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[ September 24, 2017 ]

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‘American Sailors Started Crying After Arrest’ IRGC Official: ‘I saw the weakness, cowardice, and fear of American soldiers myself’


More degrading humiliation, thanks to Obama’s foreign policy:

Iran: ‘American Sailors Started Crying After Arrest’
IRGC Official: ‘I saw the weakness, cowardice, and fear of American soldiers myself,’ By Adam Kredo, WFB, January 16, 2016:

A senior Iranian military commander in charge of the country’s Revolutionary Guard Corps claimed that the 10 U.S. sailors who were recently captured and subsequently released by the Islamic Republic “started crying after [their] arrest,” according to Persian language comments made during military celebrations this weekend.

Hossein Salami, deputy commander of the IRGC, which is responsible for boarding the U.S. ships and arresting the sailors, claimed in recent remarks, the “American sailors started crying after arrest, but the kindness of our Guard made them feel calm.”

Hossein went on to brag that the incident provides definitive evidence of the Iranian military’s supremacy in the region.

“Since the end of the Second World War, no country has been able to arrest American military personnel,” the commander said, according to an independent translation of his Persian-language remarks made Friday during a “martyrs’ commemoration ceremony” in Isfahan.

Since the capture and release of the U.S. sailors this week, critics of the Obama administration’s handling of the situation have expressed embarrassment at State Department’s move to profusely thank Iran, despite its release of photos depicting the sailors on their knees with their hands held over their heads.

Iranian state television additionally published video purporting to show one of the detained soldiers apologizing to Iran.

Meanwhile, during Friday prayers in Iran, a commander of the IRGC unit that detained the U.S. boats and claimed that the American military cowered when faced down by Iranian troops.

“I saw the weakness, cowardice, and fear of American soldiers myself. Despite having all of the weapons and equipment, they surrendered themselves with the first action of the guardians of Islam,” Ahmad Dolabi, an IRGC commander, said in Persian-language remarks at a prayer service in Iran’s Bushehr providence.

“American forces receive the best training and have the most advanced weapons in the world,” he added. “But they did not have the power to confront the Guard due to weakness of faith and belief.”

Dolabi emphasized that the Obama administration formally apologized over the incident, a claim that senior White House official continue to dispute.

“We gave all of the weapons and equipment to American forces according to an Islamic manner. They formally apologized to the Islamic Republic,” Dolabi said. “Be certain that with the blood of martyrs, the revolution advances. No one can inflict the smallest insult upon our Islamic country.”

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  • Dano50

    They have this video, but none of “crying?”

    Give me a break.

    If there was any crying it would have been plastered all over the world.

    • Rob Porter

      You are deluding yourself. Even if it hadn’t happened the word is out to America’s enemies that other than special forces the rest are soft.

      • SFTOBEY

        Good. Let these muzloid bassturds make the fatal mistake of under-estimating their enemy. As the French learned in Vietnam, that is indeed a fatal mistake.

        • Rob Porter

          Well, I don’t know that it’s good because my fear is that other than special forces, the ordinary soldier and sailor is not tough enough. Part of this can be put down to both inadequate training and mental preparation. Then you need the kind of leadership provided by Col Hal Moore who led his 1st Division, 7th Cavalry men in battles of the La Drang valley in Vietnam.

          • SFTOBEY

            Col. Moore was indeed special.

  • joker

    The only thing I do not understand why the sailors did not engage the Iranians with some fire power? See the vessels of the US compared with the Iranians. It was a win situation.

    • Orion

      The DC Hut rules of engagement. As it’s stated in the ranks BOHICA.

    • stan broniszewski

      Simple. The imbeciles Obama hired to run the Military ordered them to act like cowards. If those were Marines, they’d have wiped out all the Iranians, ignoring the jellyfish Obama put into power.

    • carryyourburden

      Told to stand down….as usual!

  • matt

    You lying fuckin p o s sand n

  • Dunn Bennet

    the only american that i’ve seen crying lately

    • imakymama

      Now I thoroughly believe the Vicks VapoRub theory. Notice the smear all across under eye.

      • BT

        WHO cries out of only one eye?! A CROCODILE.

        • imakymama

          Exactly! I was going to mention that, but at that moment my phone rang! I’m glad someone other than me noticed it. And if you watch the whole thing you will see that he alternates wiping his eyes. And, btw, when you watch it, observe closely Biden in the background. Very strange grimaces going on! :-) Could he smell the Vicks perhaps? Also, the moisture under the eye — doesn’t it appear a bit too shiny (oily) for watery tears?

        • Ant. I. Liberal

          My Point Exactly ! The ONE EYED WONDER had some irritant on his finger and here came the tears ! IN ONE EYE ONLY ! A FRAUD TO THE END !

          • carryyourburden

            Oh how I WISH it were the end!

          • joe1429

            And his wife, michael a tranny. Another fraud

        • MattBracken

          Pathetic show by our side, but I blame the “surrender before firing” ROE.

          • OnTheRightInTampa

            AGREED – but Barry has tied our Military’s hand behind their backs – blame Ovomit.

          • Rob Porter

            Somethings is badly wrong with American military leaders who would agree to implement such disgrace rule of engagement. My bet is that Stanley McChrystal, a proper man rather than a pathetic neutered pansy who passes off as a ‘man’, would have told Obama to go to hell rather than implement such an absurd ROE.

            As I said before, the harsh reality is that a majority of American voters put this piece of vomit in the White House. Something has gone badly wrong with the character of citizens of a country when their instincts lead them to choose such a rotten – having done nothing of note – individual as their leader – based on what? – to show that they are not racist? Brilliant! And something is badly wrong with the character and instincts of the Republican men and women who have been allowing this utterly evil and scheming Obama to take their country down the road he is taking America. America’s military might be the most powerful in the world, as Obama told us during his SOTU speech, but that powerful military is pretty useless when a rotten man is at the helm, scheming how to bring down the country.

            The Democrats had less grounds to impeach Richard Nixon than the Republicans have to impeach Obama, yet they are too spineless, stupid, and uncaring of their country to get the job done. We can talk till the cows come home about Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and other members of Congress who are running for the presidency, but where have they been over the last seven years while the rotten Obama rotted the morals of the country? All we have seen pretty much, is talk. I see a lot of talk about how many guns Americans have, but would they actually use them if someone came to confiscate them? I see bad things happening to the United States while Obama is still in power and unless American quietly and under the radar get themselves organized into militia of some sort, and get themselves into the right, aggressive mindset, when the time comes that Obama begins sending troops around to confiscate guns, most Americans will meekly hand them over.

            The mindset needs to change. Too much comfort makes humans soft. About 4 years ago while waiting for a flight from Gatwick, London, to Canada, I got chatting to a very pleasant Canadian woman from Toronto. Her 3 sons had attended a private school, but after they graduated she had stayed involved with the school. She told me that she with teachers from the school had gone to London to attend seminars “to learn how to handle the most pampered generation that Canada has ever produced”. Think of that. The “most pampered generation that Canada has ever produced”. Pampered children turn out pampered, weak, spineless adults. This process has been accelerated by spineless liberal thinking from the leftist liberal teachers and professors and mushy thinking parents. Quickly the backbone of the country goes down the toilet. Americans had better very quickly wake to the fact that “we the people” are going to have to do this for ‘ourselves’ because police and soldiers will just mindlessly go along with what they are ordered to do – just like the KGB and gestapo!

          • MattBracken

            I agree. I always refer back to Korea in 1950, with “Task Force Smith” sent from Japan to defend Korea in extremis. They were very nearly routed, it was close. And those 1950 American soldiers were 10X as tough as this generation.

            The enemy also gets a vote, and we won’t always be able to fight clean and easy drone wars from long distance remote control.

          • Rob Porter

            Just think of MacArthur landing at Inchon, then coming round the back of the North Korean army and cutting it to ribbons.

          • MattBracken

            We could never do that today.

          • Rob Porter

            Maybe you could if you had a proper leader instead of a liar, fraud and pansy man who doesn’t seem to know whether he is Arthur or Martha, and that leader allowed the likes of General Patraeus and McChrystal to get on with the job without restraints.

          • joe1429

            We cant blow up the oil fields, and take their source of income. That would cause a lot of pollution

          • MattBracken

            Map meme I made.

          • gellero

            well done…

          • Umpire_Sam

            you have no clue

          • Lenn

            I think they were forced to pose in a humiliating manner. That is what the moslem scumbags like; propaganda.

        • searcherseeker

          Crocodiles are now crying Obama tears!

        • joe1429

          Thats funny

      • rudy

        My first thought watching him was how blood shot his eyes were. Unless you’ve been crying & rubbing your eyes for awhile your eyes aren’t that blood shot. Might be wrong?

        • Cricket Mills

          he was stoned!

      • AHH!!!

        He probably got those sailors captured and then released trying to show that the iranian animals are “nice” guys.. Horsey Pepperoni, said he saw them crying. It was from frustration. They weren”t allowed to shoot the goaters.

        • carryyourburden

          Maybe they knew they were facing animals with no hope of negotiating, and thinking of their families, rather than some virgin goats in heaven. At least Americans have hearts and actual emotions!

        • Rens

          Exactly what I thought about the staged set up for our soldiers and they were ordered to apologize made to look like cowards. As well as the missile that was fired close past our ship couple of weeks ago all set up. As well as the the Vicks he probably used on his eyes for his executive pen signing gun registering celebration.

    • No Quarter

      Cry baby cry make the country sigh you smart enough to know better so cry barry cry. Thanks Dunn! islam = submit or die.

    • Norm
      • Millionmileman

        A picture’s worth a tousand words!

      • joe1429

        To be more accurate, i believe lurch was on his knees Under the table, lol

    • boocat

      He is so evil.

      • Commieobamie

        His daddy Satan smiles everyday when obaMAO wakes.

    • Barack Hussein O and the Jihad
      From Rush Limbaugh – Barack O and the New Jihadi Singers – ISIS is just alright

      • Patricia

        Darn! I was expecting a far, far better spoof from Rush than THAT! Wasn’t funny, cute or clever IMO.

    • Rob Porter

      You can joke till your heart’s content about this sailor’s crying incident, but this report about American sailors blubbering like babies is shameful and, unfortunately, did not surprise me after analyzing what we’ve read and heard.

      My first questions when I saw reports were, “Why didn’t they fight?”, “Why didn’t they know exactly where they were?”, “Why didn’t the boat with the good engine tow the one with the malfuncting engine?”, “Did they destroy secret info and equipment?” What we have here is shockingly poor leadership. What did these people think when they were joining the U.S. Navy, that they were joining sea scouts?

      The Iranian boats that approached these American boats seemed barely more than skiffs with guns, the American boats more heavily armed. It seems evident that American leadership has gone to hell – starting at the top with a piece of trash like Barack Obama. As to that sailor apologizing to these wretched Iranians, he should be court marshalled.

      • Patricia

        Thank you for every word of that post! WTH happened to the Code of Conduct when faced by the enemy?

        The gay, Obama-loving commander needs to walk a short plank!

        • Rob Porter

          Thanks, Patricia. It really is sad and makes me sad reading about this disgraceful and cowardly behaviour. America’s enemies will be emboldened by news of this behaviour. Not exactly ‘The Devil’s Brigade’ stuff is it? People should watch that movie to appreciate that ordinary civilians were turned into tough and brave special force soldiers who were prepared to give their lives for their friends and country. Americans had better start thinking about that if they want to save their country from what Obama has in mind for it. He is the product of a worthless upbringing under rotten parents and similar grandparents. Why, unless experiencing an enlightened spiritual experience would he have turned out any good? He didn’t, so at school and university gravitated to communist and Muslim dregs of humanity. And then the American people made this rubbish person their president.

          The man is a fraud, but has a plan that so far is mostly on track – and no one is stopping him! I keep hoping for a Ceaucescu ending to this sorry tale!

      • Michael Wallis

        Compare this behavior with the captured crew of the Pueblo by North Korea in the 70s. The commander of that vessel avoided court martial because he was ordered to avoid an international incident. However besides the surrender the behavior of the crew was exemplary for over a year of captivity.

        • Rob Porter

          I remember the incident well, but not too many details.

          • Michael Wallis
          • Rob Porter

            Thanks for this. Yes, a far braver story. A pity the U.S., after release of the Pueblo’s crew, didn’t send in a rocket and blow the hell out of the ship right under the noses of the N. Koreans.

            I must say that I wondered whether the crew on these American boats wrecked vital equipment while the Iranians were approaching. If they didn’t then their training is sickeningly derelict.

            I consider this Iranian statement significant: “American
            forces receive the best training and have the most advanced weapons in
            the world,” he added. “But they did not have the power to confront the
            Guard due to weakness of faith and belief.” Muslims have a disgusting ideology, but the serious ones really believe in it and will fight an die for it. Regarding American “weakness of faith and belief”, the sad part is that this Iranian was right. In the Western world today many people believe in nothing and many who say they are Christian are just nominal Christians who really believe in nothing, not even in Western civilization. Thus we have empty headed fools on campuses with their “hey, hey, ho, Western civilization’s got to go.” Pathetic imbeciles. So with what would they replace it? Nothing?

    • joe1429

      Someone has to take the place of crying johnny bohner!!

  • Rocinante44

    why is it easier for me to believe this pos than our own pos?

  • Rick Smith

    I just don’t understand why the lieutenant apologized. I just don’t get it.

    • ProfShadow

      My WAG … orders via the White House.

      • olddog

        Has to be..unless they’ve changed the Military Code of Conduct from 1968..This would be COWARDICE..PERIOD, from my era anyway…

        • Paula Coyle

          The whole thing is so confusing that I sympathize with our men in uniform trying to know what they are supposed to do, what the ROE’s are in any situation. Iran is under sanction but they aren’t at “war” with us so when they capture our guys, for some mysterious reason they are supposed to know that they are “prisoners of war” and behave accordingly? With the chaos reigning in our government, I would not want to be in our military.

          • olddog

            Paula..I have informed EVERY member of my family to NOT SERVE…My Dad was WWll and I was VN era Army that’s tough to sell..But I learned in 1967, NEVER LET a (D)em-wit conduct War..They’ll (D)esert and Back-stab the troops 100% of the time..They’re truly (D)ISGUSTING..PERIOD!!!!!!!!

          • Paula Coyle

            I totally feel the same way, and it saddens me, because we do need a strong military.

          • olddog

            best be ARMED and prepped to take care of yourself..YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN…I no longer trust ANYTHING Gov. Gumba..Although I do have some friends in local police who are buddies and FEEL EXACTLY LIKE I DO. I had not, nor did I EVER WANT TO AGAIN, hold a weapon in my hand since 1968..THAT CHANGED Nov. 4, 2008…and now ALL members including my 66 year old wife are weapons knowledgeable and trained..Sounds extreme, but it is OUR CHOICE!!!

          • Patricia

            No olddog, it’s not extreme, it’s basic survival – Good on YOU!

          • carryyourburden

            I agree! Maybe people should just stop enlisting until they have a solid guarantee that they can protect themselves from ALL threats! i think we’ve heard the “Stand Down” order too many times now!

        • Patricia

          Absolutely, it’s cowardice!

    • Dano50

      Have you ever seen any of those North Vietnamese propaganda videos of American p.o.w.s apologizing for “Imperialist American actions?”

      Lots apologized to stop a buddy from getting tortured, and that LT’s face looked like it kind of had the same expression.

      There was a woman in the group, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Iranians had said, “Apologize or we’ll separate you, and rape the woman and use her as a sex slave.”

      That’s always been the issue with having women on the front line.

      In other wars, if a buddy is captured and tortured for the soldiers to hear, they may be sobbing over their weapons but they’ll be swearing bloody vengeance on every enemy they see.

      And we’ve all heard at least, of guys shooting their best friend to put him out of his misery. (A movie example is Steve McQueen in the Sand Pebbles.)

      But what do men do, if they hear the screams of their female companions being raped over and over?

      And they know the woman most likely won’t be harmed enough to be killed.

      I know when they put on the uniforms male and female is “supposed”: to disappear.

      But we all KNOW that’s just never going to happen.

      Most men will simply do whatever it takes to protect women and children.

      It comes with the job.

      My 2 cents at least.

      • imakymama

        I agree with you 100%. Because of one woman in a “front line” situation many men could be put at risk and harmed. No. It’s not worth it. Sorry, Barack Hussein Obama and all you lady troops. Many, many women served in WWII, but in areas that were safer and also in areas which freed up men to go to the fronts.

        • carryyourburden

          They are nothing but cowardly and superstitious! If they cannot control a woman, they are afraid of her, which is why they treat women as such. Put a woman behind every gun and see how the cowards run…being afraid they won’t get their 72 virgin goats in heaven!

      • BT

        You think they only rape women?

        • Dano50


          But so far goats, donkeys and other farm animals haven’t managed to qualify for front line combat duty.

        • Paula Coyle

          No, they rape everyone, but men’s instinct to intervene is much greater with women and children being harmed. Doesn’t matter if the girl is G I Jane.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Someone should mention to german men that they are supposed to defend women… then again, german men are of dubious gender to begin with.

          • carryyourburden

            That’s because American Men have a sense of protecting the weak…unlike these animals who prey on the weak!

        • Lisa Dawn Cheney

          Of course not. but women are much more at risk.

      • Lisa Dawn Cheney

        exactly. that’s why I don’t agree with women being any part of this.

        • Dano50

          Yeah, it’s just a fact of life.

          If things could ever be entirely the same, (And I say “the same” because not being “equal” implies one side being discriminated against) then, just as female reporters are now allowed in male team lockers, then male reporters should be allowed in female team lockers.

          It’s ridiculous to even consider something like that.

      • Rick Smith

        The prisoners in Vietnam were there for years and went through endless living Hell. This commander was there for hours and should have never apologized, even under threat of death. I believe many brass are calling for his court marshal. And for the sake of argument if it did have something to do with the woman then that would show how a woman’s presence can compromise military protocol.

        • carryyourburden

          Compromise military protocol? Those animals are afraid of being killed by a woman! With that kind of thinking, maybe just being a Christian compromises military protocol when it comes to those animals! Don’t give in to what “they” want!

          • Rick Smith

            Well, the apology didn’t go against Christian protocol, but it did go against, military protocol.

      • Rick Smith

        “Have you ever seen any of those North Vietnamese propaganda videos of American p.o.w.s apologizing for “Imperialist American actions?”

        Yes, I have, but as i previously mentioned, those men went through years of torture and mental anguish, a living Hell. So the Vietnam POW’s break down makes more sense then just a few hours of detainment. Don’t you think?

        “Lots apologized to stop a buddy from getting tortured, and that LT’s face looked like it kind of had the same expression”

        Do you honestly think the Iranians would have harmed them? Why? When they’ve already made the American government out to be morons, and with 100,000,000,000 dollars about to be released to them?

        “There was a woman in the group, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Iranians had said, “Apologize or we’ll separate you, and rape the woman and use her as a sex slave.”

        See above.

        “That’s always been the issue with having women on the front line”

        I agree. But we don’t know that is why the Commander folded like a cheap tent and apologized.

        • Dano50

          Thing is, is that we just don’t know.

          I can think of one threat right off the bat that would make a lot of people cave.

          Remember the hack into the U.S. government systems last year, and all those personnel records?

          A “friend” in the administration said the hack was going on for MONTHS before anybody found out so, with all those Muslims in the U.S. already, that we KNOW want Shariah law, what’s to say some didn’t get orders to go to these soldier’s homes, take a few pictures of the families and the places they frequent, and then make the old Mafia threat, “Real nice family you got there. Be a shame if something happened to them.”

          That’s just off the top of my head, and I don’t think that’s a real stretch.

          • Rick Smith

            If that was the case then we should hear pretty quick that the Iranians used pictures of their families to threaten them. More than likely just a stupid move by the commander. But the pussificaton of the armed forces it just what Obama wants. Obama’s cleansing of top brass who were conservative demonstrates that.

          • Dano50

            Would we?

            Gangs and mafia type mobs have bullied people into silence for decades because the simple fact of the matter is, you CANNOT protect yourself against an organized effort to harm you, and the average person sure can’t afford to do so.

            The absolute only way to stop such, is by wiping them from the face of the earth, and I don’t see any sign of that happening soon.

            And while I will NOT say anything against these soldiers as we have no idea what the circumstances of their captivity were, (Most of us like to think we’d go out in a blaze of glory.) the truth of things is we have raised several generations of men with no clue of what it takes to be a man.

            The impulses, training and education that made heroes and leaders of previous years, like those who served in the Second World War, have been oped out of boys via A.D.D. drugs and the like.

            I’d have been medicated to the gills when I was in school.

            It’s those traits that make men act like men when it’s time to protect home and hearth.

            Way back when, even facing odds, if a couple was going to be mugged, the guy would say to his wife or girlfriend, “Run while I hold them off.”


            How many guys wouldn’t bolt first, because they’ve never been taught how to fight?

            We are actually freaking letting little girls be raped, and then telling them it’s their fault.

            And the feminazis haven’t got word one to say about it.

            That’s how wimpy we’ve become.

          • Rick Smith

            I simply find the idea that the Iranians went so far as to know exactly who was going to enter into their waters (if that was the case) and then get all this info on their families. Too conspiratorial for me.

          • Dano50

            They wouldn’t have to do that.

            Doesn’t Geneva Convention says give, “Name Rank, Serial number”

            It’s not like we had the web when the Geneva Convention was made up.

          • Dano50


            Just spit balling cause who knows these days?

            But then, how long has it taken for the truth about Benghazi to come out? And there’s still stuff coming.

            All I know, is we’re sure looking blanked up the blank for a blanking long time unless we get our blank together.

            In Canada here, we had an infamous serial killer rapist, Paul Bernardo, who’s still in prison, still a big time news story, but now it looks like we have one even worse


            But it’s NOWHERE in the news until the Rebel put it out.

            Who the heck we supposed to trust about anything anymore?

          • Rick Smith

            Of course he will not rise to the level of Bernardo since he’s a muslim and his crimes must be ignored and buried. Canada has Trudeau and US has Obama. Rock bottom.

          • Dano50

            100% agreement there except, and I quote from a search source:

            ” “Rock bottom” started out as a simple synonym for “bedrock” in the mid-1800’s, mostly in the context of mining. Once a miner or prospector hit “rock bottom,” the quest for water, gold or whatever was stymied, at least until advanced power drilling techniques were invented.”

            And as you know, we got a whole lot better drilling equipment to go a whole lot deeper since.


    • Gordon Miller

      He did it to save his life and that of his buddies.

      • Rick Smith

        Do you honestly think they would have killed them? Threat of death isn’t a reason to fail in your duty as a leader. Otherwise, all an enemy would have to do is to simply threaten.

        • Gordon Miller

          Well, maybe they wouldn’t have killed them, but Iran has a history of taking American hostages and holding them for a very long time.

          • Rick Smith

            That’s true, but none of this is any kind of excuse for a Commander to violate his sworn duty and apologize to his captors. At the drop of a hat. Inexcusable. But with this administration he is likely to be promoted to 5 star general.

    • carryyourburden

      Do the words “Stand Down” ring a bell? I wouldn’t be at all surprised that the entire thing was a setup!

      • Patricia

        False flag number ? – what’s it up to now?

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      Because he is a moron.
      Name and rank – that is all you have to give.
      Save the apologies for the White House and the State Dept.

  • ProfShadow

    Clearly a false flag “opportunity” to make the Iranians seem like they’ve joined the civilized world as Obama cuts them the $150b check….
    I’m guessing they were told to stand down. And apologize.

    The stories, once they are back out of harm’s way, will be interesting. Especially if they say “we were told we aren’t allowed to talk about it under penalty of …..” will be even more telling.


      There are court judgements against fascist iran by families of Americans killed by proxies of fascist iran – 2+ billion dollar judgements.

      The families must take the judgements out of the billions of dollars being released.

    • volkerball85

      I’m sure the Obama Administration will do whatever they can to stamp down any stories of abuse or threats, should they arise.

  • Nelson

    F**k Hossein Salami.


      Salami, Salami, Baloney.

  • RJ Chesnut Jr.

    Add another Loss of Face to Obama’s Legacy.

    • Norm

      A Legacy Which Will Live in Infamy

    • And this False Flag was given to us be Queen Hussein, Kerry, and Ashton Carter, all three of which should be up on High Treason charges and sent to Gitmo to await execution! Obama promised them sensitive secret equipment, like the GPS systems used on these boats! They were not in Iranian Waters, they had not broken down, this was all a setup by the Traitor and Tyrant, Queen Hussein!

      • carryyourburden

        I have to agree…it was a setup.

  • RJ Chesnut Jr.

    Please excuse the language, but Jimmy Carter started the whole Iran Mess.


      Two WORST US Presidents EVER.

      #1 on the left.
      #2 on the right.

      • Paula Coyle

        as the joke goes… Carter only voted for Obama because he didn’t want to forever be stuck with the label of the worst POTUS in US History.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          That is very believable.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      It is totally irrelevant who started it, who, if anyone, is going to clean it up?

  • Darrell Standing
    • Mahou Shoujo

      Hussain the “What me worry” president
      Is a lot like a former white mosque resident
      Just like old Jimmy
      Hussain is a dhimmi
      Like muslims, bigoted and arrogant.

    • boocat

      9-11 was Carter’s fault, letting the Shah fall. Area strongman gone, religious nuts swarmed out from under their log to spread their filth across the world.

      • Darrell Standing

        Absolutely right … Pisslam only respects brute force !!! They need to be ruled by vicious thugs that will put any dissidents into a plastic shredder if they get out of line … same reason Saddam should have been left in power !!! Barring that the West will eventually be forced to annihilate them all or cease to exist !!! ?

        BTW … love the avatar and handle … say hello to Peekaboo Cat !!!

        • volkerball85

          “They need to be ruled by vicious thugs that will put any dissidents into a plastic shredder if they get out of line”

          Historically, this has applied to a handful of countries and regions in the Middle East. The vast majority of them don’t really fall under the net you’ve cast here.

          Otherwise, I agree; our folly is in our assumption that everybody in the world needs our specific brand of “Democracy,” and will flourish under it, when our system doesn’t even work that well for America. Thirteen years later, with Iraq still an unstable flaming hellhole, after the rise of ISIS, it’s become painfully clear that Iraq doesn’t need Democracy. It needed Saddam.

          “Barring that the West will eventually be forced to annihilate them all or cease to exist !!!”

          Yep. Genocide is always the answer.

      • volkerball85

        The Shah fell because the Iranian people were sick of him and his fascist tendencies… which is funny, because the system and leaders that replaced him weren’t any better. Regardless, the United States fought tooth and nail to keep him in power, failed, and Iran’s been a thorn in our side ever since.

        Ironically, it’s because we meddled with Iran that they turned to Islamic Extremism as an answer. That’s a common equation in most of the Islamofascist hellholes throughout the Middle East; some big foreign power, be it the US or Russia or whoever else, sticks their nose into their affairs, things destabilize, people get good and pissed, then extremism spreads like gangrene.

    • delusions of oblabber
      • CJDSBKJ

        Obama sees a GOD when he looks in the mirror, and we see Satan’s son!

      • Don Grantham

        Is that lion crying out of one eye? Or is that lion lyin’?

  • tynome

    The civility and cool headedness of the civilised world saved those bastards asses. Those two boats could really have engaged!


    iranian dogs live in a honor/shame culture.

    The 10 freed US Navy sailors can undo their humiliation by videos of them burning iranian flags, burning pictures of ayatollahs.

    • dfw63

      0bama would have them court martialed.

      • Patricia

        Loretta Lynch would trip all over herself to draft the first legal brief against our sailors. Remember what she said about ‘disrespecting’ islam – We are so **bleeped**


        Court martialed? That’s OK.

        Let the American people know that they were court martialed. Let the American public decide if it was right.

        I bet the American people would side with the Americans who burn flags of fascist iran over Obama and his leftists.

        Put Obama on the spot. SHAME Obama.

  • EJO

    This article is long-ish, but…
    Saudi Paper: Iran ‘Effectively Kidnapped’ ‘Foolish’ Obama Himself

    Tareq Al-Homayed, former editor of Al-Sharq Al-Awsa, estimated that the international incident proved Iran does not intent to moderate its positions ahead of next week’s expected lifting of a decade of sanctions imposed on the Iranian regime.

    Al-Homayed’s article was translated into English by the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI.

    Al-Homayed wrote:

    “When Iran’s Revolutionary Guards seized two American naval craft in the Gulf on Tuesday evening [January 13, 2016], with ten American sailors on board, it was not the sailors who were the important point, but the fact that the Revolutionary
    Guards effectively kidnapped U.S. President Barack Obama [himself only] a few hours before he was to deliver his final State of the Union address, towards the end of his second term in office.

    The crisis of the American sailors [detained by] Iran ended [just] a few hours after their arrest, but it was Obama’s speech that was hijacked, since the Iranians deprived Obama of the opportunity to appear as the strong man who had forced Iran to capitulate on the nuclear dossier.”

    • Mahou Shoujo

      That is very believable, hussain submits, again… or is it still? How can an American appear on the international scene knowing their president is a toady to islam?

  • BT

    I wonder what Obama delivered to Iran using our own manpower and equipment? Could it be a nuclear bomb for his good buddies of the Muslim Brotherhood?!

    • Paula Coyle

      I’m sure whatever it is will be ‘classified.’

      • Mahou Shoujo

        As “Top Halal” to be used by muslims only.

  • No Quarter

    No one believes anything iran says! No one cried, get real. I smell a rat here, we don’t know the story here. That being said, I would imagine obozo is in it somehow. islam= submit or die,

  • Vicki S

    what nonsense. they wouldn’t and didn’t cry. screw iran and obama’s deal with them

  • Vae Victis

    This whole business smells of treachery.
    US troops are highly trained. Hopefully part of that training includes political expediency. That way they will not be traumatised to much when their leaders betray them.
    They are just pawns in the game. They can and will be sacrificed at anytime.
    Then, wHen they have reached their use by date. They will be discarded with the rest of the trash.
    This is war?

  • Ant. I. Liberal

    They should have Engaged the Iranians ! They did have Weapons , Didn’t They ?
    The Second that they Saw them those .50 cal. machine Guns should have been Blazing !

  • Vae Victis

    Ever since the Vietnam war, US military have been betrayed by their political leaders. American people are smart and courageous, why do they keep electing such deadwood to lead them.
    They have excellent military. Very surprised that there has not been a military takeover before now.

    • Meenuspeenus

      Who stinks

  • spacearcadian

    maybe should cry because millions of Americans sacrificed their lifes to free europe from hitler, and now europe is in power of mohammad and mohammad is advancing is usa also and in the world

  • spacearcadian

    let´s face it, usa lost in vietnam and now is losing against islam, dont blame them for crying


      I guarantee you that if Obama was not our president, and we had a president with some BALLS, instead of apologizing for us,{and NOT a Moslem himself}, for NO REASON AT ALL, these sailors would have SLAUGHTERED these pieces of excrement. Obama ORDERED them to do as they did. Obama should be hanging from the gallows and his entire administration…… including Hillary, for TREASON!!!!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Well America? How do you like hussain and his democrats so far? You voted for them, twice. You look like weak fools before islam, try to be less submissive in the future, it’s embarrassing to live next door to you, if you must behave like little girls, at least get off your backs and stand up.

    • Don Grantham

      I expect a large percentage of Americans are crying… crying out in rage. As Bush senior said, “This aggression will not stand.” However, the difference between then and now is an American President who actually had balls, and wasn’t a shill for Islamic dick-taters.

      Already thousands of Europeans are forming vigilante groups to do what their police and government will not. This is what’s in store for the US and Canada. Pat Condell will lay it all out for you:

      • Mahou Shoujo

        There are no words to describe the disgust and abhorrence that decent people feel when they hear of the criminal treatment of european women by european men, in their allowing and encouraging the abuse of girls and women in europe. It would be a good thing if every female left europe and went to Russia, it is very unlikely european men would notice them being gone, other than men would be the objects of muslim rapists.

        • Don Grantham

          Wouldn’t THAT just be… fabulous.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It might wake up europe to the reality of the situation, is is only a nice thought, europe is so full of itself it is very unlikely that anything, to europeans, as absurd as reality, would ever be accepted.

  • John Miller

    Any country where the Ayotollaha Khomeini, issues a book on sex for Shia’s, in the Tahrirolvasleh, 4th Edition, Qom, Iran, 1990, and says that “a man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby….” and that “A religious decree ordered by Khomeini ordered that girl prisoners who are virgins must be raped before execution to prevent them from entering heaven.” Any country that does that to women and children is beyond help. All the tears or money in the world won’t save them.

    • Patricia

      Don’t forget the edict that one of their holy men released about having one final spin with a muslim’s dead wife, before she’s buried. Sexual relations with a corpse is okey-dokey with this cult.

    • Patricia

      Check out the Mo comic book with great comic art here;

      You can go back to get page one, it’s about 22 clicks in all, complete with verses of course! Yukka-yuk :D

  • Kesavachandran

    They adopted the old saying “Discretion is the better part of valor

  • Pavelina

    I doubt the crying allegation very much. The muslims will lie about anything.

  • harry agustaman


    • Janis

      The problem is, it’s not “man to man”. They fight with ied’s. Or the elders of a village pretend to be friends with a soldier so he takes his helmet off as a sign of respect and then has a savage come up from behind with an axe. You call that man to man? That.s not a man. It’s worse than savages. Truly the definition of a coward. Coming up from behind, and going after the women and children.

  • harry agustaman

    the muslims? right or wrong they are not scared to die by blowing themselves with a jacket-bomb. In this case ISIS who mostly are desperated individuals see the chance to earn money from the jews only by terrorizing people everywhere.It’s easy isn’t it like a FREE LUNCH.

  • spacearcadian

    if your army are now allowed faggots, what did you expect?

  • Robert Bayer

    So Obama just recently lets 10 terrorists go free .. and then 10 Americans captured and humiliated … new Iranian deal just about to be voting on …. This was a set up by Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood goons … to help make Iran look a “good partner” …

    Truth is .. Iran would not have dared to capture these Americans if Obama didn’t capitulate to them on everything .. including their testing of illegal missiles.

    All Obama has done during his presidency is do all he can to help make sure Nuclear WMDs by Iran get developed so that their barbaric murderous leaders will have the power to kill millions …

    And the released terrorists are going to kill more innocent people .. including Americans .. ..

    Lot of blood on the heads of Obama and Clinton and Kerry …. Far more to come …

    Angry and disgusted until the day all the crimes and lies and treason of Obama and Clinton and Kerry and their Muslim Brotherhood goons are revealed and they themselves are in chains for life.

    Congress has no intention of standing up to Obama the Jackazz traitor … enemy of democracy, western civilization and human rights …

    Looks like it is on We the People to get this POS POTUS out of power … before he orchestrates far worse …

    • Ron Cole

      Thank you for not capitalizing iran, but it would be nice if we all stop granting America’s Enemies* that honor.

      * Enemies: Яĕ$pend∅kan`$, Đim$⊗′ќrät$,
      Яyan⊗$, and of course ole bernies party -the $0cialist one.

      Actually we could simply rename them all as one cartel
      of craven corrupted sold out treasonous Quislings and that both “parties* are now just one big fat incestous
      crime family.

  • Mary Brown

    Pile of lies of course. Obama’s ROE keep them from shooting first…

  • Dave

    America is a shell of its former self. Obama has put the nail in the coffin. Imagine, they’re paying the bully $100 billion. It is really rational isn’t it?

    • Dorrie

      $150 Billion … and what I don’t understand is how Congress would be willing to comply – they hold the purse strings! Iran should be absolutely STRANGLED with sanctions!

      • Ron Cole

        This is a general question.
        It is a given that congress is made up of craven corrupted sold out treasonous Quislings and that both “parties* are now just one big fat incestous
        crime family.
        But – the big but…?
        Does congress have to pony up the extorted monies?
        My impression was that the 150 billion is their money in foreign banks held by the Sanctions.

        • Patricia

          Mr. Cole, I think you have it right. I have read and heard the same thing. But I want to know why it has to be released all at one time.

          Like anyone hitting the lottery, most folks blow it and make extremely bad decisions. Why would these 6th century animals be any different?

  • Jim Fox

    “No one can inflict the smallest insult upon our Islamic country.”

    FFS!!- just nuke them, already!

    • It’s a comin’.

      It’s a comin’.

      • Ron Cole

        “happy days are here again…”

  • Mow_the_Grass

    Was this a bunch of junior sea scouts?
    Don’t worry America – Israel’s got your back in the ME as you bend over for your new friends – the ones that humiliate you.

  • Idadho

    These are the new Obama sailors. They enlisted because they liked the uniforms. I bet they know all the words to the song Y.M.C.A. They are lucky they did not get stoned.

    • Patricia

      IMO that commander is a gay, Obama-loving Democrat and his hopes of a White House invite was furthered by his cowardly actions.

      • Winged Hussar 1683

        No, Obola is at fault–I wouldn’t expect ten sailors in two boats to fight destroyers and frigates plus whatever air support the pirates had handy. But where was our aircraft carrier?

        • Patricia

          Where was the Code of Conduct?

  • conan_drum

    He should be grateful that the US servicemen and woman were under orders from your POTUS not to provoke a fight, otherwise the event would have turnned out very differently

  • Obama, Kerry, and Ashton Carter committed TREASON thru this act! No boat was broke down, that is why they send two boats, duh! The boats were also not in Iranian waters, it was Kerry and Carter who called Iran and told them were the boats were, so that they could capture them, take all sensitive equipment and papers, and make the USA look weak, just as Queen Hussein wants, it was all his plan and the boy needs to be in Gitmo with his fellow Terrorist BFF’s! This is going to break open soon, but probable not until TRUMP/AMERICAN PEOPLE are in charge, then a complete investigation and arrests will take place! Obama, Hillary, Kerry, and Carter are all going to end up in Prison if True Justice is carried out! They all four deserve to be Terminated ASAP! TRUMP/AMERICAN PEOPLE 2016!

  • Queen Hussein!

    • Ron Cole

      It’s new dress is just so fav.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Though believing the Iranians in this situation is precarious there are certain other elements to consider. Much the same as a sports team’s demeanor reflects the personality of its coach, the conduct of the US sailors is open to question as well. During Vietnam, we were put through SERE school to learn resistance to interrogation and propaganda efforts by the enemy.

    It is helpful to remember that during the Paris Peace Talks to end the Vietnam War, Kerry twice met with the enemy North Vietnamese delegation while still a member of the officer corps of the US Naval Reserve, an act defined as treason.

  • Laura

    There were 2 boats,did they both break down, if not, why didn’t the able boat tow the disabled one out of danger? And, if an Iranian boat accidentally drifted into American waters, would the crew be arrested, humiliated, and made to apologise on national television?

  • Jim McCormack

    The feminization of the American male by sissified Educators and the left push to ‘FEEL YOUR FEMINIINE SIDE”

  • ljm4

    and shame on little boys for playing cowboy and indians. Can’t do that any more. Can’t play war either. Maybe they can still pretend to be like Arnold…Oh wait, nope that’s out too…

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    “Hands up. Don’t shoot.”
    Navy’s new recruiting poster.

  • Julian Farmer

    The only crying they’ll be seeing shortly are Iranian widows and mothers if they launch a nuclear attack on Israel. I’ve seen American troops and sailors. They are tough people. This is just Islamic home spun porn….

    • Ron Cole

      When we have a Commander in Chief with balls
      the Panties`g∅ne will straighten up.

      Semper Fi

  • Up Huff

    Camel-humping Iranian Guard should talk.. They run whenever someone points a weapon in their direction, let alone shoot it.
    As far as that goes, they haven’t had the balls to try Israel because they know if they did they’d get those balls shoved down their throats.

  • OnTheRightInTampa

    We’ve been WELL-AWARE that MUZLUMZ lie as a way of life. It’s their Way of Life. But we don’t have to like it. Complete removal of Islam from Earth would resolve this “problem’.

  • RCQ_92130

    Well, perhaps our military IS now fully pussified …

    But at least it’s homo friendly. And gender blind. And supportive of cross dressers.

    And that’s the main thing.

  • tloren

    Iran would have been crying if we didn’t have a Pussy for a president!

    • Ron Cole

      You may recall that almost all of the Generals and Admirals in the Panties`g∅ne were appointed by the Enemy -johnson, carter, clinton, and those bushes.

  • Stephen Honig

    It’s a combination of Obama’s Queer military that he inspired and the army of some cowards.

  • Pray Hard

    IF they were crying, it was out of anger.

  • Ron Cole

    America missed a sterling opportunity to swap it* and it’s** and the entire éňémӱ ĕnémà méďĩà plus le ŵàҏ∅ &
    lala n`∅∅ yŮck $limes for those prisoners.
    Step two is keep the money.
    Step three: Nuke iran.

    * it: le perpetually lying curtsying hussien the muslim fascist terrorist

    ** it’s: le entire wh cabal especially including the Chief iranian Imam

    and teleprompting Puppeteer valkeryie jarr&tits.

  • Pray Hard

    Hey, how ’bout Mobama’s “legacy”, huh?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Will be in an electronic book sold in “ibook” for 99 cents. Will not be a best seller.

  • Ben

    I do not believe this. I think it is nothing more than B – S propaganda. Someone needs to tape a broomstick to John Kerry’s back for a brace since he has no backbone to stand up for this country. (please note – I didn’t say his country)

  • Cappy1437

    I don’t believe it. The Iranians should’ve never had the Americans down on their knees like they did with their hands behind their heads. What were the Iranians wanting the Americans to believe? That they were going to cut off their heads? And then to force the woman sailor to put on a headscarf was unthinkable. The Obama administration should be furious over that! Iranian men walk around with all that god-awful hair all over their faces and falling down on their chests and people have to look at that? It’s sickening and just plain ugly. We should force the Iranians to cut off their god-awful ugly beards because no one wants to look at that dirty, filthy ugliness.

  • Fignewton

    I am still wondering exactly what military information or secrets were aboard those boats that the Obama Administration wanted to pass to Iran without anyone noticing? You see when a couple or row boats and an old Chris Craft cruiser manages to overpower and take prisoner two armed American Boats it always makes me wonder about things. Why do you suppose it was that these boats both broke down or run out of fuel at the same time so close to Iranian water? Use to be that the reason they sent two boats on long patrol was in case one of them had trouble. Must have been a really poorly planned exercise if they ran out of fuel while they were that far from support. They should have been on their way back to the support group if they were that near out of fuel. Were the radios out of order? Did the anchors not hold? They should have been able to anchor in place and wait for help instead of drifting into Iranian waters and risk being attacked. Why did it take so long for help to get there? No aircraft anywhere? No, I am sorry, but this is just to fishy for me to buy into! The only way this could have realistically happened was for our Dummy in Chief to have been allowing Iran to capture something that was aboard those boats that he could not give them in any other way! Now we just have to try to figure out what it was.

    • Barthel

      It it was either what you have said, or having the sailors captured and released gave Obama a reason to lift sanctions and not look like a pussy, which he does anyway.

  • Thanks for the closeup, see the shiny sheen below Obama’s right eye, I bet its Vapor Rub, a oil based ointment. The tears were fakes just like Obama has been in the last 7 years, he is a phony.

  • Winged Hussar 1683

    By William A. Levinson

    It is particularly telling that Barack Obama spent part of his State of the Union speech telling us that the state of our Union is strong while Iranian pirates seized two U.S. Navy vessels and then, as pointed out by Rick Moran, violated the Geneva Conventions by publishing a photo of the captured sailors on their knees with their hands on their heads.

  • Winged Hussar 1683

    If they were crying, it was out of shame and anger that their piece of excrement commander in chief, Barry the Cokehead, allowed them to be pirated on the high seas and then humiliated in a video. As stated by Kipling in That Day,

    An’ the major cursed ‘is Maker ’cause ‘e lived to see that day,

    An’ the colonel broke ‘is sword acrost, an’ cried.

    but in this case it was the misconduct of the Commander in Chief rather than the soldiers that led to the disaster.

  • Winged Hussar 1683

    Another take on this.

  • Winged Hussar 1683

    Please copy and circulate

    • DvBmr

      Good one!

  • Geppetto

    Not to worry. This fits right in with the Obama strategy of “transforming America.”

    Those Americans who voted for him in 2008 & 2012 might have asked what he meant by that before they inflicted eight years of embarrassment and humiliation on their home country. Way to go. How does this make you feel? But don’t give up yet. He has almost another year to accomplish what he intends to do and a Congress that’s, so far, proven it’s incapable of stopping him and his fellow socialist
    progressives as they strive to implement their version of anti-capitalist, anti-American, “social justice.” Happy thought…..No? Maybe if you vote for Hillary in 2016 they’ll be able to complete their promised transformation and leave us all buried in a pile of s–t. A cause to celebrate, no?

    And, speaking of excrement, I’ll believe this pile of it after the men and women who were subjected to this humiliation have a chance to tell us what actually happened. And given who their current commander in chief is and his intellectually derived “Rules of Engagement,” a tear in an eye may be less out of fear of these Iranian thugs than out of the fear of being abandoned by a commander in chief more concerned about his political legacy than a few expendable American sailors.

    But don’t hold your breath waiting for the results of the debriefing. It will probably not reflect well on Hussein and the media will bend over, spread their cheeks and regurgitate the talking points they’re given by their controllers in the White House. Obama cannot be revealed as the embarrassment he is. To do so would direct the spotlight of the public contempt for those they’ve worked so hard to foment against, those “gun toting, bible clinging” right wing “extremists”, back on their progressive, liberal, multi-cultural, anti-American selves. Can’t have that in your
    America can we. But then, if you get your way, and change that pesky 1st amendment to that “ancient, out of date and no longer relevant” US Constitution, maybe you can arrest us and put us away for 20+ years for committing the crime of “hate speech.”

  • iprazhm

    They probably figured they were going to get their heads sawed off.

  • joe1429

    I dont believe their bs for a min. The only ones who will be crying will be them… next january, when their pal hussein, is gone!!

    • Dorrie

      I sure can’t disagree with THAT!

  • volkerball85

    Iran’s State bullsh*t artists, hard at work once more. They make up stuff like this to avoid thinking about the fact that those “cowardly” men could take down their entire military and regime within maybe one week’s time at the longest.

  • Cesar Romero

    The LT in-charge was under orders from WAY above. “Don’t start a war. If
    stopped, surrender immediately.” The “mistake” is an obvious “cover
    story” for some sort of Recon/Surveillance/Probing mission. The LT is
    not in trouble. In fact, he followed orders exactly as he was told. And
    THAT is a disgrace.

    This is one of the most disgusting things I have seen in a long time. I am having heart palpitations. John Paul Jones is rolling over in his grave. I’m no hero, but in this situation, even at the risk of loss of life, I would have been tempted to ignore higher orders, and order my troops to fire all guns at the enemy and expend all ammo before any “surrender.”

    This disgrace is particularly disturbing, given that the Iranians
    killed and injured thousands of our troops in Iraq. The disgrace is
    compounded, given that the U.S. (Obama) is the driving force behind the
    pending release of billions of dollars to Iran, to be used, in part, for
    worldwide terrorism and further undermining the U.S. An idiot is in
    charge of the asylum, and a fellow idiot may soon be elected to replace

  • Tim Ireland

    If the Iranian navy was in Australian territory, we would have arrested and interrogated them.
    Let’s be thankful that the Iranians released the Americans very quickly.
    With the release of Saeed Abedini and other American prisoners also I honestly believe that Iran is gradually moving away from the self – destructive policies of Khomeini. I’m a Iranian royalist, but any form of liberalisation is excellent for Iran.
    I’m sure so many of you will disagree, but honestly I support Iran over Saudi Arabia. The crusades always supported the Twelver Iranian’s over the Sunnis, however in the 21st century millions Iranian people are no longer muslims.
    I believe in decades to come Iran will be become a great ally to the West. You may not believe it now, but then again no one could have possibly imagined that so many Iranians would leave islam 30 years ago.

  • joshuasweet

    is Obama and the democrats capitulation to the whims of the Iranians’ goals and agenda mount to the level of treasonous actions?

  • Malik Dassam Obikwa

    Would you be surprised to know that the Obama administration ordered the seamen to “stand down”? Does that sound familiar?

  • Death2Amrika

    He was right, the pictures released last week showed them cry babies.

    Really surprised. Is this the worlds “strongest” military? LOOOOL!

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