible and cowardly, the media pure trash and mostly concealing vile Muslim savagery in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere. Why would a once good country be so stupid? Now it has a borderline idiot for it’s prime minister. This imbecile is bringing in tens of thousands of Muslims and is too ignorant and stupid to comprehend what he is going to bring upon the people of this country. Countries like the U.S. and Canada should be rescuing and bringing to their countries Christians and Yazidis who will quietly settle in, but instead their disgraceful ‘leaders’ choose to take in the people who will bring their citizens grief, That is visionless and stupid. The really are importing a fifth column. Totally brainless! I wish you well and that God will look after you.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Rob, it’s nice to learn a bit about you. I wish your PC politicians and media could spend a week in my shoes, or better yet in those of our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq and Syria. They are so keen to gain a small Muslim vote, and to please the Saudis, Kuwaitis and Qataris who reward those who parrot their message, that they betray nearly everyone else on earth, literally.

          • Rob Porter

            You are a wide awake fellow. They are fast asleep in Canada. The Saudis and others Muslims offer big money to universities here and then get courses and propaganda on Islam fed to students.

          • Shafiq Islam

            That is true, but here it is worse. They fund radical mosques and madrasas that teach the most hateful version of the Muslim religion.

          • Rob Porter

            Very good points regarding the mosques and madrasas. The West has been just so stupid allowing Muslims in.

      • joe1429

        Does not even come close, to the traitor we have in office now. At least bush Loved his country, unlike obama who apologizes for the us at every chance he gets. If this was 20yrs ago, he would have been impeached for treason, a long time ago!!

        • Shafiq Islam

          Joe, I’m afraid partisan zeal has overtaken reason. Bush loved the country, but was cordially smoking cigars on the balcony of the White House right after 9/11 with his old pal and benefactor Bandar bin Sultan, whose own family members helped finance the attacks. He protected the Saudis every step of the way and has been rewarded for it.

    • moberndorf

      Obama, a Muslim himself, is selling out America to Islam and terrorism. He is a worse, far worse traitor than Benedict Arnold. His hands are drenched in the blood of our soldiers and innocent civilians all over the world.

  • The Abomination Barack Hussein Obama ( BHO ) aka Barry Soetoro is a Devout muslim and muslim brotherhood member and sympathizer!!

    BHO supports the evil muslim brotherhood members all over the EARTH!! BHO should be Arrested / Jailed for HIGH TREASON AND TYRANNY for AIDING AND ABETTING OUR ENEMIES the evil muslim brotherhood members!!

    The evil Iran REGIME has been evil since 1978 when the Abomination Jimmy Carter UNSEATED THE Shah of Iran!!

    United We Stand with Israel-Yisrael and our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of, Divided We FALL!!

    Please PRAY for our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America and Israel-Yisrael Everyday!! “Pray Without Ceasing.” ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 )!!

    Love Always and Shalom Everyone,


  • John W.

    Killings, killings and more killings. That’s not what any legitimate religion should be best known for.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Islam is not a legitimate anything but subhuman insanity, it might as well kill itself off, sparing the rest of the world from dirtying its hands on muslim filth.

      • farflung

        Need the Grim Reaper for these Muslims

      • farflung

        Thing that has always bothered me is Saddam had a powerful version of smallpox. Let loose it would circle the globe. Those few left that have been vaccinated will find it will not help.

      • George E. Smith

        John W. The “religion of peace” helps infidels “rest in peace”

        • Mahou Shoujo

          That will have to change, it is about time those who would colonize europe, became part of its top soil.

          • George E. Smith

            If they can’t behave, assimilate and become productive members of the society they have entered, invite them to go home.
            Let’s see now, aren’t they escaping, “refugees,” from war zone? Eighty percent of the refugees are military aged men. Did they leave their wives and children back in the war zone — in danger? My, how brave! How very,very brave! I’m sure their mommies are proud of them!
            Angela and the other heads of state of Europe have sure set their countries on difficult paths. And looks like our fearless leader is taking us down the same treacherous path.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Every nation in civilization requires a “department of deportations” to quickly remove parasite welfare colonists. There is no economic justification on increasing taxes and reducing services to citizens to accommodate bums from the third world, who will not even learn the language of the country they are sucking dry.

      • Tiina

        It is rather like the black death. It will kill a lot of people before it disappears.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          That is true, when rats are invited into the house, they bring fleas too.

    • George E. Smith

      Would a “Creator God” such as the Christian God promote the killing of members of His Creation?
      I don’t think so. Must be some other god. Some pretender perhaps?

  • Shafiq Islam

    Ms Geller, the answer is to fuel the enmity between the world’s two most obnoxious theocracies and supporters of terrorism and radicalisation, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Instead of putting NATO or Israeli forces at risk, let them have at each other. That will keep them busy for while and probably lead to regime change.

    • Tiina

      That soup has been brewing some 1300 odd years now. Won’t be long now (hopefully!) before the pot boils over.
      Personally I’d take Iran over Saudi Arabia any day. Despite all the anti-Israel talk of their government, there is a jewish community living quite at peace in Iran.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    For the triumph of islam, the sacrifice of a few Americans to islam is trivial, statistically their lives are unimportant in comparison to the deal made between the white mosque and iran.

  • Cuba

    Finally, Russians and Americans have found common ground. We both agree that Obama is a “Schmoe”.

    • miss telaviv

      On a good day

    • joe1429

      Yes, obama is considered a clown in russia

  • Drew the Infidel

    This is the outgrowth of Obhammud’s blanket withdrawal from the region, just another in his long unbroken string of failures. When you declare a war to be over the enemy also gets a vote.

  • Rick Smith

    Any citizen westerner who lives, or works, in Iraq is a greedy fool. And my sympathies are slim

  • Fred Sawyer

    Too bad Iran wasn’t wiped off the map in the 1980s by Iraq. Sadam for the most part only killed his own people. As long as he stayed in Iraq, he wasn’t a threat to anyone.

    Who cares what he did in Iraq? I sure as heck didn’t.

  • Solsticewitch13

    THANK YOU Pam!! I just told my AWESOME friend Kaveh Taheri that you posted his story,, he is so happy!!!!!

    • Solsticewitch13

      hehehe,, I am trying to get him to register to post comments,, GRIN!!!

  • joe1429

    Now that they see it is profitabe, all americans will be in more danger from kidnappings over there

  • joe1429

    The history channe, aired a documentary, with the actual cia case officers who briefed clinton

  • joe1429

    Bush, might have protected nthe saudis, the same as every other american pres has done, but he does not even come close to the traitor we got in the white house, now , who would have been impeached if he were white. Bush loved his country, obama apoologizes for it

  • swed

    The fact that those in American government would allow 1 cent to go to these throwbacks and still deny cost of living increase for elderly seniors in their social security checks is down right disgusting and evil. Please tell me how am I supposed to except this and not flip the f out and remain a law abiding citizen?

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